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  • Clinical Management of Malreplanted Central and Lateral Maxillary Incisors after Avulsion: A 24 Months Follow Up

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    One of the most common dental emergencies we facing are dentoalveolar traumatic injuries1. Dental traumatic injuries include wide range of problems from enamel fracture to complete tooth loss which may have considerable functional, esthetic, speech and psychological effects specially on children affecting their quality of life and self confidence1,2. The most common type of dental injuries is enamel-dentin crown fractures that comprise %26-%76 of all permanent tooth injuries4. In this type of injury

  • Sigificance of Maxillary Anterior Teeth

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    Esthetic Dental Proportion3,4,5 that formulates the perfect smile rehabilitating balance and harmony with the face. The successive widths of maxillary anterior teeth have been correlated in terms of Golden proportion6 and more recently, Recurring Esthetic Dental Proportion. The tooth size (width and height) is an important aspect of esthetic reconstruction.7 The maxillary anterior teeth play an important role in dental as well as facial esthetics.8 Hence they must be in proportion to the facial morphology

  • methodology

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    METHODOLOGY In order to answer the research question, content analysis was conducted. The researcher randomly collected the Korean male models in skin care advertisements that available in online between 20th March, 2014 and 27th March, 2014. Each of the advertisements was coded individually with the help of coding sheet with definitions for all the categories. Facial Hair To men, facial hair can be considered as a secondary sex characteristic and signifier of dominance. Anyone who does not have

  • Essay On Pediatric Dentistry

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    oral hygiene at a young age, and that they learn how to take care of their teeth. Infants start getting their baby teeth around 18 months of age. However, their first tooth starts showing around 6 months the teeth that will appear first are the central incisors. Between the ages of 6 and 12 a child will start loosing their deciduous teeth and growing their adult teeth. By the time a child is of the age is 13 they will have all of their adult teeth. Children are often scared of the dentist, it can be

  • Case Study: The Curve Of Spee (COS)

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    used skulls with abraded teeth to define a line of occlusion. He defined the line of occlusion as the line on a cylinder tangent to the anterior border of the condyle, the occlusal surface of the second molar, and the incisal edges of the mandibular incisors.[1] Spee located the center of this cylinder in the midorbital plane, so that it had a radius of 6.5–7.0 cm.[1,2] According to the glossary of prosthodontic terms, 1994 COS, was defined as the anatomical curve established by the occlusal alignment

  • Dental

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    maxilla’s posterior surface. Interestingly, the infratemporal fossa reaches the neck and does not have a floor. Lateral ptergoid is found in the fossa as well as muscles, lingual nerves, medial pterygoid, the otic ganglion, the pterygoid venous plexus, maxillary artery, and the inferior alveolar. The fences displayed by the fascia, bone, and muscle naturally influence the dissemination of contagion in the soft tissues. Essentially, the definition originates from the buccinators, medial pterygoid, orbicularis

  • Accident Fall are the Main Cause of Dental Trauma in India

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    In divilupong cuantrois loki Indoe, eccodint fells eri thi meon ceasi uf dintel treame end entirour tiith eri friqaintly effictid10.Thi trietmint uptouns eri dicodid by thi pusotoun uf thi frectari loni, lingth uf thi rimeonong ruut sigmint end thi prisinci ur ebsinci uf e curunel sigmint. Thi chencis uf hielong woth celcofoid tossai os puurist on cirvocel-thord frectaris.1,11 If thi frectari loni ixtinds biluw thi livil uf thi elviuler buni crist end thi epocel ruut sigmint hes saffocoint lingth

  • Analysis Of Forensic Odontology

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    Furthermore, the long period of amelogenesis process in male contributes to this observation. As a result, male have thicker enamel than female.¹⁰¯¹¹ Bossert and Marks (1996) in their study reported that evaluation of permanent mandibular and maxillary canine teeth for sex determination has certain advantages in that they are the least extracted teeth, less affected by periodontal disease, last teeth to be extracted and has a higher chance to survive severe trauma.¹² A study by Anderson and Thompson

  • What Are The Advantages Of Restorative Materials

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    The choice of restorative material is considered to be one of the most important factors for the success and reliability of any restorative system. Composite resin gained popularity among clinicians due to its ease of handling, excellent esthetic and mechanical properties, and reported ability to reinforce weakened dental structure. (73) However, when a cavity preparation exceeds the recommended limits for the direct application of composite resins, indirect total- or partial-coverage restorations

  • Dens Invaginatus (DI)

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    invagination usually results from an enfolding of Hertwig’s root sheath.5 Both these types usually show single invagination; though very infrequently double or triple forms have been reported. It is commonly seen to involve the permanent maxillary lateral incisors and very few cases have been reported in mandibular teeth. Clinically it often appears as a deep pit or fissure on the lingual surface of anterior teeth, leading to an invagination and radiographic examination is the sine qua non for the