Should Wikis be Censored in Education? Essay examples

Should Wikis be Censored in Education? Essay examples

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Wikipedia is an information source forcountless students (Coughlan, 2011); used for research on almost every subject yet in some schools it is being censored. While some people call it “frequently unreliable”, others call it the epitome of the information age (Andrews 2007). Whether students and teachers like to admit it or not Wikipedia is a vast source of knowledge, with “readability second to none” (Coughlan, 2011). However, because of its wide usage and the fact that it is a wiki; it can be edited by anyone, schools are often reluctant to accept it as a valid source of information for essays or school work which is sometimes taken to the extreme: “14% of schools block Wikipedia” (Fleming 2011). The biggest problem with validating said source is the question of its reliability; there is no one entity accountable for the information as opposed to a peer-reviewed journal.This “lack of authority”, according to some academics, and “different agendas” allow the general public to alter information (Waldman2004) that validates itself through the information loop.
Nonetheless, Wikipedia differentiates itself from other encyclopaedias in that its articles are generally longer and contain more information. (Wetzel 2008). Furthermore, t articles contain links or citations that link to evidencefor almost every statement made. The issue that arises is then, that censoring Wikipedia denies students from valid, thorough information (Wetzel, 2008) yet shields them from its inherent unreliability (Fleming, 2011).

Wikipedia is an example of web 2.0 which allows users to interact with and add information and see their work “published” online instantaneously. Because of its popularity this technology has allowed millions of p...

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