Should Undocumented Students Receive A College Education? Essay

Should Undocumented Students Receive A College Education? Essay

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Leilah Burdette
Should Undocumented Students Receive a College Education? (Draft 1)
Do you believe all children should have the opportunity to go to college? Most importantly many children want to go to college in America to better themselves and to live comfortable. There are many children who are undocumented who want to attend college (Tamer). Now only 18 states allow undocumented students to go to college and only five offer financial aid (Anderson). Some people think that undocumented children should not be able to attend college because it would encourage too much immigration. In fact, immigration makes America more diverse and makes America respected and a strong independent country. Undocumented children should be allowed admission to college, be eligible for financial aid and scholarships in order to support a diverse and economically strong society.
To begin with some states allow undocumented students to go to college, all 50 states in the future should. Second only 18 states out of 50 states allow undocumented students to attend college. “Since 2001, 18 states have taken policy action to redefine eligibility requirements for in-state tuition that make undocumented students eligible” (Anderson). Luckily students in these 18 states can have help with financial aid and students there pay the same as residents in the state. Third residents in these states can continue their education after high school. Some states just allow in state tuition and other states have in state tuition and financial aid. Students in all 50 states should be allowed financial aid and in state tuition (Anderson). All states should allow undocumented students to attend college, not just 18 out 50...

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...ege in America to better themselves and to live comfortable. to get job,better education and to have grants. Many children want to go to college in America to better themselves and to live comfortable. to get job,better education and to have garants. often related to poverty, fears of deportation, and more, while undocumented youth themselves face increasing barriers to social mobility. Undocumented status affects more than 1 million children today, which is about one-third of all immigrant youth (Tamer). Often related to poverty, fears of deportation, and more, while undocumented youth themselves face increasing barriers to social mobility. Now only 18 states allow undocumented students to go to college and only five offer financial aid five of the 18 states also provide access to state financial aid programs for this population (Anderson).

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