Should The United States Use Alternative Sources Of Energy? Essay

Should The United States Use Alternative Sources Of Energy? Essay

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noisy, users too much land is hazardous to birds. Wind power compared to solar energy and other alternative sources still has problems, can be arguing about. Until there are more alternative sources out there and more research on cost for alternative energy sources the use of fossil fuel won’t stop.
According to Rinkesh, a clean and green activist, the use of renewable energy sources would reduce the use of fossil fuel, yet it remains to be seen that the use of fossil fuel will continue until it’s realized that things need to change. The government needs to focus on why the United States should increase the use of alternative sources of energy. The United States now imports as much as 60% of its oil according to the Energy Information Administration in a 2014 release. With the rising cost of importing the oil the United States uses; it’s predicted that within 20 years the United States may be importing 80% to 90% of the oil it uses. As the cost of energy becomes more and more expensive the need for renewable energy sources has become more and more vital (Knopper, L. D. 2014). The use of fossil fuel is the main source of carbon dioxide in the air, causing global warming and climate change. Technologies and research are to provide the United States with the energy that will be needed for future generations; these alternatives are biomass, wind power, solar energy, ethanol, methanol and vegetable oil. Reducing the use and the cost of fossil fuel, which sooner or later will run out or be too expensive, the technologies are there to supply the United States and other countries to use alternative energy sources.
Exploring these resources that benefit the environment with few risks and with economical cost, this one article focusses on...

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... for each turbine, according to the DOE (Department of Energy). The wind industry placing of turbine depends on which way the wind blows, zoning laws, the way your land lies, what are you using them for and your neighbors. I think if farmers look into wind farming more and do some research and visit a wind farm, discuss the pros and cons their opinion may change, if the investments were profitable then checking on them may be a good idea. The point is that the use of alternative renewable energy sources, no matter which source you choose, the fact that you choose it is what is important. All of us need to make choices on what’s best for our environment. The time will come when we can no longer use fossil fuel not just because of the expense but because our health and the environment demand it. We have to change; beginning with us it’s our decision to help ourselves.

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