Should the NFL Be Responsible to Long Term Injuries to Players? Essay

Should the NFL Be Responsible to Long Term Injuries to Players? Essay

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The National Football League was developed to let players exhibit their talents on a high
level. Giving the opportunity to play in the NFL is truly a blessing. These players receive
millions of dollars and endorsements for what they can do on the football field. Sometimes there
many injuries throughout the season and the players are able to return. Injuries like concussions
can lead to long term brain damage and even death after a player’s career. Many feel that the
NFL should be responsible for the long term illnesses associated with playing the sport. The
NFL should not be responsible for long term injuries and mental conditions that professional
football players suffer from, players should protect themselves at all cost on and off the football
field which means alternative means for future care after their careers.
The NFL has taken precautions to keep the players safe from injury. Head related
injuries can have devastating long-term effects, causing serious brain damage, neurological
disorders, and other cognitive health problems The NFL realized that there was an issue with
players enduring head to head collisions causing concussions. Some players returned to the
football field not knowing how serious there injuries are. The return to play policy helps protect
players who has received a head injury and cannot participate in practice or the next game. The
way the program works is, once a player has been injured they must be cleared by a consultant
who administers a series of test that must be passed, which points out normal or abnormal
The National Football League has enforced rules concerning head injuries, especially
concussions, the primary concern of the lawsuits is based on t...

... middle of paper ...

...y of a player getting injured and what
type of affect that injury will have on that player after his career in the NFL. If they have not
being doing so and learned from the ones that have already suffered from this brutal game
players need to have a plan just in case. NFL players generate millions of dollars while playing
the game but only a slim few invest into their health because they feel that it will not happen to
them. Players must be responsible for themselves because the NFL has made the game safer for
them and put policies in place to help prevent injuries such as concussions. The NFL should not
be responsible for long term injuries and mental conditions that professional football players
suffer from, players should protect themselves at all cost on and off the football field which
means alternative means for future care after their careers.

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