Should The Government Be Banned? Essay

Should The Government Be Banned? Essay

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Everyday words are spoken and thrown around. Such words are able to expresses emotions, actions, needs, and create worlds only imagination can contain. There is so much that can be expressed within words that it has become the topic of debate if the government should come in and put limits on what is created with words and other forms of expression. Limiting all forms of freedom of speech is unnecessary, and the only form that should be banned should be pornography, due to other forms like books and social media being appropriately maintained.
Through the Constitution of the United States, citizens where granted the right of freedom of speech. The first amendment of the United States, written in 1971, gives the freedom to not only speech but religion, press, and even assembly (Bill of Rights). Through this amendment, everyone is given the right to say what they please and face no consequences. Taking away this right would not only go against the Bill of Rights but it would invalidated the Constitution, which gives the freedom to the United States. For example, it is seen where individuals who do not want to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, do not have to. They are able to do this due to having the freedom of speech and expression, and if we require all to stand during the pledge of allegiance that is going against some individual’s freedom of speech (Rosenblatt, 502). Although not standing during the pledge of allegiance is not how some individuals express their freedom of speech, the government cannot take away how other individuals want to use to express their thoughts and beliefs.
Many individuals chose to express their beliefs on certain public opinions through protests and assemblies. Protests are given the stigma of...

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... to some of their mere bodily function” (508). The way that pornography reduces individuals to a basic function, can cause harm to both men and women. Due to the harm, if pornography was banned then harmful situations of individuals being reduced will be avoided.
By drawing attention to pornography it is allowing individuals to become objects and not human beings. Pornography becomes an exploitation of individuals, and at times will be unequal and non-mutual agreements (Kristol, 509). Not only does this cause harm with one party but with both parties. One party could face criminal activity charges and then the other party could face psychological issues, like depression, and the physical toll that the act would take on the party. With all the harm that is probable with pornography, limiting this form of freedom of speech and expression is an easy decision to make.

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