Should Students From Low Income Families Go For College? Essay

Should Students From Low Income Families Go For College? Essay

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Should Students From Low Income Families go to College?
We face difficult choices in life every day. The most difficult decisions involve variables that lie in the future. We cannot predict the future therefore we make assumptions based on our own circumstances, cultural beliefs, fears, and identity reflection. Dilemmas have no right or wrong answer, only pros and cons to choose from. When attempting to pick the correct path it is best to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both perspectives of the dilemma and reflect on the importance of each in reference to one’s personal self. Should students from low-income families go to college? This dilemma questions the value and availability of education to a specific culture of people. Education typically acts as a road to higher class with better income and more opportunity, but what if the culture of higher class is not appealing to the very different culture of low-income families? What if the opportunities are simply not the same for low-income families regarding admittance into college? When faced with such a life altering decision, evaluating the dilemma from both sides helps to attain a better understanding of the options without making assumptions.
To begin analysis one might ask why college is so important to begin with. College statistically increases your future yearly income. Obtaining an associates degree reduces unemployment rates from 6% to 4.5%, where 6% is the rate of employment for people with only a high school diploma. In addition people with an associates degree on average make over one hundred dollars more per week than people with only a high school diploma. Education beyond an associates degree increases the average income of employees nationally (“Earn...

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...idual from a low-income family between his or her past circumstances and future environment. This idea involves a shift in identity and association that ¬– to someone who is comfortable where they are – seems less appealing. Goldschmidt later explains that every culture finds their own balance in individualism and dependency based on their economy and social circumstances(Goldschmidt). In the low-income families economic and social norms often include joining the work force after high school graduation to support the family. This cultural development inevitably roots itself in the core of people’s identity changing how they themselves view the rest of the world as well as how the rest of the world sees them. Culturally, education in low-income families can seem less important than maintaining your identity or doing what you think you should do to support your family.

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