Should Sex And Violence On Television And Movies Be Restricted? Essay

Should Sex And Violence On Television And Movies Be Restricted? Essay

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Should sex and violence on Television and in movies be restricted?
When brining about the topics of sex, violence and its restriction on Television and in movies there are many views. The focus for this topic will be the negative effects that sex and violence has on children and teenagers. Television and movies are influential in the lives of children and teenagers and has a direct impact on their actions and decisions. The access and viewing of sex and violence on Television and in movies and has impacted the increase of youth violence, teenage sexual activities and pregnancies. The education on the topic to society and the parents of these children and teenagers directly effects the changes to restrictions that can be made.
The Federal Communications Commission or the FCC, Motion Picture Association of American or MPAA, and the National Television Violence Study or NTVS all give input to the ratings for the current Vchip system that you see for movie, television and gaming ratings. In January of 1997, the Vchip rating system provided by the FCC received a lot of criticism (Hamilton 2000) the rating system does not educate parents, the viewing children or teenagers of the content to the movie or television program. In most circumstances it doesn’t detour a parent from allowing a child or teenager to view a program, whether supervised or not, it only is used as a minor suggestion of what the content of the program may contain. If more parents and society were aware of guidelines used to determine the rating system, a change can be made possible to becoming more restrictive and appropriate.

Much of society and many parents of today are uneducated and aware of the amount of and the impact of sex and violence on Television and...

... middle of paper ...

...are also parents and caregivers that believe the programs and movies that their children and teenagers are watching have no impact on their behavior or social performances.
In conclusion, the impacts on our children and teenagers is why sex and violence should be restricted on Television and in movies. Violence, sexual violence and sexual activities are linked directly to being viewed on Television and in movies by children and teenagers. Children and teenagers need supervised and limited Television and movie viewing limits. The FCC, MPAA, and NTVS should conduct strictly followed rating systems that allows the to-be viewer decide if it is actually appropriate for the purposed viewing audience. Parents and society becoming aware and educated on the impact of sex and violence on Television and in movies can create the impact of change on the current rating systems.

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