Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported? Essay

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported? Essay

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Generally in life, people migrate from one place to another for several reasons: to expand knowledge, seek new horizons, to find work, for a better life, escaping from political persecution, and due to natural disasters. People become illegal by illegally crossing the borders or remaining in a country after their visa expires. Such illegal immigrants tend to look for low paid jobs and are welcomed by some employers, friends, and families. While some politicians, government officials argue that illegal immigrants should be deported, other politicians, government officials and family groups argue that illegal immigrants should not be deported, but based on a humanistic point of view, some illegal aliens (parents with US citizen children, victims of war and political instability) should not be deported, while others (criminals, drug dealers, and aliens with unjustified reasons for migration) should be deported.
There are several arguments for deporting illegal immigrants. First, people have to be deported in order to have a credible immigration system. This is backed by Barbara C. Jordan, late U.S. representative (D-TX), in February 24, 1995 testimony to the House of Subcommittee in her statement: “Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up on one sentence: Those who should get in, those who should be kept out are kept out, and those who should not be here will be required to leave; for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.” (Jordan). This is true, but not all every illegal should be deported as it will be inhumane to deport an illegal alien who is a victim of war for instance.
Second, deportation will deter criminal organization by ...

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...r involved in selling drugs, should be deported. Deporting them will reduce the rate of which illegal drugs get into the country.
Illegal immigrants who do not have any tangible reason for migrating illegally should be deported. However, the US Immigration Authority should create more visa types and categories that favor both the educated and uneducated to come legally to the United States. That is, legal immigration should be enhanced.
Conclusively, above are constructive arguments, on whether illegal immigrants should be deported or not. The issue or deportation has to reach a compromise as it involves many families and lives. Illegal immigrants (criminals, drug dealers and aliens without a tangible reason for immigration) should be deported while illegal aliens (parents with US citizen children, victims of war and political instability) should not be deported.

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