Should Cities Ban Sledding? Essay

Should Cities Ban Sledding? Essay

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Tons of Citations, not Fun
Winter is a time when a child is happy; he does not need to worry about school, only about the abundant free time at hand and what Santa will bring him Christmas morning. These winter playtimes include sports such as hockey, ice-skating, and sledding. For years, children have taken joy in playing these sports, but now they are in jeopardy of loosing this playtime to city ordinances that ban sledding (“Should Cities Ban Sledding”). Recent lawsuits in Illinois have resulted in ordinances banning sledding in over forty-four of its parks (“Should Cities Ban Sledding). However, one must not dismiss this problem so quickly. Playing on public property should not be threated by injuries, lawsuits, or tradition (“Should Cities Ban Sledding.”).
Although sledding injuries have accounted for over 20,000 of children’s hospital visits during the span of 1997 to 2007, bicycle related accidents totaled 300,000 in the year 2007 alone according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC Childhood). As one observes, the amount of sledding injuries as compared to biking and automobile injuries is minor (Kaeding). For city governments to be giving ordinances on sledding when that is not even the main cause for children’s injuries is absurd. The government needs policy changes where the numbers are. Instead of protecting children from the slopes, according to statistics (Kaeding), officials are actually opening the door and encouraging more injuries by taking the slopes away from the kids. Banning sledding should be outlawed due to the fact that by the percentages of accidents on sleds is low.
Even though there have been various lawsuits against the city (Kaeding) by parents and riders, that should not be enough to ...

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... could have very well been in good sprits, however, with the amount of injuries sustained from other medias, it clearly shows that extra precautions need to be taken in other areas such as bicycles and automobiles. One will find out where the government really stands on the subject as the next winter rolls around. Time will reveal where they stand, and it will most likely be where they are most comfortable, with safety.

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