Should Battlefields be Preserved? The Battle of Wilderness, in Virginia

Should Battlefields be Preserved? The Battle of Wilderness, in Virginia

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Should Battlefields be Preserved? Should battlefields be preserved? One thing people now are trying to decide. The battle of the Wilderness is one battle to look at. Right now in Virginia, where the battle was took place in, is trying to decide whether they should save the battlefield which The Wilderness happened on, or turn it into a Walmart. The Civil War was a tragic war that happened in the United States. The Civil war happened because what the North from the South beliefs were, that the south wanted slavery and the north didn't. One of the worst and most horrible battles was the Battle of the Wilderness. This battle happened during May 5-7 1864.The battle of the wilderness went on for two days. The battle happened in the Wilderness in Spotsylvania and Orange Turnpike, Virginia, close to the Chancellorsville battlefields. 15 miles west of Fredericksburg. The battle was against Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s 1864 and Confederate General Robert E. Lee and the army of the northern Virginia. The American public was so shocked because their fellow citizens were so willing to kill each other. When starting out with the battle Gen.

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Robert E. Lee only had 62,000 to 66,000 men and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant had 120,000 men. However how the union knew the exact amount of people in and out and the confederate just kinda guessed. So comparing both side is kinda difficult. It would seem like Grant’s side would have won but at the conclusion of the war it was still inconclusive. Although the North lost more causalities but both sides lost them about the same percentage of men based on the army size. During the first few hours of the battle the Union lost around 7,000 men. The most horrible slaughter of the whole war just up on till this date.
The Battle of the Wilderness took place in the woods, the trees were’nt that tall but, their was thick brush and bushes that filled the whole woods for 70 square miles. Once one of the soldiers got wounded or died there body would just fall and not even fall on the ground. All of the people bodies hardly ever touch the ground. One thing that was incredible about the battle was that on the night of May 6th 1864, some soldier was trying to build a fire after a long day fighting on the battle and then the fire got so outrageous that it caught other camps on fire then it got so big it started other camps on fire. Then it caught the wilderness on fire where they were having the battle. The american red cross couldnt get all the soldiers out quick enough so the wounded soldiers in the battlefields got engulfed in the fire.” In the two days of fighting, Grant side had suffered heavy casualties such as 2,246 dead, 12,037 wounded and 3,383 missing for a total of 17,666 compared to the Confederate side they had losses of around 7,500”. These were higher Union losses than both Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, two of the most worst defeats of the war.
Protecting the battlefields a worthwhile cause? What a lot of people are dealing with right now is trying to decide whether they should save the battlefield or try to protect them. Since the Civil War had ended 15% of all battlefields have actually been preserved! Thats a lot that could have been saved but never were. Like in Virginia right now, people are trying to see if they should save the battlefield or turn it into a Walmart. In my opinion I think most of the battlefields should be protected because if more and more are going away than less and less they can save! I think like in Virginia, about turning the battlefield into a Walmart, I think they should have just put the walmart up because one of the most famous battle, chancellorsville, is already saved. What they decided is to just same the battlefield. The wilderness should be preserved for further generations, so that they will be able to understand the sacrifices of men and women.” For fifty years the GBPA has constantly worked to protect the battlefield from modern development”. Another reason why I think they should be preserved is because the battles were really important to our history. If we lose all those battlefields then we lose a part of our history. Yes i know to that people would want to save them but another reason why some people wouldn't want to save them would be only if they didn’t have space in there town for about 70 sq mile battlefield that could be used as a part of the town. On the other hand if there isn’t anything you need that space for than sure, why not use it.
Things grow; is it right to cut thousands of trees in order to restore a battlefield or, or should the trees be allowed to grow and make the battlefield different from the way it was when the battle was fought? In my opinion, I think they should just let the trees grow. Yes, it would be nice to try and keep A battlefield how it was when it was fought, but if you think about it, cutting thousands of trees just to try to keep the battlefield the way it was that would be a lot of trees they would have to cut. Another reason why is because all of the battlefields that happened in the civil war, hugh and little, would have to be the same if you decided to cut or grow them. The battle of the the Wilderness was a Famous battle in the civil war but there bigger and smaller battle that are having the same problem as the Wilderness.

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