Should Animals Be Kept in Captivity Essay

Should Animals Be Kept in Captivity Essay

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Animals should not be kept in captivity for any reason unless they have been harmed and need to receive treatment but they should be released as soon as they are healthy and capable of taking care of themselves again. The use of a captive animal for research, education, or entertainment is just wrong no creature deserves to have their life taken away for our benefit. Would you want to be captured and put in a tiny box or a fake little ecosystem, or abused and tortured because apparently that’s the only possible way to train an animal? How about just knowing that your real life is over and now all you get to do is put on a show for people? That is what we put these animals through for our entertainment we tear children away from their parents. In what way is that right? It’s just like kidnapping we put humans in jail for that but only when it’s another human. People act like just because they aren’t human that its ok and they lie to themselves telling themselves that its okay and that the animal will be taken care of, fed, and have a nice little “fake” forest or desert to live in. Just think of it as having a zoo full of humans, or stealing other humans to make profit or teach someone something new by doing something totally wrong and unethical.
Let’s take a look at Pitiful Prisons (Zoos) for instance. Despite their professional concern for animals, zoos could more accurately be described as a "collection" of animals rather than actual safe havens or homes. Zoos claim to be educational but visitors spend maybe a few minutes at each display searching for entertainment more than enlightenment it doesn't matter what’s on display the people look at it as if it is wallpaper. Even taking consideration of the best circumstances at the ...

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