The Sheep : Memory Loss Essay

The Sheep : Memory Loss Essay

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In both class and in Shaun the sheep we have been memory loss in the form of amnesia has been the topic at hand. Different anatomical regions of the brain could contribute to this kind of memory loss, which the movie does not go to much in-depth in. To determine these anatomical regions, different tests and exercises can be ran to improve accurate diagnoses of the patient. With each of these tests/exercises, patients will express different abilities and disabilities based on which area of memory in the brain has been affected. With each of these different areas the type of memory loss can be extremely different, which is why knowing the correct anatomical region is so important. In the movie Shaun the Sheep, amnesia sets the plot and we will look at what features of amnesia where expressed by our patient the farmer, and how accurate his symptoms were will real life patients with these same disabilities
Anatomically memory encoding and processing is broken down into three main areas hippocampus, amygdala, and mammillary bodies, which are all located around the medial temporal lobe. To study different lesions in a patient requires a ladder of different imaging tests that can be utilized, as well as test involving simple recall or recognition of a picture. In Shaun the Sheep, we see the doctor administer a simple test of pictures of different occupations to see if the farmer could remember what his job is. This would test the farmers recall and recognition memory systems. Although this test proved to be affective in diagnosing memory loss, this is about in depth as the movie goes as to what part of the brain is injured. To produce a clear picture of what part of the brain has been damaged, a technique such as functional near-infra...

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...his occur when he remembers the song that was playing when he first owned his sheep and dog, and this allows him to remember an almost episodic memory. One part that the movie was extreme about entailed the farmer losing all his memories prior to the accident. In class, retrograde amnesia was described as a syndrome that usually left memories from childhood intact. In contrast, the movie portrayed the farmer as having no prior memories at all.
Amnesia is a concept that in my opinion Shaun the Sheep portrays very well. Although giving no explanation of how amnesia occurs in the brain, it redeems itself with accurately showing amnesia syndromes in the farmer. Without any speech throughout the entire movie, it allows viewers to catch on to different traits of amnesia even without background knowledge on the topic An entertaining educational movie for the whole family.

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