Essay on Sexual Sin and Immorality in the Old Testament

Essay on Sexual Sin and Immorality in the Old Testament

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Thematic Application/Reflection
Throughout the semester, while reading the Old Testament and taking the class at the same time, I did not particularly see common themes stick out at first. As I looked back on the semester and reflected on what I had read and what I had gone through, one particular topic pervasively came to mind. It was something that kept coming back to me as I mentally flagged down the verses related to what I was dealing with in my life, and something that was well detailed in the Old Testament to the point that I could not ignore it. This topic of sexual sin and immorality was the one thing that festered throughout my time of reflection, and the verses and passages that I picked up on after rereading the Old Testament was enough evidence for me to write about it and how the grip it has on my life impacts me both personally and as a Christian. Sexual sin and immorality are both abhorred by the Lord, and through the words of the Old Testament, I am able to see his revelation of truth for me and see that it is something I have to put aside if I am to become a more wholehearted and clean follower of him.
Sexual sin is something that the Old Testament prevalently expresses as something that God does not desire from his people. It can come in many forms, but one of the most explicitly stated sexual sin in the Old Testament is adultery. Adultery, which is having sexual relations or voluntary sex with someone else other than who you are married to, is one of Ten Commandments God gave to Moses, as stated in Exodus 20:14: “You shall not commit adultery (English Standard Version/ESV).” Given that this came straight from the Lord himself, having sexual relations with another person other than who you are married to w...

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...s, and the Lord more often, and not just when I need them. Having accountability on a regular basis will help to keep in check that I am living up to a life that is honorable to God. Accountability will also make sure that there is someone there to catch me when I do fall into sexual temptation and to guide me out from it and back into the ways of the Lord. It may not seem likely at first, but with continued purpose and effort, I know that the sins I have in my heart and soul now will no longer hold a grip on me. With continued and reformed thinking in alignment with the teachings of the Old Testament, and with active personal application in my daily life, sexual sins and immorality will no longer have a place in my eternal life and relationship found with Christ.

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