Sexual Predatory Laws of Alabama Essay example

Sexual Predatory Laws of Alabama Essay example

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Even though Alabama’s sexual predators laws are considered strict, it does not negate the fact Sexual predators often rob their victim of innocent that is never recovered. Furthermore, these sexual predators seek the most vulnerable persons in society to seek assault sexually. Alabama’s laws seek to alleviate however, predators many time will return to a predatory lifestyle even after prison. Technology has only served to enhance sexual predators’ ability to reach out to it victim in private by way of chat room and other social networks. The term sexual predator itself is somewhat confusing and the term varies from state to state. However, the term generally relates to sexually misconduct that society has deemed deviant.

As just mention the term sexual predators generally is a “depreciatory term for a person attempting to initiate or initiating sexual contact with another person in a ‘predatory’ manner. It is most commonly used in reference to pedophiles that prey on innocent children, but may refer to any other sexually vulnerable group including the mentally disabled and elderly” (Segen’s Medical Dictionary, 2011). This paper will examine the state of Alabama’s laws that govern conduct considered predatory and the state’s approach to sexual predators. Furthermore, the initial laws and any revision of said laws will be analyzed to evaluate what is considered predatory in Alabama. The punishment for the laws will be examined as well as the judges’ discretion in the sentencing process. The activity necessary for prosecution to pursuit the case such mere solicitation or actually physical interaction will be discussed as well. In the finally portion of the paper this author opinion will be give regarding Alabama Sexual predator...

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...immense amount of sex crimes, the law does help monitor sexual predators activity in manner that help in the offenders supervision. The law further provide mandatory minimum sentences of 20 years in prison for sex offenders convicted of class A felonies and 10 years for class B felonies. Another major provision of the new law is for GPS (global positioning satellite) monitoring of sex offenders.

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