Sex Education For Children At School Essay

Sex Education For Children At School Essay

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Sex Education for Children at School: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, in our society free sex behaviour have spreaded around adolescent and children life. These facts can we get through the result of researches from social problem observer in several big cities. Sarwono (1970) have researched and found that 117 adolescents in big cities have ever done free sex. Beside free sex behaviour, sex crimes also happen among children. Those crimes not only are done by unknown people but it is exactly done by the victim’s closed people in children 's life. The Data about sex crimes show that during 1995 about 12 free sex cases happen. That were done by their parents or step parents, 7 cases done by teacher and closed people around children and adolescents. These conditions are concerned. Therefore, crimes and behaviour about sex have to be known by adolescents in order to prevent and avoid the problem. Also, sex education have to be taught since they are elementary school. It is the right solution to overcome these problems. However, when people are asked about how important sex education, the feedback and perception of the people are very diverse and raises pros and cons in the community. Therefore, let us see some controversy of early sex education and then decide it according to your opinion.

Early sex education can help children understand the impacts of sex in their lives. Free sex can be solved by providing and expanding their horizons about the dangers. It can also answer any questions that exist in their minds about their changing bodies and hormonal surges. They often want to know about the sex of the opposite sex. Early sex education can help them by providing an understanding of the differences and keeping the desire to explor...

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...s because in the early age, they want to try something new that they hear. On the other hand, if the majority of teachers that assigned to teach sex education do not expert and do not have a clear idea about sex education . It is more dangerous because the wrong information can make more fatal impact. As we know, nowadays they easily belief to what they teachers taught to them. If sex education is not described correctly and in accordance with the intent and purpose,it will make them come out of their age limit.

In conclusion, it is important to teach our children about sex in early age in order to make them understand about its impact in life. However, we must consider that sex education is an usual topic to teach at school. Thus, we should teach that to our children in easy way in order to make them understand and do not search wrong information and sources.

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