Self Defence Or Battered Women Syndrome Essay

Self Defence Or Battered Women Syndrome Essay

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A battered woman is a woman who endures repeated abuse at the hands of another individual, such as her partner. Battered women who commit intimate partner homicide normally kill out of fear. This is why either self-defence or battered women syndrome seems to be the appropriate path to take in court. However, neither option adequately reflects the situation the woman went through or helps the defendant in her case. Another factor is how the media covers these cases. Media outlets have found it more essential to attract more readers by shining these women in a negative light despite the situation they went through. As a whole, society is on the verge of being more sympathetic to the women who go through this ordeal. However, there still needs to be changes in the law and social structures before there can be continued progress for women in these situations. The reason for the hesitation is due to the assumption that these women have adequate access to social support both from family and friends and government social structures. Yet, there is enough evidence to show that is not always the case.
As a society there has been little growth in how people interpret the events of a battered woman who commits intimate partner homicide. Currently there are two main groups generally used to classify battered women who kill; cold-blooded murders and insane (Noh, Lee, & Feltey, 2010). Unfortunately compassion for battered women does not sell. Typical news outlets and even forms of social media find that the two categories for battered women who kill more interesting for viewers or readers (Noh et al, 2010). Until other viewpoints become the majority, in the news, and public opinion, changes to the law to protect these women will be a slow proc...

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...rstand the logic these women used for the homicide that followed.
The majority of the references used were from an American perspective on their laws, and case studies. In terms of studying the women’s psychology of the crime, there would be little difference between Canadian and American women committing these crimes. However, there would be a difference in the laws. Canadian cases show there is a reduced sentence for women compared to men, and an increased value on mitigating factors of the situation at hand. I think that the Canadian court system has done well in understanding the situation when they can. The issue remains when the women plead guilty of manslaughter. However, this is not the fault of the court system, but women’s perception of their case. In many Canadian cases there would have been a strong chance of the trial being acquitted (Tremblay, 2014).

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