Seize the Day -- Don't Surrender It Essay

Seize the Day -- Don't Surrender It Essay

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Every single person was put on the Earth to do something great. However, just because anyone can do something great, does not mean that everyone will, unless they take a risk. “Carpe Diem” or “seize the day” is a way of telling humanity that without taking a chance, there is no hope of achieving what we want, and it is only recently that I began to realize just how much truth “seize the day” can express. Before attending high school, I acted nonexistent, and it was not until I had wasted two years of my life that I came to my senses. Subsequently, I am a much happier person with determination and drive to be a good friend, student and to become an adolescent psychiatrist.
My story starts in middle school, where I did not want to talk to anyone, and I did not really want to have friends. I did not talk to many people, and my schoolmates thought I was too shy and weird, much like Todd Anderson, a character from Dead Poets Society. When I got to high school, the realization what an empty shell of a person I had been hit me like a car. I bet that if I had just left school one day and ne...

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