The Security World Of Doing Business Essay

The Security World Of Doing Business Essay

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The security world of doing business has many different career choices. Each career choice may have specific security needing a certain level of understanding. A lot has changed over the years in dealing with security and the 21st Century as broaden the security field on a global perspective. Information Technology (IT) security professionals have a huge responsibility. Understanding three specific areas will reveal a better understanding of what these professionals do.

Above all, Cyber security needs to be a focus within the IT profession. The Cyber world is huge, but understanding a strategy to help prevent an attack from happening is extremely important. Just about any personal or organizational computer in the security profession can get Cyber-attacked. (Mujtaba, Griffin & Oskal, 2004) What strategy can be used to prevent such an attack? Many strategies can be used when thinking about protecting computers from attacks. One area that seems to get missed is simply following standard procedures and keeping policies current. (Tracy, 2007) This is where the security specialist makes money and provides those needed implementation strategies.

Comparatively, keeping all employees on board with current threats and system security measures current is a responsibility of an IT professional. Technology and threats can change by the minute and staying on top of this could be very difficult. It may be difficult, but in order to provide sound security this area needs the proper focus. It is easy to say prevention is sound today, but what about two weeks from today. Staying one step ahead and keeping users aware will help the prevention efforts.

The next step, needing further discussion is having IT security professionals...

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...y. Not to mention, will strengthen the overall security of information technology systems. The reason it will have such an impact is because better security provides harder targets for threats. A lot of times threats are seeking vulnerabilities. A hard target needs to be the standard into the future.

To summarize, three separate, but very important responsibilities were analyzed. Understanding each responsibility and how implementation works within those strategies are just as important. The IT professional is not an area going away anytime soon. Proper Cyber-attack awareness, having ways to protect security industries, and staying current on training is a must. These were only a few areas a security professional in this field needs to focus on. Prevention from losses and attacks is the ultimate goal for many industries and the IT community is no different.

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