Security Issues in Cloud Computing Essay

Security Issues in Cloud Computing Essay

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Security Issues in Cloud Computing


The first computer ENIAC was invented by Charles Babbage in 18th century. But the real technological advancement of the computers came with the invention of the first four bit microprocessor in 1971. From 1971 till date, in the span of these 40+ years many operating systems came into existence (such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7, Fedora, Mac, Redhat, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Solaris etc.), many programming languages and web languages came into existence ( such as C, CPP, JAVA, .NET, HTML, XML, DHTML, SQL, PLSQL etc.), and many Multi-National Companies came into existence(such as Wipro, Genpact, Apple, Google, Tech Mahindra, Xerox, Oracle, SUN, Adobe, Microsoft and many more). But Internet is one of the key for the growth of each and every thing mentioned above. Cloud Computing is an emerging concept in which resources of computer infrastructure are provided over the Internet [1]. Cloud computing is a concept in which every device gets connected to the cloud which contains application, platform or Infrastructure or a mixture of them. People of 21st century are more familiar with smart phones rather than anything else. With the advent of phones such as IPhone and Android smartphones, the numbers of people using cloud are increasing substantially. Millions of people are using cloud in the present day scenario and it is equally important to provide the security to all the users who are using it. Cloud computing can be used as a utility to attract many people which can make software attractive as a service [2]. There are several security related issues with cloud which can be discussed in this paper.

Service Models of Cloud Computing
The p...

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....N.; Bamiah, M.A.; Chuprat, S.; Ab Manan, J.-L., "Towards an Efficient and Secure Educational Platform on cloud infrastructure," Cloud Computing Technologies, Applications and Management (ICCCTAM), 2012 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.145,150, 8-10 Dec. 2012
doi: 10.1109/ICCCTAM.2012.6488088
keywords: {cloud computing;educational computing;security of data;trusted computing;EEP;ESEP;ICT;SECaaS;TVD;cloud computing;cloud infrastructure;efficient educational platform;intrusion detection tool;open access global technology;secure educational platform;security as a service;security tool;trusted platform module;trusted virtual domain;vTPM;virtual TPM;Cloud Computing;Efficient and Secure Educational Platform;SECaaS;Security and Trust Issues;TPM;TVD;vTPM},

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