The Security Environment And Contributions Of All Instruments Essays

The Security Environment And Contributions Of All Instruments Essays

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DLA1. Understand the security environment and contributions of all instruments if national power (JLO 2a)
The military tool is controlled and managed the conflicts in ancient times. It has led the emergence of conflicts between communities, which the results were disastrous and did not impact only on the battlefield, but also extended far beyond that. Military actions destroy crops, livestock, and properties and it also caused uncounted damages to the environment and destroy the infrastructure of States. Military actions help to spread of famine and disease, It also deplete the economic and human resources of States and caused the displacement of peoples, as is present-day. At that time, the instruments of national power hadn 't known as theirs current concept. The strategy is not clear, and changed with presidents, and relied on military actions. But nowadays lots changed and began the new era of foreseeing the future for the strategy based on the foundations of the past, present and future requirements. Building a strong strategy requires an objective and accurate evaluation to the elements of national power with accommodating. As well as the dimensions of influence of the elements of national power vary from state to state. Professor Joseph Nye summarized " Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others to get a desired outcome. Historically, power has been measured by such criteria as population size and territory, natural resources, economic strength, military force, and social stability" . The great leader President Abraham Lincoln used and managed the elements of national power to achieve his goals and maintain the unity of the United States. It became obvious when he used the diplomatic and economic as elements o...

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...e from supporting Iraq. Economically, the coalition forces led by US imposed an economic blockade on Iraq and Iraq was prevented from exporting oil and importing the military material.
Summary President Bush Followed the example of President Abraham and achieved success as President Abraham achieved by proving the effectiveness of implementing the two elements of national power, a diplomatic and economic. It emerged in the style of the two presidents statesmanship, Neutralization the influence countries of intervention and exploitation the siege to achieve their goals. If we compare diplomatically between the strategy and the work of presidents Abraham Lincoln and George W Bush, there lots of similarities. President Abraham will remain immortalized in US history. president was gone and a new president is coming, but US policy and strategy are to remain dominant.

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