Essay on The Security Council As A Global Security

Essay on The Security Council As A Global Security

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This would allow small countries to bring issues to the global stage that would allow communication to occur among the security council members to either decide to create a resolution to fix it or not considerate as a global security issue. Having this communication among the council, it allows more of a focus on world peace instead of what the main six council members consider as threats to them. Some critics have said that the Security Council is rather limiting from the larger United Nations body by not reforming and allowing more countries that are more influential today or need the support of a global audience to ensure global peace and their ideals (Monteleone). Once a nation gets onto the Security Council they are in a great position to affect change not only within their country but around the world with voting on resolutions and policies. The one goal and objective of the Security Council being peace and security, it creates communication among the members to ensure that there is peace and security where there is a possibility to prevent father entrance into the global problems. Also, the Security Council is the only United Nations organizations that have country representatives always present ready to vote if any issue needs to be voted on. Having this being a possibly it ensures global peace and security will continue to exist.
Another characteristic of a discourse community “A discourse community uses its participatory mechanism to provide information and feedback” (Swales). The Security Council has the capability to not only provide resolutions but advice to countries to help ensure global peace. For example, the current turmoil in the Middle East they provides guidance to countries that are willing to provide forces...

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...nt members are always on the council and ten rotate to have inexperienced members gain experience on the council keeping a good ratio so not everyone is experienced. The discussion that happens on the Security Council is focused and is kept in perspective since they talk about the common agreement that is stated in the United Nations charter that the Security Council is to ensure peace and security all over the world preventing any major conflict between nations. The Security Council doing this, they follow Swales idea of a discourse community that they have an agreed upon goal and have communications discussing the problems that are faced and possible solutions to the conflicts. With all these, the United Nations Security Council is a Discourse community by having the basic criteria for a discourse community that has largely helped ensure global peace and security.

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