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In the novel Secret Daughter, it is continuously proven that blood relations are not the only element that binds a family. The main character, Asha starts off as an immature and inconsiderate girl. After making the discovery of her biological parents, Asha feels extremely upset and disconcerted. Paradoxically, however, Asha later realizes the true meaning of family and develops into a mature and understanding individual. In Shilpi Somaya Gowda's Secret Daughter, Asha changes from an immature and inconsiderate character to a mature and understanding one, because of a major turning point, which forces her to be extremely upset and disconcerted.

Before finding out about her biological parents, Asha acts very immaturely and inconsiderately. The first example portraying Asha's unsophisticated behaviour takes place while Asha has a disagreement with her parents because of her poor grades. After her mother offers to helps, she replies, “'I don't need a tutor, and I definitely don't want your help,' Asha says choosing her words to sting her mother'” (Gowda, 150). Here, Asha is deliberately trying to hurt her mother's feelings and is acting very inconsiderately. Also, the fact that she is yelling at her mother, even though her mother is only offering to help, showcases her immaturity.

By deliberately trying to hurt her mother's feelings, Asha is showing her inconsiderate personality. The fact that she is yelling at her mother, even though her mother is only speaking for Asha's benefit proves that she speaks irrationally and is very immature. Asha's behaviour speaks volumes. Evidently, she is very inexperienced and it is obvious in this point of the novel that some major event must occur in order for her to construct a more appropri...

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...derate character, into an upset and disconcert one, and then finally to a mature and understanding individual throughout the novel, due to a major turning point in her life. Before finding out about her biological parents, Asha acts very immaturely and inconsiderately. After making the harsh discovery of why she was put up for adoption, Asha feels extremely upset and disconcerted. Paradoxically, however, Asha her experience moulds her for the better and modifies her into a mature and understanding women. Even though at first, this devastating discovery may have seemed very harsh to Asha, at the end it help modify her to a much better person.

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