Second World War And Cold War Essay

Second World War And Cold War Essay

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Second World War & Cold War

The Second World War started as a result of three different political ideology. Fascism, Communism and Liberalism were the main causes for the Second World War. These three ideology ends the Great Depression and leads to WWII. World War I didn’t bring peace and prosperity to Europe. Adolf Hitler reestablished Germany’s economic and military strength regardless the Great Depression. Hitler established National Socialism (Nazism) and also established the empire of the Third Reich abroad. He used to persecute Communists and Jews. He manipulated the people of Germany by losing World War I and the inflation of the country’s economy. He then, sent troops to occupy the Rhineland between Germany and France in 1936. Austria was forced to unite with Germany in March 1938. In the same year he signed the Munich Accord with France and Great Britain. When he took over Czechoslovakia, France and Britain expected that he would stop with Czechoslovakia. Benito Mussolini joined Hitler in war and invasion.
Germany and Italy got involved in the Spanish civil war, General Francisco Franco accepted their military support and to overthrow the democratically elected, socialist republic of Spain. The Soviet Union helped the defenders of the Spanish republic. Some private citizens some of whom were Communists offered to help the Spanish loyalists and fought on the battlefield. J. Robert Oppenheimer provided financial assistance for the anti-Franco government. Regardless, Franco’s forces overrun control of Spain and that was a victory for Mussolini and Hitler in 1939. Americans wanted to stay out of any European conflict. What the President thought was different, he thought that they wi...

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...erican oil companies got 40 percent of Iran’s oil. Also, Eisenhower allowed the CIA to frame the government of Guatemala that resulted in government overthrow and right-wing military regime was establish to protect the Panama Canal and United Fruit Company. The coming of Fidel Castro to Cuba and signing a trade agreement with the Soviet Union, the CIA failed to overthrow the government.
Before WWII the U.S. was 29th in the world in terms of military power. As a result of the Second World War, The United States became one of the most powerful countries in the world with the invention of atomic bomb. United States primary aim after the WWII was spreading democracy over the world. On the hand, the Soviets aim was to promote communist ideology throughout the world. Their different views led to a conflict between these two nations which started the Cold War.

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