Essay about The Second Great Awakening Is No Exception

Essay about The Second Great Awakening Is No Exception

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Throughout history there have been many incredible events that have occurred, and often the reason these events take place is not because they simply chose to, but rather because of a struggle, that many people face because of two, or perhaps more, opposing viewpoints. The Second Great awakening is no exception. Often referred to as the largest religious event in history, this movement developed because of the difference of two key players. These two ‘key players;’ Evangelism and Unitarianism, fed on what many consider the deepest fear that existing humanity faces, Hell. These religions and those who led them, preyed upon individuals claiming to know what they themselves did not know, what happens to one after death. Striking fear into the souls of millions, these religions debated the subject of one’s salvation, and whether or not there was anything one could do to change their inevitable fate. This consequently created an unobtainable ideal of one achieving absolute perfection, because of the contrast of Evangelism and Unitarianism, and therefor greatly impacted and influenced society as a whole, through reforms initiated and enacted during this time period because of the stress from these religions for one to be the absolute best that one could possibly be.
Often before one can fully understand what something represents and what ideals it possesses, one must first examine how it was developed. America was a country constructed on the primary belief that one had freedom to worship whatever or whomever the pleased. This belief was, as many know, constructed as a result of persecution, explained by James Hudson in the article Faith of Our Forefathers: Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, because “there was one true...

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... potentially gain salvation. Those who rejected Unitarianism’s validity, being individuals who still more concretely identified as old-style Evangelists, thought of this modern religion as unacceptable and blamed it for the religious disestablishment of their religion. Those who followed the previous way of thinking often attributed the formation of this new religion occurred because of lack of knowledge passed on to younger generations, and consequently made it their mission to educate these people before there was no hope of earning God’s everlasting salvation. The tactics each of these religions made use of was all in the name of building their religion and spreading their individual beliefs and it was because of these two religions competing against one another that led to the Second Great Awakening and therefore created policies to further spread their religion.

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