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Yale Library Website Evaluation

- The Yale University library is made up of twenty different buildings on campus. These building are designated for specific schools and subjects. Such as the Cushing/Whitney medical library and the Lillian Goldman law library. Each school provides subject specific services to their students and differs from other libraries on campus in policy and layout. Despite the differences between libraries they all share the same library homepage. The Yale University Library site brings all the libraries and buildings together for the ease of the user....   [tags: Yale University Library, Campus]

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Charles Yale Harrison’s Generals Die in Bed vs Colin McDougall’s Execution

- Charles Yale Harrison’s Generals Die in Bed vs Colin McDougall’s Execution As with any genre, all novels termed ‘war stories’ share certain elements in common. The place and time settings of the novels, obviously, take in at least some aspect of at least one war or conflict. The characters tend to either be soldiers or are at least immediately affected by the military. An ever present sense of doom with punctuated moments of peace is almost a standard of the war novel. Beyond the basic similarities, however, each of these battle books stands apart as an individual....   [tags: Charles Yale Harrison Colin McDougall]

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Sex And God At Yale

- The moral erosion, corporate agenda, and hollow traditions that plague the once deservedly esteemed Yale University are recounted in Sex and God at Yale, as Nathan Harden critiques the ungodly horrors he was forced to endure throughout his undergraduate career at the institution. As a homeschooled high school drop out, Harden desperately strove for acceptance to the elite university that he blindly worshiped as the paramount American intellectual endeavor. However, his experience was far from ideal, rather, at times it was an intellectual comedy mocking the demise of morality within modern institutions....   [tags: Morality, Sociology, Society, Institution]

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The Yale University Art Gallery

- The Yale University Art Gallery, according to the Connecticut History. Org ( 2015), was founded in 1833 when John Trumbull donated to the University a collection of over 100 paintings of the American Revolution. The original building was raised in 1901. Currently the gallery, considered to be the oldest in the western hemisphere, houses a huge collection of art and is occupying several buildings of the University. The Main building of the Gallery was built in 1953 and was among the very first designs of Louis Kahn, who taught architecture at Yale....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Dionysus, Mosaic]

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Yale University Endowment 's Returns

- The Yale University Endowment’s returns have been dominating among all endowments over the past 10 years. The successful story of Yale cannot be separated from the story that how they survived in a number of storms and turmoil in financial market over the years. The university enjoyed tremendous returns from the unconventional approach that adopted to manage its endowments. Yale had made significant investments in less efficient equity markets such as private equity, real estate and absolute return investment rather than keeping its substantial share in domestic equity and shares....   [tags: Investment, Stock market, Market liquidity, Asset]

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Doctor Robert Parker Of Yale University

- Doctor Robert Parker of Yale University identifies three major waves of feminism. First wave feminism was driven by a goal of establishing women’s rights. I like to think of this wave as our Humanization wave. Women were fighting for the right for basic human rights such as the right to vote, opportunities for education, and entitlement to property. The driving factor of this wave was to look to women as a human being not anything less. Women that are embedded in this wave were confined to the rules of their husbands thus being docile bodies of the home....   [tags: Feminism, Gender role, Simone de Beauvoir]

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- In January of 1997, Yale University was brought up on Charges of unfair labor practices. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) claimed that Yale should pay its teacher assistants as part time faculty. Although these teacher assistants are working they are also graduate students at the school. The NLRB stated that the teacher assistants at the school are a very essential part of the university’s structure. Jut a month prior to all this controversy, Yale University had just settled on a long drawn out contract dispute with its food service and maintenance crew....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Experience: My Anwers to Yale's Application Questions

- Yale: 1.) What in particular about Yale has influenced your decision to apply. (Please answer in 100 words or less.) Every time I visit the SEAS campus, it feels immediately familiar. Yale is about family within family. I can easily picture myself living and growing on Old Campus, with its Georgian architecture and grassy lawns, or in Saybrook, with its student kitchen and computer cluster. I can imagine stepping into Mason Lab or the Malone Engineering Center next year, ready to work on a research project in the company of peers and professors just as excited as I am....   [tags: college, classroom, engineering]

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Dangerously Compliant: Yale University's Experiments on Compliance Behavior

- ... The subject thinks he will be the teacher, who will ask questions and send a bolt of electricity through the learner’s body each time he misses a question. The learner will be strapped to an electric chair while asked the series of questions. The voltage will increase each time a question is incorrect. The volts range from 15-450, above each are labels showing the level of severity from least to most amount of pain. Before beginning, the teacher is given a 45-volt shock that helps him to believe in the machine....   [tags: obedient, pain, authority]

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Early American Education and Early Education Laws

- “The philosophy of the ____schoolroom______ in one generation will be the philosophy of ____goverment________________ of the next.” – Abraham Lincoln EARLY AMERICAN EDUCATION Harvard Started by the Congregationalist, Harvard was founded as a school that trained men for the ministry of being a pastor (Barton, (2004)). Its philosophy was “Christ and the church and to the glory of God” (Barton, (2004)). This school produced great men such as Cushing, Pickering and many more that would lay a Godly foundation for education (Barton, (2004))....   [tags: harvard, yale, princenton]

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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

- Shadow and bone” without a single doubt is probably one of the best book as myself have read for in a long while, back than as a teenage, myself was not use to reading suck big book as often as I should as a teenager , but once you get into the book, there is no going back. The book was made by Leigh Bardugo who was born on Jerusalem, and she was pretty must raise in Los Angeles, believe or not it was actually her first novel she wrote after finishing college at Yale university. It all starts with our main protagonist Alina Starkov, who later discover the only thing she never know about herself, so choosing her own power Alina was giving a choice to save the world and save her love one from...   [tags: love, teenager, yale university]

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Biography of Josef Albers

- Josef Albers was a German artist whose art laid the foundation of one of the most influential styles of the 20th century. Albers’s roots lead back to a town named Bottrop in Westphalia, Germany. From the time of 1908 to 1913, Albers worked as an educator in his town. In 1918, Albers got his premier public commission, Rosa mystica ora pro nobis, which was a stained-glass window for a local place of worship. He studied art in many major German cities before becoming a student at the prestigious Weimar Bauhaus school in 1920....   [tags: artists, Yale, culture]

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Dr. Ben Carson For President

- Carson for President “I haven’t said anything about me being the only one to do anything, so let me try that. I am the only one to separate Siamese twins. The only one to operate on babies while they’re still in their mother’s womb. The only one to take out half of a brain, but you would think if you go to Washington, that someone had beat me to it.” Ben Carson said this at the ending of Republican debate. He was the head of the neurosurgeons and an author and now running to be the next President of the United States....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Yale University]

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

- Social Intellectuals “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” is a segment of the novel Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, author and professor at Yale Law School. “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was printed on the Wall Street Journal and caused a great deal of controversy. When mentioning “Chinese mothers” Chua refers to mothers who are remarkably strict in the way that they raise their children; regarding their academics and extracurricular activities. Contrastingly she also refers to “Western parents” who Chua believes are greatly more lenient with the way that they raise their children....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Yale Law School, Parenting]

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An Argument On Legal Relations

- Argument Outline In Contract Law, presumptions can become vague, misunderstood, misinterpreted and when used inappropriately can lead to ineffective judgments. To combat this and improve the process used to determine intention to create legal relations, The High Court of Australia has effectively re-characterised the role of presumptions, which has positively impacted other courts in the hierarchy. This began through the judgement made in Ermogenous v Greek Orthodox Community which positively changed the way judges dealt with both Contractual Presumptions and the Intention to create legal relations....   [tags: Law, Common law, Yale Law Journal, Contract]

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Free Yale Admissions Essay: Great Expectations

- Great Expectations My name is Rob Geis, and I am currently a senior at Henry Clay High School. I have a GPA of 3.4. I was inducted into the National Honor Society during the last semester of my tenth grade year with a GPA of 3.5. My main hobby is playing the guitar. I participated in the school's band from my ninth grade year until my eleventh grade year. My specialty is playing the snare drum/tuba. I entered competitions for the guitar, winning numerous trophies. Now in my senior year, I work in a private law firm as a law clerk....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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The New Academic Freedom and Its Effects on Higher Education

- The idea of “academic freedom” in American higher education is a fairly new concept. Before a recent change in educational practices, religious ideals were deeply rooted in higher education curriculum. By the late-twentieth century, however, the idea of academic freedom became more prevalent across the higher education community. As a result, the influence of religion played a lesser role in the development of curriculum across colleges and universities as professors seized their newly granted academic freedom....   [tags: influence of religion in curriculum creation]

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World War I : A School Of Prominence And Filled With Tradition

- A small, wealthy and prestigious school nestled in New Haven, Connecticut lies Yale University. A school of prominence and filled with tradition. World War I is starting and the United States is not wanting to get involved unless necessary. During this time air superiority was not prevalent or very well existent at the time. Until a group of young prominent men know as the “Millionaires Unit” at Yale start a flying club due to their interest in aviation and patriotism to the United States. As a revolution was about to break out across the border in Mexico a group of 12 men thought they should learn how to fly and enter the war, if and when the U.S ever got involved....   [tags: World War II, War, United States, 19th century]

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Love Reaction in the The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer

- There are more than three billion people living on Earth; however, not everyone adores each other. On the other hand, if people met Bill and Bud, two main characters from The Tender Bar, they would find them charming. J.R. Moehringer wrote an emotional autobiography about himself and his devastating life, in The Tender Bar, J.R. walked into a bookstore in an unhabituated mall, and met Bill and Bud, who changes his life forever. Many youth, teens, and adults would find Bill and Bud likeable, because the pair of them are smart, optimist, and loving....   [tags: characters, smart, optimist, loving]

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Graduation Speech : An Introductory Chemistry Course

- When I arrived at Yale during the fall of 2009 for my freshman year, I started my undergraduate career wanting to practice medicine. Also, I wanted to receive a well-rounded education in an array of subjects. To this day, the education I received at Yale inspires me to delve deeper into pressing issues within our society and utilize the information that comes from a diverse knowledge capital to create strategies and make informed decisions. The first course I registered for at Yale was an introductory chemistry course called Quantitative Foundations of General Chemistry with professor Mark Johnson....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Academic term]

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The Games And Its Effects On The World

- Every 50% of the diversion begins with a kickoff, and every group is permitted three time-outs. The amusement is managed by an arbitrator, umpire, lineman, field judge, and back judge. Punishments bringing about lost 5 to 15 yards may be granted for a few offenses including "offside" (a player going too far of scrimmage before the ball is in play), illicit strategy (development before play starts), "holding" (keeping a contradicting player with the hands), "cut-out" (obstructing a rival from behind), and pass impedance (effectively keeping an adversary from getting a pass)....   [tags: American football, National Football League]

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George W. Bush : Ineffective Leadership

- George W. Bush: Ineffective Leadership. George W. Bush has been locked in on politics before his presidency. His father was U.S. President, George H.W. Bush and he joined a variety of political clubs in highschool and college (Alterman & Green, 2004). Before his presidency, George W. Bush was the governor of Texas. Like the rest of his family, George W. Bush’s grandfather had a role in politics. His grandfather was a former Republican Senator of Connecticut. Although George W. Bush was elected to serve for two terms, he is written down as one of our worst presidents due to political, economic, and worldwide dispute....   [tags: George W. Bush, President of the United States]

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Is College Worth The Cost?

- Is college worth the cost. As teens propel into their high school careers, they are bombarded with stern statements regarding the importance of a college education. “A degree is the only key to wealth.” and “College is mandatory, ”,two phrases that are repeated to many children across the nation quite often. Conversely, many could argue the significance of a college education in today’s idealistic universe. While education is an extremely vital phase to fulfilment, it is not just to place a hefty price tag along with it....   [tags: University, Higher education, Academic degree]

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Tax Law And Tax Laws

- Tax returns can sometimes turn out in owing money to the government. With many different laws, some can be misinterpreted and questioned. If an individual believes their tax return could have been different due to their interpretation of a law, they can combat it in court. However, before the individual goes to court, they should do extensive research on tax laws. Tax laws can be researched by referencing two sources, primary and secondary sources. The substantial authority would also need to be factored into understanding the laws....   [tags: Taxation in the United States]

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The Rise of Intercollegiate Football and Its Portrayal in American Popular Literature

- The Rise of Intercollegiate Football and Its Portrayal in American Popular Literature With the success of the Merriwell literature, juvenile sport fiction became abundant. In all subsequent stories, the model for traditional juvenile sport fiction, even continuing today, is the illustrious Frank Merriwell (Oriard, 1982). As the Merriwell series dwindled to a halt in the 1910’s, books began to dominate the world of children’s sport fiction. Oriard (1982) suggested the popularity of these books rose because “the juvenile sports novel combined the action of the dime novels with the middle-class morality of the Alger (rags-to-riches) novel” (p....   [tags: American Football Sports]

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The Unofficial Autobiography: The Relationship of the Life of John Knowles and “A Separate Peace”

- Throughout time, famous authors have written even more famous books based on their own experiences. Nearly any book can be traced to an event in the author’s life. Whether they do it intentionally or not, these book are basically unofficial autobiographies. While they should not be taken as fact, a reader can come to understand the life of the author, and better understand their work. One famous author, C.S. Lewis, created a beautiful allegory in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” C.S. Lewis was a Christian and Aslan, the main character in the books, was a savior to the world....   [tags: literature, famous authors]

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The Unjust System of New England Puritan Court System

- ... (S G) I doe not hurt them. I scorn it. (H) Who doe you imploy then to doe it. (S G) No creature but I am falsely accused” (Linder This shows a trait in Hawthorne's prosecution style where he always started his examination with assume guilt, as opposed to innocence. He also seemed to be on the accuser’s side (Salem Witch Trials 1). In Puritan New England, judicial and normal practices were centered around religion. Laws were extreme and often would relate to religion. Many examples of this are present in the Massachusetts Body of Liberties which was a set of laws that governed New England....   [tags: religion, punishment, cruel]

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Should College Be A Good Incentive?

- Many institutions tend to diversify their campuses, but it is hard for them to accommodate with everyone. They often try to create awareness amongst their students to advice and persuade them to respect one another and except their difference too. Recent years, having diverse student body became a good way that colleges to praise themselves in order to attract new students. It became a good incentive that many colleges are competing against each other in order to make their campuses more tolerant....   [tags: University, Student, Education, College]

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Why People Become Corrupt: Conformity, Obedience and the Power of Situation

- How do nice people become corrupted. Sometimes people may engage in corrupt activity because others around them are doing so. Those people may find it difficult to take a stand against the corrupt behavior even though they know it is wrong. Although every situation is unique, ordinary people can find themselves in situations where they are committing fraudulent crimes unbeknownst to themselves. Other times, people may find themselves in a different situation of committing crimes because a person of authority has asked them to participate in illegal activity....   [tags: Why People Become Corrupt]

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Analysis of the Inspirational Film, Mona Lisa Smile

- The movie, “Mona Lisa Smile” is an inspirational film that explores life through feminism, marriage, and education lead by a modernist teacher at the end of a traditional era. It begins by introducing the lead character, Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), a liberal-minded novice professor from California, who lands a job in the art history department at a snobbish, all-girl college, called Wellesley, in the fall of 1953. Despite warnings from her boyfriend Paul that a Boston Brahmin environment was out of her element, Katherine was thrilled at the prospect of educating some of the brightest young women in the country however, her image of Wellesley quickly fizzles after her first day of clas...   [tags: movies, film analysis]

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The Fit for LIFE Act of 2011

- Legislative Process: Laws begin as ideas. These ideas are researched and subsequently written into bills. Upon approval by the House of Representatives, the Senate and the president, bills are signed into law. The preceding sentences make the conversion of an idea into a law sound rather simple, but the process required for an idea to be transformed into a law is anything but simple. Ideas can begin with ordinary citizens. Citizens with ideas contact their Representative for further discussion. If the Representative is intrigued by the idea, they research the idea....   [tags: Health Care]

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Rory 's Name Is Really Lorelai

- Rory 's name is really Lorelai, named after her mother, but she is called Rory. Her mother had her when she was 16. She and her mother have more of a best friend relationship more than a mother-daughter relationship. They both are motor-mouthed chatterboxes with a love of movies and pop culture, as reflected in their speech. Rory has a great love of reading and writing, and says from an early age that she wants to be 'the next Christiane Amanpour ' (whom she actually meets in the final season)....   [tags: High school, Family, Gilmore Girls, Barack Obama]

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The Art of Maya Lin

- Maya Lin is a driven and innovative artist of our time. Many of her works have been seen as controversial and received harsh criticism. She manages to trudge on. Her works express both an artistic and mathematical feel, somehow finding a beautiful marriage between. Her obsession with art and knowledge can be greatly attributed to her parents, as she was very successful at an early age. Her art career is one of many triumphs and breaking boundaries in the art world. Lin has a great love for nature, and many of her pieces help to express the significance of this, and she loves to enthrall the audience....   [tags: Biography ]

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How Nice People Get Corrupted

- How do nice people get corrupted. Throughout the path of life, everyone may come across this concept, experience or wonder this same question. Although every situation is unique, ordinary people, simply just doing their jobs can be a victim in a fraud or liaison in an egregious operation. In order to understand this social influence, the negative consequences starts from the analysis of what is the basis of conformity and obedience in the power of the situation. Conformity is defined as a change in behavior or belief to accord with others....   [tags: conformity, perception, obedient]

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Academic Plagiarism And Academic Dishonesty

- Academic dishonesty is more prevalent in education in the United States today than ever before and has negative effects on academic institutions. Access to the Internet and advancements in technology has made academic dishonesty easier for students to commit. Students use these resources to perform plagiarism in academic papers and cheat on exams and online assignments. The number of students who engaged in acts of academic dishonesty has increased exponentially (Aaron and Roche 161). Colleges,such as Harvard and Yale, have noticed a rise in cases of academic dishonesty on their campuses....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, College]

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Robert Maynard Hutchins

- Robert Maynard Hutchins was the third son born on January 17, 1899 to a Presbyterian minister. HI grandfather was also a preacher but this would not be the path in life that Hutchins would choose. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his family moved to Ohio when he was eight years old. It was in Oberlin Ohio where Robert would go to school; at first the Academy and then the Oberlin College. Timing is crucial in life, and it was when Robert turned 18 years old the United States would enter World War One....   [tags: Biography, American Educational Philosopher]

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New International Division of Cultural Labour in the Context of Outsourcing of Hollywood Film and Television Production

- New International Division of Cultural Labour in the Context of Outsourcing of Hollywood Film and Television Production The New International Division of Cultural Labour (NIDCL) comes from the idea of the New International Division of Labour (NIDL) which is a result of the movement of industries from advanced first world countries to developing ones such as India and China. This is of course, is a result of globalisation across many platforms throughout the world, as advances in technology, transportation and infrastructure allow developed countries to relocate to developing ones in order to benefit in lower manufacturing costs and cheaper labour....   [tags: Media and Globalisation]

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William J. Clinton : The President Who Caused A Scandal

- William J. Clinton is known as the president who caused a scandal; people tend to forget that he overcame many difficulties to become a great politician. William Jefferson Clinton was born into a dysfunctional family that shaped him into the man he is today. He was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas to parents William J. Blythe and Virginia Cassidy Blythe. William’s father, William J. Blythe, died in an automobile accident several months before Bill was born. After Bill’s birth, his mother, Virginia Cassidy Blythe, moved the family to New Orleans, Louisiana to complete nursing school so she could provide for her family....   [tags: Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton]

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Applying Alfred Adler's Personality Theory to George W Bush

- When choosing a “famous” person on which to do my research proposal on I decided on one of my favorite presidents in my time. George W. Bush seemed to be the most “real” president we have had in office since the 90’s. Next, I chose Adler’s theory to apply to Bush do to the fact that is the theorist that most closely applied to Bush’s life. Let ‘s start with some back ground about George W. Bush and then apply Adler’s theory. George W Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He was born in New Haven Connecticut where his father was attending Yale University....   [tags: Alfred Adler, Personality Theory]

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Hillary Clinton: A Figure of Power and Courage

- Shaqra 2 October 26, 1947, Chicago, Illinois : Dorothy Howell and Hugh Rodham cradle their daughter with loving arms, their newborn baby girl who would one day grow up to be Hillary Rodham Clinton. They knew that their daughter was going to be someone amazing one day, but what they didn’t know was that she was going to become a famous civil rights activist. Hillary’s life started in Chicago, Illinois, but she soon moved to Park Ridge, Illinois, where her life sprouted. She lived with her parents and her two brothers, Hugh Jr....   [tags: Civil Rights, Activist, First Lady]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing Brian Lin On Sunday

- I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Lin on Sunday, October 30th at J&B Coffee in Lubbock, Texas for about fifty minutes. Throughout our conversation, he struck me as a genuine young man who is authentically interested in learning more about the world around him, meshing his current realities with his spiritual one. When I asked what drives him, Brian told me that he hopes to be an interesting person, driven by the people he admires the most, to find out what that actually means to him. When I first sat down with Brian, it was very apparent that he is shaped by the example set by his father, a Yale alum from Taiwan, who Brian said is the wisest person he knows and hopes to follow his exa...   [tags: Knowledge, Learning]

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Excerpts from the Diary of Jonathan Edwards

- #1: 1715 I will be going to college in a few months and am not sure what to expect from college with me being so young; however, I know that my family will be supportive and encouraging to me. My father seems especially eager about my upcoming college entry, probably because I am his only son out of eleven children. My father and grandfather are both pastors and I feel that they want me to continue the pastoral tradition in the family (Hammond). I have felt the need today to reflect on my family and childhood years....   [tags: Jonathan Edwards]

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Most Powerful Man in 1920's, Al Capone

- ... Capone helped to support his family by taking on a variety of odd jobs; such as a pin setter and cloth cutter, while maintaining a membership in the local Five Points Gang. Eventually Al Capone, whilst working for the Five Points Gang, grabs the attention of the notorious New York mobster, Frankie Yale. In 1917, Al Capone lands a job working as a bartender, waiter, and bouncer at Frankie’s Harvard Inn. Frankie Yale became a mentor of Al Capone, and he learned a lot from Yale on how to use fear as a method of leadership....   [tags: scarface, criminal, killer]

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John Lewis Gaddis : The Cold War

- John Lewis Gaddis is perhaps one of the most infamous researchers. According to The New York Times, he is considered to be the “dean of Cold War Historians.” Gaddis serves as a professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University. He is well known and renounced for lecturing on the History of the Cold War and grand strategy. The Cold War: A New History is his most recent publication and he has six publications preceding the book. Yale has one of the most renounced, and well-respected History departments in the country....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Communism, Soviet Union]

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Chronic Congestive Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure

- Extra Credit Paper: Congestive Heart Failure There are many different Diseases in the world today. One of those diseases is Congestive Heart Failure. Congestive Heart Failure, according to Chris Linney, an Ireland Veterinarian, “is whereby abnormal cardiac function results in the accumulation and retention of water and sodium, most frequently resulting in pulmonary or systemic volume overload leading to congestion.” Congestive Heart failure is basically where the lungs can fill up with fluid and can be fatal or can cause congestion....   [tags: Heart failure, Hypertension, Cardiology, Medicine]

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Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram

- Stanley Milgram’s 1963 studies into obedience have provided important and shocking insights into the power of authority. The study set out to discover how obedient people really are. Debate and controversy have surrounded the study since the results were first published. Predictions made by psychologists before the experiment proved dramatically inaccurate. The experiment led volunteers to believe they were administering increasingly painful and dangerous electric shocks to another volunteer for the purposes of a study on memory....   [tags: Obedience to Authority, 1974]

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A Shocking Surprise: Dr. Stanley Milgram

- Obedience is described as a compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority. The majority of the world would say when pushed to a certain extreme that would lead to the harming of other people, humans would be not obedient to such a request because of our morals. Dr. Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, set up an experiment to prove this theory wrong. Dr. Milgram devised this experiment to focus on the conflict between obedience of the every day normal guy to the authority and personal conscience of their superiors....   [tags: obedience to authority, psychological research]

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

- Inheritance of money from previous family members is the starting point for the main characters in ‘A Thousand Acres’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ because it leads to their future wealth and education. Not always does one get their wealth handed down to them, instead through hard, sometimes illegal work, and patience. While wealth and education says a lot about a person and puts them in their “class”, wealth and greed can destroy a person and even an entire family. Having all the money in the world doesn’t save Jay Gatsby or Tom and Daisy Buchannan....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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African American Mathematician, Evelyn Boyd Granville

- ... This was the start of her discovering her career. When she graduated from high school, she attended Smith College with much her from herself and her family. Her mother sister and her mother gave her $500.00 to start with in college and Evelyn also worked a summer job to help her prepare for college. The job she worked at was the National Bureau of Standards and people doubted her of how she could afford to go to Smith College. She basically worked hard and earned her first scholarship (Student Aid Society) from Smith College....   [tags: teacher, scholarship, nasa]

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Describe The Museum Interior And Exterior

- 1. Describe the Museum interior and exterior. What kind of museum is it. Art. History. Ethnographic. Explain: The Yale University Art Gallery was founded in 1833 when John Trumbull donated to the University a collection of over 100 paintings of the American Revolution. The original building was raised in 1901. Currently the gallery, considered to be the oldest in the western hemisphere, houses a huge collection of art occupying several buildings of the University. The Main building of the Gallery was built in 1953 and was among the very first designs of Louis Kahn, who taught architecture at Yale....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Dionysus, Mosaic]

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The Cold War A New History

- Gaddis, John. The Cold War A New History. New York: Penguin Group, 2005. Print. John Gaddis is a professor at the University of Yale. Gaddis field of interest is the “U.S Cold War history; Historical methodology; Biography; Grand Strategy (Yale University." John Gaddis. Since his field of interest is in the U.S Cold War history, he wrote a book about it by the name of The Cold War A New History. Gaddis’s book is written for his undergraduate Yale students that he lectures to every Monday and Wednesday afternoon....   [tags: Cold War, Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin]

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I Am Becoming A Cardiovascular Surgeon

- After I’ve my research about health profession careers, I am now most interested in becoming a cardiovascular surgeon because it’s a field of medicine that deals with one of the most essential organs of the body, the heart. I made some research about medicine schools in USA and I’m tempting to apply for John Hopkins University, USF, and Yale University. John Hopkins is a world leader in medical research and education which makes one of the best medicine schools in the world. John Hopkins requires a bachelor degree with a competitive GPA wand specific science courses including Biology with laboratory, Chemistry with laboratory, Physics with laboratory, Mathematics, and Humanities, Social and...   [tags: Medical school, Physician, Chemistry, Surgery]

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William Howard Taft

- William Howard Taft was Americas 27th president. William was born on September 15, 1857. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio into the Taft family. Taft’s dad, Alphonso Taft was a lawyer and public official; he was Presidents Grant’s secretary of war. Taft’s father was a lawyer. William’s mother Louise Maria Taft was Alphonso’s second wife. William had two half brothers, two brothers and one sister. His ancestry consists of English, Scotch-Irish. William attended a public school in Cincinnati. He went to Woodward High School and then Yale University in 1874....   [tags: Biography ]

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The Amazing Hillary Rodham Clinton

- Hillary Rodham Clinton used to mostly be known to the public as Bill Clinton’s wife and later his first-lady, but she had made a name for herself before and after Bill’s presidential run. In fact, her name often crops up in talks about the 2016 presidential race as someone who could possibly be the first woman President of the United States. Born Hillary Diane Rodham in Chicago, Illinois on October 16, 1947 as the first child to Dorothy Emma Howell and Hugh Ellsworth Rodham. A few years later she would become the eldest sister to both Hugh and Tony Rodham....   [tags: Hillary Rodham Clinton Essays]

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Secret Societies and Conspiracy Theories

- Secret Societies and Conspiracy Theories. The government is full of secrets, some that are probably better to be left unknown because if reviled they may cause havoc all over the nation. There are three well known secret societies such as Skull and Bones, The Freemasons, and The illuminati. In society today The Illuminati is the most well-known secret society because of all the artists that claim to have it made because of initiating themselves into the secret society known as the illuminati. There are also many conspiracy theories such as the Denver airport, 9-11, and the new world order....   [tags: skull, bones, illuminati, conspiracy]

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Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence

- Gender Violence Gender violence is an ongoing issue in the United States. This year alone there have been several highly publicized cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. A popular case that occurred recently depicted a Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz, who carried her mattress around campus every day to protest her rapists continued enrollment at the school (Brodsky and Deutsch). Emma brought her sexual assault to attention, but this was not the first time a sexual assault has occurred on a college campus or unfortunately the last....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence against women]

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Sexual Assault, Rape, And Rape

- What is sexual assault. Sexual assault is, “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape” (Sexual Assault). Sexual assault is something very serious and dangerous and can mess a person’s life up both physically and mentally. Females are feeling unsafe on the grounds of places were they are going to get an education to make a dream come true....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Eli Whitney: Great American Inventor

- Eli Whitney: Great American Inventor Eli Whitney was a great American inventor. He was also a noted manufacturer, craftsman, and pioneer. He is best known, of course, for inventing the cotton gin. Many also know him for his manufacturing of interchangeable gun parts. Both of these achievements had profound impact on American history and brought fame to a humble farmer's son who always tried his best and hung on to his dreams. Eli Whitney was born in Westboro, Massachusetts, on December 8, 1765....   [tags: US AP History American]

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Gifford Pinchot and Environmental Conservation

- Gifford Pinchot Gifford Pinchot was one of America's leading advocates of environmental conservation at the turn of the twentieth century. Born into wealth and endowed with imagination and a love of nature, he shared his money, possessions and intellect to further the causes of the common good. It was at Grey Grey Towers that James Pinchot first encouraged his son to explore the profession of forestry. But such training did not yet exist in the United States, so, after graduating from Yale University in 1889, Gifford went abroad to study at L’Ecole Nationale Forestiere in Nancy, France....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Jonathan Edwards

- Jonathan Edwards is well known to be America’s most important early philosopher and most brilliant theologian. Here we see another individual who was highly concerned with the happenings of his time, due to his involvement in various religious and social movements. Edwards’ work primarily concerned itself with the sovereignty of God, an absolute power. Johnathan Edwards was born on October 5, 1703 in East Windsor, Connecticut. His parents were Rev. Timothy Edwards and Esther Stoddard Edwards. His father was a pastor and his mother, the daughter of a known, influential pastor....   [tags: Biography, American Philosopher, Philosophy]

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President George Bush

- George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 1946. Just like other presidents, he had his good times and his bad times. He was the forty-third president of The United States. Because of those who had preceded him in The Oval Office, he understood the importance of being the Commander in Chief. In all of the events that happened during his presidency he never gave up on his country (Biography; Gale: Vol 21). The Bush family moved to Texas when George was only two years old. George Herbert Walker Bush, George’s father, had just graduated from Yale and wanted to attempt a living in the oil business....   [tags: leader, commander, chief]

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The School Of The Mountain : A Story Of Hope And Betrayal

- This essay will look at three books from this course and how they represent the idea that during the time of Jefferson to Jackson there was a lack of a true democracy. The saying “for the people, by the people” is a term that was applicable by the few. These few were the white, protestant, elite in America. The books that will provide this idea are The Heathen School: A Story of Hope and Betrayal in the Age of the Early Republic by John Putnam Demos, Master of the mountain: Thomas Jefferson and his slaves by Henry Wiencek, and Flush Times and Fever Dreams: A Story of Capitalism and Slavery in the Age of Jackson by Joshua Rothman....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Role Of The Federal System : Alexander Hamilton And The Supreme Court

- Module 7 Written Assignment 1. The role and responsibilities of the federal system: Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were opposed on how the The National Bank and the Supreme Court: Tariffs, cities, and industry: Attitudes about human nature and political philosophy”: 2. Jackson’s attitude toward government, the “common man,” and the eastern elite: Andrew Jackson came from humble origins and associated America with blue collar, simple, and honest people. This rustic outlook carried over into his disdain for big, centralized government and Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy and “Bank War”: Andrew Jackson’s views on Native Americans were negative....   [tags: Abolitionism, William Lloyd Garrison]

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Character Analysis of Nick in The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

- In the book, The Great Gatsby, written by Scott Fitzgerald, readers follow an intriguing character named Nick Carraway as he is introduced to the world of Jay Gatsby. Arriving in New York to study the bond business, Nick, the protagonist and narrator of the story, is moving into his new house on the island of West Egg, an area populated mainly by the newly rich. Across the bay from West Egg, is where Nick’s cousin, Daisy, resides with her husband Tom Buchanan in East Egg, a district occupied by people of a well-established, rich upper class....   [tags: intellect, judgement, attitude]

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The Mother, The Politician, The Activist: Hillary Rodham Clinton

- “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.” - Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary was born on October 26, 1947 to Hugh Rodham and Dorothy Rodham in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in the suburban Park Ridge, Illinois along with her two younger brothers, Hugh Jr. and Anthony. She was raised in a very political and religiously conservative household, her parents being active members of the Republic party and in their United Methodist Church....   [tags: powerful women in US politics]

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I Search Form Wiki And Memory And Learning Methods

- I search form WIKI and know some thing from video, In 1961, some people living in New Haven, Connecticut, may have an impression of an advertisement in a local newspaper: "Seeking volunteers to come to Yale for research on memory and learning methods. The 20-55-year-old healthy adult male can enroll for $ 4 per hour plus transportation costs, with 15 local workers, 16 shopkeepers or businessmen, and nine in-school specialists with their different purposes, as candidates, that is, the psychological experiment subjects....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Graduate School Admissions Essay for Human Resources Management

- I am interested in pursuing a second master’s degree because I found a career path that I am very passionate about. I have strategically aligned myself with the right combination of education and experience to develop and grow my career as a Human Resources (HR) professional and this strategy has been the key to my current success. Applying to the Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) Human Resources Management (HRM) program is the next step in becoming even more successful within my field because I plan to work as a Vice President of International Development and Workforce Planning....   [tags: Graduate School Application Essay]

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Aaron Beck : The Father Of Cognitive Therapy

- Aaron Beck According to Beck Institute, (Beck Institute) Aaron T. Beck M.D. is universally acknowledged as the father of cognitive therapy. He is also recognized as one of the world’s leading researches in psychopathology. The American Psychologist has quoted him as “One of the five most influential psychotherapists of all time.” He has been given credit for modeling the fact of American psychiatry. History of Scholar Aaron Beck’s hometown was Providence, Rhode Island. He was born on July 18th, 1921....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy]

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Comparative Critique Of Milgram 's Experiments On Obedience

- Obedience Comparative Critique In “ Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments On Obedience” by Diana Baumrind, and in “Obedience” by Ian Parker, the writers claim that Milgram’s Obedience is ethically wrong and work of evil because of the potential harm that the subjects of the experiment had. While Baumrind’s article focused only on the Subjects of the experiment, Parker’s article talked about both immediate and long term response to experiment along with the reaction of both the general public and Milgram’s colleagues, he also talks about the effect of the experiment on Milgram himself....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Perils of Obedience, by Stanley Milgram

- If a person of authority ordered you inflict a 15 to 400 volt electrical shock on another innocent human being, would you follow your direct orders. That is the question that Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University tested in the 1960’s. Most people would answer “no,” to imposing pain on innocent human beings but Milgram wanted to go further with his study. Writing and Reading across the Curriculum holds a shortened edition of Stanley Milgram’s “The Perils of Obedience,” where he displays an eye-opening experiment that tests the true obedience of people under authority figures....   [tags: the perils of obedience, stanley milgram]

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The Gold Rush: A Never Ending Pursuit

- In the mid-nineteenth century one single word had the power to pull men from homes and families: gold. After John Marshall found nuggets in a California stream in 1848, tens of thousands crossed continents and oceans in a scramble for wealth. A few years later Edward Hargraves's discovery of gold near Bathurst prompted a similar rush to the Australian colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.(Boisserry 11) Scenarios of lawlessness in the Californian and Australian goldfields became numerous. Men shot and murdered each other to secure their gold, as well as their positions....   [tags: john marshall, california, nuggets]

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Society and Mental Illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder with episodes of recurring and persistent thoughts and compulsive behaviors that interfere with a person's daily life. These obsessive thoughts often cause the patient extreme fear and anxiety, and the compulsive, repetitive behaviors are performed to alleviate the distress and anxiety. OCD sufferers worry and fear that something bad may happen if they do not engage in their repetitive behaviors. OCD does not produce any pleasure or enjoyment for these patients....   [tags: treatment, mental disorders]

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U.S. is Blessed with an Education System

- College life is a journey taken by many high school student in effort to explore new prospective and most importantly build a new life outside the boundaries of their families to sustain a long path of career and building a new family. In the United State we are blessed with an education system that is never available worldwide. Laws are placed to allow every child a chance to pursue higher education in among the most prestige institutions in the world. From Ivy League school to a large public universities and specific school with designed programs in the art, culinary institute and two year community college....   [tags: diversity, college, competition]

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Effects Of Humiliation On Children 's Children

- Effects of Humiliation Teenagers who bully, shame, or humiliate along with their victims often deal with negative psychological effects that could lead to suicide. According to the definition of humiliation is “to cause someone to feel very ashamed or foolish.” (Humiliation) According to the definition of bullying is “a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker.”(Bullying) According to the definition of shaming as “dishonor or disgrace.” (Shaming) As one can see from the definitions these words are closely related....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Violence, Psychology]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Great Gatsby is a novel that was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story Great Gatsby has two male main characters Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. Both characters live in West Egg district, which is located in Long Island New York. Nick Carraway grew up and lived in Minnesota and then later moved to the west egg district in the summer of 1922. Jay Gatsby lived in a large gothic style mansion. Nick was Jays neighbor when he moved in from Minnesota. Nick was in aw over Jays house because in Minnesota they did not have houses like the one Jay was living in....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Wealthy Colleges Discriminate Against Low-Income Students

- In the United States the income of ones family is of great importance when it comes to college education. The data clearly shows that you are more likely to go to college if you come from a richer family. (Berg) This essay will discuss how family income affects a persons possibility to apply for, go to, and succeed at a good college and some possible reasons for and consequences of the situation. First of all grades are closely linked to family-income, as Rampell states in the article Freebies for the Rich, and the lower grades makes the low-income students less likely to apply for or go to an elite college....   [tags: Colleges Prefer Rich Applicants]

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Degrees of Inequality by Anne Mullen

- College life is a journey taken by many high school graduate in effort to explore a higher form of education, and most importantly build a new life outside the boundaries of their families to sustain a long path of toward successful career and to some, building a new family of their own. In the United State we are blessed with an education system that is never available worldwide. Laws are placed to allow every students regardless of ethnicity, gender or class a chance to pursue education in among the most prestigious universities in the world such as Ivy League school as well as many large public universities with many programs....   [tags: college life, high school graduate]

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Psychological Assessments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Psychological Assessments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) published by the American Psychiatric Association, used by psychologists to classify mental disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is defined by obsessions and compulsions that are time-consuming, uncontrollable, and interfere with the individual’s cognition and social development (APA, 2000). For the purpose of this paper the focus will be on psychological assessments used to assist in the diagnosis of OCD....   [tags: mental disorders, rituals, obsessions]

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Al Capone: A Gangster in Chicago

- Al Capone was a notorious gangster in Chicago during the years of Prohibition. He came to power when his partner and mentor, Johnny Torrio, fled Chicago for Italy fearing death threats. Torrio left Capone in charge to run a massive bootlegging, prostitution, gambling, and extortion business that made about $100,000,000 annually. Since these activities that Capone conducted were extremely illegal, Capone managed to bribe or blackmail officials to keep himself and his men out of jail. The government had a very difficult time trying to capture Capone because of his power, celebrity status, and money....   [tags: Italian, Fraud, Murder]

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A Study On Milgram 's Experiment

- Milgram #1 Factors such as institutional authority, people’s attitude change after the experiment, participants’ interaction with the experimenters or the confederates may play an important role in the results of Milgram’s experiment. People or even social psychologists can also be vulnerable to the situational factors and thus conform or obey. To begin with, the study was conducted in a prestigious university (Yale University). People may trust that the experimenters are competent and reputable and know what they are doing (Milgram, 1963)....   [tags: Social psychology, Stanford prison experiment]

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