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Sleep Deprivation and Test Scores

- Sleep deprivation is something that every adult, teenager, and child has suffered from at some point in their lives. Being deprived of sleep has negative effects on mood, productivity, immunity against infection, weight, reaction time, memory, blood pressure, and many other things. (Psych textbook pg 90) But what effect does it have on the test scores of teenagers. Most teenagers say they wish that they could get more sleep during the week and claim they often feel the harsh effects of sleep deprivation....   [tags: mood, productivity, immunity, weight, time]

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The World 's Test Scores

- The World’s Test Scores The Program for International Student Assessments (PISA) latest findings in 2012 shows Shanghai China has the world’s highest standardized test Scores in the world. They topped the board in all three Major subjects of Mathematics, Science and reading. Hong Kong China was also near the top being Ranked second in Science, second in reading, and third in Mathematics. There was also a high number of other Asian countries on the uppermost portion of the scores table. In mathematics, all of 7 highest ranking Scores came from an Asian country....   [tags: High school, School, Vocational school, Education]

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Graduation Rates And Standardized Test Scores Are Low For Minority Students

- The diversity is defined as the people from different race, nationalities, religion, and sex coming together to form a community. The colleges all around the United States is putting afford to recruit students of color in their institutes. The graduation rates and standardized test scores are still low for minority students. Racially diverse environment in education indicates positive intellectual and social outcomes for students of color. But the minority students are environmentally being victimized....   [tags: High school, Standardized test, Education]

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Are test scores a good indication of a school's competency?

- Before you are even born you have standards that are waiting to be met. You have a due date, your first words, first steps, and many other “first” that are expected of you. Every individual learns to do these things at different times and at different paces. These expectations continue all the way to the class room. Prior to Kindergarten, everyone learns to talk, read, and get potty- trained at different times. However, whenever you enter Kindergarten you are given the kindergarten curriculum because you are five, not necessarily because you are ready for it....   [tags: education, digital schools]

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How Music Affects Test Scores in Mathematics K-6

- Most people have been introduced to the idea that music has a positive impact on the field of education, especially in mathematics. This has been a back-and-forth battle between advocates for music and the arts in schools and those looking for ways to deal with budget cuts. Logically thinking, music is based on math in that it deals with patterns and ratios (Vaughn, 2000). Research has shown that music, both music education and simply listening to music, can benefit students. The purpose of this study is to look at how music can affect test scores in the subject of mathematics in grades kindergarten through sixth grade....   [tags: connection between music and education]

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The Test Scores Of The First Block Honor Students

- The teacher says the test scores of the first block Honor students are lower than the fourth block Honor students. She believes the students in the first block tell the fourth block what is on the test. To counteract, she explains to the first block she normalizes the test scores of both classes together. Thus, if the first block tell the fourth block what is on the test, the students are penalizing themselves. Defined Classroom Procedures At this point in the semester, the teacher scans the room to see note absences....   [tags: Education, Homework help service]

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Effects Of Technology On Student 's Test Scores

- Steve Covey once said “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Multitasking was once thought to be a person being able to do two things at once, research has shown that it is simply our thoughts switching from one task to another, taking us away from accomplishing the important and urgent tasks that need our attention. Multitasking simply switches our thoughts between two tasks, resulting in poor concentration on both tasks. We are putting too much focus today on the unimportant, non-urgent tasks, and unable to focus on what needs our immediate attention until sometimes it is too late....   [tags: Homemaker, Housekeeping, Task, Activity]

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Should Teacher Pay Be Based On Student Test Scores?

- For years, educators and government officials have argued what the most effective system of payment is for teachers in the United States. Government officials state that a “merit pay” system, where teacher pay would reflect the students’ test scores, would be the most effective and would increase teacher performance. Teachers, on the other hand, see the merit pay system as a threat to their salaries and fear that they cannot control student performance. The debate will continue for years to come....   [tags: merit pay systems, performance pay systems]

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Teaching And Tutoring For Increase Test Scores And Graduation Rates

- A Lesson Learned Many schools try different methods of teaching and tutoring to increase test scores and graduation rates; Hot Springs High School is one of those schools. When the School Board noticed students stopped doing their work, they decided to take the issue to the next level. Due to this sudden acknowledgement, the “ICU List” was born. Little did they know, the ICU List has made students even lazier, and has created issues for the students who actually do their work. The ICU List is comprised of students in every grade who did not turn in their assigned work on time....   [tags: High school, Education, College, School]

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Reviewing my Smart Measure Test Scores

- Reviewing my SmartMeasure Test scores I am surprised to know, my study strategy is logical. And according with the results, it also reports that visual, physical, social, and verbal are also a high percentage of my learning strengths. Solitary and aural are the lowest percentage, which mean they are a weakness. I need to work harder on studying longer for shorter periods of time. The reason I think studying longer but having many interruptions helps more is because you get a break in the material and you come back 10- 20 minutes later and test yourself....   [tags: personal reflections]

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Gaps in Test Scores: Overcoming Discrepancies Among Different Races

- Through out education and its progress many Presidents have put forth plans to help increase achievement in the United States school systems.(Moores, 2004) From the Department of Education, Washington D.C. educators were given a toolkit to help them understand and achieve what the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 was asking from the educational systems. Educators have been asked to use the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 goal, of having every child making the grade on state-defined education standards by the end of the 2013-2014 school year....   [tags: Education, race]

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Study Proposal: The Effect of Texting on Students' Test Scores and GPA

- The effect of texting on 18-22 year old college students’ test scores, and GPA. Throughout college towns, at any given day or time, a person could stop on a corner and glance around to very likely see numerous students walking while texting on their cell phones. It may appear obvious that this action will cause those students to be distracted and possibly walk in to something or someone, yet there is a bigger problem to address. The larger issue I am interested in is the affect this heightened usage of text messaging may be having on the learning abilities of college students....   [tags: Research Proposal]

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Standardized Test Scores: The Best Indicator of Future Academic Success

- A college has a student’s application in-hand deciding whether or not to admit an aspiring college student. He has a 2.0 GPA, but a 28 on his ACT. Since he does not meet the admission requirements on high school grade point average, he is not admitted. The same college has another application in hand. This time it is a high school student with a 3.5 GPA, and a 16 on his ACT. He is admitted to the University. Nothing projects cognitive ability more than ACT/SAT scores, yet the student is not admitted simply because he struggled his first two years of high school before turning his life around....   [tags: higher learning, college admission tools]

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Improving Student Test Scores Utilizing Brain-Based Learning

- Improving Student Test Scores Utilizing Brain-Based Learning Every human being can learn. Brain-based learning offers some new direction for educators who are looking for a more aimed and informed teaching. This paper will present information on how brain-based learning works. In addition, the paper will discuss how brain-based learning is improving student test scores. Also, the paper will provide research outcomes on the benefits of brain-based learning. Creating stress-free environments, improving complex cognitive skills, and understanding memory become important in brain-based learning....   [tags: Education ]

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Standardized Test Scores and Their Use in College Admissions Decisions

- Standardized Test Scores and their use in College Admissions Decisions PURPOSE The purpose of this proposal is to examine current and future Iowa State University admissions decisions processes. At the present time most colleges, including Iowa State use a combination of standardized test scores, high school class rank, high school grade point average, and essays to make decisions on admissions. All of the above are good determinants of a student’s possible success in college, except standardized test scores....   [tags: Standardized Testing Essays]

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The Gap Between Blacks and Whites Test Scores

- The Gap Between Blacks and Whites Test Scores The “gap” as referred to in the title, is the distribution of the scores on achievement tests that differ between black and white students in the United States. The purpose of this study was to record the degree of the gap in achievement scores, decide how much of the racial gap is due to social-class, how the gap differed in the 30-year period, and how that which is credited to the social-class has changed over the years. Differences in social-class, family structure, and discrimination against blacks as a disgraced group are all proposed causes for the black-white gap in test scores....   [tags: Papers]

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Are Women Teachers to Blame for Boys Low Test Scores?

- Are Women Teachers to Blame for Boys' Low Test Scores. In "The Mind of Man" by David Thomas, the academic performances of both men and women are scrutinized. He quotes an old calypso song "Man Smart, Woman Smarter" (120). But is this true, and if it is true, why are women generally regarded as being smarter, especially in their primary and secondary education. Dr. John Nicholson, author of "A Question of Sex", states that men and women are different in the types of mental tasks they perform (120)....   [tags: Compare Contrast Female Male Education Essays]

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We Should Not Change the School Calendar

- Do you want to go to school in the summer. I believe we should not change the school calendar because it affects each and every one of you. First, family life is threatened because of year-round schooling. Next, summer vacation proves to be as valuable as school. Finally, test scores have shown little improvement. We should not change the school calendar because it is a threat to family life, summer vacation is as valuable as school, and it has little to no positive influence on test scores. I believe it is important to incorporate family time into our lives....   [tags: family, vacation, test, scores]

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Does Standardized Testing Accurately Measures a Student´s Performance?

- In schools, there is the constant debate about whether or not standardized testing accurately measures a student's performance. As several recent articles about the usefulness of standardized testing continue to be published, it is evident that the debate remains a common controversy. For example, Noliwe M. Rooks wrote in TIME magazine that "if one expects less from some students, those lower educational expectations will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for school districts and those students will fall even farther behind" ("Why It Is Time to Get Rid of Standardized Testing")....   [tags: objective method, test scores]

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Home School Legal Defense Association

- This research paper analyzes data from case studies and peer reviewed articles to examine, whether home schoolers who are educated away from the public school are able attain the expected higher academic standards comparable to public school students (PSS). Additionally, socialization, which has plagued homeschoolers will be considered to be a part of this research., Subsequently, the search for answers about the homeschooling success had becomebecame more difficult, due to the abundance of misrepresented information and public opinions....   [tags: Education Innovation, Test Scores]

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Atlanta Public Schools´ Scandel

- The Atlanta Public School system was involved in what some describe as one of the largest scandals in United States history. The scandal was uncovered by the Atlanta Journal – Constitution after research showed “statistically improbable increases” in test scores. A two-year investigation ensued and reviled test scores dating all the way back to 2005 were tampered with. In 2011 the investigation concluded 44 of the 56 schools examined were found cheating. The educators violated a numerous amount of code sections....   [tags: test, scores, cheating, answers]

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Significance of the Study: Predictive Power of High School GPA and Admission Test Scores on College Academic Performance

- Significance of the Study The findings of this study can be valuable in three ways. First, they may guide admissions personnel and decision makers at the ministry of higher education and scientific research in identifying whether high school GPA and admission test scores help in predicting academic performance of students attending higher education institutions. This study might also help them in the development of future admission plans and student retention programs at Yemeni universities and colleges, resulting in changing the admissions policies all together....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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If Only They Knew: Which Techniques are more Effective in Order to Receive Higher Test Scores

- ... It is also proven useful to take breaks in between learning because it allows the new, acquired information to set in as opposed to it being wiped from one’s mind a few seconds later due to the continual shoving of information into one’s brain. It is also not a bad idea to try and discuss what was learned before the break was taken in order to see if anything was obtained. Discussing what is learned is another way to repeat information in order to see what information was stored. If one can thoroughly discuss a concept in detail, then it is safe to assume that the information took the transition from the short term memory into the long term memory....   [tags: learning, practice testing]

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Public School Students On Standardized Test Scores Of Homeschooled Students And Publicly Educated Students

- Since the colonial times, America’s education system has remained at the center of society. Children are the next generation of citizens, and they must be prepared to carry on the success that older generations have started. Because of the importance of this task, many citizens debate about the best way to accomplish it. One of the most common arguments is whether publicly educated students or homeschooled students have a greater probability of becoming successful. Although there are many similarities and differences between the two systems that support arguments on both sides, the positives and negatives balance out....   [tags: Education, High school]

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Teachers' Merit Pay

- President Barrak Obama’s administration has come up with a solution to the teacher merit pay problem. The administration has stated that this program will give teachers the incentive they need to perform at the top notch quality the nation wants (Gratz). Teachers all around the United States have had issues with the new proposal but they have also found it very beneficial. Merit pay for teachers will largely be based off test scores, which means the students will have a large impact on the teacher’s career....   [tags: salary, education, test scores]

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Arts Education Importance

- ... Students that are more exposed to arts in education are more likely to attend college because their ability to learn differently gives them the drive and need to strive for higher levels of thinking and more challenges. College gives another level of critical thinking for people who want to push themselves to a new level of understanding, especially those who have always been taught that way and thrive on it. In a recent study, it showed that percentages of high school graduates who attend college were more likely to have participated in arts education....   [tags: test scores, critical thinking]

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Untangling the Relationship Between Race and Intelligence

- The debate concerning the nature of the relationship between race and intelligence has been highly contested by psychologists for many years. With the emergence of genetic research in recent times, some clarity has been provided, however, many unanswered questions still remain. This essay discusses the implications of IQ test scores and the potentially misleading information they generate when administered to non-Western individuals. Although it is argued that race is a dynamic social construct and therefore not scientifically sound, this essay will explain why considering context-specific information about an individual is vital when assessing their intelligence due to the substantial roles...   [tags: IQ test scores, mental abilities]

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Correlation between 8th grade mathematic CMT scores and mathematic CAPT scores

- Correlation between 8th grade mathematic CMT scores and mathematic CAPT scores Introduction: Standardized testing, specifically “high-stakes testing”, has become a topic of debate for many years. “High-stakes testing” is associated with states that require successful performance on a standardized test for graduation, an “exit exam”. Is this the trend in public education. As an educator in Connecticut, should I expect “high-stakes testing” in the future. The State of Connecticut Legislature created a statue (Section 10-14n) that mandates statewide standardized testing for students in 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th grade....   [tags: Math Grades Scores Standardized Testing Test]

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Art Education Benefits

- The human capacity to learn is an astounding trait that sets us apart from all other living organisms. Since the beginning of time, people have been learning new skills and acquiring knowledge that has allowed them to adapt to their environment and enrich their lives. This ability to learn, and more importantly to educate, has been the cornerstone of human survival, communication, progress, and innovation. Throughout history humans have used several different means of passing on information from generation to generation....   [tags: Fine Motor Skills, Global Test Scores]

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Urban Education Issues

- Education is an integral part of society, school helps children learn social norms as well as teach them how to be successful adults. The school systems in United States, however are failing their students. In the world as a whole, the United States is quickly falling behind other countries in important math and reading scores. The United States ranked thirtieth in math on a global scale and twentieth in literacy. This is even more true in more urban, lower socio-economic areas in the United States....   [tags: urban districts, test scores, school system]

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Relax, It Is Only a Test!

- Relax, It Is Only A Test. Imagine a world where the future of a particular child all depends on what they receive on a single exam score. Then, imagine having that score analyzed, compared, and shared with school officials statewide. In reality, this is happening, and in many times, for the wrong purpose and has largely contributed to falsely claimed assumptions of students due to the inaccuracy of these scores. Standardized testing, the definition is in the word itself; any test given in the same environment, to the appropriate age group, and based solely on specific standards that were hoped to be mastered by students....   [tags: standardized, tests, scores, intelligence]

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Validity And Reliability Of The Literacy Test And The Pennsylvania Standard Early Learning Standards Test

- Validity and Reliability Other comparable assessments include the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test and the Illinois Standard Early Learning Standards Test. The Peabody Picture Vocabulary (PPVT) is used to assess the receptive language skills for ages 3 to 90 years old. The Illinois Early Learning Standards assesses skills and academic achievements for various age groups according to normative measures for specific age groups. The purpose is to monitor progress, deficiencies and assist in setting goals for IEP’s (Individualized Education Program)....   [tags: Assessment, Evaluation, Psychometrics, Scores]

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Students Should Not Be Judged Based On Sat Scores

- Dre Jones Students Should NOT be Judged based on SAT Scores Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are on everyone ‘s minds as the November 1st early admission deadline approaches. As a high school senior, I know that it is a very stressful time. The competition is intense, we are not only competing with people from our school for a slot in a college class, but we are competing against students across the nation. The competition is between people from every background imaginable; public schools, private schools, AP, honors, and academic classes, wealthy, poor, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc....   [tags: SAT, High school, Standardized test]

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Standardized Testing Scores : Should Colleges Accept Them And Do They Cause Stress?

- Standardized Testing Scores; Should Colleges Accept Them and Do They Cause Stress. This quote “I can no longer cooperate with a testing regime that I believe is suffocating creativity and innovation in the classroom. We are not really educating our students anymore. We are merely teaching them to pass a test. This is wrong. Period.” by Ron Maggiano supports my thesis. With all the standardized tests that are placed within a learning environment, there is no room to grow or be an innovator of success....   [tags: SAT, Standardized test, Standardized tests]

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Mandating a Graduation Test to Stop Students from Slipping Through the Cracks

- ... Being able to look at different sub groups within a school is sometimes very hard to do. If the Department of Public Instruction were to implement this graduation test, teachers and other faculty would be able to look at the sub groups much more easily. According to, sub groups can provide the school with data about ethnicity, special needs and socioeconomic status (Standardized). This provides schools with data about how to better enhance their students’ education and create programs that would be useful to students....   [tags: standardized, scores, high school]

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Bench Mark Assessment Test Critique

- For the Test Critique Assignment I choose the Bench Mark Assessment Test for fourth grade. I think it is a great asset to know how my bilingual students are performing against other fourth graders or even to compare them with the national and state scores. The Bench Mark Assessment test is not an option, all students in grades third through eight who take the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) must take the Bench Mark assessments test. The Bench Mark Assessment test primary purpose of the Mathematics and Reading Benchmark Assessments test is instructional improvement and not accountability The Bench Mark assessment test was developed to help teachers to measure students’ strengths an...   [tags: Test Critique]

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Standardized Testing Is A Type Of Test

- Standardized testing is a type of test usually serve to determine how well you understand a concept which is often used for placement. These types of test include questions in a form of an essay, short answers, multiple choices, or a combination of these together and are given out as early as in kindergarten. This practice has been used for so long that it has become a part of the American culture. Every year, high school juniors and seniors worldwide take the SAT or the ACT in the hope that they score high enough to get into their dream school....   [tags: SAT, Standardized test, Standardized tests]

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Should Students Required A Bad Test Score?

- Most states in the United States use standardized testing and testing in general, to assess the knowledge of their student and the quality of the teachers in schools. Over the last few years, the number of opt-out’s (parents deciding their children are not taking the tests) for standardized tests in states like New York, New Jersey, and California has increased dramatically (Albers 258). Does this show that parents are starting to realize how unfair these tests are. I do not believe that these tests are an accurate way of assessing students and teachers in schools....   [tags: Psychometrics, Test, Norm-referenced test]

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Review of Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery and Critique the Test

- Review of Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery and Critique the Test Abstract The report will critique Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery (WJ III DRB) and compare my report to the Mental Measurement Yearbook (MMY). The assessment will include the evaluation, in relation to Woodcock et al.’s (1989) WJ III DRB, on the description and purpose of such tests along with ease of use, administrating and interrupting results based on converting raw scores to standard scores including analyzing the results....   [tags: Test Critique]

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Methods Used to Test and Select the Best Applicants

- In the chapter review, I learned that employment tests must be valid and fair to pass legal scrutiny. The reading provided information about methods used to test and select the best applicants such as: (1) minimum test score of an applicant to be considered for hire (passing scores); (2) another variation would provide the names of top three to five applicants to hiring authority, who can select from that group (rule of three – top-down); and (3) a statistical technique based on standard error of measurement that allows similar test scores to be grouped (banding)....   [tags: employment test, unethical issues]

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Why The Act Is A National College Admissions Test

- Throughout a teenager’s high school career, they’re taught time and time again on how to get into a good college.What’s a better way than getting a good score on an intelligence test. One of the top things that colleges look for in a high school student is their ACT score. The ACT is a national college admissions test that contains material from the four major subjects: reading, mathematics, English, and science. This test score ranges from 1 to 36, 1 being the lowest and 36 being the highest. Most teenagers cram hard just to get into the average, mid-twenties range....   [tags: Intelligence, Learning, Test, Psychometrics]

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The Test Gap Between African American And White Students

- This paper will discuss both the history of the test score gap between African-American and White students and why it has been such a significant aspect of the United States educational system since the 1960s. Next, the research on the test score gap will be evaluated in order to determine all of the possible causes for this gap’s continued presence as well determine what social factors have allowed the gap to remain so large for over half a century. Points will be made to back the claim that, inherent to many of the tests used to gauge student intelligence and scholastic achievement, there lies a cultural bias that hurts minority students- African-American students in particular....   [tags: African American, Race, Test, Racism]

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Assessment Instrument Overview On The Army Alpha And Army Beta Test

- ASVAB Assessment Instrument Overview The United States military introduced our country to large scaled aptitude testing being with the Army Alpha and Army Beta test and has continued their journey to measure aptitude for young men and women today with the ASVAB. The ASVAB is now the military’s most researched and reliable aptitude test to date. Throughout this paper, I discussed the components of the ASVAB test, discussing the validity, reliability, norming, and other components that construct the ASVAB....   [tags: Psychometrics, Reliability, Test, Aptitude]

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The Achievement Levels Of The Middle Scores

- 1.) Norm-referenced tests (McMillan, p.148) a.) Comparisons of scores across a larger group of similar characteristics (gender, age, grade level) b.) ACT and SAT tests are norm-referenced tests used by colleges and universities to compare scores of incoming freshmen students from around the country, to consider acceptance. 2.) Credibility (McMillan, p.302) a.) The degree of being trusted and information provided is accurate b.) Teachers are held credible in their ability to deliver content materials that prepare students for state mandated assessments....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Validity Of Sat / Act Scores

- Validity of SAT/ACT scores in Comparison to College Success In Charles Murray’s article Are Too Many People Going to College, he argues “A student is not college ready unless he/she scores an 1180 on the combined SAT math and verbal tests” (238). However, SATs have changed since the time that this article was written. The max score a student could achieve when this article was published was a 1600, but due to the recently added writing portion of the test the cap score is now 2400. Even with Murray’s outdated information he still offers many reasonable points as to why a student might not be prepared for college based solely off of test scores....   [tags: SAT, High school, SAT Subject Tests]

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Why Are Scores Falling Schools?

- Why are scores falling in schools. This is what you would probably hear if you walked into a state school board meeting. State school board members are frantically searching for the answers on how to increase test scores and create school systems where all students receive the best education possible. State school boards have spent much of their time studying the nutrition of food served at school to children. of what children in school our school aged children are eating each day they struggle through a day of learning....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, High school, Health]

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The Test Prep And The War

- Second Paper As education students get ready to graduate and start working as new teachers, they much to worry about than what most people think. It’s no longer only about teaching or preparing lessons, there is a huge amount of issues, concerns, and politics involved. One of the main subjects is standardized testing, new teachers have to prepare their students for those test while still providing the students with rich learning experiences, and meaningful lessons. But these teachers may have to sacrifice many of those great lessons in order to meet the requirements and expectations from the school, and instead spend more time on getting students ready for high-stake tests....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Standardized test, Test]

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The Effect of Classical Music on Exam Scores

- ... Bock (2010) examined the connection between sensorimotor adaptation and serene music was tested. Bock preformed a quantitative study, which included 36 participants. He attempted to evaluate “whether this so called Mozart Effect extends beyond cognitive tasks and included sensorimotor adaptations” (Bock, 2010, p. 737). Bock tested this through a mood self-assessment before music was played, before beginning the adaptation task on a tablet, and after the twelve rounds of adaptation tasks were completed....   [tags: environmental noise, stimulation]

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To Test or Not to Test in Texas Schools

- Standardized testing in Texas public schools has parents and teachers furious. It is an argument of Texas Legislature versus those who oppose. Student will take about 17 of these tests before entering high school (Smith A17A). Texas schools are currently conflicted with taking the STAAR tests as it brings upon many arguments. The disadvantages seem to rule out the few advantages test makers tried to pass. Rather than helping students see where they stand, it makes students feel as if they do not stand a chance....   [tags: standardized testing in public education]

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My Test Tool Kit Assignment

- My Test Tool Kit assignment had four components. In the first part, I was required to take and also administer the Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) to a person that I chose. score, and interpret. Based on this experience, I was expected to write a reaction paper. In step 2, I was instructed to prepare a Comprehensive Test Review for a standardized test of my choice. The paper provided the exhaustive description of the selected instrument, including the analysis of the psychometric properties, and the technical and practical evaluations....   [tags: Psychometrics, Assessment, Test, Bias]

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Is Type A Scores Of The Class Differ From The Population Mean?

- Written Portion Study 1 In this hypothesis test, we wanted to understand whether the mean of Type-A scores of the class differed from the population mean. In the null hypothesis, we are given the population mean of Type-A scores to be equal to 50. However, instead of comparing the entire class with the population mean, we separated the data by gender and compared the mean of Type-A scores for each gender with the population mean. For the females of the class, we discovered there to be a significant difference between the sample mean of Type-A scores and the population mean....   [tags: Statistical significance]

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Finding Different Methods Of Teaching For Raising Tests Scores

- Ms. Monte, a West High instructor, was always interested in finding different methods of teaching to raise test scores in her class. Her students, though very bright, fluctuated in scores on a weekly basis. As an instructor, she knew there was something more than studying that the students that tested higher did, that the ones with the lower scores lacked. Journaling was an easy way of looking into the students daily activities without prying with direct questions. Upon reading the journals of the students with higher test scores, one similar activity that stood out was moderate exercise....   [tags: Physical exercise, Exercise, Obesity, Mind]

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Students Should NOT be Judged based on SAT Scores

- Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are on everyone ‘s minds as the November 1st early admission deadline approaches. As a high school senior I know that it is a very stressful time. The competition is intense, we are not only competing with people from our school for a slot in a college class, but we are competing against students across the nation. The competition is between people from every background imaginable; public schools, private schools, AP, honors, and academic classes, wealthy, poor, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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Variables Affecting Nursing Students’ Competency Scores

- Variables Affecting Nursing Students’ Competency Scores When an undergraduate nursing student goes in to take a competency test, their performance can be affected by multiple factors. The student could be influenced by how they chose to prepare for the exam, how they were feeling at the time of the test, or even their lifestyle (Cherry & Jacob, 2002). Anxiety that is displayed by a student while testing could be explained as a lack of understanding of the skill needed to be performed, but this may be a false accusation because of the anxiety the student is feeling (Pfeil, 2003)....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Lipinski’s Rule of Five and Drug Likeness Scores

- A series of new 10-(alkylamino)-8-methyl-2,6-dihydroimidazo[1,2-c]pyrimido[5,4-e]pyrimidine-5(3H)-thiones (4a-g) were subjected to molecular property prediction (drug-likeness, lipophilicity and solubility parameters) using Osiris Property Explorer, ALOGPS 2.1, Molinspiration and ACD/Chemsketch 12.0 software programmes. The calculated drug-related properties of the designed molecules were similar to those found in most marketed drugs. Amongst the proposed analogues, four promising candidates were chosen (4a-d) for synthesis on the basis of Lipinski’s ‘Rule of Five’ and drug likeness scores....   [tags: antihistaminic, asthma, bronchodilator]

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Teaching to the Test

- “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Einstein’s brilliant quote has more truth in it then some people would like to believe. Would you judge your cat on its ability to bark. Would you judge Tim Tebow, legendary quarterback, on his ability to make a three pointer in a basketball game. Would you judge a brilliant mathematician who graduated at the top of his class from MIT on his ability to spell or his ability to draw or recall facts from World War II....   [tags: standardized assessment, testing]

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A Student 's Ability Should Not Be Based On A Single Test Score

- A student’s ability should not be based on a single test score, but rather on the student’s growth through the year. Some of the wisest and most influential minds in history understood the importance of this belief. William Butler Yeats once said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Creating a system that focuses on student’s scores is not only harmful to the children in America but to the Country as a whole. In an effort to remain competitive with other Countries around the World, the United Sates has significantly increased the number of tests that students are required to take....   [tags: Education, United States, Test, Standardized test]

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Statistics On Math And Reading Scores

- Statistics on math and reading scores alone do not present a complete picture of students’ actual achievement and well-being. Models of accountability which do not take into account the complete development of the student are thus sorely lacking. One of the key problems with accountability NCLB was that it placed such a heavy emphasis on math and reading scores. This led schools to drop other curricular areas and spend a greater amount of instructional time on those subject areas to the detriment of other enriching subjects....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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TAAS Test and STAAR Educational Test in Texas

- ... Then there were more and more changes in testing and still today teachers focus more on what the test will be about rather than subject matter. Now teachers have to teach for a new test and set of questions. The crux of the matter is if you keep changing things around your end result will be different. Students who were used to taking the TAKS test will perform differently than students taking the STAAR test. You will get different results and the percentage rate of passes and failures will be significantly different....   [tags: standardized tests, academic skills]

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The And Median Behaviour Scores

- DISCUSSION Figure 1 shows the mean and median behaviour scores as well as the standard deviation. Because there is only a one point difference between each group’s mean and median behaviour scores, it indicates that outliers have probably not affected the results therefore the mean can be used to make conclusions on the results. The mean results show that people below 165cm have a mean score of 33 whereas the mean score for people above 165cm is slightly lower with a score of 32. This weakly supports the hypothesis that shorter people will act more assertively than those who are taller than 165cm....   [tags: Standard deviation, Arithmetic mean, Mean]

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Does More Money Invested in Education Translate into Better Scores?

- How does the amount of money spent on education affect the test scores of the countries as well as the level of education of the population. I am curious to see if the amount of money allotted for education affects the success rate of the student. I personally believe that the amount of money invested in the student will cause a difference in the height of the test scores and it will encourage student to further their education. Because if you don’t invest in education you wont grow in education....   [tags: education, standardized assesment]

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Is Test Anxiety All Of The Mind?

- Is Test Anxiety All In The Mind. Stress and anxiety is assumed to negativity affect a students ' performance when taking tests. Research studies have actually revealed that students with insignificant amounts of test anxiety achieve greater scores on evaluations than those with high anxiety levels. This has been proven both with children taking test all the way to their adult counterparts. Do female students have higher test anxiety levels compared to male students. What are some ways that both genders can implement so that their test scores can be raised....   [tags: Anxiety, Psychology, Mind, Experiment]

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Teaching to the Test Gets an ‘F

- In the article “Teaching to the Test Gets an ‘F’” by Steven Slon, Slon, discusses the issue of creativity in schools and how student creativity and futures are in jeopardy. Slon talks about how he, himself, has witnessed the destruction of creativity firsthand with his own son. Slon also brings up a conversation he had with Sir Ken Robinson about the current status of American education such as needs, wants, and expectations of the adult world and how they have changed from a routine world to a more complicated and complex place....   [tags: standardized tests, creativity, american education]

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Evaluation of The IELTS Listening Test

- Introduction The IELTS test is designed to assess students’ competence in English language in an integrated skills; reading, speaking, writing and listening. It is an obligatory exam for registration in many universities as well as it is a certificate to raise their luck in gaining a job. The listening test is particularly aimed at measuring the ability of students understanding of English. In most cases Universities offer preparation course for the students to develop their skills further, in order to prepare them, the exam centres are well equipped with computers, microphones and other recording devices....   [tags: Testing/Evaluation]

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The SAT Test for College Students

- INTRODUCTION In the United States, college is the path to success. A college degree has not mattered more at any other point in US history. A college degree allows for one to pursue their dreams in whatever field they choose, more opportunities than a high school diploma alone would allow. College is also a gateway for those less fortune economically to succeed in life through continuing their education. In recent years there has been an influx of high school students applying to colleges in search of better jobs in the future....   [tags: standardized testing]

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Evaluation Of A Statistical Test

- 3a. I would perform a statistical test on the experiment I designed for Dr.Steph by first finding out the average test score of each groups, experimental and control group. Then, I will find the standard deviation of each group and compare the results to the average test score. I would calculate the difference between the groups by finding out the test scores, which are the average score of the SI sessions compared with the standard deviation of the experimental and control group. To calculate the standard deviation, to find out how close the number is to the average test score we must first find the square root of sum of (deviation)^2 divided by the number of scores....   [tags: Statistics, Sample size, Statistical significance]

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Testing : Test Anxiety Finals

- Test Anxiety Finals Paper Sara Varsames Education 101 (M/W 11:45-1pm) 10 December 2015 Any student at any level of education would have to say they have experienced some kind of level of anxiety in their academic career. Whether it is from standardized testing, impressing teachers, or academically hard classes, students experience an unhealthy amount of stress every day. Standardized testing can come at the earliest ages of schooling, and therefore almost immediately sets a precedent for the oncoming stress in the next eighteen years they will be in school....   [tags: Anxiety, Psychology, High school, Fear]

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Review of the SAT Test

- In researching the types of tests that are administered to determine intelligence, it became very clear that there were many differing opinions surrounding the efficacy of intelligence testing. There exists compelling information that suggest there is a lack of ability for any test to clearly identify and measure intelligence. It is very clearly noted that there is a question of the ability for academics based testing to measure a persons intelligence. One of the most noted tests in the United States that is used to measure the potential of students to perform in an educational setting is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)....   [tags: efficacy of intelligence testing]

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Personality Tests : A Personality Test

- Personality tests tell a person a lot about why a person is who they have become. I believe that these test if taken truthfully can identify deficiencies that individuals can work on to benefit not only themselves but others in the organizations that they work in. Some models state that it is in human nature and chemicals that decided how a person acts but I believe it is based on life experiences and a personality can change as long as a person knows the deficiencies and works to change them. Personality Test Taking a personality test is something that I have had to do a few times....   [tags: Personality psychology, Personality type]

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Intelligence Test and Gifted Requirements

- Intelligence Test and Gifted Requirements The Gifted program exists to provide more academic opportunities for those who qualify as “gifted.” “’Gifted means performing or demonstrating the potential for performing at significantly higher levels of accomplishment in one or more academic fields due to intellectual ability, when compared to others of similar age, experience, and environment’” (Quoted in “Gifted”). In order to make it into the program the student must show higher intellectual ability than the average student at his or her age, but what determines that factor....   [tags: Special Education ]

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The Children's Appreception Test (CAT)

- ... Each of the ten cards are presented one at a time and the child’s story is to include the past, present, and future of the situation on the card. There is no set time that it takes to administer the test. Both administration and scoring are not standardized. (Hatt, 1980). Norm Information The normative information is limited. All that is known about the normative group is that it consisted of 200 children ages 3-10. This test is appropriate for the age group of children tested, 3-10. Knoff (1992) suggests that, “they fail to elaborate on this assertion, providing no data, documentation, or critical analysis....   [tags: assessment critique, extension from TAT]

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The Big Five Personality Test

- In the vast and detailed world of psychology, there are a variety of different tests you can participate in. For example, you can participate in aptitude, verbal or numerical reasoning, and psychometric tests. These tests assess on a variety of different situations such as: behaviors, abilities and intelligence. Personality tests, a common and favored test, measure things such as: behavioral style, opinions, motivators, personal values and career interests. Most often, people complain or disagree with the score of some areas on their personality test; however, there are no right or wrong answers....   [tags: Personality psychology]

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Types Indicators Of Personality Test

- Everyone’s personalities are different. After taking the “Everything DISC Personality Test” I have realized there are a lot more personalities than I thought. There are many things you can find out about personality test. You can find the name of the creator of the test, what the test measures, type indicators of the test, how the scores are calculated, your personal results, if you think the results are accurate and if you would recommend it to a peer. “Everything DISC” has been around for quite some time....   [tags: Personality psychology, Personality type]

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Personality Tests And Personality Test

- There are many different personality tests out there and many to try. At the end of the test it will tell you what your personality is like. The different personality tests will be, The Big-Five Personality test, Myers-Briggs Personality test and Holland’s Personality test. The Big-Five Personality test is based on, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. (Goldberg, 1992) Retrieved from My highest scoring area was Neuroticism 86%, and lowest scoring area was Openness 12%....   [tags: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]

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The Big Five Inventory Test

- There are roughly 7.4 billion people living on this planet, on different continents, within different cultures, and individuals with different personalities. A person’s personality is the unique combination of their characteristics that set them apart from others in their way of behaving, thinking, and even feeling. When trying to assess people’s various personality traits, researchers like to use the Big Five personality inventory which describes the basic trait dimensions pretty well, even cross-cultural....   [tags: Big Five personality traits]

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The Jung Personality Type Test

- The Jung Personality Type Test or The Myers- Briggs Personality Type Test is quiet familiar to me as I have taken it on more than one occasion and know of its general premise. The test is very popular in the business world but has been heavily criticized by academics due to its low validity and reliability. I would have to agree with academia because even though I have taken this test several times I have never been categorized as the same personality type twice. This does not mean that there have not been similarities in my results; certain aspects of the results stay true and the percentages of specific personality traits fall within a close range of each other no matter how many times I...   [tags: Personality psychology]

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The Jung Personality Type Test

- The Jung Personality Type Test is familiar to me as I have taken it before and know of its general premise. The test is popular in the business world but is heavily criticized by academics due to its low validity and reliability. I have taken the test several times and never received the same personality type twice. This does not mean that there have not been similarities in my results; on every test certain aspects of the results stay true and the percentages of specific personality traits stay within close range....   [tags: Personality psychology, Psychology]

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The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

- The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) is often known as an ideal neuropsychological test of set-shifting ability. During the WCST a number of incentive cards are shown to the participant or patient, the participant is told to sort the cards in the correct order; without being told the correct order the participant is just told whether or not the order is right or wrong. Before they started using the computer based test the WCST used paper cards and was carried out with the experimenter on one side of the desk facing the participant on the other....   [tags: Psychology, Cognitive psychology, Cognition]

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The Rorschach Inkblot Test

- The Rorschach inkblot test is one of the most widely known psychological projective test of personality, and the most controversial. In general, projective tests are psychoanalytically based tools that assist clients to reveal their unconscious conflicts via responses towards ambiguous stimuli, and can also help psychologists to determine psychological disorders. Specifically, the Rorschach allows individuals to interpret a series of abstract inkblots based on their emotional and cognitive function, as well as interaction (Barlow & Durand, 2009)....   [tags: Psychology, Personality]

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Analysis of Test Results

- In an analysis of the results of four different personality tests, I discovered not only my personality type, but also my study skills and time management skills. I learned that my personality type corresponds with the traits necessary to my desired career in social work. This analysis is helpful in understanding my personality and its relation to my success in college and in life. The Holland Code test revealed that I am a helping, organizing persuader; my personality type is Social-Conventional-Enterprising (SCE)....   [tags: personality, trait, study, skills, time, managment]

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