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Abortion Is A Medical Or Surgical Procedure

- ... This case made abortion legal unless the procedure would put the woman at risk. It also stated that an “unborn fetus is not a person in the eyes of the law” (Online Collection). Another case Doe v. Bolton, prohibited laws that required admission to a hospital, approval by a committee, a second medical opinion, or legal residence in a state before allowing a woman to have an abortion (Online Collection). In 1992, because of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, the Supreme Court decided that the state could regulate abortions any time after conception as long as the regulations didn’t place obstacles in the way of a woman seeking an abortion....   [tags: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Abortion debate]

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Is Transplantation A Surgical Procedure?

- ... Sweden surgeons were the first to take on this procedure; they did a clinical trial of transplantation, involving nine women who received uteri from live donors. The doctors in Swedish purpose in transplanting wombs are to proceed with a surgical procedure that will have an impact on changing lives. There were two previous case studies that deal with Transplantation of the uteri but they both failed to produce babies. During the womb transplant in Saudi Arabia, the procedure failed after blood clotting, which caused the organ’s circulation to fail....   [tags: Pregnancy, Uterus, Surgery, Hysterectomy]

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Splenectomy a Surgical Procedure

- ... A normal-sized, non-adherent spleen is approached by initial division of the ligamentous attachments, usually beginning with the splenocolic ligament (5). Further mobilization is achieved by dividing the splenorenal ligament, allowing the spleen to be folded forward, thus making the organ more accessible (7). Individual ligation and consecutive division of the short gastric vessels then takes place, which exposes the splenic hilum (5). Great care must be taken during splenic hilar dissection to avoid injuring the tail of the pancreas (7)....   [tags: anatomy, patient, surgeon]

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The LASIK Surgical Procedure

- The LASIK Surgical Procedure LASIK is a surgical procedure done on the eyes so that people can see ok better. One would not have to wear contacts or glasses anymore. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LASIK is a surgical procedure done to reduce the use of glasses and contacts. However doctors say that if one is comfortable wearing their contacts and glasses then they should continue doing so. Why is that. There are many risks and complications with the procedure that one must weigh out before going through with it....   [tags: Research Papers Essays]

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Nanobots for Internal Surgery

- ... However, nanotechnologists have not been able to create a fully functional camera because of their complexity. Also, experts have programmed nanomachines to function on a near atomic level and perform tasks inside the body. This technique allows the lesion to be analyzed which leads to determining the correct treatment by removal or correction of the problem. Dr Michael Argenziano, the Chief of Adult Cardiac Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital stated, “It’s like the ability to have little hands inside the patients, as if the surgeon had been shrunken, and was working on the heart valve.” Moreover, the navigation of nanobots can be controlled by many different ways to help the min...   [tags: surgical procedure technology]

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What is Cerebral Aneurysm?

- Cerebral Aneurysm r from a wide neck aneurysm with minimum invasive procedure (Emory Healthcare, 2014). The PED is a metal device that the size ranges from 10 to 35 mm. It is introduced to the aneurysm by A brain aneurysm is a weakening in the brain’s artery wall, if the tunica external is weak and thin, the tunica media bulges out forming a balloon filled with blood. The cause of the weakening is not known, but it is believed to be due to an abnormal breakdown on the artery and the pressure of the blood pulsating through it, smoking and hypertension exacerbates the condition....   [tags: Definition, Surgical Procedure]

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Taking a Look at Shoulder Arthroscopy

- Risks and complications There are only minute chances of risks and complications from shoulder arthroscopy. Studies say that, there are very less number of cases reported with negligible complications. However, risks are possible for any surgery. Those are minor and treatable. It may include infection, blood clots, damage to the nerves or blood vessels and excessive bleeding etc. Your surgeon will explain you the possible risks and complications before proceeding the surgery. Knee Arthroscopy Risks and complications Complications are possible with any surgery....   [tags: minimally invasive surgical procedure]

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Surgical Wounds and their Correlation to Surgical Technology

- ... Dirty surgical wounds consists of wounds that could be from old traumatic wounds, a perforation, an existing infection, or organisms that are already present before a surgical procedure. Examples of dirty wound would be a perforated bowel, peritonitis, positive culture results prior to procedures, or a wound debridement (Sheetz et al., 2012). With the various classifications of surgical wounds come different types of wound healing. The type of wound healing will mostly depend on the type of wound amongst patient co-morbities such as diabetes mellitus (DM) that may slow down the healing process....   [tags: patients, contaminated, heal]

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Common Surgical Procedures: Cholestectomy

- A cholecystectomy is a common surgical procedure for patients in the hospital as well as a surgical treatment for patients with calculus or acalculus cholecystitis. This surgery usually requires less than 24 hours of hospital stay postoperatively. Nurses’ postoperative care for the patients is frequently anesthetic recovery and analgesic management. Certain factors regarding care and treatment can improve the patient’s health outcomes. Two types of surgeries may be performed for a cholecystectomy with each having their own benefits and disadvantages which can affect the health results of the patient....   [tags: treatment for patients with calculus]

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Surgical Technologist

- Recent Technology Advances in your Career Treatment advances for medically inoperable non-mall-cell lung cancer: Emphasis On Prospective Trials Surgical Technologist are allied health professionals, who are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients in variety of methods. Surgical technologist works under medical supervision of a surgeon to maintain a safe and effective conduct of surgical procedures in the operating room, making sure equipments function properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patients safety....   [tags: Medical Technology]

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A Look at the Ileostomy

- An ileostomy is a surgical procedure that is necessary when disease or injury has damaged the intestinal tract to the point that the body can no longer excrete waste. Some ileostomies are short term, others are needed for a lifetime. There are many conditions that lead to the need for an ileostomy. Some of these are, Irritable bowel disease, colon or rectal cancer, injury to the area by an accident, or a condition called familial polyposis. There are three main types of ileostomies that are performed and will be determined by your physician based on your unique condition....   [tags: Surgical Procedures]

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Surgical Site Infections

- Introduction In recent years, surgical site infections are verified as one of the most errors that are common in the healthcare; however, they are also preventable. These research papers will synthesis information about surgical infections, patient experience, hospital-acquired conditions and achievement of expected treatment for specific clinical diagnoses. A surgical site infection is an infected condition in the body after surgery has occurred. Surgical site infections are caused by germs, called bacteria....   [tags: Surgery, Doctors, Malpractice]

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Hair Transplant: What to Do for This Procedure

- ... Hair Transplant – Overview: Hair transplant is primarily used to treat “Male pattern baldness”. Records from various hospitals show that most of the hair transplant procedures are carried out on the head of the patients; however, the same procedure can also be used to restore eye lashes, chest hairs, beard hairs, eye brows and pubic hairs. At times, hair transplant can also be done to hide scars resulting from accidental injuries and previous surgeries. It is a minimally invasive procedure and patients can return to their home the same day on which procedure is carried out....   [tags: hair, loss, baldness, effects, operative]

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Surgical Intervention Using Specialized Tools And Equipment

- ... The surgeon works the process through of an hour or two or more to treat the patient while the rest of doctors remain for many years to treat the patients. There is not difficult for him, there is not a distant place for him, prescribed treatment to the patient may be followed by a doctor, but in surgery, it is left to the talent of the surgeon. When the patient gives his approval on the process, at the same time give the surgeon open decision to do what he wants. In fact, the most painful for surgeon of losing the patient....   [tags: Surgery, Physician, Hospital, Medicine]

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Skytron Surgical Tables Are Reliable and Cost Effective

- ... Another plus is that the back and leg sections of Skytron tables are removable. This will allow you to use any of the large range of accessories that are go with these surgical beds. Surgical tables made by Skytron come in a variety of styles allowing for an assortment of rotations, lift capacity weights and articulation weights. • The 3602 Ultraslide can lift up to 1,000 lbs. and has an 800 lbs. articulation weight capacity. It has a Power Beach Chair Positioner to allow for set-up of shoulder operations....   [tags: correct meical equipment]

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Amputation: Deliberate Surgical Removal of a Part of The body

- Amputation is the general term describing a condition of disability resulting from the deliberate surgical removal of a part of the body, a limb, or part of a limb (Bowker & Michael, 1992). Limb loss can be a congenital condition, the result of traumatic injury, or a surgical procedure to treat disease (Clawson, 2009). Clawson posits that the majority of amputations in the United States are the result of vascular disease caused by diabetes (p. 393). In cases of traumatic amputation, adjustment and adaptation is more difficult than for people who have had time to prepare, such as may occur with diabetes....   [tags: raumatic amputation, adjustment and adaptation]

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Surgical Management of Mucocele by Using Diode Laser

- Introduction Mucus extravasation cyst or mucocele is commonly occurring lesion in oral mucosa containing mucin that may result from trauma to minor salivary glands. It is a well‑defined tissue swelling composed of pooled mucus that escaped into the connective tissue from a severed excretory duct. The incidence rate is high and it is the second most commonly occurring lesion after irritational fibroma in the oral cavity, prevalent in second decade of life with no sex predilection. Commonly involving lower lip, followed by tongue, buccal mucosa, palate, and retromolar area....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Research: Cost Reduction or Cost Containment in Health Care

- Introduction Healthcare is under scrutiny to find cost reductions or cost containment. Available healthcare dollars are diminishing with an increased aging population and costs continually on the rise there is a need for healthcare institutions to become more accountable in how the dollars are spent. Canadian healthcare is 11.2% of gross domestic product in 2013 (Information, 2013)Pressure exists to maintain current service levels with decreasing budget dollars year after year. Healthcare institutions (administration and sometimes physicians) spend a substantial amount of time and energy yearly cutting dollars from existing budgets in order to provide a balanced budget....   [tags: surgical procedures, clinal staff]

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Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, and Wrong Patient Errors

- The purpose of this paper is to identify a quality safety issue. I will summarize the impact that this issue has on health care delivery. In addition, I will identify quality improvement strategies. Finally, I will share a plan to effectively implement this quality improvement strategy. Quality and Safety Issue Wrong site, wrong procedure, and wrong patient errors are avoidable safety issues. Nearly 1.9 trillion dollars are spent on medical errors each year in the United States (Catalano & Fickenscher, 2008)....   [tags: Nursing Quality and Safety ]

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Prognostic Indicators for Morbidity after Pancreaticoduodenectomy

- Prognostic Indicators for Morbidity after Pancreaticoduodenectomy Introduction A Pancreaticoduodenectomy is a complex surgical procedure, performed to remove a neoplasm from the head of the pancreas and also to resect neoplasms from the duodenum and common bile duct (Rios et al, 1999). The procedure classically involves the removal of the head of the pancreas, the duodenum, some proximal jejunum, the gallbladder, the common bile duct to just above the cystic duct and the distal stomach. However sometimes the distal stomach is preserved in what is know as a pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy....   [tags: recovery, complex surgical procedures]

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Stomach Stapling: Surgical Treatment For Obesity

- Stomach Stapling: Surgical Treatment For Obesity In today's society there is an increasing number of obese people despite the growing concerns about leading a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous programs, diets, medications, etc. that have been developed to aid weight loss efforts and weight maintenance. One field that is being rapidly explored is methods of surgical treatment for obesity. This paper will explore these surgical methods. In doing so it is important to also discuss the definition and measurement of obesity, programs that have been established and claim to aid weight loss efforts, candidates for this type of treatment, medical research that has been conducted and the risks...   [tags: Research Medical Obesity Papers]

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Circumcision in South Korea: Its Appearance Since the 1930s

- Introduction Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the human penis. Male circumcision is one of the earliest surgical procedures that have been performed for approximately four thousand years. About eighty percent of the world’s male population is uncircumcised, and only the rest twenty percent is circumcised. Among the rest twenty percent of the male population, circumcision is performed mainly for religious reasons among Jewish and Islamic cultures. Therefore, male circumcision is widely and nationally practiced only in the Muslim world—parts of Asia and Africa— and Israel most of the time....   [tags: Surgery, Procedure]

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Surgical Treatments for Obesity and Weight Management

- Surgical Treatments for Obesity and Weight Management Obesity is a growing problem in America. Despite the abundance of diets, weight loss drugs, and miracle exercise products Americans continue to gain weight. Most obese individuals have tried each of these weight loss methods before without any success. What, if any, are their options. This paper will review new surgical treatments for obesity and weight management; gastric banding and vertical banded gastroplasty....   [tags: Health Diet Weight Loss Essays]

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Pediatric Ethics and the Surgical Assignment of Sex

- Pediatric Ethics and the Surgical Assignment of Sex One in every 2,000 babies born every year are neither male nor female, they are what is known as hermaphrodites. These children and their families are forced into a life of hardship and encounter many conflicts, which need to be addressed. Should the parents choose the assignment of the sex to a newborn child and subject them to a life of surgery and doctor visits. There are 100 to 200 pediatric surgical reassignments every year. Many of these children are subjected to doctor visits for the rest of their childhood....   [tags: Medical Gender Essays]

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Lumbar Microdiscectomy

- Patients suffering from herniated disc(s) of the spine have a variety of options available to them to help alleviate the pain they feel. When conservative methods do not deal with the symptoms, there is a minimally invasive and highly effective procedure that can be performed: the lumbar microdiscectomy. The relevant anatomy, preoperative diagnostic tests/procedures, preoperative procedures, including OR setup, prepping of patient, and draping, the surgical procedure and post operative results and potential complications will be described and discussed....   [tags: Surgical Procedures]

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The da Vinci Surgical System

- The da Vinci Surgical System is a computer enhanced system that replicates a surgeon’s movements using mechanical arms that hold electromechanical instruments. The name is based on Leonardo Da Vinci, who designed a humanoid automaton in 1495, and worked with anatomical design (Intuitive Surgical, 2005). This system is also referred to as a telemanipulator robot, which means “master-slave.” The surgeon, or “master,” is seated at a console away from the bedside and can view the surgical field, in real time, through an endoscope....   [tags: Surgery]

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A Career in Surgical Nursing

- Surgical Nursing requires a special person to meet the demands of the precision this task calls for. It is a fine-tuned art that requires keen senses to have the ability to multitask with precise perfection to ensure the patient will be afforded the utmost care, comfort, safety, teamwork among staff, and confidence they should expect in a situation that does not exhibit the best of times in their life. In this paper, we will inform the reader of the meticulous role of the surgical nurse, salary range and job availability, pros and cons, and how the patient takes number one priority in order for them to receive the best care possible within the Surgical Nurse’s scope of practice....   [tags: healthcare professionals, career choices]

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Career Profile: Surgical Technologist

- Everyday life in a hospital is complete and absolute chaos. There are doctors and nurses running everywhere to treat patients, ambulances coming through every so often, children and patients crying, and surgeons telling a family that their loved one did not make it. However, outside of all that craziness is an operating room (OR). A place filled with pressure, intensity, high hopes, and stress. There to help control the environment is a surgical technologist. While preparing patients for surgery, surgical technologists manage the equipment and operating room, follow the instructions of the surgeon, and ensure the safety of the patient....   [tags: Career Issues]

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Evaluatiion of the Surgical Outcome of Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Using Various Methods

- Background: Lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis (LDS) is a degenerative slippage of the lumbar vertebrae. We aimed to evaluate the surgical outcome of degenerative spondylolisthesis with neural decompression, pedicular screw fixation, reduction, and posterolateral fusion. Methods: This before-after study was carried out on 45 patients (37 female and 8 male) with LDS operated from August 2008 to January 2011. The patients’ pain and disability were assessed by Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) questionnaire....   [tags: Lumbar Vertebrae, Neural, Clinical Study]

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Plastic Surgery : A Medical Procedure

- Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that a patient goes through to achieve a certain physical appearance. It often times involves cutting, slicing, stitching, and tearing of the human bodies’ tissue to achieve a requested outcome. Plastic surgery can preformed on practically all segments of the anatomy and even some times on the skeletal system. Plastic surgery procedures are prearranged by the individual which requests to reconstruct an undesirable feature on their body. In plastic surgery foreign objects can be inserted into the body, along with tissue can also be detached from the body....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Breast implant, Hospital]

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Abortion Is A Medical Procedure

- ... As said by Professor Hymie Gordon, Mayo Clinic: “By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.” This unborn person has the fundamental right of life wish shouldn’t be taking away from him or her. Eight weeks after fertilization the fetus can react to touch, and after twenty weeks is able to feel pain. This means that most of the time during the abortion procedure the unborn goes through a beyond measure pain. People go to jail every day for killing other human being, and even for killing animals so why its abortion legal if abortion is the murder of an unborn human....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childbirth, Reproduction]

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Surgical Technologists: From Past to Present

- ... Army nurses were not allowed to go onto the battlefield, so medics were trained in emergency services to provide surgical care to those wounded on the battlefield. These medics were educated through an accelerated nursing course, emphasizing practices used within in operation room: sterilization of surgical tools, suturing, etc. After the Korean War (1950-1953), the United States had a shortage of nurses in the operation rooms of hospitals. Many hospitals began hiring ex-medics from the army to assist in the OR....   [tags: medical, education, battlefield]

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Use of Aseptic Techniques in Hospitals

- This incidence is about doing dressing without using aseptic techniques. This incidence which occurs in SOCIAL SECURITY HOSPITAL on my clinical day in gynecological ward on 27 February 2014. As I selected my patient and started my assessment the dresser enter in room and started dressing of the patient who had cesarean section wound without using aseptic techniques (Hand washing and wearing of gloves) . But the on duty doctor and staff nurses did not give attention to her. Literature says that Aseptic dressing technique: a technique considered to prevent the introduction of new microbes to a susceptible place as well as reduce the risk of cross-infection....   [tags: surgical, dressings, infections]

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Nanobots for Internal Surgery

- Overview of Surgery Over the years, surgery has made tremendous progress while changing human perspective; viewed as “no more science than butchery” a couple of centuries ago to now considered to be a solution for many health care problems threatening humans, like cancer, heart disease and kidney failure. Nevertheless, surgery has not been perfected to a level that provides successful results every time it is performed on patients. For example, surgery done to remove tumors in cancer patients result in only 45% of individuals to be cured....   [tags: surgical tools, nanoparticles]

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Evaluating the Procedure of Double-Gloving for Protection

- The procedure of double-gloving is often used when single-gloving is shown to be inefficient at protecting oneself and others. I, myself, have used this procedure in the laboratory while working with tuberculosis. Several studies trying to evaluate the benefits and problems of double-gloving have been conducted. These studies are very important because the safety of ourselves and others must be ensured. One study evaluates the gloving procedure in the health care field in relation to virus transfer (Casanova, 2012)....   [tags: health care, transmission, laboratory]

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To Declaw or Not to Declaw: A Feline Issue

- Anybody’s house can be filled with prized possessions and expensive furniture, but just think how much more memorable your items are with deep grooves from your household cat in them. From climbing the Christmas tree to marking territory on the grand piano, cats can leave a mess behind and not even mean to A surgical procedure called onychectomy, could solve any pet owners solution to this mess. The only problem with this procedure is that it seems kind of brutal to just do this to your favorite little feline....   [tags: declaw, onychectonmy, procedure]

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Questions On State Community College

- ... Possible complications include: infection, blood clots, hemarthrosis, knee stiffness, and complication from general anesthesia. (Schmidler, 2016) 4. Describe how the client was monitored by the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist during the procedure. Include what type of anesthesia the client received and how the airway was maintained and monitored. The patient received general anesthesia. The CRNA monitored the patient 's heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, EKG, PaCO2, PaO2, pulse oximeter, and Bispectral index....   [tags: Anesthesia, Surgery, Opioid, Surgical instrument]

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Surgical Treatment For Morbid Obesity

- In today’s society where good looks, physical fitness, appearance, and good health are used to measure success, confidence, and self-control, it is ironic that eating disorders are so prevalent in our culture. People are so concerned with how other people view their physical appearance that when they cannot meet their own or others’ expectations they often develop eating disorders. However, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are not the only types of eating disorders. Today there is an increasing number of obese people who suffer from overeating....   [tags: Medicine Health Papers]

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Reflective Journal - A Nurse's Duty in the Surgical Ward

- PART C: REFLECTIVE JOURNAL AND EVALUATION OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Aseptic Technique Although the importance of aseptic technique has been continually reiterated, I have realised its substantial role in the perioperative environment. Aseptic technique refers to the practice of creating and maintaining a sterile environment used for sterile procedures (Laws, 2010a). This is incredibly important as repetitive minor breaches of the sterile environment is one of the major factors increasing the risk of surgical site infection (Harrop et al., 2012)....   [tags: operation, clinic, recovery ]

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My Third Week At Plastics And Hand Surgical Associates

- ... Kutz wanted to immediately perform the surgery. The sooner he was able to perform the more likely the success. He told her to discontent her Coumadin and speak to her PCP (primary care physician) and place of work to inform them of the situation. For the time being however, Dr. Kutz examined and sutured the incision and gave her direction on how to care for it until Friday, the day he wanted to do the surgery. He said that if her Coumadin was down to about 1.5 he would perform the surgery. He considered this the safest level given the circumstance....   [tags: Surgery, Plastic surgery, Physician, Hospital]

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What is Anesthesiology?

- ... Long’s application of ether for surgical purposes was not made public. Study of Anesthesiology: College students interested in a medical career should complete liberal arts requirements but plan a pre-med course of study. Nearly all accredited colleges offer standard pre-med curricula, which include calculus, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physics. Academic majors are unrelated to admission to medical school. Students must successfully complete a four year undergraduate college program before entering medical school....   [tags: Doctor, Procedure, Surgery]

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The Average Cost of Liposuction in the United States

- LIPOSUCTION COSTS According to 2013 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of liposuction in the United States was $2,866. However, it is important to note that this cost does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses. When calculating the costs of liposuction, keep in mind that there is more to the price of the procedure than paying for the time when the doctor is actually performing it. You will need to budget for use of the surgical facilities, necessary medical tests, anesthesia, prescriptions and post-surgery garments, excess skin removal procedures, and any other follow-up treatment(s) that may be required....   [tags: cost breakdown, procedure, anesthesia]

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Surgical Treatment of Obesity

- A rising health epidemic that America is currently facing today is obesity. This is becoming very wide spread among all races and class levels due in part to the abundance of inexpensive food available, most notably, fast food restraints . There are literally thousands of diet books available but due to the extreme will power many of these programs demand, more and more people are turning to weight loss surgery as a final solution. The most popular procedures being Gastric Bypass, and Lap Band surgery....   [tags: Health]

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The Laparoscopic Method

- The medical world is a place of constant change and evolution. Medical professionals work hard to find ways to more efficiently help their patients. One area of medicine that has changed much over the last decade is surgery. Surgeons have started using the laparoscopic method for most surgeries of the abdomen. Laparoscopic surgery is remarkable from how it works to the many different procedures that can be performed through laparoscopic surgery, and how much easier it is on the body than open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is used to perform surgeries of the abdomen....   [tags: Medicine, Surgical Techniques, Technology]

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Medical Article Analysis

- I have chosen an article titled, “Long-term follow-up of trapeziectomy with abductor pollicis longus tendon interposition arthroplasty for osteoarthritis of the thumb carpometacarpal joint.” This article comes from the Journal of Orthopaedics, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 59-64, June 2013. The authors of this article are Erez Avisar, Michael Elvey, Ziv Wasrbrout, and Maurice Aghasi. The hypothesis of this article was that the participating patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the thumb would receive higher quality long-term results after receiving a trapeziectomy with abductor pollicis longus (APL) interposition arthroplasty....   [tags: Health Care, Surgical Research]

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Probability of a Breast Cancer Patient Undergoing More than one Surgery

- Surgical Oncology is a subset of oncology that focuses on the surgical management of cancer. Though, it has not been ratified by a Board certification, this area of expertise is coming to its own by the success of combined treatment with chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted biological treatments. Through developing technology, such as the iKnife, surgery to target tumorous cells is becoming a necessary and popular field of medicine and is a very viable option for cancer procedures, both for treatment and prevention....   [tags: surgical oncology,breast cancer,chemotherapy]

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Technological Era: Risk or Cures?

- New advancements in medicine are fast occurring. However, as this new millennium is bringing hope too many some medical entities appear to be bypassing crucial investigation doctrines, such as, quality innovations, FDA regulations, ethics and treatment benefits. The articles selected provide further insight on current research applications and ethical dilemmas regarding experimental trails. As previously discussed in chapters one and five there are certain ingredients required for a successful investigation but our priority is the benefit of human health....   [tags: robotic surgical device, advances in medicine]

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Prefrontal Cortex Lesions from Neurosurgeon and Patient Perspective

- Prefrontal Cortex Lesions from Neurosurgeon and Patient Perspective In this paper, I will discuss lesions of the prefrontal cortex from the perspective of the practice of neurosurgery (in particular, the sub-field of psychosurgery) and then I will consider some studies that look at the implications of lesions to the prefrontal cortex to the brain and behavior, from the perspective of the patient with the lesion. Initially, I will start with the history and explanation of psychosurgery....   [tags: Surgery Surgical Health Essays]

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Surgical Treatment For Morbid Obesity

- According to the World Health Organization, globally there are now more than 1 billion overweight adults, and at least 300 million of them are obese. During the last 40 years, obesity has reached epidemic proportions. There are more obese people each year, and the severity is increasing. In the United States alone, 300,000 deaths are associated with obesity. Thesis: Many obese people fail diet after diet. For them, bariatric surgery is an option even though risks are involved (Flancbaum, et al....   [tags: Overweight Obese Research Papers]

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Surgical Improvements from World War One

- ... Surgeons would go over forty hours without sleep and this had drastic effects on their performance. One surgeon broke four syringes without successfully giving a hypodermic injection due to his fatigue. (Darby) The lack of space required many places to be converted into temporary triage locations. Triage is a quick way to streamline examination and get serious cases handled first. Another issue was moving bedridden patients after their surgeries because of the narrow hatchways and doorways....   [tags: tecniques, sanitation, transfusions]

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Plastic Surgery

- “Becoming the new feminine ideal requires just the right combination of insecurity, exercise, bulimia and surgery” (G. B. Trudeau). This quote could not be more unfortunate but more accurate about today’s society. Women, and even men, today, feel the need and desire to undergo extremely delicate and dangerous procedures, just to “fit in” to this society. It is disgusting that we have established what a perfect woman should be, and women everywhere are undergoing major surgery to achieve this look....   [tags: Techniques, Procedure, Women]

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Risks of Cardiac Surgical Procedures

- Maintaining adequate levels of cerebral perfusion during cardiac surgical procedures is of utmost importance in achieving positive neurologic outcomes and minimizing length of hospital stay. Because cardiac surgical interventions ranging from major aortic arch reconstruction to coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) each carry their own inherent risk for developing perioperative strokes, transcranial near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is an interesting technique that may shed light on hypoperfusion events and decrease the overall incidence of stroke (4, 13)....   [tags: cerebral perfusion, nirs, oximetry ]

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A Comparison of Veterinary Procedures and Human Procedures

- Animals are amazing creatures. They are unable to communicate as humans do, they cannot tell us in words what they need or want. Even though animals and humans have their differences we are all alike in many ways. Surgical procedures are required for both species; lacerations in the skin need to be stitched up, mothers need help delivering babies, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies becomes necessary. Cesarean Section is a surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus are surgically opened to deliver the unborn babies and puppies....   [tags: compare contrast]

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The Bicep Tendon in Rotator Cuff Repair Procedures

- The all too familiar "pop!" immediately followed by weakness, pain, and immobility; the classic signs of a shoulder injury. Many shoulder injuries affect the rotator cuff. "Each year approximately 200,000 American require surgery related to the repair of the rotator cuff" (Yamaguchi). This vast number of surgeries makes shoulder injuries a popular topic in the medical field. Physicians have been researching ways to improve patients' recovery and return their range of motion back to normal. One such improvement is the release of the long head of the biceps tendon....   [tags: Weakness, Pain, Immobility, Shoulder Surgery]

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Standard Operating Procedure for a Mercury Sphygmomanometer

- Standard Operating Procedure for a mercury sphygmomanometer May 20, 2014 Table of Contents 1. Purpose…………………………………………………………3 2. Applicability/Scope…………………………………………… 3 3. Summary of Procedures……………………………………….3 4. Definitions.……………………………………………………. 3 5. Personnel qualifications/Responsibilities.……………….…….3 6. Procedure 6.1. Operation………….……………………………………..4 6.2. Maintenance……………………………………………..5 7. Precautions 7.1. Accurate measurement 7.1.1. Preparing the patient……………………………5 7.1.2. Surroundings……………………………………6 7.2....   [tags: Purpose, Applicability, Procedures, Definition]

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Dental Technologists : Surgical Technologists

- ... ( 2. College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, ID Surgical Assisting Program ( 3. Madisonville Community College in Madisonville, KY, Surgical Assisting Program-Certificate ( 4. Wayne County Community College- Western Campus in Belleville, MI 5. Mayo Clinic College- of Medicine in Rochester, MN 6. University of Cincinnati, Clermont College in Batavia, OH 7. Meridian Institute of Surgical Assisting in Nashville, TN 8. Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA Tuition and Financial Aid Mayo School of Health Science Program fees: Surgical assistance and technologist program tuition is $511 per credit and there a...   [tags: Surgery, Medicine, Health care, Physician]

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A Diversity of Dental Procedures

- Implant Procedures [Implants are used to give a strong foundation to the new teeth/tooth. It requires a long procedure to get fixed. They require same care as of the natural tooth.] Prosthodontics Fixed &Removable Denture [A set of false teeth are called dentures. Dentures are used to replace the missing tooth/teeth. Dentures are chosen when the bridges fail in the task of replacing the missing tooth.] Dentures are of different types. It can be made of acrylic, fibreglass, metal or a combination of any of these materials....   [tags: implants, prosthodontics, bridges, dental crowns]

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Are Surgical Robots really the Future of Medicine?

- Knowledge is a basic fundamental right of today’s society. Individuals from across the globe strive to take their intentions one step further for reasons such as recognition, money, or the satisfaction of learning new things. There are no limits to learning new things since there is always new information that shapes our understanding of the specific topic; therefore, there is no one to question why one wants to build their knowledge, since it can only be a benefit to society. When Edward Jenner came up with the first vaccine to cure smallpox, society didn’t frown upon the fact that hundreds of Americans were saved from this deadly disease....   [tags: healthcare technology, equipment]

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Popularity of Plastic Surgery

- In 2008 over “9.2 million women in the United States received some form of cosmetic surgery” ( Plastic surgery is becoming a way for people to escape there insecurities, but is that the main reason why cosmetic procedures have been increasing in popularity over the years. Plastic surgery is “a reconstructive surgery to a variety of operations performed in order to repair or restore body parts to look normal or to change a body part to look better” ( I believe there are three main reasons why more Americans are resulting to plastic surgery....   [tags: Cosmetic Procedures]

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GENICON: A Surgical Strike into Emerging Markets

- Genicon is a manufacturer and distributor of surgical instrumentation which are focused specially on laparoscopic surgery. The company is in growth phase and is driven to meet the needs of contemporary healthcare system through identification of clinical needs and meeting the economic demands of healthcare systems worldwide. To continue with its growth initiatives, the organization needs to find international market to expand its operations. The case pertains to evaluation of four growth opportunities for the organization – namely, Brazil, China, India and Russia....   [tags: International Business, Global Expansion]

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Surgery: Unintended Retained Foreign Objects

- Retained foreign objects have been a major problem throughout operating rooms, labor and delivery, as well as any other procedural area that perform invasive procedures. Retained foreign objects include soft goods, such as sponges, needles, sharps, instruments and other small miscellaneous items used during a procedure (NoThing Left Behind, 2013). The retention of these items can lead to several complications such as a local tissue reactions, infection, obstruction of blood vessels, and even death (Mathias, 2013, p....   [tags: patients safety, invasive procedures]

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Providing Emotional Support to Patients On the Day of Surgery

- On the day of surgery previous education should be reinforced and more education should be given. The patient will need to be education on the procedure and phases of surgery, the roles of the patient, skill training, expectations, anaesthesia recovery and post-operative care; making sure the patient fully understands the entire procedure and what to expect therefore lowering their anxiety. (Gaikwad, 2013) On the day of surgery the patients identity needs to verified and their consent acquired, and the patient’s surgical procedure, site and side verified and marked if possible on admission, in the waiting area, the holding bay area and in the theatre....   [tags: procedures, nurses, psychological care]

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Civil Procedure Vs. Criminal Procedure

- ... Not all courts can handle all cases. Once the jurisdiction is settled, the attorney must choose the venue for the case. The venue is often chosen for the convenience of the defendant. If previous attempts of reconciliation fail, the plaintiff initiates litigation. After the filing of the last pleading finishes, both parties begin the discovery period. There are two types discovery: oral and written. “Written” is typically chosen due to cost differences. Sometimes even after a discovery has started, a trial could still be avoided by a summary judgement....   [tags: Jury, Supreme Court of the United States]

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Surgical Outcomes Of Outpatient And Inpatient Total Thyroidectomy

- ... Supporters of outpatient thyroidectomies, however, argue that postoperative hematomas, given its low incidence, does not justify admission for every patient because no duration of hospitalization will eliminate the risk of hematomas and that hospitalization can lead to the development of nosocomial infections, venous thrombosis, intravenous line infections, allergic reactions, and complications from medications administered in the hospital (8,14–25). The second complication of thyroid surgery is postoperative hypocalcemia, which is managed differently depending on the surgeon: some prescribe oral calcium routinely to all patients, some give calcium selectively based on postoperative PTH...   [tags: Surgery, Hospital, Physician, Patient]

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Da Vinci Surgical System

- -The Da Vinci Surgical System- What is the Da Vinci Surgical System. The Da Vinci Surgical System is a large purpose-built robot controlled by a surgeon that performs minimally invasive surgical procedures on patients. The system incorporates an ergonomically designed surgeon's console, a patient-side module with four interactive robotic arms, each with interchangeable surgical instruments and a 3-dimensional endoscopic vision system. Powered by high-tech supercomputers, the surgeon's hand movements are scaled, filtered and then converted into precise movements of the surgical attachments....   [tags: Robotics Surgery]

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Blood Transfusion as One of the Most Common Hospitals Procedures

- The topic chosen is blood transfusion. Blood transfusion is one of the most common procedures that are performed in the hospital setting to save lives and help improve one’s health. People who have serious injuries may need blood transfusions to replace the lost of blood. Some of the injuries are more critical than others and require an enormous amount of blood. In addition, many people have illnesses that prevent their body from making blood properly. Blood circulates in the body providing oxygen and nutrients and collects waste so it can be eliminated by the body; therefore, it is an important factor for everyone’s lives (Lewis Medical surgical nursing)....   [tags: blood bank, rh factor, transfusion medicine]

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An Experimental Procedure Of Chimpanzee Heart

- ... Treatment has the main purpose of helping the patient; however, research has the main goal of gathering data and learning. Although this procedure might not save the life of the research subject, the data gained might save countless others. Since most of the researches are non-therapeutic and data gained from treatment is usually not as variable, the minor components will be ignored. As research is no longer a means of helping the patient, the consent for research becomes more difficult. The surgery will have an impact on the patient but also the quality of life being used as a way to gather data does not seem to be a role that should be signed up be someone else....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Human, Suffering, Patient]

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The War on Drugs and Criminal Procedure

- The criminal procedure has many aspects that can protect people’s rights from illegal practices of the law. Just to name a few of the aspects of the criminal procedures; the fourth amendment states that a citizen is secure in their home and property from unreasonable search and seizure. Another aspect and the aspect that I will be talking about in this paper is the exclusionary rule. The exclusionary rule bans introduction of “good” evidence obtained by “bad” law enforcement. This basically means that evidence that could be used that would otherwise determine that the defendant was/is guilty is inadmissible due to bad police conduct....   [tags: exlcusionary, rule, evidence, enforcement]

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Is Circumcision A Routine Procedure For A Urologist?

- I maneuver around bunches of blue and subtly wiggle my way in between scrub nurses to position myself at the side of the OR table. Circumcision: a routine procedure for a urologist, but perhaps not a typical case for a first time observer. As I watch the doctor begin the procedure, I think to myself, very profound thoughts, “This is awesome, I am watching this doctor perform surgery”. First cut, there’s blood, “Obviously”, I reason. “It’s fine, it’s just blood, no big deal, just think how cool this is.” As the urologist proceeds, a wave of heat consumes me; a rushing sound fills my ear....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Apartheid]

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Criminal Procedure and The Court System

- The idea of having a criminal law, procedure and a proper court system has been a concern and must in the United States since it was first founded. This concept is always under consistent speculation and undergoes changes almost every year. One of the most influential pieces included into the procedure of criminal law and the court system is the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was created by the representatives of America to not only enforce the idea of substantive law, but also create a framework for the rights of every day Americans....   [tags: criminal justice system, bill of rights]

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The Procedure for the Assessment of an ESP Program

- 1. Assessment and Evaluation 1.1. Monitoring the learning progress Nunan & Lamb (1996) refer to monitoring as an integral part of the learning system which is comprised of assessment of student performance and evaluation of the effectiveness of the course design. According to Dudley-Evans & St. John (1998), “Evaluation is a process which begins with determining what information to gather and which ends with bringing about changes in current activities or future ones. It makes use of quantitative methods (e.g....   [tags: Assessment of an ESP Program]

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The Standard Procedure For Visualizing A Fetus

- ... A randomized controlled trial revealed a strong association of low birth weight with in utero insonation. The effect on birth weight appears to be stronger after four of more exposures suggesting sensitivity to cumulative dosing and dose dependency. Obvious toxic effects have not been proven in human fetuses but have been documented in various nonhuman models. Most of the available data on the safety of ultrasound in humans lead to the conclusion that fetal exposure to diagnostic ultrasonography appears to be safe.₃ Ultrasound differs from other imaging modalities in that it is nonionizing and, therefore, considered safer for fetal evaluation....   [tags: Fetus, Pregnancy, Obstetrics]

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Procedure ( Set Up & Theory )

- ... This process was repeated two more times. For experiment 2, I turned the wooden block to another side which is smaller, and I repeated the entire step from experiment 1 three times. The kinetic and frictional force was record for all the three trials, and the values were recorded in data table 2. Experiment 3, this part of the experiment was conducted using the static and kinetic frictional forces of glass and sandpaper surface attached to the wooden block. To emphasize more on these ideas of kinetic and frictional force, I try part 1&2 experiments using the wooden block with two flat surfaces with carpet and tiles inside my house....   [tags: Friction, Force, Mass, Classical mechanics]

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The Synthesis Of A Multistep Synthesis Procedure

- ... The hydrogen attached to the amide group produced a broad signal (9.43 δ). A list of the types of hydrogens and their chemical shifts for p-acetamidobenzoic acid was recorded (Table 3). The 1H NMR for p-aminobenzoic acid (Figure 3) contained three significant signals. Two of the signals were produced by p-aminobenzoic acid while the third signal (2.01 δ) was produced by the 1H NMR solvent, Aceone-d6. As with p-acetotoluidide and p-acetamidobenzoic acid, due to proton exchange due to hydrogen bonding, there was no significant signal produced for the hydrogen attached to the carboxylic acid group....   [tags: Carboxylic acid, Acetic acid, Oxygen]

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The Fourth Amendment in Criminal Procedure

- ... The search happened because of the arrest warrant not because of the illegal traffic stop. If Frierson had been pulled over and not had an arrest warrant for him then the search would have never happened and he would have left with no issue. However since he did have an arrest warrant on file and it had to be served upon discovery and the gun was then found because of a search incident to arrest as mentioned above. Another example a lot that was use to help make the ruling more sound was that police will often canvas high crime neighborhoods and ask random people for their I.D....   [tags: right to privacy]

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Is Abortion A Needed Medical Procedure?

- Motherhood is something in American life that has been an important concept for everyone, and both the "Pro-choice", supporters of woman 's rights to choose, and the "Pro-life", anti-abortionists, have looked at each other as damaging the foundations of the mother-infant tie. When going into detail about what each supporter believes in, the pro-choice supporter has the right intention for both the mother and the child. Women should have the right to make the decision for their own body, and there are even certain cases where abortion is needed like rape, children too young to give birth, or if the pregnancy negatively effects the babies health....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childbirth, Human]

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The Procedure Of Medical Research

- ... Mandating physicians under cover of the law to specifically state what information they must communicate to patients, is ill advised and yet is frequently practiced. Wherein Nodding’s and the law have a similar viewpoint considering the informed consent laws are limited and agree that it is only the individual act that emulates ethical behavior; however, the law deviates from care when enforcing the law even at the patients expense. The informed consent, consisting of 7 criteria, exists to provide a voluntary agreement ensuring the patient understands the procedure and consents to it....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Law, Patient]

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A Nurse Manager Of A Telemetry / Medical Surgical Floor At St. Vincent 's Riverside

- This particular subject is something that really interests me, leadership and management keep nurses together, without it we would not know what works and what does not. Having a job in management takes a certain type of nurse, one that knows how to work and be considerate, professional, understanding but at the same time knows how to manage their unit. For my interview I chose a nurse manager than I am very familiar with, I have worked with her many times and she has made an impact on me as a nursing student....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Management]

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Black Policy And Procedure Manual

- ... Since I was familiar with the software the customer service agents would be using to access the credit card information and since a manual was needed, my manager tasked me with writing the procedure manual for the department. The fact that I had no previous procedure creation training would not hold me back. But how would I begin. To start, I endeavored to collect any documentation available and asses if it was would be beneficial. Fortunately, the software vendor published thousands of detailed pages of which documented every possible function the system could perform, the various table entries a skilled programmer could utilize and SQL statements for pulling intricate profit and loss i...   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Writing, Service]

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The Procedure Of Selecting Classes

- The procedure of selecting classes is vital when it comes to college. Before enrolling in classes, students must critically think about their major requirements, university requirements, and any prerequisites they must complete. Students are held responsible for managing their time between classes and taking classes that will fulfill the requirements. As a student at San Jose State University, I am still struggling with picking classes because I would never put enough time to plan my schedule ahead of time....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Reasoning]

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