Abortion - No Right or Wrong Answer

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Abortion - No Right or Wrong Answer

I chose abortion as the topic of my research paper because it is a very important and controversial subject, and although I have always leaned heavily toward pro-choice, I really hadn’t done much reading about it and wanted to support my position.

The definition of abortion is “expulsion of the fetus from the uterus, due to any cause, before the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy.” Abortions are broken down into the following six categories:

(1) Habitual abortion, the tendency in some women for pregnancies to end in spontaneous abortions.

(2) Incomplete abortion, one in which the fetus is expelled[…]dilation may be required to empty the uterus.

(3) Induced abortion, intentional termination of pregnancy by a surgical procedure.

(4) Septic abortion, abortion accompanied by bacterial infection of the uterus.

(5) Spontaneous abortion, one which has not been deliberately induced. Spontaneous abortions are often preceded by fetal death.

(6) Therapeutic abortion, termination of pregnancy in order to safeguard the health of the mother.”

Although abortion is considered one of those things that is terrible to do, some mothers-to-be feel it is the best option for them and others feel it is not an option at all. It appears there are many different reasons that a woman would get an abortion. Some seem like they should not be done, but others are very understandable. Abortion is one of the most discussed and controversial topics in the United States. To be pro-choice means to want abortion to be legal and available to women. To be pro-life means to not want abortion to be legal and all babies to be born. There are many opinions published by many different people, and in order to completely understand which side of the issue to believe in, a person must know both sides of the situation. It is something that presidents discuss and share their views on while campaigning for election. There has been lots of controversy over abortion as to whether it should be legal or to what extent, or whether it should be legal at all. My personal opinion is that people should not have abortions, but I do believe that mothers-to-be should have the right to have them since we do have the resources available. It is easy to say one way or the other on the issue of abortion, but I think the key thing is to be able to back up your...

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... really no right or wrong answer to the issue of abortion, you either are pro-life, pro-choice, or maybe like me, somewhere in between. There is no way that every person is ever going to share the same views on this very controversial issue. People just need to listen to ideas, do research and try to get their own opinions while knowing what they truly believe in. Personally after doing all of this research I have kind of went back and forth on the way I believe. Though I will stay with my original thought, that people should not have abortions, but I do believe that mothers-to-be should have the right to have them since we do have the resources available, it is their choice.


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