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Bylaw Enforcement Officer Job Summary

- JOB SUMMARY: Working in the Bylaw Services Division, the incumbent assists the Bylaw Enforcement Officers in a limited scope during the summer season. Responsibilities include: responding to burning and water / sprinkling complaints, collecting unpaid business licenses, completing inspections for businesses that operate without a business license, and collecting unpaid dog licenses. The work is differentiated from that of a Bylaw Officer by the more routine nature of complaints and infractions that are assigned....   [tags: Job Summary]

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Delegation in the Nursing Field

- Delegation in Nursing: Delegation is generally about communication and accountability though it’s one of the most complex processes in the nursing field. Delegation in nursing was introduced and discussed by Florence Nightingale in the 1800s and has continued to evolve or develop since then. Despite its complexity, delegation is important in the nursing profession because of cost containment, the problem of shortage in nursing, increases in levels of patient acuity, the growth of the elderly and more chronic population, and technological advancements in healthcare....   [tags: healthcare professionals process]

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Supervisors and Managers Responsibilities

- Many organizations and establishments have philosophies in how an organization is to be functioning and which positions are necessary to execute the plan. One of the crucial positions that make the establishment function is that of a Supervisor. The term supervisor is a word with Latin roots which means “to look over,” however, a supervisor is viewed as a person who is an immediate overseer to an employee at a workplace. The supervisor is the person an employee would directly report to for any work related situation....   [tags: Organizational Structure, Job Descriptions]

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Financial Liberalization of Pakistan

- In 1974 all banks of the country were nationalized, with the objective of providing the capital for top priority projects or investments, and to ensure the depositor's capital safety. Although this step was taken for the socio-economic benefits, however, the required results could not be obtained. And under the public sector's ownership and supervision the banking sector proved inefficient (Haque 1997), which leads the lower saving and investment, so as a result economic growth decreased (khan and khan 2007)....   [tags: Economics Finance]

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Drug Administration to Patients

- The ability to become reflective in practice has become a necessary skill for health professionals. This is to ensure that health professionals are continuing with their daily learning and improving their practice. Reflective practice plays a big part in healthcare today and is becoming increasingly noticed. Administration of medicines is a key element of nursing care. Every day some 7000 doses of medication are administered in a typical NHS hospital (Audit Commission 2002). So throughout this essay I will be evaluating and highlighting the learning that took place whilst on placement at a day unit....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Factors of Childhood Obesity

- High cholesterol, high blood pressure, development of diabetes, bone and joint problems and sleep apnea are no longer a concern for just adults, but immediate health effects of childhood obesity. During the past 30 years children have more than doubled in obesity and tripled among adolescents (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). Since the 1980’s, obese children in the United States, ages 6-11 years old, have increased from 7% to 18% in 2010 (CDC, 2013). As the subject matter of childhood obesity continues to alarm health professionals from the escalating rates, the etiology of this health problem is what makes this issue difficult to resolve....   [tags: Medical Neglect, Environment, Society]

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Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

- Today businesses believe that the sustaining of performance and competitive advantage to becoming a great organization. As an organization’s success depends on their employees’ performance, the value of specific individual employee has played an important role within an organization to be competitive. At that time, the value of each and individual employee and their satisfaction with their jobs are one of the key factors for an organization and organizations need to find ways to improve employee job satisfaction to achieve organizational goals....   [tags: performance, business, satisfied employees]

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Financial Globalization and Risk

- Introduction: From the beginning of the 1990s, the global financial system has entered a phase of unprecedented restructuring, marked by the increasing integration of financial markets and increased economic interdependence. This process, known under the name of financial globalization allows companies better access to financing, offers investors a greater possibility of investment and thus increases the liquidity of the global economy. However, this financial globalization has enormous risks. Indeed, creating an interconnection between national financial systems, it facilitates the transmission of shocks, contagion ....   [tags: Financial Globalization]

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Challenges for Correctional Administrators

- ... Even though being incarcerated can be hard on the healthiest person, it’s harder on mentally ill inmates. When it comes to the mentally ill inmates, they are faced with greater stress when they are confined to one area, harsh lights, and strict schedules. Correctional administrators have to struggle with the concept of providing more supervision, specialized psychological care, and medications that are not usually accessible to assist with their behavior and other health needs. Additionally, elderly inmates are also a major challenge that correctional administrators are faced with....   [tags: increasing population of inmates]

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Architecture, Building and Construction

- The things I learned about architecture are that if you want to practice architecture you must have experience with building structures. If you want to build a structure you must start building small structures so that they could see you have experience. When you become an architect you are full protected by the government. So when something goes wrong you are not accused. So you don't get your architect license taken away. When you are an architect you must build a model of the structure. The model must look alike as the real structure....   [tags: history, experience, structures]

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The Different Ways in Which Unsatisfactory Work and Behaviour by a Barrister and a Solicitor Can be Dealt With

- The Different Ways in Which Unsatisfactory Work and Behaviour by a Barrister and a Solicitor Can be Dealt With If after having dealt with either a solicitor or a barrister you still felt dissatisfied with the way in which your case has been handled, you can complain about the unsatisfactory work in a number of ways, depending on the case and who you are unhappy with. If you are, for example unsatisfied with the way in which a solicitor has handled your case then you could complain about the services rendered to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS)....   [tags: Papers]

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ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis

-  ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis •     Introduction A number of problems were made during the recent hiring process. This case Study is an attempt to identify and recommend ways to improve this process. From the information that has been obtained, I believe that a lack of employee experience and a lack of prior planning and follow up resulted in a failure to accomplish all the tasks necessary to hire the new employees in a timely fashion. •     Background Carol Robins, a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., in early April he was able to hire 15 new trainees who were destined to work for Monica Carrolls, the operations supervisor....   [tags: Business management Essays]

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After School Programs

- All children need a safe place to be after school with caring, responsible adults and engaging activities that connect each child to his/her school, family and community. One method to provide this is through an after school program. After school programs are any organized program which invites youth to participat after the traditional school day. Some programs are run by a primary school and some by externally funded non-profit or commercial organizations, such as a YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or even a faith-based program organized by a church....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

- Every day humans are bombarded with the need to lose weight. Television advertisements, billboards, magazines, and even coworkers offer up new ways to shed pounds. It seems as though the days of a balanced diet are a thing of the past and a quick fix via weight loss pills, powders, or supplements is what the general public craves. Maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved in a matter of days, or even weeks. A healthy body requires a lifestyle change and the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and healthy fats along with moderate exercise....   [tags: Hormone Supplement, Risks]

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Vehicle Accident Scenario

- On March 12, 2011 at 5:38 a.m. a driver operating a passenger motorcoach fell asleep at the wheel and drifted off of Interstate 95 southbound. The motorcoach collided with a guardrail and continued to be in contact with the guardrail for 480 feet. The guardrail began to weaken and eventually failed, causing the motorcoach to overturn by 90° on the right side. The motorcoach continued to travel at a high rate of speed on its side and was ultimately intruded by a vertical signpost that almost completely separated the roof from the motorcoach....   [tags: Human Factors Analysis, Classification]

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What is Motivation?

- Motivation is defined as the factors that lead to the desire of employees to perform to their fullest of abilities in order to meet the goals set the by the organization as a whole, and also to meet personal aims set by the employees themselves. Motivation requires commitment and effort which can consequently lead to a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. An essential feature of motivation is that it’s an intangible concept, it is invisible and internal (Pinder, 1998). Managers constantly seek new methods to stimulate their employees into putting more effort into their jobs....   [tags: desire, perform, fullest ablilities, success]

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Juvenile Crime Rates

- Juvenile delinquency is a complex social problem that significantly impacts all members and processes of a social structure. Delinquency refers to a set of behaviors that are not in line with the collective practices and/or ethics of the dominant social group. Essentially, these behaviors deviate from societal norms and more specifically they violate established criminal codes and laws. Juvenile delinquency incorporates not only general criminal activity but conduct that is only unlawful for youths such as running away from home and skipping school....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Descriptive Essay: My Mystical Place

- For a half hour, every school day, for a few months, I was really happy. A friend and I would go to the drainpipe, and we would sit, talk, eat our lunches, and listen to my walkman. It was the perfect place: It was quiet, beautiful, and it was full of peace. It didn't matter whether it was cold or hot, somehow you didn't feel anything sitting on that drainpipe. You would feel the wind on your face, and it made your face cold, but inside, you felt warm and cozy, and you almost felt like you couldn't be harmed....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples]

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Recommendation Letter for Former Employee

- November 20, 2004 Mr. Richard Pillsbury Manager, Marketing Services All Industries Inc. 111 Strawberry Bend, Suite 1551 Smallville, OH 05252 Dear Mr. Pillsbury: This is in response to your recent request for a letter of recommendation for Mary Lamb who worked for me up until three years ago. Mary Lamb worked under my direct supervision at Technical Technologies for a period of five and a half years ending in August 2003. During that period, I had the pleasure of seeing her blossom from a junior marketing trainee, into a fully functioning Marketing, Program Co-Ordinator, in her final year and a half with the company....   [tags: Business Recommendation Letters]

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Examining the Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diagnosing and Prescribing

- Historically, the American Medical Association (AMA) has continuously contended the progression of nursing practice, in particular advanced nursing practice (Keeling & Bigbee, 2005). They have done so by opposing the advances of nursing practice claiming the broader and more specialized roles of advanced practice nurses (APNs), which includes diagnosing and prescribing, encroaches on physician practice and claim nurses are not educationally sufficiently prepared to take on these roles (Summers & Summers, 2007)....   [tags: nursing, medical, health care]

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What Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. Offers Their Communities

- Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. better know as ABC, created schools and facilities that are for children, aged 3 to 18, and have been given the diagnosis of Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABC schools are Non-Public Schools (NPS), or Non-Public Agencies (NPA) and the type of services preformed in their clinical practices and educational development services are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABC uses Intensive Behavioral Treatment (IBT) within a language-based ABA setting....   [tags: autism, development, practices, learning]

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Correctional Officer Stress: Cause, Implications, and Interventions

- Correctional institutions are unique work settings because of the unpredictable nature of their physical environment and clientele. Correctional officers are responsible for supervising individuals whom are held against their will. The correctional officer’s main focus is that of security within the institution and for the community. However, they are typically faced with a limited amount of resources and thus must assume these responsibilities without adequate support. The relationship between work resources and job stress indicates that correctional work settings that emphasize involvement, coworker cohesion and managerial support can decrease stress levels (Waters, 1999)....   [tags: Prison Staff Burnout]

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Mark & Spencer and Corporate Governance

- 1.Introduction Corporate gorverance as a system are directed and controlld by companies. Initially, their board of directors should take responsible for the gorverance of companies, which include setting strategic aims of companies , guarantee an effective leadership, supervising the proformance of business management and reporting on it to shareholders. The board's action should comply with the law, regulations and shareholders. In addition, the shareholders also play an important role in gorverance and they have right to decide who can be employed as the companies' directors and auditors to provide good governance structure for them....   [tags: business anlaysis]

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Types of Organizational Cultures

- 1. Describe the organization culture at Plant World. * Concept of Organization Culture The definition of culture is imparting a flavor of the concept. More formal definitions of culture focus upon the ideologies, norms and customs, shared values and beliefs, which characterized an organization. Many people explain a variety of phenomena and such as each one tend to adopt a slightly different perspective; therefore, there is no universally accepted definition. Currently, the most widely accepted definition is "a pattern of basic assumptions which invented, discovered or developed by a given group....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Law Enforcement and Social Media

- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular social media sites for today’s generation. However, these types of social media sites may no seem like a bad idea to have until a loved one or child is involved in a situation they can’t get themselves out of. Social media’s should be more firm with their users because children have no parental supervision, anyone is allowed to have one and use it for illegal activity, and people take advantage of the sites. This generation of parents are not supervising their children social media sites....   [tags: facebook, twitter, instagram]

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Halfway Houses

- If I were to tell you that a group of federal inmates guilty of a variety of crimes that included, embezzlement, drug manufacturing, child pornography, and murder were in your community, the average person would want to know where those criminals were located and shut that location down. In many cities across the United States, there are facilities that house these convicted inmates. The facilities are called halfway houses, and they were created to help an inmate that is released from prison transition into a community under supervision....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Juvenile Corrections

- 1. What are five goals of juvenile corrections. How effectively are these goals achieved. The goals of juvenile corrections are too deter, rehabilitate and reintegrate, prevent, punish and reattribute, as well as isolate and control youth offenders and offenses. Each different goal comes with its own challenges. The goal of deterrence has its limits; because rules and former sanctions, as well anti-criminal modeling and reinforcement are met with young rebellious minds. Traditional counseling and diversion which are integral aspects of community corrections can sometimes be ineffective, and studies have shown that sometimes a natural self intervention can take place as the youth grows older;...   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Organizational Structure

- 1) When considering an organizational structure as complex and varied as that of a criminal justice organization, one must examine the existence of conflicting goals. It is the ultimate goal of every organization to meet established and expected goals. This is a direct measure of that organizations effectiveness. However, when an agency has numerous and complex goals, is it desirable that these goals may conflict. Stojkovic et al., 2008 point out that organizations may seek to attain satisfactory levels of all of their goals, as opposed to attempting to entirely meeting every goal....   [tags: Business, Agencies, Legal Issues]

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Organizational Structures

- Introduction McShane and Von Glinow state that “the best organizational structure depends on the organization’s external environment, size, technology, and strategy” (409). To identify the best organizational structure for Protegé Engineering, I will first determine what ‘Organizational Structure’ means. In a second step I will analyze its elements and carve out the important components for the considered organization. Finally I will provide a conclusion and recommendation. Organizational Structures In general, organizational structure is related to the way that an organization organizes employees and jobs, so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met....   [tags: Organizational Development, McShane, Von Glinow]

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Job Satisfaction

- During the last decades, most of the social scientists have reached to a common understanding about the meaning or definition of the job satisfaction. Spector, 1997 cited in (VanVoorhis and Levinson, 2006), defined job satisfaction as the level of how individuals like their jobs as well as their feeling about different aspects of their jobs. According to Fogarty (1994) job satisfaction is “refers to the extent to which employees gain enjoyment from their efforts in the workplace"(Tuzun, p.729, 2007)....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Internet Addiction

- For people between the ages of ten and twenty-six years old, Internet addiction has become a mental health problem. Many studies have been designed to determine why the Internet is so addicting. Primary Issues One major factor to Internet addiction is anonymity; users have the ability to be anyone or anything they want to be. This identity could represent an ideal self or it could be the opposite of the real person. Having the resources to be able to change oneself over the Internet can lead to many problems along with addictiveness....   [tags: anonymity, cyberspace, communication, e-mail]

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Lincoln Electric Case Study

- Lincoln Electric Case Study The Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products and a leading producer of industrial electric motors. Their key competency is achieving higher worker productivity. Every year the company has seen high profits and bonuses. Employee morale and productivity remains very good and employees are very loyal to the company. The company also puts customers goals as top priority. Organization Structure This is a very organic organization....   [tags: GCSE Business Management BTEC Coursework]

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Attributes of Public Schools

- The phrase “public schooling” appears to constantly evolve and change making it difficult to define the term which has largely become an oratorical device used to reference a wide array of assumptions American politicians and society utilize in referencing the educational system within the United States. Recent developments in the educational system such as charter schools, on-line education, and voucher programs which enable participants to use public monies to pay tuition at sectarian schools and tuition tax credits for private schools are developments that make it difficult for educators to clearly define the parameters of the term public education....   [tags: Public Education]

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Behavioral Influences

- Motivation has always been a valuable concept in today’s corporate domain when it comes to revenue and production. As long as businesses have been seeking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity and quality within their workplaces, employees have had their own underlying expectations to satisfy. Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory explores the concept of employee’s motivations in completing a task influenced by their expectancy (effort-performance relationship), instrumentality (performance-rewards relationship) and valence (rewards-personal goals)....   [tags: Expectancy Theory, Motivation]

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- Walker cites the National Academy of Sciences stating that rehabilitation is “any planned intervention that reduces an offender’s further criminal activity (Walker 251).” Walker breaks down rehabilitation models into two groups, the new and the old groups. The new groups that Walker suggests may have some positive hope are reentry programs, and drug courts. The old groups include probation, parole, and other reintegration programs. Worrall has a similar definition of rehabilitation, stating that “rehabilitation consist of a planned intervention intended to change behavior (Worrall 40)....   [tags: Legal Issues, Drug Courts, Probation]

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How to Ensure the Call Center Staff Is Successful and That Customers Are Well Served

- How to Ensure the Call Center Staff Is Successful and That Customers Are Well Served There is several ways through which the management can ensure that distant call centers for their organizations are successful and that their customers are well served. Some of these include: Customer service staff training and development New employees should be thoroughly trained on communication skills over the phone and online. This should be done by experienced and successful trainers who are informed properly on the area....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Structure of Instructional Design: Exploring The Body, Brain and Soul of Teaching

- Scholars and educators have been using the term instruction to describe different teaching tasks. However, although there is a considerable amount of literature, classroom instruction still lacks a basic definition and structure. In fact, there is evidence that classroom instruction is almost less structured than any other subject. Because of which, the present paper attempts to introduce a structure for classroom instruction formed by three main components: a body, soul, and brain. The concept of this structure, Structure of Instructional Design (SID), is similar to a living entity....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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Sweet Home Births in Alabama: Fighting to Legalize Midwives in the State

- ... Now this bill is processing through the Senate as Alabama Senate Bill 99. The Senate has yet to come to a decision. Who is proposing it and why. The House Bill was proposed by Representative Mike Ball of Madison. The Senate Bill is being proposed by Senator Paul Bussman of Cullman. Both bills were introduced and pushed for by the Alabama Birth Coalition. There have been other bills similar to this one that have been proposed and shut down by the state, Ball, Bussman, and the Alabama Birth Coalition recognize the determination of certain women to give birth at home and see the need to provide some sort of care rather that jeopardizing this health and lives of the mother and infant....   [tags: policies, law, pros and cons]

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Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 May Help Reduce Binge Drinking

- The debate of the drinking age has been long discussed throughout America. The drinking age has been 21 for the last 22 years, and people around the country have wondered weather or not this was the right call. People say that 18 year olds may not be mature enough to drink alcohol and might not know when to stop. It isn’t that teenagers don’t know how to stop, but rather have not been properly taught when enough has been consumed or how to drink responsibly. Changing the drinking age from 21 to 18 years old will take the thrill that teens get from breaking the law while drinking, will no longer give them the idea that drinking is the final stage of adulthood and full maturity, and will no lo...   [tags: alcohol, drinking age]

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Should the “Insanity Defense” be Abolished in the Remaining 45 States?

- The America we know and live in has a group of people above us who seek justice and what is best for the citizens. This is our government, since its founding, they has promised to protect us and to have its best interests at heart. Somethings in our system are debatable while other should remain just the way they are. Insanity defense is one topic that is often argued much about because of its moral concern. Should a person committing a crime go straight to jail or receive treatment if they have a mental disease....   [tags: Justice System ]

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How can the company FX-Solutions Financial Services Ltd improve internal communication?

- Internal communication is essential for creating a culture of transparency between management and employees, as well as among all employees. Quirke (2008) noted that the role of internal communication is to “illuminate the connections between different pieces of information” (p. xv), and its job is “to provide employees with the information they need to do their job” (p. xv). It includes both official communications, such as guidelines, policies, memos, etc. - and unofficial communication. There are three interdependent areas in the company FX-Solutions Financial Services Ltd where problems occur and must be addressed in order to improve the internal communication: • Company’s culture and en...   [tags: Internal Communication, Culture of Transparency]

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Social Issues Presented in Jeannette Wall's Memoir, The Glass Castle

- There are several different social issues presented in Jeannette Wall’s memoir “The Glass Castle.” These issues included neglect – medical and education, unsanitary living conditions, homelessness, unemployment, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, discrimination, mental health issues, physical and sexual abuse, hunger and poverty. Poverty was one of the major key issues addressed in this memoir. Poverty is referred to as the inability to provide for one basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical etc....   [tags: The Glass Castle]

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The Largest Bank Failure in United States History: Washington Mutual

- Business Ethics The largest bank failure in United States History (Washington Mutual) Introduction Washington Mutual, Inc. was a savings bank holding company and the former owner of Washington Mutual Bank, which was the United States’ largest savings and loan association until it became the largest bank failure in U.S. history. On September 25, 2008, the United States Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) seized Washington Mutual Bank from Washington Mutual, Inc. and placed it into the receivership of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Frontier Policy and the Maintenance of the Pax Romana

- Frontier policy and the Maintenance of the Pax Romana Tiberius and Claudius The Imperium Romanum (Roman Empire) was a vast domain containing large territorial holdings in Europe and the Mediterranean. Beyond the empire however consisted of barbarous nations that were a constant threat to the Roman boundaries. For this reason, it was necessary for well-functioning frontier policies to be administrated and sustained to protect the outskirts of the empire from invasion. During the Julio-Claudian dynasty both Tiberius and Claudius established many effective frontier policies during their Principates....   [tags: Roman History]

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A New Role for Women in The Great Gatsby

- Throughout history, women have had to overcome many setbacks. They have gone through a lot of mistreatment in the process of changing the idea of how a woman should dress, act, and participate in activities outside of the home. The role of women changed drastically in the 1920s. This change presented women with new freedoms in the workforce, at home, and in fashion. Women who took advantage of the new opportunities and independence in the 1920s are known as flappers. The flapper lifestyle is seen most clearly through Jordan Baker, a professional golfer and friend of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Literary Analysis]

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Trust-Busting: Theodore Roosevelt’s Effectiveness in Regulating Big Business

- Before a series of antitrust acts and laws were instituted by the federal government, it was not illegal for businesses to use any means to eliminate competition in late nineteenth-century America. Production technology was now advanced to the point that supply would surpass product demand. As competition in any given market increased, more and more companies joined together in either trusts or holding companies to bring market dominance under their control (Cengage 2). As President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into office in 1901, he led America into action with forceful government solutions (“Online” 1)....   [tags: Government]

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Presidents of The United States: The Short List

- I. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932-1933) He is the United States 32nd president and was known by the initials FDR. He is recorded to be the most cosmopolitan individual American to have entered the white house and the only president to have served for more than two terms. According to the Siena Research Institute survey conducted a year after taking office by a new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt for the last five surveys (1982, 1990, 1994, 2002, and 2010) has been ranked as the top chief executive of all the times that the United States has ever had (Sienna Research Institute 2) Dallek Robert in his book “Franklin D....   [tags: American Presidents]

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Year-round Schooling: A Simple Solution For Today’s Students

- Summer break is supposed to be a time of rest and rejuvenation for students. After nine months of hard work and challenging classes, one would think such a long break could do nothing but good for students; however, this is not the best way for young minds to learn. A three month break is far too long for children to go without proper education and supervision. Instead of a long three month break at the end of each school year, why not give students the same number of days off but spread them out more frequently throughout the year....   [tags: year education, school system, summer break]

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Environmental Policy og the City Council Using Water

- Environmental policy of the City Council in using water Publishing “Mandatory rules for the improvement of the city” in 1870 and building the water pipe, which we discussed above, were the main measures to improve sanitary conditions. But the measures, obviously, were not enough to solve the pollution problems of local rivers and creeks, so and the qualitative water supply in Novgorod. So, the City Government issued the rules, oversaw it implementation, and repaired of water supply. Decisions and orders, issued by the City Government, wore the local character in comparison with the “Compulsory rules” and published mainly during endemics....   [tags: case study, water management, russia]

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Important Skills and Capabilities When Recruiting New Graduates

- The domain of work has rehabilitated considerably from the last few years and a degree is no longer sufficient to assure graduate occupation. Students are inserting Higher Education (HE) in demand to get accommodate level occupation: ‘It is well-defined that, as a more assorted population indicates to go to university, greater highlighting is being placed on enduring employment forecasts when selecting foundations and courses’. (Future track Survey 2006, Professors Kate Purcell & Peter Elias). The student anticipation is that HE will stipulate employability....   [tags: self-management, positive attitude]

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The Benefits of Juvenile Sentencing to Service

- Sentencing to Service (STS) is a sentencing option available to most Courts where a convicted offender "works off” his/her fine by performing a specified number of hours of public service work under the supervision of a work crew leader employed by the state or a local corrections agency. Courts may also sentence offenders to STS rather than jail or workhouse time. STS was established in 1986 by the Minnesota Department of Corrections along with several County Sheriff’s Departments, community corrections, Courts and local governments....   [tags: Sentencing to Service, Juvenile delinquency, ]

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Violence is the Enemy of Today’s Youth

- Children are dying, and too often parents don’t figure out what their child was involved in until it is too late. Today’s youth has an overwhelming burden to bear because of growing societal violence. When youth observes daily occurrences of violence, why society is so violent should not be the question, but how society can decrease youth violence should be what is scrutinize. The family dynamic has changed much in the last 40 years: with increased divorce, single parent households, and blended families contributing to the variability for children to be unsupervised....   [tags: Violence]

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When the Bells Toll, Let Freedom Ring

- When the Bells Toll When she approaches the gate, she sees a young military soldier checking the identification badges of the drivers ahead of her. While she patiently waits her turn in line, the song “Reveille” begins to play across the loud speakers of the military base. Although, this ritual occurs every day around 7:30 a.m. to signal the beginning of the duty day all personnel must come to attention. While she sits in her car, she finds herself admiringly gazing at the red, white and blue flag waving in the wind while her heart pulsates....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Impact of Social Organization in China

- Social organisations in China have gained increasing importance when looking at power relations in China. This can partly be explained by the fact that China works through informal politics (decision making and policy making done behind the doors through negotiations and connections), and the Party’s focus on the economy. In other words, as long as social or civil organisations are beneficial to the country’s economy and its wellbeing, the Party will not interfere or even be of help to the former....   [tags: Civil Society China Politics]

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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding

- In William Golding's Lord of the Flies a group of English school boys crash land onto an uninhabited island somewhere in the Mid Atlantic ocean. Ralph, the protagonist and also the elected leader, tries to maintain peace and avoid any calamity on the island. However, Jack is neither willing to contribute nor listen because he is jealous of Ralph and has a sickening obsession with killing boars. Ralph has some good traits that help him maintain peace and balance for a period of time. He is charismatic and has natural leader attributes....   [tags: Freudian Concepts, Comparison]

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U.S. Automobile Manufacturing in the Twenty-First Century

- The innovation of the automobiles had a significant social and economic impact on the United States. In the early 1900s, Henry Ford was well known for establishing the Ford Motor Company and five years after he launched his company, he introduced the first Model T (, 2013). During this time, automobiles were considered luxuries, and 10,000 Model T automobiles were sold that year (, 2013). In the 21st Century, automobiles are no longer luxuries but necessities. In addition, due to the technological, economical, and social changes, the automobile industries as well of organizational practices have changed since the 20th century (Greer, 2001)....   [tags: Case Study, Society, Economy]

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The Pros and Cons of Private Schools

- The new government in Norway has always had an eternal wish to strengthen the position of private schools in the Norwegian society. Independent schools are already common in England, and they achieve better results in general compared to the state schools in the country. Yet, many British parents still prefer the state schools, and numerous people in Norway are sceptical of private schools as well. Why are many people negative to these self-governed schools. In this article I’m going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of private schools....   [tags: Education, Norway]

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Wrong-Site Surgeries: How to End the Tragedy?

- ... Unfortunately, poor communication adversely affects patient care. According to Ginde, Clark, and Camargo (2009), language barrier for non-English and limited-English speakers adversely affect their access to healthcare services especially in the emergency room. Despite the requirement by law to provide interpreter in all emergency rooms in most states, their use is still very limited (Ginde, Clark, & Camargo, 2009). Accordingly, Davies and Milligan (2013) used the Plan, Do, Study, Act method to develop and easy to use language identification tool that greatly enhanced healthcare quality and access for this patients group especially at the emergency room....   [tags: medical incidents, human error]

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Observation of Adolescents in a County Court

- In observing Municipal Court at Jefferson County Court House there were many adolescences present. Thought there were older adults, the adolescences or delinquents seems to make up a number of the people there. The thought is, is there an effect the young adults there or reason why young adults are seen in municipal court. When observing the present of the adolescences was interested because of the fact that most were told to shape up or they would end up in jail. One was also told to get into counseling and have an intervention or would end up in jail....   [tags: Juvenile Crime, Criminal Justice System]

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Alternatives to Prison

- Alternatives to Prison Prisons, facilities maintained for confining people convicted of committing crimes, were used to rehabilitate offenders while keeping them isolated from the community. The Quakers built the first prison in 1790 in order to seclude criminal offenders from society to think about their wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness in a kind, and spiritual environment. (Inciardi 497) Currently, there are three types of prisons within the Federal, State, and County governments. These are categorized by the degree of security they provide....   [tags: Jail Prison Crime Criminals Justice Essays]

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Judicial Corruption in the United States

- The problem of judicial corruption in United States is immense. The Sixth Amendment in the United States Bill of Rights refers to the right to a speedy, fair and public trial. Unfortunately, our judicial system does not always maintain these rights. The United States judicial system is very corrupt and most of our country’s citizens do not know how corrupt it actually is. When thinking about the judicial system, words that come to mind are justice, morality, and fairness. Sadly, these words are not accurate descriptions of this system....   [tags: Jurisprudence, Ethics]

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The Destructive Power of Peer Pressure

- Peer pressure: influence from members of one's peer group. Peer pressure is an incredibly widespread issue in today’s society, and can have many significant and long lasting effects. Peer pressure is an issue that can be found in many places, with many varying degrees, but often happens for the same reasons. Peer pressure can cause drug and alcohol addictions, being caught shoplifting, failing exams, and other problems. It has many causes, with many contributing factors, but is most prevalent during the teenage years, as teens look beyond the guidance of their parents, and seek answers from their peers....   [tags: Peer Pressure Essays]

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Development of Antisocial Behavior in Children

- Children development refers to the changes in physiology, mentality, and emotions in children from birth (or during pregnancy) to adolescence. Children are dependent on family’s support during this time period. It is not until the beginning of adolescence that children start to develop autonomy which is the process of forming their own identity and making their own decisions. Parents have a big impact on children’s physical and mental development during this time period. They are the most available resource....   [tags: Factors, Negative Parenting]

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A Look Inside ALCAN’s Information Technologies

- In this case study, an aluminum company is struggling with its information technology (IT) structure. The position of director for IT had been vacant for a year, and Mr. Ouellette has been selected to lead the position. Ouellette discovered that a lot of information systems (IS) were out of date and projects were not being properly supervised from the top down. Without a clear and organized structure, strong leadership, or accountability any company is sure to fail. Ouellette’s ideas in reorganizing the issues within the ALCON IT infrastructure were vital in saving Alcan money and preventing system failure....   [tags: gothic today, Ouellette]

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Atlas - The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot

- Atlas - The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot Introduction In most of the situation chance to finding victims still alive the rescuers have very short time to find the trapped or missing victims in collapsed structure. The solution for this use technology can make a great help for rescuers. Intelligent mobile robots can be very helpful and efficient tools to speed up search and rescue operation. Rescue robots are also useful to do the job in situations that are dangerous for human rescuers. They can enter into gaps and move though small hole that difficult for human and even trained dog....   [tags: rescue robot, specialized mission]

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Better Ways to End Prison Overcrowding

- The U.S is only 5% of the world’s population and houses a quarter of its prison inmates; well over 2 million people. In the past decade the war on drugs has filled many state and federal prisons with a numerous amount of inmates. Building new prisons is not the answer to tackling the prison overcrowding dilemma. The U.S doesn’t have the money due to economic strains, and it will not solve this issue head on as needed. “California may be forced to release up to 33,000 prisoners by 2013” (Shapiro & Wizner, 2011, p.1.)....   [tags: mental hospitals, criminal behaviors]

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Juveniles Tried In an Adult Court

- Today, the court system in this country is divided into two groups when comparing juveniles and adults. One is the Adult Criminal Justice System, and the other is the Juvenile Justice System. The terminology can be very different between the two systems. For instance; if an adult is arrested, they will be subject to a bail hearing. If a juvenile is arrested they must go through a detention hearing. Adults have trials which can be decided by a judge or jury. Juveniles go through a fact finding hearing and don’t receive verdicts because they are adjudicated....   [tags: juvenile system, court system, criminal justice]

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The Ethics and Effectiveness of Exposure

- Exposure therapy has garnered attention for its effectiveness and timeliness to cure diagnoses like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and other anxiety disorders. Manuals have been created, self-help books have been published, and online support groups have been developed all for the purpose of establishing an exposure therapy community. Most of the literature around the ethics of it focuses on intentionally causing anxiety and causing harm for the client....   [tags: anxiety, stress disorders, exposure therapy]

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Why Your Teens Needs A Curfew

- Should teenagers be restricted to a curfew. That's a question many parents question themselves. What is my son up. What is my daughter doing. How do I know if they're safe. What time will he/she be home. When following curfews, teens tend to stay out of trouble more because criminal activity or high-risk behaviors is more likely to occur later in the evening when parental supervision is not present. Therefore teenagers need have a curfew, imposing curfews would help keep young teens out of trouble legally, set strict boundaries, and provides safety....   [tags: Juvenile Delinquencies, Criminal Offenses]

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Developmental Crime Prevention and Juvenile Delinquency

- Background One of the best strategies for combating juvenile delinquency is adopting developmental crime prevention program. Developmental crime prevention programs aim to lower an individual’s potential of becoming criminal. The theory that guides these types of programs is that criminal and deviant activity is the result of early life experiences and learning. These programs put an emphasis on what causes individuals to commit deviant acts in order to identify ways that this activity can be stopped (Lab, 2014)....   [tags: Child Development, Crime, Youth]

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Discussing The Four Intellectual Development Disorders

- 1. Describe the characteristics of a typical person for each of the four levels of intellectual developmental disorder (mild, moderate, severe and profound). 549-550 (299) When discussing the four intellectual development disorders we first need to know what each level is. The first level is mild( IQ 50-70) this level is also known as the educable level because the individual can benefit from schooling and can normal support there selves as adults. The individual who has this level usually demonstrates typical language, social, and play skills but they need assistance when in duress especially when academic and social demands present their self....   [tags: autism, behavioral problems, ADHD]

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Should Autisitc Children Be Mainstreamed

- The Argumentative Essay The issue of whether or not children with autistic disorders should be main-streamed, or placed in the same classrooms as non-autistic children, has been a very real concern for quite some time. While the debate is continuous, people often choose to side on a particular position of the argument without correctly evaluating all of the options. Should autistic children be main-streamed in regular classrooms, or should they be placed in self contained environments. Or, possibly, should a common ground be determined....   [tags: Autism]

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Health & Safety in Sport

- Legislation means the act of producing laws for governing bodies. A directive is a final decision made by an official body which either has or has not a binding force. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974’s purpose is to make sure that employers take reasonable steps to ensure the full health, safety and wellbeing of their employees while they are at work. These steps include: • Reviewing your current health and safety system • Identifying potential hazards in the working place • Deciding on who might be harmed and how • Evaluating risks and deciding on precautions • Implementing on them The benefits of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 both to employer and employees include: • There are...   [tags: Workplace Health and Safety]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

- (Thrust for Educational Leadership 1999) wrote: Voucher proponents claim that public school educators could learn a lot from private schools and their "superior" practices and outcomes. However, a report from the non-partisan Economic Policy Institute has found that the most important variation between schools lays in the type of community in which they are located (affluent, suburban, inner-city), not whether they are private or public. Researchers conducted case studies of eight public and eight private elementary schools in California to determine whether there are any identifiable and transferable private school practices that public schools can adopt to improve student outcomes....   [tags: Education]

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Poultry Farming in Rural Egypt

- Discussion The aim of this survey was to characterize the current poultry production and marketing system in rural Gharbiya, Egypt, in order to enable policy makers to design and implement disease surveillance and control strategies that are effective and suitable for the local habits and conditions in the area. It is noticeable from the results that more than 80% of households in the studied population own poultry and most of them keep multiple species at the same time and place. Keeping more than one species of poultry at the same place is a risk factor for many poultry diseases such as HPAI H5N1, which is often asymptomatic in ducks and geese that can silently spread the disease to other...   [tags: Farming & Ranching]

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Court Systems and Criminal Justice

- The two types branches of our court systems is the duel court system (Bohm & Haley, 2010, p 288). Each system in the Federal or State side contains numerous possibilities in their jurisdiction with their authority to of the court to hear and decide cases (Bohm & Haley, 2010, p 288). However, the two courts described are: Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction and Trial courts of General Jurisdiction. Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction is a state court that is referred to as the “lower court”; interestingly some states have no formal legal training requirements to serve as a judge in this type of court....   [tags: Law, criminal justice, law enforcement]

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The Lord of the Flies

- In the book Lord of the Flies, at the end of the book, it said that “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy”. This quote is very important and tells us the theme of this nasty novel. The Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel and it is about schoolboys (aged thirteen and under) who was stranded on an island without adult supervision. At first, they were happy because they were free from adult supervision and knew they could anything....   [tags: Theme, Novel Analysis]

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Civil Engineering at a Glance

- The career of a civil engineer is diminishing rapidly; however, more buildings and roads are being constructed. Becoming an engineer is not an easy task to complete. Many years of college and post-education training are required to gain the ability to be titled an engineer, especially a civil engineer. Civil engineers draft and design large construction projects including roads, building, airports, water shed lakes, dams, bridges and other various public works systems. Sometimes, civil engineers are asked to safeguard the health of our environment by managing and improving air, land and water quality with air, water and waste treatment systems....   [tags: education, career, licensure, construction, job]

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Social Victimization in Elementary Education

- Parents and teachers do not fully understand the severity of social victimization by the bully in elementary education. The issue has been linked to poor academic performance, student’s committing suicide and even school shootings. The short term and long term effects on these young victims are countless. Parents and institutions must understand that quick and one-size-fits-all fixes will not address this issue completely. Education of this issue must be full spectrum, working from the bottom of the pyramid (the student), to the middle (the parent/teacher), to the pinnacle (the leaders in charge of running and developing the education systems)....   [tags: bullying, bully]

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Job Description for Customer Service

- A job description allows the organization to establish parameters for a role and serves as a communication tool between the employer and the employee to ensure clear understanding of expectations. According to Rue and Byars (2010, a job description is a “written statement that identifies the tasks, duties, activities, and performance results required in a particular job” (p.195). The first area a job description addresses is the key components and the purpose of the position within the organization (Rue & Byars, 2010)....   [tags: call center, qualifications,communication]

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