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Analysis Of Subdo, A Web Based Substitute Teacher Evaluation And Selection Tool

- Introduction This document presents a description of SubDo, a web based substitute teacher evaluation and selection tool. This document will describe the problem that SubDo intends to address, potential use cases and software requirements of a proposed solution. The SubDo project is designed to optimize the processing of finding substitute for absent teachers. This Software will be web based, with a desktop and mobile interface. This application will make it easy for teachers to report their unavailability for a particular day, and will notify suitable substitutes to fill in for the teachers....   [tags: Teacher, Substitute teacher]

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The Threat Of Substitute Products

- The threat of substitute products is high, which can limit the price charged for the product. Technology has aided to increase the threat of substitute products because more consumers are using the Internet to research prices, find sales and read reviews. If Under Armour can obtain a patent on all of its products, this will stop Nike and Adidas from completely copying their products. The bargaining power of buyers is high mainly because customers that focus on price have a lot of power. Buyers can force prices to go down or demand higher quality services or products, which may increase operating costs....   [tags: Marketing, Product differentiation]

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Venison: The Perfect Substitute

- Deer have been roaming planet Earth for over three million years, and man has been consuming the meat of these animals since the beginning of human existence. When human beings were hunters and gatherers, wild animals were on the menu. Society has changed so drastically over centuries to where many people view hunting and the consumption of wild animals such as deer a wrong thing to do. Venison is a high quality meat that not many people have tried or would think to have in their daily diet. There are many facts and benefits that society can appreciate about the consuming of deer as an everyday protein in people’s diets....   [tags: deer, meats, nutrients]

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Moral Hazard : Perception Of Geoengineering As A Substitute

- Moral Hazard: perception of geoengineering as a substitute to mitigation Geoengineering can lead to moral hazard and government’s response will impact geoengineering’s return. Moral hazard is one of the major concerns of geoengineering. This term is often used in the insurance industry where the insured will most likely take on greater risk. It will be worrisome if geoengineering is misconceived as a substitute to mitigation, which means that people can continue to pollute, “avoid reducing growth, and keep up the pace of ‘business as usual’” (Buck, 2012, p.257)....   [tags: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Risk, Climate]

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Diversion Programs : A Good Substitute For Prison

- In recent discussions of prison reform, a controversial issue has been whether diversion programs are more beneficial than not. On the one hand, some argue that diversion programs give convicted criminals a chance to hopefully better themselves and get back into society. On the other hand, however, others argue that these programs are allowing dangerous criminals back into the streets with no guarantee of them changing their behaviors. In sum, then, the issue is whether society and the government should allow these unguaranteed hopes to continue....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Crime, Recidivism]

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Sport as a Substitute for War

- "Sport is such a pervasive human activity that to ignore it is to overlook one of the most significant aspects of contemporary American society. It is a social phenomenon which extends into education, politics, economics, art, the mass media, and even international diplomatic relations. Involvement in sport, either directly as a participant, or indirectly as a spectator, is almost considered a public duty by many Americans. It has been observed that if there is a religion in America today, it is sport." (Sage 1974) Society views sporting events and game-playing as a means of fun, physical exercise, and even relaxation....   [tags: Sport and War Essays]

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Substitute Mothers in Jane Eyre

- Substitute Mothers in Jane Eyre   In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Jane is an orphan who is often mistreated by the family and other people who surround her. Faced with constant abuse from her aunt and her cousins, Jane at a young age questions the treatment she receives: "All John Reed’s violent tyrannies, all his sister’s proud indifference, all his mother’s aversion, all the servants’ partiality, turned up in my disturbed mind like a dark deposit in a turbid well. Why was I always suffering, always brow-beaten, always accused, forever condemned?" (27; ch....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays]

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Money Cannot Substitute Passion

- Money Cannot Substitute Passion "Tuan, this is the last time I'm going to tell you, you better clean the house." said my father. "I'll do it later," I replied. "Later?" he said. "Why don't you just make some money and hire a maid to do it. Then you don't have to worry about it!" Coming from a blue-collar background, my father constantly reminded me of the importance of money. It was many years ago that he arrived in this country, carrying me in one arm and his hopes and dreams on the other....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Power and Money do not Substitute Love

- Money and power in the world today are two of the most envied things. Most people, well in fact all people live by the thesis that they must have as much power and money as possible. 'Money is not a substitute for tenderness, and power is not a substitute for tenderness.' This was the statement that Morrie used to bring his point across. I believe this statement is to show Mitch that by him working so hard for a new car, house etc. is not what life is about, also this was used to show others in the world that power and money are not substitutes for love, affection and compassion....   [tags: essays research papers]

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No-calorie Powder May Substitute For Foods Fat

- No-Calorie Powder May Substitute for Food's Fat George E. Inglett of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Biopolymer Research Unit in Peoria III invented a no-calorie fat substitute called Z-Trim. It is a mix of crushed fibers made from the hulls of grains. It can replace the fat and some of the carbohydrates in foods such as chocolates, brownies, cheese, and ground beef. He spent three years trying to perfect Z-Trim to be smooth because he made it out of tough hulls of corn, oats, and rice....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Current Religion of the American Economy as a Barrierand Substitute for Christian Living

- The Current Religion of the American Economy as a Barrierand Substitute for Christian Living Thenature of this paper, which deals with the presence of a subconscious set ofparticularly American beliefs, inherently involves more reflection than thegathering of data. Whatsimportant is the way we live, not the historical manufacturing of facts whichis more evidence, not description, of the current Religion of the AmericanEconomy. And while most ofthese truths should be self evident (like any good preamble), some statisticswill be cited to illustrate their culmination in everyday life....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Essay on Picture of Dorian Gray: Art Cannot Substitute Life

- The Picture of Dorian Gray: Art Cannot Substitute Life       The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, is the story of moral corruption by the means of aestheticism. In the novel, the well meaning artist Basil Hallward presets young Dorian Gray with a portrait of himself. After conversing with cynical Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian makes a wish that dreadfully affects his life forever. "If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old. For that I would give everything....   [tags: Picture Dorian Gray Essays]

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The Events As They Happened On 10 / 9 / 15

- Good Afternoon Ms. Ostrowski and Dr. Johnson, Followed are the events as they happened on 10/9/15: 0810-0933 Many students were late to class as we planned to meet downstairs instead of classroom 315 to take the evaluate test. (Two signs were posted. One on a dry erase board at the beginning of the hallway. Sign number two was posted outside of Mrs. Heyen 's door) Two students: Mya Jones and Francesca Evans were walking around and joking with another student Destiny (Student in Mrs. Colemans ' 1-2 Block) in the hallway after the bell rang....   [tags: Teacher, Substitute teacher, Rooms]

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The Leadership Lessons Of The Florida Principal Leadership Standards

- Leadership Lessons Standard 1 of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards (2011) describe the priority of the school leader as, “effective school leaders demonstrate that the student learning is their top priority through leadership actions that build and support a learning organization focus on student success”. Our number one priority and focus is and always should be our students. They are the reason behind our professions. It is the faculty the ones who should be supported by the administrators....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher]

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Work For Professional Educational Services Group

- (1) Where do you currently work (and if you aren’t currently working, please think of your last place of employment). How long have you been there. I currently work for Professional Educational Services Group, LLC. (PESG) Through PESG I pick any school in the Greater Clark County Community district. The flexible scheduling allows me to pick the location, days, and hours I work. I have been with PESG since April 2016. (2) What is the problem/issue at your workplace that you think needs to be changed....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher]

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Young Teachers Are Polar Opposites

- When compared, younger and old teachers are polar opposites. While experienced teacher, who have years under their belt, are not usually accustomed to the technological age, younger teachers have been educated with modern technology, and can use that to their advantage in the classroom. Younger teachers have grown up in a technological age and can adapt to the constant upgrade in technology. Experienced teachers, on the other hand, have a harder time learning how to operate all the new gadgets schools are getting....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, School]

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The Social Economic Status Of The Classroom

- The classroom observed had a total of eighteen students; seven boys and eleven girls. The age range in this room was between four and six years old. Students. They were four, four years olds, twelve five years olds, and two six year old students. This classroom consisted of three English Language Learners (ELL) and six special needs students. There was one student whose special needs were medical, one student who needed Occupational Therapy (OT), one student with behavioral needs, and three students who needed Academic Intervention Services (AIS)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Question, Substitute teacher]

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I Am Looking For Co Teaching

- Education can be very messy on a daily basis. I like to view it as something fluid that can be changed often as things arise. Teacher do need to be flexible to be able to adapt plans depending on how quickly the students are getting the concepts, adapt plans if a teacher needs to have a substitute in his/her place, adapt when you find out there is a special assembly that was not communicated in a timely fashion; the list can go on and on. Is it possible that education with co-teaching can be even messier than a more traditional educational setting....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, Pedagogy]

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Stirring Up The Bittersweet Truth : Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners

- Stirring up the Bittersweet Truth: Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners The body can become dependent upon sugars. They can become chemically and physically addictive to the body if not eaten in moderation. Sometimes the outcome is not worth the pleasure when it can lead to an early death. When it comes to sugar and artificial sweeteners, is one healthier than the other. At times, eating sweets can satisfy cravings, but it generally leads to eating more than the daily allowance of calories in one day and the excess calories are generally stored as fat....   [tags: Sugar, Nutrition, Sugar substitute, Sucralose]

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Questions On Classroom Routines And Procedures

- IV. Classroom Routines and Procedures 1. Students coming in late or having to leave early: including bathroom use, nurses office … Students who are tardy will need a note from the office to enter class. Students will need a note from parents to take to office in the morning to be excused from class early. Students may use the restroom one at a time. Asking to go by raising a hand and giving the restroom sign then taking a pass and returning the pass when finished at the restroom. Students that go to the nurse will need to ask permission and take a nurse pass to his/her office and return with the pass when finished at the nurse....   [tags: Teacher, Substitute teacher, The Golden Girls]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' School Of Rock '

- Many modern films revolve around a life-changing event or series of events, or follow a character’s experiences thru a particularly stressful or new situation. The Film School of Rock (Aversano, Nicolaides, Rudin & Linklater, 2003) includes an assortment of these elements, among others, as it focuses on the struggle a rock musician turned substitute teacher encounters as he advances through a rocky stage in his life with the support of his new students. The film opens as the protagonist, Dewey Finn, is kicked out of the Rock-and-Roll band he performs as a singer and guitarist in after an evening of particularly extraordinary antics results in their performance ending early....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Substitute teacher]

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Classroom Setting : My Mentor Teacher

- Journal # 4 One of the things that is extremely important in this classroom setting has been the schedule. The students like having a schedule and sticking to it. As the day progresses my mentor teacher crosses out the things in the schedule that they have already done to help the students see what will happen next. Whenever there it 's a half day or there are changes in the schedule the teacher takes the time to address the students in order to prepare them for the changes. This really helps minimize the students from feeling anxiety when there are any changes in their schedule....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, Classroom]

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The Teacher : The Good Teacher

- “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” This quote by William Arthur Ward is perhaps my favorite message in regards to education and the role that teachers play in the lives of their students. Though young in age and with obvious faults, I make up for it with life experiences that sadden, amaze, and inspire those who are eager to listen and to learn. A brief description will show that growing up I was taught to be a “southern gentlemen”, that is to be respectful to everybody, have proper manners, and most importantly to be a hard worker....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, School]

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Work At Professional Education Services Group

- I currently work at Professional Education Services Group, LLC. Approximately PESG employee’s ___. ____ are employed at my location. (2) Specifically, what is your current job and what are your job responsibilities. My current job positions range from substituting for a teacher, cafeteria worker, para educator, media clerk, or custodian. The job responsibilities I have to fill for these positions vary. Responsibilities a substitute teacher has to fulfil are following the lesson plans, leaving detailed notes on student’s behavior, checking complete assignments by students, keeping the students from participating in unethical behavior on the school premise, be consistent with existing procedur...   [tags: Teacher, School, Education, Substitute teacher]

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Taking A Positive Learning Environment

- Teaching discipline in the classroom is crucial to creating a positive learning environment. As mentioned in the book after a few weeks of school the students are learning what is expected of them and the daily routines. However, it still has to be taught and practiced, especially if the teacher is incorporating new discipline strategies to create the positive community. Students must be taught to understand that when classroom rules and procedures are not followed, there will be logical consequences to follow....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Substitute teacher]

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The Child That I Chose

- The child that I chose was a boy named, Alex. He is of Hispanic origin and is a “struggling student.” According to the teacher he was just ‘placed’ in second grade when he came to New York from Puerto Rico with his mom. He was in school in New York since Kindergarten but then moved to Puerto Rico and then came back to N.Y this school year. Thus the school decided to just put him in second grade because of his age and without evaluating him, or giving his mother any information of sorts to help her son....   [tags: Teacher, Substitute teacher, Knowledge, School]

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I Discovered One Of The Top Technologies For Teacher Organization And Lesson Planning

- There are many different types of technology that may be used within the classroom to keep teachers prepared, organized and enthusiastic. Through online research I found an article published by Edudemic, a website dedicated to help promote technology within the classroom. The article is titled, 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. This is where I discovered one of the top technologies for teacher organization and lesson planning. Planboard is ranked number twenty-three overall and second in the category of ‘Lesson Planning and Tools: Use these tech tools to pull together great lessons and design amazing and memorable student projects’....   [tags: Lesson plan, Teacher, Substitute teacher, Teaching]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Burro Genius ' By Victor Villasenor

- Burro Genius, Book One: The author Victor Villasenor first starts this memoir by telling his readers how dedicated he is to writing his book and how a close friend had told him to give up writing how he had no talent. Yet, he didn’t want to give up writing, he had put so much hard work and energy in his writing he just didn’t want to give up. He had gotten 256 rejections before he became published author. He didn’t care if not a lot of people had reviewed or read his book. All what mattered is he was happy about was getting published....   [tags: Teacher, Substitute teacher, Education, Talk radio]

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Film Ratings Should Not Substitute Parental Guidance

- Outline                                     I. Introduction - History of the rating system and the MPAA (parag.1-2)           II. Thesis paragraph (3) THESIS: By wearing a mask of deceiving helpfulness, the current system hijacks the role of the parent in choosing what is acceptable for our youth III. Current process and definitions of ratings (4) IV. The rating system is harmful to our children A. Ratings do not accurately reflect harmful, frightening images (5) B. The harmful effects of violence are inaccurately reflected in    ratings  (6) C....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The Effect of Sugar Substitutes on Yeast Respiration

- Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to test the effects of multiple sugar substances on the respiration of yeast. Most people think of yeast when they think of what makes bread rise, cheese, alcoholic beverages, or other food products. Another type of yeast can also cause yeast infections, an infection of the skin. Yeasts (Saccharomyces) are tiny, microscopic organisms with a thin membrane and are usually oval or circular-shaped. They are a type of single-celled fungi of the class Ascomycetes, capable of processing sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2 ) ; this process is known as fermentation....   [tags: microscopic organisms, health issues]

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The Importance of Plastic in the Modern World

- Introduction Plastic has found its way into every house and office, it’s found in many home appliances and office equipment. The reason for increased use of Plastic is that it has replaced Glass, wood and metals and it’s relatively cheap. Plastic is thrown away after its use and that creates a huge problem regarding the disposal of the plastic. This has resulted in the need for recycling plastic in order to avoid its disposal and to re-use it. The first time used plastic is known as virgin grade material....   [tags: substitute for glass, recycling]

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Substitutes to Fossil Fuels

- Substitutes to Fossil Fuels All human activity counts on energy; it is nearly impossible to live without it. It is needed everywhere. Without it we will lose all the modern technology. Now the number one source of energy is fusil fuels, but after about 50 years they will be finished, so it is important to start thinking about a substitute. That is what I am going to show. This project is giving a solution to the problem of energy sources. I am going to look at the electrical source (the most important)....   [tags: Papers]

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A Misinformed Society Must Look Closer at Homework

- Homework: it’s assigned and completed, assigned and completed. But what benefits are actually being reaped from this endless loop. The negative effects of homework reach students, parents, and the relationships between them. Academically challenged, and socially disadvantaged students experience harsh consequences of homework. There is not even a proven positive correlation between homework and achievement, in fact there are many pieces of evidence pointing toward a negative correlation between the two....   [tags: educatioin system, students, homework substitute]

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What Makes A Jam?

- Blueberry Jam Jams, jellies, marmalades and spreads are increasing in popularity in today’s countries. Knowing how to produce these products could potentially offer one a small promising business. This how-to guide will be explaining the process on making jam. Anyone can make jam, but it is having the right tools and ingredients that will help the cook succeed. Based on research, this guide will explain the importance of certain ingredients, like pectin and calcium, are better than others. After reading this guide, readers will be introduced to the jam making process and how-to make jam efficiently....   [tags: Water, Boiling, Pectin, Sugar substitute]

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Diet Sodas Should Be Banned

- Did you know you could die by drinking diet sodas. Diet sodas are shown to help you, but the truth is that they are damaging your body. Commercials convince people that these drinks are wonderful for your body by showing skinny girls and muscular guys drinking diet sodas. When viewers watch this, they are convinced that they will have the same body figure as the actors if they drink diet soda. Plus, diet sodas are sold at grocery stores, sport games, vending machines, and drug stores, so it is easy to buy these inexpensive drinks....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Soft drink, Sugar substitute]

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The Effect of Different Sugar Sources on Yeast Respiration

- ... Since 2006, there have been 1,500 species of yeast identified by scientists. Yeasts make up only one percent of all fungal species found in the fungi kingdom. Yeasts can be found anywhere, throughout nature, on top of plants, in soil, and more commonly on the bodies of humans and other animals. Yeast is commonly used when brewing alcohol (beer, wine, and whisky), and for making leavened bread and cheese. Carbohydrates are a major molecule in biological systems, made up of saccharides that can be strung together into disaccharides, trisaccharides, and polysaccharides or as small molecules called sugars....   [tags: sugar substitutes, saccharin]

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The Effect Of Commercial Pollen Dough Substitutes On The Survivability And Reproductive Success Of The Small Hive Beetles

- Discussion Damage caused by the small hive beetles is resulting in much wasteful spending on behalf of the beekeeper. Since the Southern African beetle migrated to the United States, there has been many reports about the harmful effects that SHB is having on the honey bee colonies. The small hive beetle, Aethina tumida, affects all aspects of beekeeping. Its effects have impacts from honey bee queen rearing to different types of pollination operations. The purpose of this research is to investigate the potential effects of commercial pollen dough substitutes on the survivability and reproductive success of the small hive beetles....   [tags: Beekeeping, Honey bee, Insect, Queen bee]

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The Effects Of Oxyglobin On The Human Blood Market

- During the late 1990s Biopure Corporation was caught in an ominous predicament. Since 1984, Biopure spent over $200 million developing a blood substitute called Hemopure, a product with the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood except without many of the disadvantages that are part of donated blood. However, midway into research they also discovered Oxyglobin (Oxy), a derivative of their main product that was applicable in animals. A few years later, the FDA approved Oxy and thus making the drug available in the veterinarian market while Hemopure still required at least 2 more years to market....   [tags: Blood, Blood transfusion, Blood substitutes]

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The Principle of Substituted Judgment

- The Principle of Substituted Judgment Traditionally, the physician was expected to use all of their talents and training in an effort to save the life of their patient, no matter the odds. More recently, the physician’s role has been redefined to preserve the autonomy of the patient. Now physicians must give life saving care only in so far and to the degree desirous of the competent patient. Until this century, it was rare that brain-dead patients could be kept alive for long periods of time....   [tags: Medical Ethics Physician Assisted Suicide Essays]

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The Chemical Fertilizer Should Be Substituted By Organic Fertilizer

- The Chemical Fertilizer Should Be Substituted by Organic Fertilizer The history of humanity’s plough and sow activities can be traced back to thousands of years ago. At the commence of original plough and sow activities, framers have to look for fecund soil to grow crops to maintain the yield of crops. Contemporarily the population grows rapidly all over the world, which causes the issue of providing enough food based on the fertility of the soil. In order to overcome the issue, chemical fertilizers had invented in the 19th century....   [tags: Fertilizer, Nitrogen, Manure, Phosphorus]

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A Perfectly Competitive Market, The Goods Are Perfect Substitutes

- In a perfectly competitive market, the goods are perfect substitutes. There are a large number of buyers and sellers, and each seller has a relatively small market share. Perfect competition has no barriers to information regarding prices and goods, meaning there is no risk-taking behaviour – sellers and buyers are rational. There is also a lack of barriers for entry and exit. Perfect competition is likely to exist in the supply of sugar cane stalks to mills. There are a large number of farmers (the seller) and buyers....   [tags: Monopoly, Competition, Perfect competition]

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Athena, Schemer And Plotter, Substitutes Reconciliation And Peace

- Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, states: “Mortals, always blaming the gods for their own witlessness!”(Homer 333) The debate of whether or not man controls his destiny is eternal. Many of us spend our whole lives pondering whether it is our fate or our own free will to blame for how our lives turn out. However, Felson claims “Athena, schemer and plotter, substitutes reconciliation and peace.”(89-98) In The Odyssey, Homer uses Odysseus as an archetype to convey that mortals are helpless without the will and favor of the gods....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Greek mythology, Poseidon]

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- Aspartame I was looking around for a web paper topic and I was talking to my friend Anja, who is practically addicted to Diet Coke. She drinks more Diet Coke than any other person I know. She suggested I research aspartame. Ah, aspartame. It's a handy little substance. Tha familar pink and blue packets of fake sugar is just one of those things we take for granted. It tastes similar to sugar and has a low caloric content. Nowadays, if there's something sweet out on the market, there's probably a version of it being sold that contains aspartame....   [tags: Sugar Substitute Health Essays]

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Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes

- Aspartame was discovered by James Shatter. He is a chemist at G.D Searle, which where he accidently discovered aspartame. Aspartame is a substance that is 180 times sweeter than sugar, yet it has no calories. Of spring 1967, Searle begins to run safety test for aspartame which is necessary for FDA approval. By fall, a biochemist named Dr.Harold at the University of Wisconsin does an aspartame test on infant monkeys. Without informing the Searle company first. The test results were negative. Out of seven monkeys, one dies and the other six dies from seizures....   [tags: Artificial Sweeteners]

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Solar Energy: Our Hope to Replace Obsolete Technolgy

- Introduction Most of the people in our modern day society are beginning to realize that fossil fuels are becoming more rare and are damage our planet, this creates the need for a more sustainable form of energy. Solar energy is one of them and is becoming more and more important and will hopefully soon replace this obsolete technology. There exist several technologies for solar cells; a dye-sensitized solar cell is one of them. In 1972 the first dye-sensitized solar cell was demonstrated, it appeared that illuminated organic dyes could generate electricity at oxide electrodes....   [tags: substitutes for fossil fuels]

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Examining the Policy to Practice within Palliative Care Unit

- Health and health care are the dominant public policy concerns of most people in Canada. London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is one of Canada’s largest acute-care teaching hospitals that serve the people of London, the region, and beyond. Its mandate is to serve as an academic hospital, committed to improving health and delivering value for citizens of London, the South West Region and beyond. Building on their tradition of leadership, stewardship and partnership, they champion patient-centred care, with a spirit of inquiry and discovery, and a commitment to life-long learning....   [tags: Canadian public healthcare system]

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Demand: One of the Pillars of Economics

- Demand and Quantity Demanded There is a clear distinction between demand and quantity demanded; furthermore, they have their own significance in the economics arena. In economics, the term demand refers to the will associated with purchasing a product, which one can afford, meaning that the price must be contained within the fiscal reach of the consumer. Demand is also a combination of aspiration to possess something, capability to pay for it and the willingness to reimburse. An example is the ability of citizens to pay for education, as well as to buy basic-food staff....   [tags: Understanding Demand in Economics]

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Business Analysis of Starbucks: Dynamic and Competitive Industry

- Introduction In today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment, it’s important to understand the strategic issues opposite organizations and enhance the ability for long term success; Organizations must study the external and internal environment. Porter’s five forces model exams organizations external environment and value chain exams internal environment. Five forces aid businesses to determine the attractiveness and the profitability of a market they competing and assist organizations to make a qualitative evaluation of their strategic position....   [tags: Porter's Five forces and value chain analysis]

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Business And Competitive Environment Of Apple Inc.

- Introduction This report reveals the study of economic environment of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is a well- known manufacturing company in U.S.A. The study will help to know briefly about Apple Inc. and its products as well as the production factors and the cost structure, reveals the market structure and performance of the company. MACRO analysis provides information about the political, economic, legal and technological factors which helps to know the economic condition of USA and Apple Inc. Finally, it reported the sustainability of the business and positive and negative externalities from the production and consumption of Apple....   [tags: Apple Inc., IPhone, Smartphone, IPod Touch]

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Questions On The 's Five Forces Strategy Framework

- Quiz-4 Part A (maximum 2 paragraphs) • Pick a strategy framework that is widely used (you may pick one from those mentioned earlier.) • Provide a brief description of the components, or a diagram, of the framework. • Briefly describe underlying assumptions of the framework (economic/ cognitive/statistical…) Stratergy Framework --->Porter’s Five Forces Model-: Introduced Porter 's 5 Forces Model. The Porter 's Five Forces strategy framework helps understand where power lies in the business. It not only helps us understand the current position but also the position of the future....   [tags: Strategic management, Porter five forces analysis]

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The Effect Of Blood On The Body

- Blood is important as it deliveries many essential chemicals into our body as well as ridding metabolic waste products. Blood is vital and the importance is acknowledged as donations have increased to help those with cancer, blood diseases, blood loss, other types of illnesses and medical research. However, blood donated holds the chance of harbouring diseases such as HIV, viruses and pathogens. Blood donated can also only be kept for a maximum of 42 days and needs constant refrigeration. It is also difficult to keep a constant supply of blood ready if an emergency were to happen....   [tags: Blood, Red blood cell, Bone marrow]

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When You Kill Time, Remember That It Has No Resurrection

- American author A.W. Tozer once wrote “When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.” (Tozer.) While Tozer was almost certainly referring to daily life, this principle can also be applied to the horrific amount of time wasted in schools today. In such a competitive global environment, American schools cannot afford to throw away precious instruction time. However, overcoming obstacles such as frequently unqualified substitute teachers, aggressive amounts of “busy work,” and understaffed schools lead to a substantial deficit in classroom instruction....   [tags: Teacher, Education, High school, School]

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Porter 's The Level Of Competitive Force

- Porter identifies in the text there are six known forces, even though he only mentions five in the text, that determine the level of competitive force in an Industry. It is significant for an industry to analyze itself to determine what there strength and weaknesses are to be able to succeed they need these five forces: threat of new entries, rivalry among existing firms, threat of substitute products or services, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and relative power of other stakeholders....   [tags: Marketing, Brand, Profit, English-language films]

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Eco Powered Engines Five-Force Theory

- Threat Of New Entrants The barriers to entrants deter new competitors from entering the market and creating more competition for established firms. Profitable markets attract new entrants, which erodes profitability, unless incumbents have strong and durable barriers to entry. There are several major barriers to entry and they include economies of scale, the capital requirements, and product differentiation, switching cost and government policy. In regards to our Eco Powered Engines, the most crucial barrier to enter this business is patent protection....   [tags: competitors, suppliers]

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Using A Five Forces Analysis

- Using a five forces analysis to understand how external factors drive innovation in the mobile phone industry Michael Porter puts forward a model of analysis of industry structure called "Five Forces Model" in his book Competitive Strategy. He thinks that supplier bargaining power, buyer bargaining power, potential new entrants, threat substitute product and the rivalry competing sellers determined the profitability of enterprises. The profitability which significantly important to a firm is the fundamental element of existence and development....   [tags: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Mobile network operator]

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Price Of The Demand And Supply Curves

- Question 1 A) Under completely free market, individual’s freedom of economic activity is guaranteed with less governmental intervention. Price of products in the market is determined by the where the supply and demand intersects, which means Qd=Qs. 1,600 – 125P = 440 +165P 1,600 – 440 = 165P + 125P 1,160 = 290P 1,1160/290 = 290P/290 P = $4 per bushels Q = 1,600 – (125) (4) Q = 1,600 – 500 Q = 1100million bushels ∴ Therefore, the Price is $4 per bushel and the Quantity is 1100million bushels under a completely from market....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory]

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The Attractiveness of Telecommunication Industry in 1998

- The telecommunication industry has seen significant regulatory reform from the 1990s onwards to the present date. There are major sectors in the industry such as fixed line telephony, television delivery, mobile telephony, fixed wireless access, satellite service, radio and postal sector. I am going to predominantly focus on mobile telephony sector of the industry. Particularly on what were the attractive features of the industry analyzing it by using porter’s five forces which determines the attractiveness of the industry....   [tags: mobile, telephony, irish, government, regulation]

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Opportunity Cost Is The Highest - Valued Alternative Forgone

- 1. Opportunity cost is the highest – valued alternative forgone. If I can buy 1 book for $12 or notepads for $3 each, then the opportunity cost of buying 1 book are the notepads I can buy with $12. To find this opportunity cost I would divide the prices of the book with the price of notepad. That is how relative price is determined, because relative price is a ratio of one price to another. 2. Money price is the amount of dollars we must pay to obtain goods. Relative price is a ratio of one price to another or the ratio of a price to a basket of all goods (price index)....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory, Goods]

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U.s. Producers Of Non Chocolate Candy Products

- Substitute Products U.S. producers of non-chocolate candy products sell through wholesalers, as well as direct to retailers. The buyers of the products make purchasing decisions based on expectations of consumer behavior. Buyers will select items that are perceived to be in demand, either based on historical sales data, or trends in consumer preferences. Thus, this section focuses on the trends that influence the purchasing decisions of the wholesale retailers and retailers. Alternatives available to consumers are plentiful for non-chocolate confections....   [tags: Confectionery, Candy, Marketing, Jelly bean]

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The Importance of Reading

- Reading has at all times and in all ages been a source of knowledge, of happiness, of pleasure and even moral courage. In today's world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased. In the olden days if reading was not cultivated or encouraged, there was a substitute for it in the religious sermon and in the oral tradition. The practice of telling stories at bed time compensated to some extent for the lack of reading....   [tags: literacy]

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The Underground Market for Drugs

- The underground market for drugs is like any other market economy. Like all other markets, it is governed by the forces of supply and demand. When speaking about these concepts, it is valuable to have a concrete definition to return to. Supply, as defined in “Essentials of Economics” is “The ability and willingness to sell (produce) specific quantities of a good at alternative prices in a given time period, ceteris paribus.” (Schiller, 50). Similarly, demand is “The ability and willingness to buy specific quantities of a good at alternative prices in a given time period, ceteris paribus.” (Schiller, 50)....   [tags: inelastic market economy]

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The Role Of Educational Leaders Are Responsible For The Wellbeing Of All Under Their Care

- The supervisors’ reactions that were nonchalant didn’t appear to be due to Lisa behavior. The lax or nonchalant behavior from the supervisors seem to stem from repetitive incidents that the lead teacher didn’t inform the substitute during a previous meeting. The ethic that appears to be lacking is ethics of care. Shapiro and Gross (2013) stated that ethics of care ask to consider the consequences of a decision or action. By doing so, the person determines who would benefit from the decision of a particular action....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Ethics]

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A&P by John Updike and Gryphon by Charles Baxter

- Two stories are brought together “A&P” and “Gryphon” to represent the struggles that every character faces. Sammy the main character in “A&P”, and Tommy the main character in “Gryphon” face a struggle that will put them to the test. For Sammy the struggle is, should he stand up to his boss and defend the girls or should he let it go. Tommy faces the conflict of, does he believe the substitute teacher and defend her against everyone else or does he follow what everybody else is doing. In their stories, Tommy and Sammy are put up against a conflict that they have never seen before, and their “job” is to decide what they should do and how they should approach the problem....   [tags: characters, conflict, hero]

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The Use of an Offensive Word in The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain

- The Adventures of Huck Finn is a very controversial book which brings much debate on whether it should be taught to children in America. The main reason for this debate is because the offensive word ‘nigger’ is used commonly throughout. The book is a classic and is seen to some people as such a great book that we should overlook the offensive word to understand the real lessons Mark Twain wanted to get across. One solution to this ongoing debate is something called the New South Edition, which substitutes ‘nigger’ for a ‘slave’ a word that is less personal and describes the history of America....   [tags: african americans, discrimination]

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Main Factors That Determine Demand Of A Particular Product Or Service

- The major factors that determine demand of a particular product or service are a change in price, prices of related products, income, and so on. When there is a change in price this will cause a shift along the demand curve. Generally, when the price of a product increases, quantity demanded will fall due to a satisfaction decrease for consumers. For example, if the price of orange juice increases from $3 to $5, then its quantity demanded will likely fall. Consumers will switch to a cheaper brand, make their own, substitute to another drink choice, or wait for the price to drop again....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory]

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Soft Drink Industry: Degree of Rivalry

- The Five Competitive Forces Degree of Rivalry As it was mentioned already above the key players in the Irish soft drink market are Coca-Cola, Britvic Plc., PepsiCo, and Groupe DANONE. The game is concentrated on these four key players which hold a total market volume of 57.5%. This indicates that market shares among players in the industry are not equally distributed. The market is quite fragmented and that the market giants are operating along with other smaller companies which account for total market volume of 42.5%....   [tags: coca-cola, pepsiCo, danone]

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Rental Housing Vs. Owner Occupied Housing

- Rental Housing v. Owner-Occupied Housing In further understanding the differences between the trends in rental v. owner-occupied housing, we can apply economic theory. First and foremost, is supply and demand theory. This is the most basic of economic principles. It explains how prices are set, how and when the market is at equilibrium, and human behavior in the context of a free market economy. (The Law of Supply and Demand, n.d.) The greater the demand for a good, the higher its price. This is what we saw with the build-up of the housing bubble....   [tags: Economics, Supply and demand, Marginal concepts]

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Human Memory Retrieval And Inhibitory Control

- Memory is a complex, essential attribute that humans exercise on a daily basis. We have all experienced memories we would much rather forget and also crucial details of memories that we cannot seem to remember. For this paper I will discuss research articles focused on uncovering the phenomena of forgetting memories. In the article, Opposing Mechanisms Support the Voluntary Forgetting of Unwanted Memories researchers Roland G. Benoit and Michael C. Anderson, examined if two distinctive neural mechanisms could be used to deliberately forget unwanted memories....   [tags: Memory, Hippocampus, Amnesia, Episodic memory]

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Time Managing A School Program

- Time managing a school could be well spent since much of the management is preventing little problems from growing into bigger issues. However, Annie’s day and the managerial duties were not necessarily supporting the overall strengthening of the school’s culture of a strong Catholic Identity and the lack of focus in this area alone could spell disaster as far as providing the proper and sought environment that people want in a Catholic school. Looking at where Annie’s time went, there was too much time spent on managerial items and not enough on spiritual and instructional and others could have addressed many of the managerial items....   [tags: Leadership, Teacher, Educational years]

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The Concept Of Price Elasticity Of Demand

- The concept of Price Elasticity of Demand (PED) measures the responsiveness of quantity demanded by consumers to a change in product price. It is used by businesses to forecast sales, set the most effective price of goods and determine total revenue (TR) and total expenditure (TE). Similarly, governments also use price elasticity of demand when imposing indirect taxes on goods and setting minimum and maximum prices. Marginal revenue is also determined by the price elasticity of demand. Price elasticity of demand is used to predict the quantity shift in the supply curves and the effect on price for a product, and is usually always negative as it is the relationship between price and quantity...   [tags: Supply and demand, Price elasticity of demand]

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The Porter 5 Forces Analysis Tool on 7-Eleven Convenience Stores in Malaysia

- For assessing the industry profitability, Porter 5 Forces analysis tools were used to analyze one organization evaluation. In this case, the technique were used to analyze 7-Eleven Convenience Store specifically in Malaysia. Porter 5 Forces consists of 5 important area which is Threat of New Entrants, Bargaining Power of customers, Threat of substitute Products and services, Bargaining Power of suppliers, and competitive rivalry within the industry. Theoretically, the more powerful these forces in an industry, the lower its profit potential....   [tags: market, competition, customers]

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Start Up a Football Team in the Worcestershire Area

- The scenario below analyis a start up football team based in the Worcestershire area Section A Identify the main macro and micro-environmental factors that may affect your business. 1.1 Introduction Micro environmental factors are factors that the business has control over such as the 4 P’s and porters matrix. Macro environmental factors are the PESTLE factors, which are uncontrollable. These are Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal and Economical. These are factors such as legislation in place by the government and economic recession or Factors that a business cannot control....   [tags: Marketing and Management]

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The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

- In Michael Porter’s article “The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy”, he explains that business leaders and strategists should focus on the “industry structure” for more profits instead of focusing narrowly on its direct competitors because there is better profit beyond its rivals. Moreover, Porter emphasizes the importance of five forces in the industry competition, which are: “threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute, bargaining power of suppliers, and rivalry among existing competitors”....   [tags: Mobile phone, Strategic management, IPhone]

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PC Industry versus Apple Analysis

- Apple Case Analysis In today’s society, there is an ongoing interest in the study of the forces that can provide competitive advantage to organizations. In 2008, Michael Porter wrote an article called “The five competitive forces that shape strategy.” In this article, he wrote about the five different forces that deal with the attractiveness of an industry. All of these forces shaped every single industry’s behavior in the competitive market in today’s society. In order to better understand the PC industry structure, using this Five Force Analysis would be very beneficial....   [tags: economy, five, force, industry, suppliers]

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Benefits Of Cutting Sugar Out

- 1. Cutting out Sugar Cutting sugar out is not as easy as stop adding 3 packets of processed sugar in your morning’s cup of coffee although it’s a good start. Sugar is disguised in many different forms and is in a lot of ordinary food items you typically buy and wouldn’t suspect it’s in there. If you buy crackers or any dry packaged food read the ingredients. There’s a good chance you’re going to see some form of sugar in it. If it doesn 't outright call it sugar it is probably disguised as some other Latin interpretation the untrained eye won’t catch....   [tags: Sugar, Nutrition, Fructose, Food]

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Stakeholder Conflicts and Dividend Policy in Two Firm Types

- Next, this report will uses statistical tests to demonstrate the relationship between dividends and its determinants in two firm types. There are two models which are the base-case model and robustness model. The base-case model is estimated with OLS technique, year dummies, pooled data and standard errors. Generally, time changes influence on the banking institution, the year dummies is unobservable. Therefore, Hsiao(2003) proposed that random effects estimation can solve the time vary problem, but have to drop the dependent variables....   [tags: Banks, Owners]

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An Inverse Relationship Between Price And Quantity Demanded

- The law of demand states that there is an inverse relationship between price and quantity demanded. With an increase in the price of a certain product, the quantity demanded will decrease, since consumers are less willing to buy more products when the price for each product is higher. My example would be A&W teen burger. It normally costs approximately $3.50 with taxes. I normally buy two combos which cost approximately $10. When the price of teen burgers increases, I will not buy as many as I usually do....   [tags: Supply and demand, Price point, Hamburger]

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I Had The Pleasure Interviewing Mr. Hills

- I had the pleasure interviewing Mr. Daryl Hills. Mr. Daryl Hills was a long-term substitute counselor at Cone Elementary, during my first four months working there. I worked at Cone Elementary as a Tutor for AmeriCorps through Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro. He was one of the first employees I met Cone Elementary, when he discovered I was a graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University our interactions became more frequent. He was excited to know that I was pursuing my Masters in School Counseling, he spoke very highly of the counseling profession and about his experience....   [tags: School counselor, High school, College, School]

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The Symptom Of Symptom From Freud

- About the Symptom from Freud CHENG CHENG K1439597 What is Symptom A symptom, differing from inhibition according to Freud, denotes pathological processes while inhibition, on another plane, relates to function with out a necessary relation to a pathological implication even a inhibition may be a symptom as well. The word symptom is employed when some unusual changes or a new phenomenon has been undergone by a function rather than simply normal restriction of a function. Inhibition is the expression of a ‘restriction of an ego-function’ which has been either imposed as a measure of precaution to avoid a conflict with the id or the super-ego, or a result brought by an impoverishment of ener...   [tags: Sigmund Freud, The Ego and the Id]

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Product Life Cycle Pricing Strategies

- J.M. Smucker’s company generate many of its revenues through sales of its food products, many of its products are sold in United States while few sold overseas. Over the years, the U.S. retail market has earned an increased share of the company’s revenue, most of the products that contributed to Smucker’s net sales were peanut butter, fruit spreads, flour and shortening. Together, they covered about 61% of net sales. Smucker’s revenue increased 1% to $5.6 billion in fiscal 2015, Net income, which has been changing over the past years, decreased by $220.3 million to $344.9 million as Smucker saw selling, delivery, and administrative expenses increase....   [tags: Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Consultative selling]

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