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The Study of Public Sphere in Modern China

- Introduction As we all know, recently China is the fastest growing developing country in the world, under this situation; people in China are more concerned about the development of public awareness, which stand for the individual freedom thinking and civic consciousness. With prompting citizens to identify themselves with public linked together, in interaction with others, discussions, negotiations universality found consensus and common values is the process of public awareness, and at the same time, promote active citizenship into public sphere....   [tags: public, sphere, freedom]

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Jürgen Habermas’ The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

- In this essay I will discuss Jürgen Habermas’ “The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: Inquiry into a category of bourgeois society” (1962), and the ideas presented surrounding the public sphere. What I will investigate is whether or not the post-modern phenomenon of new media (e.g. the internet) could in fact present a new-wave of public sphere, or is just another platform for mass-media. I will also explore the public sphere model, and discuss its decline (due to either political or economic reasons)....   [tags: Decline of the Public Sphere]

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- Michael Crichton uses three common devices with ease in his novel, Sphere. The devices being: rhetoric, semantics, and style. Crichton uses these devices to incorporate a sense of unity in the writing. It is not difficult to incorporate this unity into a novel when the devices are properly used. When doing so, they flow together to create a more visual experience for the reader. These devices of writing are what create the environment for an understandable, yet interesting storyline. Rhetoric is the art of using language effectively and persuasively....   [tags: Sphere]

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Jürgen Habermas: Public Sphere and Media Sphere

- Habermas’ Public sphere: from the 18th century to today societies Public sphere is a necessary concept to understand our connected world. All the more today with new technologies, we are inter-connected and share a lot through Internet. Jürgen Habermas has conceptualized the public sphere as a place where debates take place and ideas are shared. It is useful in understanding our very connected societies. The question is to acknowledge how to apply his theory to social media. Internet changed citizen’s relationship with the media and created a new way of doing what the author thought of as a principle of democracy: rational-critical debate....   [tags: internet, societies, mass culture]

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Could The Internet Be The Public Sphere

- From the variety of hot topics that are covered by news, we can see that influence of the public opinion from the Internet cannot not be underestimated, but the scholars have a different view against ‘Could the Internet be the public sphere’. In this essay, commenting function in Yahoo News articles will be used to evaluate its performance of opinions expressions with Habermas’ normative standard for public sphere, and to discuss the limitation of Habermas’ deliberative approach of the public sphere within the Internet....   [tags: media, economy and society]

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Public Sphere and The Ideals of a Democratic Society

- Democracy, formally known as the “rule by the people” is seen a form of governance which is ruled by the people, for the people. Modern civilization views democracy as an ideal, but many people forget that this ideal is very difficult to achieve. The creation of the public sphere, as well as communicative technologies intended to achieve one of the most important goals: to enhance democracy. The public sphere was created in order to have an area where people could meet and freely discuss issues within society (Ironstone March 21, 2014)....   [tags: Fraser, Habermas, Dean]

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European Public Sphere

- We Need to Talk: What or Who Blocks the EU to Communicate With the Public. "Let our eyes not look away, but meet. Let us not look east and west for materials of conversation, but rest in presence and unity." Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Later Lectures, Volume 1, p.450 Introduction Since its inception, the European Union has struggled to effectively communicate with the public, resulting in a number of embarrassing setbacks and delays in regards to meeting certain goals and convincing the European public at large to support the Union....   [tags: International Government ]

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Influence and Contribution of BuzzFeed in the Public Sphere

- ... As a result, as mentioned above, it showed that BuzzFeed is a successful new media organization in dealing with the vanishing readers and falling advertising revenues problems. Undoubtedly, BuzzFeed is successful in making money; however, being one of the journalism, it is more essential for BuzzFeed to keep the public sphere alive and even larger. As below, the role of BuzzFeed in the public sphere will be indicated. The public sphere proposed by Habermas (2000) is a place that citizens can rationally and critically to form opinions free of political and commercial interest....   [tags: digital news sources]

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The West Wing: Characters and Political Sphere

- Men are also presented strongly and reserved, not losing their temper, while at the beginning of the episode the character Mandy was introduced as being a lunatic. She almost runs over men in a park, and yelling at them furiously. Mandy drives onto the sidewalk to get as close to the three males in suits, standing up in her convertible car while driving. These actions show females as losing their temper and control, while the male client she confronts remains calm and in control. He ends up taking control over the situation by telling her to calm down forcefully and states “Listen to me”, Mandy follows suit....   [tags: Politics, TV show]

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Jürgen Habermas’ Idea of the Public Sphere

- Jürgen Habermas’ idea of the “public sphere” is considered a communications revolution because it allowed for the transfer of information and ideas. This free flow of communication that grew out of the public opinion would allow democracy to prevail as it provided checks on powerful groups in society and allowed for critical discussions. Although Habermas’ notion of this democratic mechanism allowed for citizens to play a larger role in society, it ignored those who were not property owning white men of high prestige....   [tags: communication revolution, democracy]

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Russia and the Problematic Relationship with the Soviet Sphere

- Crisis poses Russian - Ukrainian explosive Currently, Bchabadtha Euro - U.S. , the problematic relationship between Russia on the one hand , and « the Soviet sphere » the former on the other hand . After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early nineties of the last century , Moscow was keen in the midst of transitions and political and economic chaos , to ensure a minimum level of influence , through maintaining the political and economic relations with a number of former Soviet republics....   [tags: policy, revolution, conflict]

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The Public Sphere

- The Public Sphere So many definitions are there of the public sphere. One can range from a scale as small as a township to a scale as large as a national government. In the earlier post-revolutionary days of the United States, just what the United States actually was and what it meant were still being defined. Now that the revolution was over, words such as nationalism and patriotism must be redefined. Many politicians, political groups, and the general public all desired to have a say in what they believed to be the true nature of this newly formed country....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of a Sphere of Influence to a Superpower

- The Importance of a Sphere of Influence to a Superpower This influence, that was felt around the world, led to many wars and possibly prevented a holocaust. It was a visible defensive action and an invisible security wall. The real importance of this question is not "should" a sphere of influence be established, but "why should" a sphere be established. Is it really to protect your neighboring nations for the evil of "capitalism" or "communism," no. A sphere of influence is a cushion to soften the blow if the enemy is attacking....   [tags: Political science foreign policy]

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- Sphere Brief Plot Summary: The military discovers a spaceship at the bottom of the ocean. A team is sent down to investigate and gets stuck down there due to a storm on the surface. A sphere is discovered inside the ship, made by an alien species. People go into the sphere and it gives them the power to create things with their minds. They realize this power is too powerful and that mankind isn’t ready for it. So they use this power to forget everything about the ship. Brief Character Description: Norman Johnson-53-year-old psychology professor, the last choice to be on the team because of his age....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Sphere Sphere: Summary The Sphere is a novel about a huge vessel that is discovered in the South Pacific on the ocean floor. A group of scientists descended to investigate the mysterious discovery. The protagonists are the scientists: Norman, Ellen, Captain Barnes, Dr. Johnson, Beth, Harry, and Ted. The antagonist of the story at the beginning is a set of tragedies. Later the antagonist turns out to be themselves. The book starts out with the scientists having to take many vigorous mental and physical tests....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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- SPHERE is a great unpredictable and exciting novel. The transformations between Introduction,Rising Action, Climax, and the Summary is almost perfect. As the wire snagged something the crew laying the cable on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean realized they had a problem for their were no shipwrecks on the chart. They told someone and this went up the corporate line of command and soon the military found out that their was something on the bottom of the ocean and that they had to investigate....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Sphere Sphere, by Michael Crichton (Ballantine Books, New York, 1987) is an exciting and unpredictable novel. The transformations between the introduction, rising action, climax and ending are almost perfect. As the wire snagged something, the crew laying the wire on the bottom of the Pacific realized there was a problem; there were no shipwrecks on the chart. The military got a hold of this information and were sent to investigate. They put together a group of people ranging from a mathematician to a psychologist....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Title: SPHERE Author: Michael Crichton Copyright: 1987 Main Characters: Harry, Beth, "Jerry", Norman, Ted, Barnes Setting South Pacific under water 1,00 feet under in a cylinder habitat. My name is Norman Johnson and I am a Psychologist. I am 54 and I am married. I have been called to a crash scene before to administer but this wasn't just any crash scene it would change my life. I was called out by the military to a site in the south pacific. I didn't hear any reports of an airline crashes so I thought it must be military craft....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Sphere Many people have questioned the existence of intergalactic intelligence such as time travel and aliens. Sphere takes all of these theories and rolls it into one novel. The main character in the novel is Norman Johnson a 56 year old psychologist who is very well known in his field. Norman plays a very important role in the novel, constantly changing the events for the better. Throughout the novel many changes occur to change his thoughts and his characteristics. Norman along with other scientists are called upon to work on a crash sight, but this wasn’t an ordinary crash sight that Norman was used to work on this was a crash sight of a UFO....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Twitter: The New Information Platform for Public Sphere

- Introduction: With the development of internet and improvement of digital transmission technology, network communication is becoming a part of people's life. For the publishing individual this situation cause the ability of audience which process information is greatly strengthened. At the same time, the situation sparks audience’s demand to make the information more personalisation. Thus it can be seen that, expressing individual, spreading ideas, real time information, quickly and easily, these elements becoming the audience’s basic requirement of information distributing and communication platform....   [tags: Social Media, Publishing]

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Corporal Punishment with Respect to the Private and Public Sphere

- ... The moderate requirement states that the punishment must be in proportion to the age, build, health and gender of the child. Corporal punishment by parental authority can only succeed as a defence if it meets these requirements, as well as having the intention to discipline or educate the child. 3 1 Arguments against parent’s right of chastisement The harm inflicted on a child when punishing him/her, violates the human rights of the child, which states that every child should be protected from abuse or degradation in section 28(d) of the Constitution....   [tags: physical discipline in schools is prohibited]

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Characters Tested in Michael Crichton’s Sphere

- ... I think…’ And then Harry screamed, and his body twisted, and Norman saw Beth withdraw the syringe from his shoulder, the needle tipped with blood” (Crichton 381-390). This says that Beth (with the help of Norman) has to make Harry unconscious, so she uses a syringe to inject the anesthetic into Harry. This means that with Harry unconscious, the manifestations will stop occurring, that is if Harry was thinking up the manifestations. This proves that people will do anything when they are put in a certain situation that tests them because Beth has to artfully use an anesthetic on a colleague by puncturing his shoulder, and only for hope that the manifestations stop occurring and that she do...   [tags: anesthetic, kill, habitat]

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Influence of Religion on Political Decisions in the Public Sphere

- Influence of Religion on Political Decisions in the Public Sphere A religion can refer to a specific cultural system of beliefs, which establishes symbols that relate humanity to moral values and spirituality. Religions in most instances draw humanity to the worship and total reliance of a deity (Vries 46). Religions are designed under a set of traditions, symbols, narratives, and sacred histories which attempts to give life its meaning. Religion once viewed as an indoor deity-worship activity; has since moved to the open public sphere, where it airs out its demands and expects the states to abide by them....   [tags: Religion ]

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The Gendered Division of Labour Within the Domestic Sphere

- Sociological study on the gendered division of labour within the domestic sphere has perennially been characterised by evidence of a clear inequality concerning the allocation of unpaid chores within the home between men and women (Warren, 2003:734). While men have traditionally been regarded as primary breadwinners, the management of home-maintenance has remained largely women’s responsibility (Breen & Cooke, 2005:47). A number of theories exist to explain this unequal distribution of domestic labour, in particular the economic exchange model (which argues that women perform domestic duties in ‘exchange’ for financial support from their husbands), and the gender display model, which asserts...   [tags: Gender]

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Microorganisms Inhabit Every Sphere of Our Planet

- ... g) Barophiles:- these are also known as Peizophiles. These are the organisms which can survive at sites having very high pressure such as in deep sea. Example: Xenophyophores sp., Halomonas salaria etc. h) Mesophiles:- they are also known as Neutrophiles. These are the organisms which survive at moderate conditions of temperature, acidity, alkalinity, salinity etc. They require optimum balanced conditions only for their survival. Example: almost all the living organisms except those mentioned above....   [tags: viruses, evolution, eukaryotes]

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Privatizing the Public Sphere

- Privatizing the Public Sphere The privatization and fragmentation of space in post-industrial urban America is a widespread social problem. As society becomes even more globalized as a result of technological advances, the rampant spread of a privatized public realm is ever-increasing. Public space is needed as a center in which to bring people together to share a common place. It is within public spaces that public life unfolds and without public spaces such as parks, streets, and buildings, the mixing of classes will become increasingly uncommon....   [tags: Industrialization Fragmentation Essays]

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sphere critique

- Sphere Sphere is an interesting story about a group of scientists from different disciplines who are brought to a super-secret underwater site where the U. S. Navy has discovered a mysterious, glowing sphere. Although the movie was very interesting, a lot of scientific facts, it was just too long and there were parts of the film where I found myself yawning. I give the movie a thumb up for being the movie my teacher chose to show the class. Although the movie was directed by Barry Levinson and starred Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, and Samuel L....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Jurgen Habermas's Concept of Public Sphere

- Jurgen Habermas's concept of Public Sphere Jurgen Habermas developed the concept of Public Sphere, an open network to facilitate exchanges, as a part of a larger project dealing with the paradoxical consequences of rational western capitalism. The project is deeply rooted in Weber's reflections on the role of religion (Calvinism) in the development of capitalism in the North-Atlantic Rim, and the Marxist critique of such reflections as laid out by the members of the Frankfurt School (Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Separate Sphere Ideology and Opposition to Women's Suffrage in the Victorian Era

- The opposition to women's suffrage in the early 20th century stems from a deep rooted social phenomenon in england that took hold in the 19th century. The victorian era gave rise to the system of gender roles and relations that sought to separate the sexes on all fronts of society. This sex class system, also known as the separate sphere ideology, developed from the changing economic scheme, the opinions of great victorian philosophers, and a revival of religious integrity. The separate sphere ideology very popular amongst english society and developed a level of indisputable credibility when publically defended by an emergence of pseudo science discoveries on a woman's capacities....   [tags: biological, rights, classes]

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The Effects of Celebrity Centered Journalism

- In our modern day society, media is dominated by celebrity centred journalism which has developed significantly in the last century. Journalism is often focused on people’s personal lives, mainly celebrities which include people from the film and television industry, models, musical artists and other well-known people in the entertainment business. It is clear that celebrities are a very popular topic to write about in the news as they create entertaining stories and this is what the public want to read....   [tags: debasing the public sphere]

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Women, Crime, and Custody in Victorian England by Lucia Zedner

- Upon hearing the term, “The Victorian Woman,” it is likely that one’s mind conjures up an image of a good and virtuous woman whose life revolved around the domestic sphere of the home and family, and who demonstrated a complete devotion to impeccable etiquette as well as to a strong moral system. It is certainly true that during Victorian England the ideal female was invested in her role as a wife and a mother, and demonstrated moral stability and asexuality with an influence that acted as her family’s shield to the intrusions of industrial life....   [tags: domestic sphere, women]

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How the Internet has Tansformed the Public Sphere Using Technology

- One of the most well known ideas in Chaos Theory is called the Butterfly Effect. Depending on initial conditions, the theory hypothesis that a small change in a system can lead to much larger effect after a chain of events. Therefore, it is perfectly possible that a cyclone in the US is caused by a butterfly’s flap of wings several weeks ago. When Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in front of a Tunisian government building, no one would have predicted the chain reaction that ultimately led to the fall of governments in Tunisia and Egypt....   [tags: internet technology, censorship ,butterfy effect]

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The Digital Media Age

- INTRODUCTION: “(..) As President of the United States, there are times where I wish information didn't flow so freely because then I wouldn't have to listen to people criticizing me all the time. I think people naturally are -- when they're in positions of power sometimes thinks, oh, how could that person say that about me, or that's irresponsible, or -- but the truth is that because in the United States information is free, and I have a lot of critics in the United States who can say all kinds of things about me, I actually think that that makes our democracy stronger and it makes me a better leader because it forces me to hear opinions that I don't want to hear....   [tags: Public Sphere, Jurgen Habermas]

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The History of Media Ownership

- The History of Media Ownership The process of homogenization of the industrial sectors during the 20th century didn't spare the media sector. In fact, it has become common nowadays to find important industrials in charge of media groups. We have entered the era of new “Press Barons” (Curran, 2011) and the consequence of this oligarchic tendency of democracy applied to media streams is that the message transmitted in the press or radio is not politically or economically neutral (Halimi, 2005)....   [tags: media, public sphere, power]

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Who Controls the Private Sphere in an Archaic Greek Society

- Who Controls the Private Sphere in an Archaic Greek Society Abstract: Texts, such as Oeconomicus, reveal that while men in Archaic Greek society had authority over their wives, they were too confident of their control, and once they taught women how to act and behave they granted women authority over the household or private sphere. This segregation of the public and private spheres allowed women control not only over the private sphere, but also some control over her own life. Did women in Archaic Greek society have control over their lives....   [tags: Women Power Greek Greece Essays]

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Factory Labor and the Domestic Sphere in the Lowell Offering

- In 1822, a group of Boston merchants and traders began their campaign to transform a riverbank below the thirty-foot falls of the Merrimack River into "the greatest textile manufacturing establishment in the country." These capitalists dug and improved the Merrimack canal, constructed machine shops, and built housing for mill executives, foremen and operatives. The cotton mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, and other New England sites began to employ the first female industrial labor force in the United States....   [tags: American History Lowell Papers]

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Information flows around the world

- Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory, developed the concept of the term ‘Global Village’ in two of his earliest books—The Gutenberg Galaxy, in 1962, and Understanding Media: The Extension of Man, in 1964. He defined global village as a small village where electronic media made it possible, and how the information flows from parts of the world at the same time (Mcluhan, 1964). No matter how far or near of anything happen around the globe, people can see and hear of what have been occurred immediately, with just matter of seconds....   [tags: mass media, public sphere, global village]

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In the Country of Men by Hisham Batar

- Aung San Suu Kyi once said, “Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day”. This is the basic reality for the citizens of Libya living under Qadaffi’s repressive regime. Pressured to conform to the societal and partisan desires of the government, citizens live in constant fear. The foundation of terror Libya’s society is built on creates an unstable setting that leads people to commit acts of betrayal. Suleiman betrays his best friend Kareem when he attempts to take out his frustration on his lack of understanding of his home life....   [tags: sphere of betrayal]

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William Gladstone: A Vast Sphere of Lasting Influence

- Every country has a leader who helps make significant changes toward the betterment of the country and the world. William Gladstone was that leader in Great Britain. Born in 1809, he entered the politics at the age of 22 in 1833. A strong Tory, who felt that any electoral reform would lead to revolution, he eventually became one of the founding members of the Liberal Party in 1859. He would later say that “I was brought up to distrust and to dislike liberty, and I learned to believe in it. That is the key to all my change” (Wilson 102)....   [tags: British History]

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Pythagoras's Theory of Harmony of the Spheres

- Pythagoras is considered, not only as one of the greatest mathematicians in history, but also for his works concerning music, philosophy, astrology, and many others for all the discoveries made by him. One of the greatest discoveries attributed to Pythagoras is the discovery of the musical scale used nowadays. This scale was based on the principle in which all Pythagoreans base their thought: the existence of numbers in every single aspect in existence. A philosophical belief of universal creation based upon the perfect harmony between numbers and nature....   [tags: Pythagoras, philosphy, the republic]

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Minimalism and Its Spheres of Influence

- Art and Minimalism and all that is related: Art is like the mirror of a society, in many ways. It has always been relatable to and representational of the aspirations of a particular era. That society influences art goes without saying. That art seeks to influence social and cultural phenomenon speaks of its affective power. Minimalism was a logical development of trends that started at the beginning of the 20th century - more notably, in architecture with the Bauhaus and Mies Van Der Rohe’s philosophy of “Less is More”....   [tags: Key Aspects, Art]

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Factors Influencing the Size of Spheres

- Factors Influencing the Size of Spheres Aim In class and through my own research I have found out that there are several things that control the sphere of influence of a settlement. In my project I intend to see if these theories can been seen to affect sphere of influence of real settlements in Essex and the Lake District. The theories I am going to test are on range, accessibility, size of settlement, and tourism function. Background information Sphere of influence David Waugh text book tells us that sphere of influence is “the area around each settlement which comes under its economic, social and political influence.” This is also known as urban field or...   [tags: Papers]

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Resistance as the Byproduct of Separate Spheres

- Resistance as the Byproduct of Separate Spheres The history of women in the United States is primarily a study of gender, the social construction of sexual difference, through time. The nineteenth century stands out as the period when the code of separate gender spheres emerged and yet, already, began to come into question. Social forces of economic and religious change sculpted gender into a dichotomy differentiated along roughly the same lines as (what we can now consider problematic) divisions between the private/public, emotional/rational, and consuming/producing....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Reform Jewish Women: Stepping Outside Their Spheres

- With the institution of religion being so steeped in patriarchal ideals throughout history, Reform Judaism has proven to be a beacon of acceptance for Jewish women looking to live fulfilling lives in both the private and public spheres. Within North America, Women of Reform Judaism has lead women to to become active citizens and stand up for worthy causes. As well, the introduction of female congregational leadership has presented a fresh opportunity for spiritual enrichment. In Israel, which is governed by traditionalism, Reform Jewish people worldwide are in support of equality at the Western Wall- supporting an organization called Women of The Wall....   [tags: judaism, torah, rabbi]

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Earth Spheres

- DEFINITIONS: The biosphere is a closed self-regulating system that integrates living organisms with nonliving components of a planet (Lenkeit). The biosphere is part of the outer shell of a planet and includes the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere ( The hydrosphere is an open system that contains all of a planet's solid, liquid, and gaseous water ( As an open system, the hydrosphere interacts with the surrounding systems through inputs and outputs (Lenkeit). The atmosphere is an open system that consists of a gaseous mixture enveloping a planet (   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Validity of Existing Pool Boiling Curve Models for Spheres in Nitrogen

- This experiment determined the validity of existing pool boiling curve models for spheres in nitrogen. We quenched copper, stainless steel and brass spheres of two different diameters in a pool of nitrogen. We created boiling curves comparing the temperature difference between the sphere surface and saturated nitrogen to the heat flux from the sphere. The curves were then compared to Rohsenow’s material dependent equation for nucleate boiling and other models to predict the minimum and maximum heat fluxes, independent of surface material....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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A Separation of Spheres in the Later Half of the 19th Century

- A Separation of Spheres in the Later Half of the 19th Century In the later half of the 19th century men and women were seen to live in ‘separate spheres.’ Public activity for men and domestic/private for women. However some upper class women did have the chance to do voluntary work such as charity work. Upper class women at this time where seen to obey their husbands, they had a role, they were ladies so they had to act like ladies. Women were excluded from the public sphere men where seen as top of society and women shouldn’t get involved with politics as they wouldn’t understand....   [tags: Papers]

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History: On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres by Nicolas Copernicus

- European belief relied heavily on what the human mind could observe. However, many of what we perceive of modern science delved deeper that what the mind could see. Rather, some looked deeper into how the world worked and some even looked toward the sky for answers to why God created the world the way it appeared. After many discoveries and evolutions of thought, the way human beings saw themselves within the universe was changed forever. The Aristotelian tradition dominated most of modern Europe....   [tags: bible, creation, modern science]

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On Revolutions Of The Heavenly Spheres by Nicolaus Copernicus

- Scholarly Life in the 16th-century After reading On The Revolutions Of The Heavenly Spheres, Nicolaus Copernicus's dedication to Pope Paul III, it can be gathered that the life of a scholar was something of a mission, a crusade if you will, to achieve knowledge of the unknown. Like a crusade, scholarly life contained hardships but also achievements and even more importantly and sometimes most strived for, notoriety....   [tags: Nicolaus Copernicus ]

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Nicholas Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Led to the Belief in the Scientific Method

- In the year of 1543, laying on his death bed, Nicholas Copernicus published the On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. The notions and ideas that were presented in Copernicus’s book have not only led us to believe that the Earth orbits around the Sun, but rather have led the general populace to have an intrinsic belief in the scientific method. Today, this very belief in the scientific method is being challenged by human morality. As biochemists continue to widen the scope of biopharming, countless individuals are beginning to wonder where to draw a line on transgenic organisms....   [tags: transgenic organisms, humans, GMO]

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The Global Fantastic: Knowledge Transfer, the Victor's Voice, and Cultural Education in 20th-century Spheres of Influence

- During and after the Second World War, relief efforts for war victims poured into central Europe from across the world.i Aid especially flowed from those countries located outside the territorial war, and especially from the U.S. government and its allies, religious organizations like the Catholic Relief Services, recruited by President (Fortin 303-5, McCleary 56-8). Thus, an American high school English anthology called American Writers, printed in Boston in 1942, bears several interesting stamps....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Moontime: Spheres of Influence

- Our trio Artisan Jazz, slipped into a red-hot groove last night. My intuition told me we were under the intoxicating influence of the full moon. I sorted through my in-box where I keep low-priority mail, unsolicited calendars from my alma mater, Prudential Insurance, the Humane Society. Though they listed Arbor Day, Benito Juarez’s birthday, Eid a Fitr day, nowhere did they note the moon cycle. For fear of being characterized as an astrology freak, someone who consults a star ephemeris every time he goes to his poker game, let me assure you, I haven’t a Druidic bone in my body....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Nietzsche´s Life and Survival: Buddha´s Meaning of Suffering

- Introduction “To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” Friedrich Nietzsche’s articulate definition of life and survival serves in tandem to Buddha’s teachings of suffering, the meaning of suffering, and it’s applicability to real life. In essence, one must commit to realizing suffering, the causes of suffering, and finally, the means of escaping it. Suffering can be physical or psychological, yet it must yield the same end of stifled human experience. The cause of suffering can be many, but must stem from the subsections of: Craving to Be, Craving Not to Be, and Sensual Experience ....   [tags: Friederich Nietzsche, Buddha, Six Sense Spheres]

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International Capitalism and Gender

- International economic forces has the ability to transform a society for better or for worse; but, divorcing from their influence when things go south is not simple, for a culture becomes embedded in a transnational system of politics and economics that dictates the culture’s role within the big picture of capitalism. To make sense of changes that occur as a result of capitalism, society defines the meanings of the networks that form society (e.g., kinship or ethnicity). One category we continuously see being utilized is that of gender, a social construct that allows us to comprehend differences between groups of people....   [tags: Capitalism and Gender]

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A Transactional Communication Analysis of Middle Managers

- A Transactional Communication Analysis of Middle Managers Introduction This paper provides my analysis of an oral presentation using the transactional model of communication. This model is most appropriate to my analysis, as this presentation seeks understanding and agreement of a mid-level management group. The goal of the transaction is to gain buy-in and support of a training program from mid-level managers. My role is to prepare and verbally present information to a small group of managers....   [tags: Papers]

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Liberty of Verbal Expression

- The principle of non-harm was brought forth by James Stuart Mill in On Liberty by introducing two different spheres that make up life. The spheres were private and public. A meaningful life is found when a maximum private sphere is present because decisions are personally beneficial. Democratic historical and social context give background to why the non-harm principle was so revolutionary. The non-harm principle can be applied to freedom of speech in that harm by words only occurs when the result is instant physical harm....   [tags: James Stuart Mill, On Liberty]

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Sexual Violence and Our Rape Culture

- Rape Culture has yet to be dealt with by society in an active way. In some ways, society actually perpetuates rape culture by maintaining the cycle of victim blaming, sexual objectification, and elected ignorance. When I say elected ignorance, I’m referring to society’s tendency to turn a blind eye to some forms of sexual violence, like domestic abuse, because it is considered to be outside of the public sphere. When sexual violence occurs in the private sphere but somehow leaks into the public sphere, social institutions as well as the victims of the crime will often try to conceal the offense for fear of scrutiny and penalties....   [tags: Domestic Violence Essays]

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Feminist Criticism of Vice-presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech

- Feminist Criticism of Vice-presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech Women began taking on political roles over a century ago as they fought for the right to be recognized within the governmental system in the United States. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution which gave women the right to vote. Since then, women have made leaps and bounds within the political sphere. However, these expansive steps were not taken easily. Constant negotiation is necessary for women in political positions....   [tags: Politics Gender]

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A Brief History of Clocks: From Thales to Ptolemy

- A Brief History of Clocks: From Thales to Ptolemy The clock is one of the most influential discoveries in the history of western science. The division of time into regular, predictable units is fundamental to the operation of society. Even in ancient times, humanity recognized the necessity of an orderly system of chronology. Hesiod, writing in the 8th century BC., used celestial bodies to indicate agricultural cycles: "When the Pleiads, Atlas' daughters, start to rise begin your harvest; plough when they go down" ( Hesiod 71)....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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North and South and Hard Times

- North and South and Hard Times     In  "Industrial" H Sussman states that "one of the most significant shifts created  by industrialism" was that of the "separation of the workplace from the home".  This "shift" created "new gender roles" with the "husband as breadwinner [and  the] wife as childcare giver" and led ultimately to the "19th century  ideology of the two separate spheres -  the masculine public sphere of work [and]  the private female sphere of domesticity". Is, however, this "shift" one which  Elizabeth Gaskell in North and South and Charles Dickens in Hard Times not only reflect but one which they endorse....   [tags: Dickens Hard Times Essays]

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Theories on the Relationship bewteen Freedom of Speech, Expression and Democracy

- Theories on the relationship between freedom of speech, expression and democracy can be critically assessed through the comparative and contrasting of Alexander Meiklejohn (1948) and Jürgen Habermas’s (1964) views in their published works. ‘The Town hall’ theory as outlined by Meiklejohn (1948, p.22) and ‘The Public Sphere’ theory as outlined by Habermas (1964, p.49) have similarities in relation to expression and democracy such as the mutual agreement they have on realizing you cannot achieve democracy unless all individuals are valued as equals....   [tags: Alexander Meiklejohn, Jurgen Habermas]

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The Origin and Structure of our Universe

- I suppose that the Universe we can observe and cognize consists of self-developing hierarchically co-subordinate and genetically relative systems of cosmic bodies. Each of the systems is distinguished by the qualitative state of substance composing its bodies but main evolution mechanisms are common to all the systems. What is common to all the systems. The central most massive body of every system is a parental body for its younger members. The central massive body of every system at intervals conceives in its interiors new cosmic bodies to put them into initial (circum-parental) orbits....   [tags: Physics Universe Space Science Essays]

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Structure and Agency

- Structure and agency are two theoretical terms used to explain the capacity at which we as people are able to be individuals, and to what extent those influences limit our individuality. Structure refers to the ways in which a society is organized. Agency refers to the behaviors and actions of the individuals within the social structure. Agency is limited by the structure due to cultural barriers and inequalities within the structure. In this essay, I will present an overview of why critical theorists are concerned with those inequalities, and I will further identify the problems within the system contributing to the unequal access to the public sphere, relating specifically to class and ge...   [tags: Sociology]

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The Enlightenment and Its Influence

- The journals hint a new source of knowledge – through knowledge and ground – that undermined these sources of authority. The history of Academies in France during the Enlightenment begins with the Academy of Science, based in 1666 in Paris. Academies demonstrate the growing interest in science along with its incremental secularization, as demonstration by the diminutive number of clerics who were members (13 percent). The book sketch the appointment of the "bourgeois public sphere" in 18th-hundred Europe....   [tags: science, enlightenment, academy]

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Four Geometry Formulas

- As you begin the course of geometry students are generally familiarized with frequently used formulas in mathematics. These formulas include finding the perimeter and area of two-dimensional figures and finding the volume and surface area of three-dimensional figures. For every diverse shape there is a related formula for finding its perimeter, area, volume, or surface area. Therefore, we will only focus on four formulas for four singular shapes or figures. We will find the perimeter of a square, the area of a triangle, the volume of a right circular cylinder and the total surface area of a sphere....   [tags: Geometry]

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History: Women's Movement

- If Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were able to attend the abolitionist conference in 1840 would the women’s movement never begin. The answer is no. Women were craving for a change in their lives; this was just a catalyst for one specific movement. Seneca Falls in any shape or form would occur as the growing anticipation for change in the public sphere. The American People Reader includes primary resources like the popular magazine, “Godey’s Lady’s Book” which showcases domestic ideology through the lens of men....   [tags: abolitionist conference, change]

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Overview of the GPS

- Introduction In olden days, our ancestors used many different measures to find their way around the Earth. They used the positions of stars, landmarks were put up and detailed maps were drafted in order to prevent themselves from getting lost. In today’s day and age, it is much easier to know exactly where on Earth you are and find your way around without ever getting lost again - as long as you have a handy device known as a GPS. I knew that GPS’s could be found in cars, boats, planes, computers and other new devices, but my interested in how exactly this system worked was aroused when I was listening to my dad teaching his friend, who had recently bought a GPS, how to use it....   [tags: Satellite System, 3D Trilateration]

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Murakami as an Existential Writer

- Existentialism is a 20th century philosophy and school of literature that holds that life is meaningless and chaotic, and any abstract theories about it are useless. All that exists is the world of phenomena as perceived by our senses. Whatever metaphysical concept that lies behind this world is not only impossible to know and understand, but also holds no significant value. The only choice we have to make in life is to accept this world with a kind of determined joy, to discipline ourselves, and to defy the emptiness and the chaos by finding our own meaning in life (“Friedrich Nietzsche Part 4”)....   [tags: Philosophy, Writing]

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Archimedes' Life and Accomplishments

- Archimedes is a well-known scientist, who started modern day science. Archimedes studied and influenced many areas of science and mathematics. Some of the areas he influenced include; astronomy, mechanics, geometry, hydrostatics, and many more. Archimedes discoveries and inventions are very helpful in the world of both mathematics and science. Many of his ideas and discoveries are the foundations of the things we know about in both science and math. Archimedes was born in Syracuse, an island of Sicily....   [tags: archimedes, pi value, math, calculus]

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Comparing and Contrasting Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic Geometries

- When it comes to Euclidean Geometry, Spherical Geometry and Hyperbolic Geometry there are many similarities and differences among them. For example, what may be true for Euclidean Geometry may not be true for Spherical or Hyperbolic Geometry. Many instances exist where something is true for one or two geometries but not the other geometry. However, sometimes a property is true for all three geometries. These points bring us to the purpose of this paper. This paper is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my growing understanding about Euclidean Geometry, Spherical Geometry, and Hyperbolic Geometry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Public Service Broadcasting

- Paddy Scannell’s article ‘Public Service Broadcasting and Modern Public Life’, defending the viewpoints from Peacock Committee, tried to remind people public service broadcasting is not only a gold digging business but also a benefit for democratization. In order to illustrate public service broadcasting is not established for profit, he used BBC as an example. Taking two things from Habermas to support his idea those are a historical approach and the concern with ‘general public’ (Scannell,1989).Thus, as Scannell stated, public service broadcasting played an unconsciously beneficial, it is fair to ask that why did broadcasting play a social role improving democracy....   [tags: Article Analysis, Democracy Development]

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A Study of the Impact of Sina Weibo on the Formation of Public Opinion in Mainland China

- ... With the development of Internet since the late 20th century, it is argued by many scholars that the Internet provides the possibility for the existence of a democratic public sphere (Boeder, 2005; Hinderman, 2008; Papacharissi, 2002 and Papacharissi, 2010). Papacharissi(2002) argues that Internet provides an unprecedentedly large quantity of information, which facilitates the public’s discussions over political issues. In addition, via the Internet, geographical constraints of communication are overcome....   [tags: social media, democratization of society]

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The Role of Females in the 19th Century

- By accentuating the female’s roles and responsibilities in the 19th century, Mary Shelley emphasizes females as domestic and explains her story from a feminist viewpoint, and shows how females in her novel were created from actual people in her life. Although the women’s roles and responsibilities were completely different and often unequal to the men’s roles, the woman in Frankenstein impacted the lives of the male characters in a positive way. Some woman in Frankenstein was taken advantage of and used since females felt they were not worthy and died due to muteness....   [tags: women's rights, mary shelley, frankenstein]

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Jane Addams and the Progressive Movement

- Jane Addams and the Progressive Movement Works Cited Not Included Jane Addams is recognized as a social and political pioneer for women in America. In her biography, which later revealed her experiences in Hull House, she demonstrates her altruistic personality, which nurtured the poor and pushed for social reforms. Although many of Addams ideas were considered radical for her time, she provided women with a socially acceptable way to participate in both political and social change. She defied the prototypical middle class women by integrating the line that separated private and political life....   [tags: Jane Addams Feminism Female Essays Women]

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Liberalism vs the Hobbesian Theory of Human Nature

-   The attempt to fuse the public and the private lies behind both Plato's attempt to answer the question "Why is it in one's interest to be just?" and Christianity's claim that perfect self-realization can be attained through service to others.  Such metaphysical or theological attempts to unite a striving for perfection with a sense of community require us to acknowledge a common human nature.  They ask us to believe that what is most important to each of us is what we have in common with others - that the springs of private fulfillment and of human solidarity are the same....   [tags: Politics Philosophy Sociology 2014]

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Reluctance for change in Nova Scotian Teaching Practices

- The latter half of the eighteenth century retained the conceptualization that women belonged to the domestic sphere of the household. This sphere encompassed the duties of running and maintaining the home, along with raising any children. Related to this role of domestic work, was undertaking the task of performing literacy and written work duties, while the men undertook the spoken work. In Maritime Provinces such as Nova Scotia, the role of teaching for women came to be considered an extension of the domestic household....   [tags: domestic household, nova scotia, women's role]

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Females in the 19th Century

- By accentuating the female’s roles and responsibilities in the 19th century, the women’s roles and responsibilities were completely different and often unequal to the men’s roles, yet the women in Frankenstein influenced the lives of the male characters in a positive way. In addition, some women in Frankenstein are taken advantage of and used since several female characters felt they were not worthy and died because they stayed quiet at times when they should of spoke up. Mary Shelley emphasizes females as domestic and explains her story from a feminist viewpoint by showing how females in Frankenstein were created from actual people in her life....   [tags: roles, responsibilities, unequal to men]

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Why Does Gender Stratification Exist?

- ... Main Body: An overview of the gender gap on a global scale is presented in the Global Gender Gap Report. The Global Gender Gap Index measures the gaps between men and women across a large scale of countries examining four main areas of society. The report showed an overview of the gender gap on a global scale in the four sub-indexes of health, education, economics and politics. The report included 136 countries, “representing over 90% of the world’s population” (The Global Gender Gap Report, 2013)....   [tags: men and women roles in society]

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Global Warming Hysterics’ War on the Destitute by Wesley Smith

- ... Initially, this article was confusing with the structure of the opening paragraph. Smith decided to arrange the article by placing his supporting points at the beginning within the first three paragraphs. Once arriving at the bottom of the article, it was clear the main argument was how Smith did not believe global warming is a crisis or a real issue. Smith stated, “Even if one believes global warming is a crisis –count me as dubious, given virtually no warming in 18 years”. The term reasonable is defined in our textbook as the process through which arguments are tested and granted adherence because they rest on reason which reflects the standards of the sphere which is being critically...   [tags: article analysis, unreasonable]

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Family Relationships Encourage Interpersonal Violence

- Family Relationships Encourage Interpersonal Violence As time passes, many advancements in technology and safety are made. But through all the breakthrough and upcoming, a major factor exists in the world: violence. As people progress in these conditions, violence also enhances. Violence exists everywhere one looks and it is impossible to rid people of it. No matter what the human race tries, it will be defeated by this “presence”. Violence is found everywhere, whether on the television, in the form of thought, violent acts or disasters from the local news, or fight scenes from a movie or show on network television....   [tags: Papers]

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