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Free College Essays - An Analysis of Solo by Jack Higgins

- An Analysis of Solo This book, in my opinion, is a very good example of a serial killer, and his ironic demise. The book begins with an example of serial killing, where a powerful, influential man is killed by an assassin. The book, after the killing, follows the killer to an unusual place-a concert hall. There it is found that the killer is internationally famous concert pianist John Mikali. This man, Mikali, has been tormented by death and pain all of his life. His family has been based through a stout naval history, as his father, and relatives past have all been commanders and captains of great naval ships....   [tags: Solo Essays]

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Flying Solo

- Flying Solo Today is the day of my first flying lesson. For the last month I have been putting together a model of the Spirit of St. Louis, the plane Charles Lindbergh used to fly from to New York to Paris in May of 1927, the first transatlantic flight. I love putting together models; I love the intense concentration it requires, the knot of tension that forms at the back of my neck, the dizzying smell of glue. Charles Lindbergh was not the first pilot to attempt this flight, but he was the first to attempt it alone....   [tags: Flying Planes Personal Narratives Essays]

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Flying Solo to Tobago - Original Writing

- Flying Solo to Tobago - Original Writing For the fist time ever I was flying on my own to Tobago in the Caribbean to see my grandfather and the rest of the family. No fussing parents flying with me this time. Things had not got off to a good start however. I could not believe it had taken me thirty-six hours from checking in at Heathrow Airport to actually getting on the plane. I think I need to explain, so let me go right back to the beginning. We had left home that morning at six o'clock, with the rain beating down on my father's car, making a noise rather like stones on a corrugated iron roof....   [tags: Papers]

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Diana Ross

- Diana Ross Diana Ross was born in 1944. Emerging from the housing projects in Detroit to become an international superstar, she gained prominence first as a member of the supremes, then as a solo artist. The mention of her name evokes the indelible image of the broadly smiling diva, the long hair, sequined gowns, etc. Ross first recorded on the small lupine label in 1959, as a member of the Primettes. The group signed to Motown in1961, and later changed their names to the supremes. In 1963, all the singles released by the supremes featured Diana Ross as the lead singer....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Critique of a Jazz Concert

- The jazz band I observed played a series of six different songs. Although all the songs were categorized as jazz, each song had its own special style and sound to it. The band consisted of three different players. Paul Meyers, the guitarist and composer, Andy Eulau, the bassist, and Dave Rataczak, on drums. The songs performed were entitled “Love for Sale” by Cole Porter, “Once I Loved” by Antonio Carlos Jobim, “Stars” by Paul Meyers, “Blues for Mel” also by Paul Meyers, “Last Night When We Were Young” by Harold Arlen, and “Samba Novo” by Luis Eca....   [tags: Music]

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Freedom in the Groove featuring Joshua Redman

- Freedom in the Groove featuring Joshua Redman The album "freedom in the Groove" features Joshua Redman with a small ensemble of Bass, electric guitar, and drums. In different songs Redman plays the alto, soprano and tenor saxophone. The CD shows many different aspects of Jazz, spanning many different feels, tempos and intonation. I was really impressed with the diversity of the album. The typical song on features Redman soloing over the standard rhythm section of the bass, piano and drum set....   [tags: Papers]

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There's No "I" in We

- It was yet another cold, grim Saturday morning and all I wanted was to stay in my warm, comfy bed. But Saturday mornings meant an eight o'clock start at the pool, an hour of walk-throughs and then two hours of tiring warm-ups and boring routines. As I lay in bed I thought to myself, this is not how a Saturday morning should be spent. I should be waking up slowly to a warm cup of tea and then be able to fall out of bed at my leisure and laze around the house. I want to be able to go out and have fun with my friends all Friday night without having to worry about coming home or being tired the next morning....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Keller Williams One Man Band

- Imagine attending a concert in which if you were to close your eyes, you would assume that the music you are hearing is being created by a cast of band members, each playing their respective instruments. Contrary to your assumptions, however, this band only consists of one member. Keller Williams, dubbed by critics as a one-man-band, is one of a kind both in his musical talent and his solo act. Very few solo musicians have mastered such a multi-dimensional sound and captivating live show as Keller, making him standout amongst today’s musicians....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Charles Lindbergh Biography

- Charles Lindbergh Biography My biography is on Charles Augustus Lindbergh. He is most famous for his nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. In the next paragraph I will be telling you about some of the things that he is famous for. His life is more interesting than most people think. If anything I would say that he is the most famous pilot in the world, or at least he should be. Charles was a pilot, inverter, and an environmentalist. He was born on February forth of nineteen o two in Detroit Michigan....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Beatles

- The Beatles The group that I picked to be an example of a particular type of music is The Beatles. The Beatles included George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Richard Starkey, other wise known as Ringo Starr. This group is very well known and also influenced many musicians since they formed. The Beatles started their careers in England. They were a huge success there, playing in clubs and eventually for the queen herself. After the appearance before the queen, The Beatles came to the USA....   [tags: Essay on The Beatles]

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Buffalo Springfield

- Aside from the Byrds, the only other band that had a tremendous influence on folk-rock and country-rock in the sixties was Buffalo Springfield. They were noted as a key impact upon the counter-culture of the sixties, and their music is symbolic of the turbulence and controversy that surfaced during harsh times of war. The group’s formation was coincidental and legendary. Stephen Stills and Richie Furay were driving on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in early April 1966, when by chance they pulled up behind a tattered black Pontiac hearse bearing Canada license plates....   [tags: folk-rock country-rock]

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Accompaniment' Effect on Mood, Atmosphere and Interpretation of a Dance

- Accompaniment can affect the mood, atmosphere and interpretation of a dance. Using sections 1 and 5, discuss this statement. In section 1 we are introduced to the ghosts of the title. Straight away we hear the accompaniment of which is very quiet environmental sounds. They are the sounds of the whistling wind and raindrops, which shows a sense eeriness of the ghosts who we are introduced to after the accompaniment begins. The three ghosts that appear on the stage, dance almost straight away in a trio....   [tags: Ddrama]

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Duke Ellington

- Edward Kennedy Ellington, American jazz composer, orchestrator, bandleader, and pianist, is considered to be the greatest composer in the history of jazz music and one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. He composed over 2000 works and performed numerous concerts during his musical career. A compilation of some of his most popular music is collected on a CD called "The Popular Duke Ellington." Ellington personally created most of the music played by his orchestra....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Music Analysis of Under Midnight Skies

- Music Analysis of Under Midnight Skies Introduction This piece of music is an expression of loneliness and anxiety for advice. It involves having a variety parts in this piece of music including the choice of instruments and the solo voice coming from the male and female singers. It also includes instruments such as string instruments, woodwind instrument and percussion instrument. “Under Midnight Skies” Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah The opening of this piece arouses instant attention with its smooth and repetitive momentum....   [tags: Papers]

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Labyrinth and Star Wars

- Labyrinth and Star Wars It is amazing how in many stories a group of the most unlikely characters can overcome the most impossible odds. The battle of good vs. evil is reenacted in thousand upon thousand of movies. A lot of the times in these movies the group of heroes consist of very ordinary or odd characters, those who seem to possess few heroic traits. As seen in the movies Labyrinth and the first made Star Wars, a group of small and seemingly powerless characters can overcome great evils....   [tags: Movies Essays]

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Ferenc Farkas

- Ferenc Farkas Ferenc Farkas was born in Nagykanizsa, Hungary, in December 1905. He studied composition with Albert Sikós and Leó Weiner at the Budapest Academy of Music and continued his studies with Ottorino Respighi at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. Ferenc Farkas was Professor of Composition at the Conservatory of Kolozsvár from 1941 to 1944 and also served as its director during his last year there. In 1949 Farkas was appointed Professor of Composition at the Budapest Academy of Music, a post which he held until his retirement in 1975....   [tags: Artists Decorating Essays]

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- Cocaine Early on in his career, Eric Clapton seemed to have a difficult time sticking to one band. He played with the Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Blind Faith, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, and Cream. But throughout all the time he spent with each of those bands, no solo work was ever thought of until 1970. It was in 1970 that Clapton launched his solo career with his self-titled debut album. His first album had only one real hit, so to speak, with “After Midnight,” but is still regarded as one of his better works....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Memoirs Of A Mountain High

- It was the summer of 94 when I took a Wilderness Leadership Semester from the Colorado Outward Bound School . Needless to say that it was the most emotional, challenging, and rewarding experience that I have had in all of my 19 ears of existence. One week spent running the Upper Green River in westernColorado and northern Utah. Through The Gates of the Ladour Canyon and Dinosaur National Monument, we floated to end where the Green meets the Colorado River just beyond Echo Canyon. The high desert canyons echoed with rapids ovarious classes; Hells Half Mile and Disaster Falls were the most memorable....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Miles Davis And The Development Of Improvisation In Jazz Music

- Abstract This essay is a discussion of how the way jazz trumpeter Miles Davis changes his way of improvising, looking at two pieces from different times. The solos in the pieces were transcribed by myself and then analysed in detail. From these analyses, several conclusions on the style of improvising were drawn, and then the conclusions from the two pieces were compared. The piece ‘New Rhumba’, showed how Davis was using his technical ability to create an impressive solo, but was also leaning towards a more sparse and spacious form of improvising, where the times he doesn’t play are just important as when he does play, and the solo in ‘So What’, showed this new style in full....   [tags: Music, Research Papers, Biography]

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Spanish Weekends

- Spanish Weekends El fin de semana es el tiempo de semana cuando la gente relaja. Se alive el estres de vida y hace un tiempo de divertir. Mi fin de semana empieza en viernes despues de mi clase de Calculus. Pero, si no vaya a Calculus mi fin de semana empieza en jueves a las dos y media despues de español. En mi fin de semana celebro mi tiempo con mis amigos. No estaba comdo aquí, así un amigo y yo regresamos a nuestro cuidad. Estoy seguro de pasar mi tiempo aquí, haciendo lo que sea hay de hacer....   [tags: Papers]

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Qué es el color?

- ... A nivel físico se dice que lo que diferencia un color de otro es la longitud de onda de la luz (radiación electromagnética), creando una sensación en nuestros ojos, entonces al hablar de que la radiación es compuesta nosotros solo seremos capaces de ver el color resultante a ellos, el ojo humano tiene unas células pequeñas receptoras llamadas “conos” y “bastones” que se encuentran en la retina de nuestro ojo, La tarea de éstas células es de enviar impulsos eléctricos a nuestro cerebro, los bastones se activan en la oscuridad y solo permiten apreciar los colores blancos, negros y los distintos grises, según Isaac Newton la luz no tiene color, el color solo existe en nuestro cerebro....   [tags: luz, newton, ojos]

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The Madrigal

- During the Renaissance era, secular vocal music became more and more popular. Throughout Europe, music was being set to poems. This was especially true in Italy, where the madrigal began. Madrigal is defined as a piece for several solo voices set to a short poem (Music an Appreciation pg. 85). The poems usually had two or three stanzas of three lines and the form was "aba bcb dd, abb cdd ee" etc. (The New Harvard…Music pg. 462). The higher voices were the more decorated and important lines....   [tags: Music, Renaissance]

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Ralph Ellison

- Ralph Ellison Ba-Bap. . .he hit the snare so hard and so clean-right with the bass player, and each of Elvin Jones's four extremities went into motion. The piano played one of those thick McCoy Tyner chords with that deep thoughtful jazz sound that makes my body twitch ever so slightly with momentary satisfaction and anticipation. A split-second descending right-handed run from the piano and Bshhh. . .Elvin let the symbol resonate and moved in with his deadly swinging crisp high hat cht, cht, cht, cht, just as the horns stated the melody in unison a fourth apart....   [tags: Music Literature Papers]

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The Puffy Chronicles

- The Puffy Chronicles Puff Daddy, born Sean Combs on November 4, 1969 in Harlem to Melvin and Janice Combs, began his life of violence at a young age. When Sean was two years old, his father was tragically murdered. This forced Janice to move to a safer environment in Mt.Vernon, NY where she had to work three jobs in order to provide for her family. One can see that Sean’s broken home and the violence that constantly surrounded him influenced his lyrics and style of music throughout his life[I1] ....   [tags: Puff Daddy Music Musicians Rappers Essays]

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The Life of Billy Joel

- The Life of Billy Joel Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949 in Bronx, New York. He moved at the age of four to a small town on Long Island. This is where at the ripe age of four he discovered the art of music. Originally a classical music fan, Billy Joel honed his skills with classical piano training. This undoubtedly has had a major influence on his life and certainly his music. Growing up Joel was a big fan of such greats as Ray Charles, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Otis Reading. He was greatly persuaded into a career of music when he saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show....   [tags: Musicians Singers Biographies Essays]

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- The Baroque Age Johann Sebastian Bach Born: Eisenach, March 21, 1685 Died: Leipzig, July 28, 1750 Regarded as perhaps the greatest composer of all time, Bach was known during his lifetime primarily as an outstanding organ player and technician. The youngest of eight children born to musical parents, Johann Sebastian was destined to become a musician. While still young, he had mastered the organ and violin, and was also an excellent singer. At the age of ten, both of his parents died within a year of each other....   [tags: essays research papers]

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carnegie hall

- On Sunday afternoon November 21, 1999, at 2:00 419th Concert Worldwide, 330th in New York, 218th in Carnegie Hall I attended a MidAmerica production that presented the New England Symphonic Ensemble. This concert contained several different compositions by large groups of musicians, including an orchestra band, and chorus. This concert was divided into three different parts. First there was the Vivaldi which was divided into 12 sections. Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse was the music director, Raymond Sprague was the conductor, Judith Von Housers Voice was the soprano, Mary Nessinger voice was the Mezzo soprano, and Elizabeth Hastings was the portative....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pink Floyd

- “The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh by the way, which one's Pink?” In the mid 60’s Syd Barrett formed a psychedelic band, with fellow Englishmen Roger Waters, Rick Wright, and Nick Mason. Barrett on lead guitar, Waters on bass, Wright on keyboards, and Mason on drums. The name came from two of Barrett’s favorite American blues-men, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. They began experimenting with intense instrumentals of feedback, electronic screeches, and unusual, eerie sounds created by loud amplification, reverb, and such tricks as sliding ball bearings up and down guitar strings....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Comparison of Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye

- A Comparison of Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye The two films Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye are very different in plot, but in structure they share many similarities. Many filming techniques are apparent in the opening scenes of both films; the establishment of the hero, the use of soundtrack, colour imagery, camera angles and sympathetic background. In Goldeneye the hero is James Bond (Also Known As 007). We first meet him running along the top of a very high dam. It was very dramatic because after running, he clipped himself onto a railing and dived off the top of the dam, falling for about 20seconds on screen onto the USSR chemical plant, which came up as a subti...   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative: A Christmas night concert

- “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer …,” he sang, slightly off key. His voice echoed through our home above the Boys Ⅱ, Men Christmas track which played triumphly through the hall upstairs. In only a pink cotton robe, a pair of whit satin Isotoner slippers, and a head full of three inch rollers I made my way from the bathroom down the cluttered hallway of tree tinsel and holiday ornaments to the oak balcony which overlooked the front entrance to our home. Directly below me he stood at the bottom of the solid dark oak spiral staircase singing as though he was a celebrity on stage performing a solo for a sold out crowd....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Life Of Ruth St. Denis

- The Life of Ruth St. Denis In 1879, on a small New Jersey farm, Ruth Dennis was born. She was the daughter of Ruth Emma Dennis, an extremely independent, determined, and educated woman. Her Mother was a highly trained physician. At a very early age, St. Denis was encouraged to study dance. Her training included social dance forms and skirt dancing, lessons from Maria Bonfante, and Delsarte technique. St. Denis's professional career began in 1892. In New York City, she worked as a skirt dancer in dime museums and vaudeville houses....   [tags: Biography]

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My Minstry

- My Ministry How was I called to the Dance Ministry. I guess all of this started a couple of years ago when I was just hanging out with Pastor Yolanda, she and a group of ladies were going to a meeting with the head of the Dance Ministry at Marion Christian Center. And I just went along for the ride. I believe I was going through a difficult time. I went to this meeting and everyone was participating and I was asked to participate as well. I did. I was told I did well. I listened to the lecture which was on how to put moves to a song....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Dance, Descriptive]

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The Role of Keyboard Instruments in Three Romantic Symphonies

- The Role of Keyboard Instruments in Three Romantic Symphonies A discussion on the role of keyboard instruments in three Romantic symphonies: Neils Gade’s Symphony No. 5 in D Minor Op. 25 (1852), Camille Saint-Saëns’s Symphony no. 3, ‘Organ’ in C minor Op. 78 (1886) and Vincent d’Indy’s Symphony on a French Mountain Air (Symphonie Cevenole) op. 25 (1886) The keyboard instruments have been largely associated with solo repertoire since its genesis. While rarely used in the orchestra, a keyboard instrument can be an effective tool to add colours to a Symphony....   [tags: Music, Orchestra]

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The Life of Pianist Ju-Fang

- ... He was a finalist and prize winner in the Concert Artists Guild Solo Competition in NYC and was the first co-first place winner of the International Society of Bassists Solo Completion. Additionally, he distinguished himself as the first double bass player to ever win the grand prize overall and first prize for double bass at the Solo Competition. Born and raised in Turkey, Orhon began playing the double bass at the age of 12 and spent much of his youth touring Europe with the Mediterranean Youth Soloists....   [tags: musicality and virtuosity, ]

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Mccartney Songwriter

- When someone mentions the Beatles, most people who know of the band would think of Lennon, McCartney, Ringo and Harrison playing great music on stage. The Beatles still are the best pop rock group ever and it has been said that no other pop rock band will come close to their level of success. Their music was fresh, new and of course it sounded fantastic. But there have been rumors and stories about what the Beatles were singing about, and also about the band members such as whether Paul McCartney was dead or alive along with many other well-known controversial rumors.Elson manages to bypass all this hearsay and write and intimate diary of Paul McCartney's life and also a short history of hi...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Luke Skywalker Typical Hero

- Luke Skywalker Typical Hero “I want to come with you to Alderaan. There's nothing here for me now. I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father.” With this statement, Luke Skywalker is already on his way towards a story that is both familiar and different to all heroes. He identifies with several reoccurring traits that many heroes are cast with. Luke is estranged from his natural parents and, as he gets older, finds himself anxious to pull away from his loving foster parents and become a man of his own....   [tags: essays papers]

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Lou Barlow the Artist

- Lou Barlow the Artist Arguably the most productive songwriter of his generation, Lou Barlow is also the one of the most influential; thanks to his low-fidelity legacy, any geek with a guitar, a four-track machine and an unrequited crush on a girl could become an underground pop star. Although born in Dayton, Ohio on July 17, 1966, Barlow was raised primarily in Amherst, Massachusetts, where during high school he joined forces with fellow introverted outsider J Mascis in the hardcore band Deep Wound....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of Luhrmann's Film of Romeo and Juliet

- Analysis of Luhrmann's Film of Romeo and Juliet Luhrmann’s direct orial style is very bright, vibrant and energetic. We can tell this from some of his other films, such as “Moulin Rouge” and “Romeo and Juliet”. He uses a variety of bright colours and costumes, to portray a happy and exciting mood in the film. Luhrmann uses a variety of different camera shots, angles and motions to create a meaningful scene full of mixed emotions. He uses close ups of Romeo and Lord Capulet. The close up of Romeo is to show the effect of drugs and conveys his dizziness and the confusion of the scene....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative Essay - The Ski Trip

- The Ski Trip Standing in awe, cold air permeated through my hair. The smell of fresh and minty pine scent complimented the beautiful vantage of the wilderness. With my boots wedged in the snow, a shiver took over my body. This is was a place of peacefulness and tranquility. Never before had I been so close with nature. Facing the north was the vast forest. To the left and right, only the crystal white snow was visible. While looking up, I caught a glimpse of the old ski lift, the solo apparatus which was my passport to this great adventure....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Greek Actors

- GREEK DRAMA: the actors The actors in ancient tragedies were hired and paid by the state and assigned to the tragic poets probably by lot. By the middle of the fifth century three actors were required for the performance of a tragedy. In descending order of importance of the roles they assumed they were called protagonist ‘first actor’ (a term also applied in modern literary criticism to the central character of a play), Dueteragonist ‘second actor’ and tritagonist “third actor’....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Faulkner Changed My Life

- Thanks to Faulkner, to the very thought of him, between thirteen and fourteen I began to feel unassailable I spite of everything. I wasn't, of course, but I felt that way, enough to get on with my writing and to mop up like high-calorie gravy such praise from teachers as came my way. If you fix one eye on Faulkner and the other on Melville, and you remember some of what Keats said about negative capability, you can just about manage to commit the delectable autonomy known as writing for its own sake - for the glory, the rebirth, the illusion of doing what nobody has ever done before....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essay Example]

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Moxy Fruvous

- Moxy Fruvous From their earliest gigs as buskers (street performers) in downtown Toronto, the Canadian pop band Moxy Fruvous has attracted attention with an energetic blend of tight harmonies and witty social commentary (Bush). The band’s first album, 1994’s Bargainville, highlights both these qualities, casting a skewed glance at topics ranging from video stores to the Gulf War. One of the disc’s highlights, “Darlington Darling,” examines blue-collar love and tells a tale of frustration, both economic and romantic....   [tags: Music Musical Essays]

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Transcontinental Runs

- Transcontinental Runs One of the most distinct features of humans exists in the fact that we are innately motivated to achieve certain goals. We are in essence a species of curiosity, always testing how much stress we can take both mentally and physically. There have been many people over the years that tested their mental and physical states, but few can say they put their very existence to the limit like James Shapiro and Bhaktimarga Swami. Shapiro, an American runner and author, completed a virtually solo run across the United States in 1980, covering 3,026 miles in eighty days of trials and tribulations.(Shapiro preface) Swami, a Hare Krishna monk in Canada, is well on his way to comple...   [tags: Running Athletics Papers]

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Influential Composers Of Early 20th Century

- Influential Composers Of Early 20th Century missing works cited Zoltan Kodaly, Edgar Varese, Igor Stravinsky.Three foreign-born composers whose output ranges from unobtrusively important to riot inducing works.They encompass music’s three principles: education, exploration, experimentation. Deemed “Hungary’s greatest composer and music pedagogue” (Jeter) Zoltan Kodaly, was born December 16, 1882.As a child, Kodaly taught himself piano, violin, cello, and voice.Later, he pursued Composition/Education degrees at Budapest’s Academy of Music and, in 1905, collaborated with friend, Bela Bartok, to preserve folk songs, collecting roughly 100,000 in his lifetime....   [tags: Music Musical History Essays]

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The Lyrics of My Grandmother's Life

- The Lyrics of My Grandmother's Life At age seven she was a star on stage, singing the role of "Becky" in the Tom Sawyer operetta. When she was ten she dunked "Mouse's" head in the teapot as the "Mad Hatter" in Alice and Wonderland. She was hoping to be "Alice", but even back then the eighth graders got all the good parts. But the experience was satisfying anyway because "Mouse" was played by her grade school rival, the same girl who competed with her for the best position on the basketball team and who once made a better pot holder in Home Ec....   [tags: Music Personal Narrative Papers]

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Myth and Romance in Star Wars

- Myth and Romance in Star Wars Pure science fiction is rarely written. Science fiction is often blended with elements of other genres from horror to fairy tales. The movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is one example of this. It contains a combination of science fiction with mythical and romantic elements. Contributing to this combination are the main characters Luke, Leia, Han, and Obi-wan, the movie’s setting in a galaxy far, far away, and Luke’s great quest. Luke Skywalker is a mythical character....   [tags: Star Wars Film Movie Movies Essays]

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The Beach Boys

- The Beach Boys The Beach Boys formed in 1961. The band members are; Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson who are all brothers, Al Jardine and Mike Love. All but Al Jardine lived in Los Angelas. They were first called the Pendletones which was a shirt brand , but a record label executive named them the Beach Boys. One of their first big hits was ‘Surfin’ that was credited for starting the ‘surfing craze.’ 1962 they released the album Surfin Safari with the song ‘Surfin Safari’ hitting the U.S Top 40. 1963 ‘Surfin U.S.A’ reached #3 on the charts....   [tags: Art]

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Antonio Vivaldi and the music of his time

- Antonio Vivaldi and the music of his time Throughout history there have been many distinct periods of time. These various eras are all alike in a way because they all slowly flow into each other. One of these unique times was called the Baroque period. The Baroque time began during the 1600's and ended early during the early 1700's. The way Baroque music was looked at was varied depending on where you looked at it from. In Italy, it was largely energetic and spectacular. Yet, if you were to travel North, you would encounter the "gloom's of muted firelight." This, along with the "shadowy pales of another world," simply means that this music wasn't greatly appreciated in Southern Italy, as...   [tags: essays papers]

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- MARCIA GRIFFITHS: REGGAE QUEEN. BEGINNING YEARS These two quotes are critical in answering the question of whether or not Marcia Griffiths is the true Reggae Queen. After looking at her success as a female artist, the answer to this question becomes obvious. Women have been oppressed across the globe for centuries, which make Griffiths success as a female Reggae artist that much more outstanding. Looking at her achievements throughout her life starting at a young age to thirty-seven years in the music business, the audience will understand why she is the true Reggae Queen....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Star Wars

- Star Wars Star Wars is a science fiction adventure novel. The symbolism and characterization was really excellent in the story. The story gives a great look into the future as it has many different types of things we have not yet invented; blaster rifles, space ships that go the speed of light, fat alien slugs, and beam swords. The plot of the story sucks you into the novel and makes you want to continue reading the novel. The plot of the story mainly reflects on a young boy, Luke Skywalker....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Star Wars

- Star Wars Star Wars is a great example of excellent sound quality in a movie. There are dozens of different sound effects that make this movie a classic. The most commonly overlooked piece of audio in a movie is the character’s voices. The voices in Star Wars play a large part of the movie. Each character has a distinct voice and a distinct way that they speak. Darth Vader has an extremely deep voice and speakes in long draw out words, to help show how evil he is. Han Solo has a rugged sounding voice and is very direct when he talks....   [tags: essays papers]

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All about star wars

- Star Wars, by George Lucas, is an excellent movie. This movie is filled with archetypal and mythic patterns , and the ideas represented in the film are essential ingredients to human emotion . The most obvious idea represented by the movie is religion. Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark, and the Rebels versus the Empire -- these are all spiritual overtones in the elaborate story line. The religious connections become apparent when aspects of the movie are analyzed. Star Wars opens with a deserted desert planet where the viewer is introduced to the main character, Luke Skywalker, and his aunt and uncle....   [tags: essays research papers]

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American Era Best Choice

- During the period from 1865 to 1929, I think that the most important person, event and technology were Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War, and the airplane. Abraham Lincoln, the person I felt most important, was an incredible man. Not only for his charisma, and character, but for his actions and what he believed in. He was a man from the North, who was for the abolishment of slavery. He was a Republican. Although good to the North, the Southerners declares him as the greatest evil of the century. President Lincoln won the election with 180 electoral votes and 1,865,583 of the popular votes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- 1. How does “Casablanca” support the war effort. Recall any scenes or lines that contain pro-war messages. Casablanca starts as a news reel. You see a slowly turning globe that highlights the ally countries and the axis countries during WW II. Also, there is a documentary-style narration at the beginning of the movie, which sets the tone for a war time movie. Also, there is a scene in the movie where Germans are at Rick’s bar sing a German song. Then Victor causes the bar band to begin playing a patriotic French song, which quickly over takes the sound of the German soldiers’ voices....   [tags: War movies]

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Ashlee Simpson

- Ashlee Simpson The name of the performer was Ashlee Simpson. The date of the concert was on Saturday January. 8th, 2005. This concert took place at The Mall of America. This was Ashlee’s first concert in Minnesota and her first time at The Mall of America. The setting was a small stage set up at a big open area in the mall. It was a circular area. Also there were three floors you could see the stage from. This concert was not a concert that you had to buy tickets for. You could just come to The Mall of America and see Ashlee perform....   [tags: essays research papers]

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El Estatuto real de la Constitucion de 1837

- MODERADOS Y PROGRESISTAS DURANTE LA MINORIA DE ISABEL: EL ESTATUTO REAL Y LA CONSTITUCION DE 1837 Tras la muerte de Fernando VII su hija Isabel fue proclamada reina. Moderados y progresistas agrupaban de forma caótica a todos los liberales, los primeros incluso a algunos absolutistas moderados. El 6 de Octubre de 1833 la regente Maria Cristina adoptó una medida para acercarse al liberalismo: la declaración de indulto general y de amnistía El primer gobierno de Maria cristina estuvo presidido por Cea Bermúdez....   [tags: Spanish Essays]

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Clemencia Novela En Espanol

- Una de las principales caracteristicas del movimiento literario romanticista es el predominio de la emocion. En la obra de Ignacio M. Altamirano, Clemencia, se encuentra este tipo de predominio y es posible demostrar que en esta novela la emocion es mas importante que la razon. Primero, por medio de los sentimientos expresados por el narrador al relatar la historia. Segundo, a traves de los personajes pricipales y sus sentimientos, especialmente los de Clemencia, quien parece ser la persona por la cual fue titulada esta novela....   [tags: Spanish Essays]

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Evelyn Glennie

- Evelyn Glennie Evelyn Glennie is a true musician. There are a lot of people out there that want to do what she did, and what she’s still doing, but frankly not many people are willing to put that much effort and time into achieving what she has. Not to mention that almost everyone lacks the talent. Evelyn hopes that the audience will be stimulated by what she has to say (through the language of music) and will therefore leave the concert hall feeling entertained. That is true musicianship. Now is the time that I should start spouting off all of her amazing achievements, but if I attempted that not only would I get bored writing a list that long, but also you would get bored trying to read o...   [tags: essays research papers]

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I never finished anything

- I never finished anything in my life. To date, I have projects that I started and never finished. Nothing in my life had ever struck a cord in my mind so fiercely I was compassionate enough to drive myself to the brink of insanity to accomplish it. I guess I just want fulfillment, but I only feel a void big enough to fit in Crater Lake. I always wanted to play an instrument. In 7th grade I got a chance to. I started playing the Viola. I was instantly great at it. I practiced and practiced my heart out....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau

- Unlike the United States, with its generalissimo politics-Washington, Jackson, Grant, Eisehower- the martial arts have been conspicuously absent from Canadian politics. But there in one exception: in 1968 Pierre Elliot Trudeau became the first Canadian leader to bring the gunslinger-Lone Ranger ethos to Canadian politics. Trudeau introduced to Canada the refined art of single combat; it was the politics of "Doing It My Way"-the politics of going my way or being left behind. Single-combat confrontation implied much mor than the loner or renegade in power, and far far less than the shaman black tricks of Mackenzie King....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Roman Pantomime

- In assessment of the origins and nature of pantomime in ancient Rome, one will clearly see that the latter two factors are wide and varied. This is due to the collaborative nature of the art as a whole. With a close examination of archaeological, textual and representational evidence one will gain a precise understanding of how the origins, nature and type of audience of the pantomime are interrelated. One will additionally gain inisight into the widespread popularity of pantomime despite a general dislike towards drama in ancient Rome....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Sir Anton Dolin

- Sir Anton Dolin Dancer and choreographer Anton Dolin has been called “one of the most colorful and vital figures in modern ballet.” As a member of internationally known ballet companies or as director of his own troupes, this British-born artist has toured Europe and America for the past twenty years. Anton Dolin, originally Patrick Healey-Kay, was born on July 27, 1904, in Slinfold, Sussex, England. He is one of the three sons of George Henry and Helen Maude (Healey) Kay. When he was ten years of age his parents moved from Slinfold to Brighton....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why JT Rocks!

- I'll say straight up that I'm not nor ever was an N'sync fan. The 80's are over and so is the mandate for me to listen to and love pop..I like a bit more substance to my music. But even still, some albums or songs are so catchy, with great beats that even as pop or r&b records they make you run out to the store and purchase them. I thought this was the case w/ Timberlake, as the first single from his Justified had me boppin' my head and tapping my toes. No doubt about it, Justin has soul and can sing, so I figured with this new album he would let the whole world know who he is....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Performance Appraisal

- Performance Appraisal The three pieces I studied were all performed by female 'rhythm and blues' artists. The pieces were: Pink - Like A Pill, Brandy - What About Us, and Janet Jackson - All For You. They all had various kinds of backing tracks with their vocals recorded on top. I wanted to achieve roughly the same kind of thing, so I used a backing track and sung on top. Most backing tracks that I use are either from a CD, downloaded off the internet or I create them myself....   [tags: Papers]

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Concert Review of Postcard in Morocco

- The opera Postcard from Morocco began with all of the characters walking busily across the stage. The story line is set of ordinary people, on an ordinary day, waiting for an ordinary train. In part a good opinion to sum performance of this opera up is, ordinary. It did have its high and low points that sent me to this conclusion. For starters I found the performance of the Duquesne contemporary ensemble to be magnificent. David Stock was the music director and guided the various musicians throughout the opera amazingly....   [tags: Papers]

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Carole King

- Carole King Born February 9, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York as Carole Klein, she was playing the piano by the age of four. While still in high school she was in her first band, the Co-Sines. Carole was a huge fan of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller (the duo who penned hits for Elvis Presley, the Coasters and Ben E. King), she became a regular at DJ Alan Freed's local Rock 'N' Roll shows. She met songwriters Paul Simon and Neil Sedaka as well as Gerry Goffin, whom she later forged a writing partnership with, while attending Queens College....   [tags: Papers]

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Driving Solo: A Reflection on Today's Icons

- The focus today on America's modern icons can be ridiculous. Our icons are no longer people who have done anything touchable. Florence Nightingale saved our country from future disease. Harriet Tubman helped to free slaves. Francis Scott Key wrote our beloved national anthem. Now, in the 21st century, we have Britney Spears, sexpot. We're proud to say that we are the home of the raunchy Christina Aguilera. And Kurt Cobain. We can't forget Kurt, can we. At the mere mention of any of these names, curiosity and conversation run rampant....   [tags: Sociology]

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White Man Sleeps

- White Man Sleeps Ideas for short answer questions ================================ 1) Briefly describe the two main arm gestures used as motifs within White Man Sleeps in sections 1 and 2. Section 1 contains one of the arm gestures used as part of a motif in White Man Sleeps. All the dancers perform this arm gesture at some stage in section 1 of the dance. This recurring arm gesture is in introduced in section 1 where the right arm circles the head clockwise and meets the left arm in front of the head where the hands end up palm to palm and stretched out....   [tags: Drama]

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George Lucas' film Star Wars

- George Lucas' film Star Wars There are many different theories to Star Wars, which attracted millions of viewers. These theories made Star Wars what it was, and to some people still is. Made in1977, it was the first of it's kind by being new, using aliens and special effects, Star Wars created a large audience. Then it was re-released twenty years later, after improvement in special effects and another character was added. I will be considering that Star Wars appeals to many different people, proof of this is that it was released again in 1997 and still was groundbreaking to the millions of older viewers, also capturing the imagination of the younger generation....   [tags: Papers]

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Handel's Messiah

- Handel's Messiah      Producers Qunicy Jones and Mervyn Warren took George Frederic Handel’s Messiah for a spin and did a wonderful job with it. They took a classical masterpiece and funk-defied it. This was one of the most important pieces of music to come across in decades, taking Handel’s Messiah to the masses of R & B lovers. In true style, the composer re-arranged Handel’s Messiah, to produce a classic collection of black music, while at the same time, carrying a European and Western tradition that is opposing to African origins of Black American music....   [tags: Music Critique Qunicy Jones and Mervyn Warren]

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Abbey Road

- “Abbey Road” By The Beatles Abbey Road is heralded as one of the greatest rock ‘n roll albums ever. It grinds with hard rock and sways with soft guitar. The variety of the tracks provides something for everyone. It was created in 1969 at the famous Abbey Road studios. George Martin and Geoff Emerick, who had produced many other Beatles’ albums, contributed to this work. This album is one of the more famous albums of the Beatles, who are one of the most popular bands ever. Almost every piece of this album, even the cover, is art works in themselves....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Star Wars Trilogy

- The Star Wars Trilogy The First of the three part series, Star Wars, is the tale of a band of heros who team together for the good of the universe and the money. The story begins as Princess Leia is held hostage by the Galactic empire in order to crush the rebellion against them. During the attack on Leia's ship two droids, R2-D2 and C-P30, escape through an escape pod. They landed on a foreign planet and were captured and sold to their new master Luke Skywalker. The Empire chases the droids because they have a secret map detailing the whereabouts of the rebel base....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was probably the greatest genius in Western musical history. He was born in Salzberg, Austria on January 27, 1756. The son of Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria Pertl. Leopold was a successful composer and violinist and assistant concertmaster at the Salzberg court. At the age of three, Wolfgang showed signs of remarkable musical talent. He learned to play the harpsichord, a keyboard instrument related to the piano, at the age of four. Wolfgang began composing minuets at the age of five....   [tags: Biography Musicians Music Essays]

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Martha Graham

- Martha Graham Generation after generation, in different countries of the world there has always been different styles of body expression. Dance is a special form of art which movement of the body creates. One of the most delicate types of dance, which evokes emotion, is ballet. For Martha Graham, ballet was not only a dance: it was a way to express a fear or happiness with gestures created by the body. Graham was recognized as having made revolutionary changes in dance: in form, subject matter, in the analysis and examination of her themes....   [tags: Papers]

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Diana Ross and Maddona: Two Recording Artists

- Diana Ross and Madonna are both successful music artists that are influential to the music industry. Diana Ross’s career started at the top with her group members in The Supremes. Madonna also shared the same success as she reached the top of charts during the 1980s. They both encountered a significant loss of one of their parents that affected them deeply. They have each been married twice in which neither marriage worked out. These women are iconic legends who made way for other women who pursued a career in music and showed us how success can be achievable....   [tags: Music, Fame, Controversy]

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Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

- In the documentary “The Michael Jackson Story (1985-2009) BBC Documentary” it explains the life of Michael Jackson as a famous artist. Michael Jackson was born on August 29th 1958 and he is now a world known artist. He is also known as the “King of Pop”. From his early ages as a child to the day of his death, June 15th, 2009, he has inspired many other artists with ideas for music videos, music styles and even dance styles. During his lifetime, he faced many obstacles. Michael’s path towards fame was not very easy from the start....   [tags: Musicians]

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Qualities of an Archetypal Hero

- ... One of these behaviors could be Luke’s longing for adventure calming that “if there is a bright center of the universe,” he lives on the “planet farthest from”. Luke’s call to adventure is an archetypal hero characteristic within him. Although Luke Skywalker is called to adventure he is reluctant, which is another characteristic of an archetypal hero. In the movie Obi Won Kenobi his mentor, requests Luke’s help to save the galaxy, by joining the Rebellion and destroying the empire. Luke is reluctant....   [tags: Luke Skywalker, Star Wars]

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Multi-regional Continuity: The Fossil Evidence

- Multi-Regional Continuity: The Fossil Evidence With regards to the multi-regional continuity model of human evolution, there is without a doubt a preponderance of fossil data that supports the diverse origins of Homo sapiens in different regions of the globe. Skulls displaying a wide variety of mixed modern and archaic features have been found in every corner of the world. The mere existence of these fossils is evidence enough to prove that human evolution was far less cut-and-dried a process than the advocates of the replacement model of human evolution would like to suggest, and, in fact, rather astonishingly complex....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Nondiegetic Music Of The Doors In The Scene Waiting In Saigon

- Nondiegetic music of the Doors in the scene waiting in Saigon Sound plays a significant part in all movies and one of the most interesting of all the sound techniques would be the use of nondiegetic music. In the movie Apocalypse Now, there is a double disc soundtrack with thirty tracks on it. The one song on there that has the most meaning would The Doors song “The End”. This song not only set the mood for the scene waiting in Saigon and the move as a whole but is also used to foreshadow the death of Coronal Kurtis....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Summary of the Ballet "Giselle"

- "Giselle" is a romantic ballet choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. Adolphe Adam beautifully composes the music. This ballet was originally performed in Paris in 1841. The production that we viewed in class was from La Salla. "Giselle" is one of the last ballets of the Romantic era. The element that stood out the most to me was how effectively the music and the footwork corresponded. The best examples of this are seen through the dancers solos. Especially Albrecht's solo, his feet glide on the stage at the same tempo as the music....   [tags: Performance Arts]

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