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An Analysis of Singing to Wolves

- An Analysis of “Singing to Wolves” The poem, “Singing to Wolves” is a modern poem, that tries to explain to the reader how wonderful solitude is, but also considers it’s negative side, with the example of a lonely girl. The poem starts off with a brief encounter into the history of Wales, and talks about the Llanthony monks, who the reader is told were unloved by the Welsh, and thus driven to a lonely life in the wilderness. By reading this poem, it seems as though being unloved is a popular reason for solitude....   [tags: Singing to Wolves]

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Comparing the Hero in Homer’s The Odyssey with the Modern Hero Described in Whitman’s I hear America Singing

- One of the main similarities in ancient Greek epics is that there are always great heroes who overcome many difficult and daunting challenges and goes on long adventures. The issue of heroic stature and the character of the hero have a great importance on the epics itself. Classical Greek heroes are usually born to do great things, go on epic journeys and in the end they would receive a reward for their troubles. In Homer’s the Odyssey, Odysseus has many different qualities that classify him as a hero....   [tags: the odyssey, I hear America Singing]

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A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim and I Hear America Singing

- A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim and I Hear America Singing America the great, land of freedom, home of the brave--each of these phrases has been used to describe the United States of America. Walt Whitman was a man who lived through many tough times in this country, but who would prosper as a poet. He was personally affected by all of the death and destruction that he witnessed during the Civil War. "A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim" and "I Hear America Singing" have some fascinating similarities but include many differences....   [tags: Hear America Singing Essays]

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- SINGING Singing, to me, is not just a hobby. It is a lifestyle and it is also what I enjoy most. To the uneducated eye, singing appears to be a simple process. However, that thought is far from accurate. There are several reasons that have prompted me to become the singer and performer I am today. Many of which are attributed to the beauty of vocal technique and a desire to learn more about the internal instrument that I am so lucky to possess. If one is to ask any singer or teacher of voice, they will explain that it is imminent to understand how the voice works and how to obtain proper breathing in order to take the first steps in becoming a singer....   [tags: Voice]

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The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing

- The novel entitled The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing is novel that describes most of the real and true happenings in the contemporary society, especially in South Africa. The events of key concern entail the sour relationship between the whites and the blacks in South Africa. In this piece of writing, Doris Lessing describes how the whites despise, disrespect and regard Africans as inferior individuals who should always be under them. On the other hand, the blacks also detest the whites and are not pleased by how the whites treat them in their own land, especially owing to the fact that the eras of colonialism are over....   [tags: contemporary society, South Africa, apartheid]

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The High Energy Of Singing

- Like many children in my small hometown, I attended one of the local preschools for two years before I graduated onto elementary school. This early childhood education program was structured, while placing an emphasis on play the early child educators put a lot of effort into preparing their students for the transition to elementary school. The day would begin with an hour of free play until it was time for snack, we would all sit at tables and sang the ‘open and shut them’ finger play while our teachers served the food....   [tags: Early childhood education, Education, Learning]

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My Future Singing Career

- First of all, I chose this profession because singing is my passion; I have sung since I was little. Some of the greatest singers have been classically trained, with years of voice lessons and practice. One such singer is Maria Callas, a well-known and revered artist. Plus, according to some experts, humans have sung before they learned to speak. Singers need to communicate effectively, reason and problem solve, manage oneself, people, time, and things, and be able to work with people. The equipment needed depends on what type of singing you are doing....   [tags: Professional Goals]

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Bel Canto Singing Style

- While the term “bel canto” is a rather loose term, Celletti’s words seem to sum up what bel canto was generally about. The Italian term translated to “beautiful singing,” developed in the late seventeenth century, where it became a technique used to create a beautiful sound as opposed to the imitation of instruments by the voice. It was also intended to set virtuoso singers apart from amateur and choral singers, which resulted in a new kind of vocal expression. Giulio Caccini, a member of the Florentine Camerata, was one of the theorists to advise against imitation of instruments by the voice....   [tags: voice, music, italian]

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Analysis Of ' I Hear America Singing '

- “I, Too” Through Intertextuality Identity Do you know that not one text is an island and every text already written, already read is?. Yes, every text comes from an earlier created text, so new texts are just version. Due this reason, originality is question and hard to defined. Furthermore, in the the poem “I, Too” By Langston Hughes can be efficaciously analyse with intertextuality, and identity theories. To illustrate a new perspective to different audiences about today 's society ideologies on social prejudice and progressivism in the American people....   [tags: Langston Hughes, African American, Discrimination]

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On The Road To Talent Shows and Singing-Gigs

- The past two years has been a crazy roller-coaster ride for me. To have seen and been to places that I can only dream of. I should be kissing the ground with every last step that I took to cherish memories,and moments like these.Every school year I listen to teachers telling students "Where do you see yourself 10 years from now or the near future " and the first answer that would pop out blasting through my mind communicating with the pen in my hand to write down on the paper staring back at me is " In the future I see myself in stage-lights shinning right back at me....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Singing Stars That Have Pushed the Limit

- Through the duration of people’s lives people think they have a good idea of what one would consider acceptable in society and what is “too far”. Through the ages, people have tested and pushed what is acceptable to its limits. Giving the people someone to judge and hate upon because they are do and act way different than anyone they are used to. Some people have done this throughout the years and you may not even know it. To name a few Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Lady Gaga....   [tags: Elvis Presley, Rock'n'Roll]

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The Girl 's Singing And She Sings

- No, Kitty. Loosen up. The girl 's singing and she sings beautifully. I 'm not feeling fine, Duma. I want to go to the car. I 'll sit in the car. We both know why we 're here. We can 't go without talking to her first. You must talk to her. Otherwise, I 'll talk to her. I don 't mind. Kitt... - I want to go to the car. - Kitt, just stay. It 's part of my plan. - Kitt, stay so we can talk to her. - What 's the plan. I 'll talk to her. Leave everything to me. Leave it to me. I 've got this, Kitt. I 've got this....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2007 singles, 2006 singles]

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The Skystone and The Singing Sword

- The Skystone and The Singing Sword Marion Zimmer Bradley, a book critic, says The Skystone is "one of the most interesting historical novels that I've ever read, and I've read plenty"(Front cover). In writing, success is generally a direct result of an author being able to keep a reader interested. Jack Whyte is an interesting and successful author throughout The Skystone and The Singing Sword because of his development of characters and his ability to write strategically. Character development is an important element in a story because if readers feel strongly about the characters, they are interested in reading further, and are more apt to enjoy the novel....   [tags: Historical Novels Jack Whyte Essays]

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Personal Narrative – Singing Poorly

- Personal Narrative – Singing Poorly It was a year like any other, or, at least I suppose it could have been, but, it wasn't. It was actually 1965. This particular year, the Beatles released Help. the movie; for the second time, Jack Nicklaus won the Masters golf title; on Palm Sunday, 51 reported tornadoes touched down in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa resulting in 256 deaths and over 1500 injured; and, a young boy in Smalltown, USA was turned away from his school choir....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Walt Whitman 's I Hear America Singing

- In "I, Too," Langston Hughes is obviously in conversation with the earlier poem, Walt Whitman 's "I Hear America Singing." Both poems explore the idea of American identity -- who and what is an American. What characterizes the people of this nation. The two poets, however, reach somewhat different conclusions in response to these questions. In "I Hear America Singing," Whitman refers to "the varied carols" of different workers "mechanics", "the carpenter", " the mason", "the boatman" and "the deck man", "the shoemaker" and "the hatter”....   [tags: Walt Whitman, United States, Poetry]

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My Passion for Singing

- As I lift my head up and open my mouth, my voice escalates with every tune that comes out. The soothing words bounce off of my tongue and release the tension held within. Even if the sounds aren’t perfect or correct, every little bit helps me get through the day. When stressed, nothing helps me more than singing. My passion for singing comes from deep within my soul, mind and heart. When I sing, I sing with all of me, putting everything I can into it. I have always had a great passion for singing, ever since I was young....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Singing in the Rain

- The hit musical "Singin' in the Rain" may possibly be one of if not the greatest musicals of all time. With it's tale of the film world of the mid 1920's and its creative underlining love story between Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds), it provokes the interest of someone who would not generally be attracted to a musical. It is a classic masterpiece that set the standards that musical films of today will be judged by. It is a classic performance by the great Gene Kelly and displays outstanding performances by Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's ' I Hear America Singing '

- As Richard Perry once said, “Certainly any hope of dispelling racism requires the spread of knowledge to correct misinformation,” (738). Walt Whitman was raised in New York in a white, American, middle-class family in the early nineteenth century. After becoming a writer, Whitman was a great contributor of "Americanism" in literature. According to the book Walt Whitman 's America, “Whitman’s writings were an impulse to revisit the period before his birth, when slavery and the economy were not yet problematic issues,” (Reynolds, 25)....   [tags: Metropolitana di Napoli, Madrid Metro]

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Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's ' I Hear America Singing '

- Walt Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” is a poem about the great working class tradition in the United States in 1860. Whitman depicts working class occupations such as; carpenters, woodmakers, and shoemen as the driving force as well as the backbone of America. The occupations listed were all often done by European immigrants. The lyrics of Whitman’s poem suggest that he is unifying them by repetition of the word singing. However, Whitman noticeably goes through the whole poem without mentioning slavery....   [tags: African American, Black people, United States]

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What is Vocal Health and Why is Vocal Health Relevant to Contemporary Singing

- Human voice is an expressive musical instrument as people use their own voices to perform pieces or songs with or without any other instruments. If the voice is damaged to a serious stage, it can be lost forever. Therefore, vocal health is important to singers to take care their voices. In the following discussion we will discuss what the vocal health is, why it is relevant to contemporary singing from vocal anatomy, physiology and voice function. Vocal health Vocal health is the ideal operating of the vocal mechanism (Hughes, 2002)....   [tags: human voice, instruments, vocal health]

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Basics of Singing: Performing The Song Ireland from Legally Blonde The Musical

- For my final performance in Basics of Singing, I will be performing the song “Ireland” from Legally Blonde the Musical. This musical first opened February 2nd, 2007 at the Palace Theatre in New York City. Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin brought Amanda Brown’s novel and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture to a new life of song and dance. “Ireland” is a piece that presents a different side to a character, Paulette, that is not seen or noted in the film nor the book. This different side of Paulette is the reason I chose the song....   [tags: paulette, film and book analysis]

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The Prohibition of Religious Music in Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist Traditions

- At first glimpse, praises of heavenly musicians and monastic chanting experts seem to suggest that music plays an important role and has a wide range of applications in Buddhist traditions. But upon closer examination one would be aware that such a statement is over-generalized and requires careful redefining. Buddhist practices mostly involve singing, reciting, and chanting. Although reciting and chanting are allowed when complied with certain restrictions, singing is absolutely prohibited by Vinaya rules to be performed, taught, or watched by novices, monks, and nuns....   [tags: Singing, Reciting, Chanting]

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How Eating and Drinking Affects the Voice

- Greetings, fellow singers and friends. I am excited to present to you something I have wondered for a long time--something that could possibly open a whole new field of study--how eating and drinking affects the voice. An understanding of the different parts of the throat, and what it takes to actually sing is essential to proper singing technique. The major parts of the voice include the vocal folds, the larynx, salivary glands, and the diaphragm. The vocal folds (commonly known as vocal cords) are a pair of bands of mucous membrane stretched across the larynx....   [tags: singing do's and don'ts ]

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I Went At A Concert Type Of Event That Different Music Groups Were Performing

- On October 23, 2016 I went to a concert type of event that different music groups were performing. This event is what Hispanics call a “Jaripeo Baile,” which is a place that people can see other people bull riding like in the rodeo, but this event was only about music groups performing. One of the music groups that performed was a band called “Josecito Leon y Su Internacional Banda Roja.” While I watched the band’s performance it reminded me of how it relates to the themes that were from our readings and discussions that we had throughout the semester....   [tags: Musical instrument, Singing, Performance]

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The Spring Jazz Collaboration, Swing Band And Madrigal Ensemble

- I attended “The Spring Jazz Collaboration” featuring the “CSI Jazz Combo”, “Swing Band”, and “Madrigal Ensemble” on March 9th. At first I thought it was just going to be three people playing the saxophone, the drums, and the bass. I was obviously wrong. Each song had their unique sound. I really liked how each musician had their own solo because it helped me hear the instrument and know what they sound like and that’s coming from a person who had never experienced a Jazz concert. The concert was broken up into four different sections....   [tags: Jazz, Music, Saxophone, Singing]

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The Conservatory: The Story of a Castrati

- You find three sexes in Naples: men, women, and us, the castrati. Music lovers think we are angels with seducing voices, Gods, musici, while for the rest of the world castrati are just fat, repulsive capons to tease. At school normal students call us “the not wholes”, but the truth is that I'm only a regular boy who enjoys singing and doesn't have balls. I'm not an emasculate bird that hangs from the butcher's hook, nor a carnival freak. Who cares if my face and chest are hairless, or my limbs too long....   [tags: castrati, singing, voice]

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The Music Of The Choir Lessons

- AFM1404 – PMPS Pop Performance Skills Reflective Learning Journal Choir lesson term 1 The first term of the choir lessons primarily consisted of the entire group learning songs as a choir with bass, tenor and soprano parts. We usually started with a singing warm up using arpeggiated patterns and scales this has helped me alot with my pitching something previously i was unsure about. I think this term of lessons has helped me build a confidence in my singing ability I didn’t previously have which in turn gave me the confidence to sing in front of an audience solo in the pop performance class....   [tags: Performance, Music, Audience, Singing]

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A Night At The Hi Hat, By The Brinks, The Slightlys, And Espresso

- May 7th was a night to remember at the Hi Hat, with performances by The Brinks, The Slightlys, and Espresso. The venue’s doors opened at 8 PM and people milled inside. The venue was open and relaxed. The sound of someone playing pool by the entrance mingled with easy conversation. The exposed brick along the walls mixed with the low lighting of the venue and created an atmosphere that was both intimate and cozy. The set times displayed between the bar and soundbooth were a quiet reminder of what was to come....   [tags: Performance, Audience, Singing, The Stage]

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I Was Made For Another World

- “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world” (Lewis, 1996). This quote written by C.S Lewis was the base for the songwriter Brooke Fraser to compose the C.S Lewis song. As a case of analysis, it was decided to find the different elements of the music inside this piece. As a result of this analysis, it is necessary to divide the song in five remarkable stanzas. First of all, it is analyzed the theme and general characteristic of the song....   [tags: Music, Melody, Singing, Harmony]

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Same Drugs By Chance The Rapper

- A lot of times, people find music a great way to express how they feel. Perhaps they cannot find the words to explain how they feel but a song can put it perfectly. Songs can tell a story, give a message, or simply be a nice beat to dance to. In the song, “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper, he tells a story of someone he grew up with who has since changed now that they are adults. Talking about the simplicity of when they were kids and now they are adults. Comparing their relationship to the story of Peter Pan, he uses the lines, “When did you change....   [tags: Rhetoric, Emotion, Singing, Fiction]

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Johnny Cash and Luke Bryan

- The difference between Americans today and way back when is very different. Johnny Cash and Luke Bryan are both very great men that achieved great things. They are very similar but are also very different. From the 1920s to now, country music has changed drastically from singing about love to having fun and partying, and this shows how different things were important as a whole. Johnny’s life hasn’t been the easiest to get through. Raised in Kingsland, Arkansas in a small town of Dyess. In his Encyclopedia article about Cash’s life and career, Mcleod explains that his upbringing was in a bible-belt town that published Sunday School Attendance Figures in the weekly newspaper....   [tags: country music, singing, love]

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Louis Armstrong: "Pops" of Jazz

- Louis Armstrong, asked to define jazz, said “if you’ve got to ask, you’ll never know” (Cooke and Horn 2). As he put it, jazz has been an ever evolving genre. Armstrong’s style itself became out of step with a public demand by the early 40s (Larkin 246). Yet, even as Armstrong fell out of style, he greatly influenced later jazz artists. Armstrong’s creation of scat singing – vocal with random syllables – has been imitated by other musicians. Armstrong’s sophisticated pitch choice and extended range of his trumpet was revered and imitated....   [tags: Biography, Scat Singing]

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The Grass is Singing

- Doris Lessing’s debut novel is set in Southern Africa, where she herself grew up. It bears similarities to the relationship between her parents. The book follows the life of Mary Turner, a white city girl, up to her murder by her black servant. The murder is announced on top of the first page, and from there the background to it unfolds. Mary lives in the city; she has a desk job and often goes out with her many friends. She is a popular girl but as the years go by her friends start to marry off and eventually she’s the only single person left, and people start to talk about her behind her back....   [tags: essays research papers]

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History of Music Education in America

- America has a great history from the beginning. It began with the migration of people from Europe. They colonized the states and began life there. They eventually fought for their freedom and now are the United States of America. Within this history is another profound history, which is the history of music education in America. Music education has changed and grown dramatically from century to century from the 18th century to present times. Each century show a great moment and growth in the history of music education....   [tags: Boston singing schools, music composition]

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Handel 's Messiah : A Collaboration Of The Kansas City Symphony And The Independence Messiah Choir

- Handel’s Messiah I attended a collaboration of the Kansas City Symphony and the Independence Messiah Choir. Together they performed George Frideric Handel’s Messiah. The performance was an oratorio, which is a musical piece that is typically lengthy, tells a story, is based on Biblical or religious events, and is performed through voice and orchestra. I was a perceptive listener during the performance, as I was not just only basking in the delightful sound, while having associations for the music, but I was also constantly seeking understanding, and working through reasonings and answers about it, while creating a deeper appreciation for it....   [tags: Orchestra, Violin, Singing, Double bass]

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Music Industry : The Sound Of Heaven

- Music, notably known as the sound of heaven; the one aspect of life that can speak multiple languages by combing different tones and beats to create one unique sound wave. Constantly evolving over the years, this complexed form of melodic syndrome has opened doors for thousands of people across the globe. From musical prodigies to extremely dedicated dream chasers, the music industry has become one of the most famous career choices today. Additionally, some of these career paths include education, song writing, performance, audio technology, music therapy, and business....   [tags: Singing, Music, Vocal range, Human voice]

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The Differences Between Pop Music And Rock Music

- The Differences between Pop Music and Rock Music Almost everyone everywhere in the world listens to some type of music. Pop music and rock music are among the most popular music genres today. Sometimes it is hard to classify songs as rock or pop music. It all depends on perspective and opinion. Everyone may believe different things about each genre or songs in those genres and that 's okay. Even though everyone may see pop and rock music in their own light, there are still distinctive and provable differences between the genres, such as, their basis, their lyrics, and their audiences....   [tags: Rock music, Pop music, Popular music, Singing]

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The Death Of Real Music

- Technology always helped bring the listener closer to the music. Progressing from wax tubes, to records, to cassettes, to CDs, each jump has benefited the music fan. But maybe it 's gone a bit too far. In today’s time we listen to music through headphones that damage the ears. In the past ten years Auto-Tune has been the death of real music. “Dr Andy Hildebrand is the inventor of the voice pitch-correcting software called Auto-Tune”(Bellis). The first song published using Auto-Tune on the vocals was the 1998 song "Believe" by Cher....   [tags: Singing, Music, MTV Video Music Awards]

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Effects Of Rock Music On Teenagers

- Effects of Rock Music on Teenagers (Including me) These days when it some people listen rock music, specifically Punk or Metal, if it is even mentioned they think of the loud screaming and bad messages being sent to our youth. Some even consider that this music is "changing" us and causing teenagers to rebel and do bad illegal actions, but they are wrong. A lot of people do not realize there is so much more to rock music than they think, and it actually does a lot for us as teenagers/ young adults....   [tags: Rock music, Heavy metal music, Singing, Punk rock]

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Academy for Performing Arts Admission Request Essay

- Have you ever pondered the thought of music being more than just sound waves mixed together to form vibrations. To me it’s way more than that. It’s a part of what brings the world together and it's a form of life within the heart, flowing and pumping its way through the soul and mind. It’s in my blood and mind. Without music, I could have never became my true self. I would have just survived in this world,empty, and not fulfilled. Music brings out a different side of me, the real me. So why should I, just a normal girl with dreams her heart and her future in mind, be admitted to a new, innovative, competitive performing arts school that demands the best of the best and nothing less....   [tags: Music, Singing]

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Majoring in Music

- Majoring in Music Music has always been an important part of my life. Upon entering the fifth grade, my parents bought me a flute, at my insistence. After moderate success playing the flute, I saw greener grass on the other side of the musical fence. Singing just had to be easier than making music with a long metal pipe. My perception and reality did not exactly match. Singing has its own subtleties and complexities which are not readily apparent to the casual observer. Abandoning the flute for singing, I began taking voice lessons in the tenth grade....   [tags: Education Musical Singing School Essays Papers]

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Influential Achievements of Darren Criss

- Singers, songwriters, and actors are constantly endeavoring to inspire others in some way, and Darren Criss is no different. Darren Criss has accomplished numerous goals in his twenty-seven years of life, and he has many more to accomplish in the future. He began achieving goals at the age of five when he learned how to play the violin. He continued to strive for greatness as he wrote his first song at the age of fifteen. He brought the Harry Potter series to life when he wrote the songs for, and starred in, a Harry Potter parody musical....   [tags: Acting, Singing, LGBT]

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Dialogue Essays: Lessons Learned

- Lessons Learned Several days passed by and Ambur woke one morning to find it dark and cloudy. He could sense this day would be a rainy one. So he took his time, fixed some coffee and got breakfast ready for he and Honeysuckle. It wasn’t one of those days where it might shower briefly and then stop. It looked like it was one of those 'all day' rainy days. Honeysuckle asked, “What are you going to do today?” Ambur paused for a second to gather his thoughts and said, “I think I want to take a walk with Lucinda....   [tags: hike, singing, gift]

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Britney Spears: An Inappropriate Role Model

- Britney Spears: An Inappropriate Role Model One of the most popular teenage entertainers ever is warping the minds of our youth. Appearing on television commercials, MTV videos, many magazine covers, and the radio, Britney Spears is taking control of raising today’s children. Her perfect looks and sexual appeal have mesmerized young viewers. Children and teens strive to be just like her. Although some people allow their children to idolize Britney Spears, I now see that she is an inappropriate role model for her targeted audience of five to thirteen-year-olds....   [tags: Music Stars Singing Papers]

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The Image of Alcohol Use in Country Music

- The Image of Alcohol Use in Country Music The relative presence or absence of clear norms prescribing certain kinds of alcohol use has long been regarded as a key factor in rates of alcoholism (e.g., 1, 2). In societies where it is expected that drinking will be used as a means to facilitate certain kinds of behavior or to assuage problems the incidence of alcohol problems is much higher than in those where expectations are that it be used for ceremonial functions (3). The purpose of the present study was to examine the current image of alcohol use in country music, an element of American popular culture in which alcohol use and misuse has long been a major theme (4, 5)....   [tags: Songs Singing Media Entertainment Essays]

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Charles Manson’s Influence

- Charles Manson is one of the most sinister and evil criminals the world has ever seen. His troubled childhood and twisted view of society led him to organize a cult that committed bizarre and brutal murders that shocked media, and struck fear into the hearts of every American in the 1960s and still does today. Charles Manson and the Family had a huge and pivotal influence on American culture, which ultimately lead to the fall of the love generation and hippie counterculture. Charles Manson’s illicit upbringing contributed to the manipulative criminal he grew up to be....   [tags: Love Generation, Blackbird Singing. Dead of Night]

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A Report on Lifeline for Children’s Choir Directors

- Mrs. Bartle employs a little bit of four of each of the methods shared in (the vocal pedagogy) class. She uses a lot of the Westminister method but borrows from the others. The others she borrows from are Christiansen, Fred Warning and Wilson/Klein. Much of what she writes, is from her own life’s career experiences as a choral director. The first subject she deals with is the director’s attitude. A director should have a positive attitude. (p. 3, Bartle) In chapter two she discusses the development of a child’s voice in a mechanistic way....   [tags: Choir Chorus Singing Papers Vocal Music]

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The Sinking of M/T ERIKA: Erika Casulaty

- Based on the review of the CEPM Report released, regarding the sinking of M/T ERIKA. Some miles south of the coast of Brittany, it has been noted that the ship-owner and the ship-manager of the vessel having the responsibility for the maintenance of the ship, relied on the inspection procedure of vessel’s classification society. Moreover, it is evident that vessel’s classification society was not able to effectively monitor the deteriorating structural condition of the vessel. Even though some areas of concern have been identified and inadequate mitigating measures have been taken....   [tags: CEPM report, sinking ship, ship owners]

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Singin' in the Rain

- Singin' in the Rain Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for budget of $2.54 million, released April 10, 1952 by MGM and grossed $3.6 million, Technicolor 35mm negative, 1.37:1 screen aspect ratio, mono sound, 103 mins.; Laserdisc released 1991; restored theatrical print from original 3-strip Technicolor negatives released 1992; DVD released 1997 with remastered Dolby digital sound Production: Directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly Written by Betty Comden, Adolph Green Produced by Arthur Freed Original music by Nacio Herb Brown, Lennie Hayton Cinematography by Harold Rosson Film Editing by Adrienne Fazan Sound recording by Douglas Shearer Special Effects by Warren Newcombe, Irving G....   [tags: Movies Film]

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The Classical Hollywood Paradigm in Singin' in the Rain

- Not all films which adhere to the classical Hollywood paradigm eschew issues. The film Singin’ in the Rain follows Don Lockwood, a popular silent film actor, as he attempts to maintain his star status during the advent of “talkies”. Lockwood’s journey manifests fame’s capricious temperament, the studio’s commercial interest, and the influence of outside variables on a film. Singin’ in the Rain uses Lockwood’s struggle with celebrity to expose the importance of public image and self esteem. A set of practices concerning the narrative structure compose the classical Hollywood Paradigm....   [tags: public image, self esteem, conflict]

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The Sinking of the Lusitania

- The sinking of the Lusitania was a tragic event. It occurred on May 7th, 1915 in the North Atlantic ocean. The famous British ocean liner had departed from New York City and was off the coast of Ireland when a German submarine fired torpedoes. The ship had roughly 1,900 passengers on board, most of which were American citizens. The ship was meant for passengers and not for cargo but as lots of reporters have stated there was in fact a handful of war materials aboard the ship which was kept secret from its passengers.Prior to the sinking the Germans had declared that the waters around the British Isles were considered to be a war zone.1 This war zone idea was backed by the fact that the Germa...   [tags: british ocean liner]

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The Sinking of the Titanic

- ... (2011). The sinking of the titanic), (History of the titanic. Available at: The crew and passengers There were over 2200 passengers who were on the ship and 1500 people died while only 712 survived There were three categories classes on the ship, the first class comprised the wealthy and famous they paid high priced tickets and so enjoyed the facilities of the higher class such as privileges of beautiful staterooms with great views, running water baths, and world class dining....   [tags: failure, design, manufacturers, crew survivors]

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The Sinking of the Bismarck

- Introduction World War II started 1 September 1939 when German forces invaded Poland. Two days later on the evening of 3 September 1939, both Britain and France had entered the war against Germany. Germany had the smallest of the great power naval forces due to their defeat in World War I and the resulting restrictions emplaced on them. These restrictions from the 1922 Washington Treaty limited the German navy on the number, tonnage, and lethality of their fleet. Consequently, Germany lacked the resources to challenge the British Royal Navy directly....   [tags: battleship, Germany, Royal Navy, Britain]

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Sinking Into Society

- In any nation mistakes have been the source of change. Whether it is safety or governmental reform or a revolution in the nation’s lifestyle and customs, those mistakes have made a lasting imprint on the minds of their people. The sinking of one of history’s maiden voyages, the Titanic, has made such impact on the American people; Titanic cannot be mentioned without stirring deep emotions for those who have perished. It is one of history’s most devastating catastrophes but it is also the first ship to send the new SOS distress call instead of the original CQD signal meaning “all stations: distress”....   [tags: World History ]

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The Sinking of the Titanic: Who Was at Fault

- April 14th, 1912, will go down in history as a day when disaster struck. It was the day the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg that after a mere four hours, caused it to sink to the bottom of the ocean, taking 1,500 people with it. But it wasn’t just one thing that caused this tragedy, and although there were many individuals and events that led to the sinking of the Titanic, the person most responsible for the sinking of this ship is Bruce Ismay. He chose not to put enough lifeboats on the Titanic, urged the captain to make the ship maintain speed while passing through ice fields, and allowed the use of cheap material and watertight compartments that didn’t reach high enough....   [tags: Titanic, History]

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The Royal Tenenbaums: A Sinking Battleship

- A Sinking Battleship In the 2001 cult movie The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson, a seemingly abnormal family, through two decades of unfortunate events, reunites once again. One might watch this movie and infer that the Tenenbaum family's way of reuniting is obscure and most was done out of pure selfishness, but it actually is a representation of an American life. The movie begins with showing that at young ages all three Tenenbaum children found major success in their lives. Chas Tenenbaum creates a successful small business from breeding dalmatian mice, Richie Tenenbaum is a tennis prodigy, and their adopted daughter Margot Tenenbaum received grants from writing short plays....   [tags: cult movies, film review and analysis]

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The Sinking of the Titanic

- The Sinking of the Titanic The sinking of the Titanic in 1914 became an international symbol to all. What that symbol is depends on each individual person that accesses the situation. Greed, chivalry, folly, bravery and progress are among the few symbols. Can someone who is over confident in the work they did with their own hands be cursed or were the crew members of the Titanic, weighing over forty-six tons, pure ignorant. This nine-deck ship had all it needed to accommodate the three classes that paid good money to sail from Southampton Whales to New York....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sinking of the Titanic

- Introduction The R.M.S. Titanic sideswiped an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on April 14, 1912. Estimated to be able to stay afloat for 2 days under the worst scenario, the ship sank in less than 3 hours [Gannon, 1995]. Main Cause for Sinking The iceberg created a 300-foot gash in the Titanic's hull above and below the waterline. Structural Errors That Accelerated the Sinking Steel brittleness Tests on Titanic's steel showed that the steel had high sulfur content, which increases the brittleness of steel by disrupting the grain structure [Hill, 1996]....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Sinking of the Lusitania

- The Sinking of the Lusitania On the 7 May 1915 at 14:30, then 240 metre long and 27 meter wide ship the Lusitania sunk to the sea bed. Despite the fact that so many were killed, 1,195 people, this ship has not become one of history’s most well known vessels, unlike the Titanic. This is due to the fact that the Lusitania was sunk by the Germans during the First World War. The Lusitania and her sister ship, the Mauretania, were built by John Brown & CO Ltd in Glasgow for the purpose of winning back the Blue Riband, an award to ships crossing the Atlantic ocean in the quickest time....   [tags: Papers]

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American Public Education System Is Sinking

- American public education system is sinking as the government continues to deny the public schools proper funding. The students and the future generations to come are going to pay the price for the government’s actions if they continue on same path of putting education aside. Jean Anyon, Jonathan Kozol, and Micheal Moore; all authors have talked the problems that public schools are going through in their articles from lack of funding to poor teaching and segregation resurfacing in public schools again....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Singin '

- “Singin’ all my songs to bedroom mirrors, deep inside my heart I’m still here.” Sitting in my friends living room, three of my friends gathered on new year’s eve listening to Andy Biersack. My favorite heartthrob was 25. I carefully watched the screen while tuning into the words. “We’re always runnin’ away and we don’t even stop to think about it. The world’s in our hands, yeah, they don’t need to understand. We do it our own way, no matter what they try to say about it. We’ve got our own plans, yeah, they don’t need to understand.” By the time the song finished I was bouncing in my seat with excitement....   [tags: Automobile, Walking, Hotel, Luggage]

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Rections to the Sinking of the Titanic

- Rections to the Sinking of the Titanic One of the most advertised events of the 1910's was the so-called Unsinkable Titanic and it's controversial sinking on April 14, 1912. When news of this British made luxury liner, weighing 46,000 gross tons reached American shores the press went wild. The idea of an unsinkable ship was bewildering. Then when the ship sank on her maiden voyage the press had a second hay-day. The sinking of the Titanic was a national event. It effected the 1910's in several ways, 2 examples of this would be the death of American social icons, and the reforms made to ships technology and travel codes....   [tags: Papers]

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Shine and the Sinking of the Titanic

- In the poetry “Shine and the Sinking of the Titanic”, Shine is a hero. Shine is considered a hero because he left the sinking ship Titanic and swam to shore in order to save his life from a forthcoming tragedy. In this poem, it is apparent that Shine was an employee of the Titanic crew. Shine was a very intelligent and wise man, he did not heed to what the Captain, his boss was telling him. Shine knew that something was wrong when he told the Captain that there was about “forty feet of water in [the] boiler-room floor”, perhaps that was Shine’s way of letting the Captain know that something was not right....   [tags: Poetry summary]

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Sinking Boat Saves the Day 

- Sinking Boat Saves the Day Andrew and Ollie are two sixteen year old boys, it is their summer holidays at the moment; and they have been enjoying it to the limits in the small town of Polperro where they live on the southern Cornish coast. They had spent the majority of the summer out at sea in Andrews’s dads’ motor boat catching mackerel. But it all had to stop one week because of the typical English weather- there had been severe storms in Cornwall, and the sea has been extremely rough....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sinking of the Titanic: How It Could Have Been Prevented?

- The maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic will always be a day marked in history as a night to remember. Why did the Titanic not make it to her port in New York City from her trek across the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic was designed to take passengers from England, France and Ireland to North America (Gunner). What happened that night the Titanic sank down to her cold watery grave to the bottom North Atlantic. Was it from the design of the ship or perhaps from poor building materials, human naivety and error; or simply a combination of all of these things....   [tags: Titanic History]

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Fast Food Culture : A Life Raft Or A Sinking Boat

- Fast food culture: a life raft or a sinking boat The Amalgamation of Richard, and Maurice McDonalds, and Ray Kroc in 1955, set in motion a great cultural phenomenon, that would lead to the transformation of American gastronomy, impact their health, and become a formidable global ambassador of Americanization--the Fast food culture (Wilson). Nothing represents America better than the fast food restaurants. There is no American who Is not impacted by this phenomenal artifact. In 1948 Richard and Maurice McDonald opened what became the world’s first self-serve- drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, but it wasn’t until 1955, that the meeting that will change the way fast food busin...   [tags: McDonald's, Fast food restaurant, Hamburger]

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Is Shylock More Sinned Against Than Sinning?

- There are many sides to this argument. The first is that Shylock does not sin at all, the second is that all the characters sin as much as each other, the third that Shylock is the only one who sins, the fourth that they all sin, but Shylock sins the most making the above statement false, and the fifth way of arguing it is to agree with the statement. Shylock may sin when he makes the contract with Antonio saying that he must pay back the 3000D within 3months if he lends it to him, or he can take 1lb of flesh from his body, but it is not clear whether he wants to harm Antonio because he claims to want “Only friendship”....   [tags: Free Merchant of Venice Essays]

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Autobiography in The Open Boat

- The Open Boat is based off the true story of the sinking of the Commodore. Stephen Crane had a traumatic shipwreck in January 1897. After the crash on the 10-foot boat, Crane was lost at sea for 30 hours. He was later rescued and wrote 3 different writings on the sinking of Commodore (Eye). Crane’s afterthought of the sinking of the Commodore led to the short story. It was initially published as “Stephen Crane’s Own Story” (Hayes). The Open Boat is now a fictional tale written by Stephen Crane to portray his struggling experience....   [tags: sinking of the Commodore]

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Changing from a Disaster

- Changing from a Disaster Four days after leaving from Southampton, England, an iceberg struck the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic’s, also known as the RMS Titanic or Titanic, front hull. Many first and second class passengers couldn’t believe that the “unsinkable” could sink at all and the warning messages to the passengers to put on their life belts and head to the lifeboats. “I didn’t see the need to put on my lifebelt as the ship was said to be unsinkable,” said Margaret Tobin Brown, a first class passenger....   [tags: sinking of the Titanic]

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Historians' Disagreement About the Sinking of the Lusitania

- Historians' Disagreement About the Sinking of the Lusitania On 7th may 1915, the Lusitania was sunk by a German Submarine, U-20, off the south coast of Ireland. The liner was on its scheduled sailing from New York to Liverpool. It was travelling at only 15 knots at the time, as cunard had ordered the captain not to use all of the 4 boilers rooms because of fuel shortages. The Lusitaniasank very quickly in just 18 minutes, at the time; the U.S.A was a neutral country in the war....   [tags: Papers]

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Sin and Redemption: Iredeemable

- Temptation, the biggest fight you can face, is around every corner. People are making mistakes left and right, some are more intense than others. People don't know the consequences of sin in the afterlife. Many think that if a person sins then they are instantly foreordained to go to hell. Others think that there is no such thing as sinning. People are unsure of what will happen to them once they have committed a sin. No matter what sins you have face or committed, nothing is irredeemable. People are scared of the afterlife and they aren't sure if redemption is even possible once a sin is committed....   [tags: afterlife, sinning, salvation, temptation]

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King Lear: A Man More Sinned Against Than Sinning?

- King Lear—A Man More Sinned Against Than Sinning. A King is supposed to have all that he needs without having to worry about anything in his late years. Yet King Lear, in Act 3, Scene 2, cried out in pitifully: “I am a man / More sinned against than sinning.'; Although Lear has made a huge mistake in the first scene of the play in dividing up his kingdom and banishing his two dearest people, the sins his two other ungrateful daughters have done him is far greater than the extent of Lear’s wrongs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why Your Ecommerce Sales Page Design Is Sinking Conversion Rates

- Why Your eCommerce Sales Page Design is Sinking Conversion Rates Image source: PhotoDune Does your website have a conversion rate problem. You 've invested serious time, money and energy into building the perfect site and driving website traffic. You 've fine-tuned your PPC campaigns. Site traffic is up 450% over last year. But your bounce rate is high and conversions are low. So what gives. While the specific problems underlying your low conversion rate can vary, these problems all come back to one central issue: bad website sales page design....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Sales]

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Memories of the Titanic

- I remember my childhood years quite well. I had lived with my big brother, Colby Winston, ever since I was five, I don’t remember much before that though. We traveled all around Europe; Colby was a big gambler and loved to make bets. He lied, he cheated, everything was always changing. Colby promised me one thing though, “Reagan,” he would say, “one days it gunna be you and me, in the United States.” I really wanted to believe him, but I never saw it coming true. But then one day, one lucky day, Colby won the biggest hand of poker....   [tags: Sinking of the Titanic]

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Consider the accuracy of Lear?s claim that he is ?a man / More sinned against than sinning?

- King Lear is throught the whole play a man who is a sinner and the victim of the evil deeds of those who surround him, those he keeps most close mostly are the worst sinners against him. He thinks he does the right good things but has to find out that almost everything he did out of meaning well by the people he considered as the good ones at the time he did it were the wrong moves. When Lear realizes that his moves seem to have been wrong he tells Kent and the Fool during a storm that he is “a man / More sinned against than sinning”, knowing that he also made mistakes, not only the others....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Sinking of the Titanic in Dusk to Dawn by Dr. Paul J. Quinn

- The sinking of the luxurious Titanic was a traffic disaster that could have been avoided. Dr. Paul J Quinn stated in his book Dusk to Dawn " The Titanic had actually been designed to carry forty-eight lifeboats but was rejected because it made the deck look cluttered"(11). The sinking could have been avoided if the Titanic crew had not over estimated its strength, and had listened carefully to the warnings of numerous other ships, and if the crew managed the rescue efforts into the lifeboats correctly....   [tags: Papers]

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How Thomas Hardy Presents the Tragedy of the Sinking of the Titanic in the Poem The Convergence of the Twain

- How Thomas Hardy Presents the Tragedy of the Sinking of the Titanic in the Poem The Convergence of the Twain On the fateful day of April 1912, the great ship known as the Titanic collided into an enormous Iceberg. Down went the colossal ship and so did the rich, famous and all their valuable goods. The reports of people drowning were in all of the newspapers but not in one of them was there anything about what happened to the ship under the sea. In Hardy's poem, there is nothing about what happened to passengers on the huge liner but instead he has described (in his point of view) the ship under the sea and the sea creatures that pass by....   [tags: Papers]

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The Virtues in Sinning: Analysis of Peter Shaffer's Amadeus

- Why am I here. What does this all mean. What is my destiny. Where is God. These are questions we ask during our lifetime, questions of discernment that unlock not only the truth about ourselves, but our perception of God. Even as time passes, these questions remain and we are drawn to answer them not by words but the way we live our lives. Still one should not doubt that God also plays a prevalent role in who we are to become and and recognize that even if we choose to deny God's existence he will play a role within our ruin....   [tags: analysis, Antonio Salieri, mozart]

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Tesco's Sinking Ship: Japan

- Tesco’s aspiration for multinational status had proved successful. Just about any country they chose to do business in ultimately made them the world’s third largest retailer. Their niche, however, was in emerging economies and they had entered all the emerging economies of the world that they felt were of importance. Japan for many years had been an interest because it was known to be the second largest retail market in the world. When the two existing supermarket chains went up for sale, Tesco decided it was time for entry into the Japanese retail market....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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USS Indianapolis Sinking

- The USS Indianapolis was a heavy cruiser. She did not have heavy armor which made her vulnerable to torpedo attacks. She had been ordered to sail on July 16, 1945, to deliver a bomb that would end the war. Unfortunately, it sank before it arrived. It was July 30th around 11:30 at night. Hashimoto, the captain of the I-58 Japanese submarine climbed up on the bridge. He picked up binoculars. Hashimoto saw a ship because the moon was behind it and gave the order to dive. Hashimoto was very concerned that it was a destroyer ship coming to attack the submarine....   [tags: destroyer, ship, torpedo, attack bomb]

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