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When China Ruled the Seas by Levathes

- When China Ruled the Seas by Levathes In the book, When China Ruled the Seas, Levathes tells us about seven voyages made by junk armadas during the Chinese emperor Zhu Di's reign. 'Treasure ships' as they were called, were under the command of admiral Zheng He, these ships traded silk, porcelain, and many other fine objects of value. They sailed from India to East Africa, throughout Korea and Japan, and possibly as far as Australia. She believes that China might have been able to create a great colonial realm one hundred years before the Europeans explored and expanded, from China's navy of some three thousand ships....   [tags: Levathes China Ruled Seas Essays]

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Aircraft Carriers : The Royalty Of The Seas

- From the days of galleys and their hundreds of oarsmen, to the invention of sails, and then to the creation of iron clads it is no secret that the creation of new types and more technologically advanced ships impacts how we conduct maritime warfare. The Romans headed their technological curve with the corvus, the British with the dreadnaught, and the United States of America with her aircraft carriers. How exactly has this technology affected the way we fight from the sea. The creation and implementation of aircraft carriers into maritime forces has dramatically changed how maritime warfare is carried out....   [tags: United States, World War II, Royal Navy, Navy]

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King Of The Seas

- From the many inventions that emerged from the American Civil War, the Ironclad, designed by Captain John Ericsson and Robert L. Stevens, has impacted the world by advancing naval warfare technology. It gave America more influence in Europe and put America ahead of Europe in naval matters. The impact and influence changed naval warfares forever by forcing wooden ships to become obsolete. The Ironclad was among the first technological and modern tools of war. Its impact on technology in navies can still be seen today in the designs and the construction of naval ships.(Mac Bride,1) It has impacted technology in the way ships are built....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Blue Seas Underwater And Heavenly Scenes

- Imagery has always been a great element which pilots the meaning of mood and meaning of stories and poems. Found in the Chinese sites and sights in the Mulan movie, The Blue Seas underwater and heavenly scenes in One Piece TV series, and the dark and gritty streets of London in the Sherlock Holmes novels, imagery bolstered the meaning and mood components of a story or poem. Guy de Maupassant is one of the most notable French authors that has written fantastic shorts such as “The Necklace,” a story concerning an unwitty couple’s gigantic misunderstanding, and “Two Friends,” a story concerning a patriotic friendship that conveys de Maupassant’s anger of The War....   [tags: Guy de Maupassant, Short story, The Necklace]

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Pirates terror of the high seas

- I. Introduction A. Argggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!. Ahoy me mates and welcome to the world of pirates. B. through the next few minutes I will be informing ye about pirates and their rage on the high seas. C. We will be talking about pirates, their ships, weapons, and a few famous ones at that. D. I myself have been interested in pirates since I was a wee lad. A. Ships 1. Galleon a. “The Spanish Galleon was the great prize ship for pirates.” (History of Pirates) 1....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How And Why Did The Vikings Achieve Dominance Of The Seas?

- This question provokes three clear debates, whether the Vikings did achieve dominance, what methods were employed to achieve this and the motivation behind doing so. To form an effective analysis it is imperative to ascertain an appropriate time period to assess. Appropriately, E. Roesdahl has suggested that ‘just before AD 800’ and ‘well into the eleventh century’ the Vikings played a ‘decisive role in many parts of Europe’. While it is important to examine the opposition that the Vikings would have faced, the evidence that they did achieve dominance of the seas is incontrovertible....   [tags: Viking Dominance]

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Book Review on When China Ruled the Seas

- In the book, When China Ruled the Seas, Levathes talks about seven voyages made by the Chinese armadas during emperor Zhu Di's reign. Admiral Zheng was in control of many “Treasure ships”. These ships traded silk, porcelain, and many other fine goods. They sailed from India to East Africa, through Korea and Japan, and might have even traveled all the way to Australia. Levathes believes that it could have been very possible for China to have been able to create a great kingdom to rule over one hundred years before the Europeans even explored and expanded, with China's giant navy of about three thousand of these large treasure ships....   [tags: Book Review ]

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The Greek Of Greek Life And The Greeks ' Colonization Of The Mediterranean And Black Seas

-     A polis is “A city-state, as the central institution in Greek life and the Greeks’ colonization of the Mediterranean and Black seas (Spielvogel 60). Before the emergence of the poleis, there was a dark age in Greece. A time where “Greece entered a difficult period in which population declined and food production dropped” (Spielvogel 60). Trade was not a frequent sight, and farming became a main source of economy. An organized type of government was not present during the dark age. Due to a lack of government, I believe that is why the polis became very successful throughout Greece....   [tags: Sparta, Ancient Greece, Battle of Thermopylae]

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Human Life is Affecting The Environment and Animals

- Imagine a world without any animals just humans. It's scary isn't it. This could happen on Earth if we don’t change our lifestyles according to scientist and non-profit organizations called save our seas and world wildlife. Earth is rapidly being destroyed by mankind in ways like overfishing, deforestation, and not recycling plastic properly. These things are then leading to a loss in bio-diversity, contamination in water, and ultimately killing our planet. Everyday things that we do like driving a car, flying in a plane, or even taking a train are greatly impacting the Earth too....   [tags: overfishing, seas, wildlife]

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How Herman Melville and Mrs. Hausman Influenced My Story

- It was in the absurd and unnatural intercourse of Herman Melville and Mrs. Hausman, my college communications teacher, that my story was conceived. I had already given several speeches for Mrs. Hausman and had grown weary of the class when she insisted on one more speech for our final grade. I went straight to brainstorming but when I looked down after fifteen minutes of pondering I found an unblemished piece of white paper. Desperate for a subject I scanned the classroom and saw a flyer advertising commercial fishing job opportunities in Alaska....   [tags: gray skies and stormy seas]

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Opal and The High Seas

- Creative Writing: Rough Draft The celestial sun warmed the rocks at the edge of the cliff. Blue-green ocean kissed Opal’s fin. Ruby and violet glittered against the water where the rays of light reflect. Opal laid carelessly on the red rock, her pale skin exposed to the sunbeams. The air was static. From the distance, she could see the Montagne. Its sallow sails folded in. The ship would be launched the next day, if the wind concurred. Brest was large town, people bustling from place to place....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Summary Of ' Walk The Plank ! '

- “Walk the plank!” it 's the commonly damning words of the wealthy merchant to the melancholy writer. As sad a fate as any for a writer to meet upon the seven seas. Argh. However, what if I told you, that Ol ' Captain Matt Gallus had the secret to getting the prices you deserve. And why not. You worked your grammar, clarity, flow and other writing skills to the bone. You sharpened your sword, but every living pirate knows that it 's the dagger lurking in the dark that you have to watch out for. What seemingly unrelated skill is it that will put a dagger in your hand....   [tags: Negotiation, Bargaining, Seven Seas, Remorse]

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Chicken of the Seas

- 1.     The decision making process for canned tuna is as follows: (i)     Problem Recognition – Consumers of canned tuna are motivated primarily by the need to satisfy their physiological need of hunger which is the most basic level of needs under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Problem recognition can also stem from stock-outs where consumers run out of canned tuna supplies. In addition, motivation of purchase can be marketer-induced to incite new needs/wants by introducing consumers new uses of canned tuna through the introduction of new recipes (ii)     Information Search – The purchase of canned tuna is a routine, repetitive and habitual behaviour, as such consumers largely rely informa...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Climate Change and Endagered Species

- What is the first marine mammal added to the endangered species list attributed primarily to climate change. As climate change melts the ice, it is projected that two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050. This drastic decline in the polar bear is occurring in our lifetime, which is but a miniscule fraction of the time polar bears have explored the vast Arctic seas (National Wildlife Federation, 2014). Unfortunately, that is the polar bear (Defenders of Wildlife, 2013). The climate change endangers the species, so much so that the animals have become one of the icons that conservationists use to illustrate the threat posed by climate change (The Huffington Post, 2014)....   [tags: polar bears, artic seas, sea ice]

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Edward "Blackbeard" Teach The Man Who Scourged the Seas

- Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was the most infamous man to set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Thought to be the devil himself by many sailors, he was the admiral of four ships and over one hundred and forty men. Teach was feared as the devil for multiple reasons, but the major fact that applied to this was his appearance. There is minimal information about Teach’s early life, but it has been presumed that he was born in Bristol, England in 1680. He may have also been a merchant seaman before his pirating career....   [tags: pirates, history]

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Can Nano Technology Help Clean Up Oil Spills in the Ocean and Seas?

- Oil spills has been an ongoing problem worldwide. Also, on a minor case it creates a hazardous effect on the environment. It is also very dangerous to the animals and their habitat. Most of the time, the damage it causes is irreversible. So the animals lose their homes causing them to be endangered. Increasing the quantity of oil drilling and oil shipping can certainly lead to a lot of oil spills. Existing strategies of cleaning up oil spills are not up to the task. Magnetic engineering (Nanotechnology) may well be the answer....   [tags: nanoparticles, oil spill, magnetic engineering]

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The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea by Yukio Mishima

- In every direction the sea rages and growls, tumbling its inhabitants in an ever-lasting rumble. Glory, honor, and duty are washed upon the glimmering golden shores of the Japanese empire. The sturdy land-dwellers clasp hands with those thrown into the savage arms of the ocean. This junction of disparate milieus forms the basis of an interlocking relationship that ties conflicting elements and motifs to paint a coherent, lucid final picture. In The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea, Yukio Mishima incorporates the impact of contradictory settings of land and sea, combative ideologies of the Western and Eastern hemispheres, and inherent dissimilarities amongst the characters’ lifestyl...   [tags: land, seas, opposites, glory, honor]

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Disastrous Outcomes of Climate Change

- With a rapid rise of temperature in recent years, climate change has become a thorny issue challenging every country in the globe. Global warming has exposed people to risks directly, and the trend in global emissions of greenhouse gases and associated climate change will continue. (Alistair Hunt & Paul Watkiss 2011, p1). Climate change can be defined as a lasting fluctuation in the earth’s climate, especially a change caused by the increasing temperature. Continuous rising temperature has devastating impacts on urban areas....   [tags: rising level seas, air pollution]

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The Legal Spaces Of Empire : Piracy And The Origins Of Ocean Regionalism

- Benton, Lauren. “ Legal Spaces of Empire: Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism.” Comparative Studies in Society and History vol.47 no. 4, (Oct. 2005). 700-724 Lauren Benton (a history professor at New York University) discusses the connections between the legal strategies of mariners in the late seventeenth century and the early eighteenth century while illustrating the divisions between the Atlantic and Indian oceans as separate legal spaces in “Legal Spaces of Empire: Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism.” Benton hopes to prove in her essay that pirates affected Atlantic legal politics and the relationship between the Mughal Empire and European nations in the early modern...   [tags: Law, Common law, Atlantic Ocean, Ocean]

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Analysis Of ' Leutze 's Portrait Perfectly Depicts Washington 's Leadership Skills

- Leutze 's portrait perfectly depicts Washington’s leadership skills during his time as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. For instance, Washington’s confidence and bravery is demonstrated in the painting through his stance and posture. He stands over his army with one foot placed on the edge of the boat and his head help up high while overlooking the turbulent seas ahead, leading his men into battle. In addition, Washington’s body language illustrates his perseverance and fortitude in that the harsh weather, represented in the painting via the dark clouds and thick ice, is not going to stop him or his men from achieving their goal of defeating the Brit...   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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The History of Piracy: A Closer Look at Early Pirates

- When you hear the word pirate, most people think of the modern day pirates, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. The stereotypical definition of pirates was men who sailed the sea saying arrrgh and wear eye patches. But they were a lot bigger than that. Pirate is a word from Greek and Latin piratia, and the root of peril prefers to a person who commits acts of piracy (Waldman). The first pirate activity that the world has knowledge of is back in the seventh century BC (Matthews 1)....   [tags: pirates, world history]

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The Northwest Passage: Canada versus The United States

- When it comes to issues that are causing tension between Canada and the United Stated, The Northwest Passage is a big one. The issue concerning the passage’s status has receded and arisen in Canadian- United States relations for decades. Global warming in the Arctic has once again caused the passage way to come to the forefront of bilateral relations. Closely linked to U.S. adherence to the doctrine of freedom of the seas, Canadian nationalism, and to politics in both states, the two nations can no longer afford to hold opposing positions....   [tags: bilateral relations]

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Flags of Convenience: A Threat to Maritime

- Introduction More than forty thousand merchant ships, and countless number of smaller coastal craft, ply world oceans which comprise nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface. Each year approximately ten million containers of cargo, containing raw materials to finished goods are transported by seas. The ships are owned by different states, private companies or individuals and manned by mixture of seafarers from different countries, mixed together from various nationalities. These ships are perhaps the most autonomous entities on earth as rule of law allows frequent change of their allegiance or identity by choosing a flag to suit their requirement....   [tags: ship, state, maritime laws]

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Fourteen Points Statement by Woodrow Wilson

- On January 8th, 1918, United States President Woodrow Wilson gave his “Fourteen Points” statement, which declared that World War I was being fought for a moral cause and calling for postwar peace in Europe. Most of the time Europeans welcomed Wilson’s intervention, but his allies Georges Clemenceau of France, David Lloyd George of Great Britain, and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy were all skeptical of the applicability of Wilson’s idealism. The speech Wilson made on January 8th, 1918 laid out a policy (free trade, open agreements, democracy and self-determination)....   [tags: speech, war, policy]

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Exchanging Love for Death in James Joyce's Eveline from Dubliners

- Exchanging Love for Death in Eveline   Like "Araby," "Eveline" is a story of young love, but unlike Mangan's sister, Eveline has already been courted and won by Frank, who is taking her away to marry him and "to live with him in Buenos Ayres" (49). Or has she. When she meets him at the station and they are set to board the ship, Eveline suddenly decides she cannot go with Frank, because "he would drown her" in "all the seas of the world" (51). But Eveline's rejection of Frank is not just a rejection of love, but also a rejection of a new life abroad and escape from her hard life at home....   [tags: Dubliners Essays]

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No Emotional Fulfillment in Eveline of James Joyce's Dubliners

- No Emotional Fulfillment in Eveline      "Eveline" is a story of young love. Eveline has already been courted and won by frank, who is taking her to marry him and "to live with him in Buenos Ayres" (Hacker 329). Or has she. When she meets him at the station and they are set to boars the ship, Eveline suddenly decides she cannot go with Frank because "he would drown her" in "all the seas of the world" (Hacker 329). Eveline's rejection of Frank is not just a rejection of love, but also a rejection of a new life abroad and escape from her hard life at home....   [tags: Dubliners Essays]

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Should Live Attenuated Vaccines Be Primary Or Secondary Antibody Responses?

- There is advantages and disadvantages to everything someone choses to do. The advantages to the live attenuated vaccines are that it is a living microbe that was weakened before given to the person as a vaccine. This living microbe was weakened in a lab setting so that once given it cannot cause disease to a person. Live attenuated vaccines are the closest things to getting the real deal of an infection. What these vaccines do to our body when given is they teach the body of the immune system. This is a primary antibody response is where the body adapts to the immunity....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Vaccine, Bacteria]

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My Love is Like a Red Rose

- Life is like A Red Rose This is the loveliest lyrical song of all time for Robert's wife - Jean Armour. It is widely known for not only its emotional significance bur its perfect form as well. Robert Burns opens this poem with a traditional comparison:"Oh my love is like a red red rose" Up to now, "rose" is considered the symbol of love. In this case, rose "is newly sprung in June", we can understand that his love is always at the starting point. Robert uses his rose with the meaning that it is very strong and passionate....   [tags: Robert Burns Poetry Literature Essays]

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Analysis of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

- The Fourteen Points President Wilson was determined to achieve peace. He based his peacemaking efforts in the academic argument Fourteen Points. Ideas of freedom of the seas, internationalism and justice for all were embedded in his idealistic approach, in an attempt to making long lasting peace. The Fourteen Points were enthusiastically accepted by the United States, Allies and even Lenin – setting up the political mood as co-operative and internationalized. The summary of those points is as follows: 1. No more secret agreements ("Open covenants openly arrived at")....   [tags: WWI, League of Nations]

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The Arrival By Sea Of Refugees

- A. FREEDOM OF NAVIGATION The arrival by sea of refugees presents us with a challenge when interpreting and applying the principle of non-refoulement. It also leads to confusion about how to understand the relevant rules relating to the freedom of the high seas. One of those freedoms mentioned in UNCLOS is the freedom of navigation. This freedom comprises two principles, namely; 1. The vessel sailing under the flag of any state has the right to navigate through the high seas. 2. The navigation of vessels which are sailing under the flag of any state should not be hampered by any other state....   [tags: Law, Obligation, Australia, State]

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Evidence on Prehistoric Sharks

- Evidence on Prehistoric Sharks One of the previous papers in English class required the class to pick a paper to explore, this question will be concentrated on further in the synthesis essay. What evidence do scientist have to prove that prehistoric sharks existed. The reason behind picking this question wasn’t just to find proof that these monsters swam the seas, but to learn more about them from different resources. One of the resources that were used was a chapter in Angelo Mojetta’s book Sharks, called “ The Birth Of A Legend”....   [tags: Archeology]

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Humans Must Adapt to Global Warming

- No one in the scientific community would argue with the premise that the earth’s climate has changed over the eons of its existence or that it will continue to change. The arguments now revolve around if mankind’s use of the environment has specifically altered our climate. Scientists have described our world as a clump of matter that spun out of the sun to join its journey hurling though cold and empty space. Our spaceship earth would match the moon and have no climate had not molten core continued to pierce its cold crust, spewing forth chemicals that would eventually form our atmosphere, our seas and life itself (“Mcphee”)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Histoy of Blackbeard the Pirate

- Throughout history pirates have terrorized the world’s seas. There are few men that have been feared as much as pirates were. Names such as pirate, buccaneer, and privateer were given to these men and women that terrorized the seas. Black Sam Bellamy, Bartholomew Roberts, Jean Lafitte, Stede Bonnet, and Ann Bonny are some of the most feared names know to man. These were the names of pirates that dominated the seas during the 1600’s and 1700’s, a time known as the “Golden Age of Piracy.” However, one of the greatest pirates of all time was the great Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Components of the Ocean Biome

- The Components of the Ocean Biome A biome, also known as life zones, consists of all plants, animals, and other organisms, as well the physical enviorment in a particular area. A biome is characterized by its plant life, climate, and location. The climate and physical features determine the boundaries of a biome. A biome is made up of many different ecosystems. The ecosystems tend to have the same plants and animals as neighboring biomes around the boundaries. The oceans and seas form the marine biome, the world's largest biome....   [tags: Papers]

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The Ordovician Period

- ORDOVICIAN PERIOD The Ordovician Period is the second period of the Paleozoic Era and began 485.4 million years ago and ended 443.4 million years ago (when the Silurian Period began). Four continents were present and separated by three main oceans. Laurentia was composed of present-day North America, part of Scotland, and Greenland and was near the equator. Siberia-Kazakhstan was east of Laurentia, slightly north of the equator. The Iapetus Ocean separated these two masses on the south from the continent of Baltica....   [tags: paleozic era, silurian period]

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A New Love in the Poem, Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

- ... In line two he compares his feelings to a rose “That’s newly sprung in June:” which allows the reader to envision a budding rose opening up to the beautiful world before it. “O my Luve’s like the melodie/ that’s sweetly play’d in tune” (lines 3-4) is the Scottish influence of a happy Gaelic tune. The imagery presented to readers is that of a bright sunny day, filled with promises of a new emotion of a first love. In the stanzas that follow, the reader gets a sense of the deepening love by the use of the hyperbole “Till a’ the seas gang dry, my Dear,/ And the rocks melt wi’ the sun,” (9-10)....   [tags: emotion, happiness, affection]

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The Effects Of Thermal Pollution On The Marine Life And Local Ecosystems

- Thermal pollution can be simply explained as the addition of surplus heat to water and ejecting it back to the water bodies. So how does it happen. Well, numerous industries take water from natural water resources for their industrial purposes. Maximum of this water is used as coolant as it is used to cool down the machines of any factory or plant. Afterwards, this used water with altered and much high temperature is ejected back to the natural resources including lakes, ponds, seas, etc. This causes sudden increase in temperature of natural water bodies too....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Water resources, Heat]

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Use of Puns and Metaphors in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew

- The Taming of the Shrew, written by William Shakespeare, features an abundant number of puns and metaphors which are used in several different ways throughout the play. Among the most widely used metaphors and puns in the play are sexual, food, animal, and word play puns and metaphors. (I:i,31-33) "Let's be no stoics nor no stocks, or so devote to Aristotle's checks as Ovid be an outcast quite abjurd". The first sexual metaphor in the play is spoken by Tranio to Lucentio. In saying this to Lucentio, Tranio means he does not want to put aside his emotions and desire, and completely devote his life to Aristotle's teachings while ignoring Ovid's poems....   [tags: Taming of the Shrew]

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The Complex Character of the Merchant in The Canterbury Tales

- Sometimes a character is not fully revealed right away in order to surprise and convey a specific purpose later on. Chaucer demonstrates this idea in The Canterbury Tales, specifically with the Merchant character. In the General Prologue, Chaucer portrays the Merchant as a respectable character; however, he hints aspects of the Merchants personality that question this respectable image. The Merchant’s entire personality is later revealed in his Prologue and Tale, as it is made evident of his cynical and pessimistic outlook, making him less respectful....   [tags: The Canterbury Tales]

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Environmental Degradation: Primitive Organisms vs Modern Day Marine Life

- The industrialized world we live in today is overdosing our oceans in nutrients like nitrogen, carbon, iron, and phosphorus compounds. These compounds come out of smokestacks, washes into the oceans from fertilized cropland, and seep out of septic tanks and sewer pipes. This process causes the tiny marine plants to run riot, then die and drift to the bottom of the ocean. Afterwards the bacteria takes over, and in a process of breaking down the plant matter, sucks all the oxygen out of the water, leaving little, or none for other marine life, so the only marine life that can survive are the primitive organisms that evolved long ago in an ocean with no oxygen, and so they require li...   [tags: Ocean Pollution]

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William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Is Crazy And A Satanist

- “Make thick my blood, stop up the access and passage to remorse” (1.5.43-44) Paraphrase - Lady Macbeth wants to poison her soul, so she can kill with no remorse. Conclusion - “Macbeth is crazy and a satanist.” “What bloody man is that” (1.2.1) Paraphrase - King Duncan asks about a sergeant then tells the story of Macbeth’s heroic victories over Macdonwald and the King of Norway. Conclusion - The king makes Macbeth sound like a hero for the loss of blood he has lost during the war. “I see thee still and on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood” (2.1.45-47) Paraphrase - Just before he kills King Duncan Macbeth is staring at the dagger of the mind....   [tags: Macbeth, KILL, Duncan I of Scotland, Blood]

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The Invasion of Normandy in World War II

- ... The planning went as far to make fake planes in Scotland for when aerial photos were taken. According to the National WWII museum Hitler was quoted saying "Everything indicates that the enemy will launch an offensive against the western front of Europe, at the latest in the spring, perhaps even earlier...." ( Hitler and his men had anticipated an attack since 1942. During this time Hitler had started to build what was called the Atlantic wall....   [tags: decisive battles, Operation Overlord]

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The Development of the Navy for Irregular Warfare

- World trade by water ways has been the most efficient way of transporting abundant cargoes over long distances for centuries. Ships often carried valuable merchandise in vast quantities, attractive targets for hostile states, pirates, and common criminals. Piracy is an ancient phenomenon throughout history which spread to all oceans and seas of the world. Conflicts between sea merchants and pirates often threatened commercial interests. Consequently leading to city-states developing powerful naval vessels to subdue the threat on the open sea creating an advanced type of warfare; naval....   [tags: pirates, shipping, tactics]

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Long Distance Maritime Trading During The Mediterranean Sea

- Long distance maritime trading was very important for civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea. One of the world oldest shipwrecks was found on the coast of Uluburun, near southwestern Turkey, which contained the wealthiest collection of Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean (Holloway, April). Mehmed Cakir discovered the Ship in 1982 at depths of about 52 metres, when the ship had sunk it was carrying over 20 tons of cargo which included both raw materials and finished good (Holloway, April) (Image 12)....   [tags: Minoan civilization, Knossos, Crete, Linear B]

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Cruise Tourism

- Written report – positive & negative impacts of cruise ship tourism in Tauranga. In 2013-14 Tauranga had 83 voyage calls, 25 vessels entering with 83 port days in total. They also had 100 unique passengers and 149,000 passenger port days. Tauranga has established itself as a go-to destination for cruise passengers, with its natural beauty and friendly locals it is not hard to see why. Over the years, Tauranga’s cruise tourism has changed from the 2013-14 statistics, the amount of voyage calls this year has gone down but the amount of unique passengers has gone up to 160,100....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Tourism, New Zealand]

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The Negative Effects of Marine Pollution

- We wonder why our marine animals are now more fastly dying off, but we do not take in considering our actions. This world is made up of 7 billion of people with more than half owning cars. We are slowly fading away our marine animals. We become unaware of the affects we create in our ocean. We don’t take in consideration that the great grandchildren, the great grandchildren’s children cannot see the beautiful creations we once saw when we were all children. The views at the beach where we’d look beyond measures down the ocean to the sunset and seeing the dolphins will not be guaranteed to these future children....   [tags: environmental issues/concerns]

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Summary of the Creation in Genesis

- Genesis is the first creation story. God creates, establishes, and puts everything into motion. After putting all of this in motion he then rests. He creates everything on earth in just seven days. Before creation Gods breath was hovering over a formless void. God made earth and all of the living creatures on earth out of nothing. There was not any pre-existent matter out of which the world was produced. Reading Genesis 1 discusses where living creatures came from and how the earth was formed. It’s fascinating to know how the world began and who created it all....   [tags: Bible, Living]

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North Sea And The English Channel

- While fighting the German navy and the persistent force of U-boats, the Royal Navy was also focused on controlling the Atlantic, the North Sea and the English Channel. As Britain is an island, it was paramount that the surrounding waters were well protected to maintain the country’s security. When war broke out, the British immediately executed a naval blockade on Germany. Its purpose was to protect the seas from access to Germany and defend merchant shipping. German ships that passed the areas of operation and that were on its way home were cut off....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Royal Navy, Ship]

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The Role of American NGOs in the Regulation of Cruise Ship Pollution

- The Role of American NGOs in the Regulation of Cruise Ship Pollution Each year, thousands of tons of pollution are generated on cruise ships and dumped into the world’s oceans. This pollution threatens the marine environment, the cruise ship industry, and the people who depend on a healthy ocean. Neither historical nor current international oceanic regimes provide comprehensive regulation on cruise ship pollution. To address the threats posed by limited oceanic pollution regulation in American and international waters, several American nongovernmental organizations have pursued diverse tactics to generate government, industry, and consumer response....   [tags: Environment, ocean, pollution]

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The Industrial Revolution in Enlgand

- The Industrial Revolution in Enlgand Geographic features are often an important influence on specific events. Throughout the world many people have been subject to certain actions due to their geographical location. The Industrial Revolution in England, building the Suez Canal in Egypt, and European efforts to colonize Africa are three of many examples. The Industrial Revolution in England was helped brought about by its geographic features. One geographic feature of Great Britain that contributed to this event is its island status....   [tags: Papers]

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The Gods of Greek Mythology

- In Greek Mythology, perhaps one of the most rudimental yet one of the most important elements are the Greek Gods and Goddesses. The ancient Greeks created the stories about the lives and journeys of the Greek Gods, known as myths, simply as an endeavor to elucidate nature and all phenomena which were difficult to explain using modern science and logic. These myths about the Gods were spread around the world by explorers and storytellers, and later merged with Greek religion. To this day, numerous myths survived through many writings and through much art....   [tags: Greek Mythology]

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Role of Geography in History

- Throughout the last five millenniums, there have been many amazing empires. Ostensibly successful was the Indus River Valley from 2500-1500 BCE, and Ancient Greece from 750-338 BCE. Later, the empire of Aksum existed from 100-750 CE. All these empires were built because of their exceptional locations, therefore proving that geography is clearly the mother of history. Despite unpredictable flooding, the Indus River Valley prospered to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, Greece had serious issues concerning arable land, but they managed to overcome this and become a great empire was well....   [tags: informative essay]

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Fourteen Points by Woodrow Wilson

- World War I was a period when countries faced economic, political, social, and cultural problems, which threatened the survival of democracy and freedom and needed a fast and effective resolution which was presented to the world by Woodrow Wilson called the Fourteen Points. The Fourteen Points offered the world a democratic resolute, that was effective, reliable and a basis for long lasting peace, unlike the Treaty of Versailles which was a non democratic approach to the problem since it contained a war-guilt clause which forced Germany to admit sole responsibility for starting World War I, although other European nations had been guilty of provoking diplomatic crises before the war, also th...   [tags: Post-World War I, UN]

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Water Requirements of Power Plants

- Thermal generating plants are faced with several challenges as regards finding efficient ways of reducing the amounts of carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere. To find an effective way of managing the emission of the greenhouse gases, a number of companies are now adopting the post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) technique; as much as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, the method is associated with several negative environmental impacts. The CCS system requires large volumes water, which is withdrawn from and returned to its sources, which include oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers; the toxins and high temperatures harm the aquatic life in the water sources....   [tags: carbon dioxide, emission, CCS, amine-based]

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Napoleon Bonaparte's Life and Accomplishments

- On August 5th, 1769, a child entered the world, and his effect upon history would be profound, Napoleon Bonaparte would one day control an empire that spanned across Europe and Asia, but he would not stop there, for Napoleon would seek to establish the entire world as his empire. The hard-fought wars Napoleon Bonaparte faced upon this conquest coupled with the naval prowess of the English would present a formidable challenge for Napoleon and had he not been stopped at Trafalgar, the world just may have become something completely different than we know it today....   [tags: horatio nelson,napoleonic wars,french dictator]

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Conservation in the Art Market

- CONSERVATION IN THE ART MARKET 1. INTRODUCTION The art, antiques and antiquities trade employs a wide range of professionals who work in very different areas of the market. It involves from finance to heritage and represents a safe asset for investments. The aim of this research project proposal is to determine the reasons of the importance of the role of the conservators and restorers in the art world. Indeed, through the restoration process and studies many doubts concerning artworks can be resolved....   [tags: restoration, culture process]

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Global Warming and Climate Change

- Global warming is a great treat for our planet and its nature. It gradually wipes out everything which exists on the earth’s surface. In recent years, global warming and climate change have become one of the biggest topics, which rise concerns among people. Global warming is an increase in average surface temperature of the earth. It has several negative impacts on the environment and on its inhabitants. Many factors can cause global warming, but the significant one is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have negative effects on climate and cause melting of polar ice caps, acid rain, and ozone layer destruction....   [tags: chemical gases, flooding, high tides]

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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

- Over the course of Japanese history, arguably, no artist is more famous for their works than Katsushika Hokusai. During his 88 years of life, he produced over 30,000 pieces of artwork, and heavily influenced Western styles of art. His most famous piece was created around 1831, a Japanese styled piece titled, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This piece has stood as a defining piece of artwork in the Japanese culture for over 180 years, analyzed by students and authors for the interpretations filling the paper....   [tags: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Japan, Mount Fuji]

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The Creation Of The Universe

- When it comes to how the creation of the earth came to be there are different myths and folklore stories. After hearing any of these explain how the earth was created, one can wonder, “How exactly was it created?” It is evident that it is a very good question to ask. After doing some research in all three areas of how creation of earth came to be, it is hard not to acknowledge that as unalike as they are they are at the same time very homogenous. This is proven with Harrison’s article, “Creation of the Universe,” as he demonstrates too that in different parts of the world there are similarities and differences....   [tags: Universe, Greek mythology, Earth, Creation myth]

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The Mythology Of The Odyssey

- In the Odyssey there is a distinct relationship that is shared between the mortals and the Gods. In the link with Christian faith, the Gods in the Odyssey are physically present. The Gods help, lend assistance, support and mentor the mortals. They can be ‘compared to that of a guardian angel’ (FORP). In comparison, the gods have their favourites which my result in the negativity towards a mortal from a particular God. As so the mortals are at the mercy of Gods. Majority of the time the mortals benefit greatly from the Gods and can be seen to transform for the better....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Poseidon, Telemachus]

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Perez Of Miami Art : A Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art

- Perez of Miami Art is a Museum of modern and contemporary art, dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It has influences of the cultures of the Caribbean, North and South America that add vitality and texture to the civic landscape. The effort of the city of Miami to attract artists and cultural exhibitions have helped build a magnificent installation as part of the revitalization of the Downtown of Miami, which can be visited by residents and visitors....   [tags: Art, Arts, Ai Weiwei, Miami]

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The Qur'an Is God's Words Reveled to the Prophet Muhammad

- Qur’an is a scripture “God’s message and revelation to the human race that by time became a written book” that was send not only for a certain place or certain time, but to everyplace and every time. The closest meaning to the word Qur’an is recite and yet, it is still doesn’t have the same meaning in Arabic. The Qur’an was reveled in Hijaz. Hijaz is the old name of Arabia that covers Mecca and Madina. Qur’an is God’s words reveled to Prophet Muhammad by angel Gabriel. This topic got my attraction because of many reasons, but mostly because that the Qur’an itself is considered to be a miracle till our day....   [tags: Islam, muslim religion, religious beliefs]

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Outsourcing and Off Shoring is Unethical

- In light of recent growth of domestic and foreign countries outsourcing and off shoring over seas, companies been taken advantage of the cheap labor cost for outsourcing and off shoring manufacturing. Competitive business investing in domestic and foreign manufacturing have affects every part of the business industries from design, software development, finances and logistic management, i.e., customer and sales. Nevertheless, outsourcing been praised by businesses for outcomes of cost-effectiveness, efficient, productive and strategic, but damned as malicious, because of companies’ greediness, detrimental, and brutal in the public eyes....   [tags: business, argumentative, persuasive]

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How Overfishing is Affecting the World

- Describe your global issue in detail. my global issue is over fishing Catching too much fish for the system to support leads to an overall degradation to the system. Fishing with a high intensity to reduce the breeding stock levels to such an extent that they will no longer suppport a sufficient quantity of fish for sport or commercial harvest. deplete the stock of fish in (a body of water) by too much fishing Who/what region is involved. its an issue in North America, East China and Europe How does this issue affect the United States....   [tags: regulations, ocean, global]

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The Sea Runners by Ivan Doig

- Running The Sea Our journey starts in the year 1853 with four Scandinavian indentured servants who are very much slaves at the cold and gloomy headquarters of the Russian-American fur-trading company in Sitka, Alaska. The story follows these characters on their tortuous journey to attempt to make it to the cost of Astoria, Oregon. Our list of characters consists of Melander, who is very much the brains of the operation as he plans the daring escape from the Russians. Next to join the team was Karlson, who was chosen by Melander because he is a skilled canoeman and knows how to survive in the unforgiving landscape of the Pacific Northwest....   [tags: Russian-American, oregon]

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The King Of The Gods

- Back in the ages where the gods first started to roam the Earth, there were many feuds between the gods that harmed the Earth. Though few of these feuds threatened the existence of every living thing of all flesh. There were three brothers that stood out among the other gods, they were called Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They were the only three gods that owned parts of the Earth. These three had many feuds amongst themselves, but they very rarely fought each other with their full strength. They knew that if all three of them were to fight....   [tags: English-language films, Life, Greek mythology]

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The War of 1812

- The War of 1812 On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain. The peace treaty to end the war was signed in Europe, 1814. The war lasted from 1812 to the spring of 1815 because there was a delay in communications. It was fought along the Canadian border, along with several sea battles. By the time the war was over the United States lost 2,260 soldiers, and the British 1,600 soldiers. The war of 1812 was a very significant event that took place in the U.S. It did in fact confirm America’s independence....   [tags: U.S. History]

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The Nature of Emotions

- In his 1798 book Lyrical Ballads, whom he co-authored with Samuel Coleridge, William Wordsworth described poetry as a "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" (Cooksey). Both Wordsworth and Coleridge were pioneers of the Romantic Movement which stressed the importance of expressing emotions, particularly through poetry. Nature was a key element for the Romantic movement. Romanticism encouraged exploration of feelings and many poets used nature as an inspiration for their thoughts. Another important aspect was the idea of intuition over reason....   [tags: Lyrical Ballad, William Wordsworth]

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A Crime at Sea

- For centuries, humans have committed the act of piracy whether they knew it or not. By stealing another fisherman’s goods, or just taking the lives of members at sea. But now and days the world relies on shipping as a main source for transportation. If any flaw or error is made during the shipping it affects people, business, and possibly you. Next time you order from around the world remember that the people who are on those ships with your goods may have to put their lives at risk of being captured or killed by Pirates of the sea....   [tags: vandalizing, stealing, fisherman, ship]

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Slavery, A World History

- A labor system that had previously existed throughout history, in many instances and most countries is known as slavery. So what exactly is it. How did slavery begin. And what does it mean in our world today. These are complex questions that are often asked and, possibly, by understanding the forms it takes and the roles such slaves perform. What daily life is like for those enchained and what can be done to end this demeaning practice may help in answering those questions. It is known that slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought, sold and are forced to work....   [tags: labor systems, laws don't abolish slavery ]

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Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

- Macbeth, one of the darkest and most powerful plays written by Shakespeare, dramatizes the disastrous psychological effects that occur when evil is chosen to fulfill the ambition for power. Throughout the play, Macbeth’s character loses mental stability and becomes enthralled with the idea of being king. Empowered by the three witches, this situation consumes Macbeth’s consciousness until his mental state becomes deranged. This mental deterioration is evident in what he says and does as he evolves into a tyrannical ruler attempting to protect himself from enmity and suspicion....   [tags: Macbeth, Three Witches, Macbeth, Edgar Allan Poe]

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Wilson's Fourteen Points: a Path to Peace or to Renewed Conflict

- Wilson's Fourteen Points: a Path to Peace or to Renewed Conflict Wilson's Fourteen Points were a decent attempt at peace and restitution after the Great War; however, there were many inherent problems with the Wilsonian agenda. These problems were caused by many things, including Allied bias, American ambition, and Western European dominance. While trying to fix many problems in Europe, the Fourteen Points mainly concentrated on the things that were important to the Allied powers: France was bent on revenge, Great Britain was looking to further its power over the seas, and America was keen on becoming an even more powerful trade nation....   [tags: American America History]

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Piracy in Somalia

- Piracy in Somalia has come about due to years of internal fighting and weakened government. With the overthrow of the president in 1991, Somalia has been a complete anarchy with only the laws of rival clans who have been in power. Though long before that the country has been in constant war between the people of the country because money and food have been always been scarce. Small amounts of money have been made through some exports but the real money came from the fishing off the coast. Recently because of the lack of laws commercial fisherman from all over the world have been over-fishing the waters and leaving the Somalis with too few fish to survive....   [tags: Piracy]

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The War of 1812

- From the end of the American Revolution in 1783, the United States had been irritated by the failure of the British to withdraw from American territory along the Great Lakes, their backing of the Indians on America's frontiers and their unwillingness to sign commercial agreements favorable to the United States. American resentment grew during the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) and the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15), in which Britain and France were the main combatants. In time, France came to dominate much of the continent of Europe, while Britain remained supreme on the seas....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Britain's Dual Standard

- Britain's Dual Standard As an island the only way the country could be invaded was by sea and so to protect itself Britain needed the best navy by far in the world, especially as it had a rather small army, to act as deterrence. Britain used something known as Dual Standard, which meant that Britain's navy had to always be at least twice the size of the next two biggest, in the world, combined together. There were many important roles that the navy had in the war. The main initial role of the navy was to control ocean areas and maintain free passage for merchant ships carrying cargos of vital war materials and supplies to the Western and other fighting fronts....   [tags: Papers]

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The Dangers of Coastline Changes

- Table of Contents Introduction 2 Countering The Effects of High Seas 2 Hurricanes 3 Beach Protection 5 New Protection Methods 6 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction Coastline changes due to weather and human intervention represent a major concern for coastal planners all over the world. Coastline changes, not only has an effect on citizens who own property by the seaside, it also has a major effect on our business here at McDuff. While beaches may be vacation spots for some, their disappearance through erosion a great loss of business for our company....   [tags: Marine Technology Essays]

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The Law of the Sea

- The Law of the Sea Territorial Sea is established up to 12 miles from the baseline of the coast. This is an extension of the land and the coastal state exerts full sovereignty over the area. It is an area of national jurisdiction. Also establishes a contiguous zone where the coastal State may exercise the control necessary to (1) prevent infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations (2) punish infringement of the above laws and regulations committed within its territory or territorial sea....   [tags: Papers]

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Weapons of World War II

- Weapons of World War II "Necessity is the mother of all invention", and so it was taught and learned throughout all of World War 2. During World War 2 weaponry had to be upgraded and revised to fit every situation. The engineers of the war had to constantly develop new and better weaponry. Much like the engineers, the generals and officers were required to develop new ways of outsmarting their enemy. Today most everything is computerized for battle situations, and much is known about all other foreign defenses, but during the period of World War 2 there were many secrets, and a constant distrust of some allies....   [tags: Papers]

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America Before Columbus

- America Before Columbus Before Columbus and the Europeans, there was a time where there were many struggles and many ideas not even thought yet. All of this changed when the ancient civilizations started to live in the Americas. This was a time when ancient civilizations expanded brought the Americas and had a unique way of living. The ancient civilizations in the Americans and in Europe were different from cultures, adaptations, and foods. The ancient civilizations were different compared to the Europeans....   [tags: Native Americans, Civilizations]

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Tax Reform

- The United States is in a recession; it has been facing some of the worse economic times since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. One option to fix the economy is to change the corporate tax rate. To lower it or to raise it, that is the question economists have been speculating. America's high corporate tax rate and worldwide system of taxation discourages U.S. companies from sending their foreign-source revenue home, which makes U.S. companies defenseless to foreign acquisition from the international opponents (Camp)....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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