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Case of Rebecca Nurse: Witch Trials

- In the small town of Salem, there came an uproar of people being witches and the practice of witchcraft among the people in the town. The town’s eyes were looking at Abigail Williams, Betty Paris, along with the other young girls that were dancing in the forest, making a love potion. To get the towns eyes off of them, they started pointing the finger at many others in the town who they didn’t like. The ‘afflicted’ girls blamed these people for possessing their bodies, forcing these girls to do the devilish acts that they were caught doing....   [tags: salem, witchcraft, witch trials]

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Rebecca Nurse: Fact Vs. Fiction

- In his article, “Why I Wrote The Crucible,” Arthur Miller speaks of the 1950’s “which nobody seems to remember clearly”- a time of fearful insanity and unrest. Anyone could be accused. Showing excessive opposition ensured prosecution. Most shrunk back from disputing the McCarthy hearings for fear of their safety. Now, this period of panic is viewed as absurd. As Miller describes Hitler as being almost comical to his generation, the modern generation sees the Salem witch trials as foolish scuffles between ignorant people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rebecca Nurse

- My Dearest Niece Sarah, I fear that this will be the last time you will ever hear from me. In fact, by the time you get this, I will probably be dead. You see, I live in Topsfield , but in the nearby town of Salem, the Salem Witchcraft Trials are going on. The Salem Witchcraft Trials are a series of trials of accused witches. Some people have already been hanged and I have recently been accused of witchcraft. You see, on March 21st, 1692, I was accused of putting young girls under spells by Ann Putnam Sr....   [tags: Testimonial Letter Salem Witch Trials]

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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

- Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier “Rebecca” is a novel that can be interpreted in many different ways and can be criticized from many different viewpoints. It is a complex novel that brings together both romance and a murder mystery. The characters change throughout the book as you learn more about each of them and the manderly estate. Rebecca herself is quite a mystery as well. We learn that she has different motives than first thought and is a different character completely as you read through the novel....   [tags: Rebecca Daphne du Maurier]

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Living in a Rural Area: Relating With Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

- There are advantages and disadvantages to living in both urban and rural settings. I myself have spent about half of my life in both. The first 17 years of my life were spent in an area so desolate, that to this day there is no cell phone service there. Since I escaped, I went on to live in Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Maui and Chicago. The one difference I see the most, is that I miss the desolate place more as I get older. That might just be me missing my childhood though. In Rebecca Skloot’s book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” Henrietta spent her childhood in Clover, VA....   [tags: literary analysis, rebecca skloot]

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Nurse to Patient Ratio, Nurse Burnout and Patient Satisfaction

- Working in long-term care can be overwhelming. Imagine you are a new graduate nurse putting your new found knowledge and skills to practice for the first time. Your orientation lasted three days which is standard for nurse home orientation compared to hospital orientation that last approximately six to eight weeks for new grads. The shift has just begun and already you have a new admit, new found pressure ulcer to assess, a possible medication reaction, several new orders to take off and eight patients to document on for varying reasons....   [tags: Nurse Burnout, Patient Satisfaction]

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Nurse Education Professional Development

- One of the most common human resource strategy and solution to improve work performance is training (Dean, Dean, & Rebalsky, 1996). Training is an intervention directed at improving the employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the workplace (Awonoyi, Orlando, & Morgan (2002). Institutes of higher education now provide training for their faculty to help them become productive instructors. Prior to 1960, developing faculty to improve their teaching skills did not exist; they were hired because of their expertise (Fink, 2003)....   [tags: Nurse Education]

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Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca

- Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca Rebecca has been described as the first major gothic romance of the 20th century; Mrs. Danvers’ character is one of the few Gothic interests within the novel. Her unnatural appearance and multi-faceted relationship with Rebecca provides scope for manifold interpretations and critical views....   [tags: Daphne Du Maurier Rebecca]

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Patients Acceptance of Nurse Practitioners

- Nursing is a broad field with limitless possibilities; one of those possibilities included is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse that is capable of furthering care for patients. Nurse practitioners are able to see and treat their own patients, plus be a part of collaborative care. When patients visit the physician’s office, most are now being treated only by a nurse practitioner and may never actually see a physician. Although Nurse Practitioners are highly capable and educated to administer care to patients in all settings; patients are becoming unwilling and somewhat reluctant to be seen by anyone but a physician....   [tags: advanced practice nurse ]

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The Need For Safe Nurse Staffing

- In the past two decades, there has been a push for appropriate staff to client ratios. However, measuring client needs and nursing efforts have been around since 1922 (Lewinski-Corwin, 1922, pp. 603-606). The earliest recorded effort was by the New York Academy of Medicine. Superintendents and nurses from ten training schools documented the time spent providing bedside care. From complied information, the researchers revealed each client required an average of five hours and four minutes of care in a 24-hour period....   [tags: Nurse-to-Patient Ratios]

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Sequels and phobias in The Return of the Soldier of Rebecca West

- Times of war and peace: Sequels and phobias in The Return of the Soldier of Rebecca West. Rebecca West (1892-1983) was a prolific writer who tried every literary genre; journalism, literary critique, the short story and the novel. Her first novel The Return of the Soldier published in 1918 spans half a century of creative output culminated in 1966 with her last novel The Birds Fall Down. However, all her narrative is easily identifiable because of her unmistakable style, the structure of her novels, the topics she chooses and the coherence of her ideas about mankind and society....   [tags: Rebecca West]

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The Deceitful Mother in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy

- The Deceitful Mother in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy Mothers are often thought of and characterized as loving, generous women, who put their children before themselves. They are gracious, caring, and kind humans that are willing to sacrifice happiness and fulfillment in their lives to insure that their children receive the guidance, love, support, and happiness that every child (especially their own) deserves. Sadly, this description does not define the characteristics of all mothers. An example of a mother in which her mannerisms are the exact opposite of those depicted above is found in the character of Mrs....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Being a Nurse Practitioner

- Every little kid has high exceptions for what they want to be when they grow up. Some dream of becoming president of the United States of America, or becoming an Astronaut, a lot of little kid’s say that they want to be a Doctor. What kids do not understand is that there are many types of doctors, like an orthopedic surgeon, they work with feet, or an oral surgeon, who work with the mouth. Another similarity to a doctor is a nurse practitioner. They do many of the same tasks, like performing minor surges, fixing broken bones, or simply giving a routine check up....   [tags: health, geriatric nurse]

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A Career as a Nurse Anesthetist

- ... Charles Mayo for her many achievements and discoveries while working with anesthesia. One of her most well-known achievements was her discovery of open-drop inhalation technique of anesthesia with either the use of Ether or Chloroform. Open-drop inhalation is a technique for producing inhalation anesthesia in which drops of a liquid anesthetic, such as ether, are placed on a mask or cone applied over the mouth and nose. During the years 1899 to 1906 she discovered over 14,000 anesthetics without a single complication attributable to anesthesia....   [tags: nurse history, x-ray, nightingales]

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The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare Organizations

- What is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor. What does this mean to hospitals and clinics in this time of changing healthcare dynamics, with a shortage of general practice physicians and hospitals looking into alternatives to fill the gaps. Nurse practitioners have had a brief history in the whole spectrum of medical history. They have had a difficult course in becoming what they are today and for the future of the practice....   [tags: Nurse Practitioner Essays]

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The Effectivenss of Nurse Navigation on Medication Compliance

- In a rapidly changing healthcare environment wrought with financial pressures, government mandated performance incentives along with rising healthcare cost, hospitals have been challenged to meet the bottom line. Many hospitals have closed their doors while others have elected to cut staffing resources, programs and re-think their strategies (Barkell, Killinger, & Schultz, 2002). Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid recipients are now limited to six emergency room (ER) visits per year and nine primary care visits per year before they are forced to pay out of pocket or unable to pay....   [tags: Healthcare, Nurse Staffing]

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Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca: Disparities Between Upper and Working Class Women

- Disparities between upper and working class women and their roles in society are made very obvious in gothic literature. However, they are especially highlighted in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, in which the protagonist sits between the upper and lower classes because of her own choice to marry a man from a higher class than herself. In the time period that the book was written, there were still large distinctions in class, though it was also a period that allowed for more social mobility because the older distinctions in class were beginning to fall away....   [tags: social classes, gothic literature, rebecca]

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Manners, Wealth and Status in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Manners, Wealth and Status in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy "A novel of manners" this is how the novel Kelroy is described by Kathryn Derounian in her article "Lost in the Crowd: Rebecca Rush's Kelroy (1812)." Throughout the novel, characters such as; Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Manley, Mr. Kelroy, and especially the Gurnet family, show how people are treated differently regarding their wealth, status and mannerisms. Kelroy shows us these relationships and how one is viewed solely on the way in which they present themselves....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Rebecca Rush's novel Kelroy is an exceptional novel on mannerisms in the nineteenth century. Mrs. Hammond is the key character in this novel. The plot and characters all seam to inner relate with her. In this novel, Mrs. Hammond is seen as an evil, conniving woman. There are many twists and turns in this novel, but there is one thing that is constant, and that is that Mrs. Hammond motives are to take care of herself and secure her own future, and according to her it doesn't matter how she doses this or who she uses to her benefit....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Nursing Profession: The patient-nurse Relationship

- The nursing profession is one that provides care, collaborates with others, and provides education in a variety of different settings. I choose to work in the field of nursing to advance my career from an operating room technician to a medical-surgical nurse. I enjoy the sensation of helping others and assisting with the surgical fixation of a medical complication. The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the nursing code of ethics to ensure proper moral care, goals, values, and professional obligations of the nurse where known....   [tags: education, care, medical-surgical nurse]

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Nurse Management: An Overview of Need for Adequate Staffing

- ... Benefits of change to the institution Staffing needs affect the nursing department’s budget, staff productivity, the quality of care provided to patients and even the retention of nurses (Jooste, 2013). The nurse manager has to explain to the management of the benefits of change in providing adequate staffing all the time. Adequate staffing helps staff retention. Staff retention saves a lot of money in terms of orienting new people to the unit. Safe staffing always helps in the reduction of falls, infection rates, pressure ulcers, decrease hospital stays and death....   [tags: patients, care, nurse manager]

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True Love and Material Desire in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- True Love and Material Desire in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy You are the American mother of two beautiful teenage girls in the early 1800's. When your husband dies, you are surprised to receive nothing but debts. What do you do. Mrs. Hammond, in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy, finds herself in this situation. Worried for her own and her daughters' futures, she knows that if her girls want money, they have to marry it. Mrs. Hammond encourages her oldest daughter, Lucy, to marry a very wealthy man....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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The Role of Mrs. Hammond and Emily in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- The Role of Mrs. Hammond and Emily in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy In this day and age, women have liberties that are often taken for granted. Women have the freedom to choose which university they will attend (if they plan on attending college), what career they wish to pursue, and also whom their mate in marriage will be. In early American days, liberties of women were looked upon from society as being wealthy and holding high social status. Many did not have the opportunity to pursue a career, much less decide what university they preferred to attend....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Education, Social Class and Self-Interest in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Education, Social Class and Self-Interest in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Kelroy, by Rebecca Rush, was first published in 1812. Early American writers had a rough time writing "gothic" style writings because of the lack of history, which was not a problem faced by European writers. Kelroy is an extremely cynical view of American life and it was not well accepted by Americans, despite the fact that it is seen as "one of the best written [novels] in America before 1820"(231). Three themes from Kelroy, which demonstrate the focus of many early Americans, are Education, Social Class, and Self-Interest....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Most people that read Kelroy incorrectly view Mrs. Hammond. She is labeled an evil person who is out for her own gain. Most people doubt that she even cares about her daughters Lucy and Emily. Mrs. Hammond is said to be vicious and sneaky, and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish her agenda. They believe Mrs. Hammond is so greedy she will sacrifice her own daughters' happiness so she can live out the rest of her life comfortably....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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A Nurse Manager's Role in Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders

- A nurse manager plays an important role on a hospital unit. Evans defines the role of a nurse manager as one who makes sure all the needs required on a daily basis are accomplished (Evans, 2011). Evans goes on to say that one primary responsibility of a nurse manager acting in the position of a leader is to “raise the level of expectation and help employees reach their highest level of potential excellence” (Evans, 2011). With this said, it is important to identify potential barriers and problems that a nurse manager would face on a given unit and create or adopt evidence-based interventions to eliminate these problems....   [tags: hospitals, nurse manager, shoulder injuries]

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Transitioning from Nursing Student to New Graduate Nurse (NGN)

- Transitioning from academic nursing student to Registered Nurse/New Graduate Nurse (NGN) within the healthcare environment is a challenging task for many NGNs. They may encounter a number of challenges, such as the following: transition shock, professional isolation, lack of clinical experience, stress, lack of a support network and cultural incompetence. At the end, this essay will discuss the rationale for developing my two most important goals for the next twelve months. I presume the role transition from academic nursing student to Graduate Nurse will be challenging and rewarding....   [tags: Registered Nurse Essay]

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Working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for Holmes Regional Medical Center (HRMC)

- Holmes Regional Medical Center(HRMC) is one of 4 hospitals in the Health First family. Has a long history dating back to 1928 that has seen many periods of growth through out the year. Although they have seen many changes one thing remains the same and that is that they take care of their employees. HRMC offers competitive pay rates and benefits packages. Growth both personal and professional growth are encouraged and supported. The appraisal process is fair and the employees know what the goals and expectations are for themselves and their co-workers....   [tags: Working as a Registered Nurse]

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Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier

- Rebecca, a gothic and mysterious love story written by Daphne De Maurier, was published in 1938. Despite the majority of the critic’s reviews stating it was never going to become a classic, Rebecca was an amazing success. It is such a unique and universal book that it has stood the test of time among the literary classics. The book engulfs the reader into a story about love, jealousy, and escaping the past. The very first lines of the novel begin the reader’s intrigue, “Last night I dreamt I went to Maderley again....   [tags: love story, Mr. De Winter]

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Rebecca Rush's Kelroy Portrays Realistic and Romantic Characters

- Kelroy is a novel of manners, which means that the book is not as dependent upon plot as it is character. Kelroy explores the difference between the characters who are realists and those who are romantics. The realist characters, Mrs. Hammond and Lucy contrast with the romantic character Emily, in the ways they act and the choices that they make. Although Kelroy is a novel of manners, the story contains more plot than the other nineteenth century novels in its category. The story begins with Mrs....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Nurse Ratched or The Big Nurse

- Chief-Bromden a long-time patient at the ward narrates the story. The story starts as Chief wakes up at a normal day at the ward, feeling paranoid about everything on the ward, Nurse-Ratched and the three black boys who aid her. Chief is really tall, the black boys make fun of him and make him sweep for them and call him Chief Broom. Bromden is half indian and he pretends to be deaf and dumb, this helps him hear everything that is going on at the ward. Nurse Ratched who is also called The Big Nurse enters the ward with the gust of cold air....   [tags: the acutes, the chronics]

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The Biomedical Field to Rebecca Skloot

- In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot writes about one women’s journey to immortality. Through the telling of Henrietta’s —the immortal women’s—story, Skloot details some of the vast changes in biomedical research at this time: The HeLa cells —the first immortal human cells— attributed to many of these movements. With these cells, scientists were, and still are, making great strides in science. Namely, chemotherapy, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and many treatment medications stemmed from the HeLa cell line (Skloot 21)....   [tags: The Immortal Life of Herietta Lacks]

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Critical Review of Rebecca

- The gothic romance and mystery of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca show the style in which a deep, dark secret is held at the beautiful Manderley, and a young love is influenced by the haunting of Manderley’s former mistress. Using the harrowing style of suspense, Daphne tells a tale of a young woman trying to live a life in the home of someone who has not quite left yet. With extraordinary scenery, strong symbolism, and plenty of hidden irony, Daphne du Maurier has made an everlasting psychological thriller....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Nurse Practitioner Role in Caring for Patients with SLE

- Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease that affects multiple organ systems (Weinstein, 2011). It is characterized by a stable disease process with episodes of active disease flare-ups. (Daleboudt, Berger, Broadbent & Kaptein, 2011). SLE primary affects women of childbearing age and it has been hypothesized that this is due to circulating estrogen levels (Bernknopf, Rowley, & Bailey, 2011). Diagnosis of SLE and organ involvement is made through laboratory testing....   [tags: Nurse Practitioner Essays]

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Daphne Du Marier's Rebecca

- Some may think Daphne Du Marier’s Rebecca is a well written tale with extremely complex characters, who throughout the book go through enormous character development. They might say the dark, bruiting feel of the novel keeps the reader wanting, and coming back for more. They could say the erotic and criminal elements of the story; make the novel interesting for both genders. Yes, this could be true for the 45 year old mum trying to re-live her younger, more erotic years. Or to the most boring person on the planet willing to spend hours, or even moments of their lives reading this insufferable garbage some people think is literary genius....   [tags: novel, literary analysis]

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Rebecca Analysis

- Title In the novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier tells the uncommon, suspenseful love story using a small range of characters with many different personality traits. The reader begins to feel as though they truly know these characters only to discover the unseen truth as their masks fall off. As these personalities develop throughout the novel one can discover that the narrator, Mrs. de Winter, strives to please people and feels very insecure in her identity. She tries to stick up for herself, but her words have no effect on her cruel, manipulative, controlling husband, Mr....   [tags: Literature Review]

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The Mental Image of a Nurse: Nurse Uniform

- The mental image most people think a nurse wears is a white long dress, white stocking and shoes with a white hat. People ask ,what makes a nurse look the way they do. It all started in (1850-1900) the early days of nursing the uniform were based off the habits of religious orders. Uniforms were introduced in the Adelaide Hospital in 1898. When nurses were in training they wore the color blue that also wore a veil (folded square of starched muslin) to protect themselves.The way they knew what kind of trainee they were by color....   [tags: aprons, spanish flu pandemic]

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A Carreer as a Nurse

- A nurse is often defined as “a person who cares for the sick.” Though this is true, nurse’s qualifications surpass this simple definition. Nurses have the abilities to deal with all different kinds of people in all different kinds of states. They treat the elderly, the temporarily ill, newborns, adults, the blind, the permanently ill, and the psychotic. They give care to people through grieving, birth, dying, illness, crying, pain, and loss. I want to be a member of the nursing field so I can assist others during their time of need and make an impact in their lives....   [tags: care, healthcare field]

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Analysis of Rebecca

- Analysis of Rebecca Rebecca is a bittersweet novel. Some aspects of the story are exceptional and well written, while others are not. It contains powerful characterization and strong foreshadowing but too much imagery. First, Rebecca contains awesome characterization. At the beginning of the story, the reader may be lost and become bored with the plot, because little is known about the characters until much later in the story. Once the author, Daphne du Maurier, unfolds the characters secrets and lives, however, the story is compelling and thought-provoking....   [tags: Papers]

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Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turn-over

- Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over Nursing is very important and dedicated profession and the need of this profession is very much increased in the society. But unfortunately there is a shortage of nurses as compared to the required need of the society and shortage has become a serious problem now. Leadership and management is the most essential skill for the profession of nursing. The development of the future of the nurses in leadership is one of the most difficult challenges which are faced by the profession of nursing....   [tags: leadership, management, efficiency]

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The Rebecca Riots

- The Rebecca Riots From given information, I can see that before the Rebecca Riots, there was a history of violence in Rural Wales. The first source talks about Rural Violence before 1839. It was written by David Evans, and is an extract from "A History of Wales". This source is useful because it tells us that there was a history of violence in Rural Wales in the early 19th century. The content tells us that 'there were frequent disturbances in rural Wales, which involved sheep-stealing and poaching.' Here, it is telling us exactly what sort of violence was happening at this time....   [tags: Papers]

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Daphne Du Maurier´s Rebecca: A 1920s Rebel

- Born Unbound, Raised Imprisoned An Ivy League girl who has no daddy issues and a rich family is no better than any other woman because she has never taken her clothes off for money. A girl is no better than a woman who allows people to caress her, or escorts on the side based on her boundaries. Different things work for different people. Free a woman to live the life in which she is more than the way she looks, what she buys or what she has to sell, and she will amount beyond what society could have even imagined for her....   [tags: Antagonist, Feminism]

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Rebecca Perl's Journey with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

- Rebecca Perl, from Maryland, has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1995. Rebecca has a two year old son and she is a health science reporter. Her body has not responded to the last six months of radiation and chemotherapy. Rebecca and her husband Tom are going to Omaha, Nebraska. At the University of Nebraska Medical Center Rebecca will receive a bone marrow transplant and a round of chemotherapy(Perl,1995). Rebecca and Tom head to Omaha, when they get to the hospital, the medical staff begin tests and blood work....   [tags: transplant, immune, hospital]

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Becoming a Nurse

- As of 2008, there were about 753,600 Licensed Practical Nurses and 2,618,700 Registered Nurses in the United States (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010-11). In the year 2018, the LPN employment percentage is expected to rise 21% while the RN rate should be approximately 22% (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010-11). This may not seem that high, but it is, when one considers that the expected employment rate for a Dentist is only expected to be 16% (U.S Department of Labor, 2010-11). Nursing is a highly respected and sought after career because every person that enters this profession is able to make a difference and is needed by the general population for his/her skills and contributions to the medica...   [tags: Career Research ]

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Atmosphere of Fear and Tension in Rebecca

- Atmosphere of Fear and Tension in Rebecca Shy ladies' companion is staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer when she meets the wealthy George Fortescu Maximillian 'Maxim' de Winter. Max is still troubled over the death of his first wife Rebecca, who was killed in a boating accident the year before. She and Max fall in love and get married. They return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. The second Mrs. De Winter meets the housekeeper Mrs. Danvers and discovers that Rebecca still has a strange hold on Manderley....   [tags: Papers]

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The Dark Nurse

- I awoke with a start, gasping for air, my spine throbbing. My torso ached as though I had just fallen off a three-story building and had the misfortune to have survived. I tried to move, but every time I attempted to roll over, a sharp jabbing pain jolted throughout my body. I-V tubes threaded through my arms, their narrow canals transferring clear liquids, from large bladder-like bags, into my veins. The pungent smell of fresh sanitizer assaulted my nostrils so strongly that needles seemed to prick the inside of my nose with every breath....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Treating Mrs. Masood

- The skill of reflecting is a process of making sense out of all life experiences in general and nursing practice in particular (Taylor B, 2004). The process of reflection helps nurses to continually question and improve on the quality of care given. As I am bound by the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct (2008), and in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) of confidentiality a pseudonym, Mrs Masood has been used to protect the patient’s identity. During my first hospital place I came across a situation where communication played a major role....   [tags: Nurse]

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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

- Rebecca is a beautiful, haunting, gripping tale of love, hate and deceit told in the simplest and most endearing manner by Daphne Du Maurier. 'Rebecca' is a beautiful, haunting, gripping tale of love, hate and deceit told in the simplest and most endearing manner by Daphne Du Maurier. Du Maurier weaves a beautiful web of mystery that holds you captive until the very end of the novel. We readers feel the anxiety, apprehension and fear that the protagonist describes and together we move through each chapter with an anxiety that only ends with the end of the novel itself....   [tags: English Literature]

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- Rebecka 1) Is "Rebecka" a suitable name of the the book. Why?/Why not. Another name. Why is it called Rebecka. Yes, I think it´s the perfect name of the book since everything, every subject is circulating around her. Her name characterizes the book so well. Rebecka doesn´t leave too much of a space for other things in the book, even though she´s dead. 2) What does people think about Rebecka. Does everybody like her. How was she really like. Friends, servants, strangers, they all adored her....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Malicious People and Cyberbullying: The Case of Rebecca Sedwick

- In contemporary society, people mostly spend their lives with technology. Before those new technologies were developed, people had less opportunity to contact others anytime they want. However, as computers and cell phones were developed, people are able to enjoy comfortable life compared the period without computers and cell phones. At the same time, people had to give up their privacy and security to enjoy the new technologies. My data is about people from online communities, especially cyberbullying....   [tags: Technology, Social Medias, Bullying]

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The Life of the Governess Rebecca Sharp

- The Life of the Governess Vanity Fair Sets the Stage “If Miss Rebecca Sharp had determined in her heart upon making the conquest of this big beau, I don't think, ladies, we have any right to blame her…” (Thackery 27). The narrator of Vanity Fair encourages readers not to blame Rebecca Sharp for being determined to win Joseph Sedley's attentions and proposal in only ten days. After all, the narrator reminds us that she was motherless, and thus had no one to help her secure a husband. Yet, members of Vanity Fair rebuke Miss Sharp for her assertive efforts....   [tags: Victorian Era]

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible

- Today in the world there are people who tend to continue to show religious fervor. This can be more classified as the people who believe in a religion. A real life example of this is in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible. As things go on the town of Salem becomes over run with accusations of witches; these witches people think are in the town that it is Devils work people have looked to religion. Arthur Miller's The Crucible presents how religion fervor fuels the chaos in the production and ultimately leads to conditions that sacrifice justice and reason; the behavior of these character Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor, and Reverend Hale best exemplify someone with religious fervor....   [tags: religious fervor theme]

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Class Differences in the Novel "Rebecca"

- In the book, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, there exist a big emphasis on social class and position during the time of this story. When we are introduced to the main character of the story, the narrator, we are right away exposed to a society in which different privileges are bestowed upon various groups. Social place, along with the ever present factor of power and money are evident throughout the story to show how lower to middle class groups were treated and mislead by people on a higher level in society....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Immortal Life of Herietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- Can Science be Trusted. The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is a story of science, religion and the life of the Henrietta Lacks herself. It has won many awards and was on the New York Best Seller list for over three years. To summarize it briefly, the book is based on the cells of Henrietta Lacks who died of cervical cancer in 1951. Sometime before she died, some of her tissue was sampled and used for research without her permission. They used the cells form her body to experiment on which led to many breakthrough discoveries in the scientific world....   [tags: can science be trusted?]

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Book Report On Rebecca

- NOVEL STUDY Section A - Background Information 1) In 1907, a popular writer named Daphne Du Maurier was born. She wrote her first novel, Loving Spirit, in 1931. Other novels that Du Maurier wrote were Rule Britannia, My Cousin Rachel, The King’s General. The Scapegoat, Jamaican Inn and many more. Margaret Forester held high praises for Du Maurier. Forester had said, "No other popular writer {Du Maurier} has so triumphantly defied classification… She satisfied all t questionable criteria of popular fiction, and yet satisfied too, the exact requirements of "real literature", something very few novelist do." Daphne Du Maurier died in 1985, at the age of 82....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Nurse with the Most Knowledge and Skill is an Advanced Practice Nurse

- ... Through my course of study I have been able to study past nursing theories and research in order to formulate a plan that is evidence based and best for my patient. While working with critically ill patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) I have been able to take the knowledge gained from research and incorporate it into planning care for my patient. When educating a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes on the importance of regular exercise and a modified diet in order to manage his disease I found it essential to gather an assessment on his living situation....   [tags: standards, healthcare, educated]

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Ethos in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- The credibility and trustworthiness of a person can be achieved through their achievements and titles. Writers have the ability of achieving this by appealing to the rhetorical strategy ethos. Rebecca Skloot’s inclusion of her knowledge in science to provide her credibility and numerous information of all her characters in the novel helps develop the rhetorical strategy of ethos. Skoot’s implementation of appealing to ethos aids in emphasizing on the credibility of both herself and all the other characters in the novel....   [tags: Rhetorical devices, Credibility]

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Rebecca Skloot'sThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

- Cancer is a genetic disorder characterized by the excessive proliferation of cells (Kocher slide 4). The genetic disease itself is not inherited however, but is dependent on a number of factors, which include inherited mutations, induced mutations, and environmental contributions (Kocher slide 8). The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot examines the life of a cervical cancer patient, named Henrietta Lacks, whose malignant tumors would become major contributors to the field of medical research....   [tags: Book Review, Cancer Research]

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Analysis of The Inmortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- ... Her cells were given to George Gey’s lab assistant, Mary Kubicek, who was handling most of the tissue samples at Hopkins. So far, all of the samples Mary Kubicek tried to grow had died. She was handed Henrietta’s cells, prepared them as normal and labeled them using the first two letters of Henrietta’s first and last name. This cell culture was called HeLa, Henrietta Lacks. Two days after Henrietta left the hospital, Mary realized Henrietta’s cancer cells were growing, and every twenty-four hours they doubled in size....   [tags: life, birth, death, inmortaloty, cells]

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- After her death in 1951, for six decades, Henrietta Lacks did not exist in the eyes of the society, but her cells did. How. Well, the answer is quite simple. HeLa Cells are the first immortal human cells. These cells never die and multiply every twenty-four hours. After spending 10 years to perfect her first book, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot essentially captured the life, the death, and aftermath of Henrietta Lacks’ life. With controversial issues regarding science, ethics, race, and class Skloot takes us on an extraordinary journey....   [tags: Medical Experimentation, argumentative]

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, written by Rebecca Skloot, was published in 2010. The book is non-fiction and discusses the life of Henrietta Lacks, a woman who developed cervical cancer and passed away in 1951. Although Henrietta passed, her cancer cells remained immortal, were saved by researchers and doctors, and used for numerous studies, medicines, and cancer research. Although the subject of the book is very scientific in nature, Skloot uses very accessible language so that many people can comprehend the issues the book discusses....   [tags: book review]

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

- ... Great profits made from this without her ever knowing. Doctors found it wasnt worth telling her since at that time there wasn't any obligations or laws specifying about taking DNA without consent. While she thought she wasn't being cured she was actually just being used, although created a breakthrough in science which changed it forever. After dying her family started understanding what cells were and started to see how the doctors and companies took advantage of her. Family stayed poor and never saw a dime while a multimillion-dollar industry arose....   [tags: HeLa cell, dna]

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Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home

- I have heard fascinating stories about vans and cars full of Mexicans being pulled over, taken to the border police and deported back to their residence as they attempt to cross the border. Some of them are lucky enough to make it through their journey while some lose their lives. Every year many people try to enter illegally in the United States to get success in their life, to get a better job and sometimes to get united with their families. There is no doubt that the journey of crossing the border is very dangerous and sometimes life threatening....   [tags: illegal immigrant children]

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A Career as a Pediatric Nurse

- Children get injured or sick every day, and it doesn’t matter whether the child goes to a doctor or a pediatrician they are still tended to by a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse has to have many qualities. They also have to take many different classes. A pediatric nurse’s pay can vary from location to location depending on where they are working. Pediatric nurses must endure many different things to make it into this particular work field, and have many different qualities. Pediatric nurses do a lot of the same tasks as a regular nurse....   [tags: A Career in Nursing]

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The Importance of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

- Nursing is known as one of New Zealand’s most trusted professions (Ministry of Health, 2011). Nursing theorist Hildegard E. Peplau (as cited in Lakeman, R., 1999) defined nursing as “A significant, therapeutic, interpersonal process.” The idea of a helpful nurse-patient relationship and having a connection between nurse and patient aiding the healing of the patient is one nurses actively follow, and is written into the Nursing Council of New Zealand’s Code of Conduct (pg 5). Cultural differences play a part in the development of this relationship and can place barriers that can hinder the development of the nurse-patient relationship....   [tags: Nursing Essay]

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The Role of the AD Nurse

- ... As a provider of care the AD nurse must assess a patient’s health status, gather medical history, plan, coordinate, and implement care. The nurse will use continual assessment and evaluation in order to ensure the best outcome for the patient. The AD nurse must develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to effectively treat and provide advocacy. During my clinical rotation I was able to implement many of these steps. I provided daily physical assessments, took vital signs, implemented hygiene care, fed patients, re-positioned patients and changed bed linens....   [tags: care, patient, learn, treatment]

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The Road to Becoming a Registered Nurse

- ... When listening in class and from looking at the textbook the Holland Personality and Career Types table was a huge help. The diagram help me realize that I have a social personality, which a nurse is listed as one of the recommended occupations. The social personality is described as people who describe themselves as kind, caring, helpful and understanding of others. This type of personality fits in well with the type of work environment one were to experience as a nurse. A nurse must be kind and care for each patient that they have, as well as to be understanding as every patient is different....   [tags: career, degree, flexibility]

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Developments in the Field of Nurse Anesthetists

- ... According to 1999 report from the institute of medicine anesthesia care in nearly 50 times safer than in the 1980’s (Riley 2012). This show how the field of nurse anesthetist had improved and grown over years. Nurse anesthetist work in many setting from the hospitals, dental offices to out-patient settings. They also provide care to rural hospitals that if it wasn’t for CRNAs they wouldn’t have a specialist in anesthesia and would have to travel along way to receive this service. Nagelhout & Plaus (2013) talk about the progress that has occurred in all areas of the anesthesia discipline....   [tags: hospitals, healthcare, research]

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A Career as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

- I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner, the reason I want to become a neonatal nurse is because I have a real soft spot for baby. To be a neonatal nurse you have to give special attention to all type of babies. You have to focuses on taking care of ill or newborn infants. You don’t just have to work with infants you will have to work with the family members. I will be able to get close to family member and inform them how the infant is doing and is wrong with the baby. The history for premature and ill infants is not nothing new....   [tags: premature, ill infants, babies]

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A Career as a Registered Nurse

- A Registered Nurse is a person who enjoys helping other people. They practically have the responsibility for many peoples lives. What’s interesting about a Registered Nurse is that they get to learn about all the parts of the human body. A Registered Nurse works in the medical field and needs to be ready with anything that comes their way. There could be a sudden death, some kind of medical issue that pops up, and even a patient just falls over and hurt themselves. As a Registered Nurse they need to be able to deal with blood, snot, vomit etc....   [tags: monitoring patients, fun job]

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The Nurse to Patient Ratio is Important

- An English Nurse who laid the foundation for professional nursing, Florence Nightingale stated, “It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm.” Acute care facilities try to maintain low costs and employ quality nurses, making the nurse-to-patient ratio become more of an issue with patient care. Nearly every person’s health care experience involves the contribution of a registered nurse, and the effects of not having an appropriate nurse to patient minimum ratio affects not only the patient and nurse physically, medically, but also the hospital financially....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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The Attributes of a Registered Nurse

- There are many different attributes which are required in the role of the registered nurse. These attributes help registered nurses with different aspects of client care, from explaining a treatment to the client, to supporting the family of a client with chronic illness. The attributes are an integral aspect of creating and maintaining therapeutic relationships with clients and their family (Day, Levett-Jones & Kenny 2012). The age of the clients has an impact on the way the nurse would interact with that client, hence it effects which attributes are more important to use....   [tags: communication techniques, therapeutic interaction]

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What it Takes to Be a Registered Nurse

- As nursing is a career full of personal and practical awards. I want to be a little more than that. I want to be known as a hero in what I do. I want to join the Air Force Nurse Corps. The career of nursing is beneficial, because of the feeling you get when you’re helping someone in need and for the patient. The research will describe the career of Nursing, what is required to become a successful nurse, and the impact this career has on society. The Air Force Nurse Corps is an organization with a reputation for excellence in giving health care to military personnel and their families....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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A Look in the Eye of a Nurse Practitioner

- A Look in the Eye of a Nurse Practitioner “To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse.”- Rawsi Williams “Nurses help individuals, families, and groups to achieve health and prevent disease, and they care for the sick and injured, using procedures based on knowledgeable, skill, and experience”. I am so fascinated about everything a nurse practitioner gets to experience. I know that through the journey I have to take to slowly become a nurse is going to be well worth my time and money....   [tags: education, healthcare, career]

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The Path to Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

- Upon receiving their license, Registered Nurses have many options to continue their education and thus become and advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). APRN education can be completed in any of following four general areas of specialization: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs), and Nurse Practitioners (NPs). This paper will discuss the education requirements, skills and clinical competency requirements, and formal licensure, registration, certification and credentialing of a Nurse Practitioner....   [tags: licensure, salary, education]

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Ethical Decision Making of a Nurse

- Nurses are face with numerous ethical dilemmas each day and if theses ethical situation are not handled in a professional and ethical manner there can be severe consequences for both the nurse and the patient. When nurses are face with theses ethical dilemmas, they have a decision to make. Therefore, what does the nurse do when decision-making involves ethical dilemmas. So, has a nursing student, I have chosen to put myself in the role of a health care provider such as a nurse. It was my first day of clinical rotation and the client that I was assigned to, was due for a bath....   [tags: Ethics, Health Care, Nursing]

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The Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner

- It is no secret that the current healthcare reformation is a contentious matter that promises to transform the way Americans view an already complex healthcare system. The newly insured population is expected to increase by an estimated 32 million while facing an expected shortage of up to 44,000 primary care physicians within the next 12 years (Doherty, 2010). Amidst these already overwhelming challenges, healthcare systems are becoming increasingly scrutinized to identify a way to improve cost containment and patient access (Curits & Netten, 2007)....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Career Prospects of a Registered Nurse

- There will always be a need for registered nurses in the medical industry, as nurses will always try to meet the health needs of individuals. The health industry in Canada is enormous and requires the aid of numerous amounts of nurses throughout the nation. This career requires patience and determination in order to be successful on the job. The career of a registered nurse will provide me with the satisfaction of knowing that I am able to assist an individual with the revitalization of their health....   [tags: ]

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The Roles And Responsibilities of A Nurse

- The nursing profession has changed drastically over time. The roles and responsibilities that nurses take on have increased and become far more complicated. Nurses are managers, leaders, supervisors and have become experts in many areas of care. Every day nurses are faced with the task of improving and strengthening professional leadership within their work environment. Managing good quality and eliminating risk is the major challenge in health care. All members of the team must work together to accomplish outstanding patient care....   [tags: nursing]

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Taking a Look at Nurse Fatigue

- Nurse Fatigue In the recent past, nursing has come to the forefront as a popular career amongst students across the globe. The demand for nurses has kept increasing gradually over the years. In fact, the number of registered nurses does not meet the demand of the private and public health sector. This phenomenon has resulted in a situation where the available registered nurses have to work extra hours in order to meet the patients’ needs. With this in mind, the issue of nurse fatigue has come up as a common problem in nursing....   [tags: health care professionals]

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