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Case of Rebecca Nurse: Witch Trials

- In the small town of Salem, there came an uproar of people being witches and the practice of witchcraft among the people in the town. The town’s eyes were looking at Abigail Williams, Betty Paris, along with the other young girls that were dancing in the forest, making a love potion. To get the towns eyes off of them, they started pointing the finger at many others in the town who they didn’t like. The ‘afflicted’ girls blamed these people for possessing their bodies, forcing these girls to do the devilish acts that they were caught doing....   [tags: salem, witchcraft, witch trials]

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Rebecca Nurse: Fact Vs. Fiction

- In his article, “Why I Wrote The Crucible,” Arthur Miller speaks of the 1950’s “which nobody seems to remember clearly”- a time of fearful insanity and unrest. Anyone could be accused. Showing excessive opposition ensured prosecution. Most shrunk back from disputing the McCarthy hearings for fear of their safety. Now, this period of panic is viewed as absurd. As Miller describes Hitler as being almost comical to his generation, the modern generation sees the Salem witch trials as foolish scuffles between ignorant people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rebecca Nurse

- My Dearest Niece Sarah, I fear that this will be the last time you will ever hear from me. In fact, by the time you get this, I will probably be dead. You see, I live in Topsfield , but in the nearby town of Salem, the Salem Witchcraft Trials are going on. The Salem Witchcraft Trials are a series of trials of accused witches. Some people have already been hanged and I have recently been accused of witchcraft. You see, on March 21st, 1692, I was accused of putting young girls under spells by Ann Putnam Sr....   [tags: Testimonial Letter Salem Witch Trials]

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

- ... I saw Goody Howe with the Devil. (Miller 45) The names mentioned by the girls in this scene are the outliers of the village, people with little to offer. With the accusations of the village’s social outcasts, officials are more likely to believe the girls claims, especially with the previous claims of witchcraft surrounding the ill girl. The girls connection to Tituba who lied by saying she was a witch to avoid being hung also plays a huge role in their believability and why they are able to get away with such outrageous lies....   [tags: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Rebecca Nurse]

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Nurse Practitioners : A Benefit Or A Liability?

- Nurse Practitioners in Canada: a Benefit or a Liability. The role of nurse practitioner in the Canadian healthcare system is relatively new compared to the traditional roles of doctors and registered nurses, and as with any new role, there are people who oppose the changes and others who appreciate them. Some members of the public and the healthcare system believe that the addition of the nurse practitioner (NP) role is an unnecessary change and liability to the system because it blurs the line between a doctor and a nurse; this is because nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional training (usually a masters degree) that allows them to expand their scope of practice into some...   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Healthcare]

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Primary Problems Facing Rebecca And Her Family

- 1. Considering the material available in the case study and what you have learned in the DIHC to date, what are the primary problems facing Rebecca and her family. Given the information provided in the case study, Rebecca is currently experiencing some difficulty caring for her and her husband’s children during their marital separation. The children are exhibiting some behaviors that are not atypical for children who witness traumatic parental separation. Lewis, the older son is reported as having an issue accepting authority, which is likely a defense mechanism he adapted to cope with his current living situation with his mother, who may appear at times as not being in control of the home....   [tags: Health care, Health, Psychology]

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The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

- In Rebecca Skloot’s novel The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, the author investigates the origin of a line of “immortal cells” used for research on various diseases. The cells were immortal in the sense that they continued to multiply long after the person from whom they came passed away. This quality made them priceless in the field of medical research. The cells were called HeLa, after the person from whom the cells were initially harvested-Henrietta Lacks. As Rebecca learns more about Henrietta and her family, certain injustices in the field of public health are made apparent....   [tags: HeLa, Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot]

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The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

- ILofHL Pages 56-86 Summary The book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is the result of years of research done by Skloot on an African American woman with cervical cancer named Henrietta Lacks. Cells from Lacks’ tumor are taken and experimented on without her knowledge. These cells, known as HeLa cells, are the first immortal human cells ever grown. The topic of HeLa cells is at the center of abundant controversial debates. Despite the fact that her cells are regarded as, “one of the most important advancements in the last hundred years” (4), little is actually known about the woman behind the cells....   [tags: Henrietta Lacks, HeLa, Rebecca Skloot]

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The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

- Throughout the course of reading, the reader becomes very aware of the writer’s intentions. In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, the author, Rebecca Skloot, opens with a quote that in turn, gives leading questions to the reader. Questions that we continue to ask ourselves throughout the entirety of reading. The scientific community and the media constantly treated the Lacks family as abstractions, but how. Was it intentional or coincidental. Do their actions have consequences. Does the community or media ever suffer as much as the family did....   [tags: Henrietta Lacks, HeLa, Rebecca Skloot]

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The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

- ... He was informed that the best way to slow down the progression of the disease was to remove his spleen. Doctors let him know that this was a risky procedure and could be fatal. They had him sign an agreement stating that any removed tissue could be disposed. On visits after the surgery Glode, the surgeon,was aware that there would be financial gain from collecting Moore’s samples. So he gathered specimens of his blood, skin, bone marrow and sperm. Glode then tried to convince Moore to sign a consent form saying that once cells or specimen are removed from your body you give all rights to the hospital....   [tags: HeLa, Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot]

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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

- Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier “Rebecca” is a novel that can be interpreted in many different ways and can be criticized from many different viewpoints. It is a complex novel that brings together both romance and a murder mystery. The characters change throughout the book as you learn more about each of them and the manderly estate. Rebecca herself is quite a mystery as well. We learn that she has different motives than first thought and is a different character completely as you read through the novel....   [tags: Rebecca Daphne du Maurier]

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Living in a Rural Area: Relating With Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

- There are advantages and disadvantages to living in both urban and rural settings. I myself have spent about half of my life in both. The first 17 years of my life were spent in an area so desolate, that to this day there is no cell phone service there. Since I escaped, I went on to live in Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Maui and Chicago. The one difference I see the most, is that I miss the desolate place more as I get older. That might just be me missing my childhood though. In Rebecca Skloot’s book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” Henrietta spent her childhood in Clover, VA....   [tags: literary analysis, rebecca skloot]

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The Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot And Antigone By Sophocles

- ... After much conflict and war throughout the city, Creon, the new king, provides a decree for all the people to follow. He administers this decree with no intentions of being harmful, but only to bring peace to a city that has recently suffered. Although disagreement arose from this decree, simply following the rules given would have been more beneficial. Going against public good in this case led to multiple deaths of family members who could have been saved if public good was considered. One person’s selfish actions resulted in more suffering instead of peace throughout the city, when the only intentions of Creon was reconciliation....   [tags: Henrietta Lacks, HeLa, Rebecca Skloot, Goods]

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Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca

- Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca Rebecca has been described as the first major gothic romance of the 20th century; Mrs. Danvers’ character is one of the few Gothic interests within the novel. Her unnatural appearance and multi-faceted relationship with Rebecca provides scope for manifold interpretations and critical views....   [tags: Daphne Du Maurier Rebecca]

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Nurse Teacher As A Nurse Educator

- ... Specific training requirements for nurse educators to teach in either the academic setting or the healthcare practice setting vary by educational and certification. The preferred educational requirement to teach in the academic setting is the doctoral degree. Though, master’s prepared nurses can teach at colleges and universities especially if they’ve obtained a post graduate certificate in nursing education for the role. Experienced baccalaureate level nurses can also work as nurse educators....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse education, Nursing school]

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The Career Of A Nurse

- ... They also have the abilities to do physical examinations, order laboratory tests, and prescribe medicines and/or treatments for illnesses and injuries. They also have the option to specialize as Pediatrics, dealing with children or geriatrics, dealing with the elderly. Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists also fall under APRNs. Licensed Practical Nurses are also known as vocational nurses. LPNs are just less educated in nursing. They generally provide routine patient care while under the supervision of an RN (Rowell, Hagan, 2006, pp....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nurse anesthetist]

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Sequels and phobias in The Return of the Soldier of Rebecca West

- Times of war and peace: Sequels and phobias in The Return of the Soldier of Rebecca West. Rebecca West (1892-1983) was a prolific writer who tried every literary genre; journalism, literary critique, the short story and the novel. Her first novel The Return of the Soldier published in 1918 spans half a century of creative output culminated in 1966 with her last novel The Birds Fall Down. However, all her narrative is easily identifiable because of her unmistakable style, the structure of her novels, the topics she chooses and the coherence of her ideas about mankind and society....   [tags: Rebecca West]

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The Deceitful Mother in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy

- The Deceitful Mother in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy Mothers are often thought of and characterized as loving, generous women, who put their children before themselves. They are gracious, caring, and kind humans that are willing to sacrifice happiness and fulfillment in their lives to insure that their children receive the guidance, love, support, and happiness that every child (especially their own) deserves. Sadly, this description does not define the characteristics of all mothers. An example of a mother in which her mannerisms are the exact opposite of those depicted above is found in the character of Mrs....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Evaluation Of The For A Nurse

- ... Thus, it is important for both nurses to address any issues and plan for pain management because their priority during their shift is to keep their patient comfortable and safe. The seventh strategy is to discuss the overall course of the stay of their patient. During this time, it is relevant for the oncoming nurse to note for any pending diagnostic tests that the patient had and if the results are in then what are those results. At the same time, the oncoming nurse should question the coming off nurse regarding the planned diagnostic procedures....   [tags: Patient, Nurse, Nursing, Physician]

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The Importance Of A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

- ... Work experience is much needed in become a nurse practitioner. When you’re able to provide on your resume work experience and professional contacts will look really good. You have will first hands towards being a nurse practitioner before others that do not have any experience or connections. Fourth, earn a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree. It is a must that you complete a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. While obtaining this degree, an important piece of advice would be learning a second language....   [tags: Nurse practitioner, Registered nurse]

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Nurse At The Hospital Of Rural Georgia

- ... Callaway called the taxi company and paid for this older lady to return home. Mrs. Callaway is always trying to come up with new information and education for her staff. In her interview, she informed me that she has been an RN for 19 years and she continues to learn something new every shift. She is a member of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and she enjoys reading their journal and keeping up with the new and innovative practices. She also encourage her nurses to responsibility educate themselves on the new things available....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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The Life Of A Nurse Practitioner

- The life of a nurse practitioner is not easy and is a challenge, but at the end of the day, it is very rewarding. Jeanette Naquin is a family nurse practitioner, who works at Southeast Neuroscience Center, and she truly enjoys her job. When I was asked to perform this interview, I started asking family members and close family friends if they knew somebody that I could interview for this project. Luckily, I did not have to go very far. I met Mrs. Jeannette Naquin through her husband, who works with my dad....   [tags: Nurse practitioner, Registered nurse]

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Nursing Staffing : The Nurse Staffing

- • In 2002 it was reported that with each patient added to a nurses’ workload, there was a seven percent increase associated with mortality after common surgeries (Aiken, Sloane, Cimiotti, Clarke, Flynn, Seago, Spetz, & Smith, 2010). • As nursing workload increases there is a higher increase associated with burnout and discontentment with one’s job and precursors of voluntary turnover (Aiken, et al., 2010). • It was found that the hospitals that began with the worst staffing ratios had greater decreases in mortality rates that are associated with increased nursing staffing ratios (Aiken, et al., 2010)....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nurse]

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Comparing A Postpartum Nurse At A Registered Nurse

- Comparing a Postpartum Nurses/Labor Delivery Nurses to a Registered Nurse" " One may think that most registered nurses do the same tasks in the medical field. However, when comparing and contrasting a Postpartum nurse to a registered nurse, you will see they do not have all of the same tasks as the other. I compared the two and found several responsibilities they both have, but there are several they do not have in common." " A registered nurse—a RN— has many contrasting responsibilities in the medical field from a Labor and Delivery nurse....   [tags: Nursing, Childbirth, Infant, Registered nurse]

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The Career Of A Nurse

- When searching for a career that suits you best, the possibilities are awe-inspiring. The start of that journey begins by choosing what profession you would like to work in, and the degree needed to enter that career. For instance, if you choose a profession in healthcare, the most common essential occupation is nursing. The title of a nurse can differ on the degree they earned. Take for instance, the comparison of a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner while they both have the word nurse in their title the occupational rewards and requirements that come with the job are different....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Healthcare occupations]

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My Journey From A Nurse

- ... When I start my shift and take the report about each patient, I am the mangers and the researcher, I cover all the information that I need to communicate about their care. I advocate for my patient when they tell me they can’t sleep and need sleeping aids. I am the educator, when I explain a procedure, or a medication side effect to a patient. I am the mentor, and the colleague, when I guide and help a co-nurse to overcome a challange. In a study by Robinson and Niemer (2010) showed the positive impact of implementing Peer Mentor Tutor Program (PMTP) in the nursing program....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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What Is A Nurse?

- ... However, Stein was not gay because he had a huge crush on Nurse Candy. According to Tyana Daley, “most men become nurses because, we are in the midst of a critical nursing shortage”. According to, people are living longer; therefore, there will always be a need for nurses, male or female. A myth about nurses is that they all work in a hospital, which is not true. The world has hospitals in every state and city. According to Robert Rosster, of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nearly 58 percent of nurses work in general medical and surgical hospitals....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing shortage]

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A Woman Of A Nurse

- Heather hadn’t given much thought to becoming a nurse before that night, but after that night, everything changed and Heather had a new perspective. In this story, Heather first learns of her trait and why she wants to become a nurse, We take a look at her goals and things she’s accomplished so far, we delve deeper into her strong compassion and love for people who need it most, we find out about the hurt she had to face, and we find out what priceless gift Heather was given to heal her broken heart....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, The Little Things, Learning]

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Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca: Disparities Between Upper and Working Class Women

- Disparities between upper and working class women and their roles in society are made very obvious in gothic literature. However, they are especially highlighted in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, in which the protagonist sits between the upper and lower classes because of her own choice to marry a man from a higher class than herself. In the time period that the book was written, there were still large distinctions in class, though it was also a period that allowed for more social mobility because the older distinctions in class were beginning to fall away....   [tags: social classes, gothic literature, rebecca]

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Manners, Wealth and Status in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Manners, Wealth and Status in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy "A novel of manners" this is how the novel Kelroy is described by Kathryn Derounian in her article "Lost in the Crowd: Rebecca Rush's Kelroy (1812)." Throughout the novel, characters such as; Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Manley, Mr. Kelroy, and especially the Gurnet family, show how people are treated differently regarding their wealth, status and mannerisms. Kelroy shows us these relationships and how one is viewed solely on the way in which they present themselves....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Rebecca Rush's novel Kelroy is an exceptional novel on mannerisms in the nineteenth century. Mrs. Hammond is the key character in this novel. The plot and characters all seam to inner relate with her. In this novel, Mrs. Hammond is seen as an evil, conniving woman. There are many twists and turns in this novel, but there is one thing that is constant, and that is that Mrs. Hammond motives are to take care of herself and secure her own future, and according to her it doesn't matter how she doses this or who she uses to her benefit....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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What Is A Nurse?

- ... A myth about nurses is that they all work in a hospital which is not true. The world has hospitals on every corner. Nearly 58 percent of nurses work in general medical and surgical hospitals, according to My God sister Reba asked me, “Where would that leave the other 42 percent to work?” “[], a nurse is free to have many jobs during a nursing career, shifting from one area of specialty to another…”, says tnbutterfly. Nurses are able to work in many setting such as schools, at clinics like MEA, a life care planner; they could be an occupational nurse, a nurse health coach, a hospice nurse, a nurse in the Army or Navy, and a public health nurse....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Physician, Nursing shortage]

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Organizational Analysis : The Nurse Leader

- ... 42). Responsibilities As previously mentioned Yvy Lambles BSN, RN holds many responsibilities however, the following are her main areas of responsibility: new resident onboarding for the ER (Emergency Room) and CDU (Clinical Decision Unit), hospital orientation for all employees and new equipment training for nursing staff. New nursing resident onboarding is unique to first year nurses in which their employment at Memorial Hermann NE is their first job in the field. Onboarding nurses helps with acclimation and retention, which is vital in health care....   [tags: Nursing, Leadership, Nurse, Registered nurse]

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My Life Of A Psychiatric Nurse

- Have you ever wondered what the life of a psychiatric nurse would be like. The opportunity arose for me to interview a Registered Nurse who I’ve known for a very long time. Although new to the profession, she provides care as if she has been a nurse for over 20 years. Her current employer is Mayo Hospital in the Psychiatric department. This nurse performs all of the basic RN cares as others do under the supervision of her charge nurse and doctors’ orders. Because education is important to her, she is currently in the process of taking courses to enable herself to advance her career....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Psychiatry, Nurse education]

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The Roles Of The Nurse

- The nurse characters in the horror movies The big part of human perception about profession nowadays derives from the mass media. The nursing profession is not an exception. The nurses often appear in the movies, publicity, TV shows, novels, and even music videos. The image of nurse varies from sexualized stereotype of young and poorly dressed female to the drug addicted person who has the difficulties to cope with her or his duties, but those images rarely include the nurse as a serious, dedicated professional with strong work ethics....   [tags: Nursing, Ethics, Registered nurse, Horror film]

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Career Goals As A Nurse Educator

- ... The journal club for nurses has been run for two years in our hospital, but it has not gained enough attention from the nursing administrative level and nursing staff. It has been held only quarterly, and only a few people are interested in it. So, I will apply what I have learned in the United States to promote nurses’ interest and involvement and facilitate the development of the journal club. For the first three months, I will propose to change the quarterly journal club meeting to a monthly one, and then I will ask the administrative staff to purchase databases and ensure that every nursing staff has an access to them....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education, 2016]

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My Life As A Nurse

- ... The need for nursing allows for the curing and prevention of these life-threating experiences. I am practicing nursing because I believe that my destiny in life is to help those that cannot help themselves. I want to be able to make a difference in someone’s life just by doing what I love to do. Nursing is more than just an occupation it is a new experience every time you get a new patient. Nursing is unpredictable and allows life to be exciting. Nursing throughout the years has developed and is described differently throughout the world, but nursing in perspective is trying to accomplish the same thing, everywhere....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Health, Nurse]

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Sample Resume : Nurse Anesthetics

- Introduction to Nurse Anesthetics Nursing positions are in demand. Healthcare teams and professionals actively team up to supply education to prospect nurses. Not only are entry level nurses in high demand, but specialized nursing positions need to be filled. There are currently 100,000 nurse anesthetists in the American work force which service 60-70 percent of the population in the United States. How can these positions be sufficiently staffed to create a better United Health care system. All the steps to achieve a C.R.N.A....   [tags: Anesthesia, Nurse anesthetist, Registered nurse]

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Application Of The Transition From Student Nurse

- Student Nurse to Registered Nurse Introduction After the arduous task of completing nursing school, and passing the necessary state boards, newly licensed registered nurses (NLRN’s) eagerly enter the field with visions of caring for people for many years. Making the transition from student nurse (SN) to registered nurse (RN) is a difficult and multidimensional exercise, studies show that the first one to two years of practice is instrumental in the general success and retention of NLRN (Clark & Springer, 2012)....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nurse]

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Nurse to Patient Ratio, Nurse Burnout and Patient Satisfaction

- Working in long-term care can be overwhelming. Imagine you are a new graduate nurse putting your new found knowledge and skills to practice for the first time. Your orientation lasted three days which is standard for nurse home orientation compared to hospital orientation that last approximately six to eight weeks for new grads. The shift has just begun and already you have a new admit, new found pressure ulcer to assess, a possible medication reaction, several new orders to take off and eight patients to document on for varying reasons....   [tags: Nurse Burnout, Patient Satisfaction]

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Nurse Education Professional Development

- One of the most common human resource strategy and solution to improve work performance is training (Dean, Dean, & Rebalsky, 1996). Training is an intervention directed at improving the employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the workplace (Awonoyi, Orlando, & Morgan (2002). Institutes of higher education now provide training for their faculty to help them become productive instructors. Prior to 1960, developing faculty to improve their teaching skills did not exist; they were hired because of their expertise (Fink, 2003)....   [tags: Nurse Education]

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The Practice Of The Nurse Practice Act

- ... The second example of Delegation is as follows. The Rule §224.8 Delegation of Task the rule states “(8) activities of daily living” this task could be assigned to UNP. The Registered Nurse was busy admitting the new patient and on other side one of the nurse’s Pt. was requesting a bed bath after he vomited. The Nurse requested the unlicensed personal to give the bed bath to that patient and clean the patient bed while she was taking care of the new admission. Once the new admission was completed, the RN communicated with the UNP and assessed the patient....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient]

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A Study On Clinical Nurse Leaders

- ... Clinical Nurse Leaders specialize in overseeing patient groups rather than individual patients. It is the CNL’s job to make medical decisions based purely on research and discovery. Hospital administrators expect Clinical Nurse Leaders to use the latest medical discoveries to manage patient group care. The hospital typically charges CNLs with evaluating patient outcomes and risks and changing care plans as needed; however, the Clinical Nurse Leader role can vary across institutions. Leadership and the Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical nurse leaders advise and support positive patient outcomes with the most recent advances available to medicine in addition to regulating costs....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Hospital]

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Leadership And Management Of A Nurse Manager

- Leadership and Management in Nursing Leadership is based on one’s ability to create a vision and inspire others and many times it is based on one’s personality and life experience. Management can be a leadership position in the workplace that focuses on setting target goals, organizing, budgeting, planning and coming up with solutions for specific problems (Yoder- Wise, 2011). The purpose of the paper is to discuss the leadership and management qualities that the nurse manager needs in order to overcome a task of reducing incremental overtime on the cardiac unit at North Austin Hospital....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Nursing, Nurse]

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Professional Identity Of The Registered Nurse

- Legal issues Shannon Day State College of Florida Nursing Seminar Level 4 Legal Issues: Professional Identity of the Registered Nurse Professionals are people who have equipped themselves with the knowledge and skills in a given field. The interest of improvement of the professional identity is an evidence of how high standards are placed upon the professionals in the community (Johnson et al., 2012). Each profession creates its norms, values and scope of practice that distinguishes it from any other profession....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Professional, Profession]

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A Nurse At The Moses Cone Hospital

- ... From just looking at the patients, mostly the elderly I can see how much work these nurses have to put in, it’s a hard job seeing the nurses run around, I am thinking wow this is not an easy job. The first question that I asked Sabrina was, why please tell me why you wanted to be a nurse. She kindly replied that “I have always wanted to have a career in which I can make a difference in someone’s life, and possibly save life’s, I think it is the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling in the world.” Sabrina has been a registered nurse for a little over 13 years now....   [tags: Nursing, Healthcare occupations, Nurse]

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Evaluation Of A Survey On Nurse Mentoring

- ... Other data collected at this time included patient falls, medication errors and nurse overtime. Additional interventions such as an “Improving Bedside Report” tip sheet was posted to encourage the consistency of using the blended bedside shift report (Sand-Jecklin & Sherman, 2014). Final data was collected 13 months post-implementation. This collection was identical to the baseline and three-month post-implementation data collection periods. According to the author, “data analysis included ANOVA comparisons of pre- and post-implementation, with descriptive analysis of medication errors and patient falls” (Sand-Jecklin & Sherman, 2014)....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Nurse, Report]

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The Journey Of Becoming An Rn Nurse

- ... Everybody is gonna get tired or aggravated especially when you 're dealing with multiple people coming up to them grandparents, children and parents while working a long shift with limited breaks.Even Though you may get tired and aggravated you can let that affect the quality of the service you present to the patients coming in there because that can affect them in a tremendous way. Being that you will be exposed to a lot of harsh realities you have to be able to balance your stress so when it comes to an emergency you while be able to handle yourself....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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Patients Acceptance of Nurse Practitioners

- Nursing is a broad field with limitless possibilities; one of those possibilities included is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse that is capable of furthering care for patients. Nurse practitioners are able to see and treat their own patients, plus be a part of collaborative care. When patients visit the physician’s office, most are now being treated only by a nurse practitioner and may never actually see a physician. Although Nurse Practitioners are highly capable and educated to administer care to patients in all settings; patients are becoming unwilling and somewhat reluctant to be seen by anyone but a physician....   [tags: advanced practice nurse ]

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The Duty Of A Nurse Educator

- Introduction Nurse educators, as licensed registered nurses are known to have undergone additional training in a master`s program and beyond. The duty of a nurse educator is typically to teach the curriculum of nursing in schools and nursing colleges. Additionally, they can be actively involved in offering healthcare services in a variety of settings. According to Zorn, (2010) the duties of nursing educators include supervision of students their clinical experiences, educating health professionals and the general public on different issues that relate to nursing....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse education, Education]

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Nursing And Qualities That Be A Good Nurse

- ... For example, patients who are going in for major abdominal surgery, or even normal childbirth. Nurses should enable them and see them through the scaring mindset that something major is about to happen, or is happening. We are looked upon and expected to “enable” them. Hence, it could be as simple as a hand to hold, or saying positive things to them to reassure them that it is for the better outcome of their health and ability. I remember giving birth to a child for the first time. I was afraid as I went through several stages of labor and its difficulty, after which I was transferred to ICU where I finally had my child through a cesarean surgery....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient, Hospital]

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The Practice Of Nursing As A Registered Nurse

- ... Delegation of nursing tasks is directed by the RN. The LPN provides direct patient care; functions as a member of the healthcare team; provides input into the assessment, planning, and evaluation of nursing care; and implements the plan of care under the RN’s direction. Both the RN and LPN are required to hold valid and current License. The Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) defines” “unauthorized practice” as engaging in activities for which licensure or certification is required under Chapter 4723 (ORC) without holding a current valid license or certificate to engage in such activity” (The Unauthorized Practice of Nursing” 2015)....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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The Need For Safe Nurse Staffing

- In the past two decades, there has been a push for appropriate staff to client ratios. However, measuring client needs and nursing efforts have been around since 1922 (Lewinski-Corwin, 1922, pp. 603-606). The earliest recorded effort was by the New York Academy of Medicine. Superintendents and nurses from ten training schools documented the time spent providing bedside care. From complied information, the researchers revealed each client required an average of five hours and four minutes of care in a 24-hour period....   [tags: Nurse-to-Patient Ratios]

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True Love and Material Desire in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- True Love and Material Desire in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy You are the American mother of two beautiful teenage girls in the early 1800's. When your husband dies, you are surprised to receive nothing but debts. What do you do. Mrs. Hammond, in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy, finds herself in this situation. Worried for her own and her daughters' futures, she knows that if her girls want money, they have to marry it. Mrs. Hammond encourages her oldest daughter, Lucy, to marry a very wealthy man....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Nurse Staffing And Infection Rates

- The three studies discussed had a few remarkable similarities. The P value of all three studies was set at 0.05. Although the studies found that nurse staffing characteristics are significantly correlated with higher infection rates, none of them were able to prove causality. Since the studies used data from hospitals only, it limits the generalizability of the results to other healthcare environments. The researchers of the studies all mention that there are gaps in the literature regarding nurse staffing and infection rates....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Causality, Research]

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My Life Of Being A Nurse

- ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ A question that everyone is asked multiple times through their childhood. Until about 2 years ago, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I had made the jumps from meteorologist, to engineer, to medical technician, to pilot. But one day when we were on vacation, my aunt, an RN at Beloit Memorial Hospital, asked me what I wanted to do. At that point, I admitted I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I told her my current academic path was leading me towards the science field, but I knew that was too broad of a dream....   [tags: Nursing, Learning, Nurse, Question]

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What Nurses Do For A Nurse

- ... During a time of illness a patient is the one who experiences the physical symptoms but it has been said by many, and I agree, it is the whole family that goes through the illness collectively in many ways. It weighs on their hearts and minds greatly and they often have to take on caretaker roles unexpectedly. In my personal experience sometimes it takes a small village to take care of a sick person adequately. When my father-in-law got diagnosed with cancer, in order for nobody to lose their job, we all took turns....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient, Question]

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Benefits Of Being A Nurse

- Many people will say nursing is easy and it does not take skill. Or maybe they will even say anyone can be a nurse, but that’s not true. Nursing takes skills no one knew they had. It takes so much time and patience. But if someone claims to say “anyone can be a nurse”, then why is there such a high demand for employees in the profession. To those in the nursing field it is more than just a job, it is truly a lifestyle. The medical field is filled with many rewarding jobs and one of those jobs is being a nurse: the job of taking care of people who are sick, injured, or old....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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The Role of Mrs. Hammond and Emily in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- The Role of Mrs. Hammond and Emily in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy In this day and age, women have liberties that are often taken for granted. Women have the freedom to choose which university they will attend (if they plan on attending college), what career they wish to pursue, and also whom their mate in marriage will be. In early American days, liberties of women were looked upon from society as being wealthy and holding high social status. Many did not have the opportunity to pursue a career, much less decide what university they preferred to attend....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Education, Social Class and Self-Interest in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Education, Social Class and Self-Interest in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Kelroy, by Rebecca Rush, was first published in 1812. Early American writers had a rough time writing "gothic" style writings because of the lack of history, which was not a problem faced by European writers. Kelroy is an extremely cynical view of American life and it was not well accepted by Americans, despite the fact that it is seen as "one of the best written [novels] in America before 1820"(231). Three themes from Kelroy, which demonstrate the focus of many early Americans, are Education, Social Class, and Self-Interest....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Transitioning From A Clinical Nurse

- ... A score of 86% was achieved, which was somewhat of an astonishment. This test will be used as a platform to create a professional development plan by analyzing the score in each competency category and determining what strategies could be put into motion to gain knowledge and skills in each of these areas. The first competency is to facilitate learning, which entails removing barriers to learning and creating an environment where the learner can gain knowledge and skills to the highest degree of their ability....   [tags: Education, Skill, Nurse, Learning]

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Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

- Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy Most people that read Kelroy incorrectly view Mrs. Hammond. She is labeled an evil person who is out for her own gain. Most people doubt that she even cares about her daughters Lucy and Emily. Mrs. Hammond is said to be vicious and sneaky, and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish her agenda. They believe Mrs. Hammond is so greedy she will sacrifice her own daughters' happiness so she can live out the rest of her life comfortably....   [tags: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays]

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Women Of The Professional Nurse

- The image of the professional nurse is viewed in so many different ways in our society. In medieval times, nurses were more critically viewed than they are in current modern society. However, there are a few views that still linger in our society today. In our society now, nurses are mostly sexualized and stereotyped as a feminine and a provocative profession. These stereotypes caused men to not be considered as unsuitable nurses and are criticized greatly when they do choose the path of a professional nurse....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Gender, Female]

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My Experience With A Nurse

- ... There are few reasons why and how I will contribute to nursing career winch includes that I would make sure that I continue nursing career to receive my masters and PhD in nursing, and nursing will help me to make sure that rest of Stepanyan generation will continue going to college since I am the first Stepanyan in my genealogy who went to college, also the ability and knowledge that I will receive when I go to Roseman University will provide me the opportunity to serve those who need the most care....   [tags: Family, Nursing, Nurse, Want]

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My Life Of A Nurse

- ... Thomas Bond. (Donahue, 1996). The real start of modern day nursing began with a woman named Florence Nightingale. Florence studied nursing, at the age of 31, in Germany. Once she returned back to England she worked as head of the Institute for the Care of Sick Gentlewomen in London (Donahue, 1996). Nightingale set out to devote her life to this career. She wanted to change how the world saw nursing. She wanted respectable women to be drawn to nursing and sought out ways of finding them and recruiting them....   [tags: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Nurse]

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My Career As A Nurse

- ... Looking at three qualities that I am most proud of that pertain to my career as an LPN would be having a positive outlook when supporting my patients by showing them respect and understanding during their time of need. Second, would be my ability to remain self-motivated in all aspects of my life from problem solving at work to sitting down to work on my formal education. In my current role as an LPN I feel a great deal of satisfaction when working with people providing direct patient care and my involvement within the many hospitals disciplines....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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Being a Nurse Practitioner

- Every little kid has high exceptions for what they want to be when they grow up. Some dream of becoming president of the United States of America, or becoming an Astronaut, a lot of little kid’s say that they want to be a Doctor. What kids do not understand is that there are many types of doctors, like an orthopedic surgeon, they work with feet, or an oral surgeon, who work with the mouth. Another similarity to a doctor is a nurse practitioner. They do many of the same tasks, like performing minor surges, fixing broken bones, or simply giving a routine check up....   [tags: health, geriatric nurse]

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The Medical Field As A Nurse

- ... Health policy nurse does not work with patients. A health policy nurse works at a societal level to make a healthier population. They come up with new laws and strategies to change the public attitudes. These nurses mostly work at public agency, university, state legislature, and for congress. One will not have to receive a doctorate to become a health policy nurse. The best estimated salary for a health policy nurse is $95,000 a year. Informatics nurse is a nurse that collects medical data that is from hospitals, clinics, and doctor´s office....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Health care]

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Becoming A Nurse Is A Hero Of Someone 's Eyes

- ... They all admit it’s never easy to lose someone however, at this stage in their life it’s mostly about comfort. All these patients we deal with lived a great life. “Working in a nursing home is more about comfort and dignity and just being there for them when they die, it 's a part of life and is not as scary or horrific as you might think”. Nicole tells me. The prerequisites is just the beginning for nursing students. The process isn’t easy. You must take the HESI test, complete all your prerequisites and than apply....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Registered nurse]

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My Leadership Smart Goals For New Nurse

- As we begin our nursing career, it is vital to have an experienced preceptor to guide a new graduate nurse to becoming an accomplished and knowledgeable nurse. It just doesn’t take experience to make a good nurse preceptor but one that possesses qualities such as being patient, knowledgeable, give constructive feedback, and able to be a supportive role model. As stated by Korzon and Trimmer, “A supportive preceptorship relationship is a well-established primary support mechanism aimed at the successful integration of new nurse” (p.14)....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Nurse education]

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Social Media Should Not Start When A Nurse

- As social media becomes an essential way to communicate, nurse must be aware of what are appropriate and illegitimate uses of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Nurses must use their best judgment in what they post, because they are responsible for protecting the public view of nurses, and most importantly, former and present patient confidentiality. Social media education should not start when a nurse starts their career, but while they are still in school. Richard G. Booth of Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University, London, Canada, studied the use of Twitter by nursing students....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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Nursing As A Nurse Is A Privilege And A Pleasure

- Nursing is just not a career, being a nurse is a privilege and a pleasure. My nursing career choice has the opportunity to touch the lives of patients, care givers and families every day. Although, this career is very enjoyable it must have regulations, laws and codes that nurses are required to follow. Nurses can be a good nurse or a great nurses just by possessing certain professional and personal traits and characteristics by which they practice. The nursing field also has many great historical figures and theories that shape the profession as we know it today....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Ethics, Florence Nightingale]

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The Role Of An Advanced Practice Nurse

- Healthcare is a continuous emerging industry across the world. With our ever changing life styles and the increased levels of pollution across the world more and more people are suffering from various health issues. Nursing is an extremely diverse profession and among the highest educated with several levels ranging from a licensed practical nurse (LPN) to a registered nurse (RN) on up to a Doctorate in Nursing. Diane Viens (2003) states that ‘The NP is a critical member of the workforce to assume the leadership roles within practice, education, research, health systems, and health policy’....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Health care]

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Becoming A Registered Nurse?

- Becoming a Registered Nurse Saving lives matters. You do not have to be a Doctor or a Police Officer to save a person life. Being a Nurse has greater or equal value in saving someone life. A registered nurse or RN is a person who has graduated with a nursing degree from an accredited college or university, has passed the state board examination and is licensed to practice nursing. It is very important for a person who wants to become a nurse to research the pros and cons of the different areas of nursing....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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A Career as a Nurse Anesthetist

- "We often think of nursing as giving meds on time, checking an X-ray to see if the doctor needs to be called, or taking an admission at 2:00 a.m. with a smile on our faces. Too often, we forget all the other things that make our job what it truly is—caring and having a desire to make a difference." - Erin Pettengill, RN, quoted on RN Modern Medicine. A Nurse Anesthetist is a person who provides and organizes patient care and may also provide primary and specialty health care, if necessary. They are a vital role during and after surgery....   [tags: nurse history, x-ray, nightingales]

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Personal Statement : Becoming A Nurse

- I could still hear my mother’s voice saying to me when I was a young child to choose a career that will make you happy because that is where you will receive the most satisfaction. When I was 16 years old I had my son David who is now four years old. Being such a young mother taught me many things at such a young age. It taught me how to love beyond measure, to give of one’s self completely, and to care for someone in their most vulnerable state. I remember every day for 7 months being woken up 3-4 times in the night to either change a diaper, or to give a bottle, or simply because he didn’t want to sleep....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Healthcare occupations]

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The Career Of A Neonatal Nurse

- ... General duties of a neonatal nurse include weighing and measuring, providing vital nutrients, bathing, & teaching new parents how to care for their little one, etc. Some specific duties include administering medication, feeding (most commonly by tube), & monitoring vital signs. A neonatal nurse works an average twelve hour shift, although some may work eight hour shifts. Work hours depend on the facility. Since hospitals are open three hundred and sixty five days a year, schedules are made to be flexible, as long as 40 hours of work a week are maintained....   [tags: Nursing, Healthcare occupations, Registered nurse]

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A Nurse, What Will They Tell You?

- Ask someone to depict a nurse, what will they tell you. Many hold the stance that the nursing profession is composed of angelic people in starched white uniforms, primarily women, whose main focus is patient care and following doctor’s orders. This image, though iconic and attractive to some, is not accurate when applied to modern nurses. In an effort to assess the attributes currently needed of nurses, I interviewed Jordan Kreklau. Ms. Kreklau is 25 years old and attained her BSN from The University of Eau Claire in May 2014....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Healthcare occupations]

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Nurses Should Not Be A Nurse

- Nursing students must surpass most of the key challenges that they may encounter in able to be successful nurses. Nurses should possess qualities related to caring because being efficient and good in theoretical studies may not be enough. Like others might say, a nurse should be passionate and should not only think of it as a profession. Caring can never be taught in any universities because it should be innate to oneself. To be a registered nurse in Australia, I have to entirely complete a 1 year university degree program....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing board certification]

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First Draft Of Nurse Practitioner

- Damaris Ndungu Mrs. Brown Engl. 1302 July-31-2014 First Draft of Nurse Practitioner. This Is What It Took Me To Become A Nurse Practitioner. I grew up with in society whereby nurses were rare. Every time I had an appointment with the nurse I made sure I had to leave earlier so I will not find a long cue. There were less than ten nurses in that facility. A great number of patient would come for their appointments and would end up going back home not treated. I did not like what I saw. It was then that I decided that my career goal was to be nurse practitioner as I wanted to make a difference to the community and to the needy....   [tags: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse]

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