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The Ysera Realm of World of Warcraft

- The virtual worlds were good for doing what was impossible to do in the physical world rather than simply produce replicates of physical reality (Yee, 2009). This is why most people including myself, although a constant gamer, enjoy the experiences of the virtual world. The virtual world is an escape route from the actual realities of the world. This paper is going to describe my experience in The Ysera Realm of World of Warcraft MMORPG. Avatars are a key component of the virtual world and we rely on them a means of living digitally while fully inhabiting in the world (Taylor, 2002)....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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The Realm of Desire and Dream: Brazil and its Self-Constructing Middle Class of the 1980s, 1990s and Today

- The Realm of Desire and Dream: Brazil and its Self-Constructing Middle Class of the 1980s, 1990s and Today The discourse of self-definition in Brazil is based on perceptions of economic success, material value and social prestige. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, there was a general scramble to reconstruct individual identity in social success and achievement. “Assertions of moral and cultural (class and racial) superiority” make up the discourses of national and regional identity, while simultaneously setting up the social building blocks of discrimination and stratification (25)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Realm of the Supernatural in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Power of Spirits in Macbeth   Supernatural beings are used to create dramatic emphasis in all forms of literature. Shakespeare uses witches, ghosts, and apparitions in his play, Macbeth, to generate this effect. Supernatural beings are effective in provoking a reaction in audiences today, so it is easy to imagine how these specters would have alarmed the people of the Elizabethan era. The population of the Elizabethan era had certain ideas about witches, which the three witches in Macbeth were based upon....   [tags: GCSE Coursework Macbeth Essays]

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Creating a Virtual Reality Game

- Introduction When people think of play, many most likely revert back to their childhood and picture their innocent games of make-believe and pretend. According to Brian Sutton-Smith, author of The Ambiguity of Play, play “glorifies freedom, originality, genius, the arts, and the innocent and uncorrupted character of the childhood vision” (Sutton-Smith, vii). He claims that play is ambiguous, and can deal with many different ideas and characters such as animals, children, adults, fate, power, identity, imagination, phantasmagoria, the self, frivolity, as well as many other outside factors (Sutton-Smith, v)....   [tags: Video Games]

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- As a psyche in the ancient Greek cosmos, I have become aware of the logos of the cosmos. The cosmos becomes knowable to me through the virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty. Logos is Greek for measure and cosmos, a Greek word, can be translated as meaning totality. When I encounter the Greeks, they claim that there are three elements to cosmos. The first factor is anthrapoi which is Greek for human-like. The word anthrapoi resembles the English word, anthropology, which is the study of human life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The job of a Sociologist

- Sociologist study a variety of topics in basic settings as well as in applied settings. To do so, the sociologist must work within three different realms. These realms are the theoretical realm, the observational realm, and the policy/action realm. To begin research sociologist must look into the theoretical realm. Here (s)he may observe existing social knowledge about human behavior. After the sociologist focuses on one of these existing studies they may move on to the observational realm....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Contemporary Conflict of Values

- The Contemporary Conflict of Values The conflict between values is the source of many conflicts and problems today. In contrast to the traditional conflict of values, the contemporary conflict is distinguished by these features: (1) extensiveness; (2) complicatedness; (3) profoundness; and (4) continuousness. The plurality and relativity of values is the primary cause of contemporary conflicts. The origin of pluralism lies in an interrelated trio of aspects: commodity economy, democratic politics, and individualism....   [tags: Morals Ethics Papers]

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- Aruba Aruba’s political center was located on the island of Curacao while under the colonial control of the Netherlands from 1634 until 1986. Decisions on political issues in Aruba were made by the Dutch Governor who was located on Curacao. With the economic boom of the oil refineries in the 1900’s, the people of Aruba started to feel the need to have a say in issues facing them. Many political issues were put on hold because of World War II and the German occupation of the Netherlands from 1940 to 1944....   [tags: Free Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Buddhist Religious Traditions Paper

- Buddhism is a philosophy/religion that was created by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) over 2500 years ago, founded on Hindu beliefs. There are two major divisions: Mahayana and Theravada, and many subdivisions. Fundamentally, Buddhists believe that one must rise above desires, to reach a state of enlightenment. Buddha was idolized, and subsequently deified, but he never claimed to be anything more than a man (, 2005). The goal of this paper is to answer the following questions based on the assigned readings for week two: What scared elements characterize Hindu religious traditions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Plato was a philosopher who was born in Athens (470- 390 BCE), and was also a student of Socrates. He felt that intelligence and one’s perception belonged to completely independent realms or realties. He believed that general concepts of knowledge were predestined, or placed in the soul before birth even occurred in living things. Plato believed that the cosmos was intelligible, and that the universe was mathematically understandable. He believed that mathematical objects could be seen as perfect forms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Creatio ex Capacitas and Creatio Continua: When having Power just isn't Enough

- Creatio ex Capacitas and Creatio Continua: When having Power just isn't Enough In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep . . . Then God said, "Let there be light;" and there was light. ~ (Genesis 1:1-2a; 3 NRSV). The biblical passage above has been the subject of much debate in light of not only how God created, but also as to out of what He created. There are two main camps in this debate: those who affirm creatio ex nihilo and those who affirm panentheism....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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- An infant does not believe in god, it is only after lessons and experiences does the child’s belief grow. The doctrines of religion are taught to a young child through his family. As a child he accepts these beliefs without question. It is only with age that the child begins to question the belief in a god. Many young adults question God’s existence. It is hard to be a believer when such suffering goes on in the world. To see a child die of cancer makes one question god’s existence, just as Barabbas questioned God when the girl was stoned....   [tags: Bible Essays]

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Philosophy of Being

- Philosophy of Being There are three points that I will discuss in this paper. The first one refers to the mistakes that are often made when referring to faith, and trust. I will show the differences between the two statements and explain why there is a difference. The second point I will discuss is the hierophany that exists in some relationships. I will tell why hierophany is important but should not be the basis of a relationship. The third point I will discuss is man's ultimate goal to move towards or away from unity....   [tags: Papers]

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The Human Condition: Message Lost in the Capitalist Machine

- The Human Condition: Message Lost in the Capitalist Machine In The Human Condition, by Hannah Arendt, the fundamental qualities of human behavior are described and analyzed. These qualities are first described by discussing the different entities present in the lives of Athenian Greeks. This partition of human life into separate units is supposed to be applied to modern American society as well, however, the structure of today's social order differs from that of ancient Greek. These disparities cause the analysis and ideas projected on the human condition to be contrasting as well....   [tags: Hannah Arendt Human Condition Essays]

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You Can be a Good Christian and Read Harry Potter

- You Can be a Good Christian and Read Harry Potter When my family and I bought tickets for the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, released shortly before Thanksgiving, my dad reminded me of one thing. “Just …don’t mention it to your relatives, when they come down for Thanksgiving,” he cautioned. “If your relatives say anything negative about Harry Potter, just try to be diplomatic. Don’t start a fight,” was my mother’s request. Harry Potter is a very sensitive issue to many people, especially now that a movie has been made, based on the first book – a movie that broke almost all US box office records as flocks of people came to watch it....   [tags: Harry Potter Essays]

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Mathematics as Paideia in Proclus

- Mathematics as Paideia in Proclus ABSTRACT: I examine one aspect of the central role which mathematics plays in Proclus's ontology and epistemology, with particular reference to his Elements of Theology. I focus on his peculiar views about the ontological status of mathematical objects and the special faculties of the soul that are involved in understanding them. If they are merely abstract objects that are "stripped away" from sensible things, then they are unlikely to reorient the mind towards the intelligible realm, as envisioned by Plato in the Republic....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Some Problems With Ecofeminism

- Some Problems With Ecofeminism ABSTRACT: Karen Warren presents and defends the ecofeminist position that people are wrong in dominating nature as a whole or in part (individual animals, species, ecosystems, mountains), for the same reason that subordinating women to the will and purposes of men is wrong. She claims that all feminists must object to both types of domination because both are expressions of the same "logic of domination." Yet, problems arise with her claim of twin dominations. The enlightenment tradition gave rise to influential versions of feminism and provided a framework which explains the wrongness of the domination of women by men as a form of injustice....   [tags: Karen Warren Essays]

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The Knowing Psychical Body

- The Knowing Psychical Body ABSTRACT: By offering four epistemological structures as guidelines, I will review the relationships as described by Freud between internal and external perceptions, conversion, and over-determination. In doing so, I have speculated that a second preconscious dynamic should be recognized as functioning within this system, namely the psychical body. The activity of this preconscious psychical body promises to resolve the aporias that arise in Freud's work concerning the role of internal perceptions in the processes of conversion and over-determination....   [tags: Psychology Psychological Papers]

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africa: Wildlife, landforms and climate

- Witch doctors, psychics, mediums, spiritualists are but just a few of the many names associated with Shamans. Many of us have heard these names echoed since childhood, but do we really know who these people are. In the United States these people are viewed as outcast; there hasn’t been a need for them in a very long time. Science, and modern technology have exiled the Shaman into the fringe of society. They remain a mystery to most, but beckon the open-minded. The Shaman is a spiritual wayfarer, that hasn’t thrived in the United States since the arrival of the white man, and his conquest of nature....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Dopplar Radar

- Doppler Radar The Social realm of Doppler radar relates to many different things we do in everyday life, anytime you are going outdoors anywhere in the world you can find out what it is going to be like before you even step outside. This is made possible with the use of Doppler Radar. In this section I am going to discuss the social realm of Doppler radar in the local, regional, national and global areas. First we must know what is Doppler radar. Doppler radar is a device that measures the Doppler shift in a radar beam reflected from an object’s motion towards or away from the radar aerial....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Ontology 	One of the most controversial debates in philosophy has been over the nature of being. In the Pre-Socratic era the dispute focused on whether change was constant while our human perceptions made static separations so that we could make sense of our environment, or if being exists omnipresently and that our perceptions of diversity in matter are false. Plato tries to solve this dilemma with his theory of an objective reality in a realm different from that which we experience. Aristotle agrees with Socrates except that he believes an object’s true essence cannot exist separated from the object itself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Interpreting Plato Alfred North Whitehead once remarked that all of philosophy is but a footnote to Plato. This proves true in the case of St. Augustine’s Confessions, where he specifies Plato’s good as God by personalizing the forms, Eros, sin, and recollection. Specifically, Augustine’s idea of “original sin,” forgetfulness and recollection follow the philosophy of Plato, bringing them into the “God realm,” rather leaving them in a figurative sense open for interpretation. In the Confessions, Augustine says that “the soul commits fornication when it is turned away from you and, apart from you, seeks such pure, clean things as it does not find except when it returns to you” (2.6.14)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to perform

- Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to perform even more kingly duties. Scotland has captured Mortimer What techniques does Marlowe use to engage audience’s interest in the first two acts of the play. Marlowe studied the Bible and the Reformation theologians as well as philosophy and history at Corpus Christi College; Cambridge for six years but instead of continuing and taking holy orders, Marlowe went to London and became a dramatist. He made important friends such as Sir Walter Raleigh....   [tags: English Literature]

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Analysis of The Allegory of the Cave by Plato

- An Analysis of "The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato The Allegory of the Cave is Plato's explanation of the education of the soul toward enlightenment. He sees it as what happens when someone is educated to the level of philosopher. He contends that they must "go back into the cave" or return to the everyday world of politics, greed and power struggles. The Allegory also attacks people who rely upon or are slaves to their senses. The chains that bind the prisoners are the senses. The fun of the allegory is to try to put all the details of the cave into your interpretation....   [tags: Philosophy Plato]

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My Philosophy of Education

- My Philosophy of Education I believe that education is a tool used to shape the generations of tomorrow. I wanted to have a positive influence on the future, so I decided to become a teacher. Teaching is one of the most worthwhile and influential professions because teachers come in contact with a vast number of young people and have the ability to light their lives. These young people are the future. As a teacher, I believe that a large portion of the responsibility for a student's education rests on my shoulders....   [tags: Essays Papers Teacher Teaching ]

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Philosophies of Marsilio Ficino

- This article discusses the philosophies of Marsilio Ficino and how they influenced many famous people like Lorenzo de' Medici and Sandro Botticelli. Ficino was a great Neoplatonist philosopher who worked under Cosimo de' Medici. Lorenzo and Marsilio "shared the belief that a unity between spirit and beauty could be achieved through the admiration of Venus."(33) Lorenzo encouraged Ficino's study of Christian doctrine. While studying this Christian doctrine and interpreting platonic thought Ficino came up with a new philosophy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Realm of Labor

- Separation can develop from anywhere or anyone over periods of time since people’s needs, desires, and goals are very diverse. The variety of people with dissimilar interest can cause tensions among groups, especially in the modern age. There are three categories that contributed to the physical and abstract separation all within the realm of labor: workers versus machines, skilled versus unskilled labors or workers, and immigrant versus non-immigrant workers. These three all intertwine and connect to one another under the world of labor....   [tags: Labor History, Technological Revolution]

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Wrongful Persecution of Philosophers

- In The Republic, Socrates uses several images in his arguments as metaphors to explain a larger, more significant statement. The allegory of the cave is used to demonstrate that philosophers are wrongly persecuted by the unphilisophical, in that they are indispensable because they are the only ones in the city able to view the world through the intelligible realm, and therefore are able to see the truth (Plato 189). The philosophers in the cave are able to see more than what is projected in front of them, unlike the others chained to the wall....   [tags: Greek, Socrates]

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Plato's Theory of Human Knowledge

- Plato's Theory of Human Knowledge Plato contended that all true knowledge is recollection. He stated that we all have innate knowledge that tells us about the things we experience in our world. This knowledge, Plato believed, was gained when the soul resided in the invisible realm, the realm of The Forms and The Good. Plato's theory of The Forms argued that everything in the natural world is representative of the ideal of that form. For example, a table is representative of the ideal form Table....   [tags: Papers]

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Geography Of Russia

- Russia is a huge landmass and covers a vast amount of the earth’s surface area. Being so large, Russia contains a huge variety of different geographical features. There are several mountains, rivers, bodies of water, climate zones, and population centers in Russia. Most of the development in Russia is located in its core area, east of the Ural Mountains. There are several countries around Russia that used to be parts of a larger union called The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, however, in 1991, the USSR broke apart into several other independent states....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What is Freedom?

- Arendt connects politics and freedom, and views freedom in terms of participation and common action. The organization or form for freedom, for the action, which manifests or embodies freedom, is the polis or city or public realm: it is the world, in the sense of a worldly place. Freedom exists only when individuals engage in political activities; that is to say, whenever they decide to live together in a community. Moreover, political action looks to create, preserve, or reform a suitable world by the same means that brought them into being....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Silence Is a Woman's Glory

- "Silence is a woman's glory." Although this may have held true during the times of ancient Greeks, and although the un-silence of a woman is her glory today, one finds within Greek political theory, a critique of the idea. Regardless of that the ancient code for how women should be, especially exemplified in Athenian culture, philosophers, especially Euripides have questioned this idea in relation to the idea of Athenian democracy. I will use Aristotle's Politics, Suppliant Women and Children of Heracles by Euripides to show that although women weren't technically "citizens", they spoke and acted as if they were....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Similarities between Dantes, God, and Satan

- Similarities between Dantes, God, and Satan Although there seem to be similarities between Dante's vision of Satan and his vision of God, Satan is actually an inversion of the Trinity and God. There are also significant differences between the two visions, which are essential to understanding this inversion. The most obvious instance of inversion is Dante's construction of the world of his Divine Comedy. A simplified version of this world looks like this: EMPYREAN (God) PLANETS PURGATORY HELL SATAN From this depiction, it is obvious that God and Satan are at opposite ends of the world....   [tags: Papers]

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Plato and the Forms

- Plato’s notion of the Forms vs. the physical realm is quite and interesting topic. I believe something very similar to what Plato thinks about the Forms and our physical reality. Plato says that there is nothing that is perfect in this reality that we live in. And the Forms are the perfect ideals or thoughts that we are striving to achieve throughout our lives. Plato says it is impossible to reach the Forms in our current reality and that it is only possible to achieve perfect knowledge and truth after our soul leaves our body and goes to the next realm where we can become or attain the Forms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Siddhartha - The Three Stages

- Siddhartha - The Three Stages "On the great journey of life, if a man cannot find one who is better or at least as good as himself, let him journey joyfully alone." The story of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse makes this point true. The main character Siddhartha dealt with the Samanas and Gotama Buddha, the second with Kamala and then the ferryman. The three parts correspond to the three stages though which Siddhartha passes on his journey to enlightenment: The stage of the mind; the stage of the flesh; the stage of transcendence....   [tags: Hesse Siddhartha Essays]

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Kachinas and Art is Important to Everyday Life of Hopi Indians

- The Hopi Indians use art in their everyday life from woven rugs to clay pots. Art is a very important aspect of the tribe’s life and each piece is said to have a story behind it. The Hopi tribe even has dances said to bring luck and prosper to the community. They also have a very unique piece of art that ties directly to their religion, kachinas mask and dolls. Kachinas are spirits and gods of the Hopi tribes. During the winter solstice until the ripening of corn these spirits are said to reside within the tribe....   [tags: gods, culture, religion]

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What Counts as Knowledge

- It has been asserted time and time again that theology has been promoted into the realms of academia where it really has no place. The apolistomialogical question at hand is, “What counts as knowledge?” The aforementioned assertion is based on the belief that theology is not an area of knowledge, that when it comes to theological concepts like “God”, one can’t really know anything. Religious studies are often times marginalized to the realm of faith. This type of epistemology stems from the belief that the study of religion has no basis in science; that its foundation is in ancient scripture and old-fashioned texts....   [tags: theology, culture, religious]

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Women and Domestic Labour

- Domestic labour consists of labour for physical as well as emotional maintenance, childbirth, cleaning, cooking etc. This labour in turn results in the reproduction of labour power. Women, in almost all societies are responsible and obligated to do this labour. According to Marxist framework, domestic labour which is aimed at labour power can also be seen as a source of surplus value. So according to this conceptual framework, family under capitalism is a site of social production. In contemporary Indian these activities performed in the domestic sphere as well as the informal sector because of their distance from the realm of exchange and market, are not recognised and remain undervalued....   [tags: childbirth, cleaning, cooking ]

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The Human Realm

- He glanced at Ross and motioned toward the communal room with the large view screen. “Come minion, we have work to do. Find something to scribe with.” The youngling looked confused. Maliki rephrased the directive, “You will need to take written notes in order to properly execute the tasks I demand of you.” The young man headed to the other room, dug through a black sack with two straps, and brought out a pad of paper and writing implement. Maliki sat in a large armchair that reminded him of his throne back home....   [tags: 2007 singles, Want, WANT, Man]

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The Realm Of Modern Literature

- In the realm of modern literature, a multitude of texts have produced a “thicket of information”(Goldsmith, “Uncreative writing” 1). In this “thicket”, all works seemingly blend together into one jumbled-up, problematic mess. To cut through this jungle of mundaneness, writers aspire to fabricate what they perceive as “creative” literature. There are even guides to doing this; though most are filled with cliché terms and phrases such as: explorer, ground-breaker, and going where no one has gone before(8)....   [tags: Writing, Literature, Creative writing, Writer]

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A Whole New Realm Of Fairytales

- Discover a Whole New Realm of Fairytales Maria Tatar is a folklorist and educates scholars at Harvard University. She is well-known author from a variety of her famous articles and scholarly books. One of her best written works is called, "An Introduction to Fairy Tales". In her article she shares her views on how the fairytale genre plays a crucial role among both minor and adult communities. This genre assists in comforting anxious minds and to evolve and comprehend moralities. In brief, engaging in fairytales leads to a world where struggles do not exist of all ages and to where it creates a connection to in order to relate personal conflicts....   [tags: Fairy tale, Morality, Damsel in distress, Ethics]

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Chapter Five And The Realm Of Consciousness

- Chapter five is an interesting chapter to me because it delves in to the realm of consciousness. I am intrigued by what alters conscious states, and how certain affects and events could even alter consciousness itself. Another reason I am interested is because of how it is continuous and yet still changing, and how it consists of many different levels and attentions. Chapter five also has a fact on dreaming that I think is important and that is using dreams as a means of problem solving. I think that each individual has their own level of consciousness and attention depending on what is currently happening in that individual’s life or what has happened recently....   [tags: Unconscious mind, Mind, Neuroscience, Sleep]

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The Industry Realm Of Technology

- Business Opportunity The industry realm of technology has proven sustainability in all its facets from business to science. Technology has not only proven it sustainability in the business environment but in society’s main stream individual’s life. Sigel (2010) stated, the estimated global market for smart appliances will increase from $3.06 billion to $15.12 billion (refrigerators $2.69 billion and washers $3.54 billion). The aggregate supply and demand is continuously evolving at a rapid pace....   [tags: Marketing, Supply and demand, Energy conservation]

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The Realm Of Revenge By William Shakespeare

- The realm of revenge often warps the mental state of characters, leading them to enact vengeance regardless of the repercussions which may permeate their world. In Shakespeare’s renowned play “Hamlet,” the main character, Prince Hamlet, is conflicted between his quest to adhere to his private passion, in regards to his eagerness to avenge his father’s death, and his need to avoid neglecting his responsibilities towards his loved ones. Further, the effects of vengeance are illustrated by Medea, the main character in Euripides’ play “Medea,” who allowed her passion for revenge to supersede her duties to her children....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Gertrude]

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The Realm Of Online Marketing

- How Case Studies Acquires the Harnessing Power of Social Media to Grow your Presence. The realm of online marketing has perilously transformed. Now you have the actual control what will be said to your customer about your company. Now you can prepare and push out your marketing material and make it conspicuous so the world listen what you want them to. There might be chances, customer may have grumbled, but their friends from the community could hear. Now social media marketing conversations are in the plates of the customer and in each and every span waiting for their feeds....   [tags: Social media, Social network service, Facebook]

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Exploring The Spacious Realm Of The Beautiful

- In Introduction to Aesthetics, G.W.F. Hegel’s opening paragraphs describe the spacious realm of the beautiful, the relationship of beauty in both nature and art, and the limitation and defense of aesthetics. Hegel addresses that the proper way to express the meaning of aesthetics is to refer to it as Philosophy of Fine Art, however, once adopting this expression humans, “exclude the beauty of nature” (Hegel). As humans, it has become a way of life to use our senses to help describe the beauty of nature, animals and other people in our world....   [tags: Aesthetics, Philosophy, Mind, Art]

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Social Medi Realm Of Racism

- Social Media the Realm of Racism Social media is becoming an outlet for people all around the world to come together and talk on one big surface. Many people use social media to advertise for things or use it as blog to broadcast views. Twitter sparks conversations that appeals to a wide population, this could be because the subject is funny or it could be because the conversation is serious and people want to voice their opinion. Conversations on twitter that have controversy tend to blow up no matter who or what is involved....   [tags: Race, Racism, Race, Twitter]

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Black Bodies : The Realm Of Surveillance

- Introduction In what is to follow I will be exploring the ways in which Black bodies become visibly invisible in the realm of surveillance. To do so, I will consider three main ideas. First, Black bodies that are attempting to travel are read as suspicious and potentially dangerous in the security theater of airports and are thus determined to be more deserving of scrutiny than White bodies. An example of how this is acted out is the process of targeting Black peoples’ hair for searches. Next, Black bodies, more specifically Black female bodies, perform the role of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents which is emblematic of state power, but is contradictory to how Black people...   [tags: Black people, White people, Race]

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The Realm Of Pedagogy, By Plato And Aristotle

- In the realm of pedagogy, there has been a “battle for the mind” that has existed among philosophers and educators dating back to the time of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The introduction in our textbook Philosophical Documents in Education briefly explores various views that have struggled to definitively define what education is and it should be utilized by society. The qualifications of an educated person(s) have been debated about for generations, and the battle can largely be summed up as a “conflict between those who wish to indoctrinate humankind to do the right thing and those seeking to educate human beings to think for themselves” (18)....   [tags: Philosophy, Plato, Socrates, Scientific method]

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Finding a Balance Between Reality and Myth

- Two realms are actively experienced throughout a person’s lifetime: the realm of reality, and the mythical realm. Not everyone’s realms are the same; one person’s mythical world could be another person’s real world. People often seek to find a mythical realm, a mythical life, in order to escape from their everyday reality. Sometimes this alters one’s version of reality in the process. One world cannot exist without the other; therefore, in order to cross over, a person has to leave certain aspects of one world behind to take pieces from the other....   [tags: mythical realm, realm of reality]

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The International System As A Realm Of Constant Conflict

- The international system is a realm of constant conflict. It such a core factor that the entire theory of realism bases itself off of the concept. However, conflict is different than war. While conflict can come in many forms of disagreement, war involves the express use of force. Although an act of war can be done for any purpose that a state feels is necessary, there are certain criteria that must be met if they desire to go through the process of fighting Just War. This kind of war is morally justifiable and dictates the reason and method of the fighting that takes place....   [tags: World War II, United States, Laws of war]

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Analysis Of Thor And Loki : The Tenth Realm

- Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm tells the story of two siblings Thor and Loki, who go on a quest for their recently divulged sister and the tenth realm, also known as Heaven. The author deploys elaborate, illustrative graphics combined with a broad range of stylistic features to gradually unfold the makings of this narrative. Ordinarily, men are projected as the physically superior gender with their monstrous muscles and prodigious size; women are no compeer with their dainty proportions and paucity muscle mass....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Gender studies]

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Role Conflict in the Realm of Management Theory

- Role Conflict in the Realm of Management Theory As a manager, the task of personnel performance and organizational cohesion is of the upmost importance. In order to more effectively stimulate an environment that is conducive to optimizing personnel performance, theories have been developed to help managers more effectively mitigate any conflicts that have the potential to sideline production and employees. As a manager, one of the most important theories that needs to be considered is role theory, in particular, that of role conflicts....   [tags: performance, relationships, employees]

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A Legal And Ethical Issue Of The Digital Realm

- A Legal and Ethical Issue in the Digital Realm Virtual Property Protection Virtual world activities and transactions have become indispensable to our lives. People create their avatars to represent themselves and ‘live’ in virtual worlds, such as virtual communities or video games. They spend countless hours in these worlds to improve their virtual social status and reputation, and use real money to buy virtual property in these worlds. These bring people a sense of achievement and great happiness, but most of them have no idea about the risks that they are taking when they are ‘investing’ in these virtual worlds....   [tags: Law, Property, Property law, Personal property]

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Common Practices Within The Religious Realm

- Common Practices in Religion The common practices within the religious realm can be referred to what is called indigenous religion. There are many regions that are geographically separated along with the cultures and languages that determine how practices are managed. Whether there are specific species or the worship of plants and animals depends upon the country in which indigenous people live. It is very important that the word indigenous is known to be similar with most people would understand as being native....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Culture, Islam]

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Realm Of Robot Themed Slot Games

- Meta: The “Robo” series by 777IGT continues to plod along, with latest entry taking the form of Robo Cyber X. Showing the realm of robot themed slot games a thing or two, it’s clear that this game is ready for mechanical warfare. Robo Cyber X Review 777IGT are hardly a household name in the world of online slots; in fact, they are pretty an unknown brand. This small developer has seemed content with catering to low-key audiences, as the brand has hardly delivered any big budget games to date. That could all be set to change now though, as the “Robo” series of games is really starting to gather pace....   [tags: Robot, Robotics, American films]

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The Realm Of Technology Is Forever Changing Around Us

- The realm of technology is forever changing around us. In fact, North Americans have a tendency to think of themselves as the most technologically modern individuals on planet Earth (Reid 146). Yet, when it comes to including the latest forms of technology into our daily life, Finland is already ahead of us. This country has 5 million people and 3 million cell phones-this rate is 60 percent, which is more than twice the level of the United States (Reid 146). The use of cell phones has a huge impact on us socially....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Rotary dial]

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How Technology Has Changed The Realm Of Communication

- Communication skills are essential to operate in this day and age. The mode of communication has vastly changed in my life time. As a child I remember there being a land line (telephone) with a feature titled call waiting (indicated by a beep when you received a call while speaking on the phone with someone else) and an answering machine. Those items are now considered artifacts. The rise of technology gave birth to new ways to communicate. Letter writing and speaking on land lines are truly a thing of the past....   [tags: Health care, Communication, Profanity]

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A Brief Note On The Realm Of Digital Commerce Or A Seasoned Pro

- Ease of Use Whether you are a newcomer to the realm of digital commerce or a seasoned pro, you probably recognize the importance of a clean, clear and user-friendly website. Even if you sell world-class products, your business will suffer if you can 't easily configure your store and clients can 't easily navigate it. Fortunately, all five of these platforms are equipped with easy-to-use dashboards, and most of them have helpful setup wizards to guide you through the process of creating your store....   [tags: Customer service, Electronic commerce]

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The American Dream Holds The Realm Of Individual Preference

- MacLeod holds that aspirations pertain to the realm of individual preference as to what activities they should apply themselves to, based on their strengths and desires; expectations are a product of said individual analyzing the bounds placed on them by environment in which they live and, based on that, building an image of what they can really engage in based on said bounds. Expectations are tamed, quiet and sometimes despondent reflections of aspirations, as the two rarely coincide. The American dream holds the two are one and the same, but as MacLeod points out in this excerpt, this is woefully untrue for at least the lowest part of the social strata; I would add it 's not possible for m...   [tags: Education, High school, Higher education]

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How Does The Digital Realm Influenced The Boom Of Cosmetic Surgery?

- For our project, K-POP, we have decided to compare how the digital realm influenced the boom of cosmetic surgery in Korea compared to American plastic surgery, where digital means are a less common tool utilized to increase, accentuate, and bring publicity to this industry. We want to take a deeper look into how Korean pop culture and its technology may be influencing the process one takes to get plastic surgery, such as the advertising it provides for each individual plastic surgery. This is opposite of America, where plastic surgery is more taboo, therefore absent in these spaces....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Surgery, South Korea]

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Personal Identity Factors Of A 's Sense Of Self Is The Political Realm

- One of the important personal identity factors of a homeschooler’s sense of self is the political realm. A question posed by critics is whether or not home schooling allows for the development of political tolerance (Cheng 50). To understand what is meant by this, first there must be a definition of political tolerance. Albert Cheng, a member of the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas, poses this definition: “political tolerance is defined as the willingness to extend civil liberties to groups who hold views with which one disagrees” (51)....   [tags: Homeschooling, Education, Alternative education]

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Graceling Is The First Book Of Gracling Realm Series Of Three Books

- Graceling is the first book in Gracling Realm series of three books, the award winning author Kristin Cashore a graduate of Williams College and got an M.A. at the Center for the Study of Children 's Literature at Simmons College currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has currently written three young adult fantasy novels. This book was published in 2008, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company in Orlando, Florida. This hardcover book has 471 pages, ISBN 978-0-15-206396-2 and costs $17.00....   [tags: Eye color, KILL, Barry O'Callaghan]

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Women 's Leadership Style And Gender Role Differences Within The Realm Of Leadership

- The increase in women in a leadership positions has created scholarly interest in issues pertaining to sex-based and gender role differences within the realm of leadership, such as leader emergence, leadership style, uses of power and effectiveness (McGraw-Hill, 2016). Research has shown the amount of women in leadership positions, at least at the supervisory and middle management level, have been increasing over the past half-century (Crites, Dickson & Lorenz, 2015). A study showed that women tend to be more democratic in their leadership style, whereas men are more autocratic (McGraw-Hill, 2016)....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Leadership, Masculinity]

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The Development of Wages

- One of the fundamental discussions in the realm of Economics since Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Wealth of Nations, printed in 1776 was the first in depth look into the distribution of wealth and the development of wages .After the likes of Smith and other classical economists such as John Ricardo, Robert Malthus, and Karl Marx, neoclassical approaches to wage theory began to develop . In 1932 J.R. Hicks published The Theory of Wages, which introduced the idea that wages were controlled by supply and demand ....   [tags: discussions in the realm of economics]

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How Judges Should Properly Respond And Treat Criminal Attempts Within The Realm Of Early English Common Law

- The quandary of how judges should properly respond and treat criminal attempts within the realm of early English Common Law can be traced back to two philosophers, known as Plato and Henry of Bracton (Samaha, 2013). While they both had their influence on common law, each man had a dissimilar view of how criminal attempts should be treated. Plato believed that if a person had the intention to commit a crime that he or she should be treated as if the crime was completed regardless if they succeeded or not (Samaha, 2013)....   [tags: Criminal law, Crime, Law, Common law]

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Realm of Wonders Union

- ... The straw that was around the horse was bloodied from the deep wounds on its stomach. Amir stroked its mane, hugging the creature and whispering gently in its ear, then kissed the horse on its temple and watched sadly, as he died, unable to help a creature who had been his only companion in the palace, for as long as Amir could remember. “Sleep tight Harpo, I’ll miss you,” Amir cried as he closed Harpo’s eyes and continued stroking his mane. “Oh dear, who could have killed your horse?” a wicked voice behind him sneered....   [tags: adeventure, palace, horse]

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The French Revolution And The English Civil War

- The French Revolution and the English Civil War were arguably two of the biggest events in English and French history. The English Civil War spanned from 1642 to 1651, while the French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1799. During these times monarchies were running on thin ice as the people began to lose faith in their rulers. The monarchies lack of social reliance was a cause of both of these events to occur. Both of these events occurred due to multiple political and economic problems in each of their time periods....   [tags: Estates of the realm, French Revolution]

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The French Revolution Made Great Changes

- The French Revolution made great changes, both good and bad in society and the government of France. This lasted from 1789 to 1799. The Estates-General had many “trouble spots” during the French Revolution. After the revolution, the Estates took a turn for the better. These same reforms allowed the Nobles and Clergy to outvote the Third Estate, even though they were the biggest group. The formation of the three Estates had many good and bad reactions from the townspeople. The Estates-General consisted of the nobles, clergy, and Third Estate and played an important role in the French Revolution....   [tags: French Revolution, Estates of the realm]

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Reasons For The French Revolution

- The French Revolution started during 1789, it allowed for the people to have a better government that actually protected the natural rights of the people. This toke a nearly a decade of rioting and violence for the Third Estate to have their way and get the rights they deserved. From all the causes like the famine of wheat, long debts because of wars, the heavy taxes, and their rights not being protected, some causes stood out more than the others. It is noted that these reasons had to play a major role in order for the French Revolution to occur....   [tags: French Revolution, Estates of the realm]

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The French Revolution By William Doyle

- In his book The French Revolution, William Doyle talks about the king’s power before the The French Revolution. Doyle explains that the king has an absolute monarchy over the citizens in France. An absolute monarchy is when a king or queen has full control over his citizens. The king is the judge, jury, and the executioner for his people. Whatever the king decides goes, no one has a say in what he has decided on. There are several examples that Doyle talks about in his book that shows how King Louis the 16th had an absolute monarchy over his citizens before 1787....   [tags: Estates of the realm, French Revolution]

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The French Revolution And The Civil Rights Movement

- When a government violates the rights and fails to protect its citizens, it is the people’s right to instigate a revolution to revise the government as they see fit. Revolutions especially in the case of complete and utter corruption when leaders of the government are bought by coin and allow injustice to happen, it is the people who must respond and bring the wrongdoers to justice. When a government overreaches its authority and violates its citizen’s rights, the people must rise against tyranny and injustice around them, in doing this they begin the struggle for change in their world....   [tags: Estates of the realm, French Revolution]

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The French Revolution And The Revolution

- The French Revolution In 1789, the French people were fraudulently treated revolted to form change in France. This is the typical standard of all the begins of Revolutions around the world, just comparable to the Revolution in early America. The powering government used their supremacy over the American colonies in injustice ways, that is a similar case if what happened in France. But this time there was no other power inflicting against them but their own system that was corrupted. The French people were frustrated against the injustice customs of the government against them and so they demanded and pursued for change, subsequently like how the Americans revolted against Britain....   [tags: French Revolution, Estates of the realm]

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The Evolution Of The Imperialism Concept And From A New Form Of Social Organization

- This essay will try to present a basic understanding around the evolution of the imperialism concept and from there how the 3 fold social order emerge as a possible answer to a better way of living for the human being. In the Ancient era, the society was completely dominated by priests (Egypt or China) where they are governed by a divine being (Pharaoh or King), there is no independence or separated political realm as nowadays, and also there is no separation of the economic realm, everything is controlled by the spiritual realm.( priest court)....   [tags: Time, Present, Sociology, Politics]

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The Loss of Freedom in Modern America

- The Loss of Freedom in Modern America Society exists in two realms: public and private. Thousands of years ago, the public realm was clearly defined as the political arena, where men interacted one with another, and the private realm dwelled among the work and labor of man. The progression from ancient Greece to modern day society has blurred the defining line between the two due to the increasing influence of money. In Greek society, the public realm was a place of action: a place to achieve freedom....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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A Geographic Universe Of The World

- In order to begin to understand the three major clusters in the world, it is important that the reader knows how these clusters came to be and why they are located where they are. For starters, geographers began to categorize earth’s countries as geographic realms. A geographic realm is defined as the basic spatial unit in our world regionalization scheme (Wiley GL-5). Each of these geographic realms is separated by environmental, cultural, and organizational properties. A geographic realm has various characteristics but can be identified by three distinct sets of criteria: physical and human, functional, and historical....   [tags: India, Demography, Asia, East Asia]

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Analysis Of Plato 's ' The Good ' And The Sun '

- How is one to determine that everything our eyes perceive is the truth. For us to see certain objects, we need the truth and the good to shed light on objects or ideas of objects. Sight is the only sense that relies on something else (light) to make things visible to the naked eye. Plato has organized a map on what is seen and how it is perceived called The Divided Line. The Divided Line recognizes the difference between what is true knowledge and what is just opinion. This is a chart of how reality is organized based on Plato’s thoughts....   [tags: Mind, Perception, Ontology, Cognition]

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America’s Mergence of Personal and Public Realms in Arendt’s The Human Condition

- America’s Mergence of Personal and Public Realms in Arendt’s The Human Condition America is a superpower, irrefutably the most dominant nation in the world. Underlining this supremacy, however, is the fact that America's society is facing several problems. Among these problems is what Hannah Arendt calls the emergence of society through the mergence of both the personal and public realms. This major problem has spawned numerous other problems, so has been chosen as the underlying cause for the tribulations of modern American society....   [tags: Human Condition]

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An Interpretation And Adaptation : The Yggdrasil And The Nine Worlds

- An Interpretation and Adaptation: The Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds After extensive research and analyzing numerous photos/illustrations of the Yggdrasil, I and my groupmates, Katrina Duong and Breanna Thomson, created an edible adaptation of what we thought the Yggdrasil and nine Norse realms would not only look like, but also taste like. We attempted to fill the cakes with a flavor that best represented whom the realm was home to while also choosing flavors that symbolized what each realm was all about....   [tags: Norse mythology, Odin, Prose Edda, Æsir]

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The Pre-twentieth Century Gorkha State

- The pre-twentieth century Gorkha state can be thought of us segmentary in Aidan Southall’s sense as opposed to a unitary state, which is more common in modern twenty first century western states, as vectors of power and identity, as expressed through political sovereignty and ritual suzerainty, don’t overlap. A core component of segmentary state is the incorporation Karl Marx’s proposed Asiatic mode of production, in which the king maintains a fixed core with peripheral domains in order to enforce the political sovereignty over a wide area....   [tags: politics, marx, production]

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