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Power relations and the London Riots

- The 2011 London Riots was one of those spontaneous events that sparked intense media coverage and called upon the government leaders to adopt new policies amidst the changing political climate. For this reason, I will be using the London riots as a case study to discuss the effects of social media networks on the power relations between the mainstream media and the acting government during a spontaneous event. I argue that a spontaneous event such as the London riots, allows the mainstream media to exercise greater independence and power over the government, who are limited to operating from a reactionary position....   [tags: Relationship Between Government and Media]

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Courts and Power Relations

- The courtroom is a ritualised space, involving costume, language, spatial organisation and so on, and courts, therefore, constitute performative exercises of power. Discuss some of the ways in which courts demonstrate power and/or power relations. The courtroom is a ritualised space in which many features are effectively manipulated to demonstrate the states power over the individual. It is because of such displays of power that the courtroom is commonly identified as a place of justice where social order is upheld....   [tags: Costume, Language, Spatial Organization]

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Power Relations Exposed in Truth and Power

- Power Relations Exposed in Truth and Power In "Truth and Power" Michel Foucault revisits the major theoretical trends and questions of his career. He is a thinker who knows no bounds of subject or field. His ideas stretch from literature to science, from psychology to labor. He deals in a currency that is accepted everywhere: truth and power. Foucault spends much of his career tracing the threads of truth and power as they intertwine with the history of human experience. He especially loves to study asylums and prisons because they are close to an encapsulated power structure....   [tags: Truth and Power Essays]

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Crime Is The Product Of Unbalanced Power Relations

- The position of authorities with its values and norms will tolerate only the same or similar cultures because it is matter of preserving power. Presdee (2004, p. 276) argues that crime is the product of imbalanced power relations when subjects compete in the activities during a social reaction. By pushing forward cultural agenda in hidden competition between majority and minority of population can also reveal tensions in society. Different subcultures are criticized for not obeying traditional values and creating alternative beliefs....   [tags: Criminology, Sociology, Crime, Culture]

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Power Relations Between Covey And Douglass

- One - The power relations between Covey and Douglass are inherently dissimilar to those between the typical black and typical white of the time period. As Douglass writes, “Mr. Covey was a poor man, a farm-renter. He rented the place upon which he lived, as also the hands with which he tilled it” (Norton Anthology of African American Literature, 420). Because “the enslavement of the Negro determined the position of the poor whites in the old South,” a white without any slaves or land to his name was more akin to an enslaved black than to a wealthy plantation owner in terms of social standing....   [tags: Race, Racism, Slavery, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach]

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Power Relations Between States: Security

- Introduction. The dynamics of the post-cold war global situation has cause a shift in the perception of threat, which was originally oriented to be a military threat, becomes multi-dimensional threat that includes aspects of political, economic, social and cultural, which then led to revolution in the nature of security. Besides that, with the risen of terrorism activities that began a few years ago as part of changes in generation warfare, many states has change their concept of security in order to protect and secure their nation....   [tags: perception of threat, military threat, ]

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Power and International Relations

- In this essay, am going to covering why power is the most important factor in international relations, and why power has changed throughout the years, is power or isn’t power the primary factor in international relations. There are several ways that power can be defined, it cannot be categorised in one area, as power is defined in many aspects. When discussing power in terms of international relations, this concept is described as very complicated as many aspects need to be considered. One definition of power in IR is one actor exerting influence over another, this is also known as hard power, or power can be described as having the most control over resources for example oil, gold or food....   [tags: international politics, infuence on others]

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Power Relations in Summer of the 17th Doll

- Dramatic conflict consists of a struggle for power among characters, and dramatic resolution consists of a shift of power among them. Discuss the conflict and resolution in "Summer of The 17th Doll" in terms of the power relations in the play. The play summer of the 17th doll consists of many conflicts, some internal and some external. Some of these conflicts are resolved and some not. This essay will explore some of the internal conflicts as well as some of the external conflicts and elaborate on their importance to the play....   [tags: Ray Lawler]

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Relations Between Power And State

- There is no consensus on the definition of Politics although Cricks, Leftwich and Schwartzmantel all agree, it is most commonly stigmatised as being “concerned with constitutions...political parties and governments; pressure groups; elections; parliaments..the making of public policy”1(Leftwich and Callinicos, 1984) . Despite this, Cricks and Schwarzmantel still heavily focus on the importance of the state and governments whilst Leftwich advocates more encompassing views regarding the role of the state....   [tags: Political philosophy, Politics]

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New Millennia Power Shift: A Look at the Change in US-Russia Relations

- A man who survived interrogation and detainment by the Nazi Gestapo, as well as, living through both world wars, would have a very different opinion of power than someone who has seen the fall of the Berlin wall, the exponential growth in technology, and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City.1 Former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer once said, “Without power, one cannot conduct policy. Without power, our words will not be heeded.” Considering what power meant to the world between 1876-1967, and in the context of his life and Germany’s experiences of victory and defeat during world wars, Konrad’s quote is referencing a nations military strength as the source of...   [tags: post cold war relations]

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Gendered Power Relations Among Women : A Study Of Household Decision Making

- In Mignon R. Moore’s article’ “Gendered power relations among women: A study of household decision making in Black, lesbian stepfamilies.”, Moore explained how she performed a study of gender power in New York. With very few connection of lesbian community at the beginning, Moore started her research from building her social network. While building her network by attending social events, “She used participant-observation methods at social events that attracted gay women of color for mail-in survey” (Moore, 341)....   [tags: Sociology, Education, Inequality, Inequation]

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John Herz and The Concept of Security

- Research on security base is an approach that is very encouraging because it arises from the desire to reduce conflict and deter the onset of war. The concept of security itself is a concept that was developed since the early 1950s by John Herz, he considers security as a result of the power relations between states. Traditionally the literature on international relations based on the strength and peace. The researchers who prefer to approach the concept of strength through classified into realist, whereas researchers who prefer to approach the concept of peace through classified into idealists....   [tags: power relations, military threats, war]

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Gender Asymmetry, Emotion Work and Its Role in Gender Power Relations

- Gender Asymmetry, Emotion Work and Its Role in Gender Power Relations In this essay the following topics will be discussed, gender asymmetry, emotion work and what role this plays in gender power relations in the context of heterosexual couples. Duncombe and Marsden in 1993 use local survey evidence to illustrate the gender difference or 'asymmetry' in intimate emotional behaviour. It is a commonly known belief that in the first stages of a relationship, it is passionate, loving, full of thought for each other and romantic, however Mansfield and Collard (1988: 223) suggest that after the so called honeymoon period, "Couples seek incompatible emotional goals in marri...   [tags: Papers]

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Power Relations in Melville’s The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids

- Power Relations in Melville’s The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids In the mid-nineteenth century, the United States heralded the coming of the “new industrial order.” With the advent of railroads, industrialization went into full swing. Factories and mills appeared and multiplied, and the push for economic progress became the grand narrative of the country. Still, there was a conscious effort to avoid the filth and poverty so prevalent in European factory towns. Specifically, the town of Lowell, Massachusetts, was held up as an exemplary model of industrial utopia....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Why Is Power Central to Realist Perspectives of International Relations?

- Introduction Historically, realism has been the dominant theory of International Relations which explains the fundamental features of international politics, inevitably associated with conflict and war (Chiaruzzi, 2012, pp. 36). Basically, there are two approaches of realism; classical realism and neorealism. Classical realists strongly emphasize on historical reality and takes its principles, orientations and practice from the account of history (Chiaruzzi, 2012, pp. 37). In contrast, neorealism is based on a scientific method by examining economic theory and philosophy of science rather than historical reflection (Chiaruzzi, 2012, pp....   [tags: international politics, conflict and war]

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Power Relations of the Characters in Pinter's Old Times

- Harold Pinter’s plays reflect most common themes of the 20th century drama such as the loss of meaning and identity. In Pinter’s plays, the characters are depicted as they are in constant struggle for asserting their identity and meaning to their existence. Since they feel insecure about both their existence and identity, they feel the need to dominate others for the sake of asserting sovereignty over what they possess. In that way, they think they can define their existence and identity. Overpowering others is a way of feeling confident about themselves and their surroundings....   [tags: Harold Pinter]

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The Rise of Salvador Allende to Power: Chile and US Relations

- There are situations that make the development of a country complicated, and sometimes those circumstances are not always in the hands of the country’s government. When that occurs it seems that progress for that country is questioned and resources that were once unlimited become limited and the country is at a standstill and no improvement is made. For Chile, their time of struggle came when Salvador Allende, a leftist party member, as well as leader of the Unidad Popular (Popular Unity) became President of the country in November of 1970....   [tags: hegemony, political differences]

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Power Shifts In Intergovernmental Relations: A Result Of Fiscal Feder

- Power Shifts in Intergovernmental Relations: A Result of Fiscal Federalism Fiscal federalism is the result of the states' dependence on the national government for funds. Until 1913, the national government had minimal monetary resources, thus possessing little control over the affairs of the states. Once effected, the Sixteenth Amendment resulted in the amassing of government funds on the national level. This reserve of money enabled the national government to initiate a multitude of national programs--such as the interstate highway--as well as provide grants to the states....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why the Soviet Union Signed a Pact of Non-Agression in 1939

- International relations of the 18th century were above all concerned with the balance of power, since no one state felt strong enough to attempt a military conquest of the entire European continent. 1 On the horizon of the 19th century, the development of a rising German enterprise created a cataclysmic downfall of British, French, and American diplomacy. Above all, while under a firm hand by Joseph Stalin, Russia sought expansionist ideals just as much as Adolf Hitler did. The failures of British and French negotiations, under previous attempted containment of Germany with a lackluster Treaty of Versailles, paved the way for Russo-German negotiations that green-lit the eventual invasion of...   [tags: international relations, power, russia]

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Gender and Power Relations in Browning’s Porphria’s Lover and My Last Duchess

- Gender and Power Relations in Browning’s Porphria’s Lover and My Last Duchess Robert Browning provides a critical view of gender and power relations in his dramatic monologues “Porphyria’s Lover” and “My Last Duchess.” The dramatic monologue, as S.S. Curry has written, "reveals the struggle in the depths of the soul” (11). Browning delves into the minds of characters to show their conceptions of women and ideas of power. He explores the mental processes of the characters, and invites readers to question societal ideas of power and gender....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Hegemonic Stability Theory: Japan's Reaction to a Rising China

- Hegemonic Stability Theory is the realist theory which states that in international relations, there is a single state that is a dominate world power and when there is a rising challenger, tension occurs between the declining power and the challenger. Over time an inferior state begins to grow at a rapid rate and it comes in conflict the current hegemonic state in the international system. The resulting clash between these two states and their respective allies leads to an inevitable bipolarization of the international system (Gilpin, 1988, 595)....   [tags: international relations, world power]

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Japan's Reaction to a Rising China

- A highly controversial topic in International Relations has been: why are Sino-Japanese relations so controversial and how does this affect Japan’s reaction to a rising China. Relations have been highly controversial because of the security, the economics and the history issues. These issues shape Japan’s foreign policy and there are many arguments regarding how Japan is reacting. For example, some argue that Japan fears China’s growing strength and increasingly assertive foreign policy and as a result Japan has responded by strengthening alliances with the United States and other maritime powers....   [tags: international relations, hegemonic power]

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An Analysis of Joseph Nye’s Use of “Soft Power” and its Relationship with Morality in International Relations

- An Analysis of Joseph Nye’s Use of “Soft Power” and its Relationship with Morality in International Relations Recently, the United States has lost a great deal of power in the international arena because of its invasion of Iraq and torture of prisoners of war. The United States holds an incredible edge in military capabilities over any other nation and the US benefits from the largest economy in the world. In a world where there is one single superpower, why is that superpower unable to force-feed policy through coercion or payoff....   [tags: Political Science Soft Power Essays Papers]

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Byzantine Iconoclasms

- Power is something that everyone craves and desires to have for their own benefit or to help others. The leaders among people hold a great deal of that power, and are forced to compete with each other or make compromises if they want more power. Around the time between 700 A.D and 900 A.D, the church was an influential source of power that was constantly gaining it. The emperors of the Byzantine Empire were also an influential power who still wanted more power. The pressing strength of the church was looming over them, and the emperors felt that a way they could gain more power would be to take over the church and control it....   [tags: Power Relations, Ancient History ]

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The Lust For Power: How Politics And Personal Relations Become One

- The Lust For Power: How Politics and Personal Relations Become One The stories of the Bible reveal a pattern of “ups and downs” for the nation of Israel. A period of prosperity, faithfulness and fearing God would almost always be followed by a period of destitution, lawlessness and idolatry. This recurring cycle can be linked to political authority, and the level of separation of political authority from other influences. The successful struggle for liberation under the leadership of Moses and the glorious conquest of Canaan under Joshua instilled a fresh breeze of hope and a renewed faith in God in the nation of Israel....   [tags: essays research papers]

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High and Popular Culture

- The distinction between high and low culture is largely centred upon relations of class and power. Bourdieu (1984) says to understand and enjoy the high culture, such as theatre art need a certain amount of knowledge, which means high culture is for people who have educational and cultural capital. He also mentions popular culture is for the public and it mostly contains the ordinary circumstances of life. Williams (2002) also mentions industries in popular culture work to gain the favor of the majority that means popular culture is mundane....   [tags: Relations, Class, Power, Culture, Society]

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International Relations in Robert O. Kehoane and Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Power and Interdependence

- ... Although it is certain and it sounds nice, this definition lacks an important feature that is added later in the text: there is interdependence. We should avoid to consider interdependence as a static concept, a stone prisoned in theory, as the relativeness of the issue dealt with may show different varieties. I think the general seperation done by Keohane and Nye in the text is to differentiate two main streams of thought in international relations: the modernists (they think the world is getting borderless) and the traditionalists (they believe the state remains the main actor and that military force is necessary in dealing with international relations)....   [tags: military, politics, economics]

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The Balance Of Power And Power

- The balance of power is where the nations all over the world have as close to equal power as they can get. The dictionary describes the balance of power to be the power held by a small group when larger groups are of equal strength. The point of the balance of power is to make sure that one state or nation is not stronger than the other. If one nation become stronger and gains more power, the thought is that they will then take advantage of that power and attack weaker nations. The theory of balance of power is a good thing because it keeps the opportunity for one nation or state to dominate and take over several weaker nations or states....   [tags: Superpower, International relations]

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China's Sudden Rise to Power

- ... faces an unprecedented challenge to economic power, according to Ikenberry, China has signaled cooperation by “redoubling its participation in existing institutions, such as the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit or working with the other great powers in the region to build new ones.” Nevertheless, following the actions of the U.S. post WWII, China strategically makes “itself more predictable and approachable” to reduce “the incentives for other states to undermine it by building countervailing coalitions.” Granted that the true nature of China’s aspiration in becoming the next world hegemon is unclear—whether China would like to coexist or become the global hegemon—the U.S....   [tags: U.S. international relations]

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The Power of Cultural Diversity

- ... There are quite a few barriers of effective communication. Barriers are significant to diversity in many ways; it can be used to explain problems that occur between men and women of different cultures, ages, races, ethnic groups and moral values. Barrier one is the idea and belief that sends incorrect information; also there is misunderstanding between perceptions of one’s behavior and the way you actually behave. Barrier two signifies stereotypes that limits individual contributions to a group....   [tags: effective interpersonal relations]

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The Realist Approach to International Relations

- Realism is one of the important perspectives on global politics, it is a notion about the conservative society and political philosophy (Heywood 2011: 54; Shimko 2013: 36). Besides, Gilpin (1996) claims that “realism…, it is not a scientific theory that is subject to the test of falsifiability, therefore, cannot be proved and disproved.” (Frankel 1996: xiii). The components of the realist approach to international relations will be discussed. Firstly, the state is an important component in the concept of realism....   [tags: power, anarchical, survival]

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Sovereignty is of declining significance in international relations

- Carl Schmitt once stated, “The protego ergo oblige” (n.d); meaning I protect therefore I oblige. This is the basis of a key aspect of International Relations: Sovereignty. Theoretically, it can be defined as the supreme power or authority. Sovereignty as a concept plays a critical role in maintaining international order however has been interpreted in several different ways; its context in theory and in reality. In order to appreciate Sovereignty, defining the term ‘state’ is essential. A state is essentially a structured political society, existing under a government....   [tags: Foreign Relations]

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International Relations And Global Politics

- Perhaps one of the most frequently discussed topics in international relations today is the diminishing power of the nation state and subsequent growth of a global economy. Traditionally, the state is considered to play a leading role in global affairs; however, due to advances in communications technology and the expansion of international trade following the Cold War, the world has seen the establishment of an increasing number of non-state actors in global politics. The shift away from a state-centric model of international government has produced many positive changes to global politics, but has also highlighted many issues and challenges....   [tags: International relations, United Nations]

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Gender in International Relations

- Does A Gendered Approach Give Us A Significantly Different Understanding Of International Relations. By the late 1980s, academic scholars in the field of International Relations began to investigate how gender affected International Relations theory and practice. Gender is significant in International Relations because they are ‘essential to understanding the world ‘we’ live in’ (Young, 2004:75). One must emphasise on the term, ‘we’ (Young, 2004:75) as allusions of a world where men and women live in unison and that they shape the world we live in today together....   [tags: Feminism and International Relations]

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Journalism, Advertising, And Public Relations

- The development of journalism, advertising and public relations are in many ways codependent; without the other, these communication techniques wouldn’t thrive. Each empire is vastly different than the other but they all share an abundance of the same characteristics. By developing the fields from building off one another and utilizing technology, journalism, advertising, and public relations have professionalized themselves into successful and powerful areas of work today. Journalism relies on the media....   [tags: Advertising, Public relations, Mass media]

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The Rise Of Chinese Power

- For the past 20 or 30 years, with the rise of two novel powers from the Eastern hemisphere, China and India, the dynamic structure of great powers will alter. Looking into the future, it is plausible that this drastic change could engender a multi-polar world, a world where no single great power is in a position to dominate its peers. In addition, contrast to the believes of realists, the advancement of technology and frequent interactions among governments has caused countries to rely each other more, and an international community is created through transnational cooperation....   [tags: International relations, United States]

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International Relations And World Politics

- While much of the discussion on shifting world order is framed by debates on the decline of international power held by the West and the rise of developing countries as new players, the conceptualization of ‘world order’ used in this argument will not be concerned with changes to the position or power of individual states. Rather, the concept is used in a broader way in that the analysis instead focuses on general arrangements of power in international relations and world politics in a structural sense....   [tags: International relations, United States, Superpower]

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The Public Relations Between Women And Women

- The Public Relations industry is dominated by women and inclusive of them in every position except for the very top. Lead by mostly men, the Public Relations field is overtaken by women who run all aspects of the career, such as Crisis Management, Celebrity Management, Communication Management, etc. Many see this industry as one that can offer freedom with a creative outlet; therefore the idea is that women are drawn to jobs where they can express themselves freely. The largest international PR firms are guilty of the imbalance of women in leadership positions....   [tags: Public relations, Marketing, Management]

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International Relations Theory: Changes in the Hierarchy of International Politics

- "Should international relations theory be held accountable for explaining fundamental changes in the hierarchy of international politics and the emergence of new actors?" It seems absurd to answer that international relations theory should not be in the business of explaining fundamental changes in international politics. However, this response paper will argue on both edges of the question. First, it actually does make sense to attempt to hold as many things as possible constant, or as "givens" in attempting to craft explanations for events in international politics....   [tags: International Relations]

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Theory Of International Relations And Foreign Policy

- What is theory. Theories are statements that explain facts, events, laws, etc. Theories are invented to provide an explanation for a bounded realm of reality. Its assumptions are neither true nor false, but are judged on the theories explanatory power. Theories of international relations provides an abstract context upon which international relations can be studied. They are a means of answering the big question in international relations and foreign policy: Why do states behave the way they do in the international system....   [tags: International relations, United Nations]

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Social Systems: Marxism Approach and Human Relations Approach

- 1. This Approach was developed by J. P. Dunlop of Harvard University in 1958. This approach, involves individuals who a part of a continuing independent social system. The behavior, actions, and roles of individuals are based on the culture within. There are three elements the systematic approach, they are; input, process and output. Society and institutions within this society creates the system which influences the process, which then determines the outcome or response of the individuals. This theory is based on the idea that individuals are shaped by society and societal factors (   [tags: industrial relations, behaviors, actions]

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Power, Realism And Constructivism. Hoboken : Taylor And Francis

- Guzzini, Stefano. 2013. Power, Realism And Constructivism. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. Guzzini (2013) defines the important features of international relations theories, which define the underscoring themes of “realism” as a dominant type of political methodology for American imperialism. Realism is a theory that relies heavily on the notion of self-interested and fear-based notions of protecting national interests, which the United States have utilized through its powerful military. This international relations policy has generated a trend in post-9/11 American politics that have defined a unilateral approach to national threats on a global scale....   [tags: International relations, United States]

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Competitive Impact Of Flexibility, Accountability And Targeting Power Of The Internet

- JOU Final Exam Miranda Eisenschmidt Competitive impact of flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the Internet The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Advertising is very competitive online because of the flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the internet. Geo-tagging, GPS, location service, are just a few of the ways that the internet is making the advertising for companies more competitive. With smartphone the internet is at our finger tips. It is now so easy for advertisers to target an extremely specific market....   [tags: Advertising, Public relations, Marketing]

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How Does The External Environment Influence Employment Relations?

- 4. How does the external environment influence Employment Relations. Employment relations refer to the relationship between the employer and the employee. Employment relations are governed by the provisions of the employment contract and/or collective agreement where applicable, common law principles and legislative provisions governing specific situations. Many factors in the external environment have an effect on the employment relations within an organization, which they need to monitor and possibly adapt to the necessary changes....   [tags: Trade union, Employment, Labour relations]

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Chinese-Australian Relations

- Analyzing the Chinese-Australian relations through a realist and a liberal perspective provides insight on the underlying tensions and possible future outcomes of the relationship between these two nations. First let us look at the relations through a realist lens. Realists put the emphasis on the state as a main actor. When considering this the realist would perhaps say that the Australia-China relationship is primarily derived from individual state actions as opposed to outside influence. China needed resources and Australia needed capital....   [tags: International Relations]

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Global Power Dynamic

- Introduction During the era of the Cold War, the global power structure was “characterized by strategic bipolarity” (Sorensen 2004: 124). After the disintegration of Soviet Union, the global power structure turned into a unipolar world under the control of the United States. With the development of Germany and Japan, scholars, analysts and observers have predicted a decline in American power and a return to a multi-polar world. Recent years, the BRICs has been considered as a new power in global issue....   [tags: International Relations ]

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North Korea and Chinese Relations: Impact of Lockeian Elements on US Foreign Policy

- Impact of Lockeian Elements on US Foreign Policy; North Korean and Chinese Relations Due to Marxist-Leninist Policies and a Look at Korean Culture Resulting From Extreme Ideologies The realist worldview of North Korea characterizes North Korea as a coalesced form of belligerence that must be dealt with through American containment and deterrence. Because of the rising fear produced by North Korea’s growing nuclear power and radical behavior toward the U.S., realists support using threats and pressure to force North Korea to shut down its nuclear program if necessary....   [tags: nuclear power, hobbesian and marxist ideology]

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Marxist Theory and Class Relations in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

- Within the text of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson portrays a complex power struggle between Dr. Jekyll, a respected individual within Victorian London society, and Mr. Hyde a villainous man tempted with criminal urges, fighting to take total control of their shared body. While Dr. Jekyll is shown to be well-liked by his colleagues, Mr. Hyde is openly disliked by the grand majority of those who encounter him, terrified of his frightful nature and cruel actions....   [tags: The Strange Case, Complex Power Struggle]

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Chin A Great Power

- China: A Revisionist Great Power Not Likely to Fight the United States China is a Great Power because of its material and non-material possessions as well as its actions in the international system. China is not only a Great Power, it is also a revisionist Great Power because of how it is attempting redefine international institutions in its favor. Finally, China’s actions, although attempting to rewrite its influence in the system, are not likely to result in a large-scale direct military engagement with the United States [unless China is able to supplant the United States in terms of its economic, military, and diplomatic strength.] From a Realist perspective, China’s material possessions...   [tags: International relations, United States]

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Power Of The Sea Region

- Power politics can be defined as the political actions a state or group take to increase its ' power or influence. In the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, power politics is contributing to tense political and economic competition between two great powers wielding their power and influence. China 's provocative regional political actions in pursuit of natural resources and the United States ' (US) policies aimed at securing the global commons is fueling a great power rivalry. The tension in region can be explained by China 's pursuit of regional power, the US 's policy to rebalance to the Pacific, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ' (ASEAN) strategy to leverage great power influence....   [tags: International relations, United States, ASEAN]

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Critical Review: Bradley A. Thayer, Bring in Darwin: Evolutionary theory, Realism, and International Relations

- In Thayer’s article, he makes an attempt to incorporate Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory into the international security studies. The article tries to answer a central question that what are the implications of Evolutionary theory to realist theory of international security and in what way can peace be achieved if warfare is part of human nature. This paper agrees with Thayer that Evolutionary theory provides a scientific theory foundation for realism and is an ultimate cause for war and ethnic conflicts, as well as the assumption that origin of war is intrinsic in human nature as part of their evolution history....   [tags: International Relations]

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Types of Unemployment, Labour Relations, Trade Unions in South Africa and Other Concepts

- ... 1.4) the measures implemented by South Africa was that the government would look at recruiting a large numbers of skilled migrants. Du Plessis and Smit (2006) recognized the most of the positive economic growth to improvements in total factor productivity. The international trade between countries led to improvement in productivity. In 2000 the South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB) introduced inflation targeting as their primary policy goal to stabilise the internal value of the South African currency....   [tags: international economy and relations]

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Is India Really and Emerging Super Power?

- ... Quite on the contrary though, India has an extremely strong film culture, bigger than the United States film industry in fact. The genre of “Bollywood” (Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai) has become extremely popular both within the country and internationally. Bollywood is commonly inspired by a combination of ancient Indian epics, folk tales and Hollywood. From this simple example, we can see the unique mix of westernised ideals and the culture rich traditions of India. With the revenue generated and the unique media influence, we can again see how India is most certainly bound on its way to being a super power and how it is being pushed there by the people....   [tags: international relations, society and economy]

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Should Veto Power be Abolished in the U.N. Security Council?

- Security. Economically, socially, and humanitarianly, speaking. As well as peace, are what the United Nations wished to provide when it was founded in 1945 (Amrith 254). Multiple different individuals from numerous countries, both east and west, aided in its installment. United States’ President Franklin Delanore Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, were huge contributors to the founding of the United Nations (Amrith 253). The security and peace the U.N. was to provide was in high demand following World War II and so it was built around these ideas (Amrith 253)....   [tags: international relations, diplomacy, politics]

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The Role of the State in Employment Relations

- The 21st Century has witnessed Asia’s rapid ascent to economic prosperity. As economic gravity shifts from the Western world to the Asian region, the “tyranny of distance [between states, will be] … replaced by the prospects of proximity” in transnational economic, scientific, political, technological, and social develop relationships (Australian Government, 1). Japan and China are the region’s key business exchange partners. Therefore these countries are under obligation to steer the region through the Asian Century by committing to these relationships and as a result create business networks, boost economic performance, and consequently necessitate the adjustment of business processes and...   [tags: Australia-Asian relations]

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Kagan's Of Paradise And Power

- Robert Kagan’s observant eye brings to the forefront an issue that is often disregarded in terms of contemporary importance. Throughout modern history, the United States and Europe have differentiated in both tact and standpoint, yet this critical fact has almost become the backdrop to the changing pace of today’s events. The histories of both continents are quite varied, yet are also intertwined—such is the reason why their viewpoints are so disparate. In Of Paradise and Power, Mr. Kagan shines light specifically on these reasons, yet unfortunately at the same time offers only weak resolutions....   [tags: International Relations US Europe]

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Globalization's Influence on Contemporary International Relations

- Globalization is a social process independent of man’s will. It is also a dynamic development process with inner contradictions and a dual nature. Although it provides a rare historic opportunity for many countries to develop, it also creates differences, competition and conflicts of interest. Globalization’s contradictions and dual nature also exert a complicated influence on contemporary international relations. While globalization deepens mutual dependence and further promotes this era’s trend toward peace and development, its nature of imbalance has led to the rise of power politics in the same period, complicating the process of multipolarization....   [tags: International Relations]

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History using in the bilateral relations

- Looking at Russia-Estonia bilateral relations and the political use of history, one cannot start before examining the Soviet occupations in Estonia and how the two parties see that history. Developments such as the end of the Cold War, the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, and the re-emergence there of pre-Communist and pre-Soviet conflicts, as shown by Karlsson (n.d.), have certainly stimulated historical consciousness since 1990. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Russian population faced a comprehensive identity crisis (Bagger, 2007, p....   [tags: International Relations, Russia-Estonia]

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Power And Its Impact On The Organization And Wider Society

- Power is a tool to access to the scarce resources, it could make a strong influence in outcomes and it is also the capacity to control organisations, people, or even the wider society. The decision making process is described by unitary state as rational process, but pluralist states indicates that decision making is a political activity which is inevitably existed in practice because human is strategic animal with the variety of interests and purposes. (Morgan, 1996)Power plays a vital role in the politic game in pluralist, while the unitary focuses on authority rather than power....   [tags: Max Weber, Authority, Industrial relations]

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Social Media And Public Relations

- Public Relations has acknowledged public involvement as the most essential factor of the practice since its creation. However, the means and methods of reaching the public remained significantly limited until recently. Over the last decade, public relations has welcomed the use of varied tools, including new media, to further their reach and cultivate relationships with its publics. The term “new media” encompasses a variety of non-traditional methods including social media. Social media has become a significant catalyst in the communication sector of public relations....   [tags: Public relations, Advertising]

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Relations Between Iran and US

- In 1979, protests erupted across the nation against the government of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. This was triggered by the domination of foreign policy, the exploitation of Iran’s resources and wealth by foreign firms, corruption and oppressive regime. The Shah’s government’s close ties with the United States and Israel, his oppressive methods and his program of Westernization were unpopular with the Iranian people. They therefore turned to the ‘ulama as an alternative. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in exile in Paris, distributed cassette tapes of his speeches to many of the partakers in the protests....   [tags: International Relations, World Politics]

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India and Pakistan Relations

- India’s relation with Pakistan has definitely seen more low points than the high points. The bitter-sweet relation shared between the two nations has neither made significant progress nor achieved any major breakthroughs since its 65 years of Independence. Today, India’s economic progress and political stability, together with its size, have lifted it to the status of a world power. Pakistan, on the other hand, is dogged by an unhappy past marked by repeated military interventions that prevented democracy from taking root....   [tags: relations, terrorism, peace]

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Understanding International Relations Through Level of Analysis

- Level of analysis discloses three different ways of understanding international relations. The System-level analysis considers "top-down" approach to study world politics (Rourke, 2007, p. 91). It emphasises that international actors, countries, operate in a global social-political-economic-geographic environment and the explicit characteristics of the system outlines the mode of interaction among the actors. The State-level analysis stresses the national states and their domestic practices such as national interests, interest groups, government, and domestic economy as the key determinants of the state of world affairs (Mingst, 2008)....   [tags: International Relations]

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The Past and Future of Cuban Foreign Relations

- Cuban politics has long been defined by foreign relations. One of the charges of the revolutionary leaders Fidel Castro and Che Guevara against Fulgencio Batista was his support from the United States of America. Batista was part of a military coup in 1933, and became President himself by election in 1940. His party lost the next election in 1944 after which he lived in the U.S., gaining allies. On his return to Cuba in 1952 he led a second coup to end an election which he was losing. His government was quickly recognized by the U.S., giving him legitimacy, which he turned into unopposed electoral victory in 1954....   [tags: US Foreign Relations]

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Knowing the Strength of Your Buying Power

- Knowing the Strength of Your Buying Power Reliable news sources have publicly exposed the grim working conditions of people employed by contractors making Nike products in Indonesia, Haiti and Vietnam. Nike’s association with the exploitation of third world workers has fueled a worldwide boycott on their products. Positive public relations are very important to Nike, who has positioned themselves through expensive advertising campaigns as a very strong competitor in the market of athletic shoes....   [tags: Nike Public Relations Retail Media Essays]

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A Brief History Of U.S.-Cuba Relations

- 1810 American settlers in East and West Florida declare independence and rebel against Spain for control of land. April 28, 1823 With newly acquired land the United States has become to within 90 miles of Cuba. Secretary of State John Quincy Adam sends a letter to Minister to Spain Hugh Nelson speculating the likelihood of U.S. “annexation of Cuba” within half a century in spite of deterrents: “But there are laws of political as well as of physical gravitation; and if an apple severed by the tempest from its native tree cannot choose but fall to the ground, Cuba, forcibly disjoined from its own unnatural connection with Spain, and incapable of self-support, can gravitate only towards the...   [tags: Cuba-United States Relations]

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Soft Power in French Foreign Policy

- How can a country reinforce its position in the world community. What determines national potential of power. What is the "golden ticket" to the elitist club of the most powerful states which set the world's agenda. The exact answer to these questions does not exist, because there are no written rules or instructions "how to get the power and authority worldwide". However, as far back as in XIXth century, everybody could answer the question "how to become a superpower". And the response would be evident: to beat another superpower....   [tags: france policies, soft power, french mission]

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The Ethical Implications Of Public Relations And Advertising

- gathering and reporting could have to be taken into account that there are many shades and forms. Some of the moral traditionalists says that because truth is animating principles in the journalistic profession and the form of deception is forbidden. It is because of public crisis in confidentiality there is problem with the media and some journalistic devices have been put under an ethical view. Additionally, with the combination of truth and fiction, which has been very controversial and also given too be very predictable in criticism....   [tags: Public relations, Advertising, Mass media]

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Neo-Realism and Liberalism: Comparing These Two Different Frameworks Used in International Relations

- In order for countries to cohesively overcome international barriers, frameworks of ideal political standards must be established. Two of these frameworks constantly discussed in international relations are the theories of Neo-realism and Liberalism; two theories with their own outlook at the way politicians should govern their country as well as how they should deal with others. Neo-realism lies on the structural level, emphasizing on anarchy and the balance of power as a dominant factor in order to maintain hierarchy in international affairs....   [tags: International Relations]

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The Nation State Actor : International Relations Theory

- The Nation-State Actor International relations as a field of political studies are primarily concerned with interaction among sovereign nations. For Shiraev & Zubok (2014), a nation can be defined in legal terms or as a community having the same identity (p. 11). Increasingly in a globalized society, non-state actors – non-government and inter-governmental organizations and multinational corporations – play an important role. However, the foundation of the oldest international relations theory, realism, assumes that states are the main actors....   [tags: International relations, Sovereignty]

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Early US-Chilean Relations and the War of the Pacific

- American and Chilean authors seem to coincide in their perceptions of US-Chile historical relations. Henry Clay Evans states that “Few countries have had more occasions to regard the United States with unfriendliness and to resent its policies” than Chile. In the same sense, Fredrick Pike has analyzed the historical Chilean Anti-Americanism, and William Sater has depicted the US-Chile relation as a conflict between two imperialistic projects. In a similar way, Heraldo Muñoz and Carlos Portales (Chilean authors) state that US-Chilean relations “have been marked preferably by signs of divergence.” According to them, tension and disputes between both countries have been more common than agreeme...   [tags: politics, international relations]

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International Relations: Japan’s Engagement with China, 1990-2010

- Introduction The study of international relations rests on the premise that there is always a sensible way of explaining a nation’s grand strategy, for they would not survive otherwise. From the Classical Period to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century, historians, statesman, and political theorists have attempted to provide reason and understanding behind the decisions made by nation-states. More often than not, whether through realism or liberalism, through social constructivism or even Marxism, the theories of international relations have been able to define the guidelines for decision-making....   [tags: Diplomacy, international relations]

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The Present-day State of Muslim-Western Relations

- This essay reflects my research and participation towards our collaborative project/presentation, and outlines the focus and arguments of the group presentation. At first, my group members and I chose to do our group presentation on the relationship between the West and the Muslim world, particularly the causes of why it's such an uneasy relationship, and how fantasy plays a part. We were planning on discussing “Park51”, as it's a current event and a good indicator of the present-day state of Muslim-Western relations....   [tags: Muslim-Western Relations]

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Two Power Houses in a Powerless Land: Russia and United States

- Two Power Houses in a Powerless land. In April 2009, United States president Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev grabbed attention in the London G20 summit by saying that they would give US -Russia relation a fresh start. They stressed that the United States and Russia will now focus on mutual interest. After being invited to Russia a few months after the G20 summit President Obama and Russian President Medvedev announced the Obama–Medvedev Commission to improve communication and cooperation between the United States and Russia....   [tags: two power houses in a powerless land]

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Moss Kendrix the Public Relations Specialist

- Moss Kendrix This person's name is Moss Kendrix. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1917ause he is a public relations pioneer. As you can see he is a black man, and exactly because of this he designed countless public relations campaigns, which were aimed at the African- American population in the United States. He worked for news organizations and corporate clients like Ford Motor Company, Carnation, and Coca-Cola. He explained his corporate clients the importance of the buying power of African- Americans....   [tags: Public Relations]

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Kantian Peace Theory: Insight Ino the Future Relations Between the United States and China

- The rise of China as a global power is a troubling concept for many Americans. China's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and China holds a plurality of the US national debt. The two countries are inextricably linked, which is one reason why a change in the status quo is an unsettling idea. Kantian Peace Theory may offer an insight into the future relations between the United States and China. If we look at the first principle of Kantian Peace theory, that “The Civil Constitution of Every State should be Republican,” we become rather vexed with the case of China....   [tags: International Relations]

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The Bitter and Unstable Relations between The People's Republic of China and Taiwan

- Cross-Strait Relations The Cross-Strait relations refer to the bitter and unstable relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. The term comes from the relationship that both China and Taiwan has had, physically across the Taiwanese Strait. The relationship between the countries has been filled with war, tension, and little contact. In the earliest of Taiwanese history, both nations fought to seek diplomatic control as the legitimate form of Chinese government (Lee)....   [tags: Cross-Strait Relations]

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Public Relations And Journalism Go Together Well

- Public relations and journalism go together well, but there is always conflict. The two media work with each other to promote their content. In the journalists’ conversation in the YouTube video, they talk badly about PR professionals. In the article PR and the Media: A collaborative relationship, they are not quite as blunt about their dislike of PR. They mainly just feel that PR people are annoying. PR professionals contact journalists “10 to 15 times a day” according to some reporters. The journalists’ conversation in the video somewhat validates the opinions in the article....   [tags: Public relations, Mass media, Journalism, Spin]

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

- March 11, 2011 marked the date in which the northern region of Japan, Tohoku, experienced a dreadful environmental tragedy that altered the lives of many Japanese people. A massive earthquake and tsunami triggered widespread and irrevocable damage to not only the Tohoku region and communities living there, but also to the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant ensuing the uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment. Due to this nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, many people have begun to question the plausibility of nuclear safety and the possibility of reliable government information....   [tags: Nuclear Power]

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Cuba and United States Relations

- The defining characteristic of the state is the ability to wield power. The use of power, both inside and outside of one’s border, directly speaks to the sovereignty of the nation. If a nation is incapable of disciplining or punishing its citizens it will invariably become a failed state. Moreover if a country isn’t recognized as powerful in the global political arena, that country stands a very good chance of being dominated by a nation who has the capacity to enforce its own will. The use, or at least the perception, of power is so fundamental in nationhood that those who wield the most power can easily dictate world events....   [tags: Foreign Relations]

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