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Overview of Industries, Trade and Commerce of Portugal

-  Portugal industries:- Industry (including construction, energy, and water) employs about one third of the labor force, and its contribution to the national economy has grown significantly in recent decades. It accounted for 29% of GDP in 2001. Industrial production in 2001 had maintained a 2.6% growth rate over 2000. Portuguese industry is mainly light; the development of heavy industry has been hampered by a shortage of electric power. Textiles—especially cottons and woolens—are the oldest and most important of Portugal's manufactures....   [tags: Portugal, production, economy]

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Exploration Against Portugal For The Promised Wealth And Profit

- exploration against Portugal for the promised wealth and profit (Andrews 9). Da Gama’s discovery of a sea route to India helped other European countries to take the challenge and sail to Asia to look for exotic treasures. The sudden growth of wealth in Portugal attracted other European countries to compete in exploration and desire for wealth that Portugal obtained. These diverse competitions helped Europe to dominate other parts of the world with more advanced equipment during the Renaissance period....   [tags: Europe, Portugal, Slavery, Age of Discovery]

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A Study Of Portugal's Business Champions

- Portugal is usually regarded as a traditional, relatively backward country, mostly remembered for its 15th and 16th centuries’ outstanding achievements and thought to be sunk in the blurred memories of the past. We are best known to offer/display top-quality pastry or wines (custard tarts Pastéis de Nata and the sweet, world renowned Port Wine stand out among a wide range of Mediterranean-flavoured food and sophisticated beverages); unique diversity for tourism including some of the most beautiful, sun-kissed beaches in Europe; a mournful music genre, Fado, which has lately been brought back under the spotlight by Mozambique-born singer Mariza; some of the most successful performers in the f...   [tags: Portugal Culture Business]

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The New World : Spain And Portugal

- The New World Spain and Portugal’s sea voyage with the help of Europe 's ideas of the globe were the leading reasons for discovering the world we know today. What lead to Spain and Portugal sea voyage was that they wanted to control trade with East Asia and stop dealing with the Muslims that controlled the trade in East Asia. After the Portuguese sailed around Africa they discovered the Indian Ocean. This gave the Portuguese what they wanted, a waterway that led trade ships to East Asia. Six years before this the Spanish thought that they were able to sail west to reach Eastern Asia....   [tags: Europe, Spain, Asia, Americas]

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Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

- Introduction Lisbon, Portugal is an amazing vacation spot. Whether it’s the sandy white beaches, or the bright blue skies, Lisbon is one of the best vacation spots in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, has a rich Portuguese culture and history, so there is almost always somewhere to visit or something to eat to fill your senses and the food will top your experience and making Lisbon truly great. If you are bored, museums, clubs, historic sites and many more are at your fingertips to enjoy and visit....   [tags: places to go, things to do]

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Portugal´s Polulation and Economy

- Portugal would be agreed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From it natural wonders to its amazing architecture, Portugal would be a great place for anyone to visit. Portugal’s official name is Portuguese Republic or Republica Portuguesa. It is located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and is bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is mainly popular for its food, history, and sports, all of which they have se important records for. Portugal’s political past has had a variety of types Government....   [tags: political past, government, food]

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Islamic Jihadists in Portugal

- France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and the UK are some of the European countries that are in the direct path of Jihadists. This has also been apparent in the past few years in relation to the terrorist situations in those countries. Because these countries are in the sights of the terrorists, people usually overlook Portugal. This doesn’t mean that Portugal doesn’t have the problem that these countries do. There is a lack of media attention to true Muslim affairs. Many times, a country can be evaluated by the effectiveness of its border security....   [tags: Terrorism ]

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Portugal's Journey to Democracy

- ... Nevertheless, Salazar was a talented economist who managed to eliminate Portugal’s budget deficit and solve other Portugal’s financial problems that were destabilising country at the time. Salazar died in 19696 and Marcello Caetano was chosen to replace him as Prime Minister. Caetano had not waited for long to introduce certain measures of liberalization of the regime, however, those measure were only partial. Nevertheless, Marcello Caeteno was aware of a public sentiment for political liberalization and reform of the regime....   [tags: constitution, liberalization, regime]

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Portugal is My Choice of a Dream That is Real

- Portugal is My Choice of a Dream that is Real Introduction Portugal is a dream that is real. The land, the people and the culture draws me like a magnet. It is my first choice as the best place in this world. The landscape is diverse despite the small area of land Portugal covers. There are sandy beaches and golden plains as well as mountains and modern cities vying with millennial heritage sites. You can become one with Mother Nature in Portugal. The climate is the biggest plus point of Portugal....   [tags: culture, landscape, animals]

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Little Portugal Fills Big Shoes

- Lying west of Spain and East of the North Atlantic Ocean is a small country no bigger than the state of Indiana (World Factbook). Portugal, this mistakenly insignificant land, quickly made an impression on European exploration beginning in the early thirteenth century. It was not long before neighboring areas looked to this successful country for tactics concerning discovery. But exactly how did this small piece of land with few inhabitants manage to stand above its competition for quite some time....   [tags: Geography ]

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History Of Portugal

- Under King Emanuel, Portuguese power reached its height. From 1497 to 1499 Vasco da Gama made the first voyage to India following the route discovered by Dias, and inaugurated a lucrative trade in spices and other luxuries between Europe and South Asia. Led by Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese occupied Goa, India, in 1510, Malacca (now Melaka, Malaysia) in 1511, the Moluccas (in present-day Indonesia) in 1512-14, and Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf in 1515. During the same period they opened up trade with China and established relations with Ethiopia....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Portugal Portugal is a country located in southwestern Europe, situated on the western portion of the Iberian Peninsula. It is bounded on the north and east by Spain, and in the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The total area of metropolitan Portugal is 35,655 sq mi. The capital and largest city is Lisbon. The climate in Portugal is varied with considerable rainfall and marked seasonal temperatures in north; dryer conditions in the south with mild temperatures along the coast but sometimes in the low 40°Cs in the interior....   [tags: Papers]

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- The republic of Portugal is located in the southwestern part of Europe, situated in the western portion of the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain on the north and east and by the Atlantic Ocean on the south and west. The Azores and Madeira Islands in the Atlantic are independent regions of Portugal, considered integral parts of the republic. Portugal administers one overseas territory, Macau (Macao) in eastern Asia near Hong Kong. Macau is scheduled to return to Chinese administration in 1999....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Economic And Political Differences Between Portugal And The United States

- There are many economic and political differences and similarities between Portugal and the United States. This essay will be comparing and contrasting these items and will include corruption and currency issues. Portugal’s economy is growing at a steady rate but has a long way to go to get out of its recession. In the article, The Federation of International Trade Association says, “Since 2009, Portugal has been suffering from the worst economic crisis since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974....   [tags: United States, Separation of powers]

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The Product Of Keyless Locks For Bicycles And The Country Of Portugal

- Based on the business opportunities provided, I decided to introduce the product of keyless locks for bicycles to the country of Portugal. This product sensors movement, offers community alarm service, GPS tracking, and are smartphone controlled. The reason this product would be successful in the emerging markets in Portugal is because even with the economic, financial, political, and cultural challenges, this product will be introduced based on need and therefore it offers more value to the customer....   [tags: International trade, Export, Investment, Trade]

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The Golden Ball for Portugal´s Golden Boy

- The Golden Ball for Portugal´s Golden Boy Cristiano Ronaldo should win the Ballon D'or. The Ballon D'or (Golden Ball) is the most prestigious individual award a footballer can achieve. The award is given to the best player over the previous calendar year and is voted for by national team managers and captains alike. Cristiano Ronaldo is by far the most complete player to grace the club and international stage over the last year and that is only one of hundreds of reasons as to why deserves the most coveted award in world football....   [tags: award, footballer, player, team]

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The Risk of Default by PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain)

- The Risk of Default by PIIGS National default on countries that make up PIIGS is a topic of interest for many reasons. The Term PIIGS refers to the countries of Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain; as these countries are part of a much large economy, the Eurozone, which is comprised of 18 member states. Of these states, PIIGS remains the weakest members to which their financial status give reason for concern moving forward on both the effects of the Eurozone and other world economies. This paper will discuss briefly the background of these states (primarily Greece) and the management of financial records and policies leading up to the crisis....   [tags: eurozone, economy, european union]

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The Crisis and the Policy Choices on Health System in Portugal

- The crisis and the policy choices on health system in Portugal Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Universidade Nova de Lisboa In the past two years, Portugal has undergone an intense process of transformation of its social and economic conditions. Indeed, the submission to the hard terms of the memorandum of understanding, commonly known as (MoU), under the program of economic and financial assistance conditioned, deeply, living conditions and the expectations of citizens in the future. The health system has not been immune to the wave of sweeping cuts and restriction that affect, in general, all sectors of activity....   [tags: social, economic, financial, citizens]

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What Are The Main Contrasts To Be Found In Portugal?

- What Are The Main Contrasts To Be Found in Portugal. When answering a question such as this, one must primarily begin by pointing out that not only does Portugal have a great many contrasts within its land, but also that it contrasts greatly with the other Mediterranean countries. Portugal is not to be considered by any means as Spain's poor neighbour, nor should a shadow be cast over it by such a formidable nation. Portugal has a great deal to offer any visitor, it is not merely a tourist's paradise, yet this is regrettably how it is viewed by a large number of individuals....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Our Lady Of Fatima, Portugal 1917

- Visions of the angels, saints, and the blessed family are not experiences that all people have. Visions, which are also called miracles, and are sent to select individuals and so they become touched by God. A vision is “something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially: a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation.” There have been numerous miracles that have occurred all around the world to people of different ethnicities, genders, and ages. One of these miracles occurred in Fatima, Portugal in 1917....   [tags: Religion Miracles]

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The Social, Economic and Political Consequences of the Napoleonic Wars in Portugal

- The Social, Economic and Political Consequences of the Napoleonic Wars in Portugal The involvement of Portugal in the Napoleonic war was due to its refusal to close its ports to the British, as it had declared a ‘position of inviolable neutrality’ regarding the war. This led to the occupation of Lisbon by the French army on the 1st December 1807. The royal family, the government and members of the royal court all fled to Brazil causing a profound shift in the traditional balance of power between Brazil and Portugal....   [tags: Papers]

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Portuguese Exploration and The Widespread of Portuguese Cuisine

- Portuguese exploration as early as the 1400’s plays the biggest role in the widespread of Portuguese cuisine around the world today. Although the purpose of Portuguese exploration had absolutely no goal of obtaining a universal food market in a multitude of different countries and continents it did lead to such a circumstance. It’s a conception that most people think is irrational and continues to stay under the radar, yet there is enough evidence to support every argument about it. Portuguese sailors and explorers left endless amounts of culinary souvenirs everywhere they traveled sparking a cultural cuisine that has continued on for centuries....   [tags: discovery, portugal, azorean culture]

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History of Native Americans in Brazil

- Like many Latin American countries, Brazil was originally inhabited by over two thousand distinct Native American tribes who’s history goes back over 10,000 years. However, they left scarce written records, hence little is know about them. Even so, today, Brazil is home to the largest population of un-contacted people in the world. During the age of colonization, Portugal flourished as it expanded its territories in both Africa and India. Yet, competition among colonizers increased as Portugal continued to zero-sum vie for territory against Spain....   [tags: portugal, trade, colonies]

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The Education Of Angola After Independence

- Education in Angola The issue presented here, deals with education in Angola before, during and after independence. In addressing the issue of education in Angola, either starting from a historical perspective or analyzing it from a sociological perspective, feels almost "obliged" to dwell in the colonial period to be the benchmark in the emergence of education in Angola, as well as many other African countries during the European colonial presence, since education developed by Africans before the colonial presence, in various regions of Africa, was based on a non-formal framework....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Portugal, Angola]

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The History and Beauty of Brazil

- History and Introduction The Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived at present day Pôrto Seguro (Safe Harbor) in the state of Bahia on the Brazilian coast in April 1500 and named the new territory Ilha de Vera Cruz, Island of the True Cross, thinking he was on an island. A year later, Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sailed to Brazil on a voyage commissioned by the Portuguese crown and returned home with a cargo of hard, reddish wood. The wood was similar to an East Indian variety called pau brasil, which was then popular in Europe for making cabinets and violin bows....   [tags: portugal, government, goods]

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European Colonial Powers from Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century Portugal, Spain, Holland, and Britain

- In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed between Spain and Portugal with the mediation of Alexander VI, and the world was divided by Spain and Portugal (Fitzler, as cited in Hamilton, 1948, p. 37; Brandel, as cited in Hamilton, 1948, p. 37). Spain and Portugal seemed to be the two most powerful European countries in their oversea expansion in the beginning of the sixteenth century. However, later Netherland gained their independence from Spain and started their overseas expansion at the end of the sixteenth century (Weststeijn, 2012, p....   [tags: politics, treaty of tordesillas]

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The Baldios

- The baldios are an ancient tradition in Portugal, which dates back to the Middle Ages, as a privilege endowed to the inhabitants of each village, acknowledged in the royal rolls. In a feudal economy, the commons were a necessary resource to enable growers to obtain firewood and pasture, assuring their subsistence. Until the late 18th century, the commons were properties that could not be subject of individualization. However, some laws enacted by Pombal and D. Maria I, tended to misunderstand the differences between the commons and municipal properties, which gradually led to the disentailment of the commons (1869)....   [tags: History, Portugal]

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The Differences Between England And France Emancipation

- Slavery was never thought of as being morally wrong until the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The Atlantic World’s country each developed slavery at their own pace. The South developed some similarities to Spain including agriculture based system but also differed in the idea of coartacion. Whereas England and France emancipation process was quick with the Freedom of Principles the Southern Colonies did not abolish slavery all at once.The Portuguese has a unified Slave code and the colonist developed slave codes themselves....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Portugal]

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The Declaration Of Madrid Of 1750

- “The Mission” is based on a true story that occurred around the borderlands of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil in the years 1750’s according to the film and history. The Treaty of Madrid of 1750 with the Spanish and Portuguese caused both havoc and death for the people of the Guarini and the members of the Jesuits. The Jesuits, members of the church, tried to bring Christianity and civilization to the natives while keeping at peace with Spain and Portugal. The Jesuits were the teachers for the natives; Teaching them not only the Christian religion but also civilization....   [tags: Society of Jesus, The Mission, Portugal, Religion]

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Portuguese Immigration Testimonial

- After a long and grueling boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean from the off shore island of the Azores in the Southwest Europe nation of Portugal, my parents and I arrived in New Bedford, Massachusetts in New England. It was the year 1925. Some of our family had arrived before us; some even arrived several years before we did. On the way there I remember listening to my father tell me stories about New England. My favorite story was about the explorers and how they came to find New England. He told me that there was a nautical map that dates back to 1424 which depicted New England and that a Portuguese Sailor, Dualmo, arrived in New England in 1487, five years prior to Christopher Columbus wh...   [tags: Testimonial Immigration Portugal Portuguese]

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Sierra Leone, Overcoming Challenges

- “High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free”, is the national anthem of a rich and diverse country named Sierra Leone (“Sierra Leone”, 2013). Many believe that the names of capital cities or specific emblems always have a meaning behind them, and that is the case for this country in particular. Although the country as a whole has suffered detrimental set backs in their economics system due to civil war, violence, and enclave production; there still exists a strong Sierra Leonean people and culture full of hope for a brighter future....   [tags: Portugal, peninsula, business, economy]

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The Problems of the European Union

- The European Union was a vision; One that started by a treaty between two archenemies, Germany and France, as a proof of the possibility of lasting peace between the worse of foes if their economic interests aligned. Other European nations , in a hurry to maximize their economic gains, joined Germany and France one step after another, from canceling tariffs and customs among one another, to the liberation of capital and labor within the EU borders, and finally to the unification of the currency....   [tags: economy, deficit, tourism]

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Mbemba's Psychological Tactics

- ... In fact, it's brought to light that the Portuguese merchants complain to be offended by such a measure (Mbemba 636). It begins to become obvious that the king of Congo is losing control of the Portuguese merchants in his own country, and also his power of the nation as a whole. By presenting the cause of distress, as well as what has been done to avoid an unsavory situation, the king of Congo presents himself as virtually blameless in the fall of the loss of his own power and for the disintegration of his own country, while positioning the king of Portugal in such a way as to lay blame....   [tags: portuguese missionaires, africans, congo]

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Western Europe after Discovering the New World

- During 1492-1750, the Atlantic world endured social and economic transformations due to new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Some social changes that occurred among the Americas and Africans were the transformation of the Indies and the Africans to the bottom of the social structure and the creation of new classes, like the mulatto class, all because of Spanish dominance. The economic transformations that occurred were the creations of sugar plantations and gold mines, creating brutal labor for African slaves and American Indians....   [tags: colonization of Africa, trade with the Far East]

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Article Review Paper: "The Recognition of Brazilian Independence"

- When researching the subject of Brazilian independence from Portugal and the contexts surrounding its peaceful path to independence, one will find two historians standing in the foreground of the study; Kenneth Maxwell and Alan K. Manchester. Kenneth Maxwell is an expert in Portuguese and Brazilian history and currently writes a weekly column for Brazil’s Folha newspaper. Alan Manchester (1897-1983) was an expert on Latin American and South American history and was an authority on economic and political relations between Brazil and Great Britain....   [tags: Article Review]

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Brazil as an Emerging World Power

- Brazil Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is widely known for football, women, the Brazilian Carnival, the Amazon, and the influential capoeira and samba. Little do people know there is more to the fifth largest nation in the world, exceeded in size only by Russia, Canada, China, and the United States (Poppino). In further reading of this paper, we will briefly discuss the history of Brazil, government and politics, the economy, and last but not least, the culture of sports. Numerous archaeological sites near Amazonian towns suggest that Tupian-speaking Indians inhabited the coastal lands of Brazil around 9,000 BC....   [tags: Brazil Research Paper]

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The Togolese Team Attach

- Howard Zinn once said that, “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”. Despite this indisputable fact, innocent people are injured and killed every day for the sake of wars and disputes. From the beginning of human existence, war has existed in one form or another. With that war comes shame and remorse for the lives lost and the atrocities committed. Regardless of this, war continues in the name of pride and arrogance. People strive to control one another and in that way, rebellion is created....   [tags: International Conflict ]

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Ireland, Unlike the Majority of Countries Affected by the Euro Zone Crisis

- ... Similar to our housing crisis of the mid-2000’s, Ireland’s banks had to pick up the slack in the loans. This is where the government comes into play; the Irish government had previously guaranteed the six main Irish banks meaning the banks losses were the government’s losses. The banks lost 100 billion following the collapse, unemployment rates rose from 4% to 14% and because the government guaranteed the banks, Ireland went from having a surplus to a 32% GDP deficit. While bank losses continued to rise and credit ratings continued to fall, the Irish government had to seek assistance from the EU and IMF resulting in a 67.5 billion (Euro) “bailout” agreement....   [tags: Celtic tiger, bank bailout]

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Angola: Colonial Legacy History of Colonial Rule

- Angola: Colonial Legacy History of Colonial Rule The source of problems in some modern African nations lies in the colonial legacy of the past. Imperialistic policies often denied the native populations their political, economic, cultural, and basic human rights. Many imperialistic practices promoted ethnic rivalries, unequal distribution of resources and wealth, and undemocratic governments which prevented local participation in governmental decisions and actions. The impact of colonization on Angola is similar to that of many other African nations....   [tags: African History ]

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Indian Imperialism : A Period Of Colonial Expansion

- New Imperialism was a period of colonial expansion with the European powers, the United States and Japan in the late 19th and 20th century. Around this time states focused on the building of their empires with new technological advances and improvements on expanding territory through trading resources. India was the most valuable colony the South Asia until the British Empire came and took over. It all started with trading with the East India that grew throughout the years and soon conquered half of South Asia....   [tags: British Empire, British Raj, Colonialism]

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Drug Addiction And Its Effects On America

- This system worked so well for addicts in Portugal, that between 1998 and 2011, more than 60%, of drug addicts (about 23,600 out of 38,000 people) sought treatment for their addiction (Drug Policy Alliance, 2). Even more impressive was that this treatment is not mandatory; the individual has a choice as to whether or not they want to seek treatment. Non-mandatory rehabilitation enables the addict to have more of a say over his or her addiction which, when going to rehab, is necessary. The will of the addict to recover from their addiction and become clean the most important step towards a drug free life....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin]

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Why Is It Out Of Control?

- Portugal like any other country has its crime especially before World War 2. However the question is why was it out of control. To answer this we must peal back all the layers that make Portugal, Portugal. In other countries law enforcement take care of the crime that take place in the country, like the U.S.A. But that is not true when traveling to Portugal, outside of the major cities like Lisbon, Porto, and Braga it’s rare to see police officers if any at all. I recently went back to the mother land and in my town there are no police officers at all....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Grandparent, Mother]

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Benefits Of A Drug Liberalized Country

- The Benefits of a Drug Liberalized Country It has been fifty years since Nixon declared the ‘War on Drugs ', and the government continues to squander billions of dollars on a failed operation. It is reported that the U.S. Federal government and State and local government has spent more than $40 billion on the War on Drugs -- a rate of $700 per second in 2010 (Miron , 4). An unnecessarily large amount of money is given to government officials and court systems to punish drug users instead of rehabilitating them....   [tags: Drug addiction, Prohibition, Drug]

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The Spread of European Imperialism

- Throughout the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, the world witnessed a global expansion as well as a compaction of people, cultures, and ideas. The need for goods, as well as the process of mercantilism to inflate economies, was instrumental in the advancement of seafaring technologies, the need to spread religion, and the eventual globalization of the slave market. The four major regions in the world, which were the stepping stones of globalization, are Africa, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, the Americas, and finally East Asia....   [tags: World History]

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The Right Way Of Handling The War On Drugs

- When it comes to the punishment for the use and sale of illicit drugs each country has its own set of guidelines and principles for what they believe is the right way of handling the “war on drugs”. What may be considered socially tolerable in one part of the world may be punishable to the highest extent in another part. Countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, and Netherlands take a different approach to the laws and policies set on the most illicit drugs in the United States such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and etc....   [tags: Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade, Heroin]

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The Event That Changed My Life

- There have been very few events throughout my lifetime that I feel have impacted or inspired me with such noteworthiness and that I know will change my outlook on the world and affect me forever. One of those events occurred when I traveled to Portugal, my parent’s homeland. From this excursion in 2007, I learned the importance of family, most importantly the distant kind. It provided me with a totally different perspective on the world and how large and extended one’s family can really be; even across cultures and continents....   [tags: A Life Changing Event]

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The Growth Of Portuguese Music

- Portugal has a rich musical culture, with roots that go back to Provencal troubadours, followed by ballads and the fado, and as of late, incorporating the rhythms of Portugal's former West African colonies. Each of these elements are stll alive in current Portuguese music like the French Provencal influence in the folk music played at festivals in the northern part of the country, as well as the rock and jazz most prevalent in the larger cities. An addtional element is added by a wealth of singer-songwriters, most of whom spawned from the extremely political 'New Song' movement....   [tags: essays research papers]

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History of Mozambique

- The Republic of Mozambique is the official name of a county which is located on Africa; the country is bordered by Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Mozambique president is Armando Guebuza. In June 1975 Mozambique gained freedom from Portugal. It also has a population up to 23.4 million. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo and it has an area of 812,379 sq. km. In Mozambique Portuguese is the country’s official language also Swahili, English and other indigenous languages are spoken, the most common religions in Mozambique are Christianity, indigenous beliefs and Islam....   [tags: Africa, Portuguese, Government]

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What Fundamental Factors Drew Europeans to The Exploration, Conquest, and Settlement of the New World?

- Toward the end of pre-colonial times in Europe, due to the fall of Constantinople, many European nations felt the need to find an alternate route to the East Indies. The trade of rare goods such as spices, rice, exotic fruits and silk fabrics were much in demand, but came at extreme prices. In the beginning of the ‘Age of Exploration’, Portugal was in the forefront with the early explorers Henry the Navigator, Zarco and Tristao Vaz Teixeira, and Diogo Silves discovering the Madeira Islands, the Azores, and the exploration of Africa respectively, but King John the II of Portugal was unconvinced by Christopher Columbus’s pleas to fund his plan to sail West to the East Indies....   [tags: church, christopher columbus, trade]

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The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne

- ... In this time, John I invades Portugal and is crowned King John I. The Armagnac – Burgundian Civil War was a civil war between the Armagnac and Burgundian towns from 1407 – 1435. Key Personalities of This Conflict Peter of Castile was the last King of the house of Burgandy and fought in the War of Two Peters. At the end of the War of Two Peters he was dethroned and fled to Portugal. After being brought to his half – brother, because he had not seen him in so long his half – brother thought he was the enemy and stabbed him to death....   [tags: battles, edwardian war, conflict]

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Global Trade and Addiction during the Age of Exploration

- Maritime advances of the 1500s made Western Europe’s ambitions for global trade feasible and thus gave birth to Europe’s Age of Exploration. Through the combined use of caravels, compasses, and astrolabes, Europeans stumbled upon commodities in foreign lands known as “drug foods”. Consequently, this introduction would have a lasting impact on the Europeans, they became drug addicts. Furthermore, this addiction, the demand for these drugs, became permanently embedded into European culture. To please an everlasting demand, Europeans had to decide on how to frugally acquire these commodities....   [tags: Global Trade, Addiction, Age of Exploration, food,]

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The War On Drugs And The United States

- The War on Drugs has been around since 1971 when President Richard Nixon gave a press conference and declared drugs as “public enemy number one”. Since then multiply agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), campaigns like Nancy Reagan “Just Say No”, and laws like the “Anti-Drug Abuse Act” administered by President Ronald Reagan have been constructed to control and prevent the flow and consumption of illegal drugs into the country. The United States spends billions of dollars into these agencies every year in order to cease the flow and consumption....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Drug addiction, Drug, Heroin]

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Cross-Cultural Connection of the East and West

- much of the 16th and 17th centuries, much of the West had an intense drive for exploring and dominating foreign worlds. Explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan and Francesco Carletti, dominate history as some of the first people to circumnavigate the globe in an effort to further exploration of the new world. When the East and the West met it was a collision of vastly different cultures that would eventually combine in forms of cross-cultural connections, working to forage relations upon these encounters, forever changing the world....   [tags: culture, Ferdinand Magellan, Francesco Carletti]

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How Government Policies Affected Global Capitalism

- Government policies are put in place in order to prevent or solve troubles encountered by a nation or state. In the course of this class, we have learned how governments in different areas of the world react different to circumstances and put in policies that reflect their long and short term needs. Policies are manifested in many different ways, as we have seen examples throughout this course. As ____ explains, there are different policies such as those that are formal, non-formal as well as non-policies....   [tags: United States, Economy of the United States]

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American Revolution vs. Brazilian Revolution

- While the Brazilian Revolution emerged largely from the influence of the American Revolution, some variation remains between those two revolutions in exactly how those revolutions were executed and what the reasons for them were. In concern to the American Revolution, there are two sides debating its primary cause. One set of historians believe the cause to be ideals and principles. The other set of historians and scholars credit economic and social interests as the primary cause of the Revolutionary War....   [tags: the previous influenced the latter]

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The European Scramble for Africa

- The scramble for Africa is a significant moment in world history that demonstrated the beginning of a great transformation for the Africans. The increase of European claims of African territories during the New Imperialism period and reflected Europe’s economic, social, and military evolution. The start of the 1880s provided for European rule a small part of Africa with areas largely restricted to the coast and small inland areas along major rivers such as the Niger and the Congo. Learning the causes of the scramble for Africa will lead to understanding Europe’s perception of superiority with the duty to spread western civilization throughout the world which also leads to this discussion on...   [tags: superiority, military, economic, social]

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Euro Crisis and Social Inequality

- The EU or The European Union was established in 1935, it presently establishes a shared market among its current 28 member countries that are located in Europe. The EU has its own parliament and banking system where 13 members states are operating under the common currency the “Euro”. The purpose of EU is to develop a sense of unity and promote economic and social development where Europeans feel unrestricted and have a sense of justice equality and freedom in their own countries and when they travel to other EU countries....   [tags: Debt, Disparity, Unemployment]

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America 's War On Drugs

- It is time to finally end the “War on Drugs” which has been raging in the US for more than forty years now, and has systematically stripped away American liberties while creating innumerable social casualties. Decriminalizing personal drug use will effectively end this war and giving people back their freedom to choose; legalizing and regulating certain substances like marijuana would is provide ample moneys from taxation. The United States should begin to develop new strategies, based in part on verified policies already being successfully utilized in foreign countries, to finally end this farce of a war that has wreaked havoc on our society, fostered organized crime, and turned otherwise l...   [tags: Drug, Drug addiction, Prohibition]

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The Age of Discovery

- ... In this sense the merchants in both Mozambique and Mombasa felt these Portuguese were a threat to their trading ports. After leaving Mozambique, Vascos crew continued traveling north and reached the friendlier Malindi in April 14, 1498. Because they were not forced off of the land, Vasco had a chance to contact the help of a pilot that had knowledge of monsoon winds and knew the route to Calicut India. With the pilots help Vascos crew reached Calicut India on May 20, 1498. King Zamorin was very welcoming at first and Vascos crew was able to successfully trade for spices and jewelry....   [tags: vasco de gama, ferdinand]

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Why Do Countries Trade?

- Why do countries trade. There are many reason why countries trade with each other, such as on their own, maybe they do not have the resources, or their country do not have means to compensate their needs and wants of the consumers. Developing resources that can be import or export to benefits the economic sources can satisfy the need of the trading countries. Moreover, good and services are import and export for various reason such as its cheaper, better quality, or simply easy to access at a lower cost....   [tags: International trade, Mercantilism]

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The Effects of the Berlin Confernece on Africa

- ... The French had revealed Leopold's plans, and France was engaging in its own foreign exploration. A French officer went into central Africa and raised the French flag over the Republic of Congo in 1881. Finally, Portugal, which already had a long, abandoned colonial Empire in the area called the Kongo Empire, also claimed the area due to old treaties with Spain, and the Roman Catholic Church. It made a treaty with the United Kingdom and Ireland in February 1884. They wanted to block off the Congo Society's access to the Atlantic....   [tags: economy, resources, territory]

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The Control of England in North America and Demise of the Spanish Power in the Atlantic

- The Control of England in North America and Demise of the Spanish Power in the Atlantic The year 1942 marked a division in the contemporary world history. There were a number of developments that would bring enormous effects for the Old and the New World Wars. The discovery of these developments changed the diets of both the western and eastern regions, assisted in initiating the Atlantic slave trade, and spread illnesses that had a destructive effect on populations in India, and resulted in the creation of European colonies across the Western region (Cohen and Rosenzwei 124)....   [tags: columbus, spain, new world]

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Drug Abuse in the United States: a Public Health Issue or a Criminal Justice Issue?

- Everyday Americans are arrested for illegal drug abuse, making it difficult for them to receive employment and maintain a financially stable lifestyle. If all illegal drugs were decriminalized entirely, drug abuse would drop dramatically. Drug abuse in the United States is seen as a criminal justice issue and, millions of individuals are incarcerated each year. Instead of criminalizing the use of drugs, abuse should solely be seen as a health concern. Drug abusers and addicts direly deserve support and treatment, in lieu of imprisoning them and convicting them of a felony that will trail them for the rest of their lives....   [tags: war on drugs, illegal drugs, incarceration]

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The War On Drugs : Why It Should End With Decriminalization

- Trent Vuillemot ENG 201: Bauer Assignment 2, Draft 1 Audience: Adults opposed to decriminalizing drugs The War on Drugs Why it should end with decriminalization Every 19 seconds there is a drug arrest in the United States. (Drug War Statistics) On July 17th, 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs. Drug abuse, according to the president, was "public enemy number one". Now, a little more than four decades later the U.S. has the largest incarceration rate in the world, with 51% of those in jail for non-violent drug offenses....   [tags: Drug addiction, Drug, Heroin, Prohibition]

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The Colombian Exchange and Christianity in 1450 and 1750

- Research Question:   Between 1450 and 1750, how did the advancement and development of Christianity influence and impact different cultures. Dom Henrique of Portugal (1450 CE) -   Dom Henrique of Portugal is also known as Henry the Navigator. Prince Henry was involved with the expansion of Portuguese rule in the Pacific Islands. His main reasons for his voyages were to explore Africa, expand trade, and expand Christianity. This is important because Prince Henry’s goals and achievements are what inspired Vasco de Gama's discovery of a way to India and Christopher Columbus’s voyage to America[ "Prince Henry the Navigator." Prestage, Edgar....   [tags: cultures, anti-cristian campaing]

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Exploration and Conquest of the New World and Africa

- Geopolitical necessity drove the Europeans to explore and conquer, beginning in earnest in the fifteenth-century. New trade routes and colonies were established. Technological advances led to their success on the African continent as well as in the New World, and the discoveries made in turn led to further exploration and conquest. Eventually, as the results of these conquests became known, questions arose regarding the proper roles of government, papal authority and the rights of the conquerors and the conquered....   [tags: the age of Reconnaissance]

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The Four Major Things That Helped Shape North America

- The four major things that helped shape North America The Europeans would start it all, stepping first on American soil starting colonization. Pangea was a theory because it seemed as though all the seven continents had once been connected together, but as time went on and the earth changed they drifted apart. Forces from geological circumstances, with the help of the continental plates, created the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. 2. Peopling the Americas The Land Bridge The Glaciers of North America begin to disappear There is a theory that states that the Land Bridge came about that connected Asia and North America across the Bering Sea....   [tags: United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas]

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The Creation And Formation Of The Pacific World

- The creation and formation of the Pacific World can be categorized into two basic ideas: expansionism vs. isolationism. Starting from the fifteenth century, Europe’s expansionist ideals became very present around the known world. Portugal had found its way around Africa in order to reach India, the main hub for Pacific trade, leaving other European empires in the dust. Spain, Portugal’s biggest competitor, was struggling behind without a free route to India as well. Because of this, the decision was made to travel westward instead of around Africa....   [tags: Europe, Christopher Columbus, Western Europe]

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Voyage to The New World: Christopher Columbus

- When we think of Christopher Columbus we think of his great voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. He may not have been the first to “discover” America but he definitely made some great attributes to the knowledge of the new continent. He did not discover the whole continent in one voyage; this is the same with other countries that made their voyages or migrations to the continent that was untouched. Not only did it take him time to get across the ocean to his discoveries that were to be made but it also took lots of money and many people of power to back his exploration up....   [tags: discover america, vikings, discorveries]

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The Consequences of the Age of Exploration

- ... to find an unknown route. Why were spices used and valued so highly. First recorded around 1200 B.C. with the Egyptians, spices were used for a variety of purposes. The Romans and the Jews used spices for burial, which helped preserve corpses. Others, like the early Anglo-Saxons in modern Great Britain, used them to cover the bad taste of spoiled food. With this extreme demand, the number of spice traders and sailors grew exponentially over time. Beginning in 1419, Prince Henry of Portugal, also known as “The Navigator”, began financing sailors, mapmakers, and shipbuilders that were devoted to finding new lands....   [tags: 15th century, Age of Discovery]

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The Pros and Cons of Globalization

- Nowadays people have become closer than before. Services and goods produced in a country will be available to sell in the other countries. We hear about globalisation in the news every day, read about it in the news papers and hear people talking about it. Globalisation is the interactively international and nearness of economies. It is the process that has led to the diverse parts of the globe becoming much closer to each other (Slaughter and Swagel, 1997). Globalisation is the procedures by which the people around the world become connected to each other in all aspects of life, culturally, technically and politically, economically and environmentally....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Consequences of the Age of Exploration

- The Age of Discovery, also known by others as the Age of Exploration, was a specific era of history which started in the 15th century and lasted for over 200 years. Conceived by the pioneer Portuguese and Spanish explorers in their search for precious metals and costly spices (such as saffron and cardamom), this expansion of knowledge about the world was well-intentioned. Ultimately, this turned out to have severe consequences, with its effects persisting even to this day. First of all, Why were there consequences in the first place....   [tags: discovery, fraudulent officials]

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo

- The Congo is an African country ruined by European imperialism. It was taken over by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1885. In 1908 the Congo would become known as the Belgian Congo. During Leopold’s rule in the Congo he was accused of enslaving the Congolese and killing 10 million of them through forced labor, starvation and outright extermination. Belgium’s rule of the Congo caused other European countries to “race” for power in African colonies; this was called the “Scramble for Africa”. The events that occurred during Leopold’s reign are examples of why imperialism should be outlawed, because of the Congo before, during, and after Belgian imperialism....   [tags: African history, European imperialism]

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The Columbian Exchange

- The Colombian Exchange was an extensive exchange between the eastern and western hemispheres as knows as the Old World and New World. The Colombian exchange greatly affects almost every society. It prompted both voluntary and forced migration of millions of human beings. There are both positive and negative effects that you can see from the Colombian Exchange. The Colombian Exchange explorers created contact between Europe and the Americas. The interaction with Native Americans began the exchange of animals, plants, disease, and weapons....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755

- The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 was not only damaging in its physical damage that was done to the lands; but also damaging in the sense that it caused a plethora philosophical and religious debates that shook, although eventually shaped European Enlightenment. In spite of this disaster; however, there were several new philosophical and scientific developments that are rooted in this earthquake. Nicholas Shrady gives an account of this disaster along with great detail of the aftermath and the process of rebuilding the city, and Western civilization as a whole....   [tags: Rebuilding, Controversy, Religion]

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An Insatiable Thirst For Wine

- An Unquenchable Thirst for Wine At its height, the British Empire was the largest empire in history; a global power so strong, they found a way to obtain anything they desired. While the United Kingdom lacks the climate necessary to produce wine, they turned to their colonies to fill the strong demand of the beverage. This poses the question: how did British Imperialism lead to the modernization of wine. The phrase “the sun never sets on the British Empire” can be used to describe the driving force they once were and it is evident in their conquest for wine....   [tags: British Empire, United Kingdom, Sherry]

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Europe 's Underdevelopment Of Kongo

- Enoch Kim African History HIS-261-001 Prof. Abdin Chande Europe’s Underdevelopment of Kongo In the west-central Africa, one of the most important kingdoms to rise was the kingdom of Kongo. The origin of the state is traced to Bantu migrants, who settled within the region of Kwango River to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the lower Congo River to the north. This region in which Kongo rose, was particularly beneficial for the expansion of a kingdom as there were plenty of fertile soil with rainfall as well as sources of copper, iron, and salt that was within easy trading distances....   [tags: Slavery, Africa, Atlantic slave trade]

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The Concert of Europe

- The Concert of Europe The Congress System, which took the form of a series of congresses and diplomatic meetings held between 1818 and 1822, can be regarded as a practical expression of the rather general concept of the Concert of Europe. The Concert of Europe was an attempt to regularize the conflicting ambitions of the Great Powers in the interests of Europe as a whole. As such, its effectiveness was dependant on the willingness of all five Great Powers to show moderation in the pursuit of their individual interests....   [tags: Papers]

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Portuguese Culture

- Portugal, a beautiful country that has Latin roots like most language is one of the major languages of the world the sixth most spoken worldwide in fact (The Portuguese Language). As a child born in the Azores, and then immigrating here, I have been able to keep my culture alive despite the difference of culture here. Mostly because of my parents traditional ways being etched deeply into me to not forget where I came from. Throughout my life I seemed to be affected by the culture from outside the household but my Portuguese culture seemed to stick with me regardless....   [tags: Diversity Essays]

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Linguistic imperialism in Brazil

- Linguistic imperialism is a concept used by scholar Robert Phillipson, he mostly spoke about the imperialism of the English language, although this concept can be applied to all the world’s major international languages with imperialistic origins, when the original population had to adopt the invader’s language because of the benefits that accrue to the speakers of the languages when the dominant language has been imposed (Phillipson 31). Linguistic imperialism in Latin America started with the ‘discovery’ and the occupation of the New World by the European powers....   [tags: Robert Philipson, Major International Languages]

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