Identity And National Identity

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Identity is a huge concept for everyone. It’s the very fabric of who we are, with interwoven strand of ideas, concepts, and beliefs. Looking at ourselves we may see our identity as singular, as an individual who are we? Who am I? But the very origins of the word in early Latin “Idem” means the same. In later Latin it becomes identitas and then identity, meaning the quality of being identical in the 16th century; suggesting a more plural background. < >Today Identity is defined by how one relates to dynamic categories, along with how others ascribe an individual or thing to these categories. Including spiritual Identity, sexual identity, gender identity, regional, age, and racial, ethnic, and national identity.< > All of these categories are about how we identify with others based on similarities. Just like the importance of who we are, who we are as a nation is just as equally important. National Identity is all about the country as a whole encompassing its very culture, traditions, language, beliefs, and politics. < >. For many people national identity is very important and they take huge amount of pride in ones own country often giving a sense of responsibility and dedication. But how would you define an entire county, especial a country like Brazil with over 190 million people with so much cultural diversity. < >. Brazil is a country of many ethnicity, and regions. Brazil is comprised of twenty-six states, but more significantly its comprised of five regional areas with very individual like cultures and Identities. Regions are divided by south, southeastern, north, northeastern, and central western primarily divided by origin and ethnicity . Geographically the North is part of the amazon, and contains lush tropi... ... middle of paper ... ...majority enacting upon the National Identity, Brazil shows a strong sense of family ties, catholic beliefs, and Portugal as the national language as a board description, but none the less prominent. Taking hold very European and Portugal heritage. But more then not the Country holds dear its extreme diversity of cultures as apart of its country’s value and uniqueness. From a critical approach to identity, the diversity of the Brazils culture is historical traced becoming part of its National Identity. The historical content of the strong Portugal majority also leads to the nations language and religious identity as a Portugal and catholic belief based. Though the diversity of culture is another part of the Brazilian Identity as a nation. The diversity of different cultures is changing continually, but is primarily classified by the different regions of Brazil.

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