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A Discussion on the Culture of the Performer

- A Discussion on the Culture of the Performer Culture is one of the most difficult things to define. Trying to fit all of the subtle nuances and colloquialisms of a people group into a ridged form often requires drastic simplification. However, for the purpose of enlightening others in regards to one’s own culture, there is no other alternative. Culture in short, as defined by the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, is “the following ways of life, including but not limited to: Language, Arts and Sciences, Thought, Spirituality, Social Activity, and Interaction.” To that end, the culture of the performer may be defined as the aforementioned ways of life in regards to the people group known...   [tags: Culture ]

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Confident Performer

- My desire and craving to write and speak better is what helped me overcome my negative attitude towards my skill level of writing and speaking and to return to school. When I signed up for school, my first class requirement, Peak Performance, was aiming to teach me and to cause me to become aware of whom I am and how to create new healthy habits. The results of my studies taught me that I hold the keys to my success as I train myself to create healthy habits as I take charge of my life. One way that I was learning how to create healthy habits was by visualizing my success, and being positive with confidence, as I was guarding my mind from negative thoughts....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Dostoevsky as Performer

- Dostoevsky as Performer Storytelling and reading aloud played a valuable part in young Fyodor's life, influencing his own later successful writing endeavors as well as his performance of literature. His nanny and wet nurse introduced the Dostoevsky children to folklore and lives of the saints through the stories they told. Nanny Alyona Frolovna "told the children stories of ancient Russia, of Saint Sergey of Moscow subduing a bear by the power of his holiness, of heroes and legends and folk tales, Christianity and Russian myth intertwined"; the stories were so vivid and frightening that the children had trouble sleeping (Gunn 10)....   [tags: Russian Literature Christianity Religion Essays]

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Motivating an Athletic Performer

- This essay will include the different types of motivational theories. It will illustrate the different types of motivation and how each affects the performers in various ways. Positive and negative issues of the types of motivation will be discussed to determine which is the best method of motivation and why. It will also illustrate how these motivational theories are used to motivate a performer. This essay will be concluded by stating the best motivation method, and how a coach or teacher could use it in motivating a performer....   [tags: Motivation Motiational Theory Sports Papers]

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III Life and Accomplishments

- Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as rap performer Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri (Lane). From the very first days of his life, Marshall suffered many hardships. When Eminem was only six months old, Marshall Mathers Jr., Eminem’s dad left his family to move to California and contact between them ended. Eminem and his mom Debbie Nelson moved frequently and often lived in poor, crime- ridden neighborhoods (Lane). Eminem was born in Kansas City moved to live in detroit where he experienced a lot of violence and bullying....   [tags: eminem, rap performer, rapping]

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Help of The Isle of Man and England to an Athletic Performer

- Help of The Isle of Man and England to an Athletic Performer The Isle of Man is closely linked with England in development and competitions of sport. To get to the top of a sport is never easy so I am going to explain how the Isle of Man and England help a performer in athletics to get from grass roots to elite. For a performer to get to the top they will need help from the governing body of their sport. The main governing bodies and agencies are responsible for helping athletics to develop are: * Sport England – The governing body of sport in England....   [tags: Papers]

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The HR Professional as Thinking Performer and Business Partner

- The HR Professional as Thinking Performer and Business Partner A lot has been written about the need for HR professional to be a “thinking performer” and a “business partner”. How can I demonstrate these two attributes within my own organisation. Let us begin by defining exactly what it is to be a “thinking performer” and “business partner”. Business Partner The very idea of being a strategic business partner was the subject of a CIPD (2004)1 survey which showed that 56% of those questioned aspired towards being considered a strategic partner....   [tags: Business Management Studies Essays]

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Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

- Shakira Shakira was born on February 7, 1977. She was born in the town of Barranquilla. Shakira is the only child. She has Spanish and Italian descent. She first started performing in school. She has eight half siblings from her father’s previous marriage. Shakira wrote her first poem when she was four years old. She named it La Rosa De Cristal which means The Crystal Rose. When she was four, her father took her to this Middle Eastern restaurant where she first heard the doumbek, which is a drum used in Arabic music and for belly dancing....   [tags: latin, performer, music]

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The Importance of Posture and Gesture for the Performer in Relation to Greta Garbo From Camille

- The Importance of Posture and Gesture for the Performer in Relation to Greta Garbo From Camille Camille, created in 1936, is universally acknowledged as one of the most romantically atmospheric productions of al time. The film begins with the scene being set as we are shown “the gay half-world of Paris, the gentlemen of the day met the girls of the moment at certain theatres, balls and gambling clubs, where the code was discretion - - but the game was romance. This is the story of one of those pretty creatures who lived on the quicksand’s of popularity - - Marguerite Gautier, who brightened her wit with champagne - and sometimes her eyes with tears.” “Camille” te...   [tags: Papers]

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The Difference of How a Theatrical Critic and a Reviewer Look at a Performer

- I. Introduction In today’s society, we are flustered with a variety of artistic performances, which are both praised and rejected by others. In a recent 2011 article by Bert Cardullo, he explains the two main types of persons whose main jobs are to look over these artistic performances and give their personal feedback. “It is certainly true that the critics—those persons whom the dictionary describes as “skilled in judging the qualities or merits of some class of things, especially of literary or artistic work”—have long harbored murderous thoughts about the condition of our drama, but their ineffectuality as public executioners is legendary....   [tags: feedback to playwrights]

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Explain the Performance and Output of High Performers

- The implementation of this article is to explain the performance and output of high performers. It can be frustrating for Star Performers and the role of how a consideration of star performers has important implication for management practice. The main focuses is the 9 propositions to guide future research on Star Performers such as addressing human capital, turnover, compensation, downsizing, leadership, teamwork, corporate entrepreneurship, and micro foundations of strategy. The article also focuses on finding what the distribution of individual performance and the implications for all theories in the field of management that directly or indirectly relate to individual performance....   [tags: star performers, management practice]

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The Disturbing Plight of Child Performers

- When he is 5 or 4, most childen dream about 'being a movie star when he grows up' because it is fantastic to be known by everyone and being a hero in the movie for children. Almost every parent thinks their children is gifted and when he grows up, he will a respected man and wish to be pround of their children. So, when their children are at this age, they direct them to the performing art schools. To a certain extent, it might be beneficial for kids to develop their communication skills, personality and knowledge about health but thinking the positive effects in the future, forcing children to become a part of this show may come with some problems....   [tags: Good Life, Whitehead]

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African American Performers: Egbert Austin Williams

- ... Their adventurers land them in from of the Abyssinia’s ruthless monarch Menelik, who alone decides if they are to live or die. A New York Times review of the play the next morning said, “Negro Comedians Seen in ‘Abyssinia,’ the Best Comedy They Have Had…Williams and Walker should have a prosperous career at the Majestic with ‘Abyssinia” (Jas Obrecht). The last big production Williams and Walker made together was, Bandanna Land (1908). The show opened on Broadway on February 3, 1908. Williams “debuted an early draft of what would become one of his most beloved routines, a pantomime poker game with the comedian portraying all of the plays” (Jas Obrecht) ....   [tags: singer, black shows, bandanna land]

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Performers in Eighteenth Century British Theatre

- Performers in Eighteenth Century British Theatre Eighteenth century British theatre was perhaps the starting point that would evolve into modern theatre. Women started to be allowed on stage and acting techniques were beginning to change. Leading performers were like celebrities with a number of fans. Theatre was an intricate part of the social ladder. In the overall scheme of things the actors and actresses played an important part in making the theatre what it was. Without the performers there wouldn’t really be theatre, so in order to understand the eighteenth century British theatre the performers of that era need to be understood....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Need for Drug Testing in World Wrestling Entertainment

- It took the death of superstars to make the company realize the importance of their superstar's health. World Wrestling Entertainment made drug testing official in 2005 when a superstar by the name of Eddie Guerrero Passed away. The author states "After one of professional wrestling`s biggest star died, World Wrestling Entertainment said it would start random testing for drugs, steroids and prescription drug abuse by its performers"(Wrestling With Drug…).The company began to get serious with their performers by starting new rules and regulations....   [tags: industry, death, performers]

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Performed Identity: A Means to an End

- Performed Identities: A Means to an End Performed identities exist primarily due to the fact that people are simply unable to attain or achieve a certain power, wealth, or escape through a natural means within their true identity. These performed identities allow people to accomplish the difficult task of cutting through social boundaries. In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “The Man with the Twisted Lip”, Neville St. Clair skips over social boundaries as a middle-class, ex-reporter living the performed identity as a rich upper-class gentleman....   [tags: Literary Analysis, The Man with the Twisted Lip]

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How Target Marketing is Performed

- Changes in marketing concepts and practices due to the marketing activities that have become more diverse involving several functional areas and several external factors, for example, globalization, technology, fierce competition and complexity in customer demand (Gok & Hacioglu, 2009). As a result of the increasing in diversity of marketing activities had made marketing, which is the process of communicating the values between products or services products and consumer, to be difficult. In order to overcome the constraints caused by diversity, target marketing, which is the target aimed by a respective organization that is believed to be its prospective market with marketing messages, is g...   [tags: identification processes]

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Surgery Performed by Robots

- Surgery is already invasive enough without the prospect of a robot operating; people want to feel secure, not more vulnerable. Robotic surgery may be here, but it is not yet ready for the operating room because of the challenges and complications it brings with it. Like all new things, robotic surgery costs money; installing and the operation cost of the technology would come with a need to budget. While some people, even including doctors, would argue that, the cost of robotic surgery would be beneficial and rewarding....   [tags: technology in the operating room]

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Makeup for Performers

- Makeup for Performers --------------------- Aging with Grease Makeup. There are a lot of makeup's you can use to produce an aging affect, but I decided to use grease. The grease makeup I used was a skin tone palate by Kryolan. Before doing any makeup techniques I studied the shape and size of my bone structure and my facial features, this is so I knew where to shade and highlight. To create the aging affect I practiced shading and highlighting both on my hand and my face, to do this I used a small-medium sized brush....   [tags: Drama]

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‘An Act is Political when performed by a Politician.’

- When is an act classed as political. Does the act have to be performed by politicians or can an act be deemed political when it is between ordinary people down the local pub. Are political acts purely in the hands of politicians. This article aims to discuss where politics occurs; looking at various influences that theories have put forward and how the information age has undermined the title statement. Jef Huysmans, in ‘What is Politics,’ (2005: 43) states that the most likely place for politics to happen are with political individuals in political institutions, stating that “the obvious answer is in national and regional parliaments.” Politics most certainly happens in these places and the...   [tags: Political Science]

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Female Performers in Country Music

- Female Performers in Country Music During the early twentieth century, southern music began to be known by a somewhat more precise and diverse set of classificatory designations such as "country," "blues," and "jazz," Through the phenomenal development of the radio and recording technology, the music of the south rapidly became known throughout the nation. The contributions of early performers such as the great Jimmie Rodgers, Vernon Dalhart, Bob Wills, Milton Browne, the singing cowboys and many others are well documented....   [tags: Women Gender Papers]

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Drama Performed to Others

- Drama Performed to Others Our drama group was given the task of introducing a year nine class to the play 'Macbeth'. Apart from the obvious, there were five themes in the play that the group as a whole thought needed exploring: insanity; good versus bad; the supernatural; guilty conscience; and murder. We looked into each of these topics individually and decided on how we could include them in our final performance, in each lesson we learned more and more about both 'Macbeth' and the skills needed to teach a younger year group the basics of the play....   [tags: Drama]

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The Four Kinds of Healing Performed by Jesus

- The Four Kinds of Healing Performed by Jesus The four kinds or healing Jesus performed were physical healing, spiritual healing, resurrection, and moral healing. Physical healing was when Jesus healed people who suffered from physical illnesses. Examples of this kind of healing are blindness, uncontrollable bleeding, and leprosy. These kinds of healings were called miracles, exceptions to the normal course of ordinary events. Jesus made a special effort to reach out to lepers, people often neglected and scorned in his society....   [tags: Papers]

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The Breakfast Performers

- Art is not only the quality of product but also the expression of what is appealing or more significant than the ordinary. However many people give their own expression of the beauty of art and can vouch for another if it is possible that they both are in common interest to the other. Art exhibits enthusiasm, as well as an intellectual curiosity of the mind. This kind of thought frees the mind and allows it to progress and somewhat meditate within itself. Painting, vocal, and physical art can have and advance level of skill and imagination that requires enhanced study in an institution....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Theater: Theater can be Part of Everyone's Life

- Theater: Theater can be Part of Everyone’s Life What is a theater. A theater is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place. The performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music, and dance. Elements of design and stagecraft are used to enhance the physicality, presence and immediacy of the experience. There are 5 types of theater and these are drama,musical, comedy, tradgedy, and improvisation....   [tags: performers, community theater]

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A Satire of Life as Performed by Monkeys

- He was a visionary, an artist, an illusionist like no other: William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, a master at his craft, believed that “all the world’s a stage”; Ralph Ellison seems to agree. Ellison crafts a world in which the narrator of the Invisible Man learns through his experiences with performances and exile that true power can only be wielded by people uninhibited by the strict routines of society. The narrator is completely powerless and exiled from freedom in the theatre called school. He is the pride of the young black boys, bright and college-bound....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare]

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Intellectual Property Enforcement and Its Fiscal and Cultural Value to Society

- ... III. Strategy Recommendations A. Executive Actions (i) Effective Private Sector Voluntary Agreements The entertainment guilds and unions commend IPEC’s efforts to encourage and facilitate voluntary agreements, which are an open forum discussion, where all stakeholders, artists, consumers, public interest groups, corporations and the like, hold a discourse between stakeholders to address the challenges of IP enforcement. These agreements represent monumental steps forward in the war against IP theft, and their existence owes much to IPEC’s dedication....   [tags: directors, performers, writers, tech developers]

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This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four

- This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four pieces of practical work using all three art forms. (Drama, dance, music, and a final piece that is a mixture of all three arts Performance studies This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four pieces of practical work using all three art forms. (Drama, dance, music, and a final piece that is a mixture of all three arts). Each piece must be three minutes long and we have around two months to improvise, rehearse and perform the four pieces....   [tags: Drama]

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Euthanasia Should Be Performed By Medical Professionals

- Although, euthanasia was widely discussed in the eighteenth century (the era of enlightenment), this controversial topic only gained national publicity in the year 1915 when Dr. Haiselden refused to perform a lifesaving surgery on a deformed child, leading to the child’s death (Doug, 2013). The morality of Dr. Haiselden’s action became scrutinized, as America asked, Is it moral for someone to let another die through actions or lack thereof. There are differences of opinion concerning the morality of euthanasia; however, I conclude that physician-assisted suicide of the terminally ill is morally acceptable because not only is it permissible to kill terminally ill patients but also the goals...   [tags: Euthanasia and Medical Ethics]

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Hot to Performe Effective Research and Write Formal Reports

- Introduction Researching a topic effectively is key to creating a useful formal report. If the data in a report is not accurate, credible, or incomplete then, the entire report is most likely useless. To minimize data errors the writer must know how to effectively research information. With any information the writer has gathered from sources in using any research process the writer must cite their sources in order not to commit plagiarism. Purpose This memo will explain how to effectively research and use data for formal reports to writing 227 students....   [tags: Gallaudet, Cornell research process]

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Subjugation of Filipino-Americans to Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B and Their Role as Performers

- In its current state, the perceptions of Asian Americans in mainstream media show little progress over their perceptions of the past. From the derogatory remarks made about the Chinese when they first migrated from China in the 1820s to the offensive, yet subtle, comments made about the Asian minorities in the United States even to this day, there is a blatant correlation to why these thoughts are still present in this society. Although these have been issues that have lasted for as long as the first migrations from these foreigners began, one person cannot deny that there are certain perspectives that invoke the beliefs of certain stereotypes on others who do not share the same background,...   [tags: Music]

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How Is the Relationship between Benedick and Beatrice Presented in Shakespeare’s Play and One or More Performed Versions?

- ... On the other hand, Benedick changes dramatically after coming to terms with his own affection, specifically after he finds out that Beatrice loves him. This is shown by him trying to prove that he is not scornful and proud through the love poems that he writes which make us sympathetic towards Benedick as a sweet, hopeless lover instead of the heartless joker that we remember him as. Shakespeare also presents their love through the way Beatrice and Benedick speak and the specific language that he has used to describe their feelings....   [tags: love, relationships, affection, gossip, rumors]

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Tupac Shakur and Curtis Jackson

- Many Americans don't see the uglier side of the U.S. Most people don't see the events that take place behind the music. When comparing Tupac and 50 Cent, one can see the flaws of American society. Both Tupac and 50 Cent come from a history of violence and drugs. They both had to make something out of what they had which was very little. They realized that if you want to achieve then you have to dream, and do whatever it takes you to achieve that dream. They had the ambition very few others had. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) came from nothing and had to start providing for himself when he was twelve years old....   [tags: 50 Cent, music producers and performers]

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Fine Quality Baroque Music in the Era of Renaissance

- ... The woodwinds had four primary instruments used in baroque music, the recorder, oboe, bassoon and the flute. There is also the brass which is composed of three instruments including the trumpet, trombone or the sackbut and the horn (Wright, 17). The trombone or the sackbut was mostly used for the chamber and the church music. It later evolved and became part of the military instrument. Both the trumpet and the horn were derived from the horn that is usually found in animals. Performers have the sole responsibility of choosing an instrument or a combination of instruments that they want use in order to perform baroque music....   [tags: strings, keyboard, woodwind]

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Discussion of The Quality of Performance

- Discussion of The Quality of Performance For this section, I have analysed a role model, upon whom my performer can identify with, and aim to be as good as. This I have chosen to be Ashley Cole, due to them playing in the same position, and the best nationally at his position. I have also analysed a Yr 7 performer, who again plays in the same position so that I am able to see where my performer fits in - i.e. how much he has progressed and what he has yet to learn. I will also be comparing to other performers in his team, to further enhance his stronger and weaker areas of football....   [tags: Papers]

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Dance and Drama at the Kerala Kathakali Centre in South India

- ... The chutti artist is, After the make-up process, another 2 hours is required for the applied make-up to completely dry and then, the performer is then dressed in the costume appropriate for the character they are portraying which in this case is a Paccha character. Make-up preparation takes place in a sacred dressing room (similar to the one in the image to the left) referred to as ‘Anniyara’. In this room, the performer lays on a mat which is positioned on the floor in order to have the intricate chutti applied on their face....   [tags: ramayana and the puranas]

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Process Essay: How to Perform a Magic Trick

- Magic tricks have fascinated people of all ages for centuries. From David Copperfield to Chris Angel, many performers use magic to amaze and astound. One of the least elaborate types of magic tricks is the card trick. There are two main types of card tricks: there are mathematical card tricks and sleight of hand card tricks. The former are simple to learn, but do not impress audiences. To really attract attention, an aspiring magician should learn sleight of hand card tricks. Sleight of hand card tricks are tricks that use misdirection and special manipulations of a deck of cards to do something seemingly impossible....   [tags: How To Essay]

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The Versatility of the Saxaphone

- Introduction I have often read that the saxophone is a “versatile” instrument. Maybe this is because its inventor; Adolph Sax, intended the role of the saxophone to be somewhere in between a loud woodwind instrument and a versatile brass instrument. Indeed even the professor of saxophone at the Paris conservatoire, Claude Delangle, states “What instrument could be better suited than the saxophone, with its variety of forms and cultures, to adapt itself to the expressive devises of the shakuhachi?”1 Delangle is most likely referring to the jazz and dance band cultures that the saxophone has adapted to, not to mention its dominance in gospel, pop, funk and American church music....   [tags: music, instruments]

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The Sport of Soccer

- The Sport of Soccer Planning My project on a sport activity will be based on the sport football. I will plan and observe the five skills of: * Pass * Head * Shoot * Tackle * Dribble From the observation I take I will construct a project showing how my performer carried out the skill with what weakness he has made when carrying out the skill and compare it to a professional performer. From the results I will evaluate his performance and draw a conclusion of how he can improve his skills....   [tags: Papers]

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Leff’s “Burn Your Maps”: Dripping With Realistic Human Characteristics

- Literary theorist, Kenneth Burke, defined dramatistic explaination by the prescence of five key elements. This list of elements, now popularly known as Burke’s Pentad, can be used to asses human behavior as well as dicipher literary themes and motives. The five elements; agent, purpose, scene, act, and agency, have been found highly useful by performance study practitioners in translating texts into aesthetics. When systematically applying Burke’s Pentad to “Burn Your Maps,” a short story by Robyn Joy Leff published January 2002 of the Atlantic Monthly, the analyzer can realistically grasp the emotional and logical motivations and tones of the text....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills

- The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills Feedback is part of the information processing system, which is received during or following a movement, to notify the performer about the effectiveness of the response. In order to learn and develop skills, feedback is necessary. Learning also requires knowledge of results and knowledge of performance. Feedback gives information about the quality of a movement/performance. There are many types of feedback, and we should know each one and the effect it has on skill improvement and value related to learning stages of the performer....   [tags: Papers]

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Degrees of Transcendence: Opposing Views by McKay and Hughes on the Consumption of Art

- Writing during the emergence of the “New Negro” movement, Claude McKay and Langston Hughes work to reconcile black life in white America. The trope used by the two poets within “The Harlem Dancer” and “The Weary Blues” is that of a performance and a single speaker’s recollection of it. While both depict an African-American performer presumably consumed by the isolation and oppression of their condition, the intensity of the performances prove to be vastly disparate. Hughes’ “The Weary Blues” features a much more transcendent performance than that of McKay’s “The Harlem Dancer” not only because of the relationship between the audience and the performer, but the degree of ubiquity in descripti...   [tags: New Negro Movement, Poetry]

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The Magic Within

- Magic tricks have fascinated people of all ages for centuries. From David Copperfield to Chris Angel, many performers use magic to amaze and astound. One of the least elaborate types of magic tricks is the card trick. There are two main types of card tricks: there are mathematical card tricks and sleight of hand card tricks. The former are simple to learn, but do not impress audiences. To really attract attention, an aspiring magician should learn sleight of hand card tricks. Sleight of hand card tricks are tricks that use misdirection and special manipulations of a deck of cards to do something seemingly impossible....   [tags: How-To Essay, Magic Tricks]

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Which is more effective at improving performance, positive or negative feedback?

- Which is more effective at improving performance, positive or negative feedback. The aim of this investigation is to discover which form of feedback, either positive or negative, is most effective in serving to improve performance. Based on my own experience and anecdotal evidence, my initial opinion is that positive feedback is more effective at improving performance than negative. Feedback Feedback is essential in order to reassure performers that what they are doing is correct so it will be repeated, or telling them what they are doing wrong so they can improve....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills

- The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills I have been given an assignment to discuss the role of feedback in the learning of skills. Feedback is associated with guidance in order to learn and develop skills. Guidance is information related to the task ahead, feedback is information about what we have done. As with guidance, the most appropriate form of feedback depends on the learner and the activity being learnt. Whichever form is used it’s important it is given or received as close to the performance as possible....   [tags: Papers]

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Individual Performances Inhibit or Distract

- Why does the presence of others improve individual performance in some situations but inhibit it in others. Discuss in relation to theories of social facilitation Performance in front of other people important in nowadays world. Lot of competition. Was ist social faciliation. To be able to understand why the presence of others improves or inhibits individual performances one has to know what the theory of social facilitation is. Basically, it is the tendency for people who are being watched or observed to perform better than they normally would alone on simple tasks....   [tags: audience, task, social facilitation]

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The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills

- The Role of Feedback in the Learning of Skills Galligan et al say “whichever form is used, it is important that it is given or received as close to the performance as possible. It must be accurate, understandable, concise and constructive.” Feedback can be positive, negative, extrinsic, intrinsic, terminal, concurrent, the knowledge of performance and the knowledge of results. All these types of feedback is the receiving and giving of sensory information concerning both positive and negative outcomes of a performance....   [tags: Papers]

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Altering Your Style of Teaching for Demands of Different Practice and Competitive Situations

- Altering Your Style of Teaching for Demands of Different Practice and Competitive Situations Before deciding on one's teaching style, one must view the performer or team, to establish their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this the teacher can decide what needs to be taught in using either command, reciprocal, discovery, or guided discovery styles of teaching. When choosing which method to use, the leader must decide what they want to achieve, by using that specific teaching method and how each type of style is going to affect the team or individual they are teaching....   [tags: Papers]

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Performance of Grupo Bimbo Company

- Introduction Grupo Bimbo founded in 1945, is the largest Mexican owned baking and confectionary company which manufactures over 10,000 products under 100 different brands. Some of their biggest confectionary brands are Barcel, Mrs. Baird's, Entenmann's, and Pullman whose products include chocolate bars, hard candies, gummies, licorice, and many more. Their headquarters are located in Mexico City, but they operate on a global scale with their biggest markets being the Americas, Asia and Europe. Grupo Bimbo employs over 125,000 people across 19 different countries....   [tags: confectionary, market, expansion]

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The Difficulty of Assessing Musical Performance

- ... It is important to get a contrast between more traditional sounding pieces with more contemporary and newly composed pieces to keep the audience interested. Also stage presence is a vital aspect of musical performance. Stage presence refers to the charisma and charm that draws an audience in and commands their full attention. Performing musicians will always have to adapt to different venues and occasions. Some performances are better suited to certain venues and the performer may be feel more comfortable in this type of situation....   [tags: perception, performance, genres]

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Story of A Transgender Woman: Nong Toom

- Make(ing) Up Gender The lights flashed on and off twice indicating that the show was about to begin. The excited audience crowded together into compact rows of folding seats. The bar, located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, stank of stale Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and cheap whiskey. The walls were covered with decapitated and mutilated mannequins with messages like “Fuck Gender. Just Fuck PEOPLE!” written in permanent marker. As an alluring song began to play the performer took the stage; his dark green army uniform was perfectly contoured around his muscular form, a large bulge in his pants was plainly visible, and his mustache was thick and black....   [tags: Gender Roles, Women, Men]

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Javelin Throwing Assessment

- Javelin Throwing Assessment The skill I have just seen was a Javelin Throw in/at………..and the conditions were………… What was the outcome. The outcome was that the javelin…………….. What level is the performer at. The performer looks to be at a Performance level in relation to the performance pyramid - This is where participants are committed to their activity and take part in formal competitions. They are keen to improve and reach goals and targets and they do this by receiving coaching....   [tags: Papers]

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Beauty in the Eye of a Poet

- “Beauty in the Eye of a Poet” “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”- Kahlil Gibran. Comparatively between “Sonnet 130”, by William Shakespeare and “The Harlem Dancer”, by Claude McKay, they are English sonnets with fourteen lines or stanzas, and the rhyme scheme of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. Both sonnets use metaphors, imagery, and sense of tone to describe female beauty. The speaker’s admires female beauty, yet in different viewpoints. Shakespeare uses nature to compare his lover, being that she isn’t the ideal significant other....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Literary Analysis]

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- Training TIMETABLE Date Week Objective 14th January 1 Observe performer in core skill 1 (on guard), use camera for visual observation. 21st January 2 Observe performer in core skill 2 (footwork) and discuss, use camera for visual observation. 28th January 3 Observe performer in core skill 3 (lunge) and discuss, use camera for visual observation. 4th February 4 Observe performer in core skill 4 (Parry) and discuss, use camera for visual observation....   [tags: Papers]

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The Enduring Benefits of Graphic Notation

- The proliferation of graphic scores emerging in Europe and America from the mid-1950s has had a profound impact on musical thought, broadening links between performers and composers, audiences and art forms. Exploration of notational methods based on graphics flourished rapidly and diversely during the fifties and sixties, primarily as a trend amongst young radicals. So many composers producing scores of this kind used a personal vocabulary of symbols – often creating different notation systems for each work – that the effectiveness of their approaches in realising a sonic concept can be assessed only on a case-by-case basis....   [tags: Music]

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Exploration of the Difference Between Skill and Ability

- Exploration of the Difference Between Skill and Ability 'Skill is the learned ability to bring about pre-determined results with maximum certainty, often with minimum outlay of time or energy or both.' A skilful performance can be described using the following words: Efficient - the skill is well co-ordinated and appears effortless. The unskilled performer will appear much slower and more clumsy and will also tire much more quickly. Fluent - the skill is well co-ordinated, well timed and precise....   [tags: Papers]

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Emotion in Musical Performance

- Introduction An outstanding piano performance is one in which there is an emotional connection between the performer and the listener. When a pianist imbues his performance with emotional intensity, the audience will likewise feel the same. The result is an electrifying, energetic performance. There is scientific basis for this sharing of emotions. Scientific research over the last two decades has led to the discovery of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons enable us to empathize with others, feeling the emotions of another’s as if they were our own....   [tags: Mirror Neuron System, Brain Stimulation]

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The History of Vaudeville Theater

- Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there was a time in history, when a brand new style of entertainment swept the nation. It changed the very way that Americans would perform in theaters, while illustrating the creativity of people with an eagerness to entertain. The The development of vaudeville theater had a significant impact on America by providing people of all ages with a new source of entertainment, a new type of music/ theater experience, and symbolized the cultural diversity of early 20th century America....   [tags: scenic arts]

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The Classification of Skills to Include the Differences between Individual, Co-Active, and Interactive Skills

- The Classification of Skills to Include the Differences between Individual, Co-Active, and Interactive Skills Skill is a very important concept in sport for both the participant and the coach as well. A Skill is “An organised co-ordinated activity in relation to an object or situation which involves a whole chain of sensory central and motor mechanisms". However a performance in sport which is seen as skilful has to include some of these qualities. -Consistency -Accuracy -Control Austen obfuscated jbruce1's rationalisation theory....   [tags: Papers]

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The Origins of Kabuki

- The origins of Kabuki can be traced back to 1603 when Okuni Izumo, a Shinto priestess, was performing along the Kamo River in Kyoto (Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb). Izumo performances were quite popular and she was able to form an all female troupe. Unfortunately, these all female troupes were met with disapproval from government officials and were forced to disband. Since the beginning of Kabuki, the only major changes that Kabuki has faced has been the changes in which gender would be allowed to perform....   [tags: okuni izumo, shinto priests]

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Cinema of Attractions: The Features of 1906 Cinema

- According to Gunning (1986), spectacle dominates narrative in the early film-making industry (p. 59), whilst this is the most significant feature in the conception of “cinema of attraction”. When film-making is still at the exploration stage, attempting to play with the new technology and produce films of different genres, most of the works before 1906 present the characteristics of “cinema of attractions” introduced by Gunning. Cinema pre-1906 attempts to show the actuality or perform directly and explicitly to the spectators, instead of narrating a story....   [tags: film-making, cinema, camera position]

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Concert at Flordia State University

- ... 7 in E flat Major Isaac Albeniz- Triana The venue was a small amphitheatre with wood paneled walls and a wooden stage with the piano situated in the middle. The chairs were covered in blue fabric. I would estimate that the venue was about one-third full, and the crowd consisted primarily of college students (although I did see two senior-aged individuals in attendance, as well). It appeared that attending the event was a requirement for a specific class, although I did not ask anyone about this directly....   [tags: music analysis, performance critique]

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Employee Motivation and Effective Job Performance

- “It seems that the ethos of “shared sacrifice” evoked by this past generation has gone by the wayside. In place of the Greatest Generation, we are now in the midst of what might be termed the “greediest generation,” whose hallmark include an insatiable appetite for the trappings of status and wealth” (Monheit, 2010, p.272). Studies show how effective upbringing can influence the independence of an individual and the roles these characteristics play throughout adulthood (Lekes, Gingras, Phillippe, Koestner & Fang, 2009)....   [tags: Positive, Negative Feedback, Rewards]

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Minstrelsy in the American Film Industry

- The minstrel show is considered by many as the first American form of musical theatre (Bordman, 2010). However, the tradition of minstrelsy, in various forms, dates back to well before Thomas Dartmouth Rice first jumped Jim Crow. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, it was common for actors to darken their faces for dramatic effect, as illustrated by Shakespeare’s Othello (Strausbaugh, 2010). It could be said that minstrelsy continues to be alive and well today, in the form of reality television and hip-hop culture....   [tags: racism, blackface, anti-black]

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Professional Legal Ethical and Social Issues

- ... Fig 1. Flowchart of legal issues source: JISClegal information ETHICAL ISSUES: Ethics defined as moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity (Oxford 2014). Ethical issues are considered to be morally good practices that should be followed and professional bodies involved. The issues like freedom of information, privacy, copyright legislations, legality of software and social media misuse are all within the use of IT. Ethics is not just about what is right and what is wrong (Garret & Lewis, 2008).it also includes moral systems and principles and stakeholder analysis....   [tags: lecture capture system]

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Talent Initiative Function Metrics

- Introduction Organizations are concerned with aligning the outcomes of the talent management initiative with the business vision, mission, and values and the long term integration of their strategic planning (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). Organization understand that HR is not separate from the organization and to be successful in essence they must come together and work together to achieve success. When looking at the design there are leading and lagging indicators that must be distinguished. Leading indicators are metrics that will gather data to help the organization predict future outcomes and show how well the organization is positioned for future....   [tags: talent management, employee performance]

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Generating Real-Time Visual Meaning for Live Indian Drumming

- Generating Real-Time Visual Meaning for Live Indian Drumming Abstract: In this essay, a system developed to generate visual meaning for live performed music is described. Specifically, this system is calibrated to respond to North Indian classical and folk drumming tradition, using custom designed digital musical interfaces, such as the Electronic Tabla and Electronic Dholak. A drum, when struck, does not generate its sound as a record of the force applied, but as an artifact of a physical response to that strike within the artistically controlled conditions of its material state....   [tags: Music Rhythm Drums Musical Essays]

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The Role of Motivation in Enhancing Sports Performance

- The Role of Motivation in Enhancing Sports Performance "No Works Cited" “… the internal state which tends to direct a person’s behaviour towards a goal.” (Kent, 1994) “…motivation has been seen as having two aspects: it is what drives id to do things …and it makes us do particular things.” (Woods, 1988) Motivation can influence decisions, learning and performance in sport. If a performer is not in a positive psychological state, mistakes will be made in the performance, and they will not perform at their best level....   [tags: Papers]

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Japan Kyoto: Shinto and traditional arts

- When tourists were being interviewed and asked to give comments on Japan, it is not surprising that most of them would agree that is a mixed-culture and amusing place with full of astonishment. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, is a city with two adverse faces and expressions. On the one hand, it is similar to the metropolitan capital city Tokyo with modern designed architecture. On the other hand, it represents peace and history whereas temples and historical architectures could be seen everywhere....   [tags: kyoto, japan culture, buddhism]

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The Romantic Movement

- THE ROMANTIC MOVEMENT I. INTRODUCTION In an attempt to analyze music in the Romantic Movement we will look at the following areas: the effects of the Industrial Revolution in music and instruments, the rise on the middle class and its effect on music, interest in nationalism and exoticism, the romantic style and expression in music and the role of men and women in music of the nineteen century society. II. ROMANTIC MOVEMENT The dawning of the nineteen century brought with it a change in the political and social climate, the world was ready to usher in a new era of artistic thought....   [tags: Musical History ]

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Musical Expression and Musical Meaning in Context

- Musical Expression and Musical Meaning in Context 1. Some preliminaries. There is a growing body of work in the philosophy of music and musical aesthetics that has considered the various ways that music can be meaningful: music as representational (that is, musical depictions of persons, places, processes, or events); musical as quasi-linguistic reference (as when a musical figure underscores the presence of a character in a film or opera), and most especially, music as emotionally expressive....   [tags: Music Philosophy Essays]

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Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time - Quator Pour Le Fin Du Temps

- Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time - Quator Pour Le Fin Du Temps Technical and Interpretative Challenges Presented to Performers in Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) played a significant part in the evolution of twentieth-century music, influencing a number of other composers with his innovative compositional techniques. The Quartet for the End of Time, is not one of Messiaen’s typical works due to the circumstances in which it was composed (his main outputs were organ, orchestral and choral works), but it marks the start of the significant use of some of these techniques....   [tags: Music Theory History]

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Attending a Performance of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

- The performance that I attended was of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra playing the Overture to The creatures of Prometheus, by Beethoven, the Concerto for Orchestra by Kodaly, and Harold in Italy, by Berlioz. The orchestra was conducted by David Currie, and I think that they played very well overall. The stage was brightly lit from both on stage and the front of house and the musicians were arranged in a semi circle around the podium. The back rows of the strings section were mounted on risers and high stools....   [tags: Symphony Orchestra, concerts, music,]

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Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton

- Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton Player Physical Fitness is important in any sport. It relates to the following areas: · Speed · Reaction time · Co-ordination · Balance · Power · Agility · Strength · Flexibility Speed Badminton at times can be a particularly fast sport and therefore speed is often important for a badminton player. Players often are able to work at high speed for short burst (e.g. when coming into the net to retrieve a net shot from the back of the court) but may also have to have a good aerobic fitness in order to continue with long rallies....   [tags: Papers]

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Choosing a Recital Program

- Presenting a recital for the public is a daunting task. It exacts from the performer a number of skills which must come together at the exact hour of the performance. I like to think of the solo recital as the musical equivalent to the athletic triathlon. In the case of the recital, the three areas that must come into complete alignment by the recital date are musical expression, mental focus, and physical preparedness. In this article, a systematic approach is used to address these components. The suggestions are not exclusive but have been used to good success with both my own recitals and those of my students....   [tags: Music]

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Martial Arts in Asian Theatre

- The Asian Theatre features many rich and beautiful traditions. The realm of Asian Theatre encompasses certain Eastern Traditions which often stem from Buddhism and Taoist practices or beliefs. Martial Arts and acrobatics are frequently utilized in the Noh Theatre, Kabuki, and the Beijing Opera. Karate and Kung Fu were a few of the styles actors applied to the Art of Asian Theatre. The Beijing Opera has been a very popular art form in China for over two-hundred years. The Beijing Opera utilizes various elements such as singing, mime, acrobatics/contortion, and martial arts....   [tags: Karate, Kung Fu, China, Beijing Opera, Kabuki, Noh]

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Employee Evaluation and Its Practice

- ... Therefore, judging by managers “includes specific skills, the amount of work they produce/complete, and a variety of other tasks” (JetHr, 2013, p. 1). • Manager Performance Appraisal: This method results in managers applying an appraisal process covering job skill and human resources skill (JetHr, 2013). • Employee Self-Assessment: This method is “the most dreaded by employees, as no one seems to enjoy rating” (JetHr, 2013, p. 1) him or herself . Most often the results involve comparing “the self-assessment to an assessment by the manager and a discussion of the differences follows” (JetHr, 2013, p....   [tags: performance, system, appraisal]

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Pre-1600 Styles in European Art Music

- Pre-1600 Styles in European Art Music The "old" European attitude, and the attitude that attracts many modern performers to early music, is exactly the opposite of the modern attitude: 1. Music is a strictly local expression, rich in variety since each culture expresses affective differences through art, 2. Music is a poetic process--complex, vague, and irrational--based upon borrowed traditional musical materials (melodies, rhythms, forms, etc.), 3. Music is for a religious, elitist-class performer who can understand and appreciate its mysterious nature and power, 4....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Devised Theatre or Collaborative Creation

- “Devised theatre can start from anything. It is determined and defined by a group of people who set up an initial framework or structure to explore and experiment with ideas, images, concepts, themes, or specific stimuli that might include music, text, objects, paintings, or movement.” (Alison Oddey 1). Devised theatre, also called collaborative creation, is a form of theatre in which the script is created through a collaborative process with the actors and the playwright, rather than the traditional method of theatre with a premade script....   [tags: forms of the dramatic arts]

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Models of Choking: A Study of Sport performance Under Pressure.

- Choking, as defined in this article, refers to “a critical deterioration in skill execution leading to substandard performance that is caused by an elevation in anxiety levels under perceived pressure at a time when successful outcome is normally attainable by the athlete”. A point to take note of is that to date, researchers have not been able to entirely agree on an operational definition of ‘choking’. This can be seen where Mesagno, Marchant, and Morris (2009) defined choking as “the critical deterioration in the execution of habitual processes that results from an increase in anxiety under perceived pressure”....   [tags: Choking, athletes, PPR]

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