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The Otherness: Genuiness, Accpetance, and Understanding

- Having a relational understanding of persons focused on a theological basis, involves having a solid base and understanding of how intricately related we all are to the trune, and that we were created in imago dei – the Image of God. To truly understand a person, we need to be connected to them on both a divine and a human level. Appreciating all of the commonalities and also the persons 'otherness'. Part of developing and ensuring this true connection involves developing a genuine I – Thou relationship with them, rather than an I – It relationship....   [tags: Carl Rogers, self-actualization]

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Religious Censorship Fuels Inequality and Otherness

- Tolerance is accepted as an essential part of developing a harmonious community, but tolerance and censorship are not entirely the same thing. While tolerance is defined by the OED as "the disposition to be patient with or indulgent to the opinions or practices of others; freedom from bigotry or undue severity in judging the conduct of others," and implies a personal decision to accept the differences of others, censorship is defined as "official supervision; control" by the OED which revokes personal responsiblity and places it on another entity than the self....   [tags: Tolerence]

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Otherness and the Rhetoric of Imperialist Discourse

- Otherness and the Rhetoric of Imperialist Discourse Le yo vle touye yon chen, yo di’l fou. (When they want to kill a dog, they say it’s crazy.) ---Haitian Proverb When Elizabethan map makers came upon an area of the globe that was yet to be thoroughly explored by “western” civilization, they would give a rough estimate as to its shape and terrain, and then label it as Terra incognita, or “unknown land.” To help illustrate exactly how unknown this land was, images of demons and a variety of other monsters filled space usually inhabited by the names of cities, rivers and deserts....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Julio Cortazar, A Novelist

- Julio Cortázar is a famous novelist from Argentina. He was born August 26, 1914 in Brussels, Belgium and died February 12, 1984 at the age of 70 years young. Otherness is the foundation of translation in almost every sense of the word. The translator must become the author's other, his Doppelganger, what Julio Cortázar called his paredros, using a Greek term for an old Egyptian concept of otherness. At the same time the translator must turn the author into another possibility of his own existence....   [tags: biography, otherness ]

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Otherness in Charalaine Harri’s Novel, Dead Until Dark

- Charlaine Harris, the author of Dead Until Dark, familiarized us with the world of supernatural creatures from Sookie’s point of view. Vampires, shapeshifters and Sookie represent the otherness in their world. Since Bram Stroker published his horror novel Dracula in 1897, vampire stories have become popular. His novel is considered to be the main influence on writing vampire stories. Vampires are usual described as notorious creatures of the night that attack humans and drink their blood, and people fear and abhor them, connect them with Satan....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Supernatural Creatures]

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Wittgenstein's Children: Some Implications for Teaching and Otherness

- Wittgenstein's Children: Some Implications for Teaching and Otherness ABSTRACT: The later Wittgenstein uses children in his philosophical arguments against the traditional views of language. Describing how they learn language is one of his philosophical methods for setting philosophers free from their views and enabling them to see the world in a different way. The purpose of this paper is to explore what features of children he takes advantage of in his arguments, and to show how we can read Wittgenstein in terms of education....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Otherness in Euripides' Bacchae and Soyinka's The Bacchae of Euripides

- Otherness in Euripides'Bacchae and Soyinka's The Bacchae of Euripides   Both Euripides and Wole Soyinka are focused on a fundamental ethical imperative in their plays: welcome the stranger into your midst. Acceptance of Dionysus as a god, as "an essence that will not exclude or be excluded", is stressed (Soyinka 1). Pentheus is punished severely for excluding, for refusing to acknowledge or submit to, Dionysus' divine authority. In order to carve out a place for himself (in the pantheon, in the minds of the people), Dionysus' divinity manifests itself in an overtly political manner: its effect on those who worship him....   [tags: Euripides Bacchae Essays]

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Analysis of Novel Fledgling

- ... There is no moral questioning at all, but this total acceptance of paedophilia is not only seen in those having sex with children, also by every single other character. Even though being black brought Shori some strengths; she can go out in the daylight above the white Ina, it still served to emphasize how “other” she is compared to “natural” Ina. The bite of the Ina injects venom into the human; true, and it increases their lifespans, improves their health and healing, but it also makes them love the Ina....   [tags: vampire, destroy, human, otherness]

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Immigration; Reform or Racism

- INTRODUCTION How should we decide who to let in. This may appear to be a question of immigration - but is it really. In this paper we will analyze the social concepts of Otherness, New Racism, and Critical Race Theory, in trying to answer that question. As we address immigration in this country, are we talking about immigration reform or just a newer form of racism. If it is racism, what do we do about that. SUMMARY OF THE SOCIAL PROBLEM First let’s answer the question, what is racism. A full definition of racism according to is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a par...   [tags: Otherness, New Racism, Critical Race Theory]

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Otherness in 1984 by George Orwell and The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre

- Otherness in 1984 by George Orwell and The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre The notion of “otherness” is a perception that has been evident to the point of fever during the Cold War, resulting in a paranoid atmosphere that caused numerous separations in society, such as the US against the Soviet Union, East against West, and capitalism against communism. However, the paranoia not only existed externally, but also internally, as many groups perceived divisions within themselves in this atmosphere....   [tags: Spy Cold 1984 Orwell Carre Essays]

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The Other in Nosferatu and Dr. Mabuse the Gambler

- In the Early years of film one can easily say that Germany lead the way in experimentation, with such striking examples as Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu and Dr. Mabuse the Gambler. How when looking at two of these film, Nosferatu and Dr Mabuse the Gambler one can find a similar theme that run throughout. This theme is that of Weimar’s insecurity about outsiders and otherness different cultures. While both films have different stories at their very simplest both films see someone come into the idyllic lives of the protagonist not only wrecking their lives but the lives of ordinary people as well....   [tags: early German films]

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Freudian Theory Of The Unconscious

- Within the realm of philosophy discourse, academics grapple with the ‘problem of other minds,’ or minds separate from your own. However within psychoanalytic discourse Tim Dean asserts that ‘psychoanalysis substantially reorients this philosophical problematic [other minds] by pointing to the otherness of one’s own mind. (130)’ What Dean is saying can be unpacked into simpler terms; if our unconscious and otherness is unknowable to ourselves, based on popular Freudian theory of the unconscious, how are we able to understand any person 's otherness....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Homosexuality]

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Analysis of Excess in Sexuality According to Sigmond Freud and Leo Bersani´s Theories

- Sexual excess is an antithetical idea, one that denotes both liberated pleasure and contemptible transgression. Therefore, it is also an idea that rests on the assumption of boundaries and an insatiable desire, one that needs to move beyond normative parameters in order to achieve pleasure. Whether it is the uncontainable physical sensations, the decision to avoid the “talk” with children, or even the inability to construct emotions into words, the notion of excess spawns from the inevitable interconnection of morality with modern sexuality....   [tags: Shame, Stimuli, Morality]

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The Essay ' The Merchant Of Venice '

- The Otherness in The Merchant of Venice In the play The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, there is a concept of otherness throughout the play. Many characters had roles in which they were examples of the outsiders, that occurred during the time the play was written. If not all but in most plays by William Shakespeare, there is always a character who is categorized as the outsider. However, The Merchant of Venice took the concept into a deeper level, instead of depicting differences in social class as otherness, the play included race and religion, instead of social class....   [tags: Marriage, William Shakespeare]

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Hegel and the Relation of Master and Servant

- Relation of Master and Servant According to Hegel, “the self conscious is itself and for itself” meaning that it has to come outside of itself, so that it can do two things. One is to cancel out the other otherness. The second is to try to become recognized. This recognition process is called Master and Servant self-conscious. The conflict between master and servant is one in which the historical themes such as dependence and independence are introduced. It sets up the realization of the self conscious through the recognition of and by another, through mutual recognition....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Subverting Power: The Lesson of Post-Colonial Literature

- Subverting Power: The Lesson of Post-Colonial Literature Your Name School Affiliation Outline A. Introduction Thesis: Adgar and Alizdeh, as representatives of post-colonial literature, provide evidence that otherness, essentialism and orientalism are notions that explain the issues that arise in the contemporary world as a result of imperial tendencies on the part of Western societies, and their writing suggests a peculiar form of struggle which is rooted in subversion and internal critique of systems of domination....   [tags: Western societies, Adgard, Alizdeth, essentialism]

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The Changing Duality of Race, Martha Hodes

- This week’s articles carry a couple related, if not common, themes of imagined, if not artificial, constructs of race and identity. Martha Hodes’ article, “The mercurial Nature and Abiding Power of Race: A Transnational Family Story,” offers a narrative based examination of the malleable terms on which race was defined. To accomplish this she examines the story of Eunice Connolly and her family and social life as a window into understanding the changing dimensions of race in nineteenth-century America and the Caribbean, specifically New England and Grand Cayman....   [tags: race in america, eunice connolly]

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Ekphrasis and the Other in Picture Theory

- Rita Dove’s Museum utilizes juxtapositions as a means to create a revision of history, to remove the ekphrasis fear mentioned in W. Mitchell’s essay “Ekphrasis and the Other” in Picture Theory. Dove, establishes a new history by blurring the lines of otherness, focusing more so on humanism, rather than female, and African American being something that is over come with otherness. In fact, as the article “Ekphrasis in the book: Rita Dove’s African American museum” mentions, “Dove’s long interest in ekphrasis both explicitly and implicitly in her use of it to dismantle otherness, to reach across the gaps between poet, image and audience.” Throughout Dove’s work she undoes the otherness reestab...   [tags: rita dove, museum, ekphrasis]

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Analysis Of ' The Films ' And Drole De Felix '

- Analysis Essay To “other” someone is to “view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself” [Oxford Dictionary]. When one “others” a person or group of people they mentally set themself up as the default or the one who is normal, while thinking of everyone else as being strange, or even wrong. The films Tomboy and Drôle de Félix explore the lives of two who have been “othered” and how they navigate their lives and their relationships with their families and friends....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Gender]

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Discrimination and Inequality in the LGBT Community

- One has constructed this essay in a manner in which the reader will be able to appreciate the motives of discrimination and inequality, and when they could take place; as well as the definition and the impact they have, not only on the LGBT community but society as a whole. Throughout this essay, one will attempt to identify the manifestation of inequality in the modern society, which in spite of everything is still occurring even after the Equality Act 2010 has come into practice and it introduced the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)....   [tags: social issues, rights in the work place]

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Plastic Surgery

- Plastic Surgery Starting with modernity, we have entered an era of production of the Other. It is no longer a question of killing, of devouring or seducing the Other, of facing him, of competing with him, of loving or hating the Other. It is first of all a matter of producing the Other. The Other is no longer an object of passion but an object of production. Maybe it is because the Other, in his radical otherness [alterite], or in his irreducible singularity, has become dangerous or unbearable....   [tags: Papers]

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The Character of Othello

- The Character of Othello        Shakespeare's Othello is not simply a play which embodies the conflict between insider and outsider. The paradigm of otherness presented in this play is more complicated than the conclusion, "Othello is different; therefore, he is bad." Othello's character is to be revered. He is a champion among warriors; an advisor among councilmen; a Moor among Venetians. Yes, Othello is a Moor, but within the initial configuration of the play, this fact is almost irrelevant....   [tags: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Othello]

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The And Sarah Baartman As A Tool For Viewing And Understanding The World

- In todays society it may no longer be acceptable to openly call an individual a freak, but back in the 1800s such differences caused people to be exploited their entire life. For Krao and Sarah Baartman this exploitation began by being whisked away from their families and country of origin and taken to London as young girls. Both had to endure a lifetime of being publically displayed so that other individuals could calm their own insecurities and scientific inquiries. A lot was changing in the world during this time and the world was constantly being explored and expanding....   [tags: Racism, Race, Human sexual behavior, Race]

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Perfume As A Cross Genre Novel Indited By Patrick Suskind

- “Perfume” is a cross-genre novel indited by the German author, Patrick Süskind in 1985. Set in seventeenth-century France, the novel pertains to the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a sociopathic, enlightened Parisian whose hyperosmia, and ardent desire to experience olfactory pleasure, leads him to murder twenty-six virgin girls, twenty-five of whom were used to create the ultimate perfume. Greouille’s propensity for perfume is accentuated by the use of “Perfume” as the novels title; it is Grenouille’s passion, exemplified by his desire to “possess everything the world could offer in the way of odours” and recreate the human scent....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Human, Religion]

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The Aesthetic Criteria Is Centered On Reading With Hope

- In Haskel Frankel’s review, the aesthetic criteria is centered on reading with hope. Frankel wants The Bluest Eye to give him positive emotions, such as comfort and happiness, and yet the language makes him think about what makes something beautiful, a question which he would not like to raise in the first place. Frankel mainly focuses on what the novel did not do and what he thought could have made it more successful. Although overall Frankel was “still in favor of” the novel, he wanted Pecola to be the central character and when she became one it was “far too late to achieve the impact it might have had” (Frankel)....   [tags: African American, Black people, Character, Novel]

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Colonial Imaginary & “Pangs”

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Colonial Imaginary & “Pangs” The cult show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been often heralded as groundbreaking and feminist; however, the show is not without its faults. Throughout the show’s seven-year run, the cast was predominantly white, with little cultural diversity represented. Various episodes depict the colonial imaginary, from a hypersexual Incan princess who comes back to life to seduce men , to the primitive and aggressive African Slayer . Perhaps the episode most engrained with colonial imaginary is the Thanksgiving episode, “Pangs”....   [tags: TV Episode Review]

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Women 's Role As A Woman

- “What is Woman?” You can say that a woman is a woman because she has ovaries, but does this really inhibit everything that it means to be a woman. All cultures since the dawn of time had defined women in terms of procreation. The Second Sex revolves around the idea that woman has been apprehended in a relationship of long-standing oppression to man through her relegation to being man 's Other. The roles we associate with women are not given to them in birth; therefore, women are told what they’re supposed to be in life and what kind of roles they can or can’t perform....   [tags: Female, Male, Human, Childbirth]

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Othello as a Black Man in a White Society

- Othello as a Black Man in a White Society Shakespeare's play,Othello, explores themes of love and passion, 'otherness', jealousy, revenge and order vs. Chaos, which all revolve mainly around the protagonist, Othello. Surrounded by Venetians within a white society, Othello begins to realise his 'otherness' thus his insecurities as an outside and a "Moor" increase. The deceptive Iago uses these dangerous blemishes in Othello's personality to manipulate the moral Othello, using his one fatal flaw, jealousy....   [tags: Papers]

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The Central Plot of Dracula

- While the character of Renfield is ostensively extraneous to the central plot of Dracula, he fulfils an important role in Stoker’s exploration of the central themes of the novel. This paper will examine how Renfield character is intertwined with the three central themes of invasion, blood and otherness. Firstly, through Renfield’s inner struggle we learn that he is ‘not his own master’ (Stoker, 211). The theme of invasion is revealed by the controlling and occupying powers of Count Dracula....   [tags: renfield, social construction]

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Zombies As An Infectious Horror

- How many times have you been scared awake by zombies after watching shows or reading comics. Zombies, a particular group of survival horror, are basically dead people who come back to us in an evil way. From novels to Hollywood films, we look like cowards who are repeatedly scared by zombies. How can we still get shocks in this age of scientific society. The answer is that zombies come back with cultural messages in stories, which express our extraordinary fears. Such a horrible story was created by Kirkman, in The Walking Dead he depicted zombies as a horrible metaphor for xenophobia by combining fear of otherness with infectious disease; as a result, fear of contagion fuses with our fear...   [tags: Infectious disease, Infection, Disease]

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Racial Exclusion Of Non Whites

- Self and other are social binaries that have generated racial exclusion of non-whites; predominantly blacks. Racial exclusion is shown through the practice of xenophobic attitudes towards blacks. It is that this xenophobic attitudes aroused through the stereotypes generated to be the ideal black person possess uncivilised features, lips of a rapist, hairy, violent, and naked (OTHERNESS ARTICLE).Negative connotations are attached to these un-humane like features. It conjures an image of a beast like creature that is perceived through Christianity as a devil resulting in racial exclusion to blacks (BLACK IS NOT BEAUTIFUL)....   [tags: Racism, Black people, Race, White people]

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The Issue Of Racial Discrimination

- Issues of racial injustices have been a problem in the United States throughout generations. Athletes have always had their opinions on racial issues and have never seemed to hesitate to speak their mind. Recently Colin Kaepernick has been sitting out of the National Anthem to protest for “black lives matter.” The representation of race in the Article, Tommie Smith, iconic 1968 Olympics activist, defends Colin Kaepernick’s protest, by Nancy Armour, is a modern way to protest the racial injustices our country has been facing....   [tags: United States, African American, Race]

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Racism And Race And Gender

- Tolerance is strategically employed in the process of depoliticization of socially stigmatized issues on race and gender. In the contemporary liberal democracy, these issues are implicitly hidden in the very private space. Thereby, a gendered issue such as a gender role in a family becomes what each family should discuss respectively within the family. In the same manner, the word, “race” becomes taboo people feel reluctant to reveal their views due to the prevalent notion that racism is morally incorrect....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Race, Gender role]

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Youth and the Media

- Youth and the Media A major stepping stone in the path of contemporary youth is that of the media and it’s all to often fatalistic, unfavourable and adverse representation of today’s youth. The media primarily are modes of communication in contemporary culture that are often created by teams of people to entertain, inform, persuade and provide avenues of expression for mass audiences....   [tags: Papers]

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Tracing Sexual Difference: Beyond the Aporia of the Other

- Tracing Sexual Difference: Beyond the Aporia of the Other ABSTRACT: A reading of Luce Irigaray suggests the possibility of tracing sexual difference in philosophical accounts of personal identity. In particular, I argue that Irigaray raises the possibility of moving beyond the aporia of the other which lies at the heart of Paul Ricoeur's account of self-identity. My contention is that the self conceived in Ricoeur's Oneself as Another is male insofar as it is dependent upon the patriarchal monotheism which has shaped Western culture both socially and economically....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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bram stokers "dracula"

- Many people are familiar with the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker. It is typically referred to as a horror story sure to give a good scare. However, Bram Stoker was not merely out to give his Victorian audience a thrill ride. Many symbols and themes, particularly those of the main antagonist Dracula, were brought into the novel to teach a lesson. Oddly enough, Dracula resembles other forces of evil in other religions as well. A strong comparison exists between Dracula, Satan, and Hindu demons. Of course these parallels are not fully drawn across the entire novel....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Ernesto Pujol 's ' The Eyes ' Boots On A Faux Victorian Shelf '

- Ernesto Pujol’s journal discusses his art exhibition called Whiteness, where it revolves around the culture of whiteness and the thought process of being a white subject. The exhibition opened at the Foire Internationale d 'art moderne et contemporain in Paris in September 1999, and at Linda Kirkland Gallery in New York in October. It features an interesting assortment of objects combined together like Nazi porcelain dishes and bronzed, enameled, American baby boys ' boots on a faux Victorian shelf, wherein Pujol creates a series of photographs focusing on the notion of taste and purity (Pujol, 100)....   [tags: Race, Racism, Race, White people]

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The World War II And America 's Role During The Defeat Of Germany And Japan

- Many individuals are educated on World War II and America’s role in the defeat of Germany and Japan. However, not until recently has light been shined onto the black spot in the U.S history of this era. This black spot is the internment of not only individuals of Japanese descent, but also Germans, and Italians from the U.S and Latin America in camps all throughout the United States. In mid-1942 one hundred and eighteen miles south of San Antonio in Crystal City, Texas, the largest internment camp administered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and the Department of Justice emerged; its official name was the Crystal City Enemy Detention Facility....   [tags: World War II, United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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Arthur W. Frank’s The Wounded Story Teller and Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish

- This discussion paper intends to address the difference between witness, on the one hand, and observation, judgement and examination on the other hand. Through the consideration of a social context, these conceptual frameworks will be contrasted in terms of their purpose, the knowledge gain once applied to the social world and social beings as well as the potential implications of their implementation. Conclusions will be drawn from the evidence as to whether these conceptual lenses aid in the understanding of the social world and in turn the nature of the human condition....   [tags: witness, observation, judgement]

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Cultural Diversity : The Ethnic Group Based On Language, Religion, And Ethnic Groups

- Heterogeneous cultural groups have evolved into distinct racial groups that individuals misrecognize as natural instead of a social construction. Historically, people did not primarily identify according to race, but rather ethnic group, language, and kinship. Ethnicity is the identification with an ethnic group based on language, religion, historical experience, geographic isolation, kinship or race. Race is phenotypically dissimilar groups in some sort of long-term unequal power and/or economic relationship where the dominant group justifies its position through some kind of legitimating ideology....   [tags: Race, United States, Racism, Ethnic group]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Big Characters ' And ' The Yard '

- Written in big characters and pasted on walls, dazibao in 1950s-70s is a form of public advocacy that exposed improper social phenomenon or individual behaviors, which were usually spontaneous, violent, and had been believed as conveying real voices of the people for patriotic purpose. Written with a mixture of Chinese and broken English in different characters, this dazibao piecies together grand narratives of the Jewish rescuers, WWII, governmental recognitions, in order to prevent—say, certain grocery owner who wanted to park his truck in the yard, fully reveals the post-colonial strategies of mimicry....   [tags: Sociology, Michel Foucault, Jacques Lacan, Gaze]

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Eastern Media and Its Terrific Reach On The Rest of The World

- With the age of technology having increasing control upon all of humanity, it is often hard to disagree these days over the extent to which cultures have a certain influence upon a global audience. The global phenomenon that is East Asian culture has a large authority on many other cultures. It seems to be that, what Edward Said referred to as, ‘the other’ has a large impact on the rest of the world. Globalization is an occurrence that is fed by this otherness upon most of the world. Anywhere from economic impact to media, East Asia has a major impression on the rest of the world....   [tags: Technology, Culture, Globalization]

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Characters Of ' Monster ' By Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

- The idea of “monster” is an enduring one that has remained a constant in popular culture through successive generations. There are many different interpretations and definitions of what traits separate man from monster, these traits generally include a large, ugly, and frightening physical appearance, and/or being inhumanly cruel or wicked. In fictional texts that discuss monsters, these traits usually come together in one character, an example being Caliban from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. However, other texts, such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, portray characters who arguably show only one of these monstrous traits, which in turn calls to question what truly makes monsters of men....   [tags: Morality, Human, Personal life, The Tempest]

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Race Is a Significant Factor in Identification of Individuals and Groups

- Race similar to gender and other demographic factors is a significant vehicle for the identification. The acceptation and/or toleration of specific races within society have been through and continue to go through an evolutionary process. The idea of a post-racial society revolves around the ideology that the success point has been reached between “us and them”. Equality between races has become legislative law within the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom, which means the battle is over. This fantasy mentality is due the naturalized process of racism and racial discrimination (Hall, 272)....   [tags: racism, discrimmination, demographic factors]

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The Ideas of Reality and Perception in "Heart of Darkness"

- Drawing upon our readings and class discussions, write an essay that focuses on a specific idea or textual effect in any one of the novels we have read (if you wish to reflect on any two novels, you may). Your essay should develop a coherent project that shows your understanding of the issues we have been analysing in class, and makes thoughtful use of the works of literary and cultural theory we have been reading. The Heart of Darkness explores reality and perspective in several interesting ways; these include amongst others the interplay of reality and objectivity, the use of otherness to define one’s own identity and the construction of that otherness in direct association with one’s perc...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Mystic Of Cleopatra '

- Ania Loomba presents numerous arguments throughout her piece; I have chosen a few below to respond and elaborate on. In Response to the first block of Ania Loomba’s work she states, “Although Cleopatra calls herself ‘black’ and Philo calls her ‘tawny’ [1.1.6], none of the repeated , hyperbolic, and contradictory descriptions of her in the play tells us much about her physically” (261). Loomba goes on to recount the history of Egyptian linage and the history of the uses of the words black and tawny....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Cleopatra VII, Mark Antony]

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Gothic Imagery And Themes Of The Vampire, By Bram Stoker

- I’ll Have My Blood Low Fat and Carb Free, Please. Gothic imagery and themes include castles, coffins, monsters and strange lands and pose the background of the classic Gothic novel. The Gothic element is synonymous with the horror and uncanny- a feeling rather than form, in which transgression is the central topic (Wisker 7). The vampire is a figure that transgresses society’s limits to form the central dynamic of the Gothic. “We enjoy seeing the limit transgressed- it horrifies us and reinforces our sense of boundaries and normalcy” (Halberstam 13)....   [tags: Dracula, Gothic fiction, Vampire, Bram Stoker]

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An Analysis Of David Walker A Free Man And Abolitionist

- Approximately two centuries after the first Africans were brought to the New World, David Walker a free-man and abolitionist wrote one of the most revolutionary anti-slavery documents, entitled Appeal. This work widely spread across the nation, both North and South, sparking consciousness and awareness for Black slaves and freedmen, while igniting paranoia and fear for White slaveholders. Hence the title of the work, Appeal, it foreshadows the notion for immediate abolition of slavery as a means of Black slaves rising up against their white masters....   [tags: Slavery, British Empire, Black people, Race]

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The Origins of Chattel Slavery in Colonial North America

- The Origins of Chattel Slavery in Colonial North America There have been many illuminating studies in the field of the origins of chattel slavery in Colonial North America. Alpert, 1970; Edmondson, 1976; Jordan, 1962: Ruchames, 1967; Starr, 1973, wrote seminal studies that did much to bring insight to the subject. Goetz, 2009; Mason, 2006; Smaje, 2002; Neeganagwedgin, 2012, presented evidence that have either reexamined old questions or used new methods and approaches to ask news questions to add insight to this topic....   [tags: Slavery]

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The Tumultuous Relationship between the East and the West

- During the Age of Exploration, early orientalism started to take shape in fashion. Since, the East has remained an inspiration and influence to Western culture. In spite of this, oriental dress does not symbolise cultural flexibility and acceptance, but rather imperialism. It is a metaphor whereby the West establishes a dominant role over the East by studying and reproducing oriental culture. As Edward W. Said put it, “Imperialism consolidated the mixture of cultures and identities on a global scale....   [tags: fashion, imperialism, orientalism]

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We Don 't Sleep Around Like White Girls Do

- Title: We Don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do Author: Yen Le Espiritu Themes: 1 & 3 People of Filipino decent have a rich culture that emphasizes tradition and family; as well as allows for a political and sociocultural movement for Filipino immigrants in their new countries. Theme one focuses on the concept of culture and how Filipinos present themselves as a race. Although they reside in the United States, it was rare for most informants to identify themselves as Americans. Rather, they viewed their culture as being morally correct and righteous and American culture as deviant or aberrant....   [tags: Race, Black people, Racism, White people]

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Slavery and Racism in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy

- The study of African American history has grown phenomenally over the last few decades and the debate over the relationship between slavery and racial prejudice has generated tremendous amounts of scholarship. There’s a renewed sense of interest in the academia with a new emphasis on studies and discussions pertaining to complicated relationships slavery as an institution has with racism. It is more so when the potential for recovering additional knowledge seems to be limitless. Even in the fields of cultural and literary studies, there is a huge emphasis upon uncovering aspects of the past that would lead one towards a better understanding of the genesis of certain institutionalized systems...   [tags: Toni Morrison, A Mercy]

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This Side of Paradaise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- ... He blatantly disregards his peers for not showing the same brand of otherness as he does, with the exception of a few such as Tom, Burne, and Dick. The average American is self-centered, brought up in a culture where individualism is key. However, s/he must also face the social norms imposed by society, which clashes with that aforementioned individuality. Thus, the American individual has to conform to be able to integrate themselves in society. We see this in Amory’s journey, as he slowly learns social customs and how to follow them to be a proper Big Man (term coined by him)....   [tags: american youth, amory blaine]

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Social Networking Sites And Its Effects On Society

- This essay will examine whether Facebook undertakes certain measures to encourage its users to express themselves or whether it limits the way people can represent their otherness. Facebook main purpose is to “make the world more open and connected” and it gives opportunity for its users to “share and express what matters to them to the people they care about” (Facebook Inc., 2012, p.1). However, from the very first moment of registration Facebook gives limited choices and strikes potential users with terms and conditions full of suppression....   [tags: Facebook, Social network service, United States]

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Analysis Of ' The Two Great Sexes '

- The “Two Great Sexes:” Feminism and Eve in Paradise Lost Most versions of Eve’s experiences in Eden before the fall are never truly explored, instead adhering strictly to the biblical text and focusing on her role in the fall. Milton, however, offers a radically different depiction of Eve. Her active involvement is not constrained only to her deception and fall. Milton goes beyond her portrayal in the Bible, depicting her prelapsarian role in Eden. While the hierarchical order of all creatures, including men and women, remains intact, Milton portrays an Eve who works directly alongside Adam....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Paradise Lost, Garden of Eden]

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Female Agency and Marginalization in My Ántonia

- Female agency is a significant topic of exploration in Cather’s My Ántonia, as throughout the novel many female characters display dominance within their small community in ways ranging from household management and finances, to making individual life choices. This type of personal agency is particularly impactful, given the typically restrictive and traditional mindset that is associated with nineteenth century towns such as the one depicted in the novel, particularly in regard to women. Interestingly, the women who are portrayed as having and enacting agency in the novel are the immigrant girls, particularly Ántonia and Lena....   [tags: Traditional Mindset, Career Goals]

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Mahasweta Devi’s Outcast: The Subaltern Do Speak

- Mahasweta Devi is a distinguished Indian Bengali writer, studying and writing ceaselessly and unremittingly about the life and struggles faced by the tribal communities in a number of states like Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. She is a reputed Indian writer who was born in the year 1926 into a middle class Bengali family at Dacca, Bangladesh. She received her education from the prestigious Shantiniketan founded by the great Indian philosopher and thinker, Rabindranath Tagore....   [tags: indian writer, struggles, social activist]

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Thelma And Louise From The Oppressive Men

- The mindset of white liberal feminists contributes to the omission of other women in their fight for individual rights. Thelma and Louise (1991) is an example of how white liberal feminism can illustrate and advocate for the liberation of women whilst excluding other women of different races, classes, and other given circumstances that don’t fall into the typical white heteronormative narrative. The film shows a one-sided account of establishing individual rights as a woman. While the film shows the liberation of Thelma and Louise from the oppressive men in their lives, in the following I will discuss how the exclusion of people of color in the film establishes that liberation is exclusively...   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Racism, Colored]

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The Gender Roles Of K Pop Groups

- According to Liew Kai Khinu’s article, in the YouTube clip, Thai gay men, called “Wonder Gays”, performed the dance choreography of Wonder Girls’ Nobody. They presented the feminine dance in male bodies through their physical movements. Their body becomes the new form of cultural production as “subversion of the prescribed gender roles of K-pop groups”(172). Dee Kosh parodied Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and published to criticize the authorities and politics. It is called “Singaporean Style”. By changing the lyrics of the original song into their own language, they conveyed the messages....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Gender role, Gender]

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Black Skin, White Masks, By Frantz Fanon

- In Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon looks at the effects of both racism and the process of colonization on the colonized. Even though Fanon’s work targets a French audience, it holds a universal message which is significant to anyone who is exposed to racism and/or colonialism whether they are the oppressor or the oppressed. While Black Skins, White Masks was written over half a century ago, is Fanon’s work still relevant today. In this short paper I will look at some of the themes of racism, colonization and the complex relationships they create among various groups as well as the inner turmoil which may be created within the subjugated group....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race]

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The Is The Most Interesting Of All

- In the diverse categories of monsters, there are specific types of monsters which are “cursed by a bite”—Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves (Kaplan 2012: 136). Perhaps vampires are the most interesting of all. They have been around for centuries. From Dracula (Stoker 1897) to Twilight (Meyer 2005), vampire culture has seduced fiction lovers all over the world. Before vampire`s otherness in the 19th century renders vampirism a terrifying threat, but late 20th century America finds itself in a mood to perceive otherness as attractive....   [tags: Vampire, Vampire literature, Dracula]

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Children’s Literature through an Americanized Scope

- Susan Louise Stewart addresses non-western depictions by westerners in Gloria Whelan’s Homeless Bird and Deborah Ellis’s Parvana’s Journey in her article “Beyond Borders: Reading ‘Other’ Places in Children’s Literature.” Stewart claims that multicultural texts are significant, and that diverse perspectives in conjunction with western existence and beliefs are poignant to a young student’s education. But multicultural literature is dismal, in regards to works about other places and experiences by non-westerners with a lack of the “other” and its representations in the western canon....   [tags: Literature]

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The Lady in the Pink Mustang

- In “The Lady in the Pink Mustang” the poet challenges the readers with two contrasting imageries of a woman; the one is the normal woman in her Cadillac while the contrasting image is that of a woman driving her pink Mustang on highways during night. The poem appears to project the two confusing images of a woman during the day time and night. The use of the epithet “Lady” in the title gives the impression of respectability but the word has been used ironically to refer to prostitute, poor woman or a native....   [tags: Poetic Anlysis, Commercial World]

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Robert Mapplethorpe 's Influence On Society

- Robert Mapplethorpe was born on November 4, 1946 in Floral Park, New York. He was born into a Roman Catholic family to his parents Harry and Joan Mapplethorpe. When he went to college at Pratt Institute, being inspired by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg, he experimented with collages and constructions, often using Catholic iconography and imagery of homosexuality. This theme of defying his early life runs throughout his work. He eventually began producing his own photographs with a Polaroid camera, saying he felt "it was more honest." And in 1973, he received his first solo gallery exhibition titled “Polaroids” at the Light Gallery in New York....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, BDSM, Robert Mapplethorpe]

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The Quest For Contact With Aliens

- It has been a species wide dream of humans to come in contact, as well as to communicate with super-and sub-human intelligences, but this dream has only become a perusable scientific enterprise since the late nineteenth century. Peters explains, “The quest for contact with aliens is a leading example of the dialectic of enlightenment, the persistence of myth at the heart of the most secular enterprise. Even more, it is an allegory of faith in a disenchanted universe” (Peters 246). Our constant interest in communication with extraterrestrial intelligences is due to the fact that we are among, as well as surrounded by alien communication....   [tags: Communication, Message, Extraterrestrial life]

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Visibly Muslim by Emma Tarlo

- In her textbook Visibly Muslim, Emma Tarlo outlines how Muslim clothing and fashion in the urban setting of Britain can affect the visibility of ethnicity. According to the 2001 census, there are over 1.6 million Muslims living in Britain. This population consists of individuals from many different backgrounds and descents, and all have their own distinct cultural dress and fashion. The most recognized and popular item among Muslim women is ‘hijab’, which has brought about much debate because of its conservative covering....   [tags: Muslin Clothing, Fashion, Urban Setting]

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Frankenstein And The Human Condition

- The definition of ‘monstrosity’ and what it means to be ‘monstrous’ can be understood to mean something that is visually unattractive, malformed and/or terrifying. However, monstrosity is not exclusively about something aesthetically ugly, it can also apply to what differs from what is considered ‘normality’. What is ‘normal’ versus what is ‘monstrous’ is closely linked when exploring ideas about the human condition. The representations of monstrosity in Frankenstein and in The Tempest reveal how what is monstrous and what is normal are often found side by side, challenging the idea that it is limited to outcasts who do not ‘fit-in’, and that deep down, a desire to be understood, accepted...   [tags: Meaning of life, Personal life, Human]

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The Issue Of Racial Appropriation

- On looking Salih poses the question which alludes to the possibility of racial appropriation “can race, like sex, sexuality and gender be cited and re-cited in ways that reveal the vulnerability of the terms” (Salih, OJBP 63). Here the proposition is implies what Derrida describes as “the essential iterability of sign” (Salih, OJBP 63) if the sign itself can both carry its idea or not, then it cannot be contained, enclosed or limited by context, or significantly authorial intention. The possibility that signs itself can be appropriated and relocated, places at its centre the intrinsic possibility of its failure....   [tags: Black people, Race, Tableau vivant, White people]

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Dracula and the Mafia

- “If we fail in this our fight he must surely win; and then where end we. Life is nothings…but to fail here is not mere life or death. It is that we become as him; that we hence forward become foul things of the night like him–without heart or conscience, preying on the bodies and the souls of those we love best” (Stoker 253). With these words Van Helsing explains that it is a human impulse to destroy the other out of fear of becoming the other. Dracula’s otherness frightens Van Helsing because he represents the destruction of human moral....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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The Power of Language

- The Power of Language The unity of a nation is one of the most important factors that determine its prosperity. In this case, language has become one of the most influential driving forces in its ability to enhance communication with others. Wherever people from some country travel through another countries, they carried with them, a national identity, which is usually involved in languages. In the United States, most of people speak English rather than any other language. However, this nation does not have a law that regulates English as a national language....   [tags: United States, Language, English]

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The Power of Language

- The unity of a nation is one of the most important factors that determine its prosperity. In this case, language has become one of the most influential driving forces in its ability to enhance communication with others. In the United States, most people speak English rather than any other languages. However, this nation does not have a law that regulates English as a national language. Therefore, there is fear that other languages will override English, causing a language barrier to rise inside the country....   [tags: English, United States, Official Language]

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Mindfulness and Conscious Processing

- In the theoretical context of mindfulness self-awareness has been traditionally understood as a key component for self-growth. In philosophy self-awareness (or self-consciousness as these two terms are often used interchangeably) is used as a central term referring to a state always present in the mind and constitutive of personal identity. As early as in the ancient Greek philosophical tradition we see that for Plato, for example, human beings should strive for self-mastery. This is attained when the “good”, i.e....   [tags: Mind, Awareness, Mental]

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Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

- Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, depicts a patriarchal society in which men pursue their goals against hopeless odds. Victor Frankenstein is a major male character depicted in Shelley’s work. He is “portrayed as the patriarch who creates but cannot love and who fears sexual reproduction (Griswold 87). Frankenstein is a prime example of a man who pursued their goals against hopeless odds. He reflected back on his curious childhood. During childhood, he wanted to learn the hidden laws of nature and he desired to learn the secrets of the heaven and earth (Shelley 33)....   [tags: Life, Frankenstein]

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An Analysis of The Other in All of Us, As Evoked by E.R. Burroughs' Tarzan

- An Analysis of The Other in All of Us, As Evoked by E.R. Burroughs' Tarzan Human nature is one of self-awareness. Because of that awareness, it is necessary for us to define ourselves by looking at the world around us and deciding what groups we fall into, and what groups we do not. Those groups we feel a part of become a safe haven, and those groups we feel separated from are seen as foreign, exotic, dangerous, or even subhuman. “The Other” must exist for human beings to define themselves individually....   [tags: E.R. Burroughs Tarzan Essays]

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Colonising Within the Marriage in Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea

- Colonising Within the Marriage in Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea      Jean Rhys' complex text, Wide Sargasso Sea, came about as an attempt to re-invent an identity for Rochester's mad wife, Bertha Mason, in Jane Eyre, as Rhys felt that Bronte had totally misrepresented Creole women and the West Indies: 'why should she think Creole women are lunatics and all that. What a shame to make Rochester's wife, Bertha, the awful madwoman, and I immediately thought I'd write a story as it might really have been.' (Jean Rhys: the West Indian Novels, p144).  It is clear that Rhys wanted to reclaim a voice and a subjectivity for Bertha, the silenced Creole, and to subvert the assumptions made by the Victoria...   [tags: Wide Sargasso Sea Essays]

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A Comparison of Orlando and Othello

- Orlando and Othello In her novel Orlando: A Biography, Virginia Woolf draws upon Shakespeare's Othello to both enhance the images within her novel through allusion and further Orlando's character development using juxtaposition. Spanning about 400 years, various historical eras, and gender ambiguity in the characters, Orlando is certainly not a traditional novel. Thus, it follows that its use of historical information and literature breaks from convention as well. This is true for Woolf's use of Shakespeare's Othello....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic

- As presented in the Phenomenology of Spirit, the aim of Life is to free itself from confinement "in-itself" and to become "for-itself." Not only does Hegel place this unfolding of Life at the very beginning of the dialectical development of self-consciousness, but he characterizes self-consciousness itself as a form of Life and points to the advancement of self-consciousness in the Master/Slave dialectic as the development of Life becoming "for-itself." This paper seeks to delineate this often overlooked thread of dialectical insight as it unfolds in the Master/Slave dialectic....   [tags: The Master-Slave Dialectic]

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Monster Hunters

- Monster Hunters Monsters are hunted. The lore of their destruction is excessive, glowing, and dispersed. It is a crucial component of their mythology. There is no eluding the hunter, armed with the vampire stake and crosses and the werewolf’s silver bullet. But then it is the hunter whose tale it is to begin with. Beowulf cannot stay hidden forever, or he would not be Beowulf. Monstrosity relies, in this sense, on its exposition for its production, and it is in this superficial sense of vitality by revelation that two theorists of monstrosity concoct a fantastic world of ‘society’ to keep themselves at bay....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Relationship Between a Commitment to Universal Children's Rights and Recognition of Cultural Differences in Child-Rearing Practices

- The Relationship Between a Commitment to Universal Children's Rights and Recognition of Cultural Differences in Child-Rearing Practices The relationship between a commitment to universal children's rights and a recognition of cultural differences in child-rearing practices has been an issue of debate for over sixty years. International documents attempt to perform the dual roles of both upholding the legitimacy of cultural differences whilst simultaneously attempting to institute a universalised norm or standard....   [tags: Papers]

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Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, and Outside Over There

- Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, and Outside Over There The three titles of Maurice Sendak’s famous picture book trilogy, Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, and Outside Over There, name what Judith Butler calls “zones of uninhabitability,” places of abjection that form the borders of the self as both its constitutive outside and its intimate interior. These are dangerous places in the geography of childhood, places where the child’s very life and sense of self is threatened....   [tags: Children Listerature Maurice Sendak Essays]

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