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Allegory in Forster's The Other Side of the Hedge

- Allegory in Forster's The Other Side of the Hedge After reading the first few paragraphs, The Other Side of the Hedge, by E. M. Forster, seems to be nothing more than a story about a man walking down a long road. The narrator's decision to go through the hedge transforms the story into an allegory that is full of symbols representing Forster's view of the journey of life. The author develops the allegory through the use of several different symbols including the long road, the hedge and the water....   [tags: Forster Other Side of the Hedge Essays]

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The Other Side Of The Hedge

- “The Other Side of the Hedge” By E.M. Forster Life, and its meaning, is the theme of many stories, because people understand so little about it. It has been described as a path, a destination, a game, and many other things, depending on the views of the person writing the story. Along with its meaning, people have always debated over what makes a life good, or if and how one life can be considered more valuable than another. No two stories about life are the same, and each new story about life gives us an insight into how the author feels about the subject, and what makes living life worthwhile....   [tags: Suicide, Death, Meaning of life]

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The Other Side Of The Hedge

- E.M Forster in his short story “The Other Side of The Hedge” explores the main character array of metaphors within the story. The symbolism in this story has several interpretations and meaning for within the story. We notice the narrator, despite his deep fatigue physically and mentally perceiver to achieve an unknown goal. The narrator says “I slid off the milestone into the road, and lay their prostate, with the face to the great parched hedge, praying that a might give up.” (47) This is showing us that his state of mind of constant monotony life has altered a change....   [tags: Fiction, Short story, The Road]

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The Other Side Of The Story-

- The Other Side of the Story- “Misconceptions of the Absentee Father” What is an Absentee father. How does the “label” of being an absentee parent affect the person in question. These are all things that some may often wonder or even care about. “Whereas most absentee fathers usually remain silent for their actions, some maintain a strong stance that the reason for their absence is simply not their fault. They often blame others for their role as a father figure, or lack thereof in the life of their children....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Father, Family]

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The Other Side of the Door

- I was conscious before I opened my eyes. The air I breathed in was fresh and clean. There was no noise to be heard. Eyes still shut, I shifted about. I was lying on a bed, or maybe a mattress. It was a significant improvement from the floor, but it wasn't really the most comfortable of beds, either. The first thing I saw after opening my eyes was a plain, white ceiling. I almost flipped out - I thought that I was back in Carl Cooper's prison cell. But then I noticed the lower, significantly larger window right next to me....   [tags: short story]

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The Other Side of the Bridge

- In the novel, The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson, the author capitalizes upon society’s expectation of a character to emphasize the struggle to achieving his goals. Ian, one of the central characters in the plot line, is heavily impacted by these expectations, which hold a substantial influence upon his decision’s regarding his future. To teenagers an expectation: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future, is nothing but a restriction upon them. Ian believes he is contained within these expectations; to the point where he does not wish to follow this given path....   [tags: Mary Lawson, expectation, youth, society]

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The Other Side Of High School

- The Other Side Of High School ‘Welcome to Porter High School , home of the Spartans.’, part of the speech given to any new student that’s unfortunate to be enrolled in this institution. Spending four years in Porter High weren 't only bad but were horrendous. Even though, Porter High School was my first and only High school, I will never forget the scars it left me. I had emotional and social scars from tremendous troublesome experiences channeling my opinions in one direction from another. I preferred college over high school due to a number of factors including inadequate teaching, social injustice, and limited freedom....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, School]

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The Other Side Of Investing

- The Other Side of Investing Each investor has different perspective. Such difference often resulted in a confusion of one thing for another. Taking investing and gambling as a ground base, most investor have a misconception about investing and gambling. Even though they both share similar concept, investing is nowhere close to be considered gambling. Compared to gambling, investment numerous complex components and one of them is various type of investment available in the market. The United Business Service, company that writes the book of Successful Investing, said that stocks investment is one of the most rewarding investment instruments that will produce a great return on investment if...   [tags: Stock market, Stock, Investment, Finance]

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Talking to the Other Side

- In Todd Jay Leonard’s book, Talking to the Other Side, he explores how mostly Judeo-Christian roots evolving into radical Puritan religions of the 17th and 18th centuries in America played a role in the formation of a religious movement that would and still does, cater to the needs of those who could not find satisfaction in such fundamentalist Christian religions. He subsequently talks about how Spiritualism, which “provided people with a renewed sense of hope philosophically, that there was something beyond this earthly experience…and [that] no matter how sinful a person was in life on earth, salvation and redemption was at hand for those who were willing to work toward it in spirit” (Leo...   [tags: Literary Analysis, Jay Leonard]

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Life From The Other Side

- Life from the Other Side A very important individual once said, “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists” (Roosevelt). This is an idea that many Americans today don’t understand or they simply don’t want to come to agreement with. It is about embracing where our roots came from, it is about learning to be accepting of new and emerging neighbors that want to be part of our nation, and it is about finding a place in our hearts to help others....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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The Other Side Is Not Dumb By Sean Blanda

- Sean Blanda’s, “The Other Side Is Not Dumb”, uses cultural examples concerning the younger American generation involving, the medias influence and peer pressure vs the actual facts and proof, involved while forming a personal opinion. The author emphasizes how the effects of pressure from our surroundings, such as: friends, media, and more, adjust our view of political and social subjects. He includes multiple cases of where your own ignorance can hinder your learning and interaction with others....   [tags: Sociology, Mass media, Peer group, Twitter]

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Communication As A Person On The Other Side Of The World

- Communication throughout the ages has changed greatly. In the past, all communication was done face to face or through written letters. Today, technology has evolved the way people can communicate. It is now possible to communicate with a person on the other side of the world. However, this ease of communication presents some challenges, mainly through difficulty in understanding the other person but also due to cultural differences. What one culture deems as acceptable, may not be true for the other....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication]

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The Other Side Of The Bridge By Mary Lawson

- Everyone has expectations to uphold and often it can feel overwhelming to comply with them all. When one chooses not to comply to the expectations set by oneself or from others, it can be seen as an act of rebellion, foolish-thinking, or a failure to see what the future holds. Similarly, expectations that are too elevated towards others can result in a harsh confrontation with reality. In the novel, The Other Side of the Bridge, by Mary Lawson, the author develops the idea that one bearing too many expectations of others and of oneself can lead to developing distress and feelings of betrayal if the expectations are not met....   [tags: Family, Mother, Want, Expectation]

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Retail Opportunities On The Other Side Of The Pond

- THE FUTURE IS GREAT 25.10.16 Retail opportunities on the other side of the pond London Loves Business E-commerce specialist Global-e released a new research which results demonstrate that 59% of British retailers consider the US e-market the most attractive. “The US is one of the largest and most sophisticated e-commerce markets in the world. Online sales reached $341.7 billion in 2015 – a 14.6 per cent increase on 2014’s $298.3 billion – and this growth is only set to continue over the next three years....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom]

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The Other Side of Silence, by Urvashi Butalia

- Urvashi Butalia in her book, The Other Side of Silence, attempts to analyze the partition in Indian society, through an oral history of Indian experiences. The collection of traumatic events from those people who lived through the partition gives insight on how history has enveloped these silences decades later. Furthermore, the movie 1947 Earth reveals the bitterness of partition and its effect of violence on certain characters. The most intriguing character which elucidates the silence of the partition is the child, Lenny....   [tags: Partition of India and its Effects]

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The Other Side Of Desire By Daniel Bergner

- Sexuality is very diverse, in some instances normality is based on the cultural context of the individual 's society. In "The other side of desire" by Daniel Bergner, the author goes in depth into the lives of four individual 's whose lust and longing have led them far down the realms of desire. The current paper addresses the four individual 's Jacob, the Baroness, Roy, and Ron each exhibits a paraphilia that may or may not meet the full criteria in the DSM-5. Furthermore, each person’s specific paraphilia is conceptualized and explained in depth....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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Green economics: The other side of the grass

- Green economics: The other side of the grass President Barrack Obama in his first speech to the Congress of the United States presented the idea of a green economic solution for some of the troubles facing the United States economy. The potential and the flaws of the idea of green economics have since entered the debate of citizen and politician alike (Goldenberg). Globally, the idea of a green market has begun to attract more attention than ever. The state of the global economic situation is dire....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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The Other Side of the Enmancipation Proclamation

- ... Bryant "Ku Klux Klan in the Reconstruction Era.") The KKK’s tactics of political terrorism were effective and set fear in the hearts of many. Black churches and schools were burned, citizens attacked, and people who refused proper submission were beaten and killed. This was a terrible time in American history and truly shows southern whites contempt for emancipation of their slaves, and the extremes circumstances whites would go to express that animosity. Another example of the hostility and hatred of the southern whites was lynching....   [tags: segregation, equality for African Americans]

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Freedoms on the Other Side of the Window

- In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, a young woman’s constant desire for a better life is symbolized by the simple usage of windows. Emma Bovary is trapped in a marriage she thought would make her happy. Instead, it lead to her being trapped in her house watching other people have freedom and happiness. As she peers through the windows, Emma sees her dreams and freedoms, but the window divides her fantasy life from the reality of her life. The dreams Emma ponders on include: wealth, true love, and happiness....   [tags: Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary]

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On the Other Side of the Fence

- According to Merriam-Webster, a holocaust is a destruction involving widespread death, specifically by fire. In 1943, World War II was at its’ peak. At that time, Jewish people, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and homosexuals were all herded like cattle into concentration camps by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi army. Hitler’s goal was to form what he believed to be a “superior” race known as Aryan. Hitler believed that the Aryan race (blond hair and blue eyes) was “superior” to these groups of people....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Other Side of the Door

- "Thanks, but for the last time," I said, trying not to sound ungrateful. "I honestly do not need to see a therapist." "But, Anisa..." my mum sighed, worry still dancing around in her eyes. "You try to hide it, but just seem so upset all the - recently. Of course, we understand, regarding the circumstances. But that just makes it even more reasonable for you to consult a professional." "We're just concerned about you," dad added on. I gave them a genuine smile, and told them once again that I was fine....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Other Side of Big Business

- The Other Side of Big Business In America in the 1880s, big business began to flourish due to the likes of J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie. They established this by being very successful businessman themselves, and doing what they had to do to be successful, such as cut corners, whether it be in the likes of sanitation and working conditions, or pay lower wages because of the resources provided. Naturally, some sacrifices needed to be made in order to achieve this goal. But in the long run, I believe that it was well more then worth it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Other Side of Racism

- The Other Side of Racism When most people think of racism or supremacy, the images that come to their mind are white power organizations that undermine blacks and other minorities. Groups such as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads and the White Nationalist Party may be some that come to mind. However, many people are not aware of other racist organizations and powerful leaders that influence people other than whites. A prime example of this is Louis Farrakahn, perhaps one of world's premier black leaders, who condones racism against whites and people of different religions....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Other Side of Paradise

- The Other Side of Paradise Any avid viewer of television has seen the advertisement. The sun reflects over a gleaming ocean, ornately dressed women dance in circles, smiling couples dine at sunset, children laugh and run across the beach, then the announcer says, “come to Barbados, paradise awaits you”. Although I consider myself a grounded and logical person, I confess that each time the announcer alluringly gives the invitation, wistful thoughts run through my head. The idea of leaving behind the chaos of everyday life and retreating to a place of laughter and no worries is truly tempting....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Relationships in The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson

- ... Even though Ian loves fishing as a teenager, it is something both Ian and Pete still do even after Ian has established his career. In the epilogue at the end of the novel Ian and Pete end up fishing again and Pete says, “Nope. But he’s down there, man. He’s down there.”(355). Going back to the memory of trying to catch the fish that almost pulled Pete overboard, showing that Ian is staying in Struan for good. Ending the novel with doing something he loves to do with his best friend and implying that he is escaping from the recent news of Arthur’s upcoming death....   [tags: jeolousy, revalry, power, obession]

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The Story Behind the Scars, The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir

- The Story Behind the Scars “The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir” is a vivid recollection of Staceyann Chin's traumatic childhood as she discovers her voice and identity growing up in Jamaica beginning in 1972. At the age of four, Staceyann is already experiencing the oppressions related with being a girl. Delano, her older brother by two years, is the only male in the house as both of their fathers are out of the picture. Since they are both raised by their deaf and illiterate grandmother, Delano exercises his masculinity over Staceyann in numerous ways, even at the age of six....   [tags: Stacyann Chin, literary analysis]

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The Other Side : Rey Was Never The Shy Type

- The Other Side Rey was never the shy type, I mean she was but never around the people she knew. She was different around the people she loved and the people she called her friends, not a different personality but she definitely kept some silly sexual jokes with her closest friend. One of them being Ben Solo, the boy whom she met when she was only 6 year’s old with one tooth missing. It was silly how they met, both of them fought over a car truck to realize it in fact didn’t belong to both of them, it belonged to the boy named Jake....   [tags: Debut albums, English-language films, Birthday]

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My Uncle 's House - Original Writing

- My uncle’s house When I first arrived in the United States My family stayed with my uncle here in California. His house welcome us to stay here for several months while my parents look for our own. It has only been two years since I migrated, and the first months and days I do not really wanted to stay any longer, but my relatives (uncle and aunt) encouraged me to become a stronger person and explore new things so that I would not feel being homesick. Adding to that, those first days were my favorite, though I am still adjusting....   [tags: Family, Aunt, Stay, The Other Side]

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How I Met My Best Friend

- How I Met My Best friend The idea of meeting someone special for the first time is always portrayed as the most beautifully fated incident whether in books or movies. When I met my best friend for the first time, we didn’t bump into each other with papers from our books flying majestically in the air and we didn’t have a staring contest in the middle of a crowded hallway. We also certainly didn’t think we would end up being friends, let alone inseparably close to each other. It was a gloomy Tuesday despite the fact that it was late August....   [tags: Friendship, High school, The Other Side]

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Past and Present Life

- In The Other Side of Eden, Hugh Brody details the lives of an Inuit village in the Arctic. This group has several things that distinguish them from others. One of the interesting things about this group is that children can be named for their late grandparents. The example in the selections shows a baby girl who was named for her late grandmother. Since she was named for her grandmother, the child is considered to have her spirit, and thus she is treated both as a child, and with the respect given to an elder....   [tags: The Other Side of Eden, Hugh Brody]

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Self: Plunging into the Other Side of the Mirror

- Self: Plunging into the Other Side of the Mirror Only in a mirror do we find ourselves. We cannot do it when we are apart, distanced, from who and what we are: we need to see our shapes, our selves, in the way we cannot see ourselves subjectively. But still, the glass plays with us, contorting and distorting, even if it is nothing more than a straightforward, honest reflection. It is our minds which are the true lenses. Why do we feel this compunction throughout the ages to look at our own reflections....   [tags: Self Consciousness Awareness Papers]

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Changing Lives From The Other Side

- Changing Lives from the Other Side “To teach is to touch lives forever” is a popular phrase that teachers like to be reminded of. I know this because they almost all have it framed on their desk, up on their walls on posters, or have a t-shirt with the theme on it. Another is “To teach a child is to change the world.” I haven’t been a teacher, but I work with children and with children’s health at The Little Gym, and I volunteer at the homeless center’s children’s activity room. I can’t say that I’ve touched or changed their lives, but I know that they’ve changed my view on love more than anything else has....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Unforgettable Day Of India

- The unforgettable day In the shaggy, dirt ridden alleyway of India, referred to as the slum city nowadays was adjacent to the wealthy city of India and in the slum there was a homeless man. The man whom was in his mid 50 's had poor features with grey facial hair that was continually growing, his face looked tired and wrinkled, and his clothing was rags, wearing the same attire every day, was one of the tens and thousands living in the poor country. He did have a family which included 9 brothers and sisters whom most of them deceased because of the deadly virus gone around the slum....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, American films, The Other Side]

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What I Think About The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

- 1.) Did you notice any patterns in your interviews. I found that each person replied “good” when I asked about how does it felt to be their age. I found it fascinating that everyone seemed to be happy at the age they were at. However, when I asked the question about what age they wished they were, they all wished they were a different age. Everyone wished they were older for various reasons except for the 65 years and older person that I interviewed, whom wished they were younger. I thought that it was interesting since, they all seemed content and felt good about the age that they currently are, but also wished they were a different age....   [tags: Question, Interview, Gerontology, Difference]

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Growing Up During the Holocaust: A Look at the Other Side of World War II

- ... When he turned eighteen years of age, he became a member of the Nazi Party and was required to serve as a public servant or in the military until the minimum age of twenty-one. In Hitler Youth, the boys were taught principlse of the Nazi Party, including Aryan superiority and anti-Semitism. They were also taught the qualities of dedication, comradeship, and obedience. Girls took part in the League of German Girls, which promoted more lady-like Nazi qualities, such as homemaking and motherhood....   [tags: growing up in WWII as a civilian onlooker]

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The Other Side: The Importance of Sex Education in High School

- High school years are generally the years people talk about when reminiscing. Many things happen in high school that are a milestone in a teenager’s life. Their first varsity basketball game, getting a class ring, and even maybe their first love. Along with their first love comes the topic, pressure, and even attraction, to sexual behavior. It is an inevitable feeling that all teenagers will feel at one point in time. With media today forcing sex in almost everything, adolescent sex is becoming a bigger problem....   [tags: prevention of STD's and teen pregnancy]

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Jean-Paul Sartre: On the Other Side of Despair

- Jean-Paul Sartre: On the Other Side of Despair   In an age of modern pessimism and inauthentic, insignificant existence, Jean-Paul Sartre clearly stands out amongst the masses as a leading intellectual, a bastion of hope in the twentieth century. Confronting anguish and despair, absurdity and freedom, nihilism and transcendence, "Sartre totalized the twentieth century... in the sense that he was responsive with theories to each of the great events he lived through" as Arthur C. Danto commented (Marowski and Matuz 371)....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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What Happened On The Other Dark Side Of The Fence Inside Auschwitz?

- What happened on the other dark side of the fence in Auschwitz. That 's something that no one wanted to know. More than 6 million jews died in the Holocaust. Nazi soldiers took certain groups of people to concentration camps, where they were put through hard labor and given little food. Many people died of starvation and disease. Hitler was responsible of all of this, he used Jewish and other groups of people as a scapegoat. He then forced other people from Germany or other countries to be part of the army called the Nazis....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Schutzstaffel]

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Exploring John Steinbeck's Short Story, The Chrysanthemums: Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

- John Steinbeck used his short story, The Chrysanthemums, as a visual illustration to answer the adage, “Is the grass “really” greener on the other side?“ During The Great Depression, the American dream had become a nightmare. What was once the land of opportunity was now the land of desperation. What was once the land of hope and optimism had become the land of despair. The American people were questioning all the maxims on which they had based their lives - democracy, capitalism, individualism....   [tags: The Chrysanthemums]

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The Other Side of the fence in Women Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie

- We have all been alienated, stereotyped, and felt the general loss of control at one point in our lives, weather you are black, native American, Hispanic, or white. Race, skin color or nationality does not matter. This is the reoccurring theme in both of the text, “Women Hollering Creek” and “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven”. Women Hollering Creek is a story by Sandra Cisneros a noted Mexican novelist, poet, short story writer, and essayist (b. 1954). It is a story of a young Mexican girl Cleofilas, who with visions of grandeur leaves her family to marry a man she barely knows and begin a new life across the border in the United States....   [tags: literary contrast and analysis]

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West Side : Film Review

- The film West Side takes place in New York City where a Polish- American gang, referred to as the Jets, competes against a Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, to own the neighborhood streets. The central theme of this film is passionate love that defies friendships, family and other factors. To add to that, the dominating genre of the film is a musical involving drama and romance. To begin with, in this film, Richard Beymer (Tony) is the former leader of the jet that lives with Riff, works at Docs store and is in love with Maria....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, Maria]

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The Effects And Side Effects Of Today's Legal Prohormones

- “At his age, you have to ask, Did he accomplish all of this by rejuvenating his strength from day to day with those substances?” baseball great Hank Aaron asked regarding anabolic substance abuser Barry Bonds. Prohormones are a relatively new supplement said to be the “legal” form of steroids. (Aaron) Though some people see huge gains while on using prohormones, they don’t know the true damage prohormones really cause. Athletes and bodybuilders taking prohormones experience terrible side effects, muscular gains that are less than expected, depleted testosterone levels and destroyed endocrine systems....   [tags: steroids, side effects, body, supplement]

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An Analysis of On the Other Hand

- An Analysis of "On the Other Hand" "On the Other Hand", what is on the other hand. Rachel Hadas tells about the living, the dead and shows the reader the other side of usual thoughts about the dead and living. She lists the faults of the living and the virtues of the dead, in order to explain her first statement, "it is no wonder why we love the dead". Yet, then turns everything around again in the last statement of this free verse poem. Rachel Hadas poem, "On the Other Hand" clearly depicts the many differences of the "brittle, easily wounded" living and the "patient, peaceful" dead....   [tags: On the Other Hand Essays]

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Essay on Whitman’s Bivouac on a Mountain Side

- Analysis of Whitman’s Bivouac on a Mountain Side First published after the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, Walt Whitman’s poem “Bivouac on a Mountain Side” portrays more than just the tangible picture of a transcendentalist’s vision. The mood of the poem reflects the author’s observations and visions of the Civil War while stationed in Washington and Virginia as well as his beliefs about the war by use of imagery and symbolism. The use of imagery in “Bivouac on a Mountain Side” is one of the compelling factors that draws the reader into the poem so that he/she no longer reads what Whitman is writing, but rather sees what he is describing and understands Whitman’s place in th...   [tags: Whitman Bivouac on a Mountain Side]

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The Darker Side of Exposition

- The Darker Side of Exposition An exploration into the unseen side of world fairs. “Expositions are the timekeepers of progress. They record the world’s advancement. They stimulate energy, enterprise, and intellect of the people and quicken human genius. They go into the home. They broaden and brighten the life of the people. They open mighty storehouses of information for the student. Every exposition, great or small, has helped this onward step.” President William Mckinley 1901 Contents Introduction 3 Human Zoo’s or enhancement of knowledge. 4 Expo’s and Racism 5 Expositions and money. 7 Sustainability of Expositions 9 Conclusion 12 Works Cited 13   Introduction Exposition, as defined by...   [tags: the unseen side of world fairs]

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The Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- In the book This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, even though the main protagonist’s, Amory Blaine, character development is completely controlled by Fitzgerald's life, Amory goes through many changes through the story and they are born from the people Amory is around and Amory interactions with other characters are in relation to how Fitzgerald interacted and responded with others. Amory’s character seems to fluctuate throughout the novel, the more types of people he meets the more ideas he obtains and begins to view life differently or back to the same way multiple times....   [tags: This Side of Paradise, F.Scott Fitzgerald]

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Reception of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Work, This Side of Paradise

- Reception of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bestseller, This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the first draft of his first novel in army training camps between the years 1917 and 1918. The working title was The Romantic Egoist. By February of 1918, Fitzgerald had submitted his first full draft of the novel to Charles Scribner’s Sons only to have it be rejected. In October of 1918, Fitzgerald submitted a revised version to Scribner’s and again it was rejected. Finally, in 1918 the third version of The Romantic Egoist re-titled This Side of Paradise was accepted and published by Charles Scribner’s Sons....   [tags: Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise Essays]

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Social Interactions in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Hancock’s The Blind Side and Shaun Tan’s The Lost thing

- Social interactions are an essential part of all relationships; they are the determining factor of one’s perceptions of the world around them as well as their own identity. This idea is presented in uniquely an array of texts including, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing and The Blind Side produced by John Lee Hancock. Society and its expectations can make a significant impact on one’s ability to fit in to an environment. Some individuals’ however challenge society and break down social barriers in order to improve or limit an individual’s aptitude to assimilate....   [tags: The Blind Side]

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This Side Of Paradise By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- There are certain struggles in life that some are not sufficiently knowledgeable to overcome. A prevalent issue, F. Scott Fitzgerald was unwillingly forced into, during the twentieth century, was naiveness. This brought common misconceptions of what makes life worthwhile. The novel, This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is influenced by his adolescent to adult years. Through the character of Amory Blaine, Fitzgerald portrays that naiveness and conceit can prevent life fulfillment. Amory Blaine, raised and influenced solely by his hedonistic mother, begins his education unable to fit in....   [tags: Love, F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise]

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The Search for Identity in This Side of Paradise

- The Search for Identity in This Side of Paradise   In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel This Side of Paradise, Amory Blaine searches for his identity by "mirroring" people he admires.  However, these "mirrors" actually block him from finding his true self.  He falls in love with women whose personalities intrigue him; he mimics the actions of men he looks up to.  Eleanor Savage and Burne Holiday serve as prime examples of this.  Until Amory loses his pivotal "mirror," Monsignor Darcy, he searches for his soul in all the wrong places.  When Monsignor Darcy dies, Amory has the spiritual epiphany he needs to reach his "paradise" - the knowledge of who Amory Blaine truly is.              Amory...   [tags: This Side of Paradise Essays]

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A Summary of West Side Story

- West Side Story      The drama/musical, which parodies the story of Romeo & Juliet, takes place in a city of New York, probably in the early 50’s late 40’s. It is a tale of two rival gangs, which despises the other in a vicious circle of hate. Riff leader of the Jets; a group mainly of Polish origin and the Sharks of Spanish origin with their leader Bernardo. It seems as though the two rivals have been at their quarrels since before the story took place. Through mysterious fate the neutral one’s from either side meet....   [tags: West Side Story]

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Prejudices in "The West Side Story" by Arthur Laurents

- The book West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents is set in the mid 1950’s, created as modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story is a romantic tragedy about two characters that are supposedly completely different and aren’t accepted when they fall in love. The “difference’s” between these characters is centered on the prejudice’s they had against each other. Prejudice is a harsh opinion or feeling formed previously without any knowledge or reason. The Jets and the Sharks used many prejudices against other races, sex, and age....   [tags: West Side Story, Arthur Laurents, Shakespeare, Rom]

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Hope for the Other

- Every opinion or analysis must have a perspective from which it is formed. These analyses construct a narrative involving a “favored” side and an “other” side, based on the place from which the analyst writes. Neutrality is difficult when writing about a topic one cares deeply about. For example, it is not disputed that five members of the British army entered the Egyptian village of Denshawi in 1906. It is when this fact is put into some sort of context that perspective and bias enter into an author’s account....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Side Effects Of Antidepressants : An Overview

- Marina Eskandrous Senior Project: Assignment 1: Article: “Side effects of antidepressants: An Overview” According to the DSM5 major depressive describes a person who is in a depressed mood for most of the day, nearly everyday. The person also has a diminished interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, activities most of the time. There may be significant weight loss or gain as a result of decrease or increase of appetite, respectively. The person may also experience insomnia or hyper insomnia nearly everyday....   [tags: Antidepressant]

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The A Car On The Right Side Of The Entrance

- Azlaan had finally parked his jeep on the right side of the entrance, not before giving a list of instructions to Shifa for her first time visit. Shifa busy imagining the proceedings of the event, had barely listened to a word he said. She knew as long as Azlaan was with her, she had nothing to worry about, her top priority was to enjoy herself, leaving all the apprehensions for her husband to deal with. She had never imagined that the fair would be such a big event. She could foresee a huge crowd from the number of busses parked on the left side of the parking lot from various parts of the punjab region....   [tags: Debut albums, 2007 singles]

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The Human Side Of Management And Leadership

- The human side of management and leadership means that we want our companies to embody the best – not the worst – human capacities and qualities (Seidman, 2015). I have worked for some companies that are good and some that were bad; through it all, I have learned what I really value from the human aspects of management and leadership. What I really value is: communication, compassion, and motivation. Communication, compassion, and motivation are important aspects of the human side of management and leadership because they’re good for business....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing]

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The Father 's Side Of The Family

- Time Time spent as a family was valued, even time spent with extended family. The father worked many hours. Therefore, weekend family time became important since the family functioned effectively when they were able to frequently spend time together. Time spent with extended family was far and few between, therefore, that time together was valued by everyone since they knew it would be a significant amount of time until they were together again. Money Influenced by the father’s side of the family, money was highly valued since money is needed for survival....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, Father]

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The Black Side Of My Family

- Being both Mexican and African American has been somewhat confusing. The black side of my family has always been the unknown throughout my life. That was until I found my African American biological father on Facebook. I started to get to know more about it and his background. It also completed me in a way because I finally get to know the unknown in my life. Which is being able to know the other half of me. Although both of my families are different race when it’s all said and done were all the same....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Nuclear family]

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The Blind Side By Michael Oher

- The Blind Side is a film that follows the life of Michael Oher, an underprivileged high school football player that is supported by an upper class family, the Tuohys, and taken into their home. They provide him with shelter and a bed that he says he has never had. As the Tuohys are driving down the street one night, they see Michael walking alone in the cold. Mrs. Tuohy tells her husband to stop the car and she lets Michael inside. The couple discusses later that night about whether it was a good idea or not to allow Michael into their home....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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The Right Side Of The Law

- My original idea was going to be an interview with someone on the right side of the law. However, all of the places I went to said I had to submit a request for an interview before they would even consider being interviewed. This made me feel that freedom of speech is over and I was a little pissed. But I still had a deadline for the report so I thought of someone on the other side of the law since they are not afraid of expressing themselves and how the system wronged them. Since I was going back home for the holidays I had a long list of people I could talk to that were prior inmates and would happily talk to me about their time on the inside, how they got there and any problems along the...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Corrections, Criminal justice]

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The Dark Side of the Internet

- As the internet has evolved, it is now a part of most people’s daily lives and with that, the populate could not function or conduct their daily business or activities without it. Impressive, we can now communicate and even see someone all the way across the country with just a few clicks of a mouse. But as technology changes and progresses seemingly for the good, as always people will find ways to exploit technology and use it with the intent of committing crimes and turning a positive tool into a negative one....   [tags: cybercrime, computer crime, cyberbullyng]

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Pro Life Side Of Abortion

- For many years people have always argued about abortion and the rights a woman has to her body regarding abortion. Like with any other argument there are two sides, there is a pro-life side (where there are people that are against abortion) and then there is a pro-choice sides (where people think abortion is an okay thing). The pro-life side of the argument would state that you are killing a life, there are alternatives, and abortion can cause medical complications later on in life. The side that is pro-choice would argue that abortion is a safe medical procedure, a woman needs to have ability to control her body, and there are reasons why they should not carry out with the pregnancy....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Pelvic inflammatory disease]

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Which side are you on?

- The journal article "Which side are you on. Bias, credibility and mediation" written by Andrew Kydd (2003) queried the significance of mediator’s impartiality. In the field of international relations, merely the study by Kydd (2003) has directly attributed mediator effectiveness to the provision of private information. The study is based on a game theo-retical model of mediation and draws on the theory of ‘cheap talk’ , which has its origin in economic science. There are two key findings of the study....   [tags: Analysis, Andrew Kydd]

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The Long Term Side Effects

- These findings indicate a need to closely monitor growth in patients treated with these medications. Even though many of the immediate side effects seem minimal to most, it is still widely believed that alternative treatments should be sought first. In addition to the short term side effects, one must also consider the possibility of long term effects of psychotropic medications. There does not appear to be enough studies or data collected thus far with regard to the long term side effects of ADHD medications....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Pro Side Summary : Divorce

- Pro Side Summary Divorce is something that many families across the United States encounter that can have many negative effects on everyone in the family, especially the children. The child may have grown up for years with the parents before they decided to separate, leaving the kids both confused and upset by what is happening. It can take a heavy toll on the children, while they may experience things following the divorce such as emotional pain, suffering, insecurity, depression, learning problems, and more (Amato, 2004)....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Parent, Family]

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Right Side Of The Heart

- Introduction The right side of the heart pumps un-oxygenated blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen. This occurs mostly from the failing left ventricle. When this occurs, blood begins to back up and it becomes harder and harder for the heart to pump blood effectively due to the weakening of the muscles of the heart. Right sided heart failure is also known as congested heart failure, or CHF. Causes In right-sided heart failure, the right ventricle loses its pumping function, and blood may back up into other areas of the body, producing congestion....   [tags: Heart, Cardiology, Blood, Heart failure]

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The Negative Side Of Advertising

- During the advance of technology, the importance of information is getting more and more important right now. People can get information from anywhere at anytime. That is why people spend a lot of money and time about to create or exhibition advertising. For those advertisement, which be filled with human’s life, have a great positive influence on society. They are not only bringing convenience and commercial profit to human’s lives, but advertisements also do a good job as public service advertising; however, advertising should under supervision or control by government and human ethical standards, therefore the impact of advertising effects negative-side at other times ....   [tags: Advertising, Coca-Cola, Cheating, De Beers]

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My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

- My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George This book is told from the diary of the main character, Sam Gribley. Sam is a boy full of determination. He didn’t give up and go home like everyone thought he would. He is strong of mind. After the first night in the freezing rain, with no fire and no food, he still went on. He is a born survivor. He lasted the winter, through storms, hunger, and loneliness, and came out on top even when everyone expected him to fail. “The land is no place for a Gribley” p....   [tags: My Side Mountain Jean George Essays]

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Creative Writing: Side Swiped

- Fire was consuming the second floor of a lavish two story mansion like it was made of paper soaked in Vaseline. Flames were licking up every wall in every room, engulfing the contents, and trying to escape through the high ceiling and windows. “Layla?. Can you hear me?” a man who looked to be in his early thirties yelled as loud as he could through the smoke-filled hallways of the unburned section of the first floor. “Dad, are you there?” a small voice called from two rooms over, as the coughing eleven year old girl stumbles out of it....   [tags: narrative essays, fire, flames]

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The Side-Effect Effect

- ... The imbalance in people’s willingness to praise and blame, he thinks, is correlated with the imbalance of in people’s application of the concept of intentionality. People are more willing to say a side effect occurred intentionally when they interpret that side effect as bad than they are when that side effect is good. Uttich and Lombrozo also studied the side-effect effect, but explained it differently than Knobe did. They said that the side-effect effect, the differences in ascribed mental states and traits pertaining to intentionality of an action, is due to the side effect’s norm status as opposed to moral status....   [tags: psychology, Uttich and Lombrozo perspective]

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The Union Side Of A Collective Bargaining Agreement

- When it came to creating a collective bargaining agreement (CRA) for the employee wages and benefits section between the company and the union, two key challenges could be seen. The first challenge related to communication among both the union and the company sides. While interaction appeared to have occurred amongst the individual sides, when it came to discussion among the two sides to reach an agreement discussion was limited. The second challenge related to the company side specifically, and the lack of discussion over being able to agree on a final proposal to be presented to the union side....   [tags: Negotiation, Collective bargaining, Mediation]

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Marijuana's Medical Side

- Marijuana’s Medical Side Even though marijuana is a natural plant so it can’t do much harm. The drug should be illegal unless its for medical purposes the drug can be a pain reliever and it eases anxiety. The effects can be harmful if smoked too much. Cannabis also known as pot, weed, grass and other street names it goes by can be helpful but harmful at the same time. It relieves anxiety and pain and other side effects or problems people have. National Institute on Drug Abuse says “Along with euphoria relaxation is another frequently reported effect in the human studies....   [tags: drugs, mutliple sclerosis, cancer]

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Control Panel On The Front Side Of The Car

- The control panel is securely fastened onto the right side of the driver’s seat while the panel on the left side of the seat is reserved for a monitor for exterior cameras and car health. The dimensions of the right panel will be a 12-inch by 24-inch table to house the multiple controls functions of the car. The left panel that holds the monitor will be a simpler design of an 8-inch by 12-inch table holding a monitor on the front side. Our team has decided to place the control panel onto the center of the car next to the driver seat as the most important control functions are easily accessible while the chair is rotated facing the backside of the car....   [tags: Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics]

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My Mother 's Side Of The Family

- I began my genogram with my immediate family. Currently living at home is my father, my mother, and myself. My sister is away attending college at Ball State University and fairly often comes home to spend a weekend or holiday with us at home. From there, my father’s side of the family is fairly simple. His parents were not previously married before each other. They had three boys of which he was the eldest. One of the brothers married and had three boys of his own, while the other brother is cohabitating with his male partner....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Father, Nuclear family]

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Managing the Human Side of Beer Gardens

- This mix is concerned with all aspects of service performance that create value. In other words, this element of the service marketing mix is concerned about managing the human side of the Beer Garden. The owner has to ensure that the business has the right customer contact and also that employees are performing their tasks well. This is vital to attract potential customers towards the Beer Garden. To ensure that the right personnel are obtained, the owner will put much emphasis on the job design, recruitment and selection, training, motivation, evaluation and reward together with empowerment and team-work....   [tags: mix, pricing, distribution]

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My Mother 's Side Of The Family

- Competition, a word often associated with the concept of win and loss. For my parents, this word meant opportunity, drive and a chance to push forward. During my younger years, I was given the privilege to be introduced to two different types of competition. Although my parents shared the same values when it came to competing in the sense of wanting to push yourself to be the best you can be. There choice in path of getting to that point was on opposite sides of the spectrum. My mother’s upbringing focused primarily on the unity of family, all for one and one for all....   [tags: Mother, Father, Parent, Self]

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Keynesian Theory vs. Supply Side

- Two very important economic policies that point in different directions of fiscal policy include the Keynesian economics and Supply Side economics. They are opposites on the economic policy field and were introduced in the 20th century, but are known for their influence on the economy in the United States both were being used to try and help the economy during the Great Depression. John Maynard Keynes a British economist was the founder of Keynesian economic theory. Keynesian economics is a form of demand side economics that inspires government action to increase or decrease demand and output....   [tags: Economic Policies, Fiscal Policy]

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My Mother 's Side Family

- The person I decided to choose is a very important family member to me who I care a lot about and is part of my mother’s side family. The person I chose is Silvana Giono, or also known as “Nonna,” meaning grandma in Italian. She is a very brave woman whom I look up to everyday of my life. Silvana grew up in Turin, Italy during the worst circumstances and has many stories yet to be told to me. Silvana Giono was born on August 4, 1934 in Turin, Italy. Something that was occurring on the other side of the world, in 1934, was the Great Depression....   [tags: Family, World War II, Paisley Park Records]

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The Use Of Steroids And Other Drugs

- The use of steroids and other drugs had been a problem in sports for many years. The winning at any cost idea has brainwashed some athletes into believing steroids can help make their dreams become reality (1). However, Steroids are dangerous and have many negative effects on the bodies and lives of athletes over time. The reason that steroids are used in sports so often is because the drug is meant to be used in small doses for legitimate purposes (1). But, athletes who abuse steroids use the drugs in high doses to improve their muscle mass in hope to increase performance level (1)....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Steroid, Androgen]

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The Meaning Of Life And Other Lies

- The Meaning of Life & Other Lies No well-minded senior in high school claims to have discovered any indisputable meaning of life. To do so would bring an end to all questions. Mankind has entered and exited hundreds upon thousands of eras throughout human history wondering and creating their own meanings in life. The first section of Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning” in essence focuses on how only the concentration camp prisoners who felt they had a purpose to their lives, a goal or future to live for, survived....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Philosophy of life]

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