• opportunity

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    Opportunity There has been a great deal of recent work surrounding the issue related to alarm hazards in clinical settings. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) has identified the importance to tackling the danger of alarm systems. There have been many reported deaths related to the absence of attention to cardiac monitors (JACHO, 2013). A new patient safety goal for the year 2014 is to improve the safety of clinical alarms. Emergency Care Research Institute

  • Career Opportunities For Professional Development Opportunities

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    Professional Development Opportunities Professional development entails facilitated learning opportunities that seek to impact desired skills, and to improve effectiveness and knowledge of a professional in a given area of specialization (Grogan, 2002). Opportunities for professional development are presented in formal education as specialized training, and additional learning of professionals to improve the knowledge and skills of administrators. Professional development in the banking and financial

  • The Opportunity For Dreamers

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    The Opportunity for Dreamers I thought America was the land of opportunity. How can we say we 're the land of opportunity if we deny or easily criticized one person for who they are. The undocumented immigrants who come to America by their parents are not given the choice.They grow up and attend school or have a normal life like us , not knowing later they will have difficulty to pursue an education due to their undocumented status. Not being able to attend their dream university or being able to

  • Opportunities in Life

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    is the same path pave with dangers; the course with success and dangers is the road of opportunity. Countless numbers of dictionaries describe this term in a monotonous fashion, “a favorable moment,” in effect, contributes to the lack of substantial meaning perceive by humans. The word opportunity is intricately significant in meaning and is vital for success: consisting of misconceptions such that opportunities are forever, symbolic in structure, composing of two components, and essential to life

  • Unequal opportunity

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    and how its people try to be as just and equal as possible. In America, we have equal opportunity but mostly in theory. Americans have equal opportunity to peruse happiness,life and freedom, but some individuals do have the upper hand when it comes down who gets head. People who have power, be it wealth or social class, have a greater opportunity for success and achieve the American dream. To have a good opportunity people have to have access to power, not only economical but social and knowledge. That's


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    United States of America Land of Opportunity?      United States of America is known as the land of opportunity for many immigrants who dare to dream of a better life. Since the beginning of American history, United States has focused more about equal opportunity than any other country. There are many people who strongly believe that once they come to the United States it is almost guaranteed to find success. For example, my relatives in Korea always ask my parents how much

  • Educational Opportunities

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    manager, and more recently online classes have become available. The programs offer leadership and skill development to help the professional advance in his career. There are also many specializations to help the working student move into new career opportunities. 3- People today are becoming more aware of learning disabilities such as adult dyslexia, so it does not carry the stigma that it once did. You are not simply labeled a slow learner or retarded because this is a serious condition that should

  • The Land of Opportunity

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    enthusiastically remind me “La tierra de oportunidad” (The land of opportunity). Full of frustration and anxiety that I had just been forced out of my home land, I now had to cope with and assimilate into a new culture, environment, and language. I was obligated to quickly acquire the principles and communication skills to not only excel but to socially adjust. Despite my situation, I was still able to recognize the amplitude of opportunities this country would offer for me, educationally and professionally

  • The Opportunities for Excellence

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    The Opportunities for Excellence Like many other students in the public school system, I had my share of “good” teachers and “bad” teachers, but I learned valuable things from each of them: from the “good” teachers, inspiration to enter education and how to be a good teacher, from the “bad” teachers, if nothing else, what not to be. As important as education is to children’s success in life, they should have as many positive influences as possible. I will strive to be the best teacher I can

  • Language of Opportunity

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    Language of Opportunity The guarantee of opportunity of the immigrant community of the United States and the assimilation and unity of the population depend upon English becoming the official language of the United States by Constitutional Amendment. Our educational as well as our social system is put under serious financial strain by the over application of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under the pretense of non-discrimination. Immigrants are being provided a false sense of security

  • Opportunity Awaits

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    illnesses or loss that leaves them unable to bear children; this has a significant effect on women and their spouses. Females are born with the genetic make-up and desire to bear children; when that is taken from them, surrogate mothers allow them the opportunity to get a piece of that back. The process is not without an emotional rollercoaster they must ride to assume the responsibility of motherhood. Both the surrogate mother and the recipient of the baby must weigh all the risks involved before making

  • Missed Opportunities

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    People are given many opportunities throughout their lives. Some people take these opportunities and embrace them, but others simply lose these opportunities because of the loss the time. In the novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald’s most timeless theme conveyed throughout his work is time. Fitzgerald displays this recurring theme of time with the help of Gatsby, Daisy and Tom. The word time appears repeatedly in the novel; therefore Fitzgerald obviously wanted to stress

  • A World of Opportunity

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    civil rights movement, and immigrants who were looking for new opportunities by moving to the United States of America, were stuck, and could not escape from the adverse environments they were in. One man with the same opinion is James Loewen. He thinks that the social class that one is born into will be their social class when they die. He thinks that one’s destiny is decided for them. While Loewen writes in “The Land of Opportunity” that he believes “social class is the single most important variable

  • Seize the Opportunity

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    Opportunities come and go and I am here in the University writing my first paper because I have decided to seize the opportunity. My family will be proud and in turn I will be proud as I walk this journey of achievement. While reading this paper, I will lead you on a short narrative of my personal life experiences this far. I will help you to get to know me and understand who I am as a wife, mother and now a college student. Included are examples of adult development theories I have learned over

  • Opportunities in America

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    Opportunities in America Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” is a story based on the account of a young Chinese girl living in the United States with her overly pushy mother. Two kinds is about opportunity, perseverance, and accomplishment. These are the things Jing-mei learns as she grows up in what many people call “The Land of Opportunity”. In America, it is believed that you have the opportunity to become anything you would like to be. For immigrants it is believed that “you can be best anything”

  • Master of Opportunity

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    The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is a magnificent illustration of skillful character meeting with overwhelming opportunities to form a supreme leader. His ambition was led primarily by impulse, not a set of ideals or connection to any structure. The vacillating government of France throughout the Revolution provided opportunities which had not previously been available. The opportunities available during the Revolution were mainly in the military. This favored Napoleon because he was mentally able

  • A Revolution of Opportunities

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    forced to be subject to males throughout the word like in ancient civilizations such as India, Athens, and Rome (Alter 12). But in the last 90 years, due to the Women’s Right Movement that took place from 1848 to 1920, women have been given more opportunities and have become significantly successful. Many women in their freedom forget to be grateful to the independent, intelligent, and determined women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth

  • Greater Opportunities

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    graduation had passed, I gleefully accepted the opportunity to spend my time in the Philippines and further develop my devotion to God. I beamed from the back of the small, cramped church as I watched newfound followers of Christ of young and old intently listen to the sermon. I quietly walked outside and took a seat upon a nearby bench, neatly folding my hands in my lap. “Thank you, Lord,” I said, looking up to the clear, blue skies, “for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for giving me a chance to serve

  • A Missed Opportunity

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    A Missed Opportunity Every time we had visited Williamsburg, my mother had always wanted to see the famous Fife and Drum Corps. Dressed in full costume of red coats and tri-corner hats, these re-enactors parade down the Duke of Gloucester Street playing their instruments in a “call to arms” of the town’s militia. These men have always been one of the main attractions of Williamsburg and one of the symbols of the colonial area. They perform only once or twice a week and by either bad luck or

  • An opportunity to learn

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    Special Education is becoming more of a concern with each passing day. There are more and more problems with teaching children with special needs as well as there are problems with diagnosing them. In the first half of the 20th century it started to become increasingly popular in the United States. (Ferguson 148). It is a tedious and time consuming task but it can be very rewarding to see the child progress of time and advance their learning skills. Although determining if a child has a learning

  • Johnson's Doors of Opportunity

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    Former President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors.” And, with that idea in mind, Johnson waged a war against poverty in the United States of America. This so-called War on Poverty, which a mere portion of his greater movement of social reforms known as the Great Society, was a perpetual war upon suffering. And that suffering was, according to Michael Harrington in his book The Other America, practically

  • Economics and Opportunity Cost

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    study of how people make choices due to scarcity. Making choices is a requirement throughout our lives of which making them is inevitable. A major factor of decisions is opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is what limits our choices by limiting the resources that we are initially capable of providing. To be more specific opportunity cost is the loss of potential gain from alternatives due to another alternative being chosen. We make choices in order to progress in a direction that we believe is the

  • Opportunities For Success Essay

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    Opportunity Create Opportunities for Success Success begins with opportunities. For a young doctor, an opportunity could mean being assigned to work with the best doctor in the hospital. For an artist, it could be a last-minute offer to show at a famous museum. For a student, it could mean being rewarded a scholarship to travel around world and do research. “Once a king had a huge rock placed on a middle of the path. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone removes the rock. Some of the king’s

  • The Concept Of Opportunity Cost

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    of the concept of opportunity cost. In your discussion you are required to identify and explain: ∗ The concept of opportunity cost and why it is a fundamental concept in economics Opportunity cost is defined as the decision made to give up the highest-valued alternative in order to engage in another activity (Garnet & O’Brien). Alternatively, opportunity cost can be defined as the highest value alternative that is given up in order to undertake a particular activity. Opportunity cost is generally

  • Aspects of Employment Opportunities

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    Aspects of Employment Opportunities The aspects of employment opportunities that I will cover are the type of jobs they were employed in like domestic services, textiles and the sweated trades. The work done by woman in these jobs was mostly manual. These jobs did not require a high level of education. Women were rarely promoted due to the attitudes and mentalities of men at the time. Many people thought women were less capable than men. This is because women were not

  • Equal Opportunity In The Army

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    The Equal Opportunity (EO) is an important program to ensure fair treatment, justice, and equity for all people. This program frames and enhances a comprehensive effort to increase human’s potentials depending only on their eligibility, ability, and efficiency. Commanders and Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) have a huge responsibility on their shoulders toward their units; they should provide a positive EO climate for their Soldiers. Because NCOs are the number one factor to create a successful positive

  • Personal Leadership Opportunities

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    I am proud to have started and taken ownership of many opportunities to meet and lead many people. I feel honored to meet people and discuss issues and topics that are relative from ones culture and lifestyle that I have yet to experience. I am proud and privileged to have made relations with people around the world, something that I will always cherish and appreciate throughout my life. For two consecutive summers, I went to South Africa to impact and experience the lives of less fortunate people

  • Equality: Equal Opportunities

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    such as ‘equality between whom’ and ‘equality of what’ arise with diverging opinions. (Baker, Lynch, Cantillon, & Walsh, 2004). In political ideologies debate, we may identify the two main approaches to equality. Liberals advocate the equality of opportunity such that every member of society should be allowed to have a same starting position in order to equally compete for the advantage. Socialists, quite the contrary, claim that a civilization is about the equality of outcomes and that citizens of

  • Education: Equal Opportunity?

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    Education: Equal Opportunity? The U.S. Educational system has historically divided into two objective groups. The first objective focuses on increasing opportunity. The second objective focuses on stabilizing an unequal society. The objective of increasing opportunity has mainly emphasized on practition more than discussions of schooling. Thomas Jefferson implemented a plan in 1779, it promised the laboring class more opportunity to attend higher education. The point of the plan was to rake out

  • Functionalism : The Land Of Opportunities

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    America is believed to be "The Land of Opportunities,", but how can that be true when our own citizens are struggling with keeping the "American Dream" from turning into a nightmare? There is a problem with the availability of opportunities to better the lives of Americans across the nation. "In America the newly developing caste system appears to encompass more than just income inequality, it encompasses inequality in opportunity, in life expectancy, in happiness and in all other aspects of life

  • Is Technology A Economic Opportunity?

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    I do believe more economic opportunities exist globally because of our ever-increasing technological advancement, although these opportunities are still very varied in availability as some countries still lack far behind, creating larger economic Gross Domestic Product (GDP) gaps. Some ways the world has been ‘flattened’ are: Education There is a growing popularity in gaining an affordable online education, such as UoPeople’s degree or Masters program. This helps workforces globally develop,

  • Globalization: Threat or Opportunity?

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    trade and communicate through out the world. Technology has experienced rapid growth in the international trade and investment. In the 20th century globalization is now not only a notion it is a phenomenon but the question is, is it a threat or an opportunity? Companies world wide such as McDonald's have gone global. McDonald's started in the United States and is now in countries across the globe. McDonald's is just one of the many businesses taking their business global. Companies expand internationally

  • Telecom Job Opportunities

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    Telecom Job Opportunities The telecom industry has been on a growth path for the last 5 years- with expected 7% growth on wireless facets all through 2012. This is reflected by the rapid growth of the ICT sector, which touches on cell phones, televisions, radios, broadband connectivity and any other electronic method used to connect with and send messages to others. Consequently, telecom job opportunities have also been on the rise, with a varied range for different career paths; careers such

  • Immigration to the Land of Opportunity

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    being the “Land of Opportunity” have continued to persuade people to immigrate. Although immigration in the 20th century is much different from recent immigration, the underlying reasons for moving to the US are usually quite similar. Anna Romano was 24 years old when she, her husband Gino, and her expected daughter moved from Ponza, Italy to the United States in 1971. Her sister-in-law was the first of her relatives to move to the United States, in hopes of finding opportunity for her family. After

  • America: The Land of Opportunities

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    America: The Land of Opportunities In modern day society, a college degree leads to people making specific assumptions about an individual’s capabilities, which proceed to shape social generalizations that may assist or inhibit the success of an individual in the economic system or job market. Universal standards form throughout the job market as a result of those assumptions made about students who attend college that may not encourage a full understanding of an individual’s ability to perform

  • Benefits Of A Opportunity Cost

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    Opportunity Costs can be defined as the benefits, the profits, or anything that holds any value that can be derived from any activity. and which we give up and forgo in order to do some other activity in its place. Every form of resource such as land, money, time etc., can be put to several uses; thus every action, choice or decision has an opportunity cost. Few conditions are necessary for the existence of perfect competition. Firstly, there must be large number of buyers and sellers in the market

  • Equal Opportunity for All

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    Many socially marginalised groups can be compared to each other in regards to their struggle for equality. People seem to overlook, fear or put down those they perceive to be “different” or “not like us”. Unequal opportunity can be represented in things we read, things we watch on television and everyday things we here and say. There are a range of categories under which differences have been highlighted and these are mainly focuses on differences in ability, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality and

  • Opportunities that Lead the Way

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    In the late 1800’s African Americans were discriminated against because of their skin tone. It was rare that African American’s finished secondary school lead alone college. Mary Church was afforded these opportunities because of her father’s wealth. His wealth afforded her the opportunities that no African American woman had. She was able to meet influential people such as Fredrick Douglas and Booker T. Washington. Because of Mary’s upbringing and the wealth of her father, which helped her gained

  • The E-Commerce Opportunity

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    The E-Commerce Opportunity A secure e-commerce Web site can provide businesses with powerful competitive advantages, including increased online retail sales as well as streamlined application processes for products such as insurance, mortgages, or credit cards. E-commerce credit card sales can be especially lucrative: according to independent analysts, cash transactions on the Internet will reach $9 billion in 2000, and $30 billion in 2005. By offering products and services on the Web, businesses

  • America Is The Land Of Opportunities

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    America is the land were everyone desires to go and prosper in life. It is the land of opportunities. Many people travel far distances to seek a better life in this country. Overcoming obstacles criticism, racism, and breaking the rules. America is great, I strongly believe this is the land where dreams come true. I have resided in Texas from the young age of twelve. My father and I are from a state in Mexico deep in the south, Guanajuato. As everyone knows, life is not as easy there, and he always

  • America Is The Land Of Opportunity

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    For centuries the belief that America is the land of opportunity has been spread through society by rich, white men. The vast majority of the population has been silenced through oppression. The history of America is stained with blood, and success is measured in body count. For some in society America might be considered the land of opportunity, but for them to succeed they must climb onto the backs of others. The oppression that exists in society from the 1500’s onward till today represents the

  • Equal Opportunities Legislations

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    To confirm that Sainsbury’s agree and abide by these Legislations of equal opportunities they have an equal opportunities policy. Equal Opportunities Legislations Introducing The Four Main Acts: The four essential main acts carried out at Sainsbury’s are:- * The Employment Rights Act 1996- The main rights that all employees have. Equal opportunities The Sex Discrimination Act 1975- Gender * The Race Relations Act 1976- Race and ethnicity * The Disability Discrimination

  • Equality of Opportunities in Education

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    To me, equality of opportunity in public education is where every single person deserves and is entitled to an equal chance to obtain a good education, grow and make positive progress throughout their time in school, and be successful in reaching their full potential later in life. These people should be treated identically, not differently due to their gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. In a democratic society, personally speaking, I think that equity and

  • Socialist Equality of Opportunity

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    distributive justice, in Socialist Equality of Opportunity (EOP), may seem extreme. The word Socialism has developed into a “meaningless word” that serves as a synonym to tyranny (Orwell 4). Yet, a specific form of socialism, equality of opportunity, has many merits over common, currently practiced systems and should be considered as a legitimate ideal for distributive justice. To realize the aforementioned thesis it is important to first define equality of opportunity. Within the definition, many reasonable

  • The Land Of Limited Opportunity

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    The Land of Limited Opportunity The United States has always been viewed as a land of opportunity, where one could achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are. Freedom and economic stability are the factors that make our country appealing. People are hopeful that the opportunities the country holds will help them achieve the American dream. This dream consists of achieving financial success, but time has proven that the American dream is a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, ambition

  • Spanish: The Key to Opportunity

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    direct benefits of learning a foreign language are plenty. Among the various foreign languages pursued by American students, Spanish is by far the most popular, as competency in the Spanish language is a powerful resource that can increase one’s opportunities in the U.S and globally by tenfold. Therefore, it is extremely essential that Americans learn Spanish, as knowledge of the Spanish language opens the door to cultural appreciation, breaks the barrier between two cultures, and sets the stage for

  • Democracy : A Country Of Opportunities

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    one hand, the USA is supposed to be the mother of democracy. Its election process is believed to be transparent and fair. The USA is a country of opportunities. It means that a smart person is able to apply her skills and knowledge to become rich and prosperous. Naturally, only a fair and democratic country can provide its people with such opportunities. Therefore, the USA has the healthiest political system and it can organize election process effectively. People can vote for their favorite politician

  • Increasing Opportunity For Women

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    Increasing opportunity for women, particularly low income women, begins with increasing access to affordable college educations. Not only will this help them reach their career goals, but it also will give them all the benefits of having a college experience, including learning new perspectives and following their passions. There are several plans proposed by various candidates in the upcoming Presidential election but there are three plans in particular we believe would effectively change our college

  • Education is the Foundation of Opportunity

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    Education is the Foundation of Opportunity “Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.” - Charles F. Kettering(inventor of the electric starter, 1876-1958) I want to go into education with an open mind. Education is the foundation of opportunity, and I want to give young people all the opportunities I’ve had. It is because of these opportunities that I feel that I was called to the field of education. Every person who has ever been in school knows that there are teachers

  • Essay On External Opportunities

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    External Opportunities Since most companies are trying to reduce their costs in any way possible, they have began to encourage their employees to supply their own devices. These practices have been dubbed the “BYOD”, or bring your own device. Sure the company is saving on buying the actual laptops or phones, but they still needed programs and apps to go with it. This left their employees with no way of getting a program or app customized to the company’s needs unless they entered into an enterprise