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How to Develop a Business Newsletter

- Have you every admired those successful businesses whom seem to have it all. You see them bringing in more revenue than your business. But wait, their business isn't any better than yours. What it boils down to is there are more skillful ways of advertising your business and that is through a newsletter Developing a business newsletter is a marketing strategy that can help you to promote your business. In order to have a successful newsletter you need to understand what a business newsletter can do for you, your business and your clients/prospect clients....   [tags: Instructional Essay, Process Essay, How To Essay]

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My Position On The Hinden Newsletter

- My position on the Hinden Newsletter from January 2012 has not changed and I feel the overall concept is mostly valid on the future of healthcare. I agree with Hinden Newsletter of 2012 regarding ACOs will reduce hospital admissions, require technology for information transfer and stratifying high risk patients, require resources to predict and manage risk, integration of clinical/population health, multidisciplinary teams (clinical, hospital, Rx and SNIFF), resources/training, change of mind set from acute to preventive and population health (coordination, education, prevention and software)....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Patient, Health insurance]

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The Time Of Writing This Newsletter Article

- A few weeks ago, I was asked this very question. At the time of writing this newsletter article, I actually had an individual knock on the house door asking me to do a survey for the upcoming election. Based on what the individual had in his hands, he was then going to ask for me to hang up various items supporting the candidate he was asking a survey for. What was neat about the dialogue during his survey was not about who I am going to specifically vote for during election but more so, why I am leaning a specific way to vote....   [tags: Elections, Voting system, Saturday Night Live]

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Research Report On The Newsletter

- M1 Throughout the duration of my ‘newsletter’ the research that I conducted assisted me to determining a few ways that it could be adapted to improve the newsletter whilst keeping it in a physical publication. One of these examples is to write the newsletter on a key specific time schedule, which suits the business and its needs, resulting in regular communication and updates to the staff. A slight adaptation, whilst keeping a similar delivery, could be to change it from a newsletter format to a design that could give a friendly, inviting and less formal vibe....   [tags: Microsoft PowerPoint, Presentation, Microsoft]

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Parent Newsletter : Information On Physical, Cognitive, And Psychosocial Development

- Parent newsletter: Information on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development from infancy to middle childhood. Physical Development: The first two years children’s height and weight nearly double, by six months there is a rise in baby fat, which usually peaks at nine months. In infancy girls are slightly shorter and lighter than boys having more fat content, you will see these differences throughout middle childhood. Body proportion growth is slow and stable at this time. Cephalocaudal trend is during the infancy period, the head develops quicker than the lower body, and the neck muscles need to develop for head control....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Childhood]

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Persuasive Essay : Effective Newsletters

- Effective Newsletters Many practices send out newsletters, which is fine. But make sure that you are sending out newsletters that contain useful information. According to research, only around a third of the people you send newsletters to are even going to open them. Even fewer than that will actually act upon anything once they are in there. To get a higher read rate, be sure to focus on sending out quality content and have a good headline that will entice them to open the email. Inside the newsletter add a button or link that makes it simple for the reader to “forward to a friend.” Just having that small prompt will help provide the tool someone needs to refer you to another person....   [tags: Social media, Facebook, Want, Negative feedback]

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Communication Among Residents at Addison

- Communication Among Residents The residents of Addison are able to communicate with each other and stay updated on what is happening in the town by a monthly eNewsletter, social Media (Twitter and Facebook), and the local newspaper. Community Strengths and Citizens Perceptions of the Town Through talking with residents in various locations, Addison has proven to have many strengths. There is a variety of housing affordable for all families; balance of housing types, with 58 percent single-family homes, 9 percent townhomes, and 34 percent multi-family homes....   [tags: newsletter, senior, scam]

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Corporate Newsletter-Social Influences; Group Judgements and Decisions

- In recent months, the management team of this organization has been working tirelessly to diminish biases among group members and to establish a proposal focusing on the elimination of in-store employee theft. This criminal activity associated with inventory shrinkage and major revenue loss has proved to be a detriment to our company, but thankfully, is now in the process of being reversed. The success of our proposal resulted from the dynamics of an open discussion format in our group setting and the determination of each member to make the necessary modifications and improvements for this company....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Jk / Sk : The Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program

- For my final newspaper assignment I chose to do it on JK/SK using the document “The Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program”. The reason why I chose to create a newsletter for JK/SK is because looking ahead in the future, I can best see myself working with children in the early years starting from pre-school to kindergarten. I thought that I would benefit in the future from creating this assignment now for me to refer back to this assignment and gradually build up on this as I gain more knowledge....   [tags: Reading, Education, Teacher, Family]

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A Great Week at the Acorn Youth Club

- A Great Week at the Acorn Youth Club I have chosen to interview Alan Ford, who is the Manager of Acorn Youth Club. My task was to create a newsletter on what has been a great week at the Acorn Youth Club, with many events and competitions taking place. I was asked to make sure that the newsletter was aimed especially at the teenage and young adult audience, with lots of information which highlights Acorn Youth Club from other youth clubs. The information would also have to advertise more youngsters to join ACY (Acorn Youth Club)....   [tags: Papers]

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The Lutheran Primary School

- The Lutheran Primary School, Wagga Wagga (LPSWW) sends out a newsletter weekly to convey school-related matters to parents and carers of the students. Such matters include school rules, safety concerns, reminders, events and praise. School personnel contribute individually to the makeup of the newsletter in order to compose an informative piece of writing. The language used is personal and familiar, demonstrating the staff members position and involvement in the students’ education. A two-page extract from the newsletter was selected (PAGES 2 and 3) and analysed in relation to the register and genre; drawing on the mode, tenor and field....   [tags: Writing, Teacher, Essay, Grammar]

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Communication For Engineering : M1 Evaluating Written Communication

- Communications for Engineering M1 Evaluating written communication There are many ways that I could have improved the quality and effectiveness of the newsletter. The first way I could have improved it is by having a larger production cost on it. From this I could employ an editor that would help me write the newsletter so that it is more interesting and easier to read. My second method of improving the newsletter could be having an independent body come to view the business to make their own newsletter about the company....   [tags: Microsoft PowerPoint, Presentation]

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A Literacy Program For Kindergarten Students

- “Land of Literacy” is a literacy program designed for Kindergarten students to promote the love of literature as well as build a strong literacy foundation. The purpose of this literacy program is to integrate unique and fun ways to learn literature while taking into consideration developmental and cultural differences. The idea of the “Land of Literacy” program is to show parents and students that through literature we can all connect as one diverse community while sharing and learning literacy....   [tags: Childhood, Early childhood education, Reading]

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Web Publishers At Ut Arlington

- MAC utilizes its website:, to provide information about the facility, intramural sports, sport clubs, aquatics, adaptive rec, fitness programs, membership and events. The website is kept simple and it’s easy to read (black text on white background). The dominant colors of the website are orange, blue, black and white which represent the official colors of University of Texas at Arlington. The uncluttered layout allows viewers focusing on the content....   [tags: Facebook, Social media, A Great Way to Care]

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Input, Process and Output for I.R.C.

- Input, Process and Output for I.R.C. Coursework As system analysts to ensure I.R.C get the job done I am going to introduce the three basic and main steps. These are Input, Process and Output. The first step will be using Inputs such as keyboards, mouse, scanner and many other inputs. The keyboard allows me to input and type text about special features and offers which I can include in the newsletter or the flyer to promote and advertise my business. It allows me to store information about the customers and there order details .The mouse has many features such as allowing me to point and click in a certain column and also editing any mistakes made....   [tags: Papers]

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Process Overview : Internal Communications

- Process Overview: Internal Communications Pieces The purpose of this document is to outline the process for developing internal communications pieces. Internal communications pieces include newsletters, formal email announcements, and targeted emails to Official Family, Extended Family, elected and appointed volunteers, alumnae association officers and chapter officers. Please note the process for the development of internal communications campaigns differs. For Formal Email Announcements and Targeted Emails: Please note: You should allow at least two weeks to complete the review and proofing steps....   [tags: Public relations, Communication, Style guide]

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Should a School Administrator Invest in an Instructional Coach?

- Should an Administrator Invest in an Instructional Coach. After a year of finding my way as an instructional coach, learning by trial and error, and educating myself about strategies for guiding my colleagues, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about my experience. Administrators who are seeking to improve student achievement by improving teacher effectiveness might want to consider the value of having such a teacher on a building staff. When my principal called me with the idea of becoming a part-time teacher and part-time instructional coach, I had recently completed my National Board Certification in adolescent and young adult English language arts, and was eager to serve as a teacher le...   [tags: Education]

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World Changing Project For The Next Year

- Modern humans have inhabited this Earth for long periods of time and dwelled for much of it without causing much irrevocable harm to the environment. However, the widespread abuse, overexploitation, and pollution started affecting the environment negatively over the last few centuries. The environment is not only the undeveloped land, such as forests, oceans, deserts, etc. When we hear the term environment, maybe some of us may think of the times they have been at a local or national park, visited the beach, or took a trip to the mountains....   [tags: Environmentalism, Environment, Sustainability]

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Employee Motivation & Expectancy Theory

- In today’s digital world, employment has become much easier to find. Gone are the days of buying newspapers, looking over countless job ads, mailing in resumes, and waiting days for a response. Anyone can access employment sites such as,, or and find their dream job. The specificity of job search engines have made it easy to find a particular job in a particular field, click the submit resume button to apply for it, and move on. Tens or even hundreds of jobs can be applied for in no time at all....   [tags: hiring process, looking for a job, digital age]

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How Can You Get Value For Your Advertising Dollars?

- Whether you are using your blog to promote your business as a whole, or you want to monetize your blog at some point, it is vital that you invest time, energy, and advertising dollars into your blog. However, you don 't just want to throw money here and there. It is important to know where you can get value for your advertising dollars. You also may be on an extremely tight budget at first until the site begins to bring in some revenue. With that in mind, we 've come up with ways you can use just $10 to promote your blog and gain visitors....   [tags: Twitter, Social media, Facebook]

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Sales and Sponsorship for the Golden State Warriors

- Hello Class, For this discussion, I have chosen the sports property of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors play in the NBA within the Pacific Division and have a large local and regional fan base in the city of Oakland and state of California. Even though the Warriors have a large fan following, there are several ways of extending the Warriors brand reach beyond the basketball court with conventional sports minded consumers and non-sports fans. In order to accomplish this, the Warriors must think outside the box and look at attracting typically unaware markets and consumers that are missing the marketing and advertising plans that are currently being used....   [tags: sports industry and property]

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The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Marketing Communications

- Protecting patient information is an important task for any health care provider. The Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), also known as the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, was approved by the United States Congress in 1996. It was the first act to provide national regulations for the use of patient health information. This privacy rule outlines the boundaries for the use of personal health information, including specific guidelines to ensure HIPAA-compliance....   [tags: Medical Marketing ]

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An Explanation of How the Internet Works

- An Explanation of How the Internet Works Have you ever thought how the Internet works. The research found here will help answer that question. The Internet is a complicated system. There are two main protocols that the Internet uses that allow you to transmit and there are certain procedures that allow you to receive information via the Internet. The Internet is very large and many things have to work correctly for information to get to your computer or to get from your computer to someone else's computer....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Types And Future Publics Are Targeted By Daisy Ridley 's Rey At The Centre Of The Campaign

- Existing and future publics are targeted through the promotional advertisement materials which include a flyer and web banners. The print advertisement can be included in Empire and some of Bauer’s sister products- FHM and Kerrang. since they share the same demographic. The web banners, meanwhile, are more general and can easily access future publics. They can be included on the digital platform as well as sponsors’ websites. The newsletter is focused on e-mail subscribers who may or may not be regular subscribers....   [tags: Advertising, Brand, Goal, Regulatory Focus Theory]

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Drivers of Organizational Change and the Keys to Successful Organizational Change

- Organizations are dynamic entities. They consist of tangible resources (people, methods, equipment, information, finance and materials) and intangible resources (brands, trademarks, patents, reputation, motivation, goodwill, copyright, copy-left and other forms of intellectual property). Businesses do not exist in a vacuum. They affect and are affected by their environment (micro, macro, physical and intellectual). The four cases presented in the next section covers three broad industrial sectors – public sector, non-profit and private tertiary education provider....   [tags: contribution, public sector, organization]

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The Legal Structure Of The United Carolina Secretary Of State

- Legal Structure: After some thorough research, Deepest Needs Counseling would run as a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC). Since the sole purpose of the business would be to provide counseling services, The North Carolina Secretary of State (n.d.) requires that when a business renders professional services the articles be filed appropriately with the licensing board. The steps to follow would be to complete a Certificate of Registration Application and submit it along with a $50.00 application fee, and a copy of the unapproved Articles of Organization to the NCBLPC Board (NCBLPC, n.d.)....   [tags: Limited liability company, Corporation]

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The Effects Of Meditation On The Practice Of Meditation

- Advancements in medication benefit society and help to maintain every individual’s health. However, regarding certain suffering such as depression, stress, and anxiety, a safer form of treatment exists. Medications attempting to treat depression, anxiety, or stress contain chemicals which cause the body to react negatively. These negative side effects are not necessary due to the practice of mindful meditation. Mindful meditation is a more beneficial way to heal psychological diseases versus medication because meditation does not create any negative side effects, the practice is equally effective as medications, and there are multiple positive benefits to meditation along with healing....   [tags: Antidepressant]

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The Three Stages of Alzheimer's

- Alzheimer’s is most likely formed by other symptoms called dementia. Dementia is not an actual disease, but has a vast range of symptoms which are precursors to many types of diseases. When dementia is detected in an individual their memory tends to decline and it becomes a hassle to complete everyday duties. When diagnosing individuals there are a series of steps taken in order to see if the individual progressed to dementia and also which disease caused those symptoms to take effect. These stages are preclinical, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia....   [tags: Alzheimer's Disease Essays]

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A New Wave Of Evidence

- “When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” That’s the conclusion of ‘A New Wave of Evidence’, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002). As an effective leader, it becomes the first and foremost responsibility of the principal to plan and implement effective strategies to keep the communication with the stakeholders open. As an intern, I have discussed with my site supervisor, and finalized three valuable projects that strengthen school and community relations....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Culture, School]

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The Park Slope School

- The Park Slope School, Ps.282 is located in Park Slope Brooklyn. Ps.282 is a Kindergarten to eighth grade school full of diversity. The school’s staff was pleased to assist me with any of my needs. Although finding the right time to schedule an interview with the parent coordinator and guidance counselor was difficult, both parent coordinator and guidance counselor were more than willing to dedicate their time to focus on the interview. Ps.282 attempts to engage parent’s involvement in school using different methods....   [tags: Middle school, Elementary school, Primary school]

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The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association

- The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association Many people may ask, “What the heck is the Cattleman’s Association?” Normally, the first thoughts that fill people’s minds when they hear “Cattleman’s Association” are: farmers, cows, farms, rednecks, dairy, beef, steaks, hamburger, milk, and so on. Many of these “stereotypes” prove true and many not so much. My experience with the KCA (Kentucky Cattleman’s Association) may be limited, but its roots run deep in my hometown and my family. Although a great number of my family members are in the KCA, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about them, which inspired me to “get to know” them....   [tags: Farming]

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Working With Children With Special Needs

- IncludeNYC has been around for 32 years. The organization was originally known as Resources for Children with Special Needs. The organization remained under this name for the first 31 years of their services, before changing the name to IncludeNYC approximately 18 months ago. During those first 31 years the organization had a history of primarily working with families who had children with special needs. The average age range the organization catered to was from birth to the age of 26. IncludeNYC started as a para-training and information center....   [tags: Individualized Education Program]

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Communication in Education

- Technology demonstrates a vast impact on how well people will think, learn and interact. The development of technology involved in the classroom yields to advancement for communication and collaboration within the educational community. This involvement will focus on each group; students, parents, community and global community. The detailed information in this draft will clearly describe my plans for each group’s engagement in my classroom communication plan, addressing internet security and safety plans that will lead to an education of quality learning....   [tags: Technology, Parents, Community]

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My Resource Is From Mprc ( Minnesota Prevention Resource Centre ) And Here Is The Link Of The Website

- My resource is from MPRC (Minnesota Prevention Resource Centre) and here is the link of the website     The mission of MPRC is to reduce problems resulting from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by enhancing the capacity of people interested in preventing these problems They are a project of Community Partnership with Youth and Families and supported through a major grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Division. The Centre  focuses on community prevention programs from drugs and alcohols, and they do their community programs annually, once every year, for example  when you first visit the website you will see  the topics they are curr...   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Drug abuse]

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`` Ours Is A War Of Survival ' : Biafra, Nigeria And Arguments About Genocide

- The article “‘Ours is a war of survival’: Biafra, Nigeria and arguments about genocide” by Douglas Anthony discusses the argument of whether or not there was really a genocide against the Biafran people and how claims of genocide influenced Biafrans and their supporters during the war. The article begins with an introduction on the how the coup on January 15, 1966 brought violence to Nigeria and ultimately led to the Biafran War. During the war, claims of genocide were made by the Biafran government which ultimately influenced Biafran identity and their actions in the war....   [tags: Nigeria, Igbo people, Nigerian Civil War]

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The Middle School 's Facility And Grounds Issues

- Through multiple interviews of faculty, parents, and community members, I identify Waynesboro Middle School’s facility and grounds issues in relation to safety, attractiveness, and support for learning. Areas of improvement related to safety, attractive ness, and support for learning would include: hiring a full-time security guard to provide additional support insuring the safety of all students’ faculty and staff, a complete overhaul or renovation of classroom buildings, and more parental involvement to increase student academic success....   [tags: Security guard, Security, Better, Need]

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Communication Is An Essential Part Of Every Classroom

- Communication is an essential part of every classroom. Whatever the communication method is each of them are vital to the effectiveness of a teacher and overall successful classroom. Communication can come in many different forms: one important form is parent to teacher communication with concerns pertaining to their children. Another is teacher to child in order to redirect or instruct. My current placement is a general education first grade classroom. My mentor teacher believes whole-heartedly that strong communication is the most effective way to support the students that are struggling in school....   [tags: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication]

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The Philosophy Of Basava And Contemporary Sharanas

- State of the Samaja Channu Kambalyal President, VSNA Respected Swamijis, dignitaries and the attendees of the 2016 VSNA Annual Convention from USA, Canada, India and other countries, on behalf of the VSNA, I would like to welcome you all for your esteemed presence on this occasion of the 39th VSNA Convention to learn more about the philosophy of Basava and contemporary Sharanas. Since Friday evening with the start of the convention activities, we have begun to witness the energy of the Maryland Chapter members and the meticulous planning of the convention led by the Convention Committee Chair – Dr....   [tags: President, President of the United States]

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The Ymca Marketing Analysis : External Communication

- Vicksburg YMCA Marketing Analysis External Communication What is external communication. External marketing communication allows companies to stay in touch with customers and provides a channel for customer input while also identifying and exploiting sales opportunities. What should we aim for with external communication. Our external communication should keep members up to date with changes and policies at the Y, and it should promote our members, classes, programs, and family atmosphere. It should also make all members of the Y staff readily available to talk or answer questions members may have....   [tags: Marketing, Public relations, Mass media, Google]

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Wayne State 's Pr Institution Overall Agenda

- Wayne State’s PR institution overall agenda is to raise the stature of Wayne State University. And any public relations activity that they do is aimed towards always achieving that goal and is the actual mission statement of the marketing communications department. Within this institution, on the 3rd floor of the 5700 building on Cass Avenue, sit’s the office of Information Officer and Public relation professional Rasheda Williams. On May 24th at 12:00pm I was given the opportunity to sit down with her to learn what it is to be a PR professional within the working world....   [tags: Public relations, Mass media, Propaganda]

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Marketing And Selling A New Beer

- Marketing and selling a new beer to consumers involves establishing its appeal to two distinct, but related sets of customers: the bars who will stock the beer and the customers who will take it home with them. Liquor stores and bartenders are the gatekeepers to consumers and to convince them to stock Grand Valley Brewing Company (GVBC) beer, the company must show the product is appealing, is well packaged, and has an established reputation and customer base. In order to promote GVBC beer it is important to have a strategic marketing plan....   [tags: Marketing, Marketing plan, Advertising, Sales]

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How Respectable Are Your Leadership Skills

- How respectable are your leadership skills. This is a question that is repeatedly asked even if we don’t know that it is being asked. When interviewing for a job or competing for promotion or even looking at potential financial difficulties this is often the underline question of the day; so, then what about it. How well can you as a leader navigate the waters of world and bring your vessel safely onto the shore. In our last newsletter we noted that the leadership of individual development is a perpetual process....   [tags: Leadership, Social influence, Skill, Management]

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Administering a Flexible Benefits Plan

- Administering a Flexible Benefits Plan The process to administer a flexible benefits plan contains steps that are carried out by the plan administrator, Arbor Associates. These steps play an important role in the successful administration of any benefits plan. They include plan design, plan setup, communication development, packaging, enrolling, receipt of the information, and the extracting of necessary data. The plan design consists of what will actually be included in the flexible benefits plan....   [tags: Human Resources]

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The History of Advertising and Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Advertising Techniques

- ... Other early newspapers were Dutch’s “Courante uyt Italien, Duystlandt, &c.” Meanwhile, the first publication published in the United States was Benjamin Harris “Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick” in the year 1690. The magazines were first published in the 18th century. The first magazine in Britain, “The Gentlemen’s Magazine”, was published in London in the year 1731. Radio first began in the year 1887 when Heinric Hertz discovered radio waves. Frank Conrad was the first person to start radio broadcasting which he did at his garage....   [tags: television, media, print]

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Kudler Fine Foods Project

- Kudler Fine Foods Project Kudler Fine Foods Background Information Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego metropolitan area. The company has three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas). The stores are stocked with the very best domestic and imported foodstuffs. Kathy Kudler, working in another career was looking for other opportunities and to expand her horizons. As it happened, Kathy relieved her stress through gourmet cooking and on a shopping trip for ingredients for a gourmet repast; she suddenly realized that there was an opportunity for an upscale epicurean food shop in La Jolla....   [tags: Business Analysis Marketing]

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Suggestions for Effectively Talking at Your Tenants

- ... You can announce an upcoming event, send a gentle reminder that rent is due or send maintenance updates. Don't type in all caps or issue ultimatums in a text message. Save legal notices for certified mail or in-person channels. Printed and Electronic Newsletters If your property uses a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep residents informed, don't assume everyone reads the online version. While most of the under 30 crowd have some type of Internet access, older residents, a few college students, and some ethnic groups don't use home computers or mobile devices....   [tags: ownership and value of a neighborhood]

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The Qualities Of A Teacher

- Mrs. Jennifer Wilson is a fourth grade teacher at South Elementary in Danville, Indiana. After being a teacher for ten years in the same exact room and the same grade, she has come to learn and grow wise within her career. I was extremely pleased when she agreed to meet with me for an interview. I knew right away I was going to be inspired. In her junior year of high school she decided she wanted to become an elementary teacher. She loved school growing up and appreciated all of her teachers. She wanted to give kids the opportunity to enjoy school the way she did....   [tags: High school, Extracurricular activity, School]

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You Own A Small Business

- You own a small business. Do you need a website. An Internet presence can be a necessity or a resource-draining boondoggle, depending on your business and your target audience. You shouldn 't build or maintain a website simply because "everyone else has one." However, even if you own a one-person services company and get all the business you can handle through word of mouth, you can still create an online presence with a minimum of time and expense. If and when you do develop a business website, you 'll need to make some kind of investment in Internet-based marketing....   [tags: Marketing, Search engine optimization]

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Wing Luke Asian Museum Web Site

- Wing Luke Asian Museum Website The Wing Luke Asian Museum is a multicultural museum housing art, film, and other records of the Northwest Asian Pacific culture. The Museum states that it is dedicated to "the collection, preservation, and display of Asian Pacific American culture, history and art.". The Museum was founded 1967, in honor of the first Asian pacific American to be elected to the Seattle council (in 1962). Wing Luke was killed in a plane crash just 3 years later, and the community rallied together to establish the Wing Luke Museum....   [tags: essays research papers]

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College Admissions Essay: The Importance of Disabilities Awareness

- The Importance of Disabilities Awareness Disabilities Awareness has played an important role in my life. My present interest in it grew out of my early involvement as a child. In elementary school I was given the chance to serve as a student judge for disabilities awareness art contests sponsored by the NYS Commission on Quality of Care. Children from schools all across New York State were asked to send in drawings to express their personal message of equality and acceptance of people with disabilities....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Natural Hazards Center

- The Natural Hazards Center (NHC), in the Institute of Behavioral Science, at the University of Colorado, Boulder, was established in 1973 to enhance and contribute to the knowledge base of the then young, academic field of disaster research and to help reduce the destruction caused by disasters. The NHC has contributed decades of continuous service to communities, and to all levels of government, by sharing information from its “all-hazards approach for dealing with environmental extremes” and promoting cooperative and “integrated activities among researchers, practitioners and policy makers from around the world” (NHC, 2011)....   [tags: Mission, History, Services]

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Helping Homeless Students

- Homeless is defined as a person who is either living on the streets or in a shelter; a lack of substantial job, or place to live, is often the reason many become homeless. Due to the financial standing of the United States, many individuals inevitably lose jobs. A lot of times, students are caught in the cross hairs of parental mishaps. At an important time in their lives, this can often cause extra stress to be put on their shoulders which could then lead to dropping out of school all together....   [tags: reducing shelter requirements, student jobs]

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I Had My Target, It Is Necessary

- Now that I had my target, it was necessary to develop a plan. It will be crucial to communicate on multiple fronts as some people process or accept information better through different avenues. By utilizing brochures for in-person communications and newsletters for e-mails/social media, there will be availability or information for people. First off, the brochures will be great at both starting a conversation and providing information for those too busy to talk. The ample room that brochures provide allows us the opportunity to be more flexible....   [tags: Ocean, Water, Algal bloom]

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Membership Clubs

- When I heard about this freebie from Microsoft, I could not believe it. Microsoft will be giving its Office programs for FREE. (Reread it, it is true). As of June 15, 2010, mark your calendar because on that date, MS will have their products available ONLINE. What does that mean. It means that Google's Documents, where you can store your documents for free, was a bigger success than anyone anticipated. Google, who is trying to get to be the 'big man on campus' by taking on more and more of the features they perceive to be most desired by the Internet users, has given Microsoft a swift kick in the wallet....   [tags: Marketing]

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Application Of A Computer Software

- Todays’ society vastly operates off various forms of technology that has a variety of software suites and applications available. Even the everyday stay at home individuals, at one point uses a technological software. Software is useful for various things from everyday tasks to business documents, and many software’s and applications are free. Therefore, personally speaking there are five software suites or applications, which are the most useful and are available for free; some do not even need to be downloaded....   [tags: Computer software, Microsoft, Computer program]

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E Email Marketing Campaign : A Powerful Relationship Building Tool For B2c Marketers

- “If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beat.” – Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO) Email is a powerful relationship building tool for B2C marketers. MarketProfs reported Infusion research that shows more than a third of small business owners (34%) put email marketing near the top of the most effective marketing tools, second only to word-of-mouth, which garnered 62% for the top recommendation....   [tags: E-mail, E-mail address, Domain Name System]

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The Effect Of The Drought Has Left An Impact On Me

- Happy New Year! Man. What a break. Ice, snow, high winds, heavy rains, earthquakes, stupid bowl games...I think I 'm ready to return to civilization. Can anyone believe that a middle school with roaming hormones can be considered civilization. As I drove to the school today and passed the man-made icebergs on the sidewalks and the streets, I thought how it would be nice if there would be a way to take all of them to Foss Lake. Yes, the impact of the drought has left an impact on me. Instead of trying to figure out how to do that, I just came to school to write the newsletter and make some copies....   [tags: Thought, Education, Mind, Lay's]

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The Plan For The Medicare Shared Savings Program Initiative

- Dr. Pew: I found the Hinden Newsletter from January 2012 to be on target with the future of healthcare. As an employee, that works for an ACO/CIN the concepts presented reflected the future for healthcare facilities to pioneer this new frontier in health care to improve patient lives. The facilities can participate in an ACO now with only upside and not downside risk or wait until it becomes the new requirements for insurance payers to demand pay-for-quality. The concept for the Medicare Shared Savings Program initiative was a result of the Affordable Care Act to encourage the development of care organizations that would foster the new approach to delivering care to meet the future goals of...   [tags: Medicine, Health economics, Health care]

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Student Group Urges University 's Divestment From Fossil Fuel

- STUDENT GROUP URGES UNIVERSITY 'S DIVESTMENT FROM FOSSIL FUEL Student leaders from the University of Pittsburgh have launched a fossil free campaign urging the school to revoke its investments in dirty energy companies. The students of the Fossil Free Coalition (FFC) are demanding that Pitt divests their money in fossil fuel companies who are responsible for both pollution and environmental injustices across the country. Alyssa Martinec, a leading board member of the FFC, said that the group has a strict list of objectives on how Pitt can divest....   [tags: Investment, Divestment, Fossil fuel, Coal]

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The Problem of Unemployment Among Immigrants to Canada

- Major Persuasive Essay “Welcome to Canada” Canadian government website have this tagline in their immigrants webpage. But does new immigrants really feel the welcome after coming here. According to statistic Canada- “in 2013, the total population’s unemployment rate in Canada was 5.9% where new immigrants’ unemployment rate was 11.2%.” Immigrants faces unemployment problem after coming in Canada. There are several reasons behind new immigrants’ unemployment problem in Canada. The reasons for new immigrants’ unemployment in Canada are, they have language barriers, credentials problem and lack of Canadian experience....   [tags: language, credentials, experience]

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The Natural Herbal Living Magazine and Herb Box

- Anyone who knows me knows I love gardening. I love growing my own vegetable and herbs. I love the look, feel and smell of natural food. However, I have two really big problems: 1) I am not always sure what to do with all the herbs I have managed to grow over the years and 2) I live in Maryland and can only grow herbs and vegetables a few months a year. Needless to say, when Christie approached me about reviewing the Natural Herbal Living Magazine and Herb Box, I jumped at the chance. The Natural Herbal Living Magazine and Herb Box solve both of my problems....   [tags: personal experience, natural food]

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A Literacy Program Review Of Royal Palm School

- A literacy specialist is very knowledgeable on the literacy programs and curriculums being used in the school they work in. As a literacy specialist is it also important that they are fully aware of the demographics of the school, the philosophies of the administration, teachers, parents, and students to completely be able to be a service to both the school and the community. The literacy specialist should also be aware of the challenges and assets of the school setting. This paper will specifically look at a literacy program review of Royal Palm School....   [tags: Education, Reading, Teacher, Reading]

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My Classroom Should Be A Place Of Learning

- The most important rule that I believe in is that my classroom should be a place of learning. The best way to create this type of environment is to make sure that I am consistent with all students and that I make the students feel comfortable and relaxed. I believe that students learn more in a consistent relaxed atmosphere, because all students need to know that what’s wrong for one is wrong for all and what is right for one is right for all. I want my students to be comforted in the feeling that they are all on equal footing when they step into my classroom....   [tags: Need, Want, Psychology, Education]

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Swot Analysis Of Radiance And Public Relations Department

- Radiance is an organization that was formed in 2002 by three plastic surgeons. It has three groups of individuals who seek services. These individuals are victims of accidents with facial injuries that require immediate attention from a reconstructive surgery specialist and they make several visits until they achieve their finest results; individuals seeking improvement of facial aesthetic beauty for examples face lifts, nose re-alignments and so forth as well as groups of individuals who have a disposable income and individuals born with facial defects who under ordinary circumstances do not have access to an insurance cover....   [tags: Marketing, Public relations, Marketing strategy]

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Richard Black 's The Progress Of Civilization

- Black, Richard. "A Brief History of Climate Change” BBC News. BBC. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. Web. 30 Apr. 2015. On this article, Richard Black narrates the progress of civilization. The invention of the first steam engine and the progress made up to industrial revolution and industrial scale use of coal. Along with it, the increase of world population and the appetite for more energy. Due to the increase demand of resources, since the inception of industrial use of coal, the Carbon emission from fossil fuel reached one billion tons per year....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

- Our Health Care System My families medical insurance through our work provided insurance plan didn’t change much when President Obama signed The Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law on March 23, 2010 (History and Timeline of the Affordable Care Act); but it did change for almost 11 million uninsured Americans (Rates of Uninsured by State Before & After Obamacare) from the time the law took effect on January 1, 2014 until the beginning of 2015. Our insurance plan’s monthly premiums have more than doubled since 2010 when the ACA was signed into law....   [tags: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance]

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Patient and Family Centered Care Project

- Along with what is offered educationally, McGregor PACE scores very high in the domain of Care Support, on the Patient-and Family-Centered Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (Self-Assessment Tool, 2013). Family members are an integral part of the McGregor PACE program. Without them, most of the participants would be placed in a long-term care facility. They are undeniably active members of the team. Family members have full access to loved ones while they are at the site. If the participant is hospitalized or temporarily placed in a long-term care facility, McGregor PACE is still responsible for oversight of the care provided to the participant (McGregor PACE website, n.d.)....   [tags: nursing staff, medical emergency]

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A Report On The Online Environment

- The online environment that TricorBraun demonstrates in the delivery process that is the packaging, logistics of getting your components where and when you need them, in a cost-efficient way. Though experience and knowledge of packaging industry processes and developments. However, TricorBraun has the resources necessary to accomplish your logistics accurately and reliably. With warehouse locations coast-to-coast, our strategic inventory management system keeps close track of packaging inventory that facilitates us to provide components on a timely basis....   [tags: Environment, Natural environment]

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High School Relations : High Schools

- High School Relations · Get at least 2 new chapters of HEROs started in Georgia high schools and recruit members for the Troup High School chapter. o This can be accomplished by making sure High School Relations committee members’ high schools have potential for starting a new chapter of HEROs or fundraising through already established clubs. It’s best if the committee members high school are actually in Georgia and if they have close relations with a teacher who could serve as a sponsor of the club....   [tags: High school, Academic term, College]

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Why Transgender Athletes Should Be Allowed

- Imagine going through life believing that you were born into the wrong body. This is how a transgender feels as they go through life. A transgender is a person who whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to male or female sex. This topic is very controversial due to many arguments about the differences between the male and female physique. The natural biological differences between males and a females play a huge role in this controversy. These difference become serious issues when athletes want to compete for their non-biological sex....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Male, Female]

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A Strongest Visual Presentation That Zara

- The strongest visual presentation that Zara creates are the mannequins in front of the stores and also standing through the glass windows. Since all of them are wearing the trendies clothing from this season and they all look put together, that draws many people to go in to the store and have a look. Not only they will have one style, there will be many different styles on the mannequins, so it will bring different types of people in. The pricing policy for Zara is higher compare to other fast fashion shops like forever 21 or H&M because the material that Zara uses are more expensive, like the cotton that they use are all organic....   [tags: Communication, Customer, Customer service]

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The Father Of Total Quality Management

- The father of Total Quality Management (TQM) is W. Edwards Deming and the key elements of TQM are: 1. Leaders must develop and disseminate the aims and purposes of the organization. Management must commit to these aims and purposes. Chancellor of the New York City (NYC) Department of Education (DOE), Carmen Fariña, was appointed on December 2013 and began its management on January 2014. She came with a different vision for the DOE called “The Framework for Great Schools” which is a fundamental change to the way the DOE creates partnerships with schools....   [tags: Management, High school, Leadership, Education]

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How Lifestyle Relates to Stewardship

- As we discussed in our last newsletter, stewardship involves every resource (time, talents, treasures, relationships, etc…) that God has entrusted to you. One area that your stewardship becomes easily visible to the world is your lifestyle; it’s where you put your beliefs and values into action as you use the resources given to you. In other words, it is where the rubber meets the road. As a result, good stewardship requires us to have a proper attitude and mindset about every aspect of our life....   [tags: religion]

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Marine Pollution: Causes and Solutions

- As the world develops and the human population grows there is more pollution being dumped into the oceans, causing major problems to marine life and ecosystems. Major causes of marine pollution involve non-point pollutants, marine garbage, toxic ocean pollutants and sewage disposal in oceans. From heavy metal poisoning including lead and mercury killing predators such as sharks and whales, to waste getting trapped in the digestive tracts of marine animals, this essay focuses on how human interference causes horrifying problems to the marine life, but also how to fix it....   [tags: Marine Biology ]

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Roald Dahl's Life and Accomplishments

- Have you ever wondered who creatively wrote stories about an extraordinary chocolate factory. Or a story about a girl who became best friends with a Big Friendly Giant. He has won a lot of awards for his best-selling stories for children, and also for adults. His name is Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl was known as a British novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and fighter pilot. His tremendous success in writing has influenced a lot of childrenin their habit of writing. Did you know that Roald Dahl remains as the most popular author of a survey among children, according to The Guardian....   [tags: matilda,the chocolate factory,short story teller]

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936 words | (2.7 pages) | Preview An e-commerce support system

- The website is a portal for the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services in the State of Florida. In the websites portal is an information system that supports insurance professionals in applying, in maintaining and in updating their FL licenses. For instance, the portal will provide the requirements to obtain an insurance license for the state. Secondly, the state uses the system to store specific agent and agency service information that is important in the industry. In addition, the websites link to “MyProfile”, which enables all state licensed insurance professionals access to their detailed membership information....   [tags: insurance services]

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Women and Substance Abuse (Why?)

- ... Including domestic violence victimization than males that are in treatment. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, women with substance abuse issues are more likely than men to report greater dysfunction in the family of origin and with the lack of adequate role models for parenting. This goes back to the theory that most women turn to substances for self-medicating purposes due to unresolved traumas or events in their lives. Women’s addiction is also different because women not only self-medicate because of traumatic events, but also to function as a working mother/woman in a fast paced world....   [tags: emotional, physical abuse, mental health disorders]

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Musicweb's Take Over of Bernberg

- It's the late 90's and two corporate cultures clash when the forward thinking American Musicweb obtains the traditional and German direct-to-mail music retailer Bernberg. Musicweb workers are young, educated and at the cutting edge of technology. Bernberg employees are older, less-educated and using a 30-year-old business model. Emerging technology force Bernberg executives to take a long hard look at their-business-as-usual approach. Downloading music from the internet is taking off, and Bernberg is losing customers to online retailers....   [tags: technology, change, management]

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The Celebration of The Sabbath

- Shabbat is the celebration of the Sabbath. Jews recognize sunset on Friday into Saturday evening as their Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of rest that is set apart from other days, a day in which Jews focus themselves on spiritual gratitude and reflection. Shabbat is considered one of the most important rituals to Jews. Shabbat is the observance of two interrelated commandments; to remember Shabbat (Zakhor), and to observe Shabbat (Shamor) ( On Shabbat Jews rest themselves from daily tasks and take the time to enrich their minds spiritually....   [tags: exodos, zakhor]

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Pros And Cons For Nonprofits

- What do you see as the pros and cons for nonprofits of engaging in large-scale earned-income ventures. Pros: DiscounTech is a Web-based service that distributes donated and discounted technology products, services, and support to nonprofits at the lowest possible cost to the receiving nonprofit. They offers high-demand products at the lowest possible cost by working closely with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Symantec, and Intuit to donate or steeply discount their products especially for the nonprofit sector....   [tags: Non-profit organization, Non-profit organizations]

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