Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has shaped himself, intentionally or not, into quite a controversial political entertainer. The mere subject of what he speaks on creates an obvious divide in the politically interested population. The subjects of his radio show, his newsletter, and formerly his TV show, can be labeled as political interests. That is, absolutely anything the federal government, as a political entity, involves itself and/or the country in. For the most part though, Rush would likely say to this last statement that the government and the country (the people) are virtually on in the same; one body works for the other. But back to the question at hand—why do people like or dislike Rush Limbaugh and what has brought on this phenomenon? I will openly admit that I am a dittohead. A dittohead is a name created for those people who agree with Limbaugh on the majority of his general premises. So I can give personal reasons for liking Rush. But I am absolutely positive that I am not alone—thus creating the plural word, dittoheadS. One reason people enjoy listening to his analysis of political affairs I she has a great sense of humor when speaking about whatever the subject may be. It is easy to sit at a microphone and read off the news, and/or opinions you may have about it. But if he did only that, he would not have nearly the listening pool or lake or ocean, if you will, that he currently has because he would be just like every other reporting figure. He is an entertainer and realizes that fact. A few examples of his humor on political issues, or as in the immediately following, his humor of the general basis of what he believes the rules his opponents, liberals, live by: The 14 Commandments of the Religious Left. A few examples (just so you can get a taste of what I am talking about) are: 1. Thou shalt have not other God except thyself; after all, it’s thy self-esteem that counts. If thou doth not love thyself, who will? 6. Thou shalt not kill. With these exceptions: life forms under the second trimester, ad those opting for medically assisted suicides. 7. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Unless thou aspirest to high political office, useth
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