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American May Be The Hardest Thing I Have Done

- Traveling to American may be the hardest thing I have done. First of all, I had to leave you and my family behind. I so wish you, or anyone I know, could have made the journey with me. Next, In order to prepare for the ship, I had to go through the processing and ticketing procedures along with the others. Then we all had to wait for the ship to be ready for boarding. After that, I had to get on the crowded, cramped ship with thousands of others. I have never seen so many people at once, and all I could think was that the amount of people on the ship must t be nothing compared to the grand numbers of people that will be in America....   [tags: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Anxiety]

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Urban Zones Of The Nineteenth Century

- American towns industrialized all throughout the nineteenth century, irresistible ailments developed as a genuine danger. The presentation of new workers and the development of vast urban zones permitted already confined sicknesses to spread rapidly and contaminate larger populations. As industrialization occurred, towns developed into cities, and people relocated to them. The expanded interest for shoddy lodging by urban vagrants prompted ineffectively assembled homes that poorly accommodated individual cleanliness....   [tags: United States, New York City, Eastern Europe]

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My Life With My Husband And Daughter

- Growing up, I have heard about people uprooting and making drastic changes in their lives. I never imagined it would be something I would find myself doing at some point in my own life. It is not like me to put myself in a situation that takes me out of my comfort zone, and not just away from family and friends, but a climate that is predictable for me as well. However, for the sake of getting to know my birth family after discovering where they lived, I have been doing what I can to adjust to my new life with my husband and daughter....   [tags: New York City, Family, United States]

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The Worst Place Of The Busiest Streets

- Polluted air, endless traffic, sidewalks completely covered with trash, homeless people all around, and construction projects in the middle of the busiest streets are some of the things that define New York, the worst place to go on vacations on earth at any time of the year. I visited New York, summer of 2013. After high school graduation, my girlfriend and I decided to travel to this place to celebrate our accomplishment. The experience, unfortunately, was dreadful and disappointing. I never imagined such nightmarish place....   [tags: New York City, Time, Fast food, Central Park]

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The American Wing Of The Civil War Era Gallery

- In Germany, an artist named Otto Boetticher who came to the United States around 1850 and he painted his creation the Seventh Regiment on Review, Washington Square, New York. This painting can be found in the American Wing of the Civil War Era gallery, accession number 54.90.295. The collection the painting belongs to is the “The Edward W. C. Arnold Collection of New York Prints, Maps, and Pictures, Bequest of Edward W. C. Arnold, 1954.” The painting is oil on canvas painting in 1851. As the painting is found in the American Wing of the Civil War Era gallery, the painting is surrounded by many other paintings from the same era....   [tags: United States, New York City, American Civil War]

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My First Year At Nassau Community College

- Being constantly asked “What are you going to be?” is frustrating. I am 18 years old and just started my first year at Nassau Community College. I am trying to decide what field of study I want to go into. Currently I do not have a major, so I am taking numerous liberal arts courses. There are a variety of career paths that I am interested in and I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to do. A part of me wants to travel the world and to see new places, while another part of me wants to go into journalism....   [tags: New York City, Long Island, Stony Brook University]

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Walmart : The Wrath Of Walmart

- The Wrath of Walmart For many business owners, Walmart is one of their biggest competitors. Walmart was founded in 1962 by a man name Sam Walton and to this day, Walmart is the worlds largest company by revenue. Why do business owners fear Walmart. What does Walmart do to the community. Walmart 's prices are hard for small businesses owners to compete with; thus forcing them to close there business. Walmart is now a superior company that 'll do anything to grow and ruin the American dream. Studies have found that Walmart can actually bring poverty into the city....   [tags: Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, Sam's Club, New York City]

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I Am An Immigrant Essay

- I am an immigrant, which I sometimes view as a privilege and other times not so much. It felt wonderful when my relatives were kind to my family because we got our visas to come to the United States. I was born in Bangladesh in a small village in my tiny house. Not the typical story you hear from many of my peers. My birth is very important to me, not because I ever celebrated my birthday. It wasn’t until I came to the United States that I realized that people actually celebrates their birthdays, but I never argued about celebrating because I knew my parents were not aware of birthday parties and because we were always financially unstable....   [tags: United States, New York City, Family, Mother]

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East London And West London

- Lets put ourselves into the shoes of a London resident, shall we. Walking down the road, a fellow civilian begins a conversation with us, soon inquiring on the area which we reside. Simple question, correct. Wrong. Throughout London there has remained a divide between East and West London since the Victorian Era. West side London remains blessed with the reputation of maintaining a family-friendly, uppity, and wealthy neighborhood; while the East side has remained notorious for it’s more difficult and not-so-friendly areas filled with crime....   [tags: New York City, Manhattan, London, Upper East Side]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Tattooed Soldier '

- Transcultural Immigrants’ experience can be describes as being transcultural, meaning their experiences from their country (including cultural signifiers) are translated or transported to the mew country they live in. During the transcultural experience, people can be changed by the new culture, and they also bring some their own traditional culture to the new environment. In 1990s, a lot of Latinos leave their countries to come to the United States because of the civil war. Hector Tobar’s book The Tattooed soldier tells a story of a Guatemalan refugee Antonio who comes to live in Los Angeles....   [tags: United States, California, New York City]

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The Motivational Force That Helps Guide Me Through Life

- Words are a necessary evil within society that people have been using for thousands of years. They are used to express ones’ feelings or emotions with an attached meaning to another person. Even the simplest of words may have the tendency profound impact on someone’s life. No matter what the word or phase may be, it will affect ones’ attitude or behavior in different ways. Powerful words have always been the motivational force that helps guide me through life, turning a negative situation into a positive one....   [tags: Friendship, High school, Odor, New York City]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Five Finger Discount '

- what would you think about if all your family members were criminals back in the 1970s what would you do. Most people would be in insecure about talking about their personal life stories or would not discuss anything about family because they might feel ashamed about what their families have done the wrong decisions in the past. Therefore, I’m talking about Helene Stapinski who wrote a book called Five Finger Discount that has a lot of emotions in this book such as depressing, frightful that would really describe the book....   [tags: New York City, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey]

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Catherine De Medici 's Ballet

- Ballet is a beautiful artwork which expresses ones dance ability beyond core and strength, it is a very mental and physical sport. It has graced the stages of many and has made people smile and cry whether you are on the one on the stage or the audience cheering after every step. It’s a dream to watch. Ballet was originated in the 15th century italian renaissance courts. Ballet was performed at wedding celebration where music and dance would be watched and praised. Many people praised ballet for what it was....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, New York City Ballet]

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Ethnicity And The United States

- Ethnicity has always been something that has defined who you are and how you will be treated. Coming into a new country and not knowing the language or the way that things work is something that many are going through. Being able to come to a new land and adapting is something that is a hard thing to do because you do not know how you will be treated or accepted. Many do not know about the struggles of others or what it is like where they come from. Understanding the person and accepting them regardless where they come from or who they are is something that not many can do....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, New York City]

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You Can Shave the Beast, But Will the Fur Grow Back?

- You Can Shave the Beast, But Will the Fur Grow Back. I live in Brooklyn, New York City. I was born and bred there. I am one of eight million New Yorkers. New York City is sometimes described as a "melting pot," meaning we are like different Kool-Aid powders that dissolve into a uniform color and flavor. My view differs, though. I think we are eight million different insoluble liquids layered one on top of the other, appearing like oil floating on water. When stirred these liquids are rustled from their respective positions, almost coming together, only to revert to their original separated composition a second later....   [tags: Personal Narrative New York City Papers]

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The Reality of Jacob Riis' How the Other Half Lives

- The Reality of Jacob Riis' How the Other Half Lives Jacob Riis’ book How the Other Half Lives is a detailed description on the poor and the destitute in the inner realms of New York City. Riis tries to portray the living conditions through the ‘eyes’ of his camera. He sneaks up on the people flashes a picture and then tells the rest of the city how the ‘other half’ is living. As shocking as the truth was without seeing such poverty and horrible conditions with their own eyes or taking in the experience with all their senses it still seemed like a million miles away or even just a fairy tale....   [tags: Wealth Society New York City Poverty Essays]

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Tom Wolfe’s: O Rotten Gotham

- Tom Wolfe’s: O Rotten Gotham “It got to be easy to look at New Yorkers as animals, especially looking down from some place like a balcony at Grand Central at the rush hour Friday afternoon.” (Tom Wolfe). “O Rotten Gotham” argues that New Yorkers are in a state of behavioral sink. It would not be long before a “population collapse” or a “massive die off”. Throughout the article, Wolfe made his opinion clear. He believes everything New Yorkers go through is unhealthy and inhumane. Humans were compared to rats using the overcrowding, the ways of life, and the filth as examples....   [tags: New York City Literature Transportation Essays]

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The Experience Of Louis Xiv

- This past week I saw several videos on how dance has evolved for the past few hundred years. The journey started with Louis XIV form of ballet called the baroque. The feeling of learning about Louis XIV is very nostalgic because I took a whole course on the life of Louis XIV to the days of Louis XVI. Learning about Louis XIV reminds me of how special France was during that period of time. It was great hearing that the people who performed ballet use to very these fancy looking costumes and masks because it reminds me of whenever I played the video game Assassins Creed II....   [tags: Dance, Performance, New York City Ballet]

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Ellis Island Immigration

- Can you believe over 40 percent of Americans can retrace their heritage back to Ellis Island (Keefe). Ellis Island is rich in our American history because many generations have come from the people who went through Ellis Island. There were many hardships of the immigrants. They had to pass tests and make sure that they were prepared to be split from their families if something went wrong. If there was the slightest thing wrong with a person they could easily be sent home. The passage there in itself would most of the time be a struggle....   [tags: American heritage and hardship, New York City]

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My First Year Of College

- At times I feel that I am eighteen and all-alone, experiencing many changes in my life. After graduating high school, and leaving my home, of eighteen years in Savannah, I am now living on my own, in a small college town. I am experiencing good changes along with the bad. I would have never dreamed that I would be completely on my own living in Statesboro, away from all my family and friends. Throughout my high school career, I always dreamed that I would be enrolled in the local Savannah College, and live in the home I grew up in with my family....   [tags: High school, College, Full-time, New York City]

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Movie Review : ' Ella Enchanted '

- After a long day skiing and a hearty dinner, I sit on the leather sofa in the living room, reclining in my chair while I warm up with the heat of the fire next to me. As I listen to the chatter between all my extended family, we decide to end the night with a movie. My aunt goes upstairs to retrieve a movie from the DVD closet, she searches through the wooden shelves filled with every movie imaginable. She refuses to tell us the film, as she slides the disc into the DVD player. What eight-year-old wouldn’t be excited to watch a movie that they know nothing about....   [tags: United States, New York City, Upper middle class]

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Historic New York and Its Diversity

- New York City has always been an example of how diversity can exist in a successful and peaceful place. Full of action, enthusiasm, and a combination of many cultures, New York is rich in every sense of the word. For example, taking a walk down the busy streets not only opens your eyes to the small but meaningful details of the city and the different people that revive it but also the numerous worlds that are somehow fused in this magical city, like Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Syria, Korea Town, and many others....   [tags: liberty, city, culture, trip]

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The New York Stock Exchange

- According to Investopedia (2003), the New York Stock Exchange, otherwise known as NYSE, is a stock exchange based in New York City. It is considered the largest equities-based exchange in the world based on total market capitalization of its listed securities. Additionally, it stated that NYSE was founded in 1972 but became a public entity in 2005 after the acquisition of electronic trading exchange Archipelago. The NYSE Euronext is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. This came into play when the company merged with the European exchange in 2007....   [tags: Stock exchange, Stock, New York Stock Exchange]

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The New York Yankees Baseball Team

- Story: Born in Upstate New York and raised by two Yankee fans, I grew up liking the New York Yankees baseball team. As a child, I always wanted to see the Yankee Stadium in the heart of New York City. However, at the age of five, my family and I moved from Rouses Point, New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My family and I lived on the island for the next three years before we were able to return to the United States. My family moved to Richmond, Virginia in 2008. The summer of 2008, my family and I went on a road-trip back to see our relatives in Upstate New York, however, along the way we stopped to tour New York City....   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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Tony Cano And The New York Yankees

- It has been almost two years since second baseman Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees decided to part ways and end their relationship. Cano bolted to the west coast to play with the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. The Yankees have had a series of second basemen since the departure of Cano. Two years later, it’s hard to really signify who profited from the split. Cano bolted for more money in Seattle. That evidence is staring right in the face of the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and the 28 other Major League teams....   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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The New York Yankees Is The Most Storied And Well Recognized Sports Organization

- Introduction The New York Yankees are arguably the most storied and well-recognized sports organization in the world. “...they are perhaps the epitome of a large market baseball team (Emanuele, 2010). Not only do they have the most national championships in the history of North American sports, but they are valued as the highest sports franchise in the United States; being worth $2.3 billion according to Their tremendous wealth, power, and influence is reflected by a fan base and awe that stretches world-wide....   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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Pitching For The New York Yankees

- When people think of baseball, pitchers normally come to mind: starters, relief pitchers and then there are the closers. The closer is a crucial asset for a baseball team, without an outstanding closer a team could fold in the last inning of the game. To be a great closer, one must have excellent control, the ability to outwit a batter, and movement on their pitches. In order to be remembered as one of the all-time greatest closers, they must have the statistics as well as effective pitches. Mariano Rivera, the most well-known closer for the New York Yankees, was able to use his background to further his love for baseball by accomplishing many goals set during his career while also setting...   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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New Stadium And New York Yankees

- Table of Contents Discussion of new stadium as owner of the New York Yankees and where the building will be, how the facility can increase revenues by installing more seats or having fewer seats to create more demand, and how I 'd make this facility more fan friendly. Discussion of free agents, coach, trades, draft, farm system, and innovative ideas I 'd have as new General Manager for the New York Yankees. in this discussion, a three year plan will be addressed as to how I 'd attempt to elevate the enjoyment of the sport while hopefully implementing a successful program in which could get us to win a championship....   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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The New York Times And The Civil Rights Movement

- Background In 1960, the New York Times(Defendant) ran a full-page advertisement paid for by civil right activists. The ad openly criticized the police department in the city of Montgomery, Alabama for its treatment of civil rights protestors. The Plaintiff ( Sullivan) was one of three Commissioners of Montgomery, Alabama, who claimed that he was defamed in a full-page ad taken out in the New York Times. The advertisement was entitled, “Heed Their Rising Voices” and it charged in part that an unprecedented wave of terror had been directed against those who participated in the civil rights movement in the South (Jones, 2016)....   [tags: Newspaper, The New York Times, Advertising]

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The Inequality Of The Jersey City

- Inequality is inevitable. Over these past few months, we have been circled by medias input on discrimination and seen injustice play out throughout the world. This was all looked upon through a large scale, but how unfair or unequal are things on a smaller one. Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities and is divided into smaller and easily accessible sections and so I decided it would be the best place to observe the realities around me. Since the concept of inequality is existent, I decided to try to find where it was located in Jersey City....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Jersey City]

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Whitehead's "The Colossus of New York"

- New York City’s population is a little over 8.3 million people. 8.3 million people are spread out among five boroughs and each have their own set routine. Each one of those 8.3 million see New York in a different way becuase “You start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it” (“City Limits” 4). Some people are like Colson Whitehead who “was born here and thus ruined for anywhere else” (“City Limits” 3). Others may have “moved here a couple years ago for a job. Maybe [they] came here for school” (“City Limits” 3)....   [tags: Social/Cultural Issues]

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From New Amsterdam to New York

- ... The last Dutch director-general of New Netherlands, which included New Amsterdam, was Peter Stuyvesant. Stuyvesant arrived in 1647 and immediately informed the colonists of his autocratic intentions (Columbia Electronic). During his introductory tour, Stuyvesant noticed garbage on the streets, poorly built houses, and people working on Sunday (Banks 8). The Dutch West India Company had tasked him with generating revenue in the new colony and he concluded to improve lawfulness and conditions in the new colony, religious uniformity must be established....   [tags: American history, ex-Dutch territories]

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Cultural Diversity in New York

- ... On nearly every block in New York a pedestrian will walk past at least one Cultural establishment, whether is be a restaurant, clothing store, or foundation for the betterment of a certain culture. Although many of these organizations are found throughout the country they are most prevalent and recognized in New York. On any given street you are likely to find a Chinese restaurant or maybe even a halal cart, as a New Yorker, these things are expected, and even taken for granted. New York's culture in one of its own because it is based on that of nearly every heritage and culture world wide....   [tags: immigration patterns]

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Eros Live in New York

- ... One reason was due to the inadequate jobs and lack of a viable source of income for women laborers. Many women who worked as either domestic house servants, handmaids or factory workers did not earn enough money to live. In fact, prostitutes were said to have earned three to five times more weekly than “virtuous” women did on average. Another reason was the concept of innocence; during this time, purity was emphasized as what gave women worth. Once a girl lost her virginity, whether it be through prostitution, rape or consensual, her options became slim....   [tags: prostitution, sex industry]

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Diverse Population of New York

- New York City, The city that never sleeps is the largest city in the word. It’s ethnically diverse population is made up of immigrants from all over the world. People come here in pursuit of better job, education and life. Today, New York is all that and more, thanks to the discovery of law, order and technology. Everything about New York is grand it is a fast developing society. Few years ago, New York was nothing like what it is today. It was a discovery in a process of development. During the development process the city had to tolerate diverse types of unstable situation that are unknown to many Americans....   [tags: immigrants, society, community]

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My Trip At New York

- Before leaving for New York I was nervous I had never been on field course with a class before or visit to the United Nations headquarters, I have been to New York City numerous times but this trip, in particular, was a memorable one and I am glad I went on it with an amazing group of people, I know now call friends. When you associate anything with New York City it is usually the extraordinary buildings that pierce the sky or the congested sidewalks with people desperate to shop in the famous stores in which celebrities dwell....   [tags: United Nations, United Nations Security Council]

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The New York Draft Riots

- During the nineteenth century, the nativists and many of the native inhabitants of New York looked down upon the Irish immigrants because of their poverty and large numbers. The Irish symbolized destitution and desperation and stereotyped them as criminals. Their poverty-stricken appearance caused many people especially those who agreed with the nativist ideology to look at them with distaste. Furthermore, the New York Draft riots in 1863 did little to help with the public’s opinion of the Irish....   [tags: immigrants, dangerous, harm]

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The New York Sheriffs Office

- Sir Robert Peel, the creator of the first police force in 1829, London, England, modeled after the British Military. In America, the New York Sheriffs office was founded in 1626, In 1751, the City of Philadelphia established the first police force. A little over 220 years, before Sir Robert Peels police force in London. However, America’s version would soon morph into the Sir Robert Peels police model, following three principles, mission, strategy and organizational structure, moreover, this model could be compared to our two prong approach of “Professional and Community” policing of today....   [tags: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency]

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One New Yorker and Three Pairs of Eyes

- To call yourself a New Yorker, you can’t just be someone who lives in the state. Being a New Yorker means so much more than what part of the city you live in, what your job is, how much money you make, or what school you go to. All of the small details mean nothing. If they’re the right details, they can mean everything. Colum McCann in “My First New York” and Roxana Saberi in “From Tehran to the B Train” wrote about their experiences in New York and shared a common ground: positivity. However, my experience of New York is different completely different from theirs....   [tags: new york, colum mccann, new yorkers]

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LGBTQI in New York

- Homosexual culture has become increasingly more accepted over the past century. The United States has just begun to legalize gay marriage in many states however some areas of the U.S still do not accept homosexual culture. Many cultures around the world still do not accept homosexual culture. Some cultures accept homosexuality, some see the practice as a sin, some create laws forbidding same sex relationships and marriage, and some punish homosexuality with the death penalty. Homosexual culture is referred to as LGBTQI culture and is shared by any person who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning or intersex....   [tags: Homosexual Culture, Legalization Gay Marriage]

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Albanian-Americans in New York

- The erupting Balkan Wars in the 1990‘s stumble on Albanians occupying the United States. The Albanian community plays a strong role in the highly concentrated population within the boroughs of New York City and it’s Metropolitan area. Albanian Americans ethnic homes generally consist of Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. In previous years, dealing with economic struggles in these poor Balkan countries, and social and ethnic discrimination from Serbia, Albanians made movements away from the home they once resided in....   [tags: Balkan immigration]

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Gangs of New York

- Picture Manhattan in 1860, a time before the city had been dolled up and gotten ready for the silver screen, before the glamour and allure took over. Amsterdam Vallan (DiCaprio) is a young Irish man that migrates to the USA at a young age. Amsterdam’s story takes place in Five Points District of New York, a filthy and dangerous part of the city before it was deleted form history. As a young boy Vallan witnessed his father’s murder at the hand of William Cutting or Bill the Butcher (Day-Lewis) during one of their many gang wars....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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The Impact of the New York Road Runners

- The New York Road Runners is a non-profit organization based in New York City. It was originally founded in 1958 in Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx as a running club with about 40 members who were led by African American Olympian Ted Corbitt. This new club opened its ranks to all: men, women, Whites, Blacks, fast and slow. Growth was a gradual process, by 1970 there were about 250 members and that was the first year of the New York City Marathon in Central Park. As time would pass the NYRR would increase in members and always spread its mission statement among new and old members alike....   [tags: marathon, youth, volunteers]

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Air Pollution Affects The New York

- Air pollution affects both New York’s environment and people. Emissions from industry, power plants, and vehicles are released into the atmosphere, causing smog, photochemical smog, particulate matter, ground level ozone, and acid rain. Air pollutants lead to respiratory problems in humans, and increase the severity in those who already have respiratory system related illnesses. Acid precipitation damages buildings, cars, trees, and crops, which can cause quite a financial burden – this is especially concerning when it comes to preserving New York City’s many historic buildings....   [tags: Air pollution, Smog, Acid rain, Sulfur dioxide]

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Importance of New York's Jamaica Bay

- Jamaica Bay of New York City ranges between Brooklyn and Queens, the Bay serves as a multipurpose area to all New Yorkers and residences, the 2014 Kayak Fishing Classic at Jamaica Bay is an up and coming annual event for fishing enthusiast. The bay also serves as an environmental refugee habitat for migratory bird, shell fish, and other wild life Although New York City has cleaned up the surrounding waters of New York in the past several decades, including the Jamaica Bay, there is still some concerning problems for the bay’s environment....   [tags: refugee, fishing, sewage]

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Movie Analysis: The Gangs of New York

- Gangs of New York The movie Gangs of New York takes place in Lower Manhattan’s Five Points’ neighborhood. It begins in 1846. The main protagonist Amsterdam Fallon, Priest Fallon’s son, watches his father who is the leader of the Dead Rabbit gang prepare and die in battle. As his father is on his last breadths of life giving his son counsel, Billy “the Butcher” Cutting snaps the Priest Fallon’s head. Amsterdam runs away from Cuttings henchmen to hide his father’s knife before he is captured by the Natives gang....   [tags: lower Manhanttan, neighborhood, cutting]

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Gangs of New York, an Example of Naturalism

- ... After getting out of Hell Gate, Amsterdam can be a priest and go to a better place than Five Points. But he threw the Bible away and chose the path of revenge. A second chance is offered to him when Jenny asks him not to go to the duel and go to San Francisco with her. Again, he rejected for being eager to revenge. Every time Amsterdam is trapped to Five Points because of the eagerness to revenge, a conditioning done by the environment. Here is one thing the movie can do better. If Amsterdam was killed and failed to revenge, the nature’s indifference and the illusion of free will will be better expressed....   [tags: mission, free will, environment]

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Striped Bass of New York State

- The striped bass (Morone saxatilis), also known as the striper or rockfish, can be identified essentially by the darkish horizontal bands across its silver body. Striped bass can grow to over four feet long (122 centimeters), weigh over fifty pounds (23 kilograms) and live up to thirty years. The New York State record for a striped bass is a 76 pound fish (34 kilograms) caught off the coast of Montauk in 1981. The biggest striped bass on record is a 125 pound fish (56 kilograms) caught off the coast of North Carolina in 1891....   [tags: Animal Behavior ]

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The New York World 's Fair

- When you look at this piece of art most people see this as a harp and really do not have a reason to see more than an art sculpture. The harp was done for the nineteen thirty nine world’s fair this was a big thing during that time, it was to showcase what the future was to look like the slogan at that fair was called “The Dawn of a New Day” It would have an impact on the visitors that came out to see all of the exhibits. The New York World 's Fair was to help promote neighbor relations between Latin America and the United States....   [tags: Great Depression, World War II, United States]

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Becoming A New York State University

- SUNY Empire State University encompasses a unique variety of ways to pursue a college degree that is convenient and affordable. In 2008, I enrolled in an undergraduate program of study to attain my bachelor 's degree. I have had the flexibility to study in face to face study groups, online and independent study while being employed full time. The knowledge that I attained through coursework in Religion, Human Development, Sociology and Psychology has truly impacted how I view "life". The path taken was definitely not easy; there were many hardships and obstacles encountered....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree]

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New York Real Estate Market

- How would you react if someone had told you on the streets of Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan, “Make a wish, and your wish will turn into reality?” If luck by chance you had wished for owning a property at Gateway Plaza, a high-rise apartment complex on Battery Park City; your wish is just 1 millimeters apart. Inside the article, by Daniel Trotta, “Buyers rejoice: Manhattan home prices finally fall,” Trotta stated Manhattan brokers kept on stating prices are going up, while the prices were actually going down....   [tags: Real Estate]

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Welcome Home by Jack Levine and City Landscape by Francis Criss

- Both Welcome Home by Jack Levine and City Landscape by Francis Criss are pieces that can be seen in the “American Moderns, 1910-1960 From O'Keeffe to Rockwell” exhibit at Reynolda House, which is on loan from the Brooklyn Museum. The two pieces look quite different at a first glance, and this is true to an extent. The main similarity between the two, of course, is that they were both made by American artists in the modern art time period. Welcome Home was made in 1946, while City Landscape was made in 1934....   [tags: city landscape, satire, corruption]

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Harlem, New York 's Slums

- You 're walking down Fifth Avenue, New York City. Women in lavish fur coats and extravagant shoes carry huge bags of clothing from Chanel, Dior, and Versace. For a second, you excitedly look back and ask yourself if the girl that just passed you was Kylie Jenner. It wasn 't. It was just a woman who 'd copied her haircut, her make-up, and of course, her "Yeezy" shoes. You then hear a few high school girls giggling behind you. Self-consciously, you look back. Did I spill coffee on the back of my shorts....   [tags: Privacy, Privacy law]

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Texas Is A City Is Surrounded By Wildlife, Mountains And Big Farms

- Gatesville Texas is a city located in Central Texas. The city is surrounded by wildlife, mountains and big farms. Gatesville Texas has about ten thousand residents in total, including the residents of the jail that is in the center of the community. The resident races are very diverse some people are African Americans, Asians and Caucasians. The residents of the city are very easy going and friendly people. Everyone in Texas know that that, but people that visit Gatesville are normally afraid for their life because they believe the stereotypes that they saw on TV or heard about from a friend....   [tags: City, Urban area, Village, Rural economics]

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Kansas City Jazz: Influential Persons

- Kansas City Jazz: Influential Persons What is jazz music. A single definition cannot be found. Many writers have attempted to define jazz music only to regress to trying to define what it does. Even this approach is difficult. Writers have only been able to find broad areas to agree up, such as agreeing that jazz is music. But alas, even this is a shortcoming in the eyes of some. Jazz has been so many things throughout it long and illustrious history that it's even hard to point out its origins, which stem from many places, many styles of music, and many people....   [tags: Jazz Influence Kansas City]

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The Bank of New York and it's History

- The Bank of New York and it's History On February 23, 1784, a small advertisement appeared in The New York Packet, one of the many New York newspapers of that era. This advertisement announced that prominent New York citizens had established a bank. The bank, established by the prominent, would not officially open for business until June 9, 1784. That bank would come to be known as the bank of New York. Alexander Hamilton, a well-known New York attorney, was asked to write the constitution of the new bank....   [tags: essays papers]

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History of Reliable and Clean Water Supply in New York

- Throughout history the need for a reliable and clean water supply has plagued large cities from ancient Rome to the modern day metropolis such as New York City. The need for water has always been a challenge facing any city. With the increase rise of population and the migration from rural living to city dwelling; the search for water is ongoing. New York City specifically has had a grand history of water management from early engineering projects and court house battles. The history of New York water has embedded itself in the mindset of the average New Yorker....   [tags: Drought Crisis, Ashokan Reservoir]

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Proposed Soft Drink Ban of Sodas Larger than 24 ounces in the City of Sioux Falls

- Mayor Mike Huether has proposed a ban on sales of fountain soft drinks in the city of Sioux Falls. The proposal would effectively end the sale of all fountain soft drinks larger than 24 ounces at all city regulated businesses including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. Much like the proposed soda ban set forth by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Mike Huether's proposal has the intent of making Sioux Falls a healthier city. There are many people that believe a ban on 'oversized' soft drinks would be beneficial in the fight against obesity, while those who oppose such a legislation see it is an infringement of the people's rights....   [tags: trying to make a healthier city]

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The Young Lords of New York

- The Young Lords of New York On 7 June 1969, hundreds of Puerto Ricans gathered in Spanish Harlem, New York City to protest the arrest of Juan" Fi" Ortiz for a series of falsified crimes.[2] As a crowd gathered outside the People's Church in El Barrio, Felipe Luciano addressed those assembled asserting that, " We will not allow the brutalization of our community to go on without a response. For every Puerto Rican that is brutalized, there will be retaliation."[3]Luciano's statements were not ignored, and as the crowd filtered into the streets their shouts of Despierta, Boricua....   [tags: Puerto Rico Migrants American History Essays]

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Immigration Has Changed The Current Of New York

- Throughout the history of the United States, immigration has played a major role in affecting the current of New York. With that being said, immigration has helped to shape economics, politics, and social life. Many immigrants came to our nation looking for opportunities that were not provided for them in their homeland. With this motivation in mind, immigrants have developed their own ‘American Dream’ that would come true once they come to America. The common ‘American Dream’ that every immigrant had was to have a good job and a house of their own....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Oklahoma vs. New York: Different but Beautiful States

- ... New York being located in the far north east of the United States has a climate that fits the northern mold. Temperatures across the state often average below freezing during the winter months, with some regions of the state seeing subzero temperatures for days at a times. These temperatures result in large snow storms dumping eight to sixteen inches of snow at a time. Even with such large snowfall, most schools in major cities don’t shut down for the day. Instead classes are delayed til the middle of the morning, allowing for snow plows to get out and clear the roads....   [tags: population, climate, produce]

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Getting Lost Before a New York Giants Game

- January 11, 2008 was a day I anticipated for the past few months and when it finally arrived, I was anxious. This was a vital sports moment for all New Yorkers because the New York Giants were playing their rival, the Philadelphia Eagles in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The winner of this matchup would move on to play in the NFC championship game and have a chance to be a participant in the Super Bowl. The night before the game, I decided to stay up and prepare my clothes, food, and other activities, however, my mother suggested I go to sleep earlier....   [tags: sports, fans, NYC,]

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The New York Crystal Palace

- Missing image The New York Crystal Palace: The End of an Era So bursts a bubble rather noteworthy in the annals of New York. To be accurate, the bubble burst some years ago, and this catastrophe merely annihilates the apparatus that generated it. -George Templeton Strong It is unfortunate that the wonderful lithographs in our collection which depict the burning of the New York Crystal Palace are not in this online exhibition. They include a color lithograph by Currier & Ives which truly captures the excitement and confusion of that fateful night....   [tags: Architecture History]

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The New York Crystal Palace

- An Ode for the Inauguration of the American Crystal Palace: The nations meet, not in war, but in peace, beneath this dome. They meet to bring glory to God on high and goodwill to men. The Crystal Palace is a symbol of the might of Man. Look on, ye Nations, and vow eternal peace and justice. -William R. Wallace (New York Times, July 14, 1853) When the first major international exhibition of arts and industries was held in London in 1851, the London Crystal Palace epitomized the achievements of the entire world at a time when progress was racing forward at a speed never before known to mankind....   [tags: Architecture History]

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An Obese Town of St. Albans in Queens, New York

- ... In comparison to New York City’s total population of 8,175,133, St. Albans constitutes less than 1 percent of New York City’s total population. New York City differs from St. Albans in its predominant population makeup with New York City being predominantly white non-Hispanic population size of 2,722,904 or 33.3 percent. Hispanic origin is next with 2,336,076 or 28.6 percent, and black/African American non-Hispanic only constituting 22.8 percent or 1,861,295. Asian non-Hispanic had 12.6 percent of the population or 1,028,119 persons, non-Hispanic of two or more races 1.8 percent or 148,676 persons, and some other race non-Hispanic 1.0 percent or 78,063....   [tags: health, children, education]

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A New York Times Review of “Paid in Full”

- A New York Times Review of “Paid in Full” Hello my readers, I know you must have been surprised when you saw this review on the listing of our website, But only six and a half years ago a movie came out which did not generate outstanding revenue in the box office, being released domestically and only earring $3,090,862. I assume those of you who did see the movie in 2002 have probably forgotten about it by now, and I was not working for the New York Times, so I would like to revisit this film....   [tags: Film Review]

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The New York Crystal Palace

- The New York Crystal Palace: The Great Exhibition of Art and Industry "The Crystal Palace is a partial picture of the age; an exposition of the comforts and luxuries, the manners and attainments which belong to our civilization." -B. Silliman & C. R. Goodrich (The World of Science, Art and Industry at the Crystal Palace, New York, 1854) On July 14, 1853, the Great Exhibition of Art and Industry began in New York City, New York, with the commemoration of the Crystal Palace, the central exhibition hall....   [tags: Architecture History]

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The Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit in New York

- Formerly known as Adolescent Reproductive Health Programs, the Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit (SRHU) has worked with youth-serving organizations for (xx) years. Through that time, they have developed a number of resources for usage by Teens in New York City. One of the most notable resources is their Clinic Guide, a wallet sized guide to clinics in New York City, in all five boroughs that provide low-cost and confidential services to teens as well as those of legal adult age. While they had been providing resources such as the clinic guide for a number of years, there was never a clear way for them to ensure their proper use and distribution....   [tags: adolescent sexual and reproductive health]

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The New York Conspiracy Trials: Race and Class

- ... Fires were a common occurrence back in the eighteenth-century, and many thought there was little cause for alarm. However, the pace of the fires soon accelerated. According to Sabrina Zabin, “The rumor, moreover, that a slave had been seen sprinting away from a burning building made some wonder if these fires were due to arson rather than accident.” Daniel Horsmanden, a Supreme Court justice who was to hear of the trials of the Hogg robbery, surmised that there was a connection between the fires and the theft....   [tags: status, race, gender, allegations]

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The New York MOMA and the Kimbell Art Museum

- There are two books The pursuit of Quality: The Kimbell Art Museum written by Harry Abrams, and The 1939 Building of the Museum of Modern Art: The Goodwin-Stone Collaboration, written by Dominic Ricciotti. These two books investigate the change in architectural feats, and the layouts in which architects like Louis I. Kahn and Goodwin and Stone used in the changing times in which they lived. These two books and the chapters within them, showcase the change in the architecture and layouts of museum buildings....   [tags: architecture, goodwin and stone, artwork]

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New York State According to Elementary School Teachers

- When writing a textbook for the State of New York, I would direct my textbook toward college students who are looking to become Elementary School teachers. It is nearly impossible as an Elementary school teacher to know everything there is to know about New York State when on top of it they are also teaching other subjects. When thinking as a teacher, I think it would be a good idea to break up the book according to topic/time period. For example, the Antebellum Industrialization, immigration, and reform (1825 -1860) would be the chapter name and then the history of New York during that time....   [tags: American History]

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Legal Custody Of New York Department Of Child Safety

- case file 1 Based on what I saw in the movie I determined I would complete this assignment in the following scenario. Claireece Precious Jones was removed from the physical custody of her mother, Mary Johnston, because of the sexual, physical and emotional abuse occurring in the home. Mary Johnston failed to protect Precious from the sexual abuse by her father, Carl Jones. Ms. Johnston also physically and emotionally abused Precious. In my scenario, Precious was in the custody of New York Department of Child Safety and her teacher, Blu Rain, was fostering her....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget]

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Advertisements to Encourage Organ Donations in New York

- According to the New York Donor Network, ten-thousand New Yorkers are on the organ transplant waiting lists and a new name is added ever two and a half hours, yet the percentage of New Yorkers registered as organ donors is less than half the national average. Because of these grim numbers, the New York Donor Network launched a memorable ad campaign in August of 2013 called “Hate the Wait” to encourage organ donation registration among New Yorkers. One of these ads was placed on New York city subways (see fig....   [tags: waiting, death, routine]

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New York Times Digital Case Study

- History The New York Times has been around since 1851 when former New York Tribune staffers, George Jones and Henry Raymond, founded it. With the onset of “yellow journalism” by competing newspapers causing the newspaper to lose ground, the newspaper was ultimately purchased by Tennessee newspaperman Adolph Ochs in 1896. In 1944, the company began to diversify with the purchase of two New York City radio stations. Following many more acquisitions, in 1992 The New York Times purchased Affiliated Publications, the owner of The Boston Globe....   [tags: Case Study Analysis]

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Stop And Frisk And The New York Police Department

- Stop and Frisk is a procedure put into use by the New York Police Department that allows an officer to stop and search a “suspicious character” if they consider her or him to be. The NYPD don’t need a warrant, or see you commit a crime. Officers solely need to regard you as “suspicious” to violate your fourth amendment rights without consequences. Since its Beginning, New York City’s stop and frisk program has brought in much controversy originating from the excessive rate of arrest. While the argument that Stop and Frisk violates an individual’s fourth amendment rights of protection from unreasonable search and seizure could definitely be said, that argument it’s similar to the argument of...   [tags: Crime, Police, Terry v. Ohio]

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The Construction of New York's Empire State Building

- Since it was built, the Empire State Building has been attracting millions of tourists every year. This building is not only a national landmark and icon of New York City but a symbol of man’s attempt to achieve the impossible. The skyscraper is also the star in many movies such as An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and King Kong. It stands out among the city’s skyline so people arriving by air, sea, or land can always pick out its distinctive shape (Britton 4). The Empire State Building is considered one of the eight wonders of the world and the people, the purpose, the construction, and the difficulties that went along with this wonder all started with a race to the sky....   [tags: architecture]

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New York Must Increase the Minimum Wage

- Living in Bushwick commuting to school four days a week to Coney Island, and going to work four days a week at Rite Aid in Sunnyside, Queens, is more overwhelming than what it sounds. Working overnight from Monday to Friday, earning minimum wage and being taxed on top of that isn’t enough due to prices of gas, food, and necessities sky-rocketing. The job pays $7.25 per hour but I make a $0.75 differential for working the night shift. It’s difficult to be a student and work when you only have yourself as a form of financial support....   [tags: Minimum Wage Essays]

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Immigration in New York

- Immigration in New York I was born 23 years ago in the Dominican Republic, an island located in the Greater Antilles. There is a saying from my country that goes "Mi tiera mi corazon" meaning my country my love, which explain exactly how I felt about the Dominican Republic. To me the Island of Santo Domingo is the greatest in the World; there are beautiful people, gorgeous weather and all the mangoes I could have eaten. Then one day my parents gave me the bad news, they were moving to this place called New York, they told my brother and me that they would send for us later....   [tags: Immigrants U.S. Economy Economics Essays]

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Influenza in New York

- Influenza in New York NEW YORK: October 5.--The influenza virus is a common disease, which has been prevalent in society for many years. This year however we are seeing an influenza epidemic hitting not only the United States but also the entire world. This strain of influenza has been named "Spanish Influenza" and is much more volatile and deadly than the usual strain of influenza. The common influenza strain usually surfaces in the cold months of winter and this strain is no different, however it is unusually deadly....   [tags: Journalism Health Medical Spanish Flu Essays]

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Here is New York

- 1. Close Up Picture Number: 1633 For this compositional strategy I chose a picture of a postcard of New York showing the skyline, twin towers included, being held by a steel fence. Above it is another picture showing Jesus kneeling. The two images are in the center of the picture creating a symmetrical balance. The repetitions of the fence forming the diamonds in the background dose not make it go unnoticed because you realize that without it the pictures could not be held up. Looking closer you see that the image of Jesus and of New York are overlapping, and that overall this picture shows a figure-ground relationship....   [tags: essays research papers]

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