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Jersey Mike 's Company Culture

- Jersey Mike’s is a restaurant chain that serves submarine sandwiches across the nation. According to Jersey Mike’s website, the organization’s mission is to continue to provide authentic, quality food with friendly service (History). Each franchisee has an owner and approximately 15 employees. In addition, each store also has a manager who works and trains under the franchise owner. At the Lee’s Summit, Missouri store, Kirk is the store manager and receives a stake of the company’s profit. Furthermore, since Jersey Mike’s has over 1,500 locations, the company appoints area director’s to oversee stores and act as a middle man between local owners and corporate....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Management, Sociology]

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The Jersey Shore’s Mad Fame

- It is evident that MTV’s The Jersey Shore is playing on the television when one hears the pervasive lyrics of the opening credits. The song, Get Crazy by LMFAO, portrays exactly what the show stands for, stupidity. A verse of the song states, “I got the goose alright ok, I'm feelin’ loose alright ok, she love the beat alright ok, we love them D's”. The “D’s” stated in the song refer to the size of a woman’s breasts. The song continues to discuss matters such as drinking, partying at clubs, women as “whores,” and the continued reference to women’s breasts....   [tags: Television Reality TV]

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Jersey Devil: Real Or Myth?

- Imagine yourself camping in the Pine Barrens. You hear a noise and then see a strange creature lurking in the shadows. Could it be the Jersey Devil. The Legend of the Jersey Devil began in 1735, it was supposedly the thirteenth child of Mrs. Leeds. When she found out she was pregnant with her thirteenth child, she cursed it and said it better be a devil. When it was born, the midwife died of shock and the Devil ate its twelve sibilants, sparing its mother and flew out the chimney (Juliano 1). Another version of the story is that Mrs....   [tags: Urban Legends]

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History of New Netherlands

- The people of New Netherland are often thought to be Dutch, mainly due to the colony being founded by the West India Company which was governed by the Dutch. However, this area, which became New York in 1664 after being seized by England, was home to a diverse population of European immigrants. These settlers came from Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, and other surrounding areas. I wanted to learn more about this distinct group of people than Roark mentioned in our textbook, so I visited a website found at to discover more....   [tags: people, dutch, new york]

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The New York Crystal Palace

- Karolina’s cousin’s little boy was excited to be able to see the sights in New York City and had convinced his parents to stay for a few days before they returned to Ohio. Karolina and her family were exhausted and famished from their long ocean voyage when they heard their plans and were only too happy to indulge the boy while they gained their strength back resting in the hotel. Karolina, her family, and her cousin’s family toured the city in a carriage rented by their cousin. They also traveled to the grounds of the “Exposition of the Industry of all Nations”, scheduled to open in New York City later that summer of 1853....   [tags: New York City, United States]

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The New England, Middle, And Southern Colonies

- The Social, Ethnic, and Economic Differences among the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies The original thirteen colonies, established in the 1600’s, shaped the course for the unique, unified and diverse America that we live in today. The thirteen colonies were initially diversified by being placed into three different groups according to their location. The three groups were as follows: the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. The New England colonies were Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island....   [tags: Thirteen Colonies, New England Colonies]

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The New England, Middle, And Southern Colonies

- Sarbjit Kaur History 17 A Essay question Q 1. The American colonies were divided into three distinct regions and these regions were different from each other in their origins, populations, economics and agriculture, religious makeup, and connection to England .write an essay comparing and contrasting the New England, middle, and southern colonies with specific examples. The American colonies new England ,middle and southern colonies were very similar but different.The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies grew differently over the period on 1619-1760....   [tags: Thirteen Colonies, New England Colonies]

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New York : City Of The United States

- New York is most famous and highly crowded city of the United States. New York has so many men made creatures which you will not able to see anywhere else in the United States. It starts with 102 story Empire State building, 24 hrs open Time Square, Number of museums, amazing Brooklyn bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and can 't complete without magnificent sculpture of the US is the Statue of Liberty. How to get there By flight There are three airports near by city. John F Kennedy International airport and Newark Liberty International airport and all are offering both domestic and international flights....   [tags: New York City, Manhattan, Empire State Building]

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Jersey Shore: Macho Man Who Is Trying To Get Girls

- The most popular reality television show of the 21st century so far is Jersey Shore, featured on MTV. With billboards all over New York City promoting it, is obvious the number one reality show choice. The show features: Jolie, JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Angelino and Vinny. The 9 of them live in the same house in a different city each season and have certain agenda’s. The main agenda, partying, happens to also be the main theme of the show. The characters do also have some responsibilities in the house, such as cleaning and a few of them even have jobs....   [tags: reality tv]

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Urban Legends

- According to Brunvard, urban legends can tell us a lot about the society in which we live. Brunvard explains that these stories are an indication of our own fears and issues, and by implanting them into stories, we give voice to them. For example, “The Boyfriend’s Death” tells the story of a young couple who had gone to the woods in the boy’s car, and they were making out. The boy then left the girl alone in the car and promised he would return but never did. She later saw his body hanging from a tree....   [tags: Brunvard, The Boyfriend's Death, The Jersey Devil]

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The New Suffragists

- The battle for suffrage was a long and slow process. Many women tried to initiate the fight for suffrage, like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. “These were the New Suffragists: women who were better educated, more career-oriented, younger, less apt to be married and more cosmopolitan than their previous generation.” (pg 17) Eventually, in 1920, the 19th amendment was ratified; allowing women to vote, but it was not any one person or event that achieved this great feat. It was the confluence of certain necessary factors, the picketing and parades led by Alice Paul, militaristic suffrage parties and the influence of the media that caused the suffrage amendment to be passed and ratified in 1920....   [tags: Women's suffrage, woman suffrage]

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The Civil War : A New World

- After discovering a New World, colonists decided to come to America for various reasons. These different intentions caused separations between colonies regionally. Moreover, these regional conflicts sparked discontent between the North and the South resulting in the Civil War. Likewise, the social, economic and political unjust of the states contained variables that influenced the Civil War. The Civil War was a war between Northern and Southern states as a result of major differences and opposing views....   [tags: United States, American Civil War]

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Recycling : A New Form Of Recycling

- When most people hear the word recycling they think of plastic water bottles, milk jugs, or even old paper that they can reuse, but this is not necessarily the case anymore. Scientists and researchers have discovered a new form of recycling that is going to help better the environment and it can even help make people money. Smokers around the world do not think about recycling their used cigarette butts, but this new form of recycling has changed some of their minds on this subject. Recycling has been a major environmental issue, but most people have forgotten about it or they just do not care for it anymore....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Reuse, Waste]

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The New World Of The Colonial America

- In general, the time during the Colonial America were very interested, a lot of great famous people achieve their success during these period. The famous Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus started their adventures voyage in search for a new trade route from the West to the East to increase the trade markets. Therefore, the New World call America was discover and the major countries wanted to stake their claim to parts of the new world. The Europeans countries such as Spanish, Portugal, France and England supported expeditions for voyages to the New World in to increase their wealth and broadened their influence in world affairs (Colonial America, “n.d.”)....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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The City University Of New York

- The City University of New York System was founded in 1847 as a way to provide an affordable education to student throughout the city 's five boroughs, and eventually resulted in the formation of 24 separate institutions of higher education. Among those 24 institutions are community colleges, graduate institutes, traditional universities, and undergraduate colleges. The City College of New York is considered the "senior college" of the City University of New York university system. This allows CCNY to issue traditional B.S....   [tags: Academic degree, Higher education]

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Police Brutality Is Not A New Issue

- Police officers make split-second decisions every time they interact with a suspect. These decisions can impact the lives of the officers, the suspects, and even civilians. Therefore, officers must decide when it is necessary to exert violent or lethal force to subdue a suspect. When the police use force, it can result in the death of the suspect or witnesses. However, failing to apply force in a confrontation, can endanger the officer or allow the suspect to allude police custody. Officers receive training in observing a situation and reading body language, so that they can assess a suspect’s threat....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Violence]

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Walt Whitman And The New York

- May 31, 1819, Walt Whitman was born to Walter Whitman and Louisa Van Velsor. Walt was the second son of nine children who lived in New York in the 1820’s and 1830’s. Between 1825 and 1830 Walt attended public school in Brooklyn while his family moved often within the city. At twelve Walt began to learn the trade of printing to then begin loving the written word. Whitman worked as a printer until the age of seventeen when a fire destroyed where he worked. In 1836 he began working as a school teacher in Long Island until 1841 when he became a full-time journalist....   [tags: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, United States]

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Making of the New Government

- After the victory over the British, each state had its own Constitution and Bill of Rights, but there were no centralized government. The Continental Government had a number of responsibilities that were not granted to them legitimately. They had created the Continental Army, printed money, managed trade, and dealt with the nation’s debt. They felt that they needed to legitimate their actions and realized that there was a need for a centralized government (Schultz, p115). In this report, I will compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation with the new Constitution of 1787, analyze the drafting of the Constitution and how the states compromised to draft it effectively, compare and contr...   [tags: American History, Government]

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The, New York, By Milton Friedman

- Nobel Peace Prize winner and famous economist Milton Friedman, started his life in Brooklyn, New York, on July 31 1912. The youngest in his Jewish household, he was already known for his interest in reading and mathematics. His early schooling was held at the public schools of Rahway, New Jersey. In time he was awarded a state scholarship to attend Rutgers University. In his original intent, he was going to go to school for mathematics and eventually have an actuary career; however, he was influenced by a number professors and in time made the transition from mathematics to economics....   [tags: Keynesian economics, Economics, Milton Friedman]

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The New Wave Of Immigrants

- Despite the fact that immigrants were welcomed with relatively open arms there were some social issues with the welcoming of immigrants into the United States. Segregation was a major problem with immigration. Just as in previous waves of immigration, immigrants clustered in neighborhoods. This made assimilation into the American culture so much harder for immigrants. Eventually these neighborhoods would disperse as the younger generations gained educations and intermarried. Another problem for the new wave of immigrants was the heightened sense of racism....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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A New Weapon of Devastation

- “Suddenly, there was an enormous flash of light, the brightest light I have ever seen or that I think anyone has ever seen. It blasted; it pounced; it bored its way into you. It was a sight which was seen with more than the eye. It was seen to last forever. You would wish it would stop; altogether it lasted about two seconds.” (Isaac) The decision to employ atomic weapons against Japan remains a controversial chapter in American history. Even before the new President Harry S. Truman finalized his decision to use the bombs, members of the President’s inner circle grappled with the specifics of the decision to drop the new weapon, including those who were the backbones of the Manhattan pro...   [tags: atomic, bomb, weapon, power, project]

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The First Plan For The New Central Government

- The constitutional convention began in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787. The thirteen colonies involved at the time we ruled under the Articles of Confederation. The articles however became weak had flaws that the founding fathers noticed quickly with the states appearing to have individual power. On September 14, 1786 a meeting was established that gave out a call for the upcoming grand convention. Attendance was a huge issue in congress. The delegates from those states believed that is they didn’t show up then nothing can happen, but everything happens anyways....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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The New Republic Was A Stable Political System

- The most significant issue facing the new republic was a stable political system. The first system was the Articles of Confederation which allow the individual states to have more power and limited the power of the federal government. For example, the federal government could not enforce laws or regulate taxes. Thus, creating more problems with foreign countries and the states. Massachusetts inflated taxes which led farmers to be penniless and forced to sell their land and animal. This led farmers to rebel against the government which was known as Shay 's Rebellion....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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The Role Of Colonial Newspapers And The New World

- During the early settlement of North America persons of varied backgrounds came to the New World. Both families and Individuals from Western Europe or the central coast of Western Africa made the arduous journey across the Atlantic. Some hoped to find easy riches or religious purity. While others were torn from their families to provide slave labor for a blossoming economy. The motives for uprooting and moving over the Atlantic are as broad and diverse as the colonies that took shape upon the arrival of these new settlers....   [tags: Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution]

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The Television : A New Type Of Radio Show

- When searching the channels of a 2016 television one is bound to stumble upon many crime shows, such as Law and Order, CSI, 48 Hours, and much more. These shows no matter if they are non- fiction or fictional await to delivery their anxious audiences a thirty minutes to sixty minutes of entertainment. Many of these shows do so by describing the events of a crime and the actions that law enforcement have taken to solve these cases. In 1935 under the direction of Phillips Haynes Lord, the radio show Gangbusters would make its debut....   [tags: Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover]

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The Treaty Of Independence : A New Type Of Leadership

- On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. The thirteen colonies were no longer under King George III rule. It was a new world that needed a new type of leadership. On July 12, 1776 the Second Congress proposed the Articles of Confederation. The articles were ratified by all thirteen states on March 1, 1781. Under the Articles of Confederation each state had its own sovereignty. And the central government was to provide thing such as national security, treaties, courts, and currency....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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Historic New York and Its Diversity

- New York City has always been an example of how diversity can exist in a successful and peaceful place. Full of action, enthusiasm, and a combination of many cultures, New York is rich in every sense of the word. For example, taking a walk down the busy streets not only opens your eyes to the small but meaningful details of the city and the different people that revive it but also the numerous worlds that are somehow fused in this magical city, like Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Syria, Korea Town, and many others....   [tags: liberty, city, culture, trip]

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First European Settlements in the New World

- Colonial Style As the name suggests, the Colonial Style is reminiscent of the first European settlements in the New World. The colonists fashioned their new homes in the style of their homelands; French, Spanish, Dutch, German. The biggest influences came from the British Isles and became known as the Colonial Georgian style. Over time the Colonial style became a distinct feature of American architecture, with each region interpreting it in it's own way due to the differences in climate and available materials....   [tags: colonial style, earlier melting pot]

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Bruce Berkowitz's The New Face of War

- The ability to disable an enemy force without ever having to fire a single shot – that is the new direction of warfare. Bruce Berkowitz’s The New Face of War: How War Will Be Fought in the 21st Century is yet another book that examines future warfare, not what causes countries will be fighting over or even who will be fighting, but the form of the conflict. Reading his work cover to cover, the message is clear: “To win wars today, you must first win the information war. ” This book is a must-read for anyone working in intelligence or in a position of power that influences our government spending on national security or military operations, because it articulates the importance of information...   [tags: strategic warfare, information technology, st]

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The Bank of New York and it's History

- The Bank of New York and it's History On February 23, 1784, a small advertisement appeared in The New York Packet, one of the many New York newspapers of that era. This advertisement announced that prominent New York citizens had established a bank. The bank, established by the prominent, would not officially open for business until June 9, 1784. That bank would come to be known as the bank of New York. Alexander Hamilton, a well-known New York attorney, was asked to write the constitution of the new bank....   [tags: essays papers]

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Business Plan For New Retail Chain Stores

- Among the many significant national retail chain stores, Burlington is one of the organizations that offer high quality designer purchase from other retailers for lower prices. It all started in in 1972 when Henrietta Milstein had convinced her husband Monroe to purchase the factory outlet in Burlington, New Jersey which is how the name came about. Initially at the time they had specialized in selling winter coats and a product line which had depended on the weather especially during winter time....   [tags: Retailing, Department store]

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Immigration Has Changed The Current Of New York

- Throughout the history of the United States, immigration has played a major role in affecting the current of New York. With that being said, immigration has helped to shape economics, politics, and social life. Many immigrants came to our nation looking for opportunities that were not provided for them in their homeland. With this motivation in mind, immigrants have developed their own ‘American Dream’ that would come true once they come to America. The common ‘American Dream’ that every immigrant had was to have a good job and a house of their own....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Getting Lost Before a New York Giants Game

- January 11, 2008 was a day I anticipated for the past few months and when it finally arrived, I was anxious. This was a vital sports moment for all New Yorkers because the New York Giants were playing their rival, the Philadelphia Eagles in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The winner of this matchup would move on to play in the NFC championship game and have a chance to be a participant in the Super Bowl. The night before the game, I decided to stay up and prepare my clothes, food, and other activities, however, my mother suggested I go to sleep earlier....   [tags: sports, fans, NYC,]

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The Chesapeak and the New England Area Become One

- ... They did not invest largely in staple plantings, rather than, relied on artisan-industries like carpentry, shipbuilding, and publishing. The Chesapeake and New England attracted distinct kinds of settlers and, by 1700, the community’s differed tremendously. In New England, the community was nearly solely English and white. Devoutly devout families, encompassing Puritans, Quakers, and Catholics made up a large percentage of the community. In the Chesapeake, however, the community was a majority black-slaves with the boom in the tobacco commerce plantation proprietors relied on the labor slaves provided....   [tags: colonies, anglican, society]

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New York, Constituent State Of The United States

- Introduction New York, constituent state of the United States of America, is one of the 13 original colonies and states. New York is bounded to the west and north by Lake Erie, the Canadian province of Ontario, Lake Ontario, and the Canadian province of Quebec; to the east by the New England states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; to the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey; and to the south by Pennsylvania. The capital is Albany. Until the 1960s, New York was the country’s leading state in nearly all population, cultural, and economic indexes....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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The New World A Prosperous Venture For Other Empires

- French in America Deeming the New World a prosperous venture for other empires, the French decided to try their hand at colonization. After a few failed attempts in Spanish Florida, Jacques Cartier set off in search of the Northwest Passage, and in doing so founded the great lakes and the Canadian colonies of Quebec and Montreal. The French took a very different approach than their counter-parts and attempted to make friends by building bonds and alliances with the natives in hopes to build a profitable fur trade throughout their colonies....   [tags: American Revolution, British Empire, Colonialism]

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The New Black: Don't Ask Don't Tell

- A homosexual man, J.D. Smith was on his way home one night while still in his Air Force uniform. He stopped by a grocery store to pick up wine for dinner with his boyfriend. A middle aged woman insisted on paying for his wine and when they walked out together, she began to ask him questions. “Where are you from?” and “What was my job in the Air Force?” Then she asked if he had a girlfriend. He replied no and stated he had a boyfriend of a few months. She began to talk about how she supported “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and she did not realize the implications and pain it caused the members of the military who are homosexuals....   [tags: homosexuals, discrimination, military]

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Why 30 Is Not The New 20 By Meg Jay

- The TED Talk “Why 30 is not the new 20” by Meg Jay, was a powerful and successful speech. Jay delivers an inspirational message to twenty-year-olds to not waste away important years of their life in an unmeaningful relationship or career. Instead she stresses the importance of searching for a life-long partner sooner rather than later in life. She also talked about taking career risks while still young, because these opportunities will likely be indefeasible later in life. Jay 's main points were very effective in persuading one to consider living by this set of social standards....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow]

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Medical Marijuana: A not so new form of medical treatment

- Marijuana usage for the purpose of medical treatment has been a debated issue in many states and Countries around the world. The United Kingdom and Canada have both adopted laws that are directed at protecting patients and doctors from prosecution due to possession and usage of marijuana for medical purposes. Australia has passed laws, but has not put them into effect, and the United States has not made any allowances, leaving marijuana in the same category with other illegal drugs and allowing for prosecution if a person is found to be growing, possessing or using marijuana, regardless of the reasons....   [tags: Medical Marijuana]

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My Life At The New England Music Festival

- Stifled golden light drew silhouettes around the edges of the house, leaving the forest backdrop illuminated in bright colors. Our balcony remains the one place of organization in a house of anarchy, along with jumbles of papers, books, and gadgets. The sound of his footsteps announced his arrival. He sauntered into the room, and lowered himself into the chair with an “Oof.” Strong eyebrows define a calculated, peaceful face, corners of his lips upturned. The interview began with stout, “Alright, recording.” I was born in Ohio, however I moved to Kentucky when I was very young....   [tags: Music, High school]

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My Life At The New England Music Festival

- Stifled golden light draws silhouettes around the edges of the house, leaving the forest backdrop illuminated in bright colors. Our balcony remains the one place of organization in a house of anarchy, along with jumbles of papers, books, and gadgets. The sound of his footsteps announce his arrival. He saunters into the room, lowering himself into the chair with an “Oof.” Strong eyebrows define a calculated, peaceful face, corners of his lips upturned. The interview begins with stout, “Alright, recording.” I was born in Ohio, however I moved to Kentucky when I was very young....   [tags: Music, High school]

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The Career Of A Correctional Officer

- The career of a correctional officer has always captivated me in a way that is difficult to explain. Even as a child, I recall tuning into shows such as Lockup and Lockdown. In fact, my earliest, most vivid memories consist of me sitting in front of a TV screen with my eyes mesmerized by the hardened criminals visioned on the screen before me. It may seem peculiar, but I’ve always pictured myself inside the prison walls. What’s even more peculiar is that I’ve seldom visioned myself as a correctional officer; in fact, I’ve almost always visioned myself as a prisoner....   [tags: Prison, Penology, New York, New York City]

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English Culture in the Colonies

- At the start of the 17th century, England was ruled almost entirely by gentlemen – those who could live everyday life without an ounce of manual labor. Even Englishmen who were not extremely poor, such as merchants or small land-owners, had little influence on politics. Due to primogeniture laws, younger sons could not inherit any land from their fathers. The New World was their solution, their hope to building their fortune. As these Englishmen, rich or poor, traveled to the colonies across the Atlantic, they brought with them English culture....   [tags: primogeniture, New World, New England law]

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New Communication Interactivity

- The Australian newspaper was first released by Rupert Murdock on July 15, 1964. Its release instigated a change in the way news, in particular, the printed press, was communicated within Australia. By becoming a national newspaper and attempting to capture a slice of the traditional newspaper markets, The Australian was seeking to express its 'passion for change and improvement.' Http://,5746,About+this+paper^^TEXT,00.html (2002). The Internet has come about through the continued development of new communication technologies....   [tags: Functions of Communication]

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A New Solution to Bring Back the Smile

- A New Solution to Bring Back the Smile Robert Liney is a divorced 34-year-old lawyer with four year old, a six year old, and an eight year old. Robert lives outside of Morristown, New Jersey and commutes an hour each way to his law firm. His law firm handles corporate mergers, and on average Robert works 60 to 70 hours a week. About two years ago, Robert and his wife, Marie, got divorced because of his busy schedule. On days when Bob gets custody of the kids, he does not have a lot of time to prepare dinner....   [tags: Customer Service McDonalds Restaurants Essays]

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Irish Emigration to New York City

- Irish Emigration to New York City The Potato Famine - How, Why, and When the Famine Started Many historians equate the Irish immigration to America with the potato famine of the 1840s, but is is clear that a considerable number of Irish had made their way to Great Britain’s colonies on the North American mainland before 1800. For example, many Irish families came and settled the colonies in the early 1600s. Harbors and towns were named after settlers. Some of these settlers even became Royal governors; one example is Sir Thomas Dongan, who became governor of the colony of New York in 1682....   [tags: American History]

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Why the Governor of New York Should Veto the Gambling Bill

- According to most lawmakers, the gambling bill, if passed, will help improve the economy of the New York State by creating more jobs to its residents. The majority of lawmakers and other proponents of the bill argue that the bill is likely to encourage the establishment of more casinos, which will increase the government’s revenues through taxes. However, the reality is that the bill will bring more harm than good to the State of New York. The bill is only going to benefit the wealthy class and influential politicians....   [tags: economic benefits for upper class only]

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The Impact of the New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics on the Development of Colonial Society

- Many times throughout history, a specific individual or a group comes along and shapes a society. Religious groups often arrive and settle on a new piece of land, and happen to shape that society, around their beliefs and religion. The New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics are prime examples to show how religion shaped the development of a colonial society. In 1624, the early 17th century, the religious group called the Puritans, settled for the first time in the New England territory....   [tags: American Colonies, ]

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Understanding the International Church of Christ

- After understanding the belief system of the International Church of Christ, it may be easier to understand their religious practices that include the following: prayer buddies, discipleships, the One Year Challenge, and the ICOC Ministry Training Academy. Each has a pivotal role within the International Church of Christ and therefore will be discussed further in the following paragraphs. Once a week Bible studies are held within a group of members of the church. People are typically paired up with someone of the same sex, though opposite sex partners are not uncommon....   [tags: religious, sins, new testament]

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Tanorexia: The New Lifestyle Disease

- Have you ever seen someone who was so usually tan that their skin almost looked leathery. Or someone who just couldn't go a day without tanning. On average over one million people spend their money on tanning. Unfortunately, this isn't just a fun hobby, these people are at risk. People who tan excessively are what dermatologist call tanorexics. People who are tanorexics see their complexion and wish it were different. They feel self conscious when others are more tan than they are. Although wanting to be tan may not always be a bad thing many people take it to far....   [tags: tanning, dermatology, addiction, mental illness]

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Puerto Rican Culture Development within the New York Diaspora

- ... As we know currently, Puerto Ricans currently are permanent citizens of the United States, but some years before, Puerto Ricans didn’t even have citizenship in the US. It all started at the end of the Spanish – American War in 1898, when Spain and the United States met in order to sign the Treaty of Paris, which would officially end the war that the US and Spain were having. This also led to the acquisition of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. Further on in time, Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth act, which gave Puerto Ricans Citizenship towards the United States....   [tags: mgrated, population, identities]

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Tragic Fire in New York City at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company

- Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire On March 25, 1911, a devastating fire broke out in New York City. Specifically it started in the eighth floor of the ten story Asch building, the first of three floors that belonged to the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. The fire spread to the floors above claiming the lives of 146 workers. Nearly all of these workers were young women, mainly recent immigrants that were Jewish, or Italian. This case is not an arson case as some may think with the amount of lives lost, rather the fire was, as far as anybody knows, an accident....   [tags: sweatshop, firefighters, deaths]

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New York City Basketball Lost A Legendary Figure Last Week

- New York City Basketball lost a legendary figure last week in Dwayne " the Pearl" Washington. Washington was nicknamed after Hall of Fame great, Earl Monroe aka Black Jesus (his basketball idol). Pearl is one of the greatest point guards to come out of NYC, and his incredible handles, flashy passes and flamboyant style made him worthy of the nickname. You can compare him to the iconic Prince Rogers Nelson, who passed a day later after Pearl. His genius and performances were on the basketball court though....   [tags: Basketball, National Basketball Association]

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Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht

- Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht The New Ethic Mob by William Kleinknecht explores how the current criminals involved in organized crime are no longer just the Italians. He could be Cuban, Chinese, Russian, African-American, Haitian, or Jamaican. These are the new breed of more sophisticated and more brutal organized criminals. In the preface of the book Kleinknecht states not to mistake this work for a case against immigration in the United States. The author does a great job giving background information on how organized crime emerged in the early part of the nineteenth century....   [tags: Papers]

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Stop Harassing The Cops : Frisks Save Nyc Lives

- 1. Post Staff Report. “Stop harassing the cops: Frisks save NYC lives”. New York Post. 29 March. 2013. Web. 29 October. 2015. The New York Post in its article, “Stop harassing the cops: Frisks save NYC lives”, declares that, even though there are bad comments against stop and frisk, this tool is helpful to keep a safe city. Moreover, when stop and frisk is used properly by the NYPD officers, it brings positive benefits to the community and also, it helps to preserve the good image of the city to attract more tourists who are a fundamental in the development of the city since they bring money into it....   [tags: New York City, Manhattan, New York Post, Firearm]

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A Replacement for the Tapan Zee Bridge

- The Park Authority of New York and New Jersey had planed to construct a new bridge across to Hudson because of raising demand in transportation. New York State Governors canceled first proposal for the Tappan Zee Bridge. Some of reasons caused to postpone the date and change the place of the construction. So, the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge started in 1952. Tappan Zee Bridge was designed as a cantilever and largest bridge in the United States of New York. The bridge connects South Nyack in Rockland County with Tarrytown in Westchester County in the Lower Hudson Valley....   [tags: new bridge across the Hudson river]

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The Importance Of Immigration Journey In Shaun Tan's The Arrival

- Anticipation, heartache, and mystery are only a few of the abundant emotions immigrants feel on their journey to the United States. Notably, in Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival, the main character experiences the same series of emotions on his immigration journey seeking safe haven. In fact, through the three-week experience to a new adventure and literature, I was able to tune into the same feelings and genuinely understand the dismal journey of the immigrant archetype. Furthermore, this new-found perspective projected me to grasp a deep understanding of my father’s immigrant journey....   [tags: New York City, United States]

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Slavery And Its Effect On The Uprising Of A New World

- “Slavery and Its Effect On The Uprising Of A New World” In the 17th century, Africans were taken from their homeland and forced into slavery in the New World. Once there, they were exploited for profit by European settlers. Despite mainstream historical accounts, it was African-Americans who built the foundation of the American economy, which eventually made it a super power. This essay will illustrate how Blacks survived in a hostile, racist environment by specifically looking at the psychological and physical brutality of slavery....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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Morality of Sexuality

- In our society there are many hate crimes and senseless murders against targeted citizens. In a story from CNN, a twenty year old, African American man was brutally beat by four aggressors, while walking into a convenience store. When he came out he was jumped unexpectedly by men outside the store. While assaulting the man they yelled “no faggots in Jack City”. Jack City is nickname for a suburban area in Atlanta, Georgia where the assailants lived. Humiliation played a big part in this incident because while Brandon White was being assaulted, non-violent participants where videotaping the whole incident (Basu, Moni, Police Arrest...)....   [tags: Religion, homosexuality, New Testament]

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West German Born American Artist

- Kiki Smith is a virtually self-taught West German-born American artist who commonly uses a wide range of themes including AIDS, feminine domesticity, life, death, and human relationships to animals, and nature in her pieces. Kiki began to catch the eye of the New York public in 1988 at a gallery in New York City where she first displayed some of her well known graphic sculptures of the human body. While Smith is more well known for her graphic sculptures of the human body, she is also a highly recognized photographer, printmaker, drawer, and painter....   [tags: Sculpture, Art, New York City]

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My Life With My Husband And Daughter

- Growing up, I have heard about people uprooting and making drastic changes in their lives. I never imagined it would be something I would find myself doing at some point in my own life. It is not like me to put myself in a situation that takes me out of my comfort zone, and not just away from family and friends, but a climate that is predictable for me as well. However, for the sake of getting to know my birth family after discovering where they lived, I have been doing what I can to adjust to my new life with my husband and daughter....   [tags: New York City, Family, United States]

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I 'm A Positive Go Getter

- I 'm a positive go-getter. At a young age I was surrounded by inspiring leaders in my family, diverse cultures, and a firm spiritual background. These three elements mixed together made me the person I am today. My mother is one of my biggest supporters and critics. As a single mother, she raised me in the West Indian community in Bronx, New York; Kingston, Jamaica; and finally Bergen County, New Jersey. She is strict and loving all in one. I watched her gracefully manage a successful career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before resigning to complete her college education....   [tags: New York City, Family, Culture, High school]

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Furthur's Two Night Run at Time Square's Nokia Theater in New York City

- "Feels like I've been here before..." Well, one could certainly use that to represent Furthur's two night run at Time Square's Nokia Theater in New York City July 28 and 29th. While not attending the first night of Furthur's eventful two night stay at the small theater, it was apparent that the whole crowd knew what happened the previous, whether being there or not. Bob Weir had lost his stability and overall control onstage for reasons not nescesarilly unknown. However, being the classic showman that Weir is, he did not call for a canceling of the show, nor did they shorten it by any means from what I heard....   [tags: Event Review ]

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Roles And Types Of Airports

- Roles and Types of Airports The United States of America is a country blessed with one of the most advanced airport systems in the world. Comprised of almost 20,000 airfields ranging from public use to private military instillations, this complex airport system is vital to the success of our aviation industry. There are many different types of airports in this system. Each plays a different but vital role with their varying functions. The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) organizes airfields into different categories....   [tags: Airport, Airline, New York, Delta Air Lines]

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Summary Of Sal ' The Winter Of 1947 '

- In the winter of 1947, Sal meets Dean in New York City. Dean being just released from jail. Sal has never met him in person ,but has heard of him from Chad,a friend of Sal’s. Sal being depressed finds Dean very intriguing when noticing how carefree he is. When Dean leaves for Denver , Sal suddenly feels that he one day will follow him west , his “dreamland.” Sal joins Dean in Denver and other friends, afterwards he continues west on his own. Their friendship is composed of travel and adventure....   [tags: United States, Cold War, New York City]

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Literacy And Reading On The United States

- What would be of the world if the language we had today, was no longer understood by society. The general topic is literacy and reading in the U.S. The problem is that declining interest in reading has led to partial illiteracy to expand throughout the United States, from elementary schools all the way through to high schools. It is important that this issue is addressed because reading is a critical skill to have in order to function in society today. The young generation, from kindergarten to seniors in high school are involved in this problem, which will in turn affect future employers in a greater scale, by lacking workers capable to communicate properly and follow written instruction....   [tags: High school, Education, New York Knicks, College]

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Eras of American Policing and Their Origin

- Eras of American Policing and Their Origin American policing originated from early English law and is profoundly influenced by its history. Early law enforcement in England took on two forms of policing, one of which heavily influenced modern policing and it is known as the watch (Potter, 2013). The watch consisted, at first, of volunteers which had to patrol the streets for any kind of disorder including crime and fire. After men attempted to get out of volunteering by paying others, it became a paid professional position (Walker & Katz, 2012)....   [tags: english law, police department, new york]

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An Introduction To An Inspector Calls

- This story is about experiences of an health inspector who spent his entire life helping people. From Marry, who was spreading typhoid and her refusal to listen to the narrator which led to her life sentence. Teenagers ' health issues and contagious diseases in school, and babies dying from a poor hygiene. To creation of an organization that focuses on prevention of diseases and untimely death. A narrator tells a story of a past typhoid outbreak in ninetieth century, when several cases occurred....   [tags: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, New York City]

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A Day For My Last

- I woke in morning feeling a bit sad and heartbroken that today would be the day for my last NY Gotham course. I loved waking up every Friday wondering what my next journey or adventure would be, but I knew this day would come just like all great things have an end. During our last class we would be visiting Midtown, which is also seen to many New Yorkers as the heart of city. South of 59th Street to the north of 31st Street is what a local would consider to be Midtown. The area is known for its nightlife, shopping, and other forms of entertainment....   [tags: New York City, Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal]

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A Day For New Yorkers And Citizens Of The United States

- 9/11 was a tragic day for New Yorkers and citizens of the U.S. This topic is too emotional for some people to talk about, but we need to stop trying to forget what occurred that day and put our own efforts into solving what really went down. Let me start off by explaining the story that most people remembered 9/11 as. In the morning of September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorist that were in a group called al–Qaeda snuck through a billion dollar defense system with knives and box cutters, and were able to hijacked 4 planes....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden]

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E-mail, Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms: The New Letter?

- E-mail, Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms: The New Letter. Personal communication over distance used to be laborious – considerable physical impediments slowed the process. In the 1800’s, an aristocratic gentlemen hand-penned a letter with a quill pen and bottled ink, sealed the envelope with melted wax, and sent a footman to hand-deliver the missive to his faraway love; in the midst of battle, foot-soldiers ran relays across hostile territories, rushing battle plans to waiting troops; news of the California gold rush galloped across America by horseback....   [tags: Communication Communicating Essays]

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Spanish Conquistador

- 1492 was the year that Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquistador, came to the “New World” and explored it which to be later colonized by Spain, France, and mostly England to establish the soon to be, colonial America. In time, when colonists arrived in the New England region ruled by Britain their lives were being controlled by many factors consisting of religion, wealth, social status, race, conflicts with other colonists/Indians and gender. In the book, Everyday Life in Early America, written by David Freeman Hawke, it is argued that these immigrants were colonists that were forced to adapt to a new way of life....   [tags: Christopher Columbus, New World]

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The Empire State Building

- The Empire State Building is perhaps the iconic skyscraper. It has stood the test of time as a classic piece of art deco architecture, and has continued to dominate the city's skyline ever since its completion. Recently, the Empire State Building has gotten an update. There has been a new antenna put on and most notably are the new LED lights that illuminate the New York Skyline every night. So it got me thinking, what is something most people don't know about the Empire State Building. I could talk about the Astoria Hotel, which once stood where the Empire State Building sits now, the beautiful five story lobby, how a B-25 crashed into the building in 1945, that the building has been visite...   [tags: iconic skyscrapers, New York City landmarks]

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Indian and European Conflict in the New World

- Indian and European Conflict in the New World Since 1492 to late into the17th the century there was perpetual struggle between the power hungry Europeans and the natives in the New World. Pitted against each other, the Dutch, English, French, Spaniards, and Indians struggled to maintain control of what they viewed as rightfully theirs. The English, were struggling to settle on the eastern coast and had no use and respect for the Indians or their land and way of life. At first maintaining a tentative relationship, the English, in the case of the Quakers and Puritans, soon realized that the Indians had very little to offer and were an obstacle on the path of their progress....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway

- Ernest Hemingway makes a point to address the “New Woman” in the post war world through out his novel “The Sun Also Rises”. As Jake and friends wander through life as the lost generation they all face individual and group struggles with their promiscuous friend Brett, also known as Lady Ashley. Through Brett, Hemingway portrays a theme of anti-feminism and emasculation through the way Brett looks, acts, and the relationship she has with Jake in particular along with other male characters. In addition, there is an element of insecurity among central male characters that produces an atmosphere of competition, rivalry, and mutual harassment....   [tags: New Woman, Masculinity]

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America 's No Secret That When I Visited New York

- It’s no secret that when I visited New York in 2015, I went and watch Chicago on Broadway. Any opportunity that I get to tell people about that experience I take it. We had the decision of going to watch Jersey Boys or Chicago and since I was already going to watch Jersey Boys, we all voted for Chicago. We sat four rows from the front and it was honestly one of the most amazing days of my life. Fast forward to this year, Monday the 12th of this year to be precise, I was finally, after a year of being obsessed with the show, able to watch it again on its UK tour....   [tags: English-language films, American films]

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Baseball, Sports, Basketball, And Baseball

- There are many sports played across the country such as football, basketball, and baseball. Many families spend countless hours participating and watching sports all for the love of the game. Today, sports consume most people’s everyday lives. People have become fascinated with one sport in particular (“Baseball History…”). Baseball, America’s favorite past time, was created over 150 years ago evolving as necessary, and has been home to a myriad of teams and players, some of whom have left indelible marks upon the game....   [tags: Baseball, Babe Ruth, Home run, New York Yankees]

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The Possibilities of Expanding the Business into New Overseas Markets

- The Possibilities of Expanding the Business into New Overseas Markets As international marketing consultant of Mackie’s of Scotland, the ice cream maker, it is my duty to consider the possibilities of expanding the business into new overseas markets, successfully. The Scottish ice cream market will be researched thoroughly. The UK target market of Mackie’s will be analysed. Finally a suitable country will be chosen to market the product to. The countries that will be selected from will be Saudi Arabia, Germany or Ireland....   [tags: Business Management Economy Ireland Essays]

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The Woodstock Music Festival

- Woodstock was a three day music festival famously known for “peace and music” it happened August 15 to August 18, 1969 It was held at a 600 acre farm Bethel, New York in the Catskill Mountains. The festival created massive traffic jams and extreme shortages of food, water, and medical and sanitary facilities, it is still known today to be one of the biggest concerts in history. Woodstock drew 400,000 young people including a man named TJ Eck who was 28 at the time and had a thrive for music, Woodstock was the perfect place for him....   [tags: bethel new york, traffic, commuters]

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Boss Tweed

- William Marcy Tweed was the most corrupt "American Politician" the state of New York has ever seen. Tweed was known as "Boss Tweed" and he was the first man to be the boss of New York after the ten year struggle. ("American Heritage") The Boss was the leader of a political machine, which was a political organization that controlled enough votes to maintain control over the community. Political machines were able to restructure the city governments; they also resulted in poorer services, corruption and aggravation of the immigrants and minorities....   [tags: History Politics Politicians New York]

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