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The Limited State Governement in Nevada

- Exam 2 1) The framers of the Nevada Constitution intended for the state government to be limited in its power to curtail corruption and the concentration of power. All three branches of the Nevada government are limited by separation of powers and a system of checks and balances. “The framers of the 1864 constitution sought to incorporate into that document limitations and exclusions on the legislature's vast reserve of power” (Bowers Pg.69) Nevada being one of only seven states that uses the biennial session system; this is one of the most limiting checks of the legislature's power, that is they only meet for four months every other year....   [tags: constitution, legislature, checks]

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A Brief History of Rachel Nevada

- When most people think about the state Nevada, they think about gambling, fast weddings and easy divorces, prostitution and twenty four hour a day drinking. Reno and Las Vegas have capitalized on these markets and use them to attract tourist into their casinos. One town in Nevada attracts tourist for a completely different reason. Just a short 2 hour drive from Las Vegas the town of Rachel Nevada pulls in tourist hoping to catch a glance of something extraterrestrial. Rachel is the newest town in Nevada....   [tags: gambling, fast wedding, easy divorce]

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The Black Folk Of Evelyn, Nevada

- Seeing Rose Johnson, more often called Grandma Rose, was oft’ considered the best thing that ever happened to the black folk of Evelyn, Nevada. The small farming community was run mostly off of slave labor, something the slave owners rationalized as an economic necessity. Grandma Rose however, had been there since before the slaves had been brought in. Sure, they’d been harder times; of course they were, there were less people to farm. But she’d seen the men toil in the fields, seen them sow and reap the crops....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Cuba]

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Texas, Nevada, And New York

- It has been said, “The hardest part about growing up, is letting go of what you were used to; and moving on with something you’re not” (insert citation). Everyone grows up in different places, but it is the ability to move on that allows each person to grow. I have spent my fair share of time in different places, especially with being a ‘military brat.’ Places change people, not because they are a specific geographical coordinate, but because the people one comes across in the different places affects her....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Debut albums, Love]

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A University Of Nevada Research

- 1. Introduction. A University of Nevada research mentions the principal causes of aridity: the formation of desert in particular latitudes is the primary due to complex global air-circulation patterns caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis, this is called atmospheric high pressure, also the distance from the oceans could be a cause of it, “Areas lying deep within a continent may become desert simply because air currents reaching them have already traversed vast land distances; by the time they arrive over the deserts, these currents have already lost the moisture they once carried.” as is explained by the university....   [tags: Water, Drinking water, Water purification]

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Nevada's Winnings against Protesting a Lottery

- Introducing the option of Nevada having a lottery has been enticing for many. Although lotteries might provide extra revenue for school, when one takes a deeper look into the facts, everyone loses. On average Nevada's casinos profit at about 11 billion a year. People come from all over the states and even the world to gamble in Nevada. 87% of Nevada's tourists specifically come to play these machines, and on average Nevada makes around 9 billion dollars a year due to the slots. If Nevada had a lottery, these statistics have a high probability of changing dramatically....   [tags: slot machines, unemployment]

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My Social Problem Is Nevada Unemployment

- My social problem is Nevada unemployment. But since, Las Vegas is one of the major cities in Nevada, I’m going to concentrate on the unemployment rates on Las Vegas compared to other metropolitan areas. This is a social problem that is occurring in other cities, but it is more prevalent in Las Vegas than in other cities and I want to know why Las Vegas is one of the places with the highest unemployment rate. This is a sociologically interesting because I want to know why Las Vegas being such a tourist city, is still facing unemployment....   [tags: Unemployment, Employment]

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The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

- According to the 2009 US Census Bureau, approximately 1,902,834 people reside in Clark County alone. If one takes into consideration the number of cars, trucks, motorcycles, mobile homes, mopeds, and various other modes of transportation used by the nearly two million inhabitants of the Southern Nevada region, it becomes evident that gas consumption and carbon emissions are momentous. In a 2005 report by Brookings, Las Vegas was ranked eighteenth out of one hundred metropolitan cities regarding per-capita carbon emissions....   [tags: Reducing Carbon Emission per Capita]

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Las Vegas, Nevada

- Introduction Las Vegas is located south of Nevada, USA, it is nicknamed Sin city and has the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s most popular __ is Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as ‘the strip’, it is where some of the most known casinos and hotels are located. The first casino ever built in Las Vegas is the Pair-o-Dice club constructed in 1931, the first casino built on ‘the strip’ is the El Rancho Vegas, opened in 1941. The El Rancho Vegas was destroyed by a fire in 1960. The success of the hotel encouraged the idea of building more casinos/hotels on the strip which leaded to the Hotel Last Frontier being built in 1942....   [tags: casino, entertainment, hotels]

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Nevada 's Minimum Wage Laws

- With the economy beginning to rebound, many companies are looking for every way possible to save money and/or maximize profits. One of the biggest costs incurred by any business is labor. Consequently, employers sometimes attempt to minimize this expense by utilizing independent contractors instead of employees. There are potential risks for employers who mischaracterize an employee as an independent contractor, because, while it may save payroll taxes and other benefit costs in the short term, it may lead to penalties on such taxes as well as other inadvertent violations of worker’s compensation laws, FMLA, etc, which each hold separate penalties for violation....   [tags: Employment, Minimum wage, Contract, Business law]

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Understanding The Educational Gap Between Nevada and Wisconsin

- Understanding the Educational Gap Between Nevada and Wisconsin Statistics is defined as “the science that deals with the collection, classification, analysis, and numerical facts or data” (,2012). Sometimes it is important to analyze statistical data in order to understand how something works or doesn’t work. In the case of American public education, there is tons of statistical data being thrown around, but what do all of these numbers really mean. How does this data help us. Although statistics provide clarity for constant scrutiny to the public education school system, they also help us to understand what were doing wrong in the classroom....   [tags: Educational Issues]

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Nevada Department Of Education : A Theory Of Action Proposal

- Introduction Nevada is consistently one of the states in the United States with the lowest graduation rates. Recent statistics depict that Nevada had a 62% graduation rate in 2011, a 63% graduation rate in 2012, and a 71% graduation rate in 2013 (“Public High School,” n.d.). Although Nevada’s graduation rate increased by 8%, it is still significantly lower than the national graduation rate at 81% (“Public High School,” n.d.). In his 2015 State of the State Address, Nevada governor Brian Sandoval introduced proposals to reform Nevada’s current education system and to improve underperforming schools, more than 10% of which are part of the Clark County School District, the largest school distr...   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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Investigation of an Abandoned Mining Settlement near Elko, Nevada

- Introduction An abandoned settlement consisting of several building foundations and a mining site with placer gold deposits near the town of Elko, Nevada were recently discovered. An archaeological investigation of this site was conducted in order to determine the age of this site, and to look for clues as to why this site was abandoned. In order to do this, archaeologists completed multiple surveys as well as an excavation of the mining site. Great care was taken to preserve the site as well as the surrounding environment which is why only a singular excavation took place at this site....   [tags: the Great Depression, ]

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School Uniforms And The American Civil Liberties Union Of Nevada

- Every day teenagers spend eight hours in school. They sit at their desks, listen to their teachers and do their school work. In some schools they are forced to wear school uniforms. This restriction is too much. In schools, students should not be forced to wear uniforms because they take away their freedom of expression, their individuality and they absolutely do not help the families save money. First of all, school uniforms do not allow students to express themselves. The first amendment of the U.S....   [tags: Education, Dress code, School uniform]

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The Hospital Of Southern Nevada 's Dental Hygiene Clinic

- A healthy 64-year-old male was seen at the College of Southern Nevada’s Dental Hygiene Clinic on April 13, 2016 for a health history assessment, vitals and screening. The patient stated he was “feeling good.” The major reason for his coming to the clinic is to get a cleaning. His last dental visit was in 2014, and his last doctor visit was in March of 2016. He has no health problems and no allergies. He drinks one beer a day. He stated that he has one dental implant since 2000, although, no implants are present in his mouth....   [tags: Oral hygiene, Periodontitis, Gingiva]

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Driving South Through Utah Into The Nevada Desert

- Timothy P. Helms 9/2/2016 English Comp I Driving south through Utah into the Nevada desert, you couldn’t even imagine what would be going through your head. The excitement we were about to experience, all the lights and sounds. As we crossed the dry and large desert with large mountains on our right that made the black hills seem dwarfed. We passed the Las Vegas motor speedway and we couldn’t believe what came into sight right before our eyes. Everywhere we looked we could see the flashing fluorescent lights, buildings that seemed larger than the mountains around them, people driving and walking the entire length of the thirteen mile Vegas Strip, taxis and buses speeding to a traffic jam....   [tags: Las Vegas Strip, Hotel, Casino]

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Popular Southern Nevada Getaways

- Popular Southern Nevada Getaways Although many Arizona vacationers find their way to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Nevada offers travelers many of the same amenities with less hustle and bustle. Over the past few decades, Las Vegas has become a hot-bed for the gambling and nightlife scene of West coast vacationers. With Nevada's proximity to Arizona, many of us are unaware of the fact that Laughlin, Nevada can offer travelers just what they are looking for, with a small town appearance. Although Las Vegas has been a well known desert oasis, with over-sized hotels and dozens of popular casinos, Laughlin can be just as enticing....   [tags: World Cultures]

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Get Nevada Glowing

- “Two minutes” says Teal Krech as he replies to a question posed to him bye an interested intern from within his cubicle at the “Village Voice” headquarters. The question he was answering was “How long can a human being survive unshielded radiation exposure from a broken fuel rod?” Teal achieved this research from the DoE (Department of Energy) who to this point “has no set plan for the transportation of the spent nuclear fuel rods through our major cities and states on their way to ultimate storage in the bowels of Yucca Mountain”(Krech 2002)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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My First And Easiest Step At The University Of Nevada, Las Vegas ( Unlv )

- My model revisited My own model is crafted from another model or guideline I learned briefly in my undergraduate program here at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). It involved eight steps and resonated with me because it was very simple, yet very effective. I have frequently used these steps in my two jobs outside of school as a PSR/BST worker in the community and as a graduate assistant at the Partnership for Research, Assessment, Counseling, Therapy, and Innovative Clinical Education (the PRACTICE)....   [tags: Decision making, Ethics, Business ethics]

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Cat Restaurants : Whiskers And Tails Cat Cafe

- Cat Cafés and Entrepreneurialism: Whiskers and Tails Cat Café INTRODUCTION Does the idea of a cat café intrigue you. Whiskers and Tails is a first of its kind — not just for Reno, but the entire state of Nevada. You probably wonder, “What is a cat cafe?” Whiskers and Tails Cat Café is a cat themed restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food and beverages, complete with kitty cat fun all in one place. We’re bringing together adorable, adoptable kitties and a relaxed café all in a setting that makes you feel cozy at home....   [tags: Cat, Cats, Kitten, Nevada]

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The Geological Impact of Nuclear Testing at the Nevada Test Site

- The Geological Impact of Nuclear Testing at the Nevada Test Site The Nevada Test Site is an area designated by the United States Government for Nuclear Weapons testing. It is located in rural southern Nevada and is about the size of the State of Rhode Island. This location was founded in 1952 as one of 5 on land sites designated for this task. Above ground nuclear or atmospheric testing was conducted at the Nevada Test Site until 1958. There was a break in testing until the United States decided to begin underground testing in 1962....   [tags: Nuclear Testing papers]

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Nevada State Senators, John Ensign and Harry Reid

- Nevada State Senators, John Ensign and Harry Reid John Ensign was born on March 25, 1958, a Christian boy in Roseville California. He attended and graduated from E.W. Clark High School in northern Nevada. He then went on to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, then on to Oregon State University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in 1985, Corvallis, and finally onto Colorado State University, Fort Collins, where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He is now married to Darlene Sciarett and has three children: Trevor, Siena and Michael....   [tags: Papers]

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The Kawaiisu A Great Basin Native tribe

- By analyzing the Kawaiisu, a Great Basin Native tribe, I want to explore cultural wonders and observe their society as I compare an aspect of interest with that of another culture in the world, the Chuuk. Comparing different societies of the world will allow me to successfully learn about the Kawaiisu people in a more detailed and open minded manner. Populations all around the world throughout time have had different views and traditions of beliefs. Through this project, I hope to unravel and gain an understanding of different perspectives and ways of life....   [tags: culture, chuuk, sierra nevada]

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The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Khafre at Giza

- The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Khafre at Giza The ominous green light beams upward piercing the Las Vegas sky. This laser, the brightest artificial light on Earth, beckons curious seekers to its base, a thirty story replica of the Egyptian pyramid of Khafre at Giza. Khafre's Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, gives an understanding of the Egyptian culture over 4000 years age. Located within the spectacular city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Luxor Hotel and Casino creates a bridge between ancient Egyptian architecture with futuristic technology....   [tags: compare Contrast Pyramid Essays]

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Should Gambling Be Considered A Good Thing?

- Gambling. Can gambling be considered a good thing. Usually portrayed as a bad and evil pastime it can be hard to find a good side. Certain studies and articles suggest that gambling can not only be a good thing but it can be a great boost to a poverty stricken city. The gambling industry is a prosperous and growing industry that has its upsides in helping the local area The gambling industry is a booming and growing place that has been oppressed since its debut into society. Lawmakers and anti-gambling forces are holding back the gambling industry from reaching its full potential....   [tags: Gambling, Casino, Slot machine, Nevada]

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The Native American Experience as Portrayed Through the Essay Titled, Address, and the Painting Titled, Among the Sierra Nevada

- The Native Land Imagine living in a place where you feel free, and safe all of your life, and then one day it’s all taken away from you. Native Americans have always depended on the land to take care of them. Had the Great Spirit forsaken them. These are the thoughts that pondered the mind of Seattle as he answered to the Governor of Washington, in the essay titled “Address”. What was the purpose or message behind Albert Bierstadt’s painting titled “Among the Sierra Nevada”. How are these two separate works associated....   [tags: native american indians, american history, art]

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Re Imagining The Urb My Response As A First Year Teacher

- Re-imagining The Urban: My Response as A First Year Teacher I am black, I am a woman, growing up I was called “white girl.” As a black woman from sin city (Las Vegas, NV) the term urban did not describe my reality. Perception can be the only reality that you see in examining the lens of what is “urban”. What is urban. When the word urban comes to mind does it elicit emotions of privilege, pride or fear. Hunter; & Leonardo (2007) look at the term “urban” (particularly in the ghetto) they define it as both a “real” and “imaginary place” and divides the urban perspective into three distinctive categories of “space”: Urban is sophisticated, Urban is authentic, and Urban is a Jungle....   [tags: Education, High school, Las Vegas, Nevada]

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Personal Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

- ... One feels a bit like a money tree with your leaves being plucked. It’s not easy getting around on the strip if you aren’t an Olympic class walker since any casino that you choose to walk to is at least 3 blisters and a carbuncle or two away. You look at a casino that appears to be next door and find out it is a half mile away. The casinos are HUGE. The MGM Grand, for instance, covers a site that was originally an 18 hole golf course and has so many rooms that if one chose to sleep in one each night it would take you over 13 non-stop, vacationless, years to make it though them all....   [tags: blast, transportation choices, banks]

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The Yucca Mountain Project

- The Yucca Mountain Project Kai Erikson argues that radiation and other forms of radioactive waste are a new species of trouble (Erikson, 1994). Nuclear waste disposal is a pressing issue of extreme importance. Nuclear waste is material that either contains a radioactive substance or has been contaminated by radioactive elements and is no longer useful. With all of the dangers surrounding nuclear waste and a half-life of one hundred thousand years this issue must be solved with complete certainty....   [tags: Nuclear Waste Disposal Nevada Essays]

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Legalization Of Gambling : The State Of Hawaii Is Reaching A Tipping Point

- Legalization of Gambling in Hawaii The State of Hawaii is reaching a tipping point. When completed the cost of our rail system is estimated to be $8 billion; that would be $4 billion over the initial expected budget (Moralas, 2016). Some of the public high schools that our keiki attend is ridiculously overcrowded, some classes with 36-37 students (Blair, 2015). Our state has the highest cost of living in the country. The median price of a home is $925,922, a half gallon of milk will run you about $3.85, and the average monthly energy bill is $504.25 (Cohn, 2016)....   [tags: Casino, Gambling, Nevada]

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Small Trade Shows Can Be Excellent Opportunities For Finding New Customers

- Each year, companies have a limited amount of time and money that they can spend on trade shows. By calculating ROI metrics for each trade show, businesses can figure out the events that bring them the best return on their investment. While many companies target larger events, small trade shows can be excellent opportunities for finding new customers. The main goal is to look for the number of leads, connections and customers that come from a specific event. Afterward, companies can calculate the amount that each lead or sale cost them to obtain....   [tags: Marketing, Mathematics, Las Vegas, Nevada]

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My Father, My Friend

- When I first met my biological father, I was twelve years old. My father never planned on having a family,therefore his job is not family friendly. He is a pipeline inspected for a company out of Arizona but they travel all over the United States. Most of his jobs take anywhere from 3 months to a few years, but every couple of months or so he comes home for the weekend. Even though I do get to see him a few times a year most of our relationship is built on the phone. Lately, he has mentioned about how he will fly me down to where he is currently working, which is Las Vegas....   [tags: Mother, Father, Las Vegas, Nevada]

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Las Vegas

- Las Vegas Las Vegas, also known as “Sin City”, is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. It is the fastest growing city in the United States with a population of over a million people. Six thousand people move to Vegas every month and only one thousand people leave, giving it a net growth of approximately five thousand people a month. If you visit Las Vegas once a year, you will see huge changes in with the city to accommodate their phenomenal growth. I flew into Las Vegas for Spring Break of 2005....   [tags: Nevada Tourism Gambeling Essays]

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A comparison of Kern County and Sierra Nevadas

- Of Oak Stumps and Oil Pumps The Great Sierra Nevadas and Kern County are two strikingly different faces of California. The Sierra Nevadas, a natural refuge for a sizeable number of California’s wildlife, houses opportunities for harvesting lumber, a spiritual place to camp or hike on, and simply as an aesthetic marvel in contrast to LA’s bustling city streets. Kern County’s industrial benefits come from Black Gold, oil. The Kern River discovery started an oil boom, and a forest of wooden derricks sprang up overnight....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Three Systems to Faults Present in the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Region

- In the NRV region, three systems to faults are present, one of longitudinal direction N-S to NNE that correspond exactly with the Andean belt.(......) The other two systems are transverse and have direction NW and E-W. (….....)The faults of Palestina and San Geronimo belong to the first system, which has an evident geomorphologic manifestation with slope breakages and deflected drainages. The second fault system is represented by Villamaria Termales, Rio Claro, San Eugenio, Campoalegrito, Campoalegre, Neridas, and San Ramon, which are very interesting because most of them are associated to recent volcanic events and the hot springs....   [tags: geological analysis]

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The Issue Of Interstate Divorce

- The Supreme Court ruled twice on the divorce of a North Carolina couple that divorced in Nevada. Supreme Court justices dealt largely with the issue of interstate divorce and the nature of our country’s system of governance.The rulings of Williams v. North Carolina lead to important implications regarding divorce, as well as the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. However, because of more expansive divorce laws today, the case does not hold the same level of importance. In the early 20th century, the United States was not as culturally liberal as the country today....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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Would you want to ingest that?

- Over fifty years ago the federal government conducted major nuclear weapons testing 75 miles outside of Las Vegas. Each detonation sent deposits of toxic radioactivity into the air, some even seeping into the land. Such flow has caused massive groundwater contamination. Since the last test cycle of the Plowshare program in 1991, the Nevada National Security Site has been storing nuclear warheads under its facility for more than twenty years. Due to the population boom here in Nevada and our current water crisis, there has been many interest in accessing how much damage the tests actually did to the groundwater and aquifers at the site....   [tags: Environment, Environmental ]

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Las Vegas Gambling

- ... There was little government regulation on gambling in the period between 1869-1900, until the progressive movement began to look upon gambling as immoral. States began to pass strict laws banning all forms of gambling. Nevada was the last holdout, permitting gambling until 1909 before the same bans were enacted. (4) The Nevada State Journal wrote, “ Stilled eternally is the click of the wheel, rattle of the dice and swish of cards.” (5) “Eternity” lasted less than a week, as citizens of Las Vegas quickly started lucrative underground gambling operations....   [tags: entertainment, success, casinos]

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The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

- With ballot measures, as a result of direct democracy, laws can be change and new laws can be made by the people. Just this year, Nevada citizens legalized recreational marijuana and posed new background checks for gun purchases, all of this by means of ballot measures. Nevada’s constitution allows for voters to vote instantly on ballot measures. Direct democracy is a highlight for many people in the U.S., but the quick accessibility that voters have to make these choices can cause a problem. Voter incompetence is a major concern with direct democracy....   [tags: Elections, Election, Voting, Referendum]

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The History of Women in The United States

- With the history of women in the United States, women are advancing in the the culture of America. However, they are no different when they come from the criminal justice system. “During the Colonial era, women were legally defined as less than three persons and thereby excluded from both legal and protection and prosecution” (Hackstaff and Rector, 2009). Clearly, that has changed over time as women are now being given the protection they need. However, it seems today that women are more protected under the law than men....   [tags: criminal justice, colonial era, domestic violence]

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The Issue Of Prostitution And Prostitution

- My topic is on the matter of prostitution and how I believe it should be changed to protect the lives of people involved in soliciting. Prostitution is defined as an offer in which someone, typically a woman, has some form of sexual activity in exchange for payment. There are an estimated 6 kinds of prostitution. The first kind is an Independent Call Girl/Escort. This exact type of prostitution is where Independent escorts work for themselves in either hotels, private buildings, or a private residency....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry]

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

- The state of Nevada is going through some current changes. Some changes are big, and some are small. These changes go from a simple policy change at the DMV, to a more extensive change, having to do with the 2016 Nevada Tax Rate Change. In the near future, Nevada may be seeing, and taking part in, a change that will be more widely known and talked about than any of the other changes. Nevada, based on the legalization process in Colorado, seems likely to legalize marijuana for recreational use by 2016....   [tags: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country, Hashish]

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Real Estate Research on Summerlin Homes

- The Howard Hughes Corporation has undertaken a huge development project in the Nevada desert just west of the Las Vegas strip. Named after Howard’s grandmother, Summerlin, Nevada is one of the largest planned communities in the world. The development is about half way complete with around 40,000 of the planned 80,000 homes finished – many of which have been sold. This award winning planned community has attracted people from across many demographics, because of the diverse and well planned amenities that make Summerlin a great place to call home....   [tags: community, economy. transportation, education]

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Media Coverage On The State 's Traditional Presidential Election

- August. However, 40% of those who say they will vote in the Republican Primary say they will vote for Trump; this number is up nine-percent since August. Moreover, campaign visits in Alabama will increase as the primaries come closer that may have an impact on the poll numbers in favor for Trump. On February 27th Donald Trump will possibly visit Huntsville on the same day Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Ted Cruz will. Alabama Republican leaders says the devotion the presidential candidates are giving the state was the primary cause for moving the state’s traditional presidential primary election from the first Tuesday in June to March....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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Legalizing Prostitution and Other Sexually Oriented Business

- Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. People prostitute themselves when they give sexual favors to others in exchange for money, gifts, or other forms of payment. In the dictionary (which dictionary?), the word prostitute means a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. Prostitutes may be of either sex, but throughout history many of them have been women who have usually entered prostitution because of economic stress or because they have been forced....   [tags: Legalization, Economic Crisis, Health Risks]

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Tesla Gigafactory : The Future Of Ev

- Tesla Gigafactory: The Future of EV’s Austin Ogden SOS 324, Spring 2015 On June 12, 2014, Elon Musk shocked the business world by revealing that Tesla Motors will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who uses their technology in good faith (Desjardins, “10 Mind Blowing”). For those who don’t know who Elon Musk is, he is the CEO of SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla Motors. Electric vehicles have currently been creeping up on the world and are starting to become a big thing. One company that I think is leading the movement of electric vehicles is Tesla Motors....   [tags: Tesla Motors, Electric car, Tesla Roadster]

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Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution, considered one of the oldest professions in the world, was legal until 1915 when most states passed laws making it illegal. One of the main reasons for the prohibition of prostitution was to keep soldiers out of the brothels so they would stay focused on the war. After WWII, lawmakers left the prohibition laws in place instead of repealing them. Prostitution should be legal, regulated, and taxed. This would increase the quality of police protection, reduce waste in the judicial system, decrease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and increase federal tax revenue....   [tags: Prostitution Should Be Legal]

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Applying The Joint Custody Decree For The Removal Of The Child Out Of State

- Before the district court considers a petition to modify the joint custody decree for the removal of the child out-of-state, the petitioning parent must first clear the threshold hurdle. Druckman v. Ruscitti, 130 Nev. Adv. Op. 50, 327 P.3d 511, 515 (2014), reh 'g denied (Sept. 24, 2014). The threshold hurdle requires the petitioning parent to prove a sensible, good faith reason for the move, Holder v. Polanski, 111 N.J. 344, 544 A.2d 852, 856–57 (1988), other than to frustrate the other parent’s visitation with the child....   [tags: Family, Interpersonal relationship, United States]

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What Do You Do Then? You Look For Subacute Care Facilities?

- In 2010, the average cost of a hospital stay in Nevada for one day was nearly $2,500 which only includes room and board. A hefty price tag to pay when you need care, but no longer require the services provided at an acute hospital setting. What do you do then. You look for subacute care facilities. Subacute care facilities provide a cheaper alternative to care than the hospital setting. Typically, the average cost for one day in a subacute facility is $900 which includes room, board, nursing, therapy, and other necessary costs....   [tags: Nursing home, Home care]

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Evaluating Service Approaches For Youths With Diagnosed Severe Emotional Disturbance

- Introduction The article, Evaluation of Wraparound Services for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Youths looks at the effectiveness of services for youth with diagnosed severe emotional disturbance (SED) in the state of Nevada (Mears, Yaffe, & Harris, (2009). The effectiveness of wraparound services is compared to traditional foster care case management for youth in state custody foster care as well as youth living in parental custody. This paper will provide a rigorous critique of article and aspects of the research conducted....   [tags: Sampling, Sample size, Sample, Wraparound]

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My Case for the Legalization of Prostitution

- Throughout my entire childhood I have always been pro choice, and I have always preached the motto “ your body your choice”. But living in New York State I learned this is not always the case. Prostitution is defined as the “Practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment”(Merriam-Webster). This is currently illegal in New York State and if found guilty of this you can be punished from 3 months in prison and $500 in fines to 8 Years of prison and $5,000. This to me is completely absurd and over the top....   [tags: the oldest profession in the world]

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Customer Data and Security Breach Ligitation

- In re, Inc., Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, No. 3:2012cv00325, was a case held in United States District Court for the District of Nevada in which the Court supposed that the customers of were not held to the browse wrap terms of use due to their ambiguous nature and also held that the agreement was not enforceable since Zappos had earmarked the right to make changes in it at any time without notifying the customers. The above court decision set preference for businesses that use browse wrap agreements and/or comprise a phrase in their agreements that let them to change the agreements at any phase....   [tags: zappos, data security, web]

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Las Vegas Casinos & their Gambling

- ... In 1947, the Pioneer Club opened on 25 E Fremont St. being a 24-hour gaming lounge and saloon (ibid). Los Angeles vice lords: Bill Kurland, Milton “Farmer”, and Tutor Sherer started the club (ibid). The Pioneer Club had a 75-foot tall neon cowboy designed by Salt Lake City graphic artist, Patrick Denner, and built by the Young Electric Sign Company (ibid). Between and furthermore from those years, casinos & clubs were built constantly. Today, Downtown attracts visitors with their flashing lights, casinos, and a LED video screen canopy that covers four blocks of Fremont Street between Main Street and 4th Street....   [tags: mafias, bills, Sin City]

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Most Dangerous States in the U.S.

- The Top 10 Most Dangerous States in US 2014 The saying goes “better safe than sorry”. But when was the last time you checked how safe is the State you live in. With the national crime rate increasing over 1% annually, crime remains a big concern for many States in the US. Every year, the FBI compiles statistics of crime in the United States and the most violent of them include murder, robbery, rape and aggravated assault. With Tennessee and Nevada topping the list of most dangerous States, it’s always best to identity where you would be most vulnerable....   [tags: crime, assault, violence]

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The Politics of Highly Radioactive Waste Disposal

- The Politics of Highly Radioactive Waste Disposal Nuclear waste disposal is a political problem, not a technical problem.1 — Dr. Edward Teller Highly radioactive waste disposal has become one of the most controversial aspects of nuclear technology. As the amount of spent nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear reactors and high-level radioactive waste from defense-related processing plants has continued to mount, the issue has become increasingly contentious and politicized.2 The politicization of this issue is especially evident in the site selection process of a permanent national repository for the disposal of highly radioactive waste....   [tags: Radioactive Waste Environment Papers]

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The Case Of The Ferguson Police Department United States Department Of Justice Civil Rights

- Jeffery, as plainly implied in an earlier statement I had made here ( re: "... protestors have an inalienable right to publicly remonstration through nonviolent demonstration and/or seek redress from their government ..."), I have no quarrel with any GOOD citizens that protests their government (local or otherwise), but when it unnecessarily and unrighteously turns into a riot by any such involved demonstrators (thugs) that harms innocent people (i.e., damage and destruction of public and private property, physical assaults, etcetera), then the line of social injustice and true criminality are clearly crossed....   [tags: Federal government of the United States]

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The Height Of Males Between Age Between 20 And 24

- Since 2000 there have been increases in the number of males between the ages 20 to 24. In 2000 the number of males between ages 20 to 24 equaled 326. However, by 2010 the male population between 20 and 24 was equal to 354. There was also an increase in the number of males from 2000 and 2010 between the ages of 45 to 49, 65 to 69, and 80 to 84. The increase in the older male population could be due to the baby boomers getting older as well as more people moving into the area to retire. In Pine Hill despite our small size, we are only 15 minutes from Philadelphia, and 40 minutes from Atlantic City....   [tags: Population, Demography, Absolute value]

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The Violation of Rights in the Banning of Prostitution

- The Unites States of America prides itself in the freedom and liberty it allows its citizens; one of these freedoms testifying that individuals have the right to do what they want with their bodies – as such, if one wishes to participate in prostitution, an individual has that right. In fact, the 9th Amendment specifically states “the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” (cite). The constitution attests that simply because a right is not listed within it, doesn’t mean that it can therefore be violated; so, why aren’t citizens legally able to participate in prostitution....   [tags: constitution, risk, economic]

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No More Seven Outs!: Bring Casinos to Rosecroft

- Casinos, according to, are defined as "a building or large room used for meetings, entertainment, dancing, etc., especially such a place equipped with gambling devices, gambling tables, etc." In 1931, Nevada became the first state to legalize gambling (Reece 145). Now in 2010, it is generating approximately $10.4 billion annually (State Information: Nevada). It maintained that sole spot until 1976 when New Jersey approved casinos for Atlantic City (Reece 145). As of 2010, there are 22 states who are legally allowed to have commercial casinos (State Information)....   [tags: Law]

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Breaking Social Norms: Exploring Sobriety in College

- ... The university of Nevada did not start N-RAP the students did. If colleges could just put the word out about sober communities, perhaps throw a sober event for recovering students, and then it would only be a matter of time before the students started their own recovery and prevention college community. Universities can also go to the collegiate recovery website and get information on how to start a recovery program at a college. provides information on which schools have recovery programs, and job and scholarship opportunities for members of the recovery community....   [tags: alcohol abuse in higher education]

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Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

- I. Childhood hunger problem occurs everywhere in this world and we people need to start helping these children if we have the ability to improve the issue. A. Children understand that food is important in their life, however they do not know that nutrition also plays a significant role in health as well. 1. I understand that in some area people are having hunger issue is because of poverty. Low-income parents are more likely to let their children to face hunger issue or some health problems because of the food they eat....   [tags: Nutrition, Malnutrition, Obesity, Health]

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Prostitution Is The Provision Of Sexual Services

- Prostitution has been called the world’s oldest profession but it’s one of the most controversial debates in America. Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults. So defined, prostitution is a service industry in which people exchange sexual favors for money or other reward. It 's high time to legalize and regulate this part of American culture which will lead to reduction of violence and keeping sex workers healthy. Safety is normally number one for all prostitutes and brothel owners, because a safe location is better for business but we 're not helping them by making consenting sex work a crime....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Law]

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Homelessness : The Problem Of Homelessness

- “In January 2014, there were 578,424 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States”[1].This statistic doesn 't even account for the numerous cases of homelessness that went unreported that year.”Homelessness is a temporary condition that people fall into when they cannot afford to pay for a place to live, or when their current home is unsafe or unstable”[2].There are many other contributing factors to homelessness such as drug abuse and mental illness.”According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness”{3}....   [tags: Homelessness, Unemployment, Poverty]

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The Motel Life By Willy Vlautin

- The Motel Life is set in Reno, Nevada (for the most part) and the author, Willy Vlautin, was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. It is not coincidental that the setting and where the author was born and raised are the same. According to a Marxist critic, the author is familiar with Reno, Nevada because that is his social background, therefore the author writes about what he is familiar with, in this case Reno, Nevada. For instance, an author, according to a Marxist critic does not write about a class that they are not in because they are not familiar with that class....   [tags: Marxism, Working class, Addiction, Alcoholism]

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The Issues Like Immigration And Education

- This year’s election is one of the most important for all US citizens. It 's full of promises, unrealistic goals and the most rivalrous candidate election I have ever seen. The most controversial candidate in this race would be no more than Donald Trump. He, raising all sorts of followers, has been able to keep up in the race with no difficulty. Being one of the first candidates that speaks his mind about each and every issue in the US, Donald Trump is a blowhard candidate. Donald Trump has the tendency of coming out with his own opinion on each issue....   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

- Why should prostitution be legal. Can anybody tell me what is considered to be the world's most ancient profession. (doesn't require education, mostly involves women) Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody agrees that trading sex for money has existed for quite a while. According to Wikipedia, prostitution began in the 21st century BC in Near East, most likely as a religious custom, and was practiced by Greeks, Romans, China and other ancient civilizations....   [tags: Prostitution, Argument]

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The Teaching and Learning Process

- Introduction Teaching and learning are complicated processes. The literature is full of research describing how people learn. Two well-known models characterize learners by age: pedagogy and andragogy. Pedagogy focuses on the teacher-child learner relationship and andragogy focuses on the teacher-adult learner relationship. While pedagogy is a longstanding theory that can be traced back to the monastic schools of Europe in the 7th century, Malcolm Knowles brought recognition to the concept of andragogy in the 20th century (Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner, 2007; Knowles, 1973)....   [tags: pedagogy and andragogy]

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Global Warming And Climate Change

- Many problems plague society that effect people locally in neighborhoods and cities, nationwide across the country, and globally in many countries. There is no single solution to global warming and climate change, which is mainly an issue of too much heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. This major problem effects every human being on planet earth from young children to adults. “The countries that produce the highest Co2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions are China and the U.S....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Global warming]

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Reservoirs In Idaho

- Brownlee Reservoir is located between the western Idaho and eastern Oregon border, and is located at the uppermost part of Hells Canyon 20 miles from Cambridge Idaho. The southern part can be located at Oregon Farewell Bend State Park or Wesier Idaho Steck Park. The reservoir covers 15,000 acres of land, 58 miles long, and in some part more than 300 feet in depth level. There are three dams built on the Snake River to generate electricity for Idaho Brownlee dam, Oxbow dam, and Hells Canyon dam. The reservoir is the most heavily fished area in the state of Idaho, and produces a heavy amount of fish between the two states with the exception of the ocean....   [tags: Brownlee, Salmon Falls Creek, Yankee Fork]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

- Legalizing prostitution would be beneficial to the government and sex workers by creating tax revenue, bettering medical care, and protecting prostitutes against violence. Prostitution is viewed differently throughout society and holds a lot of negative opinions but no one really discuss’ the benefits of prostitution being legalized throughout America. Many people believe in legalizing Marijuana not knowing its positivity and negativity. When legalizing prostitution you should look at the overall impact and the influence it would have on the government....   [tags: sex workers, government, laws]

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Advantages of Legalizing Prostitution

- Prostitution is known as the oldest profession and has been around for millenniums, dating back to Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Egyptian empires (Baldwin, 2004). The ancient cultures of those empires dealt with the needs of the group and consequently developed protocols for dealing with sexual relations that have propagated throughout time to the modern era. As a result, prostitution is prominent in society today. When analyzing the sex trade, the factors of cultural precedence, philosophy, religion and politics are what each country or society considers when deciding laws regarding prostitution (Liberator, 2005)....   [tags: health, economics, politics]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

- Legalizing Prostitution When it comes to the topic of legalizing prostitution, most of us will readily, agree that prostitution is a human right. Where this agreement usually ends, however, in on the question of prostitution being legalized. Whereas some are convinced that it should be legalized, others maintain that it should remain illegal. I agree that prostitution should be legalized. A point that needs emphasizing since so many people still believe that the government should not interfere with their life choices....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking]

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Legalizing Prostitution

- Catherine Smith is a single 42 year old woman with two children. Her job as a secretary is no longer sufficient enough to cover her bills. She does not have a college degree and her job will not cover any part of tuition if she does decide to attend college. One night, while coming home late from work, she noticed women walking around on the street counting their earnings for the night. That is when she acquired the idea to become a prostitute. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prostitution as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations in exchange for money....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex, Security]

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options on company telephone services

- Introduction There are many different options companies have when decided on what type if telephone service to use. The size and needs of the company will usually determine the communications needed to run an organized operation. Another factor in choosing what type of telecommunications a company will need is what type of business does the company deal with. For example, is the company a telemarketing service, a customer service company for bank, or a consulting firm; plus, what are the majority of calls pertaining to and the time frame of each call....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Customer Adoption And The Security Concerns That Have Arisen From The Implementation Of Mobile Payment Options

- Methodology The focus on this study was primary on customer adoption and the security concerns that have arisen from the implementation of mobile payment options. The study was mainly research driven and included many articles and journals that were written on the subject. Finding reliable sources of information was done by using the University of Nevada Reno 's advanced database access in the knowledge center. With the University of Nevada Reno 's database Google scholar was used in searching for applicable articles that pertain to the subject matter....   [tags: Credit card, Payment, IPhone, Retailing]

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The Is The Paiute Term ' People ' Of The Language

- Nuumu is the Paiute term “people” of the language. When Americans think about the travesties that have occurred in history they think about a war on domestic land, and abroad, they think about world wars and The American Civil War, all the death, and destruction. But one subject that routinely gets swept under the rug is the barbaric treatment of Native Americans and the genocide of a once peaceful nation and people. To understand the breadth of this everlasting historical treatment of Native Americans; one has to cleanse their mind of the textbook novelty knowledge and open their mind to the raw and real truth of what happened to Native Americans with a direct relative as an example....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Olzhas Suleimenov Raised Awareness for the Need of Nuclear Disarmament

- ... Besides the fact that there was severe environmental exploitation observed with nuclear testing in Kazakhstan, numerous cases of human adverse health effects with increasing death rate were recorded. I decided to explore this topic and demonstrate how one person can make difference. Let me introduce one of the worst historical backgrounds of my home country. Back in 1950s, Kazakhstan became the first center for nuclear weapon testing under the Soviet governance. During 40 years, the former Soviet Union has performed approximately 460 nuclear weapon experiments within the test site....   [tags: environment, weapons, climate change]

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, The Fifth Child Of John M. Clemens

- Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was born on November 30, 1835, in the small town of Florida, Missouri. Samuel was the sixth child of John M. Clemens and Jane Lampton. The family lived in Florida, Missouri until Samuel was four. John worked as a storekeeper, lawyer, judge and land speculator. He was an unhappy man who dreamed of wealth. Jane was a fun-loving, tenderhearted homemaker who loved to tell her family stories. They relocated to Hannibal in hopes of making their lives better....   [tags: Mark Twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]

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Yucca Mountain: A place for Nuclear Waste Material

- Nuclear waste is a huge problem in our world today but it also makes the world that we know possible. The problem with it is that we have reached the point where we produce it faster than we can store it. Everyone will agree that the waste obviously needs to be stored somewhere, but we can also agree that we do not want it stored or transported through our back yards. The goal of the government is to store the waste in one location, Yucca Mountain, instead of scattered across the country. To do this all of the existing waste must be removed from their locations, put into some type of safe transportation and shipped across cities, states and even the country....   [tags: Chemicals, Toxic, Repository]

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Mark Twain 's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

- Samuel Longhorn Clemens, or better known as Mark Twain is recognized for his novels set in his adolescence (America 's Story from America 's Library). Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri and was the sixth of seven children. At the age of four, Mark Twain moved to a small frontier town in Hannibal, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi River with his family. Years later, on April 21, 1910 Mark Twain died in Redding, Connecticut in his sleep. Mark Twain’s purpose for writing his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was to provide a clear view of the culture and lifestyle during the period of the novel....   [tags: Mark Twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]

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