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Hamlet : The Moral Dilemma Of Revenge And Punishment

- Among other moral lessons conveyed by Shakespeare through Hamlet, is the moral dilemma of revenge and punishment. Hamlet has been told by his father’s ghost that Claudius was his murderer and as a son it was Hamlet’s duty to avenge Senior Hamlet. However, Hamlet is seen to be in a constant conflict between his mind and heart, between what is morally the right thing to do and what is not. His confusion is evident in one of his soliloquies, where he is seen to engage in self-rebuke for delaying his revenge and is considering that the ghost might be just an illusion....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral, The Canterbury Tales]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Marriage And Divorce

- A moral dilemma arises when there is a conflict that requires an individual to make a choice between two or more actions, and the choice of each action depends on the moral consequence of a given action and is also based on the moral reasoning. One moral dilemma that exist in our society is marriage and divorce, many times couple have a difficult time making a decision on whether to continue with their marriage or divorce based on the marital problems that exist in their marriage. Every person wants a spouse who is loving, trustworthy and responsible, a person with whom one can share with both the good times and sorrows....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Divorce, Family law]

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Country X

- Country X is an explicit example of the inferiority of women in society. They are not treated as equals, and have no rights. Say for example, a women living in country X is pregnant with a healthy female fetus and wishes to abort her child, reason being, she does not want it to lead a restricted life. Don Marquis claims that abortion is immoral except, in some very rare cases, for example rape. I agree with Marquis and based on this principle, I argue that despite the poor gender status of females in country X, the woman’s desire of aborting her female fetus, is immoral and thus unjustified....   [tags: Abortion, Morality, Abortion debate, Human rights]

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Modern World

- A moral dilemma that I’ve have encounter numerous times in my life that continues to cloud my judgement even until this is day is obedience and how far we will let it reflect on how we let it decide how we live our life’s. It seems to be that now at this time with everyone having so many choices on how they can live our lives conflicts with our moral reasons with what is right or wrong and having to outweigh the values of our dilemma. Its makes us question for authority and test on how far our obedience from authority and superior lays....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Authority, Human]

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The Moral Dilemma of the Death Sentence

- There are many instances where a person is executed wrongfully, if this is the case, why do it at all. If a loved one is murdered, and their murderer was sentenced to death, if given the opportunity, would you spare them their life. I believe if you chose not to spare a human life, you chose wrong; I plan on arguing why this is morally wrong, and how it could be resolved. Let’s analyze a scenario, a woman’s husband was murdered, she is certain that he is guilty of it because he confessed to the murder on the day he was going to be executed....   [tags: Capital Punishment, Justice System]

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Film Prisoners

- We have been taught that we should always follow our priorities, whether it is dealing with jobs, families, education, or faith. Ethical egoism teaches us that if our interests are any one these or something else, we should put it first because these are our values. But how far should we go in protecting our values. Is there a limit of how they should be protected. Am I doing what’s best for my priorities or for me. Although we should protect our values, there needs to be a limit and a focus of how I should protect my values with the best intentions....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Torture, Thy Kingdom Come]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Double Crossing

- Everyone will at some point in their lives face a dilemma which they cannot figure out. They find that the situation is unfair, even that there may be no real outcomes which are good. Others come across these situations and look to people for answers. “How do I solve this problem?” or “would this be O.K?” are common questions a lot of people don’t want to answer themselves. These situations are very complicated and have a lot of different elements which need to be considered. The topic that is going to be given a try to be solved is a predicament on whether you should “double-cross a swindler”....   [tags: Ethics, Utilitarianism, Morality, American films]

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The Louisiana Purchase : Moral Dilemma

- The Louisiana Purchase posed several significant moral dilemmas for President Thomas Jefferson, but violating his strict constructionist view of the Constitution was one of the many dilemmas faced over the Purchase from France that occurred on numerous occasions. Jefferson believed if a power couldn’t be found in the Constitution it didn’t exist and reverted to the interest of the states. According to the Constitution, there is no power granting the President to make land investments or expend funds....   [tags: United States, Thomas Jefferson]

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Euthanasi An Ethical And Moral Dilemma

- Euthanasia is an ethical and moral dilemma in the United States; it is illegal in most parts of the United States. Euthanasia is often a debated topic that is split between two sides: On one hand, individuals argue that euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide (PAS), is morally wrong and unacceptable in American society, arguing that every life must be preserved as best as possible. In contrary, others believe individuals, particularly those with a terminal illness, should have the right to avoid their inevitable suffering and quicken their coming death through advance directives and euthanasia....   [tags: Suffering, Medical ethics, Palliative care]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Heinz

- In the moral dilemma of Heinz, the husband of his sick, dying wife is in desperate need of the single cure available, which is her only chance for survival. The researcher who developed this medicine invested money and time in order to create such a cure for this rare case of cancer and wants to make money off of his creation. Heinz does not have the amount of money the researcher is demanding and it is his wife’s only chance to live, so Heinz steals the cure from the researcher’s lab. The question at hand is, did the husband do the right thing by breaking into the lab to steal the drug....   [tags: Morality, Ethics]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Nurses

- At this very second there is a nurse in a hospital or healthcare setting, wondering how she/he is going to tell his/her patient that they have been diagnosed with terminal cancer (Huang et al., 2014). Nurses play a very important role in the position for terminal diagnosis disclosure (Zuzelo, 2007). Many nurses are faced with the difficult decision of telling patients the truth about terminal/ pre- terminal diagnosis all of the time. It is especially hard when the nurses have to be mindful of the family’s protectiveness over the patient as well as following the ethical standards (Huang et al., 2014)....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Abortion

- “Abortion is defined as the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely (that is, before it is capable of surviving outside the womb” (Ryrie 1974). In today’s society, abortion is a highly diverse and debated topic in politics and religion. This paper will show how Christianity interprets and handles the moral dilemma of abortion in today’s society versus how it was handled in the past and how it may evolve in the future. Abortions have been around since ancient times, the first one dating back to the Egyptian era, around 1500 BC (Gorman 55)....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Wade, Catholic Church]

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The Moral Dilemma Of Children

- Introduction The moral dilemma I have identified in my journal has to do with my children when they where is school. When they were growing up my children sought out new interest like band and choir and throughout the years had several school events or shows that often happened on a Tuesday evening. During this time I was employed with Harcourt School Brace, a publishing company that developed school books for grades K through 12 and as such had strict deadlines then needed to be met. Leadership Traits, Behavior, and Attitude In order for any leader to be effective they must be able to motivate and lead people toward a common goal or outcome....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Motivation]

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The Global, Moral Dilemma

- The Global, Moral Dilemma Morality derives from the Latin moralitas meaning, “manner, character, or proper behavior.” In light of this translation, the definition invites the question of what composes “proper behavior” and who defines morality through these behaviors, whether that be God, humanity, or Martin Luther King in “A Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Socrates confronted the moral dilemma in his discourses millennia ago, Plato refined his concepts in his Republic, and leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi would commit their life work to defining and applying the term to political reform....   [tags: Human rights, Law, Morality, Ethics]

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The Moral Dilemma Of U.s. Immigration Policy

- There are several theories to look into when discussing the morality of borders. I specifically look into Stephen Macedo’s chapter “The Moral Dilemma of U.S. Immigration Policy, open borders versus social justice?” in Debating Immigration and Joseph Carens article “Aliens and Citizens: The Case for Open Borders.” Using political theory back up his argument, Carens uses Rawlsian, the Nozickean, and the utilitarian to support and explain his claims that there is little justification for keeping oppressed people from other countries seeking a better life out of the United States....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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The Commanding Officer 's Moral Dilemma

- The Commanding Officer’s Moral Dilemma United States Military Officers from all services are trained in military tactics, standards, and values. One of the most important lesson they are taught is the health and welfare of their troops. Commanding Officers (COs) hold the lives of thousands of service men and women in their hands, and their decisions directly affect the safety and well-being of subordinates. The moral dilemma to risk the lives of many to save a few, or its opposite, to save the lives of many by sacrificing the lives of a few, is one of the toughest situations for a CO to be in, and one of the toughest decisions to make....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Rescue, Ship]

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Stem Cell Success or Moral Dilemma

- ... Stem cells are being further researched for virology today and can commonly be found in the Influenza immunizations (“Stem”). In 1960, scientist made another amazing medical milestone was reached by transplanting cells into patients suffering from DiGeorge syndrome and was accepted as an effective form of therapy (”Stem”). Come 1968, Scientist made a breakthrough when the world's first bone marrow transplant was completed successfully. This experiment treated two siblings suffering from immunodeficiency, a destruction of the immune response system....   [tags: cell types, scientists, ethics]

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Thomas Jefferson And His Moral Dilemma

- Thomas Jefferson and His Moral Dilemma in the Purchasing of the Louisiana Territory The Louisiana Purchase is arguably known by many to be one of Americas’ greatest accomplishments in the terms of westward expansion, and also one of Jefferson’s greatest achievements as president. Although, few are aware of the most difficult, if not hypocritical choices that challenged Jefferson and his morals. These dilemmas, which tested Jefferson’s authority as president, were unavoidable in order to accomplish the necessary expansion of the United States territory....   [tags: United States, Louisiana Purchase]

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Thomas Jefferson 's Moral Dilemma

- The Louisiana Purchase presented a moral dilemma to Thomas Jefferson that was fueled by the advantages and disadvantages of the deal as well as his interpretation of the constitution and how the Purchase could affect his political standing. Thomas Jefferson’s moral dilemma regarding the Louisiana Purchase originated from his previous interpretations of the Constitution and political position. Jefferson was apprehensive when making the decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory because the act of buying territory “went against [his] own well-stated positions of states ' rights and strict constitutional construction” since it was not outlined in the Constitution (   [tags: Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson]

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Condemned: Hamlet’s Moral Dilemma

- Hamlet is one of the most often-performed and studied plays in the English language. The story might have been merely a melodramatic play about murder and revenge, butWilliam Shakespeare imbued his drama with a sensitivity and reflectivity that still fascinates audiences four hundred years after it was first performed. Hamlet is no ordinary young man, raging at the death of his father and the hasty marriage of his mother and his uncle. Hamlet is cursed with an introspective nature; he cannot decide whether to turn his anger outward or in on himself....   [tags: Shakespeare]

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Euthanasi A Moral And Ethical Dilemma

- Euthanasia is a practice that when a patient is suffering from a pain that is insufferable (I.e. incurable disease or irreversible coma), it is decided that the best option for the patient is to kill them, painlessly. It 's an example of constitutional right, as it 's a moral decision in exercising a person 's right to the pursuit of happiness and the choice in deciding whether to live or die.This practice is most commonly illegal in most countries. But that 's beside the point, the point is that Euthanasia is just another moral and ethical dilemma that humans have to resolve....   [tags: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Morality, Virtue]

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Ethical Dilemm Moral Dilemma

- Ethical Dilemma: Critical Reasoning: This ethical dilemma is a difficult situation. I feel like there is some right and some wrong in each of the situations. I am going to try to explain the situations from my perspective and what I see with each one of them, and try to determine my stance after I have described the ideas that I see. Situation #1: I feel that this could be a correct course because, the salespeople did not include me in their conversation. My conclusion would be different if they were telling me that they were padding the numbers....   [tags: Sales, Customer service, Sales management]

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Right Choice And Your Own Choice

- Morality (proper behavior) is the difference between decisions and actions of those that are classified as right and wrong. It is a list of standards that one must follow either from their religion, culture, or even the laws/rules of their country. A dilemma is a situation in which one must decide between two or more difficult decisions. This doesn’t mean one deciding between if they should eat steak for dinner or chicken, but a decision that can affect the rest of their lives. With whichever decision they make there will be consequences....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, English-language films, Robbery]

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Medical Futility: An Increasing Legal, Ethical, and Moral Dilemma

- Futility of Care: An Increasing Legal, Ethical, and Moral Dilemma A divergent set of issues and opinions involving medical care for the very seriously ill patient have dogged the bioethics community for decades. While sophisticated medical technology has allowed people to live longer, it has also caused protracted death, most often to the severe detriment of individuals and their families. Ira Byock, director of palliative medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, believes too many Americans are “dying badly.” In discussing this issue, he stated, “Families cannot imagine there could be anything worse than their loved one dying, but in fact, there are things worse.” “It’s having someone...   [tags: Futility of Care, Medical World]

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The Moral Dilemma Of My Friend Stole My Car

- Summarize the situation The moral dilemma I have chosen to examine is one where two of my best friends stole my car, and subsequently wrecked it, this is how it all happened. Back in 2009 during February my brother and I decided to have some people over as our parents were out of town. Before the party started we put anything of value including car keys into a spare room. My brother had many people over, and I invited over only a few of my close friends. During the party, everything went fine, but when I work up in the morning and was going to go get coffee for myself, and my brother, I could not find my car as it had been stolen....   [tags: Friendship, Virtue, Interpersonal relationship]

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Huck's Inescapable Moral Dilemma

- Huck's Inescapable Moral Dilemma In the novel, Huck is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to return Jim, the runaway slave, back to Jim’s owner. He, at an early age, is faced with the decision that has plagued man for ages: choosing what is morally right, even though it is forbidden in society and popular culture. He goes against the fold and goes with what his heart tells him. Huck's predicament is Twain’s “inescapable dilemma.” In an essay by Roger Rosenblatt, entitled “The Bill of Rights," Rosenblatt ends his essay with a single line: “Downriver we ride together, as ever, free to go to hell.” Rosenblatt’s final line in his essay makes an important point....   [tags: essays papers]

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Moral Dilemma

- Moral Dilemma As human beings, we are forced to accept the inevitability of being unwillingly confronted with situations that test the strength of our morality and character. In the midst of deep moral conflict we become immensely introspective and we follow our intuition with the hopes of it guiding us towards the morally correct decision. However, how can we be sure that we have acted morally in a situation that is so morbid and perverse that our intuition is completely torn. This is the dilemma that is faced by the mother who is given a terrible choice by a Nazi officer: either the officer will kill all three of her children, or the mother must kill one in order preserve t...   [tags: Philosophy Essays]

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Moral Dilemma

- Moral Dilemma Everyday we are tested as individuals to make the right choice. How we view ourselves as individuals and how others view us are directly correlated to our moral decision-making. But morals are somewhat misleading. What might be a wrong decision for one person might be a solution to another. So how do we define morals. Do we follow Gods’ moral rules because to do so would increase out likelihood of obtaining salvation in the afterlife. Or is it simpler than that. Is God going to deny our entrance into heaven because we have run a stop sign here and there....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Ethical Dilemma of Defining Moral Absolutes

- When our ancestors began to develop cognitive thought, they began to compare themselves to one another in an attempt to decide what is morally permissible behavior, and what is not. Although, our global community has grown to be very large, and culturally diverse these same moral debates still linger in today’s society. Fundamentalist believe that there are absolute moral codes that apply to all societies. Inherently the fundamentalist view sounds like an ideal view that all cultures should respect....   [tags: moral absolutes, fundamentalist, relativism]

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Air Pollution in West Virginia

- Air Pollution West Virginia is faced with a moral dilemma when it comes to coal. Coal is the state’s number one resource, but it is affecting the health of its citizens. The effects of coal-fired power plants are harming the health of Americans nationwide, and even more so in our own state. Coal is West Virginia’s top source for income, jobs, and electricity, so should West Virginia, along with the rest of the nation switch to a greener alternative, or is clean coal technology really a viable option....   [tags: coal exploitation, moral dilemma]

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Icon or Symbol: A Teacher's Moral Dilemma

- Icon or Symbol: A Teacher's Moral Dilemma Works Cited Missing It all happened so quickly. One moment I was at my blackboard, the next moment I was between two juvenile males who were trying to prove a "pride point" with their fists. I had, without a conscious thought about it, drawn a crown on the board. Next I heard chairs hitting the floor and screams of profanity. I was called a not-so-nice name by one of my students, followed by his strange comment: "We know who your favorites in this class are." Another student from across the room overturned his chair and, breath coming fast, managed to get out the words "Don't get on her, man....   [tags: Education Teaching Papers]

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Film Review: Cholat

- The movie Chocolat, is full of ethical and moral dilemmas that encourage the audience to delve deeper into the roles that ethics and morals play in society today. There are ethical and moral dilemmas that the characters face and the solutions are influenced based on the historical and social contexts of the film. There are moral values that guide the characters and historical experiences that shaped them. Two moral dilemmas would be, the “river rats” and the mayor asking people to shy away from them do to their religious beliefs and the implications that are created when the mayor try’s to reform Serge Lesaut from being an abusive husband to becoming a distinguished gentleman....   [tags: moral values, moral dilemma]

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What Is The Decision That Alvaro Richter Faces? Why Is It A Moral Dilemma?

- 1) What is the decision that Alvaro Richter faces. Why is it a moral dilemma. Alvaro Richter found out that the Nitrous Oxide Trap system that Volkswagen uses with their 2.0ltr 4 cylinder TDI engines is actually increasing fuel consumption and limit performance by reducing torque. Also, the exposure of nitrogen oxide gases has serious harmful effects on human such as asthma and tens of thousands of premature deaths every year. However, a lot of people are unaware of these results and Alvaro has faced difficulty in whether to tell senior management at the Volkswagen Group, government regulators, or journalists to let all the people know....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Group]

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Where The Woman From Red Cross Experiences A Moral Dilemma

- There is one instance in this film where the woman from Red Cross experiences a moral dilemma. When she returns to the orphanage to gather the rest of the Tutsi children to bring them to safety at the hotel, she finds that the Hutu rebels had beat her there. She finds the rebels killing the children by slitting their throats. The Hutu rebels force her to watch. There is one little girl with her little sister on her back fearful as the rebels have a gun pointing at her. She looks the Red Cross lady in the eye and says “Don’t let them kill me....   [tags: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu, Morality]

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Stem Cell Research

- Stem cell research on embryos is a major moral dilemma. This research is called embryonic stem cell research. In embryonic stem cell research, a scientist takes an aborted fetus or embryo and takes its stem cell, which then destroys the fetus. When the embryonic stem cells are taken from the embryo they can multiply rapidly, making many more stem cells. The embryonic stem cells are very useful because they are undifferentiated. This means they can still take on any form or role of any type of cell the body needs....   [tags: embryos, moral dilemma, health]

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Animal Cloning: Is It Morally Wrong?

- Animal cloning is a controversial topic that is fairly new because the idea of cloning an animal was science fiction until scientists in Scotland made science fiction a reality on July 5, 1996. The first successfully cloned animal was named Dolly the Sheep. The scientists that created Dolly the Sheep did not announce that they had cloned an animal until February the following year. Ever since Dolly the Sheep was created in Scotland, there have been many different animals cloned by scientists all over the world....   [tags: moral, dilemma, consequences, meat, human]

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Moral Dilemma of Atticus in To Kill A Mocking Bird

- In Harper Lee's novel To Kill A Mockingbird the protagonist Scout face offenses by others because of her father's justice for defending an African American in court. Scout Finch lives with her brother Jem, and their father Atticus, in the sleepy town of Maycomb during the Great Depression. As Atticus, the father of the protagonist faces the moral dilemma in chapter 29-30 of the incident with Bob Ewell. Atticus moral dilemma will reveal his character and his beliefs. Bob Ewell attempted to hurt Atticus children in order to get revenge on Atticus for defending the African American who was accused of raping his daughter in court....   [tags: essays research papers]

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George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant - A Moral Dilemma

- A Moral Dilemma in Orwell's Shooting an Elephant Unanticipated choices one is forced to make can have long-lasting effects. In "Shooting an Elephant," by George Orwell, the author recounts an event from his life when he was about twenty years old during which he had to choose the lesser of two evils. Many years later, the episode seems to still haunt him. The story takes place at some time during the five unhappy years Orwell spends as a British police officer in Burma. He detests his situation in life, and when he is faced with a moral dilemma, a valuable work animal has to die to save his pride....   [tags: Shooting Elephant Essays]

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Alienation and Moral Dilemma as Portrayed by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Alienation and Moral Dilemma as Portrayed by Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorn was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1804 during Puritan times. He created many stories that reflect his life experiences growing up as a Puritan. He writes stories that end with a moral that was learned through the struggles of the characters. These characters are almost always faced with a dilemma where they must choose what is right versus what is wrong. Another common theme in his writing is alienation....   [tags: essays papers]

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Free Essays - Achilles' Moral Dilemma in Homer's Iliad

- Achilles' Moral Dilemma in Homer's Iliad The question "was Achilles' anger justified" brings up issues that seem to have little or no relevance to the war. In time of war I would expect the leaders to prioritize the groups interest for the sake of unity and cooperation rather than being entrenched in achieving their own personal goals. But my expectations are those of a modern day literature student, I'm inclined to think that the Greeks who first read this epic valued different things than myself....   [tags: Iliad essays]

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moralant Essay on the Moral Dilemma in Sophocles' Antigone

- Antigone: Barbaric King, Hopeful Princess and Moral Dilemma Antigone is a play that mainly deals with differences among characters that cause life long drawbacks and threatening resolutions. The drama is portrayed through Antigone and Creon's characters who undoubtedly resemble each other. Although they try to be masters of their own fate and eventually succumb to grieving outcomes, they both seem to have the values of a tragic hero. Although, they have their differences, their battle with one another illustrates them both as moral characters full of pride and arrogance....   [tags: Antigone essays]

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Measure for Measure Essay: Isabella’s Moral Dilemma

- Isabella’s Moral Dilemma in Measure for Measure "O cunning enemy that, to catch a saint, with saints dost bait thy hook." A disturbing tale of suspense, dark comedy and corruption, Shakespeare's Measure for Measure explores sexuality, morality and the law, exposing the abuse of authority in high places amid the seething underworld of Vienna. This essay will explore Isabella’s moral dilemma. In the play, Claudio has been sentenced to death for getting his fiancee pregnant (his crime was not so much getting her pregnant, but having sex with her at all)....   [tags: Measure for Measure]

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Oedupus Rex and Libation Bearers

- Contemporary Analysis of Ethics, Virtues and Moral Dilemmas in Greek Plays The Greek Plays including ‘Antigone,' ‘Oedipus Rex’ and ‘Libation Bearers’ (Orestia) are generally viewed and praised as works of fine literature, written by renounced playwrights during the 5th century. The plays themselves are ample with hamartia, catharsis, irony and enriched faculties of composition. Notwithstanding its great value in literature, the Greek plays possess a unique, different dimension that is not often brought to light....   [tags: moral, justice, dilemma]

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John Proctor’s Moral Dilemma in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem witch trials is explored in great detail. Arthur Miller was an American playwright, who was born in 1915. He grew up in a Jewish family in New York City. While attending the University of Michigan in the mid 1930’s, he began to characterize himself as a distinguished writer. His first plays were Honors at Dawn and No Villain. The Death of a Salesman, which he wrote in 1949, won him the Pulitzer Prize for literature. Another important work Miller wrote, The Crucible, takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, during the 17th century....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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a Man For All Seasons - By Robert Bolt: Mores Moral Dilemma

- "A Man for All Seasons" by Robert Bolt: More's Moral Dilemma During the English renaissance in the 1500's, King Henry VIII wants a divorce from his wife for various reasons, but divorce is against the Catholic religion. This is why he wants Sir Thomas More's consent, because More is a highly respected Catholic, but he is such a good Catholic that he goes against divorce. In the play, A Man for All Seasons, by Robert Bolt, King Henry VIII applies pressure on Thomas More to support the divorce in many ways....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Idea of Relativist and Absolutist

- A person, no matter where they live or what kind of history they have, always has and always will come across someone who does not believe the same way that they do. This is plainly seen in Phil Washburn’s Philosophical Dilemmas and as a result the main source of information will stem from this text concerning morals. Philosophers are most known for their work of arguing about morals and what is wrong or right however, what laymen do not understand is that they do not focus on the question of moral but rather whether or not the judgment of the morals of others is right or wrong....   [tags: sophists, moral relativism, philosophical dilemma]

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Ethical Dilemmas Of An Ethical Dilemma

- An ethical dilemma is a complicated situation that involves an evident conflict between moral rules, in which to obey one would result in disobeying another. Sometimes called ethical paradoxes in moral philosophy, ethical dilemmas are often invoked in an attempt to contradict an ethical system or moral code, or to improve it so as to resolve the paradox. For instance, you are the network superintendent for a company. You need your job to support your family. As part of your responsibility as a network administrator is to monitor the emails for the organization....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Virtue, Moral psychology]

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The Case Of The Heinz Dilemma

- Life threatening situations can be some of the most difficult situations that one can go through. During these types of situations moral lines can be blurred in such ways that what one may think is right for that situation is not actually a moral solution that one should do. In the case of the Heinz dilemma what is verses what isn’t moral is a hard decision to make. In the case of Heinz I feel personally that there were two wrong-doings that were done in order that one right-doing could be achieved....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral psychology, Jean Piaget]

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Moral Values Influence Our Lives

- Morals are a person’s principles of right or wrong in behavior. Moral integrity is when we do what is right simply because we know it is the right thing to do. It means living a life of character and virtue (Greer, 8). In today’s society, moral values, rules, norms, and sanctions affect the decisions made by individuals and over time, define the kind of person they chose to become. The decisions I have made in my personal and profession life have been influenced by my moral values and have helped define the person I have become today....   [tags: right or wrong behaviors, ethical dilemma]

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Moral Development and Importance of Moral Reasoning

- 1.0 Introduction: Lawrence Kohlberg was the follower of Piaget’s theory of Moral development in principle but wanted to make his own theory by expanding his theory and study on that particular topic. Kohlberg was a very bright student and he served as a professor in the Harvard University. He become popular when he issued his Moral Development Theory by conducting research on that topic at Harvard’s Center for Moral Education. Kohlberg believed that people moral behaviors are based on their moral reasoning, and their moral reasoning changed in accordance to their behaviors and actions when they move from one stage to another....   [tags: Moral Reasoning]

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Ethical Dilemma in Consulting

- ... The contents of the individual codes either specify what professional conduct is or they indicate what cannot be considered as professional conduct. However, it is also obvious that professional rules only serve as overall ethical guidelines. The consequence of this is that the professional when practising is exposed to several more specific ethical issues for which there is no explicit or written solution. Whether they deserve it or not, it is notable that consultants and their business morals have been questioned and caricatured....   [tags: moral, conflict, principles]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of The Death Of Mine With My X Boyfriend ( Charlie )

- In my life there my most prominent ethical dilemma was quite recent and therefore it stood out from the crowd. A past relationship of mine with my x-boyfriend (Charlie ) was a solely ethically and morally conflicting ordeal. Nonetheless, it was through a conflict of shared values in a relationship I found _____ out about myself. Our relationship started with similarly shared values. The 21 year old Charlie was the opposite of me in many ways including his interests. These interests varied from wanting to smoke, hunt, use guns, use knives, drink, party hard, drive recklessly, and occasionally engage in risky situations....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral, Spirituality]

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Moral Principles Of A Cultural Scale

- In terms of whether or not objective moral facts exist, there are substantial arguments in favor of existing moral principles that separate what is right from what is wrong independently from the beliefs of individuals or of cultures. However, whether a given moral principle is as meaningful or pertinent to one person as it is to another person is where the relativity aspect comes in. It could be the case that one moral principle is more highly valued and adhered to in one culture or for one individual than in another due to circumstance, but the bottom line is that there are general rights and wrongs that extend a measurement of morality across the actions of all cultures and individuals....   [tags: Morality, Moral relativism, Relativism]

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The Limit Of Our Moral Duty

- The limit of our Moral Duty in regards to Famine Relief In the article “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” Peter Singer argues that our conceptions on moral belief need to change. Specifically, He argues that giving to famine relief is not optional but a moral duty and failing to contribute money is immoral. As Singer puts it, “The way people in affluent countries react ... cannot be justified; indeed the whole way we look at moral issues-our moral conceptual scheme-needs to be altered and with it, the way of life that has come to be taken for granted in our society”(135)....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral, Religion]

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The Core Levels Of Moral Code

- Adolescent, the stage of development that follows the onset of puberty and a child develops into an adult. This can be a difficult and very confusing stage for boys and girls due to the many developmental changes they go through, both physically and emotionally. One of the changes that occurs during the period of adolescence, according to developmentalist Lawrence Kohlberg, was that boys and girls develop a moral code that guides the decisions they make and therefore guides their lives. Kohlberg placed these levels of moral code into three categories known as; preconventional level, conventional level, and postconventional level....   [tags: Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality]

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The Development Of Moral Reasoning

- The Development of Moral Reasoning Moral reasoning also called moral developing, which is the process of distinguish right from wrong in different situation. In terms of Kohlberg’s stage moral development theory, which devised three main levels of moral reasoning: pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional, and each level includes two stages. The Pre-conventional level is especially common in children of early school age, which is closely tied to personal concerns. In Stage 1, children focus on the fear of getting caught and punishment, while people in Stage 2 express “What’s in it for me” position, which means they think right action is what is instrumental in satisfying the self...   [tags: Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality]

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Moral Facts And The Real World Consequences

- The study of Metaethics has always been the favorite topic of philosophers since the beginning of written philosophy. To this day, many renowned philosophers like Plato and Socrates were faced with the task of understanding what moral concepts are, and where they originate from. One of the oldest philosophical dilemmas is the Euthyphro dilemma which asks the questions “Do the gods love one thing because it is good or it is good because the gods love it” This type of dilemma continues to be subject of many ethical discussions....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral relativism]

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Thomas Harman 's Moral Relativism

- Gilbert Harman lays out his moral relativism theory with “inner judgments”, the statements concerned with “ought”, in Moral Relativism Defended. However, he assumes an important premise of his theory to be true, which is the reason that I will prove the missing premise – that moral relativism is true – in this paper. Moreover, his form of moral relativism with his “four-place predicate ‘Ought(A,D,C,M),’ which relates an agent A, a type of action D, considerations C, and motivating attitudes M,” has brought about both meta-ethical and practical concerns....   [tags: Morality, Moral relativism, Ethics]

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Two Different Versions of the Moral Saint

- Susan Wolf presents two different versions of the Moral Saint in order to show that a perfectly moral person does not live a desirable life. A saint is someone who lives a perfectly moral life according to a given ethical system, and “a necessary condition of moral sainthood would be that one’s life be dominated by a commitment to improving the welfare of others or of society as a whole” (Wolf). Is a Moral Saintliness even a humanly possible. Susan Wolf’s description of a Moral Saint is virtually a fictional being....   [tags: ring of gyges, moral life, saints]

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Kohlberg 's Model For Moral Development

- Summary A person named Heinz is seeing his wife die from a special type of cancer. Doctors advice that only one drug can an save her. The druggist was charging him ten times extra i.e $4000 for the drug. After borrowing money from family and friends, he could only raise half the money i.e. $1000. The druggist was not ready to sell it cheaper, as he wanted to make money from it. Being anxious, he broke into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife. Analysis To analyze this situation, Kohlberg 's model for Moral Development was used....   [tags: Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality]

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Question and Answers: Destructive Behaviors, Prisoner's Dilemma and GRIT

- 1. Describe how being in a crowd can lead people to engage in destructive behaviors When people join a large crowd, often they find themselves losing their individuality. Some people may feel a strong desire to conform to fit into the crowd (Changing Minds, 2013). People in crowds may undergo deindividuation, which is a loss of individual identity to gain the social identity of the group. This can result in a loss of the normal constraints that a person may have to guard against deviant behavior (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2010)....   [tags: large crowd, resource dilemma]

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Blood is Thicker than Water in Ethical Dilemma

- ... Without airing too much, I will say there are two sides to my brother; the side he shows my family and the other side which I consider to be his true side. I have reason to believe that once my parents pass away; my relationship with him will be non-existent. I became aware of underhanded behavior concerning him during the divorce. He was hiding large quantities of money, alleging to give up his business so his income would be less resulting in less child support owed, and there were numerous accounts of him manipulating my sister-in-law into an uncontested divorce that would be detrimental to her....   [tags: dilemma, relationship, brother]

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The Crisis of Moral Competence Development of Medical Students

- INTRODUCTION Morality is a natural and a cultural phenomenon which develops through the interplay of psychological components of an individual, and through the interactions of people within a society.1 It directs behavior that affects others with the intent to lessen evil or harm.2 Moral judgement is the fundamental psychological structure by which individuals make decisions about their rights and responsibilities.3 Lawrence Kohlberg defines a moral competence as the capacity to make moral judgements and decide accordingly to one’s personal values.4 Lind extends this definition to include social situation, defining moral competence as the ability to solve conflicts on the basis of shared mo...   [tags: Moral Judgements, Person's Values, Culture]

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Moral Relativism And Moral Objectivism

- Which is which. In the attempt to explain morality, two prominent theories exist- moral relativism and moral objectivism. Morality in a sense is difficult to explain, both theories attempt to shed a bit of light in way to break down its complexity. Moral Relativism argues in the view that morality exists only due to the fact that it is relative, or in respect to, cultural or individual beliefs. In a sense, it is up to the people to determine what is right and wrong. On the other hand, moral objectivism views that morality is not parallel, or relative, to one 's beliefs....   [tags: Morality, Human, Ethics, Moral relativism]

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The Criticisms of Kohlberg's Moral Development Stages

- The Criticisms of Kohlberg's Moral Development Stages Part One:The criticisms of Kohlberg's moral development stages seem to center around three major points, his research methods, the "regression" of stage four, and finally his goals.The first criticism that I would like to address is that of his research methods. Kohlberg is often criticized for not only his subject selection, but also the methods by which he tries to extricate data from those subjects. His initial study consisted of school boys from a private institution in Chicago....   [tags: Moral Development Lawrence Kohlberg Essays]

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Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

- Ethical Dilemma Introduction Most organizations with their management team, as well as their employees, are usually challenged with ethical decision making in their daily activities. This arises due to conflicting circumstances involving moral values, ethical practices as well as legal perspectives. For instance, employees may be stuck in making a morally acceptable decision due to conflicting ethical consideration to their professional practice. Even though ethical dilemma situations may be rampant in business organizations, it can be mitigated by maintaining moral integrity through following some set of code of ethics....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Virtue, Integrity]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of The Nursing Profession

- In the nursing profession, practitioners are faced with complex situations that necessitate a scuffle between conforming the essentials of ethics while contravening the other. As such, nurses are required to learn cases and design plans to face the morals issues for ethical decision-making. Ethics guide health care professionals on what should be done based on principles. The two common models of clinical decision making include intuitive-humanist model and information-processing model although a third model, multidimensional model exists to guide nurses in resolving dilemmas when they arise....   [tags: Decision theory, Decision making, Medicine]

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Euthanasia, an Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

- Voluntary euthanasia is defined as the act of killing someone painlessly, especially to relieve suffering from an incurable illness, with their consent (Collins English Dictionary, 2013). The morality and legal aspect of voluntary euthanasia has been a debate for many years. Voluntary euthanasia is a significant ethical dilemma that impacts nursing practice and other professionals in the healthcare field. With the utilization of ethical principles and theories, voluntary euthanasia can be deemed appropriate in some situations, but still can be a moral dilemma to those involved....   [tags: Assisted Suicide, Right to Die]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of The Professional Counselor

- There are two problems being presented in the ethical dilemma of the professional counselor, Dan. First, Dan believes he does not need to keep records on his clients because they are “well-functioning” and his is a church-based practice. The problem of not maintaining client records is an ethical, clinical, and legal problem for Dan. Failure to maintain client records is related to self, and possibly agency or institution if there are no clear guidelines or policies related to client records. Second, Dan believes his clients aren’t truly “sick.” This is a statement related to self that may indicate a lack of professional judgement in which Dan is not truly vested in his clients’ needs and co...   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics]

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Advance Directives : An Ethical Dilemma

- Advance Directives: An Ethical Dilemma The ethical controversies between patients and families and health care providers, regarding advanced directives dilemma of research and conflict with providers of care towards end of life choices, or accidental injuries leading to comatose state with patients who had never made or signed their advance directives, deciding on how they preferred to be cared for when those times came. This complex issue has in the past to present resulted in countless lawsuits, against healthcare providers by families who believed that no matter the state, meaning whether comatose, or in situations where a loved one had no choice in deciding for them, families have alway...   [tags: Health care provider, Patient]

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Hypothetical Treatment of Ethical Dilemma

- This paper is an analysis of a hypothetical vignette in which a counselor-in-training named Callie, a fairly experienced and nearly-licensed counselor supervisee, approaches her counselor supervisor for advice and direction regarding an ethical dilemma. The purpose of this paper is to identify the ethical and legal implications of the dilemma along with an optimal solution to ethically resolve the issue. Using the Forrester-Miller and Davis Decision Making Model Ethical dilemmas are situations that are difficult to navigate and include making a difficult choice....   [tags: Doctoral Student Ethical Scenario]

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The Ethical And Legal Dilemma

- 1. Is this an ethical dilemma, a legal problem, or both. I believe Deborah is facing both an ethical and legal dilemma. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) (2016), “Medicaid fraud involves knowingly misrepresenting the truth to obtain unauthorized benefit”, while abuse is any practice that is inconsistent with the acceptable practice and unnecessarily increases cost. Deborah’s clinic is engaging in Medicaid fraud by creating a fake diagnosis (misrepresenting the truth) in order to receive payment....   [tags: Health care, Ethics, Medicare, Health insurance]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion

- Abortion Ethical Dilemma Essay Nearly every person will encounter an ethical dilemma at some point in their lives and will ponder what the ethical and moral option is. For some people, they will decide based on what they feel is the best option for them, without consulting God for guidance. However, when Christians face an ethical dilemma, they should first refer to the Bible and pray God will show them the option that most closely aligns with what He reveals in His Word. Also, since God is eternally with them and will not forsake them, assisting them and directing them to the most ethical decision, Christians can have reassurance they will make a wise decision with His guidance (Hebrews 13...   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Ethics, Morality]

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Philippa Foot on Moral Dilemmas

- The problem of dilemma, as presented by Philippa Foot in her writing, “Moral Dilemmas Revisited”, is the problem of whether it is possible to be in a situation where you cannot avoid making a wrong choice. Foot argues that it is always possible to avoid making a wrong choice in a difficult situation. She presents the ideas of multiple philosophers and their defense of the thought that there are situations where you can and will make a wrong choice. Foot defends herself further in the explanation of her point....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Moral And Ethical Dilemmas Of The Ramayana

- In everyday life, we must overcome the challenges that test our strength and will as well as to accept the ramifications that come in handling the situation. These events are known as moral and ethical dilemmas and in certain reading selections, the main characters are faced with fulfilling a parent’s desire, putting your life at risk, challenged to explore who you really are, and choosing to whether or not disclosing or doing something is the right thing to do. To begin with, fulfilling a parent’s wish could not only put you in danger, but others as well....   [tags: Ramayana, Rama, Hanuman, Odyssey]

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Addiction And Poor Moral Decision Making

- Addiction. My teenage and adult years were plagued with addiction and poor moral decision making. During this time period, the disease of addiction drove the majority of my decisions. My internal moral compass no longer pointed me in any type of righteous direction. There were several times I was faced with a dilemma of what to do and what not to do. In most instances when actively using, I picked what not do. Without going into extensive details about my past, one of the biggest things I learned from this experience is an empathetic understanding that only someone who has truly been there can understand....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral psychology, Addiction]

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Banking: An Ethical Dilemma?

- Topic: Banking; an ethical dilemma. Module: Introduction to financial services Introduction With the massive development of modern society, people’s income statement has become better and better. The bank has played the important role in many different kinds of areas such as loan contracts, interest and reserves as well. Bank has become more and more significant in people’s life and no one can live without it. Due to the significant status the banks have, the question has come out that does any bank have the ethical dilemma and how ethical have recent banking practices been....   [tags: Transformation, Fractional Reserve]

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Moral Development Affects Choice Making

- Someone you love very much is dying from an illness. This person might be your significant other, a parent, a child, or maybe a close friend. Their only saving grace is a drug discovered and owned by a local pharmacist. There’s just one problem: you cannot afford the drug and must make a life or death decision on what to do next. This situation is known as the Heinz Dilemma, and most of the subtopics of this chapter can all be tied back to this core issue. Do you steal the drug and save a life, or follow the law and let someone you love die....   [tags: Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality]

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The Dilemma Of The Prisoner 's Dilemma

- Throughout life there are many things that change, but one thing that never changes is the fact that we, as humans, are constantly making decisions. We decide in the morning if we want to hit snooze again or get up, we decide what to wear, what to eat, and many other things. This semester so far in Core 5, we have learned about the Prisoner’s Dilemma. It is a situation in which people each have options as to how to react to something. However, what is unique about this decision, is that each person’s decision is directly affected by the other person’s decision, and vice versa....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Climate change, Personal life]

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Ethical Dilemma

- A partner of a medium sized public relations firm is faced with a predicament. He is going through financial difficulties from mismanagement and is in dire need of a strong client. A demanding client who is capable of bringing in a multitude of money to the firm decides to show interest in the firm. The firm partner decides to put together the best team for the client. The team consists of: LaRayne, a research consultant with eight years of experience; Monroe, an incredibly productive graphic designer with over 15 years of experience; Jeff, a recent college graduate with limited PR experience who looks older with his prematurely gray hair and Drew, a responsible and dependable intern....   [tags: account manager, gender, sexism, ethics]

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